How to approach unmanageable stress and overcome resistance


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How to deal with uncontrollable stress and overcome resistance. Mental Wellness. 2020-04-24 | By: Resistance is normal in any new venture and only serves to remind us that a new way of living comes from getting in touch with the joy of what we are creating. This in turn reduces our stress, increases our happiness and opens up more. How to deal with uncontrollable stress and overcome resistance. Mental Wellness.

2020-04-24 Life is a continuous cycle of ever changing stages of stress and success. Most people have gone through many types of emotional challenges from grief, loss to fear and rejection. we start to let go of some of the resistance that can arise at the. Instead of solving the problem, you need emotion-focused strategies to deal with the uncontrollable stress. Now there are constructive ways to cope, and not-so-good coping strategies.

Worrying, emotional eating or self-medicating with alcohol and drugs give some temporary relief, but in the long run, these behaviours do more harm than good. Stress is often more the result of how you see things than how they really are. Take the time to eat well.

Your body needs energy to face and manage stress. Make sure your eating habits are healthy. It’s good for your health, and there are a few ways it may help relieve stress: Relieving your stress response.

Relieving tension by relaxing your muscles. In the long term, laughter can also help. In such cases, the best way to cope with stress is to accept things as they are. Acceptance may be difficult, but in the long run, it’s easier than railing against a situation you can’t change. Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.

Many things in life are beyond our control, particularly the behavior of other people. According to Kotter and Schlesinger (1979) proposed six crucial techniques for overcoming the resistance to change. These are given below: Widespread Education and Improving Communication. Facilitating Participation and involvement. Support and Facilitation.

Agreement & Negotiation. Get quiet or alone time. Find a quiet place to think things through, or to disengage from the commotion and activity around you. Irritability can be your mind’s way of alerting you that you need. Here are seven techniques for reducing resistance to change in the workplace and helping to embed engagement in your change process.

1. Structure the team to maximize its potential. After communicating the change initiative, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. One of the most effective techniques to significantly reduce stress is meditation.

If practiced diligently, it can greatly aid you in overcoming the pressure stress puts on you. Therefore, in a list about the most powerful ways to overcome stress, meditation must not be missed. Naturally, stress cannot be avoided.

List of related literature:

Here you will find an article entitled ‘10 stress busters’ which gives advice about the best ways of dealing with stress.

“Evidence-based Practice in Nursing” by Peter Ellis
from Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
by Peter Ellis
SAGE Publications, 2019

Stressmanagement experts and veteran teachers offer these tips for releasing or reducing tension: • Recognize that stress is a daily part of life and that you must learn to manage it.

“Learning to Teach: Not Just for Beginners: the Essential Guide for All Teachers” by Linda Shalaway, Linda Beech
from Learning to Teach: Not Just for Beginners: the Essential Guide for All Teachers
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You will find them described in books on stress management such as Guide to Stress Reduction by L. John Mason and The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Eshelman, and Matthew McKay.

“The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne
from The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
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Integrating mindfulness-based stress reduction.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
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As noted by stress researcher Hans Selye (1907–1982), some stress is healthful and necessary to keep us alert and occupied.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
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Everyone must find his or her own strategies for accepting stress for periods of time, just as everyone should find ways to release that stress.

“Leadership in Public Organizations” by Montgomery Van Wart
from Leadership in Public Organizations
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M.E. Sharpe, 2008

Everyone must find his or her own strategies for accepting stress for periods of time, just as everyone should also find ways to release that stress.

“Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service: Theory and Practice” by Montgomery Van Wart
from Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service: Theory and Practice
by Montgomery Van Wart
M.E. Sharpe, 2005

Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are all proven ways of reducing stress.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
from User’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements
by Jack Challem
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These have been discussed in many excellent popular books on stress management.

“Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition” by Edmund J. Bournes
from Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition
by Edmund J. Bournes

Approaches to stress management include exercise, yoga, T’ai Chi, prayer, meditation, massage therapy.

“The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray, Herb Joiner-Bey
from The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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  • There is a CBT for Tinnitus smartphone app in German language…will be available in English soon…it’s called Kalmeda and it is actually a guided program similar to Dr.Hubbard’s.

  • This presentation is simply the best, most thorough, source of accurate, helpful information regarding Tinnitus Distress, for people in need, and/or those who want to learn more about it, currently available in one place.

  • Welcome back to YouTube! Such great tips! I like how we should find the source. And makes sense about the brain and remaining in homeostasis. So interesting!

  • Yep, there’s always that inner voice piping up when you sense yourself moving out of your comfort zone. Welcome back! Being conscious of the inner resistance helps to find ways to put the resistance into some form of perspective, and move forward. Thanks for sharing. Great video.

  • Harvard medical school. Good evening ma’am. Thanks for broadcasting such a important medical information regarding the oncology research. Metabolism of the cancerous tumor and their spreading into the other organ systems of the cancer patients.

  • The inner resistance is so real! I have it all day even when I know I can do the job. The fear of judgement is probably the most daunting that is in my mind. My mantra is “when you are scared or fearful, do it anyway!” Face it! �� Thanks for a great video Kinga!

  • Thanks for the very enlightening webinar, i found the information quite supportive. I seem to experience the sensations you refer to and including a fullness or stuffiness of the ear, low grade ear ache and itchy ear canal, sometimes more annoying than the tinnitus itself causing excessive focus at times. During times where I’m not aware of the tinnitus, say during a activity, i find myself periodically checking if its still there…and of course it is! I must stop myself from doing this with some sort of training.

  • Congrats on getting your channel back up and running! I think acknowledging and accepting the resistance is one of the most important things we can do. This simple mindset shift always results in a massive change in my energy. Can’t wait to see more of your videos!

  • Love your name Kinga! I’m new and following 😉 Glad to see you are back from one creator to another. Keep pushing on. I need to start getting into yoga more religiously! The resistance is there I’m not denying it.. IKE!!

  • Yes I recently transitioned my business and I was so scared that my income would drop and that clients would disappear, but at the end of the day I wanted the change and I decided to move into it wholeheartedly. Great video!

  • WOW a year and a half! Welcome back! Girl…you are a Sunray! No worries! Good old Carl Jung… so true. where our attention goes, energy follows!!!! So true… regret ways tons!!! let’s not do that! Elizabeth

  • I can feel my seedling stirring! I overcome resistance by having faith that it’s part of my journey, reminding myself to be grateful for it (not always easy!) and “leaning directly into the sharp parts”. Good shxt Kinga.

  • I’ve only just this month stopped avoidance.

    I was having a particularly bad spike and I just realized, I can hear it in the shower, that was the last place I had that I couldn’t hear it.

    I was thinking, i’ve done everything I can to avoid it spiking up and its done it anyway. and I thought it’s like metaphorically the tinnitus is a hostage taker, silence is the hostage and i’m like the police.

    When the hostage taker kills the hostage it’s shit, but one thing it means is the police don’t need to listen to what they’re saying anymore and can storm the embassy. so that day I threw out all my ear plugs, put on my headphones and cranked up the music, white noise, audiobooks etc

    since doing that my hearing hasn’t even gotten worse so the eight months I spent religiously avoiding headphones was purely based off my overestimating the danger of sound, largely based off reading horror stories on tinnitus forums.

  • Love that you pointed out the importance of looking for the deeper root cause of your resistance. This is the first step in working to overcome it! Cheers!

  • The inner resistance is such an important topic! The war of art is one of my favorite books and I still refer back to it to overcome my inner resistance!

  • I couldn’t find a better relatable video with the best material to train to overcome resistance. Thanks a lot for putting this video out!!

  • Thank you so much Maria. What really helped me are:
    (1) the objective approach you took in narrowing down entire problem of resistance & presenting them in the form of 4 steps [esp steps 1&2]. (2) The presentation speech is amazing {esp the choice of words you used; so much of information so intelligently concised in best way}. (3) The links you provided below. I have added your video to one of my playlists & sincerely intend to work upon myself. I wish you the best in life. God bless you.

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  • And don`t forget that Cancer is primarily a metabolic disease where the mithocondrias has been compromised over many years forcing them to transform the energy Production from aerobic to anaerobic respiration (fermentation) to make energy … where gene mutations comes downstreem of the misfunctioning mithocondrias … in other Words the mutations are not the cause but the effect of dammaged mithocondrias


  • Extremely helpful video! There are so many useful principles and techniques mentioned, and I was able to utilize and benefit from some of them right away, even though I’d been bothered throughout the day by loud tinnitis. Thank you so much for posting, and I will use these techniques going forward gave me a much improved outlook! �� Btw, it was particulary helpful to hear that it’s not a dangerous condition, per se.

  • I am a Indian. In India is lot issues on education system but internet help us to make easier. Every day I watch on YouTube about education.Technology help on education. Anyone can learn through internet.

  • Great advice Kinga! Psychology and brain science also helps me to feel less alone on these things. Acceptance is key and finding your why is really important to keep going when times are tough.

  • From molecular metabolism to the unstoppable replication. Of the cancerous cells. Regulating the metabolism and cellular replication of the cancerous cells.

  • Hey Omies! It’s SO good to be back here on the ‘tube.:) Do you struggle with overcoming inner resistance to change? Leave a comment below on how YOU tackle it and persevere!

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  • Would you recommend using in-ear monitors instead of ear buds? As a drummer, when I perform with my band, I now use in-ear monitors because they act as ear plugs AND ear buds. Therefor, you don’t have to crank the volume to drown out the background noise. I would assume this would be similar to the over ear noise cancelling head phones. Just wondering if you have considered using these.

  • IN other words, you can do nothing for tinnitus, but like to jump on the bandwagon to enrich yourselves with your pseudo science of bull shit?

  • Thank you for releasing this freely, it has really helped build my understanding of CBT for tinnitus which many audiologists would not talk about without a consultation fee (which some of us can’t afford). Come to think of it, probably finding a qualified and intelligent CBT Tinnitus survivor would be incredibly rare even if one could afford treatment. The moderator’s questions were spot on and Dr. Hubbard as a sufferer and surviver with such a wide scope of knowledge and understanding gives a lot of hope. Again thank you so much for releasing such a great amount of quality information freely, it helped so much.

  • Wonderful video, We tracked an article about 8 Times to Try Hypnotherapy Instead of Traditional Treatments let’s read about

  • Wonderful video. If I had found this 5 years ago when my tinnitus started, many years could have been much more enjoyable. I wish therapists would watch this too.

  • I’ve been a tinnitus sufferer for 7 years now. After I initially got it, I got used to it by using masking to help me sleep, as for me that was the aspect that primarily caused stress. After I became calm about sleeping, it generally didn’t bother me too much, as I couldn’t really hear it until I was in some kind of situation where there wasn’t any natural background noise. Thankfully those situations are actually quite rare in practice.

    However, at the tail end of last year, I had a lot of stress in my life, and the condition really flared up. Since then I’ve used techniques in CBT and it really helped me. I also have sound generation devices, and those also really help me, particularly for meetings at work, which generally take place in quiet rooms. In those unavoidable quiet situations, the sound generators really help distract me from the tinnitus and help keep my focus on the meeting at hand.

    This is a great presentation, but the only thing I’d like to question is the idea of the danger of developing a dependency on masking. I do agree it probably isn’t healthy to use masking throughout every moment of the day, but I think it’s unrealistic to suggest it would be possible for everyone to wean off it for sleeping. Throughout the 7 years I’ve had tinnitus, I’ve never had one single night where I didn’t use masking for sleep. It’s very easy for people who either don’t have tinnitus or who have non-intrusive tinnitus to suggest that you could just get used to the noise for going to sleep. When I’m in a silent situation, my tinnitus really sounds like I’ve just emerged from a loud concert. As per the Heller and Bergman effect, my brain seems to be injecting the tinnitus in when there’s no other sound in the background. I have tried, and it’s just too annoying to sleep with. Period. I just wanted to say, please be careful with the advice you give on this. It can be frightening to tinnitus sufferers to be told masking is unhealthy for sleeping. It’s been a very successful strategy for me, and until there’s a cure I intend to use it for sleep. I don’t think I’m failing in this respect. As a sufferer, my advice is to use whatever you have to to ensure you can sleep and be fit for your work and other obligations in life.

  • I have tinnitus and at times it can seem very loud, especially in a quiet room. I’ve learned that it’s intimately related to state of mind and your ability to relax about it and everything else in your life.
    You just have to let go as if you zone in on it, it will make it 3x louder. When I’m happy, some days I don’t even notice it at all, when I’m stressed it multiplies.
    Diet/alcohol can have an effect, so you need to work out triggers.
    It can be done, it’s all about relaxing.
    Edit: I find omeprazole irritates my tinnitus.

  • Is it all right to go swimming ��‍♀️? Getting water in the ears.,is that Ok.? What about getting a Hearing Aid, is that Ok.? I have some hearing loss.!!!

  • Go to Julian Cowan Hill’s videos if you want to start the road to recovery. There is no quick fix to tinnitus. Acceptance, meditation and yoga.

  • When you’re mind won’t stop racing with troubling thoughts and emotions, then focus on your breathing, this is what Zen meditation is all about. Stop thinking and like clouds they will pass. Return to the source. When your mind is quiet, you are one with your true nature. Selfish thoughts and desires are a barrier between you and your true self(atman). Surmount those thoughts(your ego) and rise. That is Samadhi, that is Nirvana. We are all buddhas. You have already reached enlightenment. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.-Lao Tzu. Namaste

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    2 What will be the future of technology in order to find out more about Cancer and cancer cell/ tissues?

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  • But isn’t ones brain and entire nervous system who is HSP, different from 80% of non-HSP? (Yes, it’s more sensitive.) So then is this treatment still as effective/valid?

  • Thank you for this. I’ve had cognitive therapy in the past and it is good to be reminded of how one can apply it to any challenge. My CBT took a very good turn when, in addition to in person therapy, I began working thru David Burns’ book “Feeling Good”, an incredibly effective adjunct to talk therapy. It has a lot of formats for writing/listing issues, and writing is helpful in moving forward from obsessive thought. When I’m not noticing my Tinnatus, I try to push away the temptation to “check” on it by zeroing in on it. That’s when I start to analyse the pitch and intensity of the T, and to me that is giving it power. If I don’t “notice” it (because of gradual habituation), I shouldn’t be asking myself “is it there”? Not always easy, though, so takes awareness. Good luck to all who have T.

  • doctors have little understanding, and less interest in helping you!! A cure for tinnitus, as well as many other miladies, have existed for many centuries. Cures end the profit stream of big pharma and they (psychopathic criminal parasites) do all that is possible to keep them hidden from us (the herd). Including the murder of homeopathic practitioners.

  • I had awful insomnia for 2 years and thought I was hopeless, but using this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it), I`m resting normally again and LOVE going to sleep. This is product you must not miss. I find it too good to be true in the beginning but since I used it, I became the product’s main believer.

  • This video is filled with helpful information! Thank you for sharing as following the information given can be life changing!! Peace

  • I’m a musician who plays in a rock band but I wear earplugs. My ear problem came after listening to music on EarPods and jerking my neck while dancing which may have gone out of alignment. After the problem is healed can I still go back to performing?

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear, I’ve only recently developed this affliction and my emotions have been spiralling downwards. Everything you said resonated such as the doom and gloom and panic searching forums for cures.
    I’ve signed up for a cbt therapist and I’m going to try my best to habituate like the other 98%.
    Thank you for this

  • I’ve had tinnitus for the last several years, caused by prolonged exposure to extremely loud music without hearing protection. When it first started, it was probably a 6 out of 10 as far as volume, and after so long, it eventually seemed to lower to a 3 out of 10 on its own. A little over a week ago, I had a seemingly random spike. One thing I have noticed is that when I am stressed out, I zone in on the ringing and it’s like the volume gets significantly cranked up, and it’s scary as hell. However, something as simple as listening to positive videos such as yours and Julian Cowan Hill, the volume has gone down big time. This is why I think that there is a combination of habituation AND de-stressing that can actually lower that volume. I’m in no way out of distress mode, because I’m still very aware of the tinnitus and still feel scared about it. But there is something to be said about the fact that something as simple as some reassurance lowering the volume of my tinnitus really speaks volumes to me.

  • Get off refined sugar coffee and all shitty foods and drink ph balanced water. Check out Liam Boehm at Tinnitus solutions. IT IS TREATABLE.

  • I have suffered with tinnitus since a hearing test 2years ago. The test was painful to my ears and since that day I’ve experienced this torment. The audiologist told me it isn’t possible for a hearing test to be painful or cause tinnitus, is this correct?
    For a long while I was distressed and got to reading journals about I try my best to have a positive relationship with these noises and it has eased so much but I do still suffer each and every day

  • I have everything he’s referring to: tinnitus distress, hypercausis…it all onset about 2 mos ago…but I was already sound sensitive in general and to begin with… (Anyone else HSP?) It’s been so distressing! I’ve lost a lot of sleep, and now set to go see mental health professional for anxiety induced from this all, esp the sound sensitivity… and get into therapy for CBT. It has changed my quality of life 100%. A triggering noise for me is the sound of traffic especially cars driving by close by with louder pipes…makes me feel hopeless… Anyone else experience pain along with it all? For me it’s bad aural fullness, random shooting pains, and aching to straight burning…

  • Research has discovered, research has discovered, blablablabla…. so many years….. can we still cure cancer? Not, really…really not.

  • Considering that insomnia I had wasn`t truly serious, therefore I did not take it.
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  • I gave myself tinnitus on December 22, 2018 at 8:12 in the morning after shooting a very loud gun during an elk hunting trip. I remember the date and time exactly because I had just looked at my watch right before I pulled the trigger of the 300 WIN MAG I was using. I should have been wearing hearing protection, but I did not. I never even thought about it until after that date. That date has hunted me for more than 3 months now and no matter how much I think about it the fact is I can never go back in time and change it. The fact is I have tinnitus, a very loud high pitch whistle, that will be with me for the rest of my life. This information is exactly what I need, because I have been told by several ENT doctors that there is no cure and no hope and that they feel sorry me that I have to just deal with it for the rest of my life. Thank you for the hope that habituation can provide as regards to my tinnitus.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these about resistance! That is such a big part of being a human but when it stops up moving forward, it is not so much fun. Talking to my support group has really helped me over the years. I am not really resistant any more, but so many of my clients start there too.

  • As a therapist who has tinnitus myself for 10+ years, I can say this is the only honest and accurate source of tinnitus information I’ve found online.

  • Having a strong enough “why”. LOVE IT!��This is one of the keys to our success. I think some people start a business or do something for reasons they are not sure of. Great video, just subd #211

  • According to my accumulated knowledge Ketones benefits almost everything in conjunction With ITP (low dose chemo + insulin) radiation metabolic protocol (Berberine + Metformin + Mebendazole + Doxycycline + statin drug + ASAID like Aspirin) when it comes to effective cancer treatment. Adding in IVC (intravenous vitamin C) and hyperbaric oxygen therapies will enhannce the treatment…. Such a treatment will reduce inflammation…. a whole lot of signaling effects as changing the epigenetic expressions in disfavor of cancer cells….. killing CSC (cancer stem cells which is transformed Macrofhages)…. strong positive impact on the mithoconria methabolism (mithocondria geogenesis)…. lower the IGF 1 and insulin….blocks the mTOR pathway and upregulate AMPK….. enhances the effectiveness of chemo and radiation therapies in general With much less nasty side effects…. and also empower the Native immune system to recognise and kill of both CS and CSC…

  • My grandma has started to get issues with her hearing, so I gave her this hearing loss treatment “fetching kamkam site” (Google it). She decided to try them and did so following the directions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than ever before and this is real mainly because she does not constantly say “excuse me” or “what” as much as she used to.

  • This explains so much! Thank you. But doesn’t anything that focuses on tinnitus like listening to pink noise or a daily diary keep it alive ie empower it? Aren’t we really supposed to be ignoring it to allow the limbic system to calm down? I’m a musician so my hearing is very important.
    Also, Peter Studenik, James Karthaus and Julian Cowan Hill who healed from this have some great support videos.

  • At first this video came across as condescending, but no, there’s good information here, stuff that took me way too long to discover.