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The ritual of making matcha is similar to coffee, but different: Boil some water, pour some over a scoop of powder and — this is the best part (and something coffee lacks) — you pull out your little bamboo whisk. This all works best in a wide, deep mug or a bowl. Like, big enough to get your head in. Picture a toddler with a soup bowl.

Matcha cured my coffee dependency, aided my digestion, helped my skin, and got rid of my jitters. It let me engage in the ritual of “getting coffee” without the weird looks or sacrificing taste for something like a chai tea (blegh). Matcha cured my coffee dependency, aided my digestion, helped my skin, and got rid of my jitters. It let me engage in the ritual of “getting coffee” without the weird looks or sacrificing taste for something like a chai tea (blegh). Basically, it did practically everything except clean my house and pay off my student loans!

Kristin Corpuz. The most important part (for me) in adding matcha to my daily routine involved perfecting my latte recipe. I like my matcha strong and not too sweet, but I love dairy so I’m usually not down with milk alternatives.. The ratio I settled on was two teaspoons of matcha powder per 16-ounce glass, with half of it filled with ice, and milk poured up to about.

While it helps to reduce any signs of stress and anxiety, it also increases the alpha brainwaves that can invoke a sense of relaxation without any feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness. This is a stark contrast to the feelings of nervousness and jittery that is brought on by the high caffeine levels in coffee beverages. Anyone who knows me knows that brunch is my favorite meal (yes, brunch is a meal).

So when my friends and I went to The General Muir Saturday morning, I was heartbroken that I couldn’t have my usual cup of steaming black coffee. I longingly looked around the table at my friends sipping lattes and mochas, while I reluctantly drank my now-lukewarm matcha in a to-go cup. 1) Adjust the amount of matcha. If you are a light coffee drinker (1-2 cups of coffee a day) start each morning with a 1g serving of Matcha Moments.

Have a second serving after lunch if needed. If you are a heavy coffee drinker (3,4 or more cups a day), gradually replace coffee with Matcha Moments for one week. So when I discovered matcha, which promised a caffeine boost on par with coffee with the comfort of tea, I was all for giving it a try.

Matcha is a powdered tea made from ground tea leaves, an. Now let’s examine Matcha Benefits over Coffee Benefits: Matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps your body to process caffeine differently and create a state of calm alertness. While one serving of matcha has much less caffeine than coffee, it provides a less jittery, more sustained energy boost – with no crash at the end.

Matcha does not cause you to feel jittery after consumption since it contains both caffeine and L-theanine, which together produce a calm sense of focus and alertness. L-theanine is an amino acid that reduces anxiety while improving mood and concentration. Coffee Makes You Happy.

List of related literature:

We not only decided to maintain the serving of coffee and tea, but also added additional lines of hot drinks, such as chamomile tea, green mint tea, jasmine tea and the Damascene floral zhourat drink.

“Lessons from a Warzone: How to be a Resilient Leader in Times of Crisis” by Louai Al Roumani
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Just like coffee blended with butter and brain-octane oil (to boost cognitive performance and aid in weight loss), this energizing matcha will get you going and won’t leave you with a crash.

“True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar: A Cookbook” by Kristin Cavallari
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In that sense, matcha has been reframed as a food from nowhere.

“The No Need To Diet Book: Become a Diet Rebel and Make Friends with Food” by Pixie Turner
from The No Need To Diet Book: Become a Diet Rebel and Make Friends with Food
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I’d love to hear about your experiences with the tea; be sure and let me know how it worked for you.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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But matcha—that was new.

“Layered: Baking, Building, and Styling Spectacular Cakes” by Tessa Huff
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I had sworn not to touch a container of matcha ever again until I visited Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki in Paris and discovered matcha’s wonders when handled with subtlety and harmonized with other ingredients.

“The Artful Baker: Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker” by Cenk Sonmezsoy
from The Artful Baker: Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker
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Matcha is loaded with antioxidants—a nutrition bonus to start your day!

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
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Matcha helps boost metabolism, enhances mood and encourages concentration.

“The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure” by Alan Murchison
from The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure
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Now tea powder could be placed directly into the cup, and after the addition of hot water, a bamboo whisk was used to create a “heavenly jade froth.”

“The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide” by Mary Lou Heiss, Robert J. Heiss
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Matcha doesn’t only wake you up via a creamy latte.

“Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day” by Lily Kunin
from Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day
by Lily Kunin
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  • For anyone considering trying matcha, please make sure it is not sourced from China. Sourced from Japan is your best bet as they take more care in the production and you are not likely to find heavy metals, pesticides, fillers, etc. South Korean matcha may be decent, but I personally have not had any. But honestly, please be careful with matcha sourced from China. Best of luck to you all on your tea endeavors!

  • you should do 21 days without processed sugar. i heard that vegetables and fruits taste like actual candy and when you eat real candy like gummy worms it’s to sweet

  • I have to know your thoughts on the blueberry tea from the fruit tea sampler bc it is literally the most perfect thing to drink if you want something sweet before bed and I have been putting everyone onto it

  • Best stuff if ever tried. It’s not as bitter as green tea. The pick up is clean I don’t have the jitters or nausea like I do when I drink coffee or energy type drinks.

  • Just drank a coffee at 8:39 pm without thinking oops maybe should not have done that but I just like coffee. It’s not about caffeine

  • I live in Osaka for the past 25 years half my life, I have more hair now at 50 than when I was 25, many many things great about Japanese food-drink.

  • I agree, you can’t be changed. I gave up coffee for YEARS. I love itbut it doesn’t love me. Also my body is super sensitive to additives and preservatives so I have to buy expensive fresh roasted organic beans to not feel like trash in the afternoons. So I switched to tea. Last fall I had coffee for a few days. I was IMMEDIATELY readdicted. Wake up in the morning craving it. Im not fighting it bc quarantine and all. Something that was recommended and it helps medon’t drink it right when you wake up, wait a few hours. This lets your body wake up and get your hormone cycle started on its own without the artificial energy from caffeine.

  • If matcha was in a massive jar just like coffee is i would replace it in an instant but because alot of the matcha are in tiny 30g tubs its not realistic to keep buying them since they expensive. Imagine drinking 3 cups of matcha you’d have energy all day

  • It wasn’t actually coffee vs matcha but rather a persuasive video to try to get you to drink matcha. I prefer unbiased and then I’ll decide.

  • Watching this video after having looked up nespresso machines (because of you). I’m definitely a coffee girl, but unlike you, my coffee is full of sugar and half&half.. so I could definitely work on making my habit a bit healthier.

  • Can totally relate. I don’t crave caffeine. I just crave for the taste of coffee. I drink my coffee the same way. I don’t add anything to it. Just pure black brewed coffee. I will start drinking green tea tomorrow in lieu of coffee but i doubt I would last a week ������. Wish me luck ������������

  • p.s. teas caffeine content vary. I switched from coffee to tea years ago because was too strong & with my meds gave me shakes but green tea has 20-30 mg caff. black tea has up to 50mg. Oolong tea is supposed to have the most caffeine content but. I myself have a bag of tetley black& green tea & that’s enough caffeine to get me through a few hours

  • Matcha also has the highest content of EGCG, which is a type of catechin, of pretty much anything available out there. Only buy it grown from Nishio, Japan or Uji, Japan

  • I could never, I’m an iced coffee drinker but if I want something hot I have green tea so I love both. Giving up coffee might be impossible for me lol!

  • I want to try match tea over coffee but I afraid my hand shaking when I working just like I have a cup of coffee in the morning. If I try match will it make my hand shaking and my heart beat fast

  • I like the coffee breath had that problem while dating without realizing it. Seems the women are so much happier after I switched to Matcha.

  • Liana I must say you have got an amazing voice… I can listen to you whole day… I drink tea a lot… did not know what Matcha is… Thanks

  • I exclusively use 2 brands of Matcha Tea matchaDNA or DrinkMatcha from Amazon and it is similarly very fresh, actually the freshest I have found and a fraction of the price of other matcha green teas. You get a lot more for your money.

  • wondered forever why tea gives me energy allll night long yet coffee just gives shakes palpitations and other side effects after the boost. L fekking Theanine.

  • I like Rogan’s podcast, he always invites interesting guests. I’m quite happy to see they’re discussing this amazing herb here. Matcha and Sencha are probably the best and most beneficial varieties of green tea, but if you aren’t prepared to spend an extra dollar it can be difficult to supply yourself with a quality tea, because many people just don’t know what to look for. I personally went through the trial-error phase years ago. If there are matcha newbies among you, here’s a great place to start from if you’re curious about decent matcha manufacturers:

  • Thank you for this video. Very informative and I watched the entire time because I was interested in what you had to say:) It’s been two days since I quit coffee and I wasn’t a heavy drinker. Just a cup a day and it was on and off and I decided to quit because I was becoming dependent on coffee for energy which is very unhealthy and what sucks about it was at the end of the day, I was like beat up as if I walk 100 miles. I’d like to eat better and burn calories more often for energy instead of relying on coffee. Now I watched your video because I was contemplating whether to drink match or not. I haven’t decided yet��

  • All the workout stuff I look at says you can’t spot reduce fat so was it the green tea that helped with the loss of an inch or was it the overall loss of fat due to you working out and burning calories……

  • Honestly, Matcha is life changing. I used to be dependant on coffee and it pretty much ruled my life but now since I drink matcha each day, I have more energy throughout the day! The best that I’ve ever had is from Swallowtail Tea Company

  • 1. that top on you. YES queen 2. proud of you for this video all together cause I know how hard it can be to give up something you love and are so used to having! 3. just saw a “When you hate coffee and can’t relate but you are still watching ❤️��
    ” comment which is my life bc i hate coffee but u still make it so fun and interesting

  • as a green tea drinker and someone who also drinks a lot of water, all I could think during the intro was “man, she’s gonna have to pee ALOT”

  • I haven’t touched coffee during this quarantine. It’s been 4 months and now I’m actually surprised I can function without it!! And green tea kinda relaxes me(it sounds super weird but it’s trueee trust me)��

  • I will try this because I like challenges but i don’t drink coffee i will drink it instead of another drink that i can’t spell with alot of sugar i will try to keep this going on for as long as i can or orange juice but that aside you are a queen and you are to good

  • What he neglected to share is that there is a culinary grade that is primarily made for mixing into smoothies and food. The sipping variation is ceremonial grade. You can find out more on

  • Doesn’t matter if it keeps you alive until you’re 150, it still tastes like grass clippings. I’d rather die sooner and eat food that makes me enjoy life.

  • im tempted to try this. Im kinda picky so im worried i wont like green tea. What does it taste like?? ( ive had it once but it was yearsssss old)

  • Biggest difference between coffee and matcha is the slower and steady release of caffeine. So you won’t feel that instant rush of energy and crash

  • I just started matcha by accident. My daughter is into anime movies and they eat a Japanese thingy made out of flour and green tea. So we got all of the ingredients but one, and we got that green tea powder and I started. I love it

  • Normally I get super dehydrated with coffee… because dehydration isn’t good for acne….. that’s why I’m switching over… I started today with a huge amount of breakouts on my face…. I have switched to more of a raw fruit and vegetable diet as well… I’ve been doing it for 4 days and finally decided to cook some of the vegetables and didn’t enjoy them as much as raw… kind of weird but I’m enjoying this whole change… I’m excited to be switching over from coffee to tea it’s an antioxidant and should help in aiding in acne

  • Omg, this must’ve been a hard challenge for coffee lovers haha! I’m one of the few people who don’t drink coffee lol! I love green tea but I can’t imagine drinking this much of it during the challenge hahaha! This video was so fun to watch:)

  • I have been drinking green tea for many years as i dont like coffee (appart from a frappuccino). I dont drink it for the caffeine or weight loss. Instead i drink it for the taste. I tend to have 1 to 2 a day. But if i am studying that day i can drink up to 4 cups. I have green tea on its own and some times if i want a little sweetness i will put half a tsp of sugar. I finally gave up fizzy drinks for about 4 months so the green tea is helping me out to prevent the need to drink a fizzy drink.

  • i am WITH YOU girl, when I got pregnant, having to limit how much coffee I was drinking was the HARDEST part!! hahaha. okay but an iced matcha latte in the morning is sooo great and making matcha is such a “morning routine” that’s really fun to get into the rhythm in too! PS i absolutely LOVE the graphic intro and music!

  • Stay away from MatchaDNA unless you like consuming heavy metals. Their tea is grown in China and has been 3rd party tested to show heavy metals. Not only that their tea taste horrible. Do not buy any matcha that comes from China.

  • Very helpful video, thank you! But I see on your shop, Zekko is sold out of both size tins, 100 and 40 grams, of their matcha:-( Any estimated date of restocking to share? Thank you!

  • I did that but i have not had a cup of coffee for 5 mouths but why are you having milk in your tea i drink Bi Luo Chun chinese green tea no sugar no milk or cream plus i don’t bye my tea in supermarkets i drink LEAF tea. From the Dong Ting Mountains in Suzhong Province china or and importer. I fill you but stop and think if Coffee is so hard to give up is it you that misses the coffee or the Coffee that missing you. Coffee is fine i have drunk coffee for over 50 years i drink green tea now to play it save from life. 2,000,000,000. Chinese can’t be wrong. love your video

  • You lost inches on your abdomen from the healthy choices you were making between the workout challenge and this green tea challenge. You can’t spot reduce but both challenges probably worked together to decrease your overall body fat %.

  • Girl you look amazing! Have you tried coconut milk instead of almond milk? I cut dairy out and have been using coconut milk in my protein shakes after my workouts, super creamy! Love your videos, we are here for you! <3 #caffeineaddictsforlife

  • The thing that annoys me about this guy is that he says all this shit about matcha but then also says that you can just do everything with the power of your mind even deflecting a punch to the face by a heavyweight boxer.
    Why ingest caffeine to make yourself more alert? Seems like using the power of the mind to make yourself more alert would be easier than absorbing a right hook to the face from Mike Tyson.

  • lmaoooo omgg the analogies! I actually dont drink coffee because I have an anxiety disorder, but when I did try it I did feel the burst of energy, and it reduced my hunger! What a creative challenge! When my friend stopped coffee cold turkey, she got terrible migraines and headaches, she was irritable and it was just bad all together haha, but good for you for getting this out of your system!

  • I saw this on your insta story and I was like omg Taylor haha cause I know you love your coffee ��❤️, but overall I love coffee sm and kudos to you that you stuck to the green tea for 3 weeks because I couldn’t do it sis haha but such a great video ❤️ I also love Reese, such a cute dog ������

  • I’ve had talk with a lot of people and they claim Matcha doesn’t work but I assure you if you buy authentic Matcha, you’ll feel the difference within 1 week. Please guys stop buying from Walmart as most of them are not authentic. They are mass produced. I get mine from CUREWITHEARTH.COM and they are authentic as they ship the matcha directly from the farmlands without any middlemen.

  • We are so much a like lol. You are trying everything I always doI’ve been drinking a gallon of water a day for like 10 years, & drinking tea (green & black etc) multiple times a day for about 5 years:)

  • im the only one in my family that doesnt drink coffee at all. Its crazy to me that they drink a cup at 3AM and still fall asleep. I love watching these challenges even if i cant relate ahaha

  • that must have been a hard challenge to stick to, good job i my self if i tried to stop some habit I would of failed that same night you did amazing love you Taylor:D

  • The “21 days” thing is actually an outdated myth; the latest research shows it takes on average 66 days, and for some habits up to nearly a year. So totally reasonable that it wasn’t automatic by day 21!

  • Not trying to be creepy but……..The way you say “coafi” is kinda hot I gotta admit. Sorry! Besides of that it’s quite an informative video, thanks:)

  • Just sitting here watching this vid with my new half gallon water bottle and wondering if I should go out and buy some green tea too lol

  • I also don’t like almond milk so I use vanilla soy milk and it’s much sweeter! also I love matcha green tea, and I use the tropeaka Matcha powder and it doesn’t come in the single serve packets!

  • Well.. you cant burn fat in a particular area just by targeting that area.. if you train legs you might lose fat from your arms etc.. the chloe ting Challenge targets your muscels and makes Them bigger along side you burning kcals which make the abs “pop” more, some people wont lose anything around the abs from the Challenge ☺️ try researching it online if you want more knowledge for a future video ☺️

  • I just ordered his matcha and it’s delicious. I’m slowly switching from coffee to matcha and it’s been awesome. The lower caffeine content plus the L-Theanine and other things have made me feel amazing lately. Definitely worth the money.

  • Notification Squad ���� Taylor Woods you go girl and that times when waking up early is your body feeling like getting ready for the coffee every day such as morning because some people drink coffee because they’re want like I don’t drink coffee sometimes obviously I drink tea girl ����������❤❣❣���� God bless you and your family as well ����

  • I love matcha! I’ve tried a bunch of kinds in stores but usually just prefer to order on amazon since it’s so convenient. I like MatchaDNA brand the best. The powder is really good in smoothies or protein shakes too.

  • I don’t understand why he talks about a product that most of us cannot afford. I wish he’d mention a more affordable product for we, “the little people” …

  • You’ve inspired me to try this! I’ve never related to someone more than when you felt the need to buy a bunch of different types of green tea��we need the variety!!!

  • I quit coffee and caffeine myself so i know how hard it can be. I actually have a couple videos on my channel about how ingot through it all and why I decided to step away from it for good! Great video! Thank you!

  • Green tea doesn’t make you lose fat. Losing fat is entirely down to burning more calories than you eat. Green tea is doing fuck all for you there. Please PLEASE don’t spread misinformation like this. Similarly, you can’t lose only ‘abdominal fat’. Spot reduction of fat is impossible. Everyone please just go and educate yourselves on the science of weight loss and stop listening to people like Chloe Ting who have no scientific background and are spreading pure misinformation so they gain more views from vulnerable and insecure young people. I recommend Natacha Oceane both for workouts and learning about the science behind wight loss.

  • Caffeine is absolutely terrible for you especially your heart. Do not drink matcha or caffeine especially everyday. Shit is terrible for you

  • even if you did do a lot of ab workouts, it wouldn’t result in a smaller waist. you can’t spot reduce fat. so it may have been the green tea or that working out made you lose more fat overall!:) I’ve been drinking green tea for a few weeks rn and I have not noticed a difference lol but I’m also super stressed bc of school and my sleep is fucked!!

  • Thanks for posting this. I started drinking matcha a few weeks ago after you mentioned it in another video. Coffee usually has me too wired and up all night, plus some unpleasant cholinergic effect. My matcha latte on the other hand just gives me a pleasant little bump to start off my day and the effect is gone by the evening. thank you so much for posting.

  • Thats strange did someone delete all the more negat8ve comments or something? Before there was alot more and now im seeing nothing but folks liking this guys stuff

  • might I add that you look fabulous! ( you always have) but your eyes are brighter & your skin is flawless & “tan”:) I’m so jealous! I have blue eyes as well but they have dulled over the years, they were sapphire blue 16 years ago. & I’m pale as porcelein but I’m rocking it hahaha!

  • I switched from coffee to green tea 3 months ago and I never thought I could do it, but I did! Now I just have coffee once in a while and I drink green tea with honey regularly now. I don’t get the coffee withdrawal headaches anymore thankfully!

  • omg I just found ur channel and you are my all time favorite youtuber I look forward to every single video of yours you are so real and not like fake and you are so straight forward!! I love u and ur videos I will look up to u forever ahhh hopefully u see this and please remember me when you are famous:) ly

  • Have thought about doing this so many times!!! I just switched to decaf though. A theory: Didn’t you say though that you were drinking 3-4 cups of coffee with milk per day? I feel like, dropping down to just one cup of tea probably gave you an added caloric deficit, as you were suddenly drinking less milk every day. This, in combination of chloes program (aka increased movement) made you lose fat from your stomach, because you dropped into a caloric deficit. You can’t spot reduce fat (so her program couldn’t have made you specifically lose weight from your waist, even if it had been waist-focused) but your body have have just reduced belly fat there first because of your genetics and that’s what bodies do. It seems to be that you were just in an accidental deficit!

  • MATCHA IS LIFE!! I Replace coffee for Matcha about a month ago. Cannot believe the benefits im experience! Imune Sistem is stronger, energy levels higher and no stress at all! Always very relaxed!! I little bit expensive in comparison to Coffee but the actual benefits are worth it!

  • My first time i tried Matcha was MatchaDNA, i bought it at Amazon, it is just great. I am not interested in trying more brands, i will stay with MatchaDNA. My stomach feel confortable when drink it.

  • I used to drink soda every single day. Maybe twice a day. I stopped drinking soda for one month straight and now I never crave it. Buttt coffee on the other hand is my weakness and I will never get her up lollll

  • Drinking Matcha has actually helped my depression a lot! I’ve struggled since I was very young and I used to depend on coffee, adderall, or a combination of the two to fuel me. But stimulants are awful for your health so I had to quit coffee and get a lower dose of my medication. Now I’m a matcha gurl and my mental health has been very stable:) I love learning more about the great things it does for me

  • Ohhh girl you should definitely give up coffee. It’s not good at all and most ppl are addicted to it not because of the caffeine but sugar. Sugar addiction is a real thing. It’s not needed by the body at all, but the more u have it the more your body will crave. I used to drink 5-6 mugs of coffee and as soon as i switched to tea it immediately made my skin so much better and healthier looking. Everyone in my country is obsessed w tea and i finally figured out whyy. It’s also great that you’re adding turmeric. After a few months of regularly having it you will realise that your skin tone is getting even. You don’t have to completely give up coffee, you can have it from time to time but once the sugar addiction wears off you will realise you don’t even like coffee that much. Have a great day. All the best x ��

  • i agree with the tea lasting longer and the fat loss green tea is amazing for this. i think it def contributed with the chloe ting workouts:) i love the taste of coffee but love the benefits of tea..wish they had a middle ground! Lol like tea that tastes like coffee