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The 6 Best Hangover Cures (Backed by Science) 1. Eat a good breakfast. Eating a hearty breakfast is one of the most well-known remedies for a hangover. One reason is 2. Get plenty of sleep. Though low to moderate amounts of alcohol may initially promote sleep, studies show that higher. Is There a Hangover Cure?

Water. A big glass of water might be the easiest hangover solution. Alcohol dehydrates you by increasing the amount of urine your kidneys make Korean Pear Juice.

Ginseng. Phyllanthus Amarus. Carbs. Alcohol lowers.

There is currently no such thing as a cure for hangovers. Certain home remedies can help people manage some hangover symptoms, including taking. How to Treat a Hangover Method 1 of 7: Finding Immediate Relief. Drink water. While something so simple might seem ridiculous while you’re Method 2 of 7: Eating Soothing Food.

Eat soothing food. Your stomach will probably be rolling like you’re on the high. According to Irish folklore, it was said that the cure for a hangover was to bury the ailing person up to the neck in moist river sand. This is obviously not a recommended hangover cure, but it is a fun bit of trivia that may put a smile on your face this morning. Get some carbohydrates into your system.

Drinking may lower blood sugar levels, so theoretically some of the fatigue and headaches of a hangover may be from a brain working without enough of its main fuel. Moreover, many people forget to eat when they drink, further lowering their blood sugar. If you do down a cup to cure a hangover, be sure to drink water, too, since studies suggest caffeine causes dehydration.

Here’s How to Brew the. Prepare With Prickly Pear While most over-the-counter hangover remedies won’t help much, there’s one supplement that may do you some good but you’ll have to plan ahead. If you take prickly pear. Hangovers affect nearly every organ system in your body, from your gastrointestinal tract to your brain to your heart.

So there’s no “magic cure where one remedy will get rid of every single. The famous fizzy medicine has probably been used to treat hangovers as long as it’s existed. All Alka-Seltzer varieties contain sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda), which will help.

List of related literature:

Anecdotal remedies for a hangover include drinking sodium-containing (nonalcoholic) fluids.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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Folk remedies for hangovers abound: aspirin, vitamins, exercise, or eating specific types of food (for example, bread or pasta, or the traditional Mexican tripe soup called menudo).

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
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There is only one cure for a hangover, other than time.

“Shoot the Damn Dog: A Memoir of Depression” by Sally Brampton
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Hangover Cures Fact and Fancy

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I hate to state the obvious, but it needs to be said that a good basic approach to hangover is to prevent it by not drinking in the first place.

“The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs” by James A. Duke
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Hangover: A popular cure for a hangover is to have another drink, following the adage that “like cures like.”

“The Encyclopedia of Superstitions” by Richard Webster
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Reputed hangover remedy.

“The Wordsworth Dictionary of Drink: An A-Z of Alcoholic Beverages” by Ned Halley
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As always, drink to oblivion at night and spend the day curing your hangover with iced coffee and Advil, any form of narcotic, and a vodka soda, in no particular order.

“Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything” by Betches
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Pickle juice in the morning (the best thing for a hangover).

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The best and only foolproof cure for a hangover is 24 hours.

“The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast” by Editors of Prevention
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  • If anyone wants to do a study on the impacts of lime juice on hangover severity via the consumption of Margaritas…. let me know 😉

  • To help hangovers:
    Take activated charcoal
    Drink electrolyte drink( often sold as a first aid for dehydration)
    Eat something, don’t stay all day on empty stomach. If you feel nauseous, eat small portions.
    Take aspirin
    Rest in bed and try to sleep as much as possible

  • The best way to heal hangovers before it starts: as long as u drink a pint of water after youve been drinking so lets say before bed. U wont feel the headache

  • The best way to deal with a hangover is to understand what it is and minimise it in the first place. Hangovers are caused by dehydration. What people do is fall asleep drunk where their body then dehydrates overnight (and to alarming levels allot of the time). If you simply avoid going to sleep drunk and drink plenty of water prior to going to sleep, you won’t have a problem. Hangovers are totally preventable.

  • Who does this?, we need the answers to how to stop the horror the day after not drink water before, we already have the evils, lol.

  • I drink very rarely, but when I was drinking more often years ago what helped me aside from staying hydrated was a little ritual before going to bed. I would have a cup of dandoline tea, with sugar in it and a toasted sandwich. I found this to be helpfull, but I have rarely experienced hangovers in general, so yeah.

  • I drank so fucking much last night for my 17th birthday lmaoo. I threw up on myself and all over the floor and then went home and threw up for like 16 hours

  • I texted my classmate from 3 years ago and needless to say, it was pretty… Lit. Need to explain and delete about 20+ texts, lmao.

  • Dr. Oz looks like that he was born with Hangover…His face looks someone with Hangover, and a very bad one LOL Dr. Oz in the beginning he acted like a real Doctor, now he is a Propaganda/Comercial/Merchandise advertiser, that is pure BS.

  • Flush your system, that’s how you get rid of a hangover…
    the idea with coffee is that it’ll wake you up but it’ll also act as a diuretic.

  • Nothing helps once you drink more than half of a bottle. So wait for a week or two. After that you wont feel to need to drink as much. All of your problems will go away if you do this.

  • what did these middle aged women drink? A couple glasses of wine? 3 cosmos? I mean wheres the college kid who binged drink at a party the night before…

  • I do something weirder, I’m diabetic and when I’m drinking I give myself a shot of short-action insulin, surprisingly it breaks most of the drunk mindstate, it works for me.

  • Just a prewarning do not take aspirin until at least 3-4 hours after youre completely done drinking, alcohol and it can increase your chance of stomach bleeding and definitely drink a cup of water with it

  • Dr. OZ as a “Doctor”, Instead of be Advertising Merchandises to Cure or Minimize Hangover she should be advising people what Alcohol do to the body, and ask people not to drink as a “Doctor” that he says he is!!!

  • THis is ridiculous. “dont use it as an excuse to drink a lot”.. you dont get hangovers from casual drinking, you get them from drinking a lot. My god. haha

  • Just drink like 2 glass of water before you go home, and then when home, drink another 3 glass of water, next day you will have no hangover oly a little tired

  • I’m a drunk, take my advice. Drink water while drinking alcohol. Have 3 drinks, down a pint of water. Ethanol mixes easily with water. This happens in your blood stream. Ethanol will bind with the water and will be removed from your system quickly. Water will increase the volume of blood in your body which will directly decrease your BAC. Eat food. Slows absorption of alcohol. BTWTylenol is NOT a good thing to take when consuming alcohol, which is why there are alcohol related warnings on the packaging. Aleve works better anyway. CHEERS!

  • 3/4 coke 1/4 water in a pint glass always does the trick for me for some reason ��.

    I guess its hydration but it seems to settle my stomach and reduce my headaches for particularly bad hangovers.

  • Powerade Gatorade Salt N Vinegar chips Some light food that has fat and cheese also boiled water then put it in the fridge’ some frozen fruits and a nice juicy watermelon natural pair juice works trust me take some Pepto drink or pills pepto is pepto get these things ready and chilled before you start ur binge drinking lol and you will thank me 😉

  • Based on my experience:
    1. Take Ibuprofen & Domeperidone tablets before you go to a good night’s sleep
    2. Take N-Acetyl Cysteine tablet before you start drinking
    3. Drink more Water and some drink with electrolytes in it (ORS)
    4. Next day, take antioxidant tablet and multivitamin tablet to protect Liver. Korean Ginseng also might help

  • Such a unwanted video… Like seriously people who see this to cure their hangover must now just wannna trow their phone or smthing…. Stupid!

  • Menudo, chocolate milk, hot peppers, dill pickle juice, Kim chi and last but not least the hair of the dog that got you this way.

    Oh yea don’t mix all that together to take but icons your a democrat give it a shot n let me know icons it works n what happened.

  • All the “facts” here are like from some 80’s infomercial. If everything is so 1+1=2, why do some people not get hungover at all? And i’m not talking about hardcore alcoholics, there are people with a very moderate alchol consumption who can party with the best and still go to the gym the next morning. Just repeating myths is not science. Also why would people seek this comment section just to comment “Don’t drink”? Fishy.

  • Try Recoverthol! Scientifically proven approach tbyproviding the ADH enzymes with the additional fuel to break down alcohol. A liquid you add to your first drink that doesn’t affect the taste.

  • Plan hangover days, pre-stock foods, get some easy to watch movies in your queue, make sure you have some beers or liquor at home then drink moderately that day. You’ll be useless but not miserable.

  • Unpopular opinion: Vodka is the fucking WORST hangover. I can drink darks and be fine. Maybe have a little headache, but vodka is the devil. I can’t keep anything down. I have to drink baking soda every time I have vodka so my nausea subsides.

  • What about us folk who want to partake in the shenanigans but always skip straight to the hangover part without any of the fun in between? No relaxing buzz, just headache, wooziness, exhaustion (but of course I also won’t be able to sleep!)…at least everyone knows who the Designated Driver will be.

  • I always add water to wine to reduce the intensely of the hangovers. Wine hangovers are the worst due to the amount of sugar in wine.

  • Yh sound brilliant 3 glasses to 1 alcohol the only prob with that is you will end up drinking in the toilet since all you would do be pissing

  • I advise “Drink more water with Alcohol & take Ibuprofen ( if possible, drink ORS also) before going to bed”…next day, take an antioxidant tablet & a Multivitamin tablet to give some strength to Liver

  • I think this video lacks an explanation of hangover itself.
    What are the symptoms? What is it caused by? How the cures scientists tested are supposed to act on the cause of the hangover?
    There’s not much science in this video. But at least it’s not just an ad.

  • They have an even better children’s pedialyte water now with more electrolytes. Probably made it stronger for this reason. Though it won’t be marketed that way.

  • Howdy howdy comments so my best advice is pedialyte youre gonna wanna slam as much of the bottle as you can hold down then fill it back up with water then go sit in a hot shower and sweat it out it takes the sharpness from the hangover then red meat and bam its gone

  • Funny how I’ve taken lime juice with my vodka for almost a year and just now stumbled across this video. Happy accident or gut instinct…either way, cool cool.

  • The only cure for a hangover I’ve ever encountered is a Xanax bar. No joke. Went from feeling like I was going to drop dead at any moment to completely normal within 20 minutes. Nothing else has ever worked for me. Just no Xanax while drinking. Good way to break out in handcuffs.

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  • Drink water and take a shit.

    Coffee is only helpful in making the poo come out easier.
    But dumping all those toxins shortens the suffering.

  • Ugh i just had the worst night of my lifeee. Drank wayy to much last night and was puking shaking and my stomach was killing me all night. Couldn’t even take a drink of water without puking it up. I think ima just stick to weed and shrooms tbh lmao.

  • My fave tavern is only 2 blocks away, so I just walk there and back. And I think that’s the best way to get home! Cheaper than an Uber, and it burns calories.

  • I occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine or other alcohol, however, I only drink 1 or 2 glasses. Maybe 2 max. I do not like the feeling of being tipsy so I just don’t drink to the point I’m totally drunk. In fact, what does being drunk even feel like?

    I think it is ok to drink but in moderation.

  • Save the things that used to be important to you – like family, career, health, by renouncing the alcohol in a few easy to follow steps [Go Here=> ]. There is a 100% money back guarantee, so don’t waste any more time!

  • This should say prevent,not cure,to cure my hangover instantly I have a cup of Twinings pure green tea,let the water in the kettle cool down some first,cut half a lemon and just squeeze it in,then a tea spoon of decent honey,i promise no matter how much you had to drink you will feel better,repeat in 20 mins if still not 100% cured.It can taste bitter but its worth it.

  • I saw another video on the scientific remedy for a hangover
    They said a bacon sandwich (protein, fat, carbs-but bacon does something with neurotransmitters) and coconut water (electrolytes, hydration, no excess sugar like gatorade, etc)

  • 120mg of codeine phosphate works great for hangovers, also 150mg of tramadol does, and if u need an all day cure, 15mg of MST does wonders.

  • Actually, alcohol isn’t a diuretic. That’s just an old myth that has been shown to be simply not true. The myth mostly comes from the fact that people who drink a lot of alcohol pee a lot. Turns out, it’s simply because they are taking in a lot of liquids. That’s it.

  • water is definitely key, theres actually apps like water tracker, where you make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. I recommend this for those who hate hangovers

  • No DPH? Eat a good meal before? Avoid excessive sugar? Coconut water/electrolyte drink? Break a sweat? This has to be the least prepared and researched 3 minute skit I’ve ever seen

  • This had no cure in it. Do yourself a favor and get some organic sarsaparilla root and burdock root. Simmer 1/4 cup combined dried root in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes. Drink 8 Oz. Repeat in 6 hours. Hangover gone!

  • never had a hangover. instead i wake up really early the next day feeling more energetic (also more poopy). worst i had was i was still drunk when i woke up. slept thru it and that’s it.
    maybe it’s because I’m still young, might update after 50 yrs.

  • The solution? Drink more at a slower pace until you feel better. Add some acid, drink Bloody Marys and Micheladas until you feel better. Wait 24 h and you will be recovered. Plan ahead. Be an adult so you can teach your children.

  • One zinc pill, 25-50mg, has helped me when I am sick (i.e. cold, stomach aches). I will try zinc this morning for the first time with my hangover. He’s right when he says a good breakfast has many of the nutrients needed to combat a hangover: eggs, meat, a banana, juices (with B-vitamins is good). Be careful with the zinc. Too much will make you feel sick again (as if you had the flu!).

  • If I threw up before the night was over, I never got a hangover the next day, so drink until you throw up is my advice. But since I didn’t like either option, I stopped drinking. The buzz isn’t worth it IMO.

  • 20mgs Valium…fat killer joint…water…sip lemon water…have a little choc or candy
    Wont cure everything especially physical But you’ll forget you have a hangover…

    OLd dude when I was young got horrid hangovers & swore by a big shot of cocaine…Hangover instantly gone….fact

  • i (currently suffering a hangover) 100 percent agree! there is nothing more important than finding a scientific way to cure a hungover ��. I’m slowly dying right now ��

  • 1 eat fatty (peanuts, chips, cheese,salami)
    2 drink clear alcohol (voda, gin), 1 glass of water in between
    3 when you go to bed, take a naproxen
    4 if you don’t like to puke, take a shower (helps a lot)
    5 in the morning, first thing to do, drink a big glass of water in sips, then take an alkaseltzer and fatty breakfast
    6 you are ready to start the beers.

  • Who the ** thought oh yea when people YouTube cure my hangover they prob want to listen to aggressive rock beats… cancel the editor

  • 3 THINGS that might cure your hangover: Advil, Korean pear, and Siberian Ginseng.

    Find out by watching our video:

  • After the drinking, I always take two paracetamol tablets before sleeping.
    I counter it before it began… So when I awake, I won’t have a headache.

  • I feel like dying right now, my head hurts like hell and my stomach is acting up. My toilet last night was filled with my vomit and the stench was hurting my nose.

  • Yes there is a real cure for a hangover or what ever you drunk tonight before whether it be a Carling Stella going to bring three or four in the pub brand-new mate

  • What yall need to do if you got a headach is putting some eucalyptus oil or mint or on your temples. May make you cry since its so close to your eyes but works amazingly

  • Alcohol is a double edjed thing, absolute euphoria, followed by the worst pit of hell imagineable, it’s unbearable BUT, you have to bear it, how is this substance legal?

  • one time, i came home and found my best friend drunk on the kitchen floor. dragged him to the bath room, put him in the bathtub, turned on the hot shower, and he was cured. he pucked alot and i tucked him in his bed.

  • ATTENTION! Y’all want the REAL hangover cure? Because I’ve been using this method for years and it’s the ONLY thing that works. Here it is: XANAX (.5 mg for me but everyone’s tolerance is different) and Excederin Migraine (only if you have a headache and even if it’s a small one because it WILL escalate.). Down with whatever beverage you can stomach.. water, juice, etc.. And boom, you’re golden. The Xanax takes care of the anxiety and shakes and the Excederin takes care of any headache. Now go eat whatever you’re favorite hangover food is (for me it’s spicy ramen) and enjoy your day. You’re welcome.