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By simply making a few little minor adjustments you can see big results in an extremely short timeframe. Incorporate these changes into your life and be prepared for a healthier much improved lifestyle. How to Be Healthier 5 Simple Changes Change #1 Eat more whole foods Whole foods should make up the vast majority of your overall diet. In other words, not exactly a risk you want to take during a pandemic. So, make sure you are getting the recommend seven to nine hours of sleep a night and talk to your doctor if you are having trouble.

And for how your ability to rest changes as you age, check out 20 Ways Your Sleep Changes. Try to mix it up with the usual ones you have every day. Make it a daily challenge to see the different kinds of fruit you can eat. In addition to helping you start with some positive changes, it can also help you be healthier.

17. Finally, if you’re a news junkie, set a timer and allow yourself to read the news for an allotted period of time. Sometimes big changes start with small shifts.

Whether you’re trying to eat better, get more active or ward off germs, a healthier you doesn’t have to mean a total lifestyle makeover. We asked our readers which small change has made the biggest impact on their health. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes. From eating more carrots to watching puppy videos (that’s right, puppy videos), these quick-and-easy tweaks to your daily health regimen can make a. 5. Get a good night’s sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Or eat a small bedtime snack of foods shown to help shift the body and mind into sleep mode: whole grain cereal with milk, oatmeal, cherries, or chamomile tea. Drinking the amount of water you need each day is necessary for all of your body’s systems to function smoothly, but it will also keep you from overeating due to. If you really want to make a change, then let’s do it — together! I won’t lie to you, it’s not going to be easy.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that — a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot of work. But believe me when I tell you it’ll be worth it! I bet you’ve already tried it. Although I ate a well-balanced diet and stayed active as a child, as I entered my teenage years, I started developing some unhealthy habits. I recently.

This will allow you to eat healthier. You might even discover that you like baked foods better than fried ones! 7. Cut butter from your diet.

Butter is a very unhealthy fat. Although your body needs fats, it only needs healthy ones. Therefore, replace butter with olive oil, rapeseed oil, and avocado, as they’ll make your meals much healthier.


List of related literature:

Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables; choose whole-grain, high-fiber foods; eat oily fish at least twice a week; limit saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar; avoid trans-fatty acids.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Other suggestions include the following: switch to fat free or low-fat (1%) milk; make at least half of the grains whole instead of refined grains, avoid oversize proportions, choose foods with lower sodium content, and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

“Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics E-Book: First South Asia Edition” by Karen Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman, O P Misra, Shakuntala Prabhu, Surjit Singh
from Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics E-Book: First South Asia Edition
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■ reduce their meat and fat intake; ■ eat oily fish at least twice a week; ■ eat bread, pasta and potatoes as sources of carbohydrate; ■ eat at least five portions a day of fruit or vegetables; ■ use olive oil and rape seed margarine instead of butter.

“Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management” by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
from Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management
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Use this book to learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle and then live accordingly.

“An Invitation to Health, 18th Edition” by Dianne Hales
from An Invitation to Health, 18th Edition
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To replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats, sauté foods in olive oil instead of butter, garnish salads with sunflower seeds instead of bacon, snack on mixed nuts instead ofpotato chips, use avocado instead of cheese on a sandwich, and eat salmon instead of steak.

“Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition” by Sharon Rady Rolfes, Kathryn Pinna, Ellie Whitney
from Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition
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Eight Tips for Healthier Choices.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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Take charge of your cereal bowl and start the day with multiple superfoods!

“Aging in Reverse: The Easy 10-Day Plan to Change Your State, Plan Your Plate, Love Your Weight” by Natalie Jill
from Aging in Reverse: The Easy 10-Day Plan to Change Your State, Plan Your Plate, Love Your Weight
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Reduce portion sizes; consume less sugar, saturated fats, and salt; and consume more fiber, including a balance of vegetables, fruits, and wholegrain breads and cereals.

“Health Promotion and Aging, Seventh Edition: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging, Seventh Edition: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
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Consider the following changes that you could make to lead a healthier lifestyle and select at least three items from each of the three categories (eating right, moving more, and sleeping better).

“If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?” by Raj Raghunathan
from If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?
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Use this book to learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, then live accordingly.

“An Invitation to Health” by Dianne Hales
from An Invitation to Health
by Dianne Hales
Cengage Learning, 2012

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Great to hear you got off contraception pills! I took them for 30+ years and ended up with massive fibroids which led to bleeding almost all month long & had to have full hysterectomy by cesarean I was so swollen. Didn’t find out it was most likely from the pill till a couple years after. Was so upset my doctors Didn’t know what they put me through.

  • Loved the 5th tip. I’m so over diets whether they are low carb, calorie counting, or anything restrictive. Intuitive eating is the way to go!

  • Great tips! I also think its important for anyone trying to change habits and start a healthy lifestyle to know that it might be hard at first, but soon it will just be second nature to eat healthy and be active!

  • Haha, bacon fries pizza and fried chicken is the best food for me, I feel the healthiest when eating those! Vegetables give me indigestion! *sarcasm*

  • Watched your video a few months ago about coming off of birth control and using natural cycle! I was so indecisive but seeing your video was the push I needed. The first month was interesting with my hormones but now I feel so much better! Thank you so much for that.

  • I loveee your rip off your tank story! I am going to give that a go! You are such a doll! Thank you! Sometimes we just need permission to own it! F-yeah sista!

  • Awesome tips that I cannot wait to incorporate in my journey to a healthier lifestyle! You’re so inspiring! Love your videos, Becca!!

  • Science & religion are two most powerful forces…”The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food.” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahai Faith

  • Why are humans the only species on this planet that must debate this topic, no other living creatures need individual dietary approach, they just instinctively eat what is natural to them. The problem is that we have moved too far from the nature and eat lots of processed foods that have no nutritional value. If it has not grown on a tree or from the soil, it is processed. Just observe the mother nature, green is a predominant colour in the nature so one must eat plenty of it, plus lots of colourful plants as our eyes see colour, unlike predators’ eyes respond to movement. Would any animal in the nature consume milk after weaning and yet from another species-does not happen, so why do we do this? Eat as natural as possible and watch out for calorie density v nutritional value of produce.

  • I fasting every week Wednesday’s n friday,I feel better n stop me get fat n fast good for good shape n relax my body.i have lots complement,my body like 18 years old. Non wrinkle or saggy neck, I Never use night cream or morning cream just wash with any oil before bed then wash a properly with warm water.that it i just want follow my grandma style. N around nice people always make me smile that secrets keep younger. Because cream to expensive now.cant buy.if cheap probelly damage my skin.but I never forget put suncream everyday even cold weather’s.

  • Thank you for this! I feel 100% the same way about hormonal birth control!! I can’t get over what a difference it was for me. After I got off of it (after 17 years) yes, a totally different person! More women need to hear this!

  • Really like your videos, the way you explain, its really easy to get in the head!best of wishes for you…people might be so cruel but you have bigger purpose to carry on and there are millions of people who really like you as a doctor, as a Advisor, Mostly as a person❤

  • When I toured East EU I noticed that most people that ate with forks were quite thin certain countr there were quite diversite with vegans

  • Seriously just discovered your channel a week ago and now am in love! Love the tips. Need to wake up earlier in the morning and drink more water.

  • Chinese ”burger” ad in Chinese pops up in northern Europe before this movie. People consist of hormones too and If a man and a woman of different bloodtypes, health and height eat the same food for 20 years the man might stay slim and the woman get obese. We digest food differently too.

  • I am always asking myself that same question. I am fit and thin and healthy at 55, but I was diagnosed with early onset Dementia. I have done way with processed sugar and I try to do away with processed flour. Bottom line, I need a personalized diet for me. How do I get this?

  • Don’t forget to mention that… “Endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands.” �� loves the tips. Thanks for the video

  • It is so hard to wake up in the morning!!! I like to stay up late because I am left alone. Noone bothers me and I can have the whole house to myself with silence.

  • hey valeria, can you maybe share how you decreased your task list for the day? what do you prioritze? do groceries go on that list, picking up ur kids from school, or is it filming a video?

  • Hello there! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several great things about it and my work buddy lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • Such great tips, Becca! Love your videos! ��
    Trying to be fit and healthy is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. And you’re right, it’s not a one time thing. It’s really a process (sometimes long and excruciating), but it really makes me feel happy and fulfilled. ����������

  • His study is based only on Glucose spike.. I think there are many other things need to be considered like micronutrients and minerals.. It’s impossible to sudy all the commensel of human gut..

  • Excellent for 2 key reasons it shows the effectiveness of ‘Nomothetic’ research i.e. that which is based on numbers and algorithmic comparisons when that is appropriate. And, also, it shows that Israelis can be remembered for more than the fact that they come from an apartheid state. I notice the sponsorship of Haaretz, the non-Zionist Israeli organ and they, along with the Prof, are acting in the interests of humanity, just like that other Israeli beacon, Daniel Barenboim. Message for British political parties change your ‘Friends of Israel’ groups into ‘Friends of Israeli & Palestinian Children’.

  • Good or bad Diet is related to the glicemia load produced for each meal, ( glicemia load) and insulin re response, also you gut Biota

  • i feel like this study might be too broad. did they measure how much rice and icecream someone ate? did they measure which kinds? how would they know the sugar content of all these foods to accurately know why their insulin was going up? different ice creams have different amounts of sugar, especially when you get into different flavors. of course diets will vary if you don’t take into account all the variables.
    also, i know this was posted in 2016, but i feel like nutritionists should know better not to prescribe sugars to patients who are diabetic as those are the foods which increase insulin.

  • As a Registered Dietitian-I DO NOT tell my clients to avoid food, however I do not continue to mention ice cream like it was enjoyed throughout your presentation.
    I discuss with them portion sizesand how certain foods effect blood sugars/as well as macronutrients-digestion times.
    Gut health also has to do blood sugars
    This relates to non-caloric carbs (ice cream) processed foods, and gluten-many of us are sensitive to gluten these days because of so much food processing+ being mindful of antibiotics not all yogurts have good probiotics and shelf probiotics are terrible + our gut does it’s best cleaning & repairing are night so one should take probiotics at night-unfortunately the GI Dr never discusses this�� Registered Dietitians are professionals who have their degree and are verified from an exam and internship
    Not all “nutritionist” have the same education
    We as registered dietitians are doing their best to get the message across both what you eat and lifestyle (mental/ physical) -especially those who studying Functional Nutrition.

  • The real problem with diseases related to diet, is the fact that human biology is highly flawed. The most important topic of research facing science in the future, must be finding ways of improving human resistance to all the kinds of disease which plague the human body. Why do humans constantly crave sugar? Why do people tend to overeat? We must be able to overcome our evolutionary programming, and improve human health, and wellbeing.

  • Love your Chanel. May I suggest you use less zip loc bags. Buy small lunchboxes you can put your nuts in to grab on the go. You can buy reusable freezer bags for your frozen smoothies. Lots of love!

  • Omg. This destroys atkins, paleo, veganism, only meat…?
    eg: for one person ice cream is a ‘good thing’ to eat and rice is not, for another person it’s the other way around

  • I love your approach to a healthy lifestyle especially about doing work outs you enjoy rather than on one that ‘gets you abs’ or whatever and not being too hard on yourself which is really important and something I struggle with at times, Thanks Becca! ��

  • I’ve watched your videos for a long time, today I was feeling kinda blah and all your tips and positivity really helped! Baby steps into a healthy lifestyle!!

  • These studies make sense only if you do not want to stop all you carbs… But if one stops the carbs, than of course will obtain low glucose levels… It’s a common sense! No need of studies. But anyway look at the low carb studies and there are many that have obtained a sustained T2DM remission together with weight loss!!! To my oppinion there’s nothing special about this approach! It only distracts from the main question: why do we have to eat carbs if they don’t give us nothing more than empty calories, Diabetes and chronic diseases?

  • Hi! I love your videos and they inspired me to go plastic free! I really struggle to not buy plastic when I’m out for the day. Like getting food to take away that’s healthy is always packaged in plastic:(
    Do you have any tips or do you have a video on how to stay plastic-free when you go out? thanks xx

  • Dr Youn i am middle age man and i would to ask u,what about warm ditch dairy I do like sometimes not to often use coco with it (question:is it good for your skin or not) Any guidence will be appreciation thank u

  • omg,that was the loongest video i have ever watched for 12 short tips. I tried. I stayed till number seven. Then…it went on…..and on………and on…………..Please, please: make this five minutes long. Bless you.

  • Love this video! Since I have started clean and intuitively eating I’ve lost a noticeable amount of weight, not really on purpose. I have so many people ask me when I’m going to stop my “diet” and I have to always reiterate how this isn’t a diet and this is how I’m living for the rest of my life. Such a good message. Healthy eating does not have to be short term or a phase

  • I like Dr youn he explains that I understand thank you. I like natural products. You look very good. My grandson he is very skinny. You are handsome.

  • I have lived in Florida most of my life, and have had so many skin issues. Wish I could start over but it’s too late, so I do what he recommends. Unfortunately the genetics do make a huge difference, too.

  • Those mean people are pathetic and more than likely hate everyone ( themselves as well). Take good care and continue the good work you do.������������������

  • That’s so true I used to fast 14-28 days not just skin so glowing but eyes looks like glass as well. It’s hard to do long tastings, you have to be prepared mentally. But 24 hours or less I do all the time. It keeps body in shape as well

  • I used to eat all of the stuff mentioned and still had a clear skin before, however, during this pandemic I decided to eat healthy and my face starts to have breakouts. Like big acne all around my face, but most especially on my chin. It’s like they are having a reunion rn. I don’t know if it was triggered by something else, or by the mask. I can’t help but feel really down cause of it.

  • Hello sissy!!! I’m in the Philippines������ I will always watching your videos here in YT and I’m so in love with it������ you look so natural and have a beautiful personlity that is why I like you������ I love being your friend but I’m just only a simple housewife with a 3lovely children������ ok, bye from now… GOD BLESS YOU AND ALSO TO YOUR FAMILY������ ��HUGS AND KISSE����

  • I love the things you said about going easy on yourself and how perfection does not exist. I have to remind myself often that healthy doesn’t happen overnight and small changes will get me closer to being healthier. Great video and tips ✨��❤✨��!

  • My friend laughed when I told them I was going to become slimmer with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them great results right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the details about this diet plan, lol

  • If I can give you a tip (especially to those who are lazy as hell like me) if you have a glass jar, just put a straw (preferably steel ones) in it and you’ll find it easier to drink more water because you won’t have to move that much ahahh have a nice day��

  • Honestly growing up I ate a lot of processed foods. Drank a lot of soda. Ate a lot of white rice. Pretty much ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. Going to be 32 soon but I keep getting mistaken for being in my early 20’s. But what I DID do was not smoke at all. I did drink occasionally. More of a social drinker. While I did eat alot of hot pockets and pizza rolls I also ate a lot of eggs and fish. Rarely red meat. And I actually fasted out of laziness lol. I gamed pretty hard back in the day. And was a cheap college student.

    So what I recommend based on the doc and my experience:
    -Don’t drink and smoke heavily or not at all
    -Eat eggs and fish(or get omega 3 supplements)
    -Fasting or intermittent fasting(this is a big one. Try reducing meals and caloric intake. Baby steps. Be aware of how you feel afterwards.)
    -Exercise(I don’t burn myself out. Do exercises you like. Make it fun. Focus on form and muscle activation not reps and weight. But having muscle does help with metabolism, so when you feel ready add more weight)
    -Being Asian helps
    -Not everyone is the same. Experiment. See how you’re body feels. Good luck.

  • Thank you for talking about fertility awareness based methods!! Like people think it’s so wacky but I’ve been using it for years and find that I know myself better and don’t have to put any hormones in my body. It’s something I think all women need to know about

  • I’m here because your tik tok videos.. you’re truly inspired and the coolest plastic surgeon i ever know.. actually this 5 things most definitely matching with my keto diet.. Thank you doc����Glad to find you YouTube Channel

  • I think you are a beautiful person. There are those who are so unhappy with themselves that they have to feel like they have to make someone else feel like them. God Bless you.

  • I just wanted to say I love your videos so much. I am a 21 year old college student and when I was 16 I was way too extreme with calorie restriction and that ultimately led me to have so many issues with gaining and losing weight throughout the years. A couple of months ago when I started watching your videos, I started eating healthy, but realistically. I splurge and eat ice cream at least once a week and I’m still feeling healthy and happy about this lifestyle change!

  • Going through a ton of your videos on a binge this weekend and I’ve gotta say…I’ve heard you talk about intuitive eating a few times and GIRL do I need to learn that. Do you have a video of tips on that alone?! haha

  • All very good, but no solutions except to measure your glucose but ignores insulin response. Research showed that although (for example) beef has a very low glucose response it has a very high insulin response. As far as I know fats don’t raise either glucose or insulin, but I am not sure how well researched that is. Also, humans did not evolve with personalised diets, they evolved to be quite flexible to survive in many conditions.

    The problems we have today are primarily caused by excess. We get obese because we east too much (look at supervising everything) nd then wider what we need to do about it. calories in v calories out does work, look at the victims of concentration camps for clear evidence. Fasting and very low calorie diets will get rid of your weight, but keeping it off (or having the discipline to follow such regime) is less certain. Most of us don’t want to live in a concentration camp.

  • I know this is an older video, but I was hoping you might be able to do a video on (or point me into the direction of one) a low methionine diet? I have Homocysteinemia and have been trying to change my diet to one that “might” lower my homocysteine. It’s been incredibly difficult putting together a meal plan. I find I have severe swelling/boating/acne when I have dairy, sugar, and grains as well. All this with two copies of the MTHFR C677T gene mutation. I’d like to lose weight and know I am doing my best to be healthy, but right now I don’t know exactly what is the best I could be eating & I feel afraid of all the risks associated with Homocysteinemia.

  • Interesting. Wanna stabilise your blood sugar levels? Take regular extended aerobic exercise, workouts, swimming, running, walking etc. Also, Some people, esp. heavy labourers, NEED an excess of food (and blood sugar) to enable them to have spare energy to do that hard work. Oh, and BTW, many people across the planet do not have any choice as to what they eat whatever they can get their hands on.

  • you are really cute and a good mom. I found you last week and I am obsessed with you. You improve my English. I have same sweater and I love it so much now. Lots of love from Turkey

  • I LOVED the part where you spoke of ‘perfection’. I see in myself lately to be perfect and have the perfect life and it’s damaging to myself and others. I had to listen to what you said twice, and will apply it in my life. Thank you!

  • Its still shock me just how some people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) even though many people lost lots of weight using it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about this. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

  • Were always here for you Dr,Youn never mind the basher ����we love you globally stay safe and be healthy,stay in love for all of us ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I think I take for granted being Hispanic. When I use to hear of people having a rice cooker I use to think, ‘ha ha they don’t know how to cook rice!’ But I see rice cookers are more common than I thought lol. I’m just use to cooking it in a pot. I’ve never used a rice cooker but now I’m curious to try one out.

  • I always watch your videos to help motivate myself. You’re seriously the best! Getting into a healthier lifestyle has been hard so these tips are really helpful.

  • Dr Youn, winners gonna win; haters gonna hate when they see you succeed. Let them hate and not be their prisoners. If you cannot do anything about it, then let it go. Dont become their prisoners to the things you cannot change. Their trash comments cannot harm nor hurt you if you just let it be. Continue the videos. We all love you!!!

  • My friend laughed when I told them I was planning to reduce weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people unbelivable results right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol

  • These tips really are so important. As mentioned in other people’s comments, it is vital to mention “feeding your soul” and not stressing out, which you obviously did. Unfortunately, so many people have bad relationships with food, exercise, etc., and as you said, your diet and exercise routine should be maintainable and something you enjoy. You are so knowledgeable, and we, your subscribers, appreciate your genuine passion for the content you create. Thank you for everything you do!!!

  • Public Disclaimer! Not everything on a TEDx Talk is real or Factual.
    This guy’s info is unfounded. It makes no sense that one food effects someone but not another.

    Let’s take the example of Icecream and rice. He said in some people icecream didnt spike insulin but rice did.
    That makes no sense. The body only sees the break down of food into sugars, carbs, fiber, ect.
    In what way does ice cream being icecream have anything to do with this?

  • How do you meal plan and still eat intuitively? When I plan my meals ahead of time, I often end up having too much or too little or something I really don’t feel like eating that day.

  • Hi! New Subscriber here. I simply love the kind of positive energy you bring in your videos. You are incredibly beautiful both in terms of looks and as a human being. When you said, wake up early and put the alarm away to help get up, I was like wow! I should try that but then you said you wake up at 6 without an alarm and I was like wait! 6 is early? I already wake up at 6!:) Turns out my early is like 4:30 5:00 am. Haha.

  • You stand out in the world of You Tube because of your professional knowledge and honest, caring advice. Please keep creating these kind of videos. We truly need you!!! I love the pictures of you and your wife, you are a beautiful couple!

  • I absolutely LOVE the natural cycles app. I’ve been using it for two years now. The first 1.5 years for preventing pregnancy (extremely effective and never had a scare) and the last half for planning a pregnancy. Since I already knew my cycle so well and had been off birth control for 1.5 years, it made getting pregnant a lot less stressful!

  • Hi Dr Youn, i have never left a comment with anyone before, but after hearing about those that have criticized you, i had to comment, i have worked for several Doctors now, and i find those that are cruel, are also cruel to there assistants and there patients, and honestly they like to cut corners, they don’t want people to find out about better methods to do things, because that means less money for them.
    So i want to thank you for caring about your patients and about people, many of us see that by the advice you give, and even though we all have are days and we our not perfect, thank you for being a doctor and staying human.

  • I just found your channel and love everything you are about!! binge watched videos all night! love having strong honest women to connect to and look to for advice!

  • First off, I think you are fantastic. I love your reaction videos to Botched and Dr. Pimple Popper. I think you use all of the leading technologies after my minimal experiences with cosmetic procedures, and I LOVE your content. I also love the holistic plastic approach. <3 Also, Yay puppies!

    I have a curious question for you. As someone who is recovering from an eating disorder (6+ years, so I am at a stable weight), I find that fasting for any time slows my metabolism and results in less energy. I know not everyone has the same weight concerns/ food needs. I am not looking to lose weight, so I wonder if I should skip the last two steps for me.

    I have learned that eating more frequently, but smaller meals, is actually the best thing for my blood sugar levels and energy.

    What are your thoughts, as a doctor?

  • I just watched two documentaries on Netflix…(what the health) and (Forks over knives) and they stress whole food plant based eating. I was wondering your take on this? Because I love eggs and cheese and a good steak, but according to the films they are really bad for you.

  • lately I have been going a little hard on myself. Thinking Im eating not the best even though I know I am. This was a great video to help me get out of that and understand that what Im doing is amazing! Thank You! Love all your videos ��❤

  • I love how passionate you are. My favourite pop alternative is sparkling infused water. I make my own to control the sugar intake and just infuse water with the ingredients you mentioned, and then carbonate them with a machine like soda stream. It ups my water intake and satiates the carbon craving. Yum!

  • Katie, you are the only fitness person on the internet that has captured my attention and I subscribed. You really know what struggle means for so many. You are a beautiful person on the inside which makes you more of a goddess. Thanks for everything you do. Love Sweat Fitness is a great name. That’s what we all do! I wish you continued success!

  • I have psoriasis. What’s good for me to help my skin not be so scaly and itchy? I take shots and lotions. It it would help to have other non medicinal ways to help. Would these work for my issue as well?

  • hello doctor I love your videos I wish I could subtitle them in Spanish I would infinitely appreciate it greetings from Puebla México ����

  • I really like what you said about “out of sight, out of mind” I will always have really unhealthy things in my house thinking “oh I’ll only have it when I really want it Or as a tread I can control myself” and then I end up only eating the unhealthy things so on my next grocery trip I won’t buy any of the unhealthy items I usually do like Oreos or ben and jerrys (guilty pleasures ��)

  • Good day! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the good video information youve gotten here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your vid for extra soon.

  • Dr. Youn: Not only do I watch your videos several times per day, I practice what you recommendit has changed my life. March 7th I gave up my old way of eating and life. I am basically on a plant based diet although I do eat about 12 ounces of very lean meat per month. I eat only 2x per day and have given up all carbs, processed foods, sugars (luckily, I have never had a sweet tooth) traded my coffee for organic tea and I will never look back. I have had a history of anorexia, so I don’t weigh myselfBut, I can tell I have gone down at least 2 sizesMost importantly, I feel so much betterI feel I am giving my body the care and health it deserves.
    You are an amazing dr and mentor. You have helped so many of us who have been lost for a long time. Please close your ears and eyes to any negativity. You are truly an inspiration, and, like many, I can’t thank you enough.
    All my best to you and all your family!

  • such a sweetheart:-DBUT all of this WORKS. I am a mother of 4 and age of 41…I look minus 10 years, no kidding. It is a long-term run but it is sooo important to keep going and not to expect quick solutions…. LOVE YUR CHANNEL.

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some tips right now. Get a popular weight loss system called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I’ve lost a ton of weight. I should not even be talking about it cause I don’t really want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just in a great mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • Dr. Youn, i love ur channel, and accidentally i found ur channel few days ago n been watching u daily on my “prepare to go to work” routine ever since. U r awesome and i really appreciates what u r doing by sharing ur knowledge wth us��

  • Your seem genuine and down to earth, thank you for always spreading such positivity and encouraging so many of us to lead a healthier, happier life �� your videos are literally my favourite! xx

  • actually, the studies on coffee dehydrating you are outdated. yes, caffeine dehydrates, but the study did not calculate the water intake you take when making that coffee so, even so, you drink more than it dehydrates

  • there are a million videos about this kind of stuff, but coming from a 20 year old who is currently trying to establish habits that i can carry throughout my life in order to be healthy, your advice honestly does resonate with me, it makes sense, and i really am going to keep these tips in mind throughout my health journey

  • I love your videos! Thank you for keeping it real; I put a lot of pressure on myself to follow a certain diet/work out schedule and I beat myself up when I don’t follow it to a T thanks for reminding everyone to be easy on themselves:)

  • Question: skincaredo you do all of that every day? I barely have time to wash my face once a day lol. Moms really don’t often get any quiet time. You know?

  • i’m 18 and i looks waay older than u haha you look awesome!!:) <3 also these tips are so helpful i love ur vids so much i can't stop watching them!

  • I feel like i’m learning so much from you all the things my mom couldn’t teach me (she has borderline and parents are divorced ) So your kind of my virtual mom haha, thank you. I feel like watching your videos make me grow as a person and help me ‘get my shit together ‘ your chanel is very helpfull and I love it. Love from the Netherlands. X

  • This was such a great video with awesome tips. I took the time to write down all 12 tips! Thank you for making amazing and helpful videos like this. I couldn’t agree more that working out in the am sets you up for a great day. I feel so much better when I workout in the morning. Also, I struggle with food prepping because I am not much of a cook. I liked your tip to prep at least one meal a day. Thank you again Katie��

  • I think this was one of the best videos made regarding understanding our individual body dietary requirements. The same thought of making a personal diet and exercise for myself has now helped me to loss almost 20 kgs within a year with my own personalized diet and gym. Maybe this process might be slower than some diets that the dietitians recommend to follow, but it is the absolutely working approach in a lot more healthier manner. Remember age is also an effecting factor. So, be careful while choosing your diet and finally don’t make your gut starve.

  • As much as I would love to make a morning smoothie, I never will. I wake up earlier than everyone and blenders are too loud. Also, there are very little smoothies without bananas in them. I don’t like bananas.

  • Girl, I have been watching inspirational you tubers for a few years now, but have NEVER binged watched a channel ( until I found yours! ) and usually find that the content isn’t for me, or it’s just not quite my style. I love how real and honest you are. You are so cute to watch and I’ve written down several recipes already! Thank you!! oh and I love the natural, no makeup look so much, it’s so refreshing!!

  • hi. I’ve never been so unhappy in my whole life. I hate my body. I feel so ugly inside and out. I used to work out and I used to be part of a community and I used to have friends….and now I don’t have anything. I have a bike, parks to work out in, some open water for a time until it gets too cold (I live in Canada) and I have magazines. but I don’t have anyone who supports me in fitness, a tribe. I’ve wanted to do a triathlon my whole life, since 6th grade and I’m 35, and no one will train with me and no one is a beginner. I cry every day and I can’t get myself to do anything. I just feel weak and alone. I live in a town of retired people, and the university is shut down, pretty much. I actually got told to put a hold on my degree until my health improves. and now I just have no purpose, no person in my life, and no place that feels good. even my apartment…..I hate coming back because it just never felt good from the start.
    I don’t know what to do anymore, but you are so happy. and pretty. and I don’t know if you can help at all but anyways, even if you can’t help me, you help lots of others so that’s really nice.
    I don’t do Facebook or Instagram so please don’t suggest these. I’m just on the internet because it’s raining and I am cleaning the space out.

  • The early bird gets the worm ��do you drink from the tap outside? I like your tipps! What do. you eat before a morning run or morning workout in the gym?

  • You always know exactly what to say!! I can’t tell you just how much I love you and your videos! Thank you for being so genuine and real about everything ����

  • You are so right. I have never drank or eaten any dairy products. Been on fruit diet. Also fasting is super great done it. I am 34 years no wrinkles my friends same age wrinkle age spot. Getting ur products hardly use makeup. This is what I have telling my friends. Well my parents taught me well. Thank you.

  • I completely agree with you on the hormonal birth control! I got off it myself a few years ago because I never felt like myself on it. Once I was off I felt like me again. So glad to hear this from someone else!

  • I just discovered you today…what a blessing you are!!! I love your authenticity and your passion for wellness…what I am truly learning is that it never has been about the weight but about my perception of myself…and accepting myself for who I truly am…and yes…it is nice being a smaller size today but I truly love being healthy and truly happy with the lifestyle choices that come with really loving yourself…and the awesome people you meet along the way…thank you for your enthusiasm and courage to be real…❤️

  • going to my local farmers market / small family owned stands has 1. allowed me to get plastic free groceries 2. not waste food bc i can get small amounts of ie spinach fresh weekly instead of 500g huge (plastic) bags of it that i can’t even use before it spoils! i know this may not be as available to people in the US but in europe it’s easy to stop and grab a couple things every other day after work etc compared to big weekly car shopping trips, but if you can do it, you should!:)

  • Hello Dr Anthony!!!!
    I think you are an amazing person with such a beautiful smile, with a kind personality, and with such a big heart. Wow! You are soo great. We love you Dr Anthony ��❤️

  • Doc….I sooooo appreciate you and sharing your expertise with all of us. The haters are gonna hate. Most of the time, I find they are jealous. Please continue to inspire the rest of us. God bless

  • Intermitent fasting helped my mom lose weight for good, I’ve seen her try so many diets over the years (she gained weight during her menopause) it’s the only thing that worked.

  • Your skin is more younger then me…….���������� You are so beautiful dr…love from india…….. ❤️❤️❤️ PLZZ share your beauty secrets ��

  • Could you do a video reviewing the brand Beyond Meat? They’re best known for their Beyond Burger which is a completely plant-based fresh burger patty. I’m just curious as to how good/bad the ingredients in these non-meat products are (contemplating making the move to a more plant-based diet).

    LOVE your videos keep the amazingness up Becca!:)

  • Sadly, not everyone can go without fastfood, because not everyone has the money for restaurants or the time to meal prep. There are healthier options at fastfoods, especially when you’re not in America, so that’s an option.

  • Hello dear, I only watch your videos and skin recommendations. Don’t worry about haters. They are everywhere and you are not alone. We love you.❤️����

  • You’re an absolutely genuine and caring person, Dr. Youn. The wealth of knowledge you share is such a great influence to many! Thank you!

  • If there is a personality on YouTube that I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to dislike ( and mind you, I am quite critical overall!) is Dr Youn and I have never, ever heard any “wacky” advice from him! BTW: I also swear by Intermittent Fasting and Low carb, this way of eating dramatically improved and rejuvenated my appearance!
    You see, this is Dr Youn: you come here because interested/tempted by plastic surgery and besides all the clear, exhaustive info you get about that, you receive extra life advices, like the one he is sharing here, showing a great degree of authenticity and vulnerability.
    This is why I adore him!

  • I am a new subscriber… I’m so glad to receive the knowledge you so generously share with us. I support you 100% I believe in you so I’ve learned that you only pay attention when they stop talking!! We keep our friends close and our enemies closer… it’s when they stop talking that you gotta worry!����‼️I’m a dog groomer and a recovered addict( 48 years this June) so believe me I know all about being turned on… stay safe and stay strong… keep on helping those who need it.. in the final analysis? It’s all about love and service anyway❤️����✌����blessings to you and yours��

  • You are awesome and definitely worth every compliment and all the positivity you put out you get back with support from the people who appreciate you! I love your channel ❤

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost crazy amounts of weight? I have read a lot of good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • 9:15 You state that rice caused a greater spike in the majority of the people when compared to ice cream. Later, you go on to claim that your wife has prescribed brown rice as a dietary supplement to numerous patients, but that she know feels this is inappropriate. Brown rice is included in the category of “rice”, but when people of the majority of the world consume rice, brown rice is not the typical type of rice consumed. So which one is it? Did the people show response to brown rice, which would have a significantly different effect on the body than white rice? Or did they simply consume what they considered to be “rice”, ie. white rice?

  • I can’t even get through 5 minutes. It’s a bad question to begin with and they could have just turned their gaze to Eastern sciences to see that body types vary and the needs then change. Ayurveda, TCM, and many others all talk about adjusting foods to a persons constitution. This question would have been relative in the stone age. The curious question, why did anyone fund this research?

  • it was a no brainer that the diet with more animal foods in them would be the good one. Carbs aren’t even necessary. We eat them out of enjoyment (& in the past, survival)

  • Dr Youn you dont know how much your videos help us and not only just that, its your amazing personality that keeps us subscribed you ��

  • I have a playlist of my ‘happy, fun’ music and Rich Girl is totally in it how can you not want to dance when that song comes on?!!! ������

  • No way!!!!!! Literally RICH GIRL IS my song!!!!!!! Hahahahaa omg yes!!!! I was listening to it at work yesterday because it was Monday and I was down and I was sitting there singing rich girl Hahahaha

  • Doc, telling people to reduce saturated fat is just plain wrong and you shoulder consider updating information.

    excess consumption of lean protein causes a condition called rabbit starvation.,excessive%20lean%20meat%20is%20consumed.

    also, not getting fat from thicker cuts of meat also causes gallstones.

    that’s also wrong on dairy. if you stop consuming dairy, you actually lose the enzymes to break up the lactose. there are supplements that recreate the enzymes needed.

    the same goes for red meat. if you stop eating thicker meat, you lose the enzymes needed to break it down.

    all this information is really outdated. it’s also dangerous to tell people to eat lot’s of fruit and veg because you don’t consider diabetics. if they have to cut out fruit and carbs, how will they gain or keep weight on lean meat? they won’t.

    also, it’s realized veggies have anti-nutrients and actually cause ibs for some people.

  • Dr. Youn, Thank you for sharing your story. I have been using your products for about a year and family has really noticed a difference in my skin! Thank you for you products and dedication to health and wellness. I am an educator (Ph.D.,) and counselor and have teamed up with a Functional Medicine coach (and counselor) and have provided workshops about nutrition health and mood. Your messages about nutrition has been affirming to me on so many different levels. Because you are EXTREMELY knowledgeable, warm, authentic, and you genuinely care about your clients you have a LIFE LONG supporter! You have both breadth of knowledge and DEPTH of knowledge! Would you believe I have considered flying to Chicago for fillers? I also LOVE your sense of humor and follow you on tiktok. Keep focusing on you and your awesome team. Don’t feel the need to respond…Unhealthy people will try to BAIT you! Because they need the drama and the conflict to feel alive. They need the fight. They feed off of the fight. You do not. Don’t waste your time, and beautiful energy. Keep that for your clients and staff! Let your work speak for itself.

  • There are so many variables not taken into account, fallacies and some glaring mistakes as well as presumptions that completely taint the veracity of the study.

    Glycose variability is not dependant on food selection alone but a multifactorial outcome, more muscular individuals will have less glycose spikes after eating ice-cream, as lean tissue mass acts as a glycogen sponge. If they worked out (especially resistance training) earlier that day or have not had sufficient carbohydrates since their last exercise session blood glucose levels will not spike as much as if they a) were not very phisically active pre and post consumption. b) are not generally active overall and have less lean body mass.

    Also there’s no control over how honest participants were during this study which opens up a lot of room for speculation.
    Finally, and to me the biggest glaring issue is providing everyone with the same caloric amount. Diferent people require different calorie intakes, 2000cal for myself is a big deficit and cause me to loose weight and energy, but for my girlfriend it would mean a considerable surplus and she’d be looking at gaining weight.
    My point is: You can’t expect people who are catabolic vs people who are anabolic vs people who are neither (eating enough to not gain nor loose weight, aka maintenance intake) to respond equally to nutricional intake from a blood glucose and insulin response perspective, that’s absurd.

    I hope no one takes this 1 study as a guide of how to loose/gain weight and look after their health. All studies have issues and fallacies, if you’re gonna look at something and make a decision look for peer reviewed articles or even better meta analysis. Meta-analysis are articles that take ALL relevant studies and compare them all in the hopes of giving us the closest possible version of the truth.
    In scientific literature 1 study isn’t even enough to form a hipothesis.
    Its only enough to make a catchy headline.

  • Well for what it is worth, I think you are a nice looking kind warm person. Sorry you have had this experience. Just remember, there are lots more people that admire and respect you.

  • Guys, build muscle doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan called Custokebon Secrets. Seriously, that program has transformed my entire life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it because I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  • I just found your page and now I’m binge watching each episode and frantically taking notes. I have a couple of questions and I’m hoping you can answer them. If you’ve covered these topics previously I apologize.

    How would I go about finding a doctor such as yourself in my area.

    I don’t like fermented foods so how can I work them into my routine?

  • What you said about cortisol is so true. I am a health major and one of my classes we watched a short documentary on how stress in low income families has a strong correlation with heart disease in young men (usually it’s the men who develop heart attacks young before women according to the documentary). Ever since I saw that I try to stay as little stressed as possible but it’s hard! I’m a worry wart and I stress about many things lol

  • So funny. I was watching one of your other videos and thinking how attractive you are and then saw this video to learn that people make fun of your looks? Crazy. I love your channel and have learned so much. Also as a fellow animal lover I’m glad to learn you are supporting local animal groups. Makes me like you even more. ❤️❤️❤️

  • “Snow storm” �� it’s so hilarious to listen to stories from people in foreign countries when there’s a real chaos because of two inches of snow❄ great video though!

  • Thanks for your great tips! I think these educational videos can really help the ones who can’t afford to talk to a physician. Although it’s not customized to the individual, it’s a good starting point to experiment with. ��

  • Awesome talk but it would be nice if in explanations like this that there would be made a difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes (I’ve got type 1) and is there a chance by now to access this algorithm? Would love to use it

  • Its totally genetics. My husband eats junk and has terrible dental habits and his skin looks amazing and at 37 he has never had a cavity in his life. Even his finger nails are smooth clear and strong.

    I eat pretty well and my skin, teeth and nails are garbage. I might have one good day out of the month and that’s with dedicated, rigorous daily habits and expensive products.
    His bloodwork on the other hand, he has health issues from his bad habits but his skin and teeth look glowing and flawless.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Thank you for bringing holistic integration to the forefront. Your thoughtful and honest videos are super valuable and a great contribution. You rock!

  • I believe that before we personalise our food, we should start by finding natural human diet, that shouldn’t be difficult. And remove the poisonous food from the market.

  • I definitely want to try to incorporate some of these habits into my life. I am on a journey to fixing my life and finding my inner peace. Thank you for the excellent advice! ��

  • The key is to eat what the body requires… not only what taste good… in fact our taste buds change… we will learn to enjoy the healthy foods…. then we will be healthy along with being grateful and enjoy our healthy foods….

  • Thank you so much for your YouTube channel. You are doing a great job. I have a great guideline for skincare now. Glad I found you.
    Yours Grace from Germany

  • DR Youn you are making the difference, because you are genuine, people can feel that. I am so glad that a real reputable doctor with all your credentials is taking the time to help the least favorable ones with your tips. GOD bless you.

  • lovvveee this thank you for sharing i had the same experience about the sportsbra at my pilates class such an liberating feeling, ygg!!!!!!!

  • How about what’s best for planet and all species, including us? Reducing greed greed for appearance, or instant gratification, or other kinds of greed, addiction to getting more Doing it because we want to do the good things could make an immense difference. How about we make that embarasingly unfashionable? And offer support for people who find that difficult, as it does go against hereditary and lifetime habits.

  • You’re doing good, doc. We love your advises and its very useful. Just ignore them. Do what you always want to do and keep smiling �� It kills them ����

  • I Love Of you that you don’t need Makeup, heels And sequins for your videos. You are just You, beauty and awesome naturaly. Sorry for my bad english.

  • All my admiration goes to you. Be blessed Dr Youn.your an attractive man and your humility makes you more and respect to you.

  • 5weakly consumption of fast food��
    4give up dairy ��
    3give up gluten
    2start intermittent fasting
    1include fasting mimicking diet eating fruits only

  • I agree. Been on keto for over 2 years. I’m off my high blood pressure meds, off my cholesterol meds, taking about 30% pain meds and anxiety meds, greatly reduced inflammation and pain. More energy. No knee pain, clearer thought process and lost and have kept off 40 pounds.

  • I can’t express how much your videos have helped me with my journey to a healthy lifestyle! THANK YOU for creating this channel and such informative and inspiring content! ❤️

  • such good tips! So glad you talked about hydration, I can’t believe how much better my body feels and functions when I’m well hydrated!

  • Thank you for your content. Its hard to have your peers make such comments about you. But God is with you and your mom did a great job raising you. Great attitude toward life. Stay healthy, stay strong.

  • My South Indian food consist of
    Morning: putt, idiyappam.. made with rice
    Noon: rice and curry
    Night: kanji which is rice and water.
    So no rice means starvation

  • hi becca! I recently discovered your youtube channel and I LOVE it!! For the past year and a half I’ve actually been on a vegan diet, and while I did enjoy the health benefits, I was always stressing about what I could/couldn’t eat and I couldn’t enjoy myself in certain social situations, especially at family gatherings because I was concerned about the food. I forced myself to eat “clean” nearly 100% of the time, and it got to a point where I was just not enjoying anything anymore because my entire life revolved around food. When I found your channel, it really opened my eyes. everything you said about eating healthy but also enjoying life just clicked, and I wanted to make a change. I am no longer vegan, but I am so so so happy and not food-obsessed anymore. I honestly feel so liberated. thank you so much <3

  • I’ve been on birth control for almost 8 years and I do wonder what I’d be like without it, but I went on it because of my awful cramps and, as much as I want to come off the pill, there is no way I can go back to dealing with that pain. The cramps used to literally make me vomit

  • Just chugging some water as I’m watching this haha. I really enjoyed this video and the focus. I love how you talk about disease and stress and focus on that instead of like looking a certain way etc. I think that’s so much more important of a focus for so many people especially as stress causes so many issues. Thanks for making!! X

  • I listened to you and stopped eating diary because it was making me absolutely nauseous. I am eating far less wheat also as it affects my focus. Am working on the fasting.

  • 1)plan and shop weekly dinners ahead
    2)stay hydrated
    3)learn to listen to hunger/satiety cues
    4)exercise of your choice regularly
    5)balanced/ relaxed healthy lifestyle

  • I love your tip about watching something happy before bed. When I needed to pay some extra attention to my mental health I stopped watching Law & Order before going to bed and started watching Friends or Sex and the City. It was a game changer for putting my mind and anxiety at ease.

  • I’m disagree about skip breakfast, what’s I do know that first things in the morning the human life need water and more importantly need breakfast. I’am confused!!!… that can’t be trust right doc?


  • What are some ways to lost lots of weight? I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a ton of weight. Has anybody tried this popular weight loss method?

  • I have just discovered your channel & I have been binge watching your videos! You seem so down to earth, I’m loving the content so far:)

  • You are a wonderful resource for those who appreciate a smart, caring and healthy professional with advice that everyone can use! You do NOT look like a woman or trans-person! You are an attractive man and your personality makes you even more so! People will always find fault with someone when their bottom line is threatened! It’s greed! Jealousy and fear! Keep doing you-because it works! If you weren’t a threat, you wouldn’t have haters! Simple as that! So, thank you for your tips because you make me feel ‘okay’ being who I am! You make it feel okay to not look like a celebrity. You make it okay to seek alternatives to dramatic intervention! Keep your head up because you are reaching the right people, unfortunately, the wrong people will take notice! ❤️

  • Dr. Youn YES YOUR ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING!!! Please do not go away!!! I absolutely LOVE Your channel! Your sincerity penetrates through your videos��������������❤. Those other people and doctors are JEALOUS OF YOU!! The world needs you!! Pay attention to our good comments for you, not their mean comments!!!������ You have given me something so positive to watch, listen and follow, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!����������������������❤��������������������

  • Thank you for what you said about perfection. Earlier today I was actually stressing out about upcoming social engagements/vacations that I feel keep throwing me off my “health game”. This video made me feel reassured that it is okay to not eat perfect.

  • Hi Valeria, since you wake up at 6am everyday, what time do you suggest sleeping? Or what time do you sleep? I’m a college student, I really want to get a good night’s rest at the same time wake up early

  • Next year I will leave in Paris to study, on my own, and I just discovered your channel. you give such good advice and tips. i’m planning to apply some of them on my everyday to save money and time but still eat healthy. Thank you so muuuuuch ��

  • I love the tip of using your glass jars from sauces and things to bring your lunch along! That is a tip that I have not heard anywhere before!

  • Hello Dr. i love ur videos thank u so much for the great work u doing����…..Plz i have been asking same question in some of ur videos but it seems u havnt seen my question.i have oily face not too oily ever since i started using tritect soap,but still i keep getting pimples,not much and am having tht i want try Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and also The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%,cloud tht be ok?i hope this time u reply me������

  • I love what you are doing. I live in Italy and here nobody knows what zero waste is, and you gave me the inspiration to help other people going zero waste! ( Also myself obv) ❤️

  • Does the food that a person who are bread, what did they earlier that day? Doesn’t that effect sugar? I like that he mentioned that people respond differently

  • I just happened to stumble upon this video. This was a great. I have hypothyroidism and I struggle with weight loss but this gave me hope and gave me some tips to get on track with my life!

  • nope! all animals have a species specific “diet” Humans are just emotionally fragile creatures of habit hah (whole-food plant-based for the win)

  • Hello Doctor,

    I have acne and can break out very easily, so far only benzoyl peroxide products like proactive help my breakouts, what are anti-aging products I can use that won’t irritate my acne or alternate products?

  • Hey Becca! Would you consider doing an informational video on coconut oil? It’s been so trendy and everyone talks about the health benefits, but the American Heart Association just released a warning about it. Your skill for bringing the science to regular people could be really helpful here and maybe crush a “healthy” trend that could be harmful. Seems like its right up your channel’s alley.

  • Can you do a video about fitness and diet specifically for hypothyroidism? I’ve heard so much about taking it easy with exercise because of cortisol levels that quite frankly, it can be a bit confusing.

  • i absolutely love this video i thought it was gonna be about diet and exercise but hearing all of these things are so refreshing i love the mental aspects that you sharedthank you so much you’re amazing!

  • Weird graphics at 8:30. A glucose spike of 25 mg/dl is still EXTREMELY low. Even a spike of 60 is about 3.3 mmol/l which is low for a fasting glucose level. And this should be spikes? What am I missing?

  • This makes me so angry! I love watching your content and learn a lot. I find people who put other people down are usually unhappy, jealous, and the problem lies with themselves! I love your books! Keep being you! I have animal rescues too. You do a great job. Have a wonderful day!1 be blessed!

  • Dr. Youn, if we reduce dairy intake…can we replace it with calcium supplement? I noticed my teenage son’s inflamed acne is reducing when he cuts milk intake but how can he get enough calcium in his body?

  • Having a morning routine is really important i wake up at around 9.30AM i know it’s late but i do my musical work in the evening so that’s why i wake up late. But i have a morning routine just like you mentioned. After my dad got passed away 2 months ago i was having breathing problems due to the stress and anxiety. But after getting back into a fitness and wellness routine i made sure to have a morning routine. It has helped me so much. By the way i learnt some new things from this video. Thank you so much Katie. You’re an inspiration to me. I’m in my weight loss journey and i’m learning so many things from you. You’re such an inspiration. Hope you’ll reply me. I like you so much Katie <3

  • loved this:) it’s such a journey to develop a healthy lifestyle… and it never ends! i’ve found that it’s about being adaptive to every change that comes your way:)

  • This video is so on point. Just this year I began hiking for at least an hour every morning and since I live somewhere that gets hot early in the morning, I finally got the courage to wear just my sports bra. I’m nowhere near my goal BUT I’ve incorporated so many new habits and a new mentality. I went back to college starting last year and as someone who was bullied since kindergarten, my grades then were horrible. I now get straight A’s and have motivation to do well for myself and push myself both physically and mentally. Thank you for sharing this with us ��☺️ your videos are always so inspiring

  • Ohhhh my gosh KATIEEEEE! I have never related sooo hardddd to someone! When you started crying I did too… I have never felt so moved! I seriously have all the same issues with feeling like I have to cover up my body and I can’t wear crop tops etc because I “don’t have abs yet”…❤️❤️❤️ but after feeling this hit soooo close to my soul I’m doing it! I’m going to start at home wearing sports bras and getting comfortable in my skin! Thank you for this video!

  • A tip: Instead of cooking the tea and letting it stand in the fridge, you can try to make a cold brew, which means combining cold water and dry tea leaves and let that stand in the fridge overnight. This way of preparation can bring out flavours of the tea very nicely.

  • love this video! thanks so much for the tips:) I’ve been trying to be a bit more sustainable and eco friendly (& all that jazz) so thank youu:)

  • I just found your channel last week your story about your weight loss journey came up on my YouTube home page and I SOBBED through your story especially when you talked about how every since third grade your body image was skewed. Ever since one person called me chubby when I was 8 years old I’ve constantly fallen into that pattern of thinking “I’m a chubby girl, that’s all I’ll ever be”. I’m 22 now and while I typically take good care of myself now, I had terrible eating habits through college so I have a lot of weight to lose! I’ve really struggled with feeling like I’m 22 years old, I should be peaking right now, and feeling like I’ve wasted all my young years NOT being a “hot skinny fit girl” or something like that. Which feels so silly even saying that haha. Anyway I guess I just wanted to say thank you you seem so genuine and I am so glad I found your channel. Your story in this video about taking your shirt off in the yoga class makes me feel so inspired to embrace myself as I am right now and begin taking steps to love myself in better and healthier ways. ��

  • For me Dr. Youn was my escape whenever my skin is freaking out and been a folloer since I can’t remember and I sincerely thank you for your time and precious effective skin advices I always get back to track after watching your videos. Your videos are encouraging informative hopeful loving and caring with that gorgeous smile and full hearted advices and recommendations. Love from Tunisia North Africa.

  • You don’t have to be a doctor or any massive brainiac.. Look at all the results that have BEEN peer reviewed, the China study etc. But importantly the OVERALL TREND of disease reversal from a plant based diet.. NOT a “diet that works for you”.. this guy is put there by certain industries to introduce doubt.. Think the tobacco industry.

    Please clear the smoke from your screen from this video. There IS an answer out there: the plant based whole food diet. Of course we are all different. Anybody that is truly wanting to improve their health can go to 23andme and figure out how well they covert long chain fatty acids to short chain etc.
    But this diet has the power to turn genes on and off and evolve our physiological make up.. Do your own research. There is so much more specific and powerful stuff out there than what this bloke is saying

  • It makes sense that we’d see individual differences among the types of food that cause spikes in blood glucose and insulin levels. However, this seems like a rather convoluted approach to finding what works for you. It’s very scientific no doubt, but we seem to have forgotten something primal and very important about our relationship with food to be this confused. Why were so few people suffering from diabetes before today? Why are most people today obese? These weren’t issues they faced throughout history. Instead obesity and rampant diabetes are rather recent issues. Why does it take sequencing our gut microbiomes in order for us to be healthy? Is this what we have to do because we’ve unleashed an agricultural beast that has supplied us with foods that our evolution has yet to catch up with?

  • Love the intuitive eating philosophy ❤️ it’s been something I’ve been working on for a while. Key takeaway: a healthy lifestyle is Ebb and flow!

  • Natural cycles is AMAZING! I had terrible side effects with birth control and cannot take it so this app was life changing! Although, I would definitely not recommend it to everyone…

  • Is blood glucose level the only metric required to assess healthiness of a food? For example consider a person with leaky gut syndrome (due to a gluten intolerance) who experiences brain fog and rheumatoid arthritis as symptoms would that person have high glucose spikes when consuming gluten containing foods? I don’t think they are always correlated (food intolerance and glucose spikes). Anyone with knowledge about this if you could kindly reply and share your thoughts I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • OMG i just watched one presentation from a guy who had patients over the years and says the healthy ones had a diet of rice, what to believe?!

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  • I LOVE all the 12 habits you are sharing with us. I wrote them down and thinking about them… and hopefully acting on them very soon! I am already doing 4 of them everyday… but I have 8 more to incorporate! REALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ����������

  • This talk removed any doubt that personalized nutrition makes complete sense. So glad it’s closer than I thought!
    Is the personalized diet option available already, what the speaker off?

  • Dear doc.. I just find you today on youtube. I already saw may be 10 videos in a row (which is not normal for me, as I get easily bored) and obviously subscribe to you channel. The only thing I can say well done and keep on with your work. Everything that you say make sense to me, sometimes it is something that I new already, sometimes it is new. I am even taking notes. It so nice to find all the information in one place and not to listen to a very long “speeches” about miracle cures that webpages are imposing on us. I will definitely try your products, ones traveling to US will become possible (otherwise, there is no way I can get them in Chile, as our health auth will not allow them via post). Keep working hard and do not mind the comments which are not constructive as it is not even a criticism, especially when based on the racial differences.

  • You are precious. I needed encouragement to go back to my working out and routines after gaining the Covid 15. I was doing so good before that time! I can start again! N

  • Hi Katie! I love you and the rest of your tips, but I have to say that I didn’t really like the approach about birth control. I went back to the beginning of the video to double check that you hadn’t said, hey, this is just what worked for me, but it specifically said “incorporate these 12 tips into your life” to make it better. It came across flat out assuming that all hormones are bad, rather than something that can really help people depending on their situation. My BC changed my life with endometriosis. Nothing is right for everyone, but especially medicine, and it made me a bit disappointed that people are going to take what you say as medical advice, when it was just sharing one person’s experience, particularly when it’s used to promote an app. We should all be aware what we’re putting in our bodies, but that doesn’t mean natural is always better, science has a lot to help with.
    That being said, I know you’re just trying to help and the rest of your tips are super awesome as always ��������

  • The sicker you are the worse your response to carbs. However, there is only one best diet for every single person on this planet. Why is this true? Taking cows or any other animal as an example their are dozen of various cow breed all over the world, but there is only one best diet for a cow regardless of breed. The same goes for humans.

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  • I hv been doing intermetting fast since 3 years..I m 24 now my skin is flawless I hv reduced 35 kgs n maintained,it cured my pcod and blood pressure issue. ( it’s been heridetary health issue in our family) You feel so so positive and immunity level is so high

  • I don’t believe in factory farming but I think plant based and vegan lifestyles are unhealthy and unnatural. Definitely should work to change the game but never to encourage plant based and most especially not veganism.

  • Dr. Youn I appreciate what you are doing. I have not been paying attention to myself and I was so concerned about how aged I look in the mirror. I bought the foaming face wash, a vitamin C serum, a retinol and I have been using them the way you said. I have been doing it every day and this is not normal for me. Thanks so much. Oh I also use a sunscreen. Focus on those who appreciate you. I surely do.

  • How do you combat food waste when someone else gives you food?
    My mother in law loves to bake gluten-free goodies for me, but I never get around to eating them. So I freeze them, they freezer-burnt, and then they get thrown away.
    She always gets really hurt when I tell her no, because to her, that says that I’m refusing her love. I’m not, I just can’t eat that many biscuits, gluten free or otherwise.
    It’s so complicated. And I hate throwing food away!

  • I have only just found your channel a few days ago and I love your videos, so inspiring. So hi from England and thanks for the content! Xx

  • You got a decent amount of snow it looks like when you filmed this. Here in Pennsylvania, sometimes we can get 2-3 feet from one storm. Anyways, thanks for the video!

  • J’adorerai informer tout le monde sur un grand homme de phytothérapie appelé (Dr ogugu) et son produit à base de plantes est capable de guérir des maladies telles que l’herpès, le cancer, le sida, la maladie d’Alzheimer, le diabète, la grippe et la pneumonie, les maladies rénales, hépatite A&B et lui peuvent également ramener votre ex-amoureux si vous avez besoin de son aide, contactez-le via WhatsApp + 2347011196745 ou par e-mail à [email protected]

  • Thank you so much for what you do online and off. I take a lot of your advice for my skin care routines. I am vegan and am going to have 2 eye procedures done in early Sept. one is under eye and the other above the eye. I think they will help me improve my looks a lot. Keep up the good work.

  • Katie…
    Thankyou for sharing this!! You had me crying ��
    I am struggling with my weight also.
    I have to lose 48 lbs.
    I’m 5’1 and I’m 168 lbs. that is alot of weight for myself. You are so inspirational. I’m so encourage by you. I do want to go back to school for a Nutritionist, so I can help people out.
    You are AWESOME ��
    Make more videos like this one.
    I LOVE ❤ your T-SHIRT, can I order from you? Did you make them yourself? If you do how much are they?

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  • Eat what your body craves (I mean food not donuts and burgers), I often crave lettuce or cucumbers or fruit eg. Mum always said eat local and eat whats in season.

  • I always reuse the glass jars from legumes mainly �� Another trick to reduce food waste is to frozen veggie scrap and when you have enough use them to make a broth ��