How you can Release Tight Muscles Without Having To Spend a leg along with a Leg on the Massage


Gastrocnemius and Soleus Manual Static Release (Trigger Point Release)

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Self Massage at Home Using a Rolling Pin. Good for Sore Muscles.

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Fix Tight Hamstrings with this Massage Technique. Heal Tight, Tense, Muscles.

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Using a Muscle Roller Stick to Relieve Tight or Sore Muscles Ask Doctor Jo

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Bend the knee on the side of the release back to a 90-degree angle. Swing your leg side to side in a tolerable range of motion. Repeat this in 30-second to two-minute intervals.

2. IT Band Release. Lie on the side you wish to release. Place the foam roller under your bottom leg halfway, between your hip and knee. Massage Therapy. Massage therapy can be an effective way to relieve tight muscles and pain.

Massage can lengthen and release muscles, and help relaxation. There are various massage therapy techniques you can choose from to benefit your tight muscles. Deep tissue massage is a popular and effective way to relieve tight muscles.

Regularly stretching is the most effective way to permanently loosen tight muscles and the adjoining connective tissue. Stretch all the muscles connected to major joints, not just the ones that feel tight. For example, remember that tight leg muscles are composed of separate muscle groups. An example of a sagittal plane exercise is the bodyweight squat or the bodyweight lunges.

Front and Back. A frontal plane exercise is for example sidewalks with the band or lateral lunges.So any movement side to side. A transverse plane exercise is an exercise where you’re rotating (like throwing a ball).; Thet TFL quickly acts up to move the hips in all these 3 directions. Place foam roll under mid belly of lower leg. Cross one leg over the other leg to increase pressure (optional).

Slowly roll calf area to find any tender spots. Do this with foot pointing up, then with the foot turned out and turned in. This will target the middle, outer and inner part of the calves. Thighs.

Have a partner hold your lifted leg firmly, with one hand on your heel and the other on your knee. Step 2. Have your partner press on your leg to move it toward your chest until you feel a mild. Use lotion or baby oil to decrease friction between your fingers and your skin while you massage. Apply firm but pain-free pressure and move slowly in a circular pattern along the length of the. The best way to treat tight leg muscles is to prevent them from becoming tight in the first place.

Unfamiliar exercises trigger muscle tightness, so practicing a movement will greatly decrease it. Trainers call this the repeated bout effect, and you can use it. Tightness of leg muscles is a symptom linked with conditions like osteoarthritis of knee, osteoporosis with joint pain and nervous dysfunction.

Dehydration, muscle fatigue and tearing of muscles can lead to cramps in legs. 1. Stretch muscles that are tight. You’ll see Ashley stretch her piriformis muscle in the video and you can also stretch your muscles on your own with your hands or a foam roller.

We’re big fans of massage therapy for loosening up those muscles that you’re experiencing tightness in.

List of related literature:

• Massage only the areas of the limb that are easily accessible in each position.

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Massage certainly is helpful in releasing muscle tension, which can help with circulation.

“Deadly Emotions: Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection That Can Heal” by Don Colbert
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Alternately massage both legs several times.

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You might liken these foam-roller exercises to a deep massage.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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A professional massage, if you can spare the time and the change, is definitely what your muscles are aching for.

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Many athletes perform self—massage.

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• Hydrotherapy (often followed by massage).

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Self-massage offers all of the above-mentioned benefits except the soothing touch of another, which itself can yield miracles.

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Also massage the scalene muscles by reaching across with the opposite hand.

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Gentle stretching to relieve muscle tension and spasm can be done by a physical therapist or practiced by the patient at home.

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  • Hi Bob and Brad, nice videos:) I think it’s great how you guys do this by the way, but what i’m actually hoping is to maybe get some good extra advice on my back problems and to also see how you’re recovery and or treatment for your spondiolisisthesus ( that’s gotta be close spelling for it i think) is going for you Brad?? As i have a similar problem i ‘m pretty sure and have a couple questions i’d love to ask and would be more than extremely great full for any info or advice on this problem i have… Cheers

  • My right knee was replaced 3 months ago and I have recently begun the workout at a gym. After using the rowing machine a few days I began to have pain in my right quad and it became black and blue. Will using a muscle roller stick on the quad help this?

  • Hey doc jo good videos. I  have a question i need your help right away for a minute about something I have a small pain in my right upper foot in the middle i think it’s called like the talus or tibia of the foot but I know it’s like the middle of the upper foot tho not the bottom of my foot but the upper foot it’s like a small pain it comes and goes but I tried some exercises like I did a circle around foot exercise 10 or 20 reaps it help a little bit but is there a another exercise video or something you can do or tell me please do a short video on that foot joint problem for me I hope to hear from you soon thanks doc jo god bless.

  • Hi i have a few questions. Im in the OT program now and i dont see these types of techniques in our curriculum. I was wondering if this is something you learned outside of school. Also when doing this kind of therapy as an OT dont you always have to link it back to adls and such.

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  • Thank you for your video man! Could you try to speak more slowly and take some pauses from time to time? I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes I have to replay many times because you speak fast �� thank you for all your efforts though!

  • My heels have awful pain from WALKING! Yes, walking. How frustrating. I’ve tried foam rolling which does help but not entirely or for long. Tonight I found this on my desperate search and tried it. I can’t believe it. I feel warmth and circulation like never before. I had no idea tight hamstrings could cause heel pain and guessing it is contributing to my planter fasciitis too. I felt 2 inches taller and stood straighter just by doing this. Wow! So grateful for this video. Thank you Caroline!

  • I’m surprised the patient wasn’t positioned in sidelying? I feel like its easier to manipulate the rest of the arm and mobilize the scapula in sidelying.

  • I first watched this without volume and assumed that she had a really high pitched voice. I’m very surprised by how young she looks but also how mature she sounds after turning on the volume.

  • Love your videos! Now I need to go back through your archives and see if you give good tips on how to use those bajumbo black foam rollers. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use mine for shoulder/neck pain. I think instead I’ll get hubby to try out the rolling pin instead. Thank you! Have a great week.

  • Great video thankyou! am I right in thinking that it’s best to avoid rolling down the middle of the hamstring? is that where the sciatic nerve is? Sometimes I would roll around there and it would feel like a really tight muscle, but then I realised it was probably the nerve

  • My father had a hemorrhagic stroke 3 years ago..his weakness at leftside..some therapist recommended to apply IRR Machine on affected side but some are saying no need for IRR for my father..only sports injured people can take IRR i want your advice can my father take it or not….plz…

  • This is very good video for physiotheprapy. Are you want to know more ankylosing spondilities and physiotherapy see the blog page

  • Amazing video, thank you! Typically, it has taken me a couple of months of putting up with my hamstring knots and not being able to fully stretch before your simple immediate relief helped me out. I promise to look out some more of your videos and learn a bit more about my body! Never too late! x

  • I learned of a muscle roller from my awesome physical therapist during therapy. She urged me to purchase one and use it on my IT band and other muscles before I exercise. It makes a world of difference.

  • Thank you for this video. I have some scar tissue on my hamstring, I will try this to see if I can improve. Previously, I foam rolled on the floor with a straight leg! Now, I know not to do this again. Thanks.

  • My father accident left brain surgery
    Right side hand,leg not perfect
    What this pahyoo ples help me
    My father recover ples air and man

  • Is it possible to apply these same techniques effectively on yourself (ie: seated on the floor with a bent knee, allowing access to the back of the leg)?

  • Thank you I liked and Subscribed. I like the trigger point where you showed to use on shoulder. I had surgery a couple years ago and I bought one of these thinking it would just be good for body not really shoulders. But it is good for it and has been lowering inflammation which has eased pain.

  • These self massage techniques are so good since I’m a baseball pitcher and we use our legs to throw hard, out legs get super tight as well as our upper back/shoulder

  • I can’t walk for a long a time or walk very fast because my calf muscles will start acheing so badly I can’t even stand. It’s feels like I have bricks on my legs and I can’t move because if I do attempted to keep walking through the pain and aching then my legs will get stiff and cause me to stop and sit on the ground because I can’t even stand because putting pressure on my legs really hurts my calf muscle when I’m resting my legs I have to sit down it’s the only way to get rid of the pain. I have to sit down to get the pain off my calf muscle. Do you know what is wrong?

  • I always felt the need to know what trigger points to work first. I own a copy of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Claire Davies and they show typical trigger point referral patterns, but it doesn’t really show what muscles should be released first. Should one just release more superficial areas first. Also, do you know where I can learn “the reasons and science” behind the referral patterns? eg. brachialis trigger point refers pain to thenar eminence. Thanks!

  • Hello I’m new to OT and currently in my level 2 fieldwork…my question is that, how do you write all the techniques into OT documentation….thank you

  • Just watched your video using tennis ball to get trigger point knots out. Been suffering for 2 days with crazy mid back pain. Grabbed a mini tennis ball I use for my dog, put it under my back for 10 mins. Like magic, I am in no pain now. I’m seriously flabbergasted. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

  • I want so bad to make these foam rollers work for me. I’ve been trying. I find it difficult to balance and hold my weight up and it gets sloppy. I have tight hamstrings and also thigh and glute/hip pain to which my last PT pointed out I have lumpy painful fascia tissue due to adhesions that spread from my tailbone from several surgeries with a pretty long, painful scar causing hip/leg fascia/muscle pain. The last surgery being two 1/2 years ago. They were cupping and using Graston technique which didn’t help. Suggestions? Thanks ahead.

  • very nice video. have you seen the P-knot tool? it’s a easier use than rolling on the ball. it’s on Youtube under that name. And it’s great!

  • Doing this, I felt a small ‘pop’ in my hammy. I got a bit scared, but then when I stood up, my hammy felt released and fluid again. So far so good… Let’s see how it fairs after today’s hockey game. *fingers crossed”

  • I had acl surgery and they use my hamstring graft now my knee i think its ok i hvent been training on it but recently i just decided i want to play football again but my hamstring feels like its gonna tear if i quickly pull my foot to the back while standing (like kicking motion) does it mean its tight? Cos i feel like its connected to the nerve or something when i try to use the ball method on it.. hope u reply this

  • Caroline, I love all your massage ball and yoga tune up videos. I use them a lot and always learn something new. Thank you for making them, I would love if you would continue to make more:)

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a massage ball versus stretching? Can one be done instead of the other? Or is it better to include both? Such as alternating stretching one day, massage balls the next day, take a day off. I’m still working on “Ask Doctor Steve”, so I hope this made some sense.:-)

  • i use tense ball but if i use it ( betwern scapula & spinal cord ) i feel sharp pain this pain is chronic sometimes little sometime sharp increase with carry things and rotation and hard breathing sometimes ��

  • I hurt my hamstrings by raising my bed up ontoo milk crates,cause the bars were not good.the bars that hold the box for the i cant sit in a chair too play a game or watch 63 yrs old.

  • I got someone to push and roll against my triceps with this really hard and I’m worried I may have damaged something �� please tell me I’m wrong

  • This is a really good video.I love my stroke recovery exercises from the UK charity Arni. Some great tips here that I will do too.

  • This is a really good video.I love my stroke recovery exercises from the UK charity Arni. Some great tips here that I will do too.

  • Love this thing! Bought it last year for IT and other troubles but am using it as I rehab from hip replacement to work out some new knots. Taking it to PT next week. A good massage helps too. ;{) Thanks Dr. Jo!!!

  • Thanks Dr Jo, your videos are always very helpful. Watching them in conjunction with Kai whellers videos is really helping me make myself better.

  • Thank you so much! I will try it. My hamstrings are so tight that I can feel down the back of my knee. I wish I knew about this sooner.

  • Like your video. Straight forward and no nonsense like others. Most importantly, what you taught here works (not like others). Well done.

  • Ohhh I wish I had a therapist like you for my husband who is completely paralyzed after a stroke. I will appreciate more videos or articles

  • Hi. I’m from Algeria and my mother is sick with paralysis and I want to return it, but I do not have the argument and God helps her to heal. He is the only healer.

  • how hard are you pushing when you roll? I am using a roller to relieve soreness after working out, and I don’t want to be doing too little or too much pressure. thank you!

  • I just purchased the Tff Stx and I am excited about using it. I do a lot of bike riding and my quads and calfs can get pretty tight after riding long distances and also my neck.
    Pretty soon I will be going into my winter workout routine which includes spin classes and weight training. The Tuff Sts is going to be pretty handy.

  • thank you. jefferson curls scare me!!! LOL. Any time I do a bent back/straight leg hamstring stretch I get a pinching feeling in my low back a little later. It feels OK whilst doing it but it flares up later.

  • My sister says she feels pain in her right arm and shoulder when she trys to practice those movements. Are we doing more harm to the shoulder by keep working threw the pain?

  • I finally start therapy after 4 months of having a stroke that affected my right side and it has been very hard and not just on me but my husband as well now I can show him this video thank you

  • Here’s something that i would be more than happy to hear your expertise and understand what may cause this:
    Lying in Bed and Dorsalflexion:
    A really tight yet painfull feeling immediatly accurs in the whole Gastroc/Soleus area. Like pressured Air blown in. Right foot only.

    Same foot, lying in Bed and Plantarextension:
    Just a painfull stretchy feeling at Center of Gastroc/soleos. Nothing feels like pressured Air.

    Same foot and running:
    Impossible. Within few minutes very tight painfull feeling in the whole Gastroc/Soleus area. Like Blown Air Again. Right foot only. Pain stops when i Stop.

    Normal Walking for a longer period pain in the shin and sometimes swelling in the knee Pit. Moderate pain in the Center of Gastroc/Soleus.

    No Prior injuries. Did MRI. No results Doctors seem to have No ideas. Going on for years. Driving me crazy.

  • To anyone who is going through recovery or helping someone recover,,, please dont quit, i just got out the hospital and am going through outpatient therapy. Its hard but dont quit if you can help it

  • What do you say if I have this problem with the hamstring together with sciatic nerve.. The pain is right on the point where the hamstring and glutes meet. I’m a amateur soccer player but the sciatic nerve push so hard on hamstring that sometimes I can barely move. That’s way my left hamstring is always tighter as right one. I’m doing these exercises alot, but it is just a moment relief.. It comes beck everyday when I do soccer training. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • I am currently a massage therapist exploring a career in OT. It’s nice to know that my massage techniques can still be of use when I become an OT! Thanks for the videos:)

  • Hello Caroline, you just save my life, i am suffering from it last 2 month and pain in my hamstring 24/7, i tried these exercises now m fit, and because of you, i don’t have words, thank you so much

  • you talk about the muscle being stuck on to the scapula an also on the chest wall and scapula does that also apply to the fore arm and the bicep?

  • hidear doctori am from Pakistanmy right hand muscles are not right hand is partially disabled.can i recover my right hand.this is 27 years old i am 28.please doctor reply life is not going well.may God Bless you

  • woulit be poossinlt to get a close up ofwhat you did to the fingers and the shoulders usin drawinga or by using plasticskelatel bonesto help unerstand what you are doing
    great video gives all stroke victims a real hope

  • I just don’t like this guy’s approach there’s a lack of warmth and authenticity + arrogance. He didn’t once check with the patient.

  • When I am waking up, the first couple stretches, I’m not even fully awake yet, sometimes my left inner gastro will slowly stretch out to it’s limit, which I feel, am aware of, but still sleepy, and once or twice a year, I can feel it start to roll over, a hideous feeling, I know I have to stop or…. I try to stop, relax, sometimes, I get it in time, but evry once in a while, it’s too late, it teeters back and forth a couple times like it’s on an oval pulley, I don’t have enough lucidity yet to know which way to move it, and POP! rolls over the wrong way…. oi, happened today s.o.b. Doc, s.o.b lol

    So i’ve been trying your pro lesson plan on myself, can’t get it released.omg, it hurts so much when you touch right on the fold, arrggghhh haha

  • Hi Brent, Thanks for the video. I am in content search of help for a compressed nerve in my leg. Ive had emg but they say they don’t see anything. I started having problems after my knee kept shifting then my leg gave out and I hurt it. The dots on that persons leg that you have drawn are similar to where my problem is. The top of my fibula bone hurts and it seems it starts there. I have good motor skills i think but my leg and foot feels asleep. My knee doctor is doing some injections and said maybe we need to do a knee replacement but I feel that they have to address this leg issue first. This had been and issue for over a year now. Any Suggestions.

  • Backstory:
    I’m still a student but during my clinic hours I have a regular who comes in and complains of sharp shooting pain in her calf but its really only when they are walking DOWN stairs. So far the only thing that seems to help is compression but its only been a temporary fix because they come back everyday for the same massage and as much as I enjoy their company I want to be able to make long term results for them.

    Would this technique work better than the compression? If not what would be better?

  • If the person has a fused ankle would you use the same technique. Really grateful that you share your experience and knowledge. I’m really wanting to get into this field of work.

  • Thanks for this video. I have had chronic bilateral calf pain for several years, and my Dr. has no recommendations other than good hydration. Who would I get to do this? Physical therapist?

  • here’s another good tip with the rolling pin: If you find more specific spots you can turn the pin on its side and use the handle end to apply deeeper, more precise pressure to those areas too!

  • I never regret spending time watching your vids brent.

    nice tip with tensioning the calf with the foot

    speaking of thumbs, what do you think of massage tools? I don’t get any joint pain in my thumbs and I’m conscious in avoiding extension stress points but my thenars don’t half take a battering!

  • Hi Brent! First-time commenter, long-time watcher. Would there be any additional benefits to pumping the ankle with your thigh to move the tissue back and forth under your thumb in a contractile myofacial release fashion?