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2. EAT EARLY. Having your meals prepped ahead of time will also help you eat earlier, which is a much healthier alternative to late-night meals. According to the most recent research, it’s best to have the bulk of your daily calories by 3 p.m., and when it comes to your final meal, the earlier you eat, the better.

Tuning In With Your Circadian Rhythms. The natural place to begin when creating an evening routine is with your body’s Circadian rhythms. This is the body’s internal clock that regulates sleep, alertness, hormone production, body temperature, and organ function. For example caffeine stays in your system for up to six hours. If you’re accustomed to having a cup of tea in the evening, make sure it’s an herbal, caffeine free tea.

Otherwise, you might be jittery until 10:00pm or later. 2. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired when you want to be awake. Establishing a pre-bedtime routine—a.k.a practicing good “sleep hygiene”—is likely to help you fall asleep more easily at night and stay asleep until morning.

And it’s not as hard to do as you might think. Try working these five habits into your evening for better sleep. Habit #1: Stay on Schedule.

How to create an intentional evening routine August 17, 2020; 5 Simple Steps to Plan a Short Getaway August 10, 2020; Habits to practice for maximum organization August 3, 2020; Meal prepping for beginners July 27, 2020; Self-care ideas for mental health July 20, 2020. If there is one thing our mornings have taught me it’s that a good morning will always begin the night before. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful morning if you don’t do anything to prep ahead of time. It doesn’t need to be anything extensive or take lots of extra time. A good evening routine is about a few simple steps to help your mornings start on the best foot possible!

9 Potential Habits to Include in Your Evening Routine Review your tasks for the following day in your calendar and task manager. Implement Equilibrium Zero by putting everything away, including all work-related materials and personal stuff around your house. Set your alarms for the following day (I use multiple alarms to guarantee I get up).

Establish your routineand follow it. Create a list to hang up by their bed if your kiddo likes a visual. Keep it fairly short.

No need to drag it out. 15 minutes is a good target (a little longer if your routine includes a bath!) Offer choices! They can’t choose when they go to bed, or to drag it out as long as they possibly can.

Create 3 to 5 minutes in your morning routine to just be with your partner and properly say goodbye. Kiss each other meaningfully and take in the moment. It’s important not to get in such a rush that these small gestures don’t get overlooked. During Daytime.

2. Create little daily rituals when you’re together and apart. Evening and Bedtime Routine. 5:30 p.m.: Family dinner time. We try to eat early to give our bodies time to digest before the kids go to bed.

6:15 p.m.: Family time until the kids go to bed. We all do evening chores and bathe and get PJs on. About an hour before bed we dim the lights and start putting aways electronics to start winding down for.

List of related literature:

See Chapter 12 for tips on establishing healthy daily routines.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
from Bipolar Disorder For Dummies
by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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Plan and organize the day ■ Avoid multitasking ■ Families should establish structured routines (e.g., dinner at 7 pm each day, laundry is done on Saturday mornings).

“Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen
from Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach
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Why do we need a routine at all?

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
from From XL to XS: A fitness guru’s guide to changing your body
by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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Meals, bathing, exercise, TV, bedtime, and other activities have a schedule.

“Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert
from Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book
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• Reorganizing work and personal priorities if necessary to allow time for meal preparation and consumption; for example, get up earlier for breakfast, pack a lunch or afternoon snack, preplan easy-to-prepare dinner menus.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
from Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach
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Pay attention to how you conduct the stages of your day—your morning ablutions, commuting to work, the way you arrange your workday, your exercise program, preparing and eating dinner, getting ready for bed—and you’ll notice a pattern of small, but significant rituals.

“Sex Magic for Beginners: The Easy & Fun Way to Tap into the Law of Attraction” by Skye Alexander
from Sex Magic for Beginners: The Easy & Fun Way to Tap into the Law of Attraction
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Select a time in the day (mornings are thought to be best, before breakfast, or you could choose evenings well after dinner) and keep this time as a regular part of your daily schedule.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
by Brian Luke Seaward
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Whatever additional routines you have, make sure you have weekday morning and evening routines for the kids.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
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Provide a structured daily routine.

“Lippincott's Content Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane M. Billings
from Lippincott’s Content Review for NCLEX-RN
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Do this in a quiet place for 20–30 min, determine what is important for the week and put the priorities in your calendar.

“Surviving and Thriving in Postgraduate Research” by Ray Cooksey, Gael McDonald
from Surviving and Thriving in Postgraduate Research
by Ray Cooksey, Gael McDonald
Springer Singapore, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I never care about sleep patterns because when I feel sleepy I sleep that’s one rule you should remember. A man is machine whatever this machine wants it asks and you have to give it to function properly or it will snatch it from you. Whenever i feel hungry i eat whenever i feel strange i sex

  • I love your content but sometimes it feels like I’m watching a long infomercial on all the companies that sponsor you. It’s a bit frustrating because I’m in Australia and these things are not available, so it feels irrelevant.

  • goooood working thank you and you may do these also:

    1.set goals

    2.set priorities, achieve result.

    3.everything is about people. oriented. Eat healthy, rest healthy

    5.stay honest

    6.self dicipline

    The last thing you do before bed can greatly affect your mood and energy level the next day, as it often determines the hours and quality of your sleep.

    Successful people realize that their success begins and ends with their mental and physical health, which is almost entirely dependent on getting enough sleep, writer Rachel Gillett said in a report on Business Insider. Here are several things many successful people do before bed:

  • -Take a break
    -Set a money linit
    -List what to do first
    -Get it over
    -Digital calendar
    -Work out
    -Try a new hobby
    -Set a work stop time
    -Record your day by an hour
    -Happiness recorder
    -Just think/pray/meditation

  • Loved the video! I really recommend trying to add more perlite to the soil for your adorable aloe ❤️ (I only grow succulents because they’re the only thing my cat won’t eat �� so I just use soil specifically made for them, normal potting soil always ends up being too moist for them)

  • Gosh it’s confusing.
    Learning in school that “night” means from 11pm to 5 am…
    And then listen to all those poeple doing whatever in the middle of the night. ��
    But yeah. I know that it means evening. Why don’t you say evening?
    Okay. Not only German is kind of confusing sometimes. ��

  • I li e the simplicity and fact you use medical knowledge to explain the why to each thing you do. So much better than tedious fads from influencers who dont have as much knowledge on health.

  • I subscribed to your app literally today, and I already feel so much better about starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle�� You are so inspiring��

  • Hey Katie, love from India
    I really like your routine and workout videos, we can’t find many of same brand products in India but your video are really nice.

  • For everyone worried about the laundry tip, don’t worry I normally will do a full load so I am not wasting water. I share a laundry room with my family so that is how I can do a load a night to help out my mom since there is 4 of us.:) I only showed me putting in a few pieces for the sake of the video. Thanks for all the amazing comments though! Love you guys!!

  • Thank you, this video came exactly when I needed it. Im about to do a lot of changes in my life, starting tomorrow, and I was thinking about how to prepare this evening, then this vid came up. Bless you man!

  • hello, i just discovered your channel (a few minutes ago) and i really like your videos and the aesthetics of your videos. continue like that:) ps: i’m french so if there are errors it’s normal (to use the application) it seems that the google translation makes mistakes. anyway, i really like your content

  • A video you made last year you recommended the sleep and glow pillow but I noticed in this video you weren’t using it. Do you still recommend it?

  • Hello Dr. Mike�������� I am a medical student and I’ve recently started watching your videos especially during my study breaks. You entertain and inspire me at the same time. I hope I can become as great doctor as you someday. #Keepinspiring��

  • For some reason i thought your new office was like your house, so i thought you moved. I was like how did she move so fast, but then you said it was your new office����

  • thanks for the end comment about being in bed all day doesn’t mean your not an amazing person. that really spoke to me as I was watching your tube thinking I had a YouTube channel like yours with tons of views. it inspired me!

  • I do school night routine is after school I put my stuff down get ready for getting trenton get a lot to do and finally I prayed and I went to hug and kiss my parents shut off the lights and sleep

  • Finally someone that shows flossing in a night time routine. Before this year I didn’t floss like almost at all, but this year i started flossing every night. Granted I falter from time to time but for majority of my nights I’ am regularly flossing and I’m proud of that lol

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  • “Just thinking” is a form of meditation…hopefully this wasn’t said this way because there is a fear of religion and meditation.
    Jesus said to meditate on The Word so for those Christians out there with fear…release it! You’re all good ������������✨✨

  • Hi! I was hoping you were around bc I can’t seem to find the links you had left for the
    1)Essential Oils that you prefer 2)dropper bottles & spray bottles {in bulk I do believe } Dark Blue or Amber Colored dark dropper, spray & pump bottles
    -Dropper Bottles were for potency protection
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    Thank you SO much in Advance!

  • hi i am from pakistan i liked ur videos. to get insprition to get time on pakistan everything homework is done by women no men help it out.less is more

  • if you don’t mind me asking for your headquarters, do you have to rent out the space, or have you purchased a permanent property so that you don’t have to pay rent every month?


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  • This is actually jokes but dank! You need to level up you skincare game mayn.. Perhaps a collab video with susan yara would be a fantastic idea? Idk ��

  • I just subscribed,and watch few videos,to be honest every medical doctor behave and adopt the same thought and routines,and now I know almost every mike’s life routine video is just really same as mine,and of course as I’m Doc too!

  • I have just found your channel and I am lucky for that!! I do love your channel and your routine! Give me a positive energy and enthusiasm!

  • Internet generation, honestly… so many 20 year old YouTubers/vloggers telling young girls how to be a “girl boss” and talking about stretching and skincare products on your sink… seriously, it all looks pretty and yes being organized and physically in touch with yourself is great, but it’s so much the superficial part of success. And all these videos presume everyone’s going to be self-employed. As a 30 year old female ACTUAL boss and manager let me tell you… this stuff is nice, but not #girlboss.

  • Did I just hear doctor Mike say Brushing prevents cardiovascular diseases at 4:01 ��
    Edit: Flossing is not at all necessary and if u r teeth are tightly spaced flossing is detrimental… too it creates space between your teeth which will cause more food to get stuck in between and the cycle continues…

  • You like to keep it simple coz you’re s guy!�� we need to put makeup on our skin so we need to do all the toning, serum everything!

  • i like your office setup from what you’ve shown us, it’s very glossier pretty �� my fave time of day is when i get to do my skincare, all my troubles just wash away! especially since i’ve started using a luna brush it’s so calming to me lol

  • My wife’s routine includes getting the kids to brush their teeth, go the bathroom, then reading with them. She has a Traction Pillow in my sons room too. Then coming in our room and going to sleep.

  • brUh im not lyin im takin my english test and docter mike appeared ������
    Indonesia english test are the best-
    Hol on did that rhyme?-

  • I don’t use any face wash or creme. ����
    Only if there is a specific reason.
    If you use it more than one week, you can’t live without it. And I hate this feeling! Hate!!!
    In the past humans didn’t have that, our skin doesn’t need that, if we just let it work.

  • I had the opposite reaction. If i spend my evenings doing too much goal work i get so excited i have trouble sleeping. My brain lights up going through all the possibilities and feelings. Now i do that kind of thing in the morning only as like work foreplay. It gets you in the mood to get stuff done.

  • Love you Dr Mike �� from India I m also 3rd year mbbs student here. And also preparing for USMLE for taking admission in residency in neurosurgery.

  • When i make that herbs tea.. should i wash the herbs first or its ok cuz maybe have some dust or like that when i take it from slthe stores

  • Dr i recomend you Electric brush to clean your teeth, is better, faster and it DOSENT hurt your teeth ��!. Hello from Colombia by the way.!

  • In India it’s a different thing we can wear shorts at home but wearing shorts outside is like a crime ��
    So I almost everytime can’t go out coz I have more shorts that big leggings
    And we are thaught no to wear shorts frm small age only and then when I wear it down (that’s really rare) I fell like I am going to get r*pped so we aren’t allowed to be ourself
    Only rich kids have the opportunity

  • pdf file was so helpful my sister eve asked for one can you add one onto the firs girl boss video that you did thank you and can you please do a part threelove you

  • Im sorry i dont mean to be mean but this is so unrealistic lmao no one relates to this, i relate way more to trisha paytas than this lol

  • I have a question. What’s the name of your face wash? And the face cream?

    My morning routine consist of:
    Walking my dog
    Home cleaning
    Eating and meal prep
    Hw and plan for next day
    Go to sleep by 9-10pm.

  • Your videos are so worth watching. I am going to go back and watch some of your older videos. What kind of doctor are you wanting to be? I would love you to tell about that in a future video.

  • Wow… This is helpful!
    Doctor, you said you will dedicate a video only on skin care routine.. but you haven’t done so yet! Maybe, this comment will work as a reminder for you!
    Thanks again! ☺️

  • I love ur routine videos!! All ur videos are amazing but the routine ones are my fav. What brand is ur outfits that u worked in? Love it

  • You’re such an inspiration for the western medicine Mike. We need more healers in all the levels of understanding, with an open mind and heart, with the passion, kindness, compassion and love for what you do��. Thanks for sharing. �� Gracias.

  • I’m in love with you couch! Where did you get it? I love how you can pull out a full ottoman and then tuck it back in!
    Thanks for sharing your routine ��

  • also, sorry to spam with comments. Just found your podcast on soundcloud, and you are killing the game!!! you make me wanna start my own<3

  • I read fiction at night because when reading non fiction books all those problem solving gears they light up my conscious mind on fire and I’m tossing and turning around for hours thinking about stuff. I wish it would stay in the unconscious. I need to take my mind off interesting ideas. It’s not easy but doable. Guided sleep meditations work very well for me.

  • you know I have this habit watching night time routines before going to bed, they are very relaxing. and I have to admit that yours is the most inspiring one. I will immediately turn off my phone and make that pillow spray:)

  • Dude.
    Now we’re in the Zone.
    While taking note on your 3 items routine I added “It works” (from the book) close to “Review goals” and THEN you speak about it for the first time ever on this channel.
    This is such a small unknown book this is quite surprising actually.

  • Heck yes! Thank you for putting this video:D

    I was wondering since you’re into holistic medicine any suggestions where to find different herbs online? I’m talking more like macha, ginsing, tumeric etc… Thanks always for the positive videos:)

  • I love your lifestyle… so relaxing and pure and holistic. My lifes like sharing room with my boyfriend so no matter how much i clean its a mess and not as clean… go to work come home and eat sleep…

  • I really enjoyed this video �� I also love doing a quick tidy before going to bed. We also watch a serious show followed by something light and funny �� x

  • Youre actually the greatest person ever. How did you think of these? Mind blown! You’re my role model when it comes to being organized now hehe!!

  • Nice video. Thank you for sharing. On a side note…have you thought about shortening your hair to about collarbone length, and maybe going darker in color. I think it would look very lovely

  • I started my mission of changing my life last month and recently come across your videos. I’m commenting this as I’m in the kitchen meal prepping for the week and definitely going to grab a self help book tonight and read until tired. Thanks Alex!

  • Evening routine:
    1 go for a walk
    2 cooking (hard and hustle podcast)
    3 dishes
    4 journaling and making a Check list
    5 book reading
    6 watering the plants
    7 making tea
    8 skin care
    9 watching something

  • Give yourself credit: watercolour painting isn’t a just a hobby you enter the 1 percent of genuinely creative people when you undertake such.

  • Folks, I bought the N7 serum on seeing this video. What I didn’t know was that this serum has 5 parabens. Parabens are cancer causing agents and when you apply directly to the skin, these could potentially cause skin cancer. Hence, beware. I’m going to toss my N7 even though it’s a waste of my money.

  • Starting at 8:30pm warm shower, face care, in bed by 9 turn on classical music read a book (real book, not ebook) for half hour lights out at 9:30 passed out by 9:32….

  • Yaaaaay!!! �� I get soooo excited for your nighttime routine videos! �� Love watching how you guys spend the evenings! I soooo get having to workout at night. But for me, it’s because I homeschool our 3 boys during the day, and I’ve been waking up super early to teach VIPKid. �� Thanks for sharing your night routine with us! You’re an inspiration! Can’t wait for the office tour! God bless! �� �� ��

  • 7:03pm workout (idk what time left/got home), 8:46pm dinner, looked like 10:48pm bed (was blurry so might be off). About a 4 hour night routine if anyone was wondering. I’ll probably pull pieces for my own routine but in the winter I have about 1-2 hours for my own routine so finding a fulfilling rhythm is hard. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hope doctor post more related to how to clean and eat vegetable and meat in effective ways!! Good habit daily life and how to lose weight for some people like me ❤️❤️❤️

  • listened to this on my way to school and this video had so many great tips!!! will definitely be trying to implement some of these habits into my nightly routine:)

  • I think you made an interesting point. Basically, the direction of your thoughts before you go to bed will probably be reflected in your dreams at night. They’re also likely to be felt the next morning when you wake up. Thanks for the advice.

  • I tried a lot to sleep early.
    But I just cant.
    I am fresh at night. My energy is at its zenith.
    I can easily do all my work at night. I get my inspiration then, so sometimes I stay up to write.
    I feel comfortable working at night. Not too late (maybe 12:00 ).
    Is that bad.
    I tried changing my routine.
    All in vain. I don’t use any device before going to bed. I read instead. But nah sleep doesn’t come to me. But when I hit the bed, after doing my work I get a satisfactory sleep (for eight hours)
    Is that fine then. Do I have to wake up early? People keep telling me to get up early. But I am just not comfortable doing that. What’s your opinion?
    really love your videos.
    Lots of love
    From Kerala, India ����

  • Your videos are so motivating for me!! I have recently started my fitness journey and I really look to you for encouragement and guidance. Great video❤️

  • I have really bad anxiety and watching your videos really calms me down. Literally binge watch your whole channel whenever I’m feeling anxious ����

  • This really has helped me. Especially since im starting my own brand/company and still having to work and wanting to relax and doing my weekly vlogs ����

  • I know this is late and no one will see this but using a ulcer journal instead of a planner might be better. Only for some people. Because you get to make it personal and you can make it as pretty or simple as you want. I’ve been using it more than when I used my old planner. I find making it look pretty helps me want to fill it in so that it continues to look nice. You don’t have to. Just use it to make your life organised and decorate it only if you want to when you have the time.
    I usually do this while I would be cooking dinner but since I’m too young to have my own home and I live with my family my mum makes dinner for us and she usually tells me when she’s starting dinner and how long it’ll take so I know how long I have to use it. Usually it’s around 6:30 to 7:30.

  • Love your tips. Careful with that music, better to remove cause the annoying greedy music industry that I NEVER support will strike your channel down. It’s very unfair but it happens all the time sweetie. And that’s one of the thousands reasons why I never buy Hollywood stuff anymore. Not only these celebrities don’t deserve or need more f fur or a 5th car, 99% of them are not a good example to impressionable teens or are animal friendly.

  • Thank you for putting yourself out there. I find a lot of discouragement in my life and struggle to overcome it. I keep looking at my past and the amount of time i’ve wasted, and it saps my courage to push through. Am i just making excuses and just “do it”? Any thoughts on this?

  • Have you stopped having CBD at night and if so, is it because you no longer found it beneficial? I’m still researching it so would really appreciate you’re opinion ☺️

  • Awesome video ��.. love your fitness and eating healthy food routine…I been following some of your food recipes..they r delicious..��

  • Me watching this old video for a project, in the middle of an all-nighter with my second energy drink in hand and yesterday’s eyeliner on my cheeks: “This man is so smart, everyone should be like him!”

  • Why do u have this kind of motivation? I do nothing every single day and still don’t have any routine. I am so lazy to get up and make plans

  • Congratulations on your new office space! I love your routines Katie! Can you tell me where you get your dishes from? Love your taste and style!

  • Hello rachel! You are so prettyyyyyyy ����❤ plz do some video for how to handle our acne with DIY plz plz plz and acne scar too!!!!! I’ll be really thankful to you

  • I just got into adult coloring books. Didn’t think I would like it because of how detailed and intricate. But I’ve actually really enjoyed it…

  • Rachel I love ur channel even though in only 12 I do have acne and breakouts but ur recipes have helped me so much so I would like to say thank u xx

  • These facts are very helpful. I didn’t know some of these before. I want to be a doctor when I am an adult. Not sure what specialty, but i think it is interesting and sounds fun.
    Is med school the same for all people going into a medical career or is it different for people. I know it seems like an obvious question, but I am not sure.

  • Does that laser remover actually work? I’ve seen youtubers say they use it and then never mention it ever again but in their night routines or pamper routines later you see them shaving, I don’t want to waste 300 dollars if it doesn’t work, so I’m asking you for an honest opinion, does it actually work?

  • Hey man, love the videos! If you’re mentioning books etc. in your videos you should really get an affiliate link for Amazon seeing as I will probably go and buy the “It works” book now after looking but you could be getting paid for clicks for sending people there and you’re not currently.

  • Hello Dr Mike. Im à little late to watch this, not sure if you’ll see my question. A friend once mentioned not to drink water or ôther drinks that are not warm while you are eating a meal because it makes the food more solidified which makes it harder for the body to digest. Is this correct or perhaps an old wives tale?

  • pls take into consideration the ppl who can’t look at flashing lights bc it will trigger a seizure. PLZ. the flash on the laser hair removal device was soooooo bright.

  • You are doing a lot before bed but everything is so organized and you look so put together always. I love to see you. Will definitely try to pick up few tips. You are doing a great job. Thanks

  • Dr. Mike: I like to keep things simple just like how the other aspects of my life.
    Also Dr. Mike: *studies medicine, be a doctor, be a family physician*….. and not enough LET’S HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL CAUSE WHY NOT?

    Love from Malaysia HHAHAHAH

  • I know that most doctors say not to eat before bed but for me I CAN’T fall asleep without drinking water right before bed and eating a little. I actually start to gag and toss and turn if I don’t eat right before bed.

  • I was literally just watching his covid-19 vid, and I was like I want to watch something happy and funny and I went dowwn to the older videos

  • I wanted to show my grandpa this channel bc my sister wants to be a doctor and i was trying to show him that being a doctor helps even people’s daily life and when he said ” or, having sex ” my grandpa looked like he was going to throw his couch at me

  • Those who have heart attacks probably have below average dental health because they eat more unhealthy foods relatively because being obese or severly overweight increases the risk of heart attacks:D

  • Love these videos! And the Calm app is amazing:) For any teachers out there, you can get the full subscription for free, as there are things you can use in class!

  • Lol her mind is so crammed full of social media and mobile apps that she has no capacity for anything else in life. No wonder she had to convert to minimalism.