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How blue light from computer screens affects vision and eye health

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There’s no shortage of ways to combat blue light, and here are four of the most effective steps you can take to beat back blue light: Avoid bright backlight screens starting roughly 2-3 hours before bed, or if you must work late, use a blue light filter on whatever electronic device you’re using. Blue light has a wavelength of 380 nm to 500 nm, which means it is one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths. These waves create a glaring effect on the eyes and can lead to eye fatigue, dry ey.

1 day ago · Exposure to blue light affects your production of melatonin, a natural hormone that the body releases when it gets dark outside, according to the National Sleep Foundation. As the levels of. Whether it’s in ads for blue light blocking glasses or cautionary tales of how screens can cause insomnia, blue light has become a buzzword.

Since creating smiles is always our goal and blue light exposure is a concern among our clients, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share resources you need to better understand blue light. If constant exposure to blue light from smart phones, tablets, and computer screens is an issue, there are a few ways to decrease exposure to blue light: Screen time: Try to decrease the amount of time spent in front of these screens and/or take frequent breaks to give your eyes a rest. Blue light is usually referred to as radiation with wavelengths between 400 and 500 nm. This waveband is within the visible spectrum, has relatively high energy, and has pronounced effects on plant growth and flowering.

Our perception of blue light. The crystalline lens and cornea are still largely transparent and overexposed to light, so too much exposure to blue light is not a good thing. Parents should supervise and limit the amount of screen time their children are permitted. Rethink LED Lighting. Low-heat and energy efficient, LED lights can be extremely effective in helping your greenery thrive (use blue light for foliage and red for flowering plants).

Invest in a bright light one that delivers 1,000 lux (a measure of light intensity) or more of blue-hued light at eye level to put on your desk at work. Studies show that most office. For example, staring at a clear blue sky (scattered blue light) is a low risk, while looking directly at the sun can begin irreversible damage almost immediately.

Prolonged direct viewing of bright light sources must always be avoided, especially at short distances.

List of related literature:

Avoid heavy crowding of plants and keep the light levels bright.

“Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible” by Jorge Cervantes
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Improve the ambient light: If possible, change the lighting around your work area to natural sunlight or “full-spectrum” lights that simulate natural sunlight.

“Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight” by Jacob Liberman
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Treating them at the end of the day with a strong blue light of at least 20 watts per square foot (220 watts per square meter) of 6,500­7,000 Kelvin or higher, aquarium light actinic blue) may control the height a bit.

“Marijuana Grower's Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation” by Ed Rosenthal, Tommy Chong
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Grow in a light/dark cycle 16:8 h at 21°C under high fluorescent light (Osram L58 W31, Photosynthetically Active Radiation 120 μmol/s/m), and water regularly using Mannalin-A at 0.5 g/L. For further instructions on growth conditions, please see Chapter 1 in this book.

“Arabidopsis Protocols” by Julio Salinas, Jose J. Sánchez-Serrano
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Use full-spectrum bulbs in the areas where you spend the majority of your time.

“Feng Shui Your Life” by Jayme Barrett, Jonn Coolidge
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There are many techniques and products that can help reduce our exposure to blue light.

“The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight” by Satchin Panda, PhD
from The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight
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Provide a photoperiod of 16 hours light, 8 hours dark using plant grow lights (fluorescent or incandescent).

“BSCS Biology: A Human Approach. Teacher's guide” by Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
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This is inconsistent with the general trend mentioned above and contrary to hypocotyl inhibition due to CRY absorption of blue light.10 Growth under sole blue light may cause morphological effects which do not follow typical alterations associated with increasing blue light when it is part of a broader light spectrum.

“Comprehensive Biotechnology” by Murray Moo-Young
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While you can use red and blue light exclusively and successfully, only a few species of plants are able to grow well under only red or blue light indefinitely.

“Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers” by Leslie F. Halleck
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Many herbs, especially low-growing ones, do well under artificial lights for 14 hours a day.

“What's Wrong With My Houseplant?: Save Your Indoor Plants With 100% Organic Solutions” by David Deardorff, Kathryn Wadsworth
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  • it’s a marketing scam blue light from phones are not harmful, it’s the amount of time you spend that’s harmful not the blue light. People just go along with this narrative because when they are on their phones for a while it hurt their eyes, but this is because of your eyes being focused on one thing for long periods of times. The sky is actually more intense of a blue light and we as humans have been fine. The study with the mice was done with the mouse having a pure and focused blue light directly to their eye balls, like dude of course that’s gonna damage your eyes a little. Don’t believe this stuff. And if your really worried, then take breaks from your phone, and turn things on to dark mode or night mode. I phone has that. Basically every platform too. There are some solutions to a made up problem. Don’t spend money out of fear.

  • Very interesting Sire. Today it is not often to see these “Gods in White“ are exposing themselfs on the internet adressing real health themes but medics are mostly sales agents for pharmaceutical companies (thats a real problem in Canada).
    I wonder how much damage these tablets are causing to the eye although they improved a lot regards IPS screens but I have found smaller low resolution non IPS screens like on older netbooks 10 to 13“ screens are the worst possible for eye fatigue. For me at least. An 7 to 8“ IPS tablet does not nearly as much give me fatigue as older lcd screens used to do. I consider the IPS technology as the single mayor improvement on eye protection since it aliviates the stare to the screen trying to find constantly the sweet spot. Considered on an tablet I normally just look at the screen 60% of the time only since I use it for listening mayorly like in this video the info comes from listening and not staring constantly at the doctor who speaks.
    What about the old CRT monitors? They shoot electrons onto the heavy glass and are constantly magnetized. Not to speak of the flickering of very early models. On most old CRT monitors I had an screen protector in front of it. They must have damaged the eyes incredible much. Can you elaborate on that as well? I wouldnt be surprised if I lost my eye strengt on these CRT monitors and on smallish lcd displays low resolution. I use glasses only for driving long distance and on front of the PC, not in daily life.
    I read glasses are needed because the muscles in the eye fatigue and so focusing and adjusting isnot working anymore which then glasses have to offset. Making eye muscle exercise they say help like looking in all directons of the circle up down sideways of an imaginary clock but how to strenghten far and near muscles? Big screens are IMHO alleviating the eye fatigue considerably.

  • My symptoms are dry eyes, dry mouth and dry nose when I wake up in the morning. I’m guessing none functional mucus membranes. I’ve had these symptoms on and off for two years now. This is for anyone looking to do research on the long term effect of it all. I just discovered the blue light filter on my Samsung after 2 years of research and lack of knowledge. Cellphones should come with warnings like some other products that say, ‘May cause cancer’. I didn’t start smartphone use continuously until early 2016. This is about the time they introduced 4g. #protectyoureyes

  • I see a big flashlight in my eye ALL THE FUCKING TIME, not only at night, and even my oph doesn’t kow what is that
    Sometimes the light is blue, sometimes it’s like purple and sometimes red
    It makes me wanna die

  • There are several components to cures for bad eyesight. One plan I found which successfully combines these is the great gazer fix (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful resource that I have ever seen. Check out all the interesting info.

  • I done lasik operation two years in eyeq hospital, rander, surat, Gujarat. Now i have many problems related to my eye like eye pain, eye strain, Glare in night time, dry eye, headpain etc. i visited many time my lasik doctor ‘paresh vaidya’ he not give me any type of solution. so please give me some proper solution. I can give you some pictures for more study about my problem. This is my e-mail address ‘[email protected]’ you send me ‘hi’
    i send you some pictures.

  • Well this video was just extraodinarily BRILLIANT tell us how dangerous 380-400nm light is while simultaneously exposing our eyes to a neon blue screen.

  • I’ve been binge watching videos and doing a lot of surfing the net on my laptop for over a week, and I’ve noticed having more headaches, my sleeping pattern being thrown off, and even blurred vision at times (never had this problem before in my life). I just turned Iris on on my laptop today and I already feel my eyes are more relaxed. Oh and Julie, my eyes are recovering even faster now thanks in part to the light I see, becoming beautified by simply bouncing off of you, before reflecting into my eyes, massaging them all the way into my brain. Ok, I need to sleep now.

    Controlling Tip Burn in Lettuce:
    Light Cycle Duration and DLI:
    How does Color Spectrum / PAR Light impact plants?
    Calculating LED costs vs payoffs:
    What does PPF/Joule mean?
    What about coverage area?

    LED Light growth tests:
    Infinity Linear (LED vs T5):
    UFO SMD vs Single COB LED w/ Time-lapse:

  • I love blue light one of my favorites actually is very healthy for you as long as your only getting it from sun light contrary to erroneous popular belief. But this is very much 120% true man main sources of blue light can and will f*c* you up!!!!!

  • Oh noes, stay inside, hide.
    There’s a huge blue thing outside.
    Don’t look up.

    Alternatively, grow a brain.

    And remember, if your glasses really blocks blue light, everything blue will appear black
    and some black things will look burgundy.

  • Hi Dr. Thank you very much for the informative video. I do have a question regarding blue light:
    Back at home i have LED bulbs in my room that i have set blue & purple when ever i am in my room playing video games or working. For me i thought it was a cool display for my room but now that i watched this video I am scared lol.
    Is it dangerous to be surrounded in these types of lights? I have them on for about 2-4 hours and i had them for a year now. I recently got Keratoconus and my eyes became very sensitive to bright lights. I do have eyeglasses that hav the “protective” film for electronic devices.
    Any advice?

  • Sorry if you addressed this and I missed it… I was wondering if there was an optimal time amount of light exposure per day in addition to your research here about strength and wavelength. I would imagine that most plants would be optimized to grows best given a duration of sunlight that would be present during the growing season of their natural habitat; however, is it possible that we can train a seedling to make efficient use of 24/7 light exposure through grow lamps?

  • Just got my Brooks Bothers sunglasses with prescription lens. I got glare and blue light ock. They are amazing g. Bought them at Lens Crafters. PS Get out of Minneapilis and move to Poetsmouth, NH.

  • re Circadian Rhythms: one of the things you were routine hear from sleep specialists (especially for people with circardian disorders) is to make sure you get exposed to bright light immediately upon awakening (if I recall correctly that specific 480nm wavelength is critical). So, I guess my question in light of this is: do we want to be blocking blue light during the first few hours of the day, and could it possibly weaken a persons circadian rhythm.

  • I ordered blue light glasses from a glasses company in the mail bc my eyes have been so sore and ive been getting headaches after using working from home lately, and my boyfriend is in the military, hes currently deployed so we facetime all the time.. long story short my eyes are tired of looking at screens! I just cant wait until they come

  • Blue is also the color which the eye has the most problems focusing. Possibly because the only blue things in our evolution were the sky, so there was no evolutionary advantage to treating it specially.
    I use a sepia background in Kindle and blue light “blockers” on the electronics. The new phones & tablets all offer that.

  • I’m 35 years old and I have perfect 20/20 vision, never needed eyeglasses or had problems with my eyes my whole life.
    Exactly one week ago, I started playing a brand new game and it was the first game I’d never played in HDR. I sat exactly the same distance away from my 55″ tv I have since I’ve owned it (6ft away) and have never had a problem before. After 3 days of playing the game ( gaming sessions averaging between 1.5-2 hours at a time) there was a moment in the game where a giant bright blue hologram popped up on screen taking up about half the TV screen length. As soon as that hologram showed up on screen, after looking at it for only a few seconds, I felt my eyes widen and then all of a sudden I felt something shoot into my eyes like needles that was painful enough for me to throw my head down and cover my eyes. It has been 1 week since then, and I have experienced soreness in the back of my eyes, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, sore pain between my eyes, in the back of my neck and in the back of my shoulders. Now most of the pain from the places I mentioned have almost completely gone away, but the sensitivity behind & between my eyes & eye sensitivity to light is still lingering. I’ve experienced no loss of sight, no blurriness of vision, my eyes are still 20/20 and I can still see perfectly clear as I always have.
    I’ve since rearranged my TV viewing distance and have moved my sitting position from the TV from 6ft to now 12ft from the screen.
    Since this all happened I immediately went out to my nearest Walmart and bought a cheap pair of blue light blocking glasses (blocks only 30%) and have reduced my gaming sessions. I’ve also been window shopping on the internet for a better pair a blue light blocking glasses that would better suit me.
    Bit I’m somewhat at a Crossroads between
    Mid-tint (65%) & High-tint (90%) because while the 30% do help a little, I still find myself squinting and feeling eye fatigue.
    I hope this information was helpful and that my experience can help better understand blue light and what it can and does do.

  • Dr. Allen, If you aren’t doing any live professional, Continuing Medical Education (CME) presentations for medical providers, you definitely need to consider doing so. You’re an excellent, knowledgable physician speaker!

  • I really hate that this guy is not just getting on the topics I’m almost 10 minutes in and I wanted to stop watching 5 minutes ago. He’s just yapping on

  • Dear eye doc, a request for a future video;

    Could you please do a video on Corneal Arcus?
    In my own case I am 35 but I have had it since mid-late 20s at least. It is quite severe, and aside from it making me look like I am 90years old it looks like it would interfere with vision if it got any worse. I recently had blood lipid evaluation and it is apparently excellent, way above baseline ideals. So why do I have it and no one else in my family? Is there anything in my diet that could be causing it, are there any ways to reduce it, and is it something to get worried about in terms of either eye or full body health?

    thanks in advance

  • I have blue light glasses but the coating looks blue. Does this type protect against the right wavelength? Also does this type of AR coating also reduce glare or is it that each type of AR coating serve only one purpose?

  • First thing I said to myself was that the plants are too close to the lamps. Would have been interesting to see how it would have turned out if the right distance was used.

  • Hi I am from India and I love you too much but u can’t understand this thing if u understand then reply me I l you too much white colour dress girl

  • I bought an BenQ GW2480 Monitor (24″) 1080p. It’s an IPS Display which means no eye fatigue for finding the sweet spot on Screen sharpness (almost all angles have a sharp Picture) which is one of the most important improvements over traditional LCD Displays. As well this BenQ Monitor is aproved of TUV Rheinland for flicker free and Low blue light. As well it Auto adjusts brightness (has an light sensor). Becauso of These Features I bought this Monitor, besides it was inexpensive and of an somewhat known brand. I already appreciate now within the first week of the low blue light and flicker free as well as brightness adjustment Features since it drastically improved the eye protection besides the benefits of the IPS Panel. Low blue light is set to minus 50% and brightness is drastically reduced as well in order to not force the eyes. I even take off glasses which I would have never done before.There is an Asus Monitor having These Features as well while other Mayor brands dont have These benefits.It has different Standard modes as well but those have to me an blinding sense effect since they are to bright while (probably) not filtering out the blue light normal, gaming, movie, etc mode.As well there is an red light filter and an green light filter but those seem to be for Special needed people (it distorts normal colours when turned on). Blue light filter seems not to distort normal Colors.Buy a proper Monitor instead of wearing coloured glasses.Till now the Monitor is Holding up very well and it was well worth the Investment.

  • Yellow light exists, yes, but we have no receptors for it. Our brains extrapolate yellow from the ratio of blue:green in what we do see. Which means “yellow” is subjective, we may all see it a little differently.

  • Dr. Ellen, I had a tragedy related with blue light. In August, 2019, I got 9 times blue light facial acne treatment in Seattle Sun Tan Light Spa, eight of nine times their working staff forgot to give me eye goggle. After that my left eye suddenly lost most of vision, barely could see anything and right eye vision dropped sharply. Medical report says “Age related (WE DON’T HAVE THIS PATIENT PRIOR MED DOCUMENT, CAN’T STATE IT IS CAUSED BY BLUE LIGHT, EVEN THERE ARE SUCH POSSIBILITY) combined form cataract, bilateral
    Meibomian gland dysfunction left eye, upper and lower eyelids
    Meibomian gland dysfunction right eye, upper and lower eyelids
    Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjogren’s, bilateral
    Macular pucker, left’
    In Jan, 2020, processed cataract surgery for both eyes, now vision is worse day by day, new report says, “Secondary cataract obscuring vision, left
    Secondary cataract obscuring vision, right.Cystoid macular edema, bilateral”.
    now i can’t work, read, drive, cooking, etc., my both eyes are painful every minute and every second, just like eyeball were dig out and hollows left there and pain are trapped there.

    Maybe this is a good example to illustrate how blue light damage your eyes.

  • I was recently diagnosed with dry eyes. and my eye doctor prescribed me blue light and sunlight protective glass and eye drops(natural tear).

    I bought the glasses and they have AR from what I gathered from your videos. The store keeper I bought the glasses from specifically warned me to not get it in contact with water. and to only clean it using the piece of clothing he provided(which I doubt are micro fibers bc they wouldn’t clean as good)

    When I was looking for other methods all I could find has water involved.

    What I’m asking is is there any harm in using water to clean my glasses?

  • Check out other clips on YouTube debunking claims that the (negligible) blue light emitted from screens causes eye damage interviews with leading ophthalmologists.

  • Great that you trained at a VA hospital, which is where I’m receiving lots of eye treatment here in San Francisco. It seems a typical trait with many videos is really rapid speech; my only criticism of your wonderful videos.