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Have you tried hiding your clock taking a warm shower before bed opening the window to keep your room cool wearing socks a gentle 15-minute yoga routine placing your phone far away from your bed aromatherapy (lavender, chamomile, or clary sage) eating earlier to. 20 Simple Tips That Help You Fall Asleep Quickly 1. Lower the temperature. Your body temperature changes as you fall asleep. Your body cools down when you lie down and 2. Use the 4-7-8 breathing method. The “4-7-8” method that Dr.

Andrew Weil developed is a simple but powerful breathing 3. Get. having a cup of chamomile tea an hour before going to bed. avoiding TV, phone, and computer screens for before bed. One study reports that bathing 1–2 hours.

Try counting while taking slow, deep breaths. Counting sheep is a well-known trick, but you can improve on it by taking deep, controlled breaths as you count. Inhale as you count to 4, hold your breath for a few seconds, then slowly exhale for about 8 seconds.

20 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster, According to Sleep Experts 1. Avoid trying to fall asleep when you get into bed.. This might seem counterintuitive, however, Fairfax, 2. Enjoy being in bed.. This might seem simple (and obvious), but the President of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep 3. Put.

Fall Asleep Fast Tonight with These 12 Hacks Change your lighting.. From the lamps in your bedroom to the glow of your electronic devices, lighting affects your Shower at night.. You might want to rethink your daily routine if you’re a morning shower person.

There’s evidence that Try CBD.. The. How to fall asleep faster 1. Eat oily fish for dinner. A study from Ecuador found that eating anchovies, salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel can help you fall asleep faster, due to their high. 8 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast 1. Breathe with your mind.

Breathing patterns play a role in our autonomic nervous system, which regulates heart rate, muscle tension, motivation, and other aspects of relaxation or excitement. According to, here’s how you do it: Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth, and keep it there through Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound. Close your mouth. FALL ASLEEP so FAST A guided meditation to help you fall asleep fast, relax and feel calm.

This sleep meditation has sleep hypnosis and sleep asmr elements. Would you like to fall to sleep faste.

List of related literature:

• Begin rituals (e.g., warm bath, light snack, reading) that help you relax each night before bed.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume” by Mariann M. Harding, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
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Use some background noise, like soothing music or sounds of a waterfall, if that helps you to fall asleep.

“The Johns Hopkins Guide to Psychological First Aid” by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
from The Johns Hopkins Guide to Psychological First Aid
by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
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Take a hot bath or shower, read something innocuous, listen to relaxing music, or imagine the most restful moments of your life as you ease yourself into sleep.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
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Use relaxation techniques, imagery, music, massage, or warm blankets.

“Priorities in Critical Care Nursing E-Book” by Linda D. Urden, Kathleen M. Stacy, Mary E. Lough
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Make a warm drink to take to bed with you (warm milky drinks reduce the chances of waking once you are asleep, or you could try herbal tea), and read for 15 minutes before you settle down at 11.

“Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide” by Gillian Butler, Tony Hope, R. A. Hope
from Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide
by Gillian Butler, Tony Hope, R. A. Hope
Oxford University Press, 1995

Get into bed in a comfortable position, make sure the light is inadequate enough to cause a slight eyestrain, choose a book that is either terribly difficult or terribly boring—in any event, one that you do not really care whether you read or not—and you will be asleep in a few minutes.

“How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren
from How to Read a Book
by Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren
Touchstone, 2011

Practice self-hypnosis to induce sleep, a modern version of counting sheep.

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy” by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy
by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
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Finally, avoid lying down until you are ready to go to sleep so that when you do lie down your mind receives another signal to ease toward sleep.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Close your eyes, and imagine the clock face and repeat the process again and again until you drift to sleep.

“Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year” by Sirona Knight
from Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
by Sirona Knight
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Relaxation exercises such as slow, deep breathing for 1 or 2 minutes relieve tension and prepare the body for rest (see Chapter 44).

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
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  • Thank you! Good stuff! I humbly submit that you are mistaken about wine. The World Health Org. now says any alcohol intake is a health risk. Also, check out

  • Strengthen your hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand James 5 7-11 praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all ��

  • 5 YO ME:i get 9 hours of sleep!
    7 YO ME: 9?! i get 7
    10 YO ME: 7?! Bro i get 4!
    YEARS UNTILL NOW: 3 hours of sleep.

    NOW:Wait… you guys are getting sleep?

  • Used to go crazy without sleep, 4 things that helped 1. Room temperature is about 64, 65. 2. Shower just before going to bed. 3. 1/2 of regular strength Tylenol. 4 deep tummy breathing. And concentrate on it. I.e. say something like breathe in, breathe out.
    Since that I am sleeping well 95% of the time. Hope it helps.

  • My in-laws soak their feet in warm-hot water before sleep. For people with diabetes, they need to be careful with the temperature since they may not feel if the water is too hot.

  • I am breathing problem for last two years…I have cut throat injury with complete transaction of trachea and damaged cartilage & volacord & major vessel injury…… please help me I am lost my voice

  • I was in the military. Want to know my technique? Wake up at 4am. Go for a 15K ruckmarch within 10 minutes of waking up. Then eat a massive breakfast. Go for a run and do an obstacle course. Eat a massive lunch. Then practice weapon drills and parade drills for 6 hours. Eat a massive dinner. Go for a 7k run. Then finish your day off with cleaning your weapons/room until 11pm. Once this is all over, blink.

    You’ll wake up at 4am to do it all over again.

  • When I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about a problem, I just tell myself I’ll address the problem in the morning after I wake up, because I can’t solve anything in the middle of the night from my bed. If I started writing things down, I’d have a hard time getting back to sleep. Funny thing is, in the morning it’s usually not such a problem anymore.

  • Hi Bob and Brad, I have several reasons for insomnia with the most annoying one being LOUD tinnitus caused from a ruptured eardrum in 1972.
    The older I get, the louder the screeching gets.
    I understand there is no cure but, I wonder if you have any ideas to turn the volume down a notch or two. tia

  • I have tried so many methods to help me fall asleep. I’ve done the breathing techniques, cool room, etc. Come to find out what helps is bouncing on my rebounder just a few minutes right before bed. I do everything that needs done first…..then some gentle bouncing…then straight to bed. Makes sense….after all, what do parents do when a baby needs help settling down? Hold it & gently bounce!

  • Thank you Dr. Jo it really works! I deal with muscle spasms 24-7 and I find that breathing and stretching in bed helps me fall asleep. I also mist my jammies and sheets with lavender. Thank you.

  • We are both in our 80’s and still believe in having a strong body and a calm mind. This was an excellent video and we learned a lot from you both. We are doing research for our new YT channel that is all about healthy aging. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • Everyone: wetting your face wakes people up and make you feel refreshing.
    This smart guy: wetting your face makes you want to sleep.

  • I absolutely cannot sleep with cold feet. The other bothersome thing is if the room is too cool and my face is cold, I cannot sleep.

  • I’ve been sleeping with warm socks for years! Nothing on my hands though. It gets mighty chilly here in Alberta! I have the best sleeps. Temp is at 18c overnight so that is 64f I think?

  • I have a bad tendency to insomnia & sensitive nerves. Detailed overanalysis �� here.

    Things that helped me too well ����‍♀️…

    • Xanax: �� My midwife prescribed it (she thought I could have post-partum depression…no way…I never get sad unless somebody dies…it was just anxiety/insomnia), but it ran out & the withdrawal was severe. Lying awake all night every night several times in a row. Don’t take Xanax!
    • Theanine Serene: Integrative dietician recommended it. Like a weaker, herbal version of Xanax. Some withdrawal when it runs out �� but I can’t take it only when I can’t sleep, b/c it takes a while to start working. Therefore, habit-forming. Prob. will not bother anymore.

    Things that help well or somewhat…

    • Never watching another horror movie again, putting all possible clickbait blockers on my browser, & always trying to avoid reading disturbing news stories or watching TV: Still have some trouble not thinking about disturbing stuff though. Guess I have a tendency to dwell on things.

    • Bigelow Benefits Sleep tea or Lipton Bedtime Bliss tea: Tastes good w/ honey. Needs to be double-strength though. Mint in the latter is very slight so it’s not bothersome.

    • Cool rm, almost chilly: Otherwise it’s hard to breathe.

    • On the computer, f.lux w/ orange ultra-dim setting, on the Kindle, Blue Shade & Low Light at level 1: I play puzzle games in the dark to wear out my mind. Otherwise I am wide awake & irritated about being so. Or…

    • Puzzle books: The kind from the drugstore, w/ logic puzzles & hard word puzzles. To wear out my mind. (Like that word-assoc. game at 13:45, mind is off other things—but no cat at all: severe allergies. No dog in rm either: snuffling sounds b/c ours is a bulldog, & the rm would smell like dog: distracting.) Or reading something very hard & slightly boring or tedious. Or solving math problems that are like that. And…
    • Dim, color-changing light: B/f going to sleep. I can make it some shade in the range of red to orangish-yellow. Soothing to sensitive eyes.
    • Tempurpedic mattress: Helps a lot if you have arthritis in your back.
    • Shoring up the mattress: It’s getting pretty worn out. As in 19:52 the “box-spring” part IS plywood, so I took a Tempurpedic pillow that was much too firm & put it in btw. Put around it some fluffy cloth diapers & old worn-out clothes to make a gradual rise.
    • Down pillow: A high # for fill lets it stay thick enough.
    • 100% cotton sheets: Not sateen b/c it feels like polyester. Gets too hot & my dry skin snags on it. �� Just plain or flannel. I get dark sheets only so it’s dark as possible around my eyes. Dark walls would be great, but my husband wouldn’t go for it. Maybe dark curtains eventually. And…
    • Sleep-mask: I don’t have a real one, just fold a bandanna into a blindfold. B/c there’s a streetlight outside my window, & I can see the light right through my eyelids.
    • Feather blanket + duvet cover + fuzzy blanket: Super warm combo. Fuzzy blanket is something annoyingly synthetic though. Need to get a wool one.
    • Heating pad on a timer: I warm up the foot of the bed w/ it b/c my feet have chilblains.
    • Nightcap: ONE drink of something mild on the stomach but strong on the mind, e.g. barleywine or port, if we have any. But we don’t, so if I get totally desperate (to SLEEP, not to drink! ��), I mix my husband’s Becherovka or vodka w/ juice, but it still burns my stomach.

    Something that I wasn’t sure if it helped…
    • Homeopathic medicine for sleep: Maybe I needed to try a different type of it but can’t remember which 1 it was. Super-relieved it’s non-habit-forming.

    Things that don’t/didn’t help…

    • Meditation: Can’t do it. Can’t visualize things. My husband likes the Rosary, but you have to do meditation, visualizing stuff. He said I wasn’t trying hard enough. I told him I got a dispensation. �� (Well, I actually did!) My brain doesn’t work that way. So trying to meditate is super-stressful. Some people say you should “empty your mind” to meditate, but that makes no sense. How can you stop thinking? That would be turning off my brain, but how is an empty-minded person even still alive? Or is this all due to my INTP personality-type?
    (Maybe the type is obvious from my “overthinking” & “overanalyzing”! ��)

    • Counting sheep: People said this when I was little, & I didn’t get it. I guess I just thought of sheep & then counted thinking of #s instead. Could get > 500 w/o trouble. Eventually was sick of such a tedious chore.

    • Counting backwards from 100: What was I supposed to do after 0, go into negative #s?

    • Tensing then relaxing muscles: Maybe my muscles don’t go very relaxed b/c this is a tedious chore & I get annoyed. Or maybe I’m too clumsy to do this effectively enough.

    • White noise: I would lie awake listening to it & thinking about it. Thinking why is it so loud, what’s making it, what texture is it, is it artificial, etc. Music, nature-sounds, etc. likewise. Worst is the sound of any voice, e.g. radio, TV. Wakes me right up like someone’s talking to me.

    • Mint in Sleepy-Time tea: Stomach is too sensitive. Drank it last night while writing this, b/c it’s what we happen to have, triple strength b/c the sleepy part is weak, but was annoyed by the sort of upset stomach.

    • Pukka tea: Even worse. Bad food-intolerance of something in it, not sure what.

    • Bigelow Sweet Dreams tea: tasted metallic, didn’t do anything.

    • Not eating for a few hrs b/f bed: Then I’m lying awake annoyed that I’m so hungry! If I ever happen to get heartburn, it’s only BEFORE I eat or lie down, don’t know why.

    • Sitting up in a different rm until I get sleepy: No place to go except bathrm or closet, w/ no chair I have to alternately sit & lie & stand on the floor, continually switching b/c of arthritis, I’m up really late, when I get up I’m in a lot of pain, & regardless, by the time I get to my bed, I’m well awake again.

  • Instead of putting your mattress on the floor, use the cushions from your couch. Just enough cushioning and support. The mattress might not give enough support. One alternative would be a foam topper that usually goes on a bed.

  • Bob, sorry but you sound like you have too much saliva in your mouth and it’s very hard to understand you. And both of you talk way too fast. Slow down. There’s no time limit and you guys have great info, but it’s hard to understand sometimes because you sound so rushed. Maybe it’s nerves, I don’t know but slow down and speak clearly.

  • My sleep schedule is messed up because of quarantine. I stay up all night and fall asleep from 5am to 12pm, hopefully this can help.

  • You need to be in a parasympathetic dominant state. So deep breathing gets you into this, anything to switch of fight or flight response and just letting go of any thoughts. Using music or white noise or blocking out all sound can help.

  • Hi guys, appreciate your videos. What position do you recommend for a vertigo patient when he cannot sleep flat on his back? Pillow, how many? Do you have a video about vertigo?

  • Keep your core cool (or warmer) with a Chilipad. Adjust the temperature to your liking. It’s a mattress pad with internal tubes circulating water through a machine that can heat or cool your body. I’m a hot sleeper so I use it for cooling my bed. Memory foam made me do this. Can’t stand how it traps heat. I could not get by without it.


  • I have a sleep routine that really works well. First, I turn off all electronic devices one hour before bedtime. Then, I have been following your recommendations for quite a while now and find they work well. Here’s how I do it: I keep a pair of very soft warm socks tucked under my pillow just for bed; I keep a small soft blanket (cotton for summer and fuzzy for winter) at the head of my bed and tuck it around the top and sides of my head for sleeping. It blocks out some of any outside noise and just feels very cozy; if my feet are cold at bedtime, I also use an extra blanket over my legs and feet. We keep the nitetime temp at 67 degrees in winter.

  • If I could control my menopausal tropical moments at night that would surely help! I totally believe thisI’ve had sleeping issues for years…. before menopause it’s my cold feet & hands keeping me awake! So maybe I should try a cold pack on the tummy & hot packs on feet & hands.

  • Hi Dr Jo, I am in PTA school and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your videos. We are watching and learning from them as we are quarantined!

  • My problem is awakening for restroom �� and not getting back to sleep �� slow breathing still nose breathing same time, squeezing and relax head to toe, angled leg pillow limit blue ��. Twilight, Circadian eating sleeping

  • 1:46 real start of the video.
    Summary: keep your room temperature cooler (65°F) and try to keep your hands and feet (and maybe also your head) warm. This lowers your core temperature, which increases melotonin production, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

  • I watched this video at 3 am just after eating biscuits with tea and now I can’t stop thinking about it. So my sleep for tonight is ruined.

  • You guys are wonderful! One other thing that might help is Yoga Nidra. It’s a yoga based sleep meditation practice. The Amrit Yoga Nidra technique actually includes several things you demonstrated including yogic breathing, bumble bee humming, and tension and relaxing muscles. The technique begins with these kinds of physical relaxation techniques and then guided meditation designed to drop your brain waves into the sleep state. It’s deeply relaxing and you can find recordings on YouTube.

    Thanks so much for the position and pillow advice. Absolutely wonderful! I’m going to try the legs on the wall tonight.

  • After several hours of tossing and turning I end up putting a pillow between my knees and I’m asleep within minutes. I don’t know why I don’t start off sleeping this way. And I need the ceiling fan on and the A/C set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • always turn heat down to 62 and take melatoninusually keep covers over my head but guess thats not a good idea?????used to take ambian and loved it for sleep but quit as drs. dont like it

  • 3 minute video could have been explained in two sentences. “Pick a comfortable place. Now body scan meditate.”

    Oh didn’t work for you either?

  • If I turned my thermostat down into the 60s, the significant cold would cause my body to ache so much that I wouldn’t be able to sleep due to pain!!!

  • Lay on your side, pull your shoulder forward, and don’t use a pillow. I found this really helps my neck. It takes getting used to but once you do your body adjusts while you sleep.

  • I sleep like a baby (without the crying) in a cold room 50-55 under heavy blankets. The difference is profound. My sleep is never as good as it is in the winter with heating turned down.

  • Bob and Brad, I have Narcolepsy and REALLY struggle to sleep at night. I knew about needing to be a cooler temperature, but I was literally wearing an IceKap to bed to keep my head cold. It never worked. I often get migraine headaches. I will try wearing a regular winter hat tonight. And I will be wearing gloves tonight, too.

  • Beware of March madness and don’t listen to experts. My grandma used to say, keep your feet warm, your head cool and the body in mild temperature.. In winter wear socks, in summer a cold compress on your forehead. Deep tommy breathing, and you’re set.

  • Bob! This is a family show! I’m sending this to a friend who suffers from chronic insomnia. Thanks, guys. Bob, keep your hands where I can see them. Lisa

  • I always wear fingerless gloves to bed until my hands are completely warm. Then I take them off. Didn’t realize it was helping me sleep through the night!

  • Hey man trust me on this, I been doing it for 30 years and it works every time. The only way to effectively lower your core temperature is to eat a carton of ice cream just before bed. You’ll be so happy! Oh, and the only way to counter that effect after waking up in the morning is to drink a pot of coffee! lol: )

  • Just started wearing a night cap, nightshirt, and winter wool socks….. made a very big difference with me getting to sleep and staying asleep. Room is 67.

  • Bless. They bones wisdom on the bones.the doctors know more bout bone pain then they wish to admit.bone. strenthing pill..herbs natural from God’s medicine cabinet.idk of ot works but this bone pain is unbelievable didlsudid n morphine not workin.need a antiinflamtory its only thing hep is asprin

  • Swap out a fan for an air filter if you don’t need the direct breeze from a fan to cool you down. It provides background noise and filters a lot of junk out of the air.

    I recently read about “box breathing” used by the military, but they recommended breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 4, exhaling for 4 and holding again for 4. Four seconds each, gives it the name. I have found if I am having trouble falling asleep I haven’t done it yet.

    My doctor also recommended melatonin.

  • Hi My question has nothing to do with sleeping. I’m hoping you can help. I have back of the knee weakness to the point that I cannot use that leg to go up or down stairs normally. I have to take 1 step at a time. Please, is there an exercise or exercises to build back of the knee strength. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  • Much appriciated guys, I never sleep well but have a wool duvet. The gingle is incredibly cheesy but your decent guys in a sick world. All the best from Wales.

  • Ma’am I’m having shocks like thing in my wrist whenever i try to write ����..I can’t continue after that.It feels like torture while writing ��. Did X-rays but nothing was there. Please help ��

  • So, not watching Bob & Brad videos then? ��

    I do the same hands down the pants trick…but with my wife’s pants.

    Oops, did I write that instead of just thinking it?! ��

  • Sure… All this while bullets are flying, granates all around and an enemy sneaking up with a knife to cut your throat. What a crock of shit…these vids are so full of crap, sorry. Who comes up with this stuff. Anything to generate content i guess….

  • This isn’t close to the mantra meditative state I was taught. Bent against a bolder couldn’t control room temp noise light slip into my pajamas etc. Nothing even came close except for the intro.

  • It will I believe take a lot more than that for a true insomniac �� i wear a hat and socks, no heating on, and still struggle massively with getting to sleep and staying asleep. The struggle is real!

  • To say my brain don’t think �� the answer is body war �� my legs itching my bladder want to be empty for a last time my brain starting planning for tomorrow no no no brain don’t think �� now I’m hungry wake up don’t sleep tonight………. but great video!

  • Believe me. I was in the British Army. I would say if you needed a technique to fall asleep you must have been dreaming you was in the army!

  • Me: doing a headstand on bed while rolling eyes
    Parents: walk in
    Us: stares at eachother awkwardly
    Parents: Umm are you ok..??
    Me: Uhh yeah…. just um.. yoga..
    Parents: Uh ok goodnight dear..
    Me::/ goes back to rolling eyes while in a headstand

  • A good method to fall asleep for me is watching the baby channel and I’m 16… but even if I’m 16 I still think it’s a good method, I just get tired from watching it and I have no idea why.

  • 3:05 “Don’t think”? The best way for me to sleep is to prepare the script for my upcoming dream. I even didn’t finished it yet when I saw myself start playing the role.

  • I have probably years a sleep debt due to bad habits. It feels like I’m almost afraid to go to bed, like I’m going to miss something. The ADHD meds help a little bit. But I still only sleep a few hours a night. I don’t know whether I should be studied or if this is the norm for most people now.

  • You guys are great! I laugh and learn with each post! And you have helped me fix a few things along the way. Thanks, Bob and Brad!

  • Ever since i started watching your vids on the daily, ive noticed bob has stopped showing how to do things way less than he used to before, its mostly all brad showing these exercises

  • Thank you for putting this video because I was in a situation and there is a bug in my room and I don’t like bugs really well so I was worried So I went to my brothers room and I slept here and I woke up at 5 AM in the morning it was dark and I was scared I didn’t want to go to my room but I wanted to at the same time because I was scared of the bug I want to go to my room but I was scared of the bug so I decided to just sleep and I didn’t know how to sleep and then I got an idea and they searched it up and I went to Bob and you guys and it worked so thank you to you I will subscribe and I will like

  • We get to lovin, and after a few peaks, we are really relaxed and feel like jello. This prepares us for sleep, which prepares us for morning lovin

  • My brother lives with my mom and keeps her house at 78 degrees. No matter what I say to him, he says its not healthy to be in a cold home. When i spend the night, I have both windows in my room open, no matter how cold it is, to negate the heat, since I don’t have a thyroid, its hard for me regulate my body temp. Every time, I come back from my moms, i get sick. Not common cold sick, nausea, fever, lethargy sick. It takes me days to recover. I keep my own home at 67 at nights. Anyone have any ideas what that hot house might be doing to their actual health?

  • Brad… you got up in unhealthy way!! Roll on side… I just finished that vid!!! Then saw you get up the way you told us not too!!!!! ��

  • Sorry but pepsi I just drank 2 2 liters of it in about 20 minuts and I feel fine that was a joke but no I like to sleep with YouTube going it keeps my mind calm and with some anxiety that kickstart during the night it helps a lot

  • Me: Brain go to sleep.

    Brain: Milk is delicious. But who came up with the idea, too suck the milk out of cow teets in the first place? Mmmm now I want some cereal…

  • For the computer, you can purchase ‘Blue Light Blocking Glasses.’ If you use readers (magnifying) glasses, you can also purchase Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Readers’ as well.

  • This is a Crockett of shit i severed in the Army and we had no special way to fall asleep. If we did its not this crap. We fell asleep cause og just exhaustion. And with that 2 to 3 hrs was the limit of sleep. Fact ass video!

  • Have a bad allergy and I can’t sleep I’ll be up all day and I’m going to sleep to the next day About five or six the next day what can I do

  • L-theanine is wonderful, a tiny amt. of the powder in small amt. water takes away racing brain; don’t even know it’s working-subtle.

  • I am interested in this for my father. I just dont know if it will help. Long story short my father had a real bad work accident that left a blood clot on the back of his head. Due to the clot and the 13 medications he takes daily he has insomnia too. He might get sleep of about 4-5 hours daily. Do you believe in your professional opinion that this product might help him get better rest?

  • What pillow do you recommend for back sleepers? I try not to sleep on my side due to vertigo!
    Thanks for this video, I am passing on to my kids.

  • I recently read that the feet are supposed to be out of the covers to keep the body from getting so warm you have to take off the blankets.
    Sometimes my mind just doesn’t turn off. Even if I slept, when I wake up it feels like my mind was even racing in my sleep.

  • The breathing exercise plus 5 mg melatonin helps helps me to sleep for a good 8 hours.. Age 86 When my wife was in the hospital last year they gave her 6 mg of melatonin instead of a sleeping pill. Check with your doc first. If you try it on your own start out at 1 MG. It is a fact as you age your brain makes less melatonin.

  • A good one is exhale on 50, inhale 49, exhale 48. So inhale on an uneven number and exhale on an even number until you get to 20, then you count your exhales only until you get to zero, I sometimes don’t make it to forty! ������

  • Me:Trying to sleep
    Me: ;-;
    Mom when she sees I look tired:YOU ARE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU GET SOME SLEEP

  • Me sees the video.
    Me: Okay now I’m ready to sleep.
    My phone: I’m gonna end this man’s whole sleep.

    And, here I’m commenting shit over here. It’s 1am already. I’m thinking of sleeping tomorrow.
    My phone: Mission passed

  • The psychological term for writing thoughts down on paper is ‘externalising’. For centuries people did this with diaries. Externalising can also apply to painting, singing or even talking; the process seems to help the brain to process and ‘let go’ of the negative/difficult thoughts.

  • Number one -cut out the alcohol. No weekend anything, even for those of us who who are ok with having the 1-2 casual drinks on Friday and Saturday night.
    Number two no candy bits or ice cream each evening.
    Number three no electronics at least one hour before bed. Replace with a book. Exception is a Kindle book.
    Number four exercise for 30-60 minutes until exhaustion during the day.
    Those four easy requirements are usually the minimum for a complete sleeping reset to guarantee an undisturbed 7-8 hour sleep. It also helps to go to sleep at the same time on the weekend as during the workweek… it’s boring, but if you value your sleep, you will do what’s needed.

  • Someone said the idea is to slow your heart rate down but what if your heart rate is already always low? Mine dips down to 42 and sometimes 38 during the night (I run a lot) would this not help then?
    I think my problem it’s too much cortisol from overdoing it with the running and exercise and not enough sleep so I’ve cut down drastically and am trying to get more sleep but it’s a vicious cycle too much cortisol causes problem sleeping and the way to lower cortisol is to get more sleep. ��

  • It’s getting my feet warm, which is my problem. A shower before going to bed helps,
    but that can also increase your core temperature.

  • I do a math exercise. Start at 100 and subtract 1=99, 99 minus 2=97, 97 minus 3=94, etc, until you reach minus 55-10=45, then count down minus 9=36, minus 8=28, etc and it goes all the way to zero. I usually fall asleep along the way.

  • Namaste,
    I am suffering from pinched nerve that made my right hand very weak compared to my left hand. I did MRI in which it shows bulging disc in my cervical area. Between C5 C6 and C6 C7.
    I have consulted three doctors who told me don’t worry about that. but last more than1 year passed.
    Please advise me what should I do which doctor should I consult? I love gym but I can’t go there because of this pain.

  • ‘This US army technique will help you fall asleep ANYWHERE in 120 seconds’
    Proceeds to tell us that your room has to be this color that temperature etc wth kinda bs is this

  • I remember back in my school days, as a kid, my teachers would always keep their rooms cold. When asked why, they would always say “Studies show you stay awake in the cold.”. I knew it was BS because I would always be sleepy in school. One day I slept 16 hours the night before (yes, 16 hours. I was getting over a sickness that day) and was still sleepy by 2nd period (roughly 10AM), thanks to the cold rooms. I swear my teachers gave out more wrong info than right/useful info. Ah well, at least now I have Bob & Brad to give me most the info I need in life.

  • Several years ago I had a concussion from a fall and had a headache for months. I got in the habit of taking a gel ice pack to bed with me to put on my head. I have discovered that this really helps you to sleep. I keep them in the freezer and when I can’t sleep they are my go-to.

  • Remplir d’air à travers mon nez et le vider en ouvrant la bouche, attention à la température de la chambre, si tu te réveilles pendant la nuit, placer 2 oreillers sous les jambes, dormir de côté en mettant 2 oreillers l’un sur l’autre et faire un canal avec 1 3ème oreiller et rajouter un 4ème oreiller sous l’autre bras, plus de café après le souper, aller au lit toujours à la même heure, contracter les muscles des épaules, pas d’ordinateur une demi heure avant de dormir,mettre les jambes en l’air contre le mur,…méditation, humidificateur, mettre un matelas par terre pour dormir,
    Thank you, teacher Bob and Brad������������mettre une planche sous le matelas, 1 red wine could be helpful,

  • Helpful hint is phone settings you can change blue light. Also melatonin a half hour before bed as well as not exercising 2 hours before bed but getting walks and daily exercise earlier in the day can help anxious energy or stress. Doing quiet activity like soft music and prayer, coloring, journaling, bible reading is helpful as well as ad free instrumental utube videos

  • Thank you for the advice and thank you for helping me with my hips. My bed hurts me so I sleep in a recliner. I don’t get the best sleep but I do know the colder the house is, the better I sleep for sure!

  • I am feeling sic and its 3 am i starter using my phone at 1 am:(

    Btw my phone battery is running low and the charger is downstairs:(

  • Bob & Brad! U r the best Physical Therapists on the Net, (in my opinion) & really learn so much from ur videos! So Bob, what is the name of the book to which u refer in this video? I’ve read so many on insomnia but, this is the 1st book that mentioned lowering temp in room yet, keeping hands, feet & head warm. Really appreciate ur channel!

  • The last few years, the only way I can get to sleep is having something on Netflix on my laptop with my earbuds in. Bad thing is, I’ve gotten so used to it, that when I go to a movie or watch something on TV, I have to fight to stay awake to watch it. I will say, though, that whenever the power goes out or my laptop decides to randomly update in the middle of the night, I am immediately awake. I just cannot fall asleep when it’s super quiet, even with a fan on or some other white noise. You’d think this would affect my driving, but as long as the radio is on, I’m perfectly fine because I get so carried away in singing along to the music (which is why I also can’t sleep with a radio on). I’m so backwards…

  • I actually like listening to audiobooks from library on cd. I look for most soothing narrator voices (and good stories, of course). Distracts me from worrying about things I need to do next day.

  • This is BS. Reason you can fall asleep anywhere in the army is because you are just so bloody tired all the time. And yes, sergeant here speaking.

  • Hi. இம் watching Yr videos regularly.
    Super motivstive.
    Pl advice me best நீ and hip exercise.
    No proper sleep.
    Advice me bedt
    Thank you

  • I have OA throughout my body and a torn rotator cuff. By following Bob and Brad and doing their exercises helps a great deal. In my opinion, they are the best physical therapists on the Internet!!! ��

  • If my mind is grinding away at night, I envision a big white wall. For some reason this helps to clear my mind. The deep breathing is also helpful.

  • Thanks for another informative video! As a longtime insomniac (went through sleep rehab, etc) I’m always interested in ways to improve my sleep. Would you recommend the book about sleep that you’re reading, Bob? I’d love to know more. Thanks again!

  • Most men seem to be able to fall asleep on a door! Not fair! We women tend to take longer to drop off to sleep. I will fall asleep sitting on my armchair and once I get to bed, I’m wide awake! I ache most of the time with Arthritis and I have gastric reflux so I am forced to my left side. Often the room is too warm. I do have an eye cover to keep out the light which helps but some nights, my pillow feels like concrete. And even with a body pillow, my lower back hurts. HELP! xx

  • Great info here! Should people insist on being on youtube before bed we’ve created some sleeping videos that may help. Keep the volume low and sleep on people!

  • I sleep to sound of Bose Radio set for 90 minutes. Every 90 minutes sound goes off and I wake and set radio again. I dream a complete REM cycle every 90 minutes. At 74 best I can do for 8-10 hours.

  • I’m getting to where I watch less and less of you guys because of all the selling and marketing you do for several minutes at the beginning of each and every video. Finding myself scrolling past all that stuff to get to the subject matter of your videos!

  • 21 years in the Army, all i ever did was just stop moving long enough to catch a couple zzz’s whenever and wherever i could, no technique involved

  • I am totally opposite when it comes to temperature. Maybe because of Hashimoto’s? Plus back injury keeps me from using much in the way of blankets. I must be warm to sleep well.

  • I’m a olympic weightlifter begginer and i have knee pain after doin’ squats,i don’t feel it while i’m squatting,but i feel it after set,any tips?

  • I’m so glad I found this, I have extreme anxiety and have developed pretty bad insomnia the last couple of years so I’m really hoping this will help, thank you so much!! And I’m a new subscriber, can’t wait to see your other content

  • Nice and helpful video.. I have watched most of your videos really helpful a lot.. especially those ankle strengthening exercises for me after I got ankle surgery.. very good simple exercises for ankle.. ����������

  • Ever since I was a small small infant I had a hard time going to sleep, so my doctors prescribe me a melatonin pill and has been working ever sense so if this video doesn’t help, go to your doctor.

  • I have insomnia really bad. I take sleeping pills, but I do wake up in the middle of the night with a hot core and cold feet/hands. I wear socks, but I have to take them off when I’m hot. I am going to work with this information for me and my children (they say they are too hot to sleep). Thank you Bob and Brad!

  • On my Fitbit Hr it has a relax mode, with the breathing. I’m not sure it really helps it says I’m always in low alignment. Does anyone else have this watch. Maybe explain how this mode works on the watch

  • The lowest temperature I’ve slept in (indoors) is 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C). If it’s warmer than 68 degrees (20 C), I can’t sleep at all. I’d think it would take a while to get used to sleeping in socks, mittens and a hat. That’s outdoor clothing to me. But I usually fall asleep after 2-3 hours after going to bed, so I get on average 3-4 non-consecutive hours of sleep per night. Maybe that’s not enough?

  • Cancer treatment chemo I truly believe messes with my natural Melatonin levels…I take 5 or 10 mg melatonin.i sleep so good…haven’t slept this well in years!

  • Me watching it at 1:55am because I can’t really sleep. Im lying down in my bed at 10pm and I can’t really sleep so I decided to watch something like this because I think this will help.

  • I dont understand why so much people have sleep problems. I close my eyes and then i just fall asleep in less than 30sec (every day, i never had problems with it)

  • Prayer, magnesium, camomile tea, no caffeine, alcohol, bed at same time every night. Tylenol, organic turmeric for inflammation. Don’t over spend, stress will get you.

  • Could you please,do the stretches before going to bed,,I wanna include it,in my schedule
    & I want the stretches from a trusted person
    That’s why I’m asking u☺️

  • This makes so much sense. I cannot get to sleep if my hands or feet are cold. Nice fluffy bedsores do the trick…but then I have to kick them off because my feet get so hot!! ������ xx

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  • I watch Bob and Brad to help and then some boring history or seminars on here. I’m going to try walking twice a day for my back pain tomorrow, lose weight by nutrition and stretching. I use earplugs as I worked at concerts and I find them the best. So fri and sat night use them for noisy neighbours. I don’t think I can stop having a few coffees a day I was told caffeine stays in your body for 5 days lol I’m overweight but I’ve always slept on my stomach. Now I sleep on my right hip (my pain is mainly on the left side.)me hen I had a cement brick wall next to my bed I use to do that leg up in summer ��

  • I use a “Bed Buddy” neck wrap which can be heated or cooled depending on preferance. I carrry a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders and I find heating it up and using it right before bed or through the night, very relaxing and def puts me in the sleepy zone. Also good for folks that habitually clench their shoulders up to their it helps keep those shoulders “down”. Its available at Walmart, Rite Aid and Amazon.

  • Me trying to fall asleep at 7 am:

    My brain: m e n e e d v r m e m e s

    Me trying to resist: no.

    My brain: *execute scary stuff in brain*

    Me: can’t sleep anymore thanks to you:)

  • I’ve always slept with the window open, even in winter. In summer I use a fan. I can’t sleep if I’m sweating! When menopausal and having flashes I just had to stick my feet out of the covers to cool off. Later I went through a period where my feet were always cold and I used a heating pad, or a hot water bottle, or even an empty milk jug filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel.

  • Hi Dr. Jo. Great channel! Question…do you know what might cause parathesia when lying on one’s back? Whenever I try to fall asleep on my back my arms fall asleep. Do you know what kind of doctor/diagnostic I should go to? Or perhaps do you have an inkling? I suspect some sort of nerve is impinged, but since i’ve tried all sorts of head positions (including a stillpoint inducer), its a mystery as it only happens when supine. Perhaps gravity is a factor? Anyway….thanks for all the content! I will likely join.

  • Me: finally on the edge of falling asleep

    Brain: remember that argument you lost 2 years ago…… heres what you could have said!

  • I want to thank you, I had a neck pain for 4 months, after watching one of your videos my pain was gone in 3 days Im sending you all my love and apreciation

  • Sleeping in socks?? Especially that many no way I don’t at all recommend doing that it’s uncomfortable and very anoying well to me it is ������������


    2:00 4-7-8 breathing (in, hold, out)

    2:25 diaphramatic breathing

    4:05 pillows not too thick

    4:18 white noise

    4:38 ear plugs

    5:20 lower room temperature


    6:35 sleep on left side

    6:54 if on back, pillow or leg wedge underneath feet and lower legs

    7:42 if on side, maybe second or firmer pillow for neutral neck

    8:25 if on side, maybe small pillow under ribs to relieve shoulder pressure

    8:58 if on side, pillow between legs

    9:10 if on side, pillow beneath top arm to relieve shoulder pain

    9:42 no caffeine after lunch

    10:35 be still; don’t move

    10:58 go to bed at same time each night

    11:15 tighten then relax each set of muscles, bit by bit, head to toe

    12:35 limit exposure to blue light such as TV/ phone/ computer screens half-hour before bed.

    13:27 hot bath

    13:42 pick a word or object to focus on

    14:35 legs up wall for a couple of minutes


    16:40 prayer and meditation

    16:55 white noise from humidifier or dehumidifier

    17:08 no alcohol (but some people claim a small amount helps)

    17:35 try mattress on floor to straighten back

    18:22 recliner chair

    18:50 for vertigo (BPPV) see their other videos on that subject (Epley maneuver)

    19:35 boards under mattress

    20:12 eye covers (sleep mask or cooling mask)

  • Him: don’t use these gadgets before bed!! Me: erm well how am I gonna play my lofi music to help me sleep bc I don’t have a rAdIo ��

  • The write your thoughts method is not writing your thoughts its thinking and writing exactly like when you feel sleepy in class or when do you do homework

  • Love your channel… Subscriber here.
    After I retired from the Army I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome… I have a hard time sleeping haha. I have been taking Mirapex for a year and doing a lil better but, I am having major pain issues in my wrists at night. I probably am sleeping in a wrong position for sure.
    Will def be trying these techniques…. Thanks!!

  • I set my heated mattress pad to warm the bed and set the house thermostat (in winter) to 60 (but the house rarely drops below 62). Then I turn off the top and middle zones of the pad. The bottom zone toasts my feet while I breathe cool air. This knocks me out in no time.

  • I could never do the relax your muscles from toes to head by just thinking about it but a sleep clinic taught me to tense my muscles then relax them just like you demonstrated…i prefer to go from my toes up to my jaw and it really helps!

  • I’m very sick Im praying to God I would appreciate it if anyone could pray for me I’m suffering please pray for me I’m praying for everyone everyday God bless you all ��

  • What a bunch of nonsense! Just came across this and thought it would be insightful but really! The enviroment is and comfort is common sense it would take five minutes just to think and do all of that.. just lay in wateva position is most comfortable, we all have atleast one.. switch off the mind to everyday life matters and issues, think of something that interests u whether its a hobby of some sort or future goal etc and create a story around it envision urself living out this story whilst moving ur foot in a tapping motion” ever so slightly.. u will be out in less than 5minutes… let me know if im wrong

  • If my feet are cold, I can’t go to sleep. I’d put on socks, but they’re annoying. Now, I have a cloth bag full of corn kernels (feed corn)… I microwave for 2:45 minutes, and stick it on my feet in bed… HEAVENLY!!

  • #5 you gone wake up not sleep #4 he snapped his neck that gone #6 blood in ur head #8 do you rly want me to do that #9 how bout close ur eyes #10how bout u relax ur body