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To round out your morning routine, spend 15 minutes meditating. Not only is meditation a proven way to reduce stress, increase your multitasking skills and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, it will also make sitting in traffic on your morning commute way easier to handle. If you can’t, at least get indoor lights going (and no, the glare of your cell phone screen isn’t enough). Research suggests that morning light can help you wake up more naturally and quickly.

3. Get Moving: And not just to check your email — in fact, skip the tech if you can. Instead, get in a. Why It’s Important to Have a Morning Routine. Research has consistently shown that adhering to a routine is associated with better health outcomes for both children and adults. And if you’re used to having pretty busy days, your mornings may be your only daily constant and the only thing you can maintain complete control over.

Here are a few tips to creating the perfect routine: Start by writing out what an ideal morning looks like. This could be your dream morning. What you wished you could do Take that list and make time commitments to each activity. That means jotting down how long it will take you to showe.

Breakfast is the healthy morning routine of meals. It’s meant to be delicious, nutritious, and energizing. It’s even been proven that eating a good breakfast will prevent you from consuming more fats throughout the day and even help to maintain a lower body mass index. Once you nourish the body, do something that will nourish your mind. Begin the night before.

Get a head start on your morning routine before you go to bed. Lay out your outfit, get the coffee machine ready to go and take a few minutes to prioritize the next day’s. Most mornings I do some sort of workout at home. Sometimes it’s just a little light yoga, other times it’s a more intense workout like HIIT or strength training workout.

My workout schedule also depends on what class I’m headed to that day. Sometimes I have a mid-morning yoga class and I’ll wait to workout until then. My Morning Routine Around 7 a.m.: Wake up and drink a glass of warm water with lemon or salt. Take a swig of sesame oil or coconut oil for oil pulling. Dry brush skin and hop in to shower (or do a sauna session with the hubby if time allows before showering).

Reality check: A healthy morning routine takes time. That means you’ll probably have to wake up a bit earlier. But trust us, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to survive on less sleep. Instead, work with your body’s circadian rhythms by adjusting both your sleep and wake-up times simultaneously.

Establishing a healthy morning routine is such a great way to start your day. If done right, it can set the tone and help you stay on track with your goals. Over the years I’ve established my own healthy habits that I do every morning to get started on the right foot.

List of related literature:

At the beginning of the day, follow your morning routine as usual—washing your face, brushing your teeth, styling your hair.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
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A morning routine might look like this: get up and brush teeth, open the blinds on the way to the kitchen, make the coffee and go to the front porch to get the newspaper, pour a cup of coffee and fix a

“The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships” by Suzanne Stabile
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There is noone right way to have a morning routine; it is justimportant thatyou have one that isclear to you.

“The Together Teacher: Plan Ahead, Get Organized, and Save Time!” by Maia Heyck-Merlin, Norman Atkins
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Morning routines may include a) performing personal hygiene upon waking, b) getting ready for work, and c) tidying room.Nighttime routines may involve a) bathroom routines such as bathing, brushing teeth, using toilet, b) choosing and laying clothing out for the next day, and c) going to bed.

“Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders” by Kristi Gaines, Angela Bourne, Michelle Pearson, Mesha Kleibrink
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Pay attention to how you conduct the stages of your day—your morning ablutions, commuting to work, the way you arrange your workday, your exercise program, preparing and eating dinner, getting ready for bed—and you’ll notice a pattern of small, but significant rituals.

“Sex Magic for Beginners: The Easy & Fun Way to Tap into the Law of Attraction” by Skye Alexander
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Start with the basics, such as a specific bedtime and wake time and then add in your mealtimes.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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Plan and organize the day ■ Avoid multitasking ■ Families should establish structured routines (e.g., dinner at 7 pm each day, laundry is done on Saturday mornings).

“Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen
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If your mornings are anything like mine, I would suggest doing the morning exercise as soon as you wake up, before you get “busy” doing everything else.

“One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days And 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength And Personal Growth” by Iyanla Vanzant
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Why do we need a routine at all?

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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You can turn any part of your morning routine into a mindfulness training session: brushing your teeth, shaving, going to the toilet, having a shower, getting dressed, making the bed, making breakfast, eating breakfast, having a cup of tea, and so on.

“The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt” by Russ Harris, Steven Hayes, PhD
from The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt
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  • Love your videos! It’s refreshing to watch a bit different morning rutine that isn’t all about being productive. I have found that I need something to look forward too and love in the morning. For me that is waching YouTube and have devotions light candles and enjoy a cup of tea. Love your tips!

  • I was also supposed to get my bloodwork done before all of this. I feel pretty off and now I’m thinking of weaning myself off of my pills��

  • Wth girl where do you live?! You’re view is gorgeous. My window just looks onto a main road�� I also can’t make my bed in the morning because my boyfriend is a lazy arse ��

  • Anyone else just watching morning and night routines because you wake up in the middle of the day then eat chips all day then go to bed at 2 am?

  • I’ve been feeling very sad lately this helped me get out of that phase! I went on daily runs (of course away from everyone) and started drinking more water.

  • 4:23 me with 6 16.9 oz bottles laying next to me. 3 of which are empty and I’ve refilled 7 individual bottles today. I know life is tough. Sometimes you dehydrate yourself to not refill the bottle.

  • i’m fat and idk why somehow i found that first sentence offensive as people assume all fat people love cakes and sweet things. and i know more skinny people who love sweet stuff than the fat people in my life. why not just say “someone”?. like nahhh man

  • You’re right I don’t hit the snooze button. I sleep past it. Thus never hitting the snooze button. How to wake up when the alarm rings is my problem.

  • My morning routine hit znoose5 time until I feel I’m late
    I run to do shower my self then Prepare my self to go hospital sometime I never catch bus b/c still I’m intern but always I say if I get job I buy car b/c I never late but now iam ready to change my self I hope it’s successful for me

  • Absolutely loved this. Definitely incorporating some of these in my morning routine! And I totally loved and understood the point on social media first thing in the am vs asking yourself important questions and affirming is way better to build off your morning!

  • A very much helpful thank you so much to making such video.
    If anyone is interested to know that how we develop our habit effortlessly in Hindi. Just click it #expressbindass

  • I GOT A TIP TO NEVER MAKE YOUR BED OFTEN first make your bed then get a extra blanket and sleep on top of the blanket that you made your bed with and use the extra so your not cold sorry I’m bad at explaining:)

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  • Who else is trying to make new habits and changes for 2020 ����⛰����‍♀️

    Hey everyone! Here’s an update on my life lol: It’s currently July 13 2020 and I haven’t been able to make lots of changes in my life due to Coronavirus �� but I’ve made some changes to my life so yeah ����

  • Before you eat breakfast the best way to start your day is prayer. Thank the Lord for all he gives you. Thank God daily, thank him for breath, thank him for rest and peace. Put God first.

  • Me:I’m starting my diet tomorrow
    Tomorrow:still eats like shit
    Year later:I’mma start my diet today
    Omg 2 years later:gets lil baby abs

  • Hi Katie! I love all your little tips and positive energy. I always feel inspired to take better care of myself. Thanks for being a huge high point in my week:) love from central oregon!

  • I love this Morning routine I have seen your channel here and there but never clicked on it don’t know why but I love this so much just subscribe love this video keep up the hard work.

  • I absolutely love this routine! Very motivational.. I would like to see what her hair would look like if she scrunched it instead of brushing her waves out

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    President.  To protect him from
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  • Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!
    If you’re interested in goal setting and habit building, please check out a product called GoalsOnTrack at It’s designed for helping high achievers to set and track goals by organizing everything you need to do inside a comprehensive goal planning system.

  • He totally had me in the beginning. LOL! I have been trying to get into a simple early morning routine or exercise and general productivity…Not working for me. I can’t seem to actually get up…and I’m a light sleeper who rarely sleeps more than 6 6 1/2 hours a day.

  • This is amazing. Love your style and editing! I’m a homemaker with 1 kid away at college and a busy 17 year old. I’m pretty much just try to make the beat atmosphere for my partner who works 6 days a week and my son the little time they are home. This helps a lot

  • Hey Lauren, I really like watching your videos, I just have a quick question, what model of camera do you use to film your videos?

  • Excellent. I preform the following daily: pray, meditate, self-accupressure, scent (anti-insect), breathing (diaphramic), diet (plant based), laugh, exercise, learn (whatever & science), read a belief system (positive), music (uplifting), fast (after 6 pm), supplement (selective), find beauty (anywhere), sleep, work (as worship), help / teach someone:-) Most concepts from Abdul-Baha of the Baha’i Faith

  • my morning routine for now on!❤

    drink water
    open window for air
    eat breakfast
    brush teeth
    watch yt/play roblox
    ask myself a question
    boom! thats my morning routine hope you enjoy it ❤��

  • Super into routine videos lately. Yours was lovely. I use lavender essential oils to help me sleep personally. I wonder if you have any planning and productivity routines as well?

  • K I know I’m late but hear me out.
    Not all chemicals r bad for us, some help us.
    Stop saying that skincare products that r tested by DERMATOLOGISTS r bad for us.
    I know u never really gave advice or told anyone to avoid skincare products, but this is kind of misleading. Dont just assume that because something contains chemicals and artificial material, it becomes bad for us. Some products r strong on skin, yes, but they usually (especially cleansers) only cause dry skin, which can be healed/treated with moisturizers.
    Please visit a PROFESSIONAL DERMATOLOGIST for real help and advice.

  • I can’t wake up early. I have delayed sleep disorder that is very stubborn. I do wake up early enough to make breakfast, though. I’m lucky that I start work in the late morning.

  • I love your YouTube channel it is one of the best YouTube channel video s really love it and please make more lose weight recipes please I love those video s bye.

  • Them: healthy and organised routine
    Me: wake up, get dressed, go to the toilet, wash my hands, eat a cookie or whatever and then watch YouTube

  • Great! Mine: Breathing (diaphramic), Diet (whole plant food) & Supplement (medically advised), Laugh, Exercise, Learn (whatever / science), Read A Positive Belief System, Music (uplifting), Fast (after 6), Seek Beauty (in all), Sleep, Work (as worship), Help / Teach:-) Most concepts by Abdul-Baha, Baha’i Faith

  • I am trying to get a more healthy morning routine, I always wake up so late. I want to try and wake up earlier, around 6:30, apparently waking up early is really healthy

  • I have never, ever understood why making a bed is appealing to people. You know how else you could start your day with a “win?” Spend a minute doing something that isn’t a waste of time. Just my opinion.

  • Antonnette,
    I absolutely love your videos!!!!���� your videos put me in such a relaxing and calming vibe. You have such a positive spirit about you and I want to thank you for your amazing videos. Keep striving!!!! God bless you.

  • Every time i wake up in the morning i grab my smartphone and i watch youtube, I’m so addicted to it and it makes me not do my chores, i trying to figure out how to stop the addiction of me using my phone but I’m struggling with it, i got important stuff i need to do but my phone has cool stuff we can do, ( for example) we can watch youtube, we can use snapchat, Twitter instagram and Facebook and that make us so addicted to it. Thank you so much for this video, i need do something lol.

  • I big problem I have is learning on my own. I have very useful apps,but for me to start learning and do it everyday is a problem. I always experience laziness in studying. I don’t know what to do? Like I want to learn a few computer skills and I have the app.But for me to start is like hell.

  • its videos like this that make people insecure and think they need to look/ eat a certain way.. and this is extremely unrealistic to do most days.

  • Girl, im telling you since I found your channel 2 weeks ago ive been bingeing. (also moving to NY in 3 months so im living through you lol ❤️

  • That’s fabulous, thanks!
    We do for 90 days an ultimate challenge, where we will
    -Wake up every morning at 4:30
    one hour of mindfulness meditation
    30 min yoga
    plant based O.M.A.D diet 23h fasting One Meal A Day
    Insanity workout by Shaun T.
    we quit smoking
    Markus Aurelian’s night routine
    30 min evening meditation
    I will try to implement some of your’s as well!

  • Am I the only one that loooooves a good morning routine? Thanks for watching and if you want to support channel sign up for Notion, a great FREE tool for students!

  • Love this!!! You have already helped me so much with skincare but these videos keep helping me with my overall routines!! THANK YOU!! Can’t wait to throw in some of these tips!!

  • i get up about 10am. get a coffee. cough. smoke my vape for 20 mins. have another coffee. then ill smoke a little weed. then by 11-12 ill begun work and wont stop until 1am. i hate my life.

  • Hi Katie, I want to say thanks for sharing your miracle coffee, you helped me alot with my hypothyroidism, I feel more energetic and my hands and feet stopped being cold, the mixture of maca, ashwaganda and mucuna gives me energy. I would like to ask you how long it takes and how long it rests from this mixture. Thank you very much and greetings from Canada.

  • So this list is really good the only thing I would change is number 10) I would do read a positive book,
    *the magic of thinking big
    *The untethered soul
    * the bible or quran

  • I love this video definitely, because you do many things and this is the real motivation! I love your energy, your vision of live ����

  • Personally I’ve found the evening routine to be more important than the morning routine, if only for the fact that the success of my morning routine and the success of the entire next day hinges on my routine the night prior. If I skimp on the morning routine I can easily recover later in the day. If I skimp on my nightly routine I ruin any chance of starting the next day off right.

  • For the affirmations part it’s better to say what you wanna say in the present tense for example instead of saying: I will make 1000$ today
    Say: I make 1000$ a day

  • Love this!! What essential oils did you use to spray on in the morning? I’m dreading having to wake up early soon as online classes will start up.

  • This is really random but I’ve noticed that people put peanut butter on their toast differently from me, she scoops it out with the knife and I stick it in and scoop it out on both sides. Just a little fun fact for you

  • Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!
    If you’re interested in goal setting and habit building, please check out a product called GoalsOnTrack at It’s designed for helping high achievers to set and track goals by organizing everything you need to do inside a comprehensive goal planning system.

  • Love your videos and your positivity! What is the name of the style of jeans you are wearing? I want to buy the exact ones they are so nice looking! ��

  • I cannot for the love of me drink anything AS SOON as I wakeup, I don’t want the nasty ass gunk in my mouth to mix in with my water… I have to brush my teet

  • Yep! Up at 5 a.m. to spend time with God! He gives me all that I need to start the day! Try taking a look at what God has to say about you. Pretty powerful!

  • Thank you for sharing.
    I had lost nearly 20 KGs with fitness,and i was so happy. Then after a year or so i started feeling tired and sick. I was also gaining weight. After check-up i was told i got a slow working thyroid. For a while i was so sad. I got medication,and the 2nd dose we tried was the right one. 125 mg each morning. All the weight i had gained,i am still trying to get it off. Because when i lost all that weight,i felt so good. I wanna have that good feeling about myself again. And seeing you,and how far you’ve come,youre a real inspiration! Some days there is no energy,so i just do a little,but when i can,i go all out: )

  • So much smart stuff to be found here.
    In the end we still are animals.
    And accepting that fact leads to my personal conclusion. None of this is neccessary if you realize that animals dont plan like this and still exist without any mental issues. (At least none of we know of) 😉

  • I really enjoy getting dressed in the morning and have felt for some time now that I dress for me, so even in quarantine I wear clothing that makes me feel pretty and wear makeup several times a week. Even though I’m a busy mom to two boys, I make that and my workout a priority because it’s a space just for me. It’s nice to watch you take care of yourself because it’s a reminder and inspiration. Also, I’ve come to feel that when you plug certain products that you’ve vetted it and tried it and if any appeal to me then you’ve helped me by posting it here. If it gets to a point where it feels like it’s too much, will let you know:) Thanks for these videos!

  • I WILL DO IT. 1) Read some scriptures and ask for understanding. 2) Healthy breakfast that doesn’t drain me 3) Weightlifting and cardiovascular for 30 minutes to 40 minutes 4) Writing my stories and studying craft in 30 minute segments 5) catch up on the news. Entertainment. This could be number 2 also, but limited………..Consider a possible 9 to 5 so therefore, I’ll have to modify my schedule.

  • If you are having difficulty in waking up early then download alarmy on your device. You cant turn of the alarm until you do a task like multiplying 2 digit number a 100 times. It works!

  • I used to be a night owl but now I manage to get up at 530 which is absolutely amazing! I watch each of your video like 5 times at least! Love love your home decor and aesthetic taste!

  • I don’t understand why making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment…I make my bed every morning so that I can constantly lye on it for breaks

  • so here some random is telling to skip breakfast while we have grown up listening to our parents not to skip breakfast as it will cause weakness

  • How I wake up in the morning
    -I have multiple alarms on my phone: one of which is an hour earlier to my real wake up alarm (6 AM, on normal days) its purpose is so that I could remember more of my dreams lol (an average person has 5-9 dreams every night but only tends to remember 1); my second alarm is 30 mins earlier than 6, it’s so I could cuddle my dog and sleep again; by the time my real wake up alarm goes off, I’d be subconsciously(?) Half awake therefore I’ll easily wake up and I won’t feel like sh*t in the morning.

  • How can a person meditate for 6 Hours straight??? After waking up? Lol I would fall asleep sitting there again how the f u stay awake?��

  • what he claims to do in the morning is just kinda unrealistic i mean 6 hours medetation 2 books a walk full brekfast what do you do go to sleep at 3 and wake up at 10 the night before

  • Excellent. I preform the following daily: pray, meditate, self-accupressure, scent (anti-insect), breathing (diaphramic), diet (plant based), laugh, exercise, learn (whatever & science), read a belief system (positive), music (uplifting), fast (after 6 pm), supplement (selective), find beauty (anywhere), sleep, work (as worship), help / teach someone:-) Most concepts from Abdul-Baha of the Baha’i Faith

  • I love how some comments say that they where posted 1 year ago only because they posted it a few minutes later from this hour (it’s currently 22 August 2019) and I think it’s like 10:30 am

  • I love the essential oil spray idea! Genius move. I don’t always get a shower in the morning with little children so this would be fantastic to wake me up and feel good. Thank you!!

  • Thank you for this video. I am excited to add some of these to my morning routine. My 1yr old daughter and two yr old son are my bonding in the morning. I love waking up to their faces giving then hugs and kisses and seeing then smile.

  • You lost all credibility for me when you said “inTErMITteNT fAsTiNg”
    Edit: Don’t comment on youtube when you’re hungry kids! You’ll probably just make a dick of yourself. Apology replied below.

  • Cold showers don’t work for everyone. Actually it might be dangerous for people with pre existing conditions and as we all know most people in the world are not healthy and suffering from a health issue or two if not more. I personally find warm showers much more effective and soothing. Anyway, boring video!

  • Thank you for the precious information! I have to include some of these morning rituals! Check my health related videos in my channel

  • I always feel better when I actually organize my thoughts before looking at my phone in the morning. My mind goes a million miles an hour thanks to mild anxiety, so before I submit to mindlessly taking in content, I’ll actually lay in bed and just think about whatever I need to think about first

  • Those statements that you mentioned in your video are not affirmations. Affirmations need to be said in present time:
    I am successful.
    I am lucky.
    I am loved.
    I am happy.
    ��Do not say:
    ❌I will be successful
    ❌I will be happy…
    Cuz it won’t work!!!

  • is this healthy?

    I sleep around 9 pm,
    And wake up around 4 am,
    I cook for my breakfast and eat it and after that I will go to bath and around 6:30 am I will leave my house.
    ps: I’m only a high school student.

  • 1. Make a To-do-list 0:19 1:02
    2. Energise themselves 1:03 1:27
    3. Schedule their day 1:28 1:59
    4. Wake up early 2:00 2:35
    5. Focus on positive 2:36 3:47
    6. Gratefulness 3:48 5:06
    7. Bond with someone early on 5:07 5:48
    8. Clean from the night before 5:49 6:25
    9. Silence 6:26 7:06
    10. Read about what happened the night before 7:07 8:01

  • No. 7, to bond with someone or live with someone. After living with roommates and so I feel like living my myself is best most times. I stress and worry less. I also need silence to recharge but my husband doesn’t quite get that. He always needs noise.����‍♀️

  • What I usually do in the morning after my alarm goes off is drink half of my water bottle. After that I sit up straight and finish whatever I was watching just before I went to sleep. Kinda weird to start your day isn’t it:)

  • Hi! Thank for the tips! How do you balance you’re early morning routine with a partner who works 9-6 and is currently working from home? We live in a small apartment, so if I wake up early, I’m gonna wake him up and vice versa (he’s gonna wake me up when he goes to bed at a later time). I’m also worried it would shorten our social time in the evening (like watching a movie or playing a game). He doesn’t want to follow the same schedule I do, which I understand.

  • I hate how companies are advertising that they are focused on body diversity, but they only go down to an XS and all the way up to a 4X. Yes we say we are working on fitting all bodies, but things rarely go under an XS and that is really hard for some people and I feel like needing smaller sides isn’t recognised enough. I am not against any of the progress already made, but I think this is just an opinion that I never see expressed.

  • 3am? Thats not healthy unless you go to bed at 7 p.m. or earlier. Just Sayin, I do NOT wanna do there are other ways to be healthy that do not invlove waking up at the time my freinds go to sleep.

  • Hey, can you explain in brief what you mean when you talk about affirmation?
    I’m not a native speaker and not sure what you want to say.

    Is it some kind of positive self reflection?
    Like confirming: Yes, I did this, i finished e.g. med school?

  • Early in the morning, I try to keep a small timeline plan, so that I can attract ideas regarding to the timeline plan, in the rest of the day.

  • Thank you for help us to be a better successeful people everyday de have more rockbock that don’t let be a successeful or reach our goal

  • I learned some good tips from this video. I’m wondering about what a productivity video might look like to optimize character development and virtue. Most videos seem to focus on how do get as many tasks done as possible, to plan your work and work your plan. There doesn’t seem to be any concern in those videos about whether you’re actually becoming a better person. Is that all buried in what your own goals are?

  • Hi! New to your channel, you mentioned your “combination with benefits for hypothyroidism”, and saw your links but not sure what was in your specific concoction… Can I have that info please?

  • shhahaha you are so funny, tbh i came here for a real advice
    wait, for a minute i thought that you are some comedian with that intro
    subscribing right away <#

  • Your so fun to listen to there are lots of YouTube videos that people are too serious that talk about the same thing as you but it is boring but you are informational and interesting

  • Thanks for your good healthy tips. I will choose and make it as my daily habit. But, how many people have time do it every morning?

  • Thanks for this video, your content is great! �� You got a new subscriber! �� It would be lovely to cooperate, and I would love some honest feedback from a successful creator like you! Here is my newest channel: �� Keep creating, your videos are awesome!! ����

  • Excellent. I preform the following daily: pray meditate (brief), self-accupressure, scent (anti-insect), breathing (diaphramic), diet (plant based), laugh, exercise, learn (whatever & science), read a belief system (positive), music (uplifting), fast (after 6 pm), supplement (selective), find beauty (anywhere), sleep, work (as worship), help / teach someone:-) Most concepts from Abdul-Baha of the Baha’i Faith

  • I’m going to start being like this starting TODAY. I’m going to set my bed time to…9:00pm. I hope I can do it I’m usually asleep at 4:00am!!

  • That’s all light stuff. I’ve already finished 77*bodyweight chest press, run 10miles, and watched the entire season of Game of Thrones all before 7am.

  • Well, am i the only one watching this video right in the morning after sleep and laughed when they said no to check phone in the morning?????

  • My favorite morning routine is the mix of: mindfullness, journaling, work out, Breakfast, study. You have it all. love it. Love from GErmany

  • Thanks so much for making videos like these. I was really discouraged to go to med school before as I though I would have to sacrifice my health and well being, which I can’t afford to do, since I have a chronic health condition that is triggered by things like stress. Thanks for making studying medicine seem manageable.

  • My morning routine:
    8:30: wake up and get dressed into exercise clothes
    9:00: do yoga stretch (meh mom got me into it)
    9:30: eat breakfast and check social media
    10:00: take shower, get dressed, do hair, skincare, brush teeth
    10:30: make bed and tidy up room
    11:00: journaling, drawing, being creative
    11:30: lunch
    12:00: do chores
    12:30: watch a show and chill
    1:30: exercise, play outside or skate
    And continue with meh day!

    FYI: I’m not saying my day is like this everyday. I think that if I did the same exact thing every day life would be to boring. I have lazy days, like every other human, and ya.

  • I feel really good that I had never hit the snooze bottom ever. I wake up early in the morning because I go to bed early at night. The one habit I have trouble though is to do exercise consistently.

  • I just came across one of your videos for the first time last night and I’m completely in love with you�������������� ommmggggggg I’m getting ready to watch all your vids right now�������� I’m subscribed and my bell is turned on boo����

  • I wonder how you take so many pills and supplements just with your coffee in the morning. Ive been struggling to get my vitamins in because I drink my coffee, have my breakfast, then take the supplements so I’m not empty stomach and still feel nauseous about an hour or two after. Its so upsetting because with a vegan diet I have to make sure I ad certain things like omegas, vit d, b12, etc. Any tips?!?

  • This is actually the first topic I will be discussing with my new community tomorrow! I have a Coffee Convo Morning where i encourage my community to share their tips and advice on the topic provided. Great tips!

  • can’t tell if ppl r faking their morning routines just for YouTube because ppl know damn well no one writes in a journal in the morning, they go on their phones lol

  • 4:43am: wakes up in panic thinking I’m late for school and starts to hyperventilate
    5:30am: wakes up again because I think i’m late
    5.54am: wakes up for real this time
    6-6.10am: my actual alarm rings and i get ready for school
    6.10-6.30am: read wattpad/watch Netflix/scroll through Pinterest
    6.30-6.40am: migrate from room to living room and continue watching phone
    6.55am: leave the house
    7.15am: dad drops me at sch

  • No. 6 Be thankful… But to whom?
    You cannot be thankful to nobody or yourself..
    So to whom am I supposed to b thankful?
    I heard so much about this being thankful, it makes you feel better…
    But if you cannot thank somebody, you in fact are not thankful

  • Just the way she carries herself in her video throws me off, she doesn’t seem like a women.. but more like a attention seeker. With the way her body moves etc.

  • This looks so cosy, I love it so much ��I just uploaded a ‘Day in my Life’ on my channel ��☀️�� If anyone fancies checking out a new channel, I’ve uploaded LOADS of different things lately…Mukbangs �� ��What I Eat in a Day’s ��Drive with Me’s ��Vlogs �� ASMR �� and Sit Down Chats �� Let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it so much ☺️✌️

  • Hey! Just wanted to mention it because I’ve been seeing it under a lot of people’s videos lately, but apparently some essential oils aren’t good for dogs/pets!! So be careful with what you’re diffusing(:

  • one of my assignments for econ was to find a video on youtube, simlply take notes and sumbit for a warm up [easy A��]
    just wanna say that when you did a recap at the end and all my lil subheadings were what u said i felt so accomplished! this made my morning. <3
    i subbed ������

  • If you want to start the day off and the right foot, I recommend to fill your belly. With healthy foods. No offense, but I don’t believe in fasting. No hate to anybody who does it, but I prefer to use food motivation to start the day. The promise of a tasty, filling healthy breakfast is what gets me out of bed at 5:00 a.m.

  • This video was really helpful! Lately I’ve been “trying” to become more of a morning person & have a routine set in place, however I’ve been failing miserably lol
    So after watching your video and mentally taking notes I am determined to create my own morning routine just so that I stay more productive each day ��������

  • I’ve watched few of your videos and girl I like you! =) I subscribed and turned on the bell so I won’t miss any of your new videos! ♡

  • First thing i do in my morning Alhamdulillah is stretch then i look out the window well after prayer. I run around and check all the others and let the sunshine in. Then i check my phone and never look up again I NEED HELP

  • Between the jeans and the dell, this entire video feels like an ad. I like the channel but this feels very inauthentic and like a money grab

  • Yes I’m going to create one. Once I leave my home, there’s only one place to go and be productive, so I have to do most of my production homebound.

  • I would have thought it would be better to create your to do list the evening before. Same with preparing your clothes, washing dishes etc.

  • Your bedtime routine is a very important step to your morning routine.
    Tip 1:
    Commit to a regular bedtime every night and make sure you commit to it.
    Tip 2:
    Prepare everything you need for the morning. Eg: Clothes, Shoes, Bag, Breakfast anything you need to do/find in the morning. So you don’t have to rush around looking for your socks….
    Tip 3:
    Take a notepad/pen ti bed with you. Write down atleast 5 items that want to get done tomorrow.
    Prioritize them from1 to 5.
    Now circle the first 3 items you wrote and only focus on them for tomorrow.
    Tip 4:
    Once you are ready to choose your eyes for sleepy time, go on YouTube and choose video from the (subliminal messages) list. I prefer the rain sound. Choose the messaging that will help you for where you are right now and commit to it for 7 straight nights.
    This week im focusing on (enjoy working hard).
    Tip 5:
    As you close your eyes, listening to the subliminal sounds, imagine walking up to the alarm tomorrow morning feeling energetic and ready to go. Imagine getting out of bed straight away (no hitting the sleep button). And visualize yourself going through the morning routine. Imagine yourself getting out of bed, standing up, walking to the coffee machine, going to the bathroom. You get the picture. Visualize yourself doing everything you are going to do. All the way until you leave the house or start working on your goals.
    If you do this for atleast 7 days straight, you will be blown away how easy your morning routines will become.

  • Recently read the book “Make Your Bed” and everyone swears by this… but are all of these people single?! It is a rare occasion that my husband gets out of bed before me and he NEVER makes the bed. On the weekends I can make the bed when he gets up, but during the week, that means the bed doesn’t get made until a few hours before I’m getting back into it! And if you say “just make your half” I’ve tried and it usually results in a cranky husband asking why I woke him up. Soooo… I’m open to other suggestions….

  • Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!
    If you’re interested in goal setting and habit building, please check out a product called GoalsOnTrack at It’s designed for helping high achievers to set and track goals by organizing everything you need to do inside a comprehensive goal planning system.

  • I have to brush my teeth before I drink water. If not I feel like I’m washing any germs that might be in my mouth from the night. �� I get paranoid.

  • I know you have talked about having a thyroid problem. I have hypothyroidism and I’m on a blood thinner.I was wondering what you thought of the keto diet and having hypothyroidism.

  • these tips were really nice ���� i also like to pray to God and read the Bible everyday:) have a good day whoever’s reading this, remember that Jesus loves you!!����

  • The Dog: girl why are we up so darn early? You know we are night owls, meaning we are late birds!

    Antonette: We have to make this video as real as possible get your but off the bed so I cane it

  • Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to stomach pain so it might not be for everyone. I suggest tea or a glass of warm water with some lemon juice as an alternative!

  • Hi! Great vid. What was the thyroid supplements you were adding for your hypothyroid? I’m suffering really bad right now with mine and would love to try it.

  • Just found you!!! Loving your videos!!! The closeup of your pup while she was laying on the bed…melted my heart!!! She’s SO darn cute!!

  • “Mow the lawn by 3pm.” I like that! I’ve been trying to implement 20 minites of cardio in the morning, it’s easy to delay and then it’s lunch time and ur full of food so no longer morning or able to. “Will do cardio by 830.” Is my new to do item or affirmation.

  • Summary of the VIDEO. 1. Make a do list
    2. Take a cold shower
    3. Schedule your day
    4. Wake up early
    5. Affirmations and visualizations
    6. Gratitude
    7 Bond with some one early

  • 1. Don’t use your phone in the morning
    2. Make your bed
    3. Rehydrate
    4. Remove sweets
    5. Exercise
    6. Mindfulness meditation
    7. Write gratitude, goals (long, short), affirmations 3 targets

  • Loved your routine!!! Where did your mom get those cute slippers? And what kind of essential oils are you using? (I couldn’t find the link on your Amazon page.) Stay well��

  • My morning routine (I love it!!)
    (Go to bed at around 12pm-1am)
    Wake up at 5:30am
    Spending 15 min in bed thinking about what i have to do this morning and giving those tasks time stamps to get a good organized feeling
    Get up and pee 5min (very relaxing)
    Choosing my outfit 10min (makes me feel safe)
    Pack my bags 5min (also makes me feel safe)
    Take a shower 10min (to smell good duh)
    And after that i usually have around a couple of minutes for myself so i just walk around the house in my comfy bathrobe and eat breakfast and at like 6:30 i get dressed and stare at myself in the mirror for a while and then leave at 6:55
    And yes i know i should go to bed earlier but i just cant im not tired at night i cant help it

  • ** me watching how to have a perfect morning routine at 2am **
    Kevin: first, DROP THE PHONE
    also me: ok but let me finish your video first

  • God this girl is annoying (and other people like her). I can’t stand the “fake feminine” voice and how she’s perfect and cute. Like girl, there’s no way you do this every day. and if you do, loosen up a little. I really don’t understand people who think it’s this important for everything about their life to appear perfect.

  • I thought I was watching one of those commercials that run before the vid… then I was like… he looks so similar to Tom…wait… xD Also, found the most expensive healthfood item, powdered midichlorians.

  • I bought the 3 superfood powders you recommend. How much of each go in your jar and then about how much do you add to your coffee?