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If you feel low stomach acid is the problem, it can be helpful to tweak your diet in several ways, including significantly lowering sugar intake, eating slower and more mindfully, adding zinc, taking a shot of apple cider vinegar and water before meals and considering digestive enzymes as a supplement. Low levels of acid in the stomach can have an impact in how you digest and absorb nutrients from your food. This leads to decreased levels of essential nutrients. You may feel fatigue or have low energy or feel like you have very little strength for exercise or any type of activity. Digestion and low stomach acid.

To read more on the process of digestion, how it works and what can go wrong, I love this detailed article. As it mentions in the article, it is a widespread belief that heartburn is a result of too much stomach acid, but the opposite is actually true. This conventional treatment works to reverse acid reflux by reducing the amount of acid in your stomach, in turn blocking the enzyme responsible for production. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that acid reflux symptoms are a result of excess gastric acid. In fact, it’s normally quite the opposite.

There isn’t enough stomach acid. A low level of stomach acid can result in other deficiencies, such as a lack of iron, vitamin B-12, and calcium. A doctor or a dietician can help. Low stomach acid has been associated with a wide variety of health conditions such as asthma, skin conditions, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, anemia, hypoglycemia, osteoporosis. Symptoms of low stomach acid are related to impaired digestion, increased susceptibility to infection, and reduced absorption of nutrients from food.

Properly absorb some minerals and nutrients, such as iron, copper, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12. Low stomach acid has been associated with anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. This explains why you shouldn’t take medications that neutralize stomach acid. If you have acid reflux, try these natural home remedies instead. While probiotics provide support for the balance of good bacteria, low stomach acid levels may open the door for growth of bad bacteria, offsetting their effects.

The highly acidic environment of a healthy stomach tends to kill pathogenic bacteria, but when acid levels fall, they may make it through the stomach and colonize in the intestines. You become protein malnourished. When your stomach acid is low, you are not able to digest protein. Improper digestion of protein creates toxins in your intestines that can set the stage for illness and disease.

Improper digestion of protein also creates acidic blood, since protein is by nature acidic.

List of related literature:

Increased gastrin production leads to chronic hypersecretion of gastric acid, which in turn causes peptic ulceration and sometimes diarrhoea and fat malabsorption leading

“Clinical Biochemistry” by Geoffrey Beckett, Simon W. Walker, Peter Rae, Peter Ashby
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The stomach empties more slowly with decreased gastric tone and motility, fatty foods, chyme of excessive acidity, and a duodenum that contains fats, proteins, or chyme of excessive acidity.

“Clinical Drug Therapy for Canadian Practice” by Kathleen Marion Brophy, Heather Scarlett-Ferguson, Karen S. Webber, Anne Collins Abrams, Carol Barnett Lammon
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Low acid levels (pH 3 or higher) in gastric atrophy trigger higher gastrin levels as the stomach tries to compensate for the loss of acidity.

“Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD” by Wright, Lenard
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2006 study published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences stomach acidity in eight people with GERD before and after they switched to a high-fat, low-carb diet.

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Reduced stomach acidity may result in an impaired ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients, such as iron and the B vitamins.

“Health & Drugs: Disease, Prescription & Medication” by Nicolae Sfetcu
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Excess amounts of carbohydrates and fermentable fiber in the colon can cause increased gas production, abdominal distention, bloating, pain, flatulence, decreased colonic pH, and diarrhea.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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Stomach acid production declines with age; low stomach acidity is associated with diabetes mellitus, thyroid imbalance, ECZEMA, gallbladder disease, OSTEOPOROSIS, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, food allergy, and FOOD SENSITIVITY.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
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Life style factors that impact on gastric filling, distension and emptying, postmeal posture and GERD [41] may favor acid reflux.

“Geriatric Gastroenterology” by C. S. Pitchumoni, T. Dharmarajan
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Low stomach acid can also be caused by long-term use of acid-blocking medications (i.e., Pepcid®, Prilosec®, etc.), which increases stomach pH to 3.5 or higher.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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It neutralizes HCI rapidly and effectively but can cause belching, abdominal distension, and flatulence (due to CO, liberation), hypercalcaemia (may lead to renal calculi), and marked rebound hyperacidity (due to stimulation of gastrin secretion by calcium).

“Textbook Of Pharmacology” by Seth
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  • I had bulimia for 13 years and ever since my digestion has been very slow with bloating and constipation. Digestive enzymes have helped tremendously as well as a magnesium supplement before bed. If my supplementation works should I still stop them and only try the apple cider vinegar?? I also have seen Dr.’s and diagnosed with IBS.

  • What about your fix actually reversed the damage of antibiotics and accutane? I was expecting something like probiotics, anti inflammatory foods or broth to heal the lining. I cant see how it ties into what those medications did as the same happened to me.

  • Seeing this makes me think I have the same thing. I have nearly constant bloating, and I see undigested peas or blueberries all the time in my stools (which tend to be very loose), and I tend to eat very fast. The other day I made some cornbread, but I misread the recipe and put way too much baking soda in it. The funny thing is that my digestion was really good (less bloating and solid stools) after eating some of the cornbread. Over the next couple of weeks, every time I choked down some of this cornbread (lots of jam) my digestion was perfect. Thanks for the great info!

  • Does sodium intake have an effect on stomach acidity/digestion? I’ve heard this is a problem that is common with low sodium diets. My dad had triple heart bypass so salt was nixed after that but now I’ve been slowly incorporating an additional 500 mg of pink Himalayan salt just to experiment.

  • To all those who all suffering from any type of disease your body is the cure.
    Listen to your body Nature heals
    1. Don’t stress
    2. Eat when you are hungry.
    3. Completely avoid outside foods or packaged readymade foods.
    4. Eat healthy, stay healthy, and live healthy.
    Thank you.

  • If I hear the words probiotics, fiber, one meal a day, interminent fasting or any other bullshit I always hear that never works I am disliking this video. Lol.

  • I have been suffering from digestion issues and stomach aches with everything I eat/don’t eat for years now. My gastro has done pretty much every conventional test on me and found nothing but I don’t think I’ve ever been tested for low stomach acid. In fact, I take a lot of antiacids to help alleviate my stomach problems and have an iron deficiency. My iron numbers, specifically ferritin are dropping every month. I’m wondering now if this has been my issue the whole time

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all this information! I was born Celiac, and now have SIBO, I started celery juicing July 11th this year thanks to you. I try to eat blueberries or other berries every day. I would like to try incorporating Lemon water. I’ve cut coffee, still have redrose tea with lactose free alternatives and sugar. I’m also trying corn free, lactose free, soy free, and egg free living. As a Celiac I find it hard, a ton of resentment towards it…Cutting Chocolate is a huge obstacle.

  • How do you weightlift if you have acid reflux? I get discomfort when exercising so I cannot exercise. How do you build muscle with exercise if you have acid reflux? Also, is the weakened LES temporary or permanent? Is the LES malfunction curable or not? Is it even possible to go back to my normal health condition/state where I can eat and exercise and sleep without fear nor discomfort? How do you do it? Thanks

  • Hi Peggy ��
    I have been trying ACV to raise my stomach acid. I usually have one tbsp in like water a day. I watched a video with the medical medium and he said that any vinigar, including ACV are really hard on your liver. I feel like I saw another video on ACV other than this one. If you did could you please send me the link to that one. I was really thinking the ACV was helping, but now I’m concerned because I know my liver definitely needs cleansing. I did order the celery juice book by Anthony Williams and I am awaiting it’s arrival. I’m trying to stick with the celery juice, but it’s difficult because I run out of it so quickly.’s the ACV that I am wondering about.
    Thanks so much Peggy ��

  • Dr. I have hypochlordea low stomach acid. And fundal and gastritis cause h pylori my symptoms are indignation undigested food in stool. Some time hearyburn when i eat. Ractum around itching some time joint and back pain muscle weakness

  • I went through this ten years ago and it backfired badly. Adding ACV, whether dilluted or by pill, made my symptoms ten times worse. Same for acidic trigger foods.

    Antacids are the only thing that works for me aside from total fasting. Baking soda works great for me but it destroys teeth (so does ACV).

    PP Inhibitors are terrible. But regular antacids are the only way I can live comfortably. They also fixed my allergies. If you suffer from certain types of allergies, there is nothing better (I tried all the natural stuff for those, too).

    Just be careful if you do this acid-raising protocol. It can be very damaging if you already have too much acid.

  • Hi Peggy. Great channel! You should buy a small microphone to improve sound quality it’s too “roomy” in many videos imo:) Anyway, is ACV bad for us? Many say it’s good, but Dr. Morse + others say it’s really bad. Your thoughts?

  • There are a lot of people (doctors, youtubers, etc) who rely on clinical science to prove a point, but Derek demonstrates that he’s searching for a cause and effect in his studies/healing, which is (sadly and IMO) a very rare sight.
    Also, nice to see a video from someone who has actually had his digestion ruined by default. I had mine ruined by antibiotics when I 6 to 8 years old and it really makes a difference when you’re coming from such a background vs people who just have a bad diet.
    After contracting a bacteria from street food, about 8 months ago and wasting some of that time with people who don’t think in terms of cause and effect, I think low stomach acidity might be the final piece of the puzzle.
    So thank a lot for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

  • Lovely content, Pls like, share, subscribe and leave a comment below what do you guys think about the video.

  • Love your video but not all of us can get your books and follow them.easy way is to just share the videos.thanks for your motivation.

  • From the video:

    From birth he had digestive problems and was prescribed antibiotics his whole life and he even took accutane. His gut microbiome was very damaged. He finally felt relief after adopting a whole foods plant based diet. He did well for a while but then digestive issues started coming back after a period of stress. So here’s what he did:

    1. Low stomach acid: he took betaine hcl tablets before each meal for a few months to train his stomach to produce enough acid on its own. He also would consume lemon water or water with apple cider vinegar throughout the day to help bring up his stomach acid levels.

    2. Mindful eating: he was not chewing his food enough before swallowing. He made sure to start chewing each bite at least 20 times before swallowing.

    3. Relax before eating: along with eating more mindfully, he would relax himself before eating to activate his parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” system) by taking 5-10 deep breaths before eating. No distractions during eating like watching videos or doing homeworkjust focus on your meal. Don’t eat when you’re stressed out.

    Doing these things helped him reverse his gas, bloating, reflux, irregular BM’s, and undigested food particles.

  • @Simnett Nutrition Hi Derek! In your opinion or experience, does it matter if your Betaine HCL has Pepsin in it or not? I know we need pepsin to digest proteins but will your body make enough on its own when you take HCL without? I’ve been trying to find info on this. Some say yes some say no, but they’re all selling their own brand of HCL so hard to tell how important it is. Thanks!

  • might work for some but be careful with testing approaches specially if your over 50! gd to consult your doc as anything that u use to induce like triggers etc can cause withdrawals as well FYI
    dont assume that your audience is your age… you guys have to remember what age spectrum your referring too!

  • Can I highlight that no one on prescribed PPIs should stop their treatment suddenly without a discussion with the prescriber. These drugs are prescribed to treat or prevent gastric ulcers which can lead to life threatening bleeds.
    Everyone should fully read the patient information sheets in their packs of medication. What you have just discussed on this video are well known side effects clearly documented in these sheets.

  • Did you eat hard boiled eggs or fried eggs? Generally if you are eating fried eggs, scrambled eggs it can be quite oily plus the fat from the yolk. The fat can affect your skin once ingested plus the fat is easy to get on your chin while you are eating, a good way to tell if eating is causing it is when you break out on your chin. Best way to eat eggs is hard boiled avoid the yolk, however you need at least 1 yolk to get in a bit of healthy fats.

  • Hi, i got a habit of downing apple cider vinegar or lemon juice before meal whenever i got acid reflux. My grandma taught me that taking acv or lemon juice just before meal will improve digestion and keep my stomach acid where it belongs. For the longest time i simply do as i’m told w/o really understanding the reasons. It is part of my chinese heritage custom apparently that lots of other families have lost. It wasn’t until i had my tongue removed due to cancer & have to wash down everything w/ warm liquid that i understand the reason behind taking acv/lemon juice shots. Despite the fact that my teeth are falling apart & not having a tongue, somehow i have no significant digestive issues. I do have bloating & flatulence all day long but no cramping or heart burn sensation even after spicy meals. I was prescribed heavy duty heart burn meds but since my surgery & going plant based, i haven’t taken a single pill (not that i can swallow them). Somehow after going plant based all of my old so called digestive issues went away & never came back. It’s been 5 yrs now.

  • How many minutes before a meal should you take the acid? Also if you can’t digest tablets should you break open the capsules and add to water or what could you do instead? Thanks

  • My life was all good before 28 with no stomache issues ever, all of a sudden I went to amsterdam ate some oysters and something happened caught an infection I guess my stomache got destroyed followed by infection, gastritis, GERD, I almost got every problem on the earth in my stomache I went to doctors every month. Doctors couldn’t help, my life was a mess since more than an year now a complete horrible mess I would say because of this stomache issues, gas, cramps, undigested food, burning in stomache etc..I really do not know what to do I was very stressful for last one year couldn’t share it with anyone as well. Recently I started eating fibre a lot and taking enterogermina probiotics and completely stopped taking tablets which were prescribed (ppi), it is a bit better now but it is not normal, my stomache feels tight most of the times, the doctor has asked me not to visit him anymore because he thinks this is very normal and life style changes would help me but I highly doubted that and he couldn’t fix it for an year with his suggestions so he doesnt want me to come anymore. I need suggestions from anyone who have had similar issues who can help me.

  • Taking too much antibiotics will kill or upset your usual necessary gut micro flora which is really important for your digestion, absorption and immunity

    I recommend taking probiotic drink like Yakult one bottle in morning ☺️
    (Also do other basic necessary steps he mentioned)
    Good gut good life
    See ya

  • I just found your videos and already I’m impressed and would like to implement some of these ideas. I have Candida and SIBO. The problem is that I’ve been seeing the nutritionist at my doctors office and she has put me on something called a low fodmap diet. She said I should not be doing the celery juicing ‘trend’. I’ve also just been told now that upon reviewing my blood work I’m ‘extremely anemic’. I am now doing iron infusions, but don’t feel any better yet. My stomach hurts and I can feel the food just sitting in there so I know I need to increase my stomach acid levels, but how can I get more iron in my diet without eggs or chicken? Last night for dinner I had a spinach and cucumber salad with edamame and oil and a touch of a chimichurri sauce. It was awful. I hate salads. What do you suggest for anemia?

  • plz let me know write name of capsule u used my husband has serioud problem with acidic reflux taking over counter drugs tums liquid pepsis nothing helping thanks

  • GojiMan, what do you do if taking undiluted Vinegar before meals seems to burn the back of your throat? But then mixing it in water (to make it less acidic to swallow) seems counter productive because you’re still diluting it? What should you do then?

  • Hello, Dr. Berg, thanks for your helpful hints.
    HOW MANY glasses of water can we take with Acv+ Betaine HC L.. each time we take that pill?? If there is low stomach acid already what will convert acid pill into more acid? Does it digest on its own without water? Ty.

  • Finally! Somebody said it. I used to have terrible heartburn. Started taking tums. Kept increasing. Until they didn’t work anymore. Began taking Zantac. At first, once a day, then had to increase to twice daily. Eventually, my stomach got so bad, that anything I ate felt like a rock in my stomach and nothing was helping. Fortunately, I learned about ACV. It saved me! Then I started wondering, how is it that an acid helps with heartburn. I started researching and found out that it’s because too low stomach acid causes those symptoms. It was such an eye opener. Since then I’ve been telling everyone who would listen. And doctors still recommend tums and zantac and other crap like that. Drives me crazy. I’m so glad somebody is finally informing the public about it. Thank you. ����

  • I used to enjoy food as kid but now I can’t eat without feeling full like people think I’m on diet but I’m not I’m so thin lol it’s just i feel full naturally I tried many things but i feel like i want to throw up and I have acne issues too.

  • I have no gallbladder
    Should I take ox bile? How about flora enzyme
    I’m doing keto and gluten and dairy free
    What probiotics do I take?
    I have high levels of mold toxicity
    Diagnosed my a naturopathic dr, last year
    Was rx activated charcoal and cholesertmine. Oh I don’t have my gallbladder. I’m taking brags apple cider vinager daily and sourkrout.
    Any help would be much appreciated

    Thank u so much

    Your new sub!

  • Can I take apple cider vinegar pills? Or does it have to be apple cider vinegar with the mother? I just hate drinking acv every single time I eat a meal!

  • The most annoying thing I have with GERD is the burping, all the time burping when eating or drinking or even when not doing those things. If I don’t burp I feel sick from it.

  • This is a flawed theory
    There is insufficient HCL acid due to insufficient mucus being produced by the glands that line the stomach
    These secretory glands need organic sodium (from sodium rich foods) to correct the problem
    The chewing etc are correct

  • Thank you. How should I increase stomach acid..when ever I eat processed foods such as burger and coke I feel good. As soon as I eat clean I face the problem.

  • My daughter is 13 months old weight only 7.2 kg.She has digestion problem….undigested food in the poop…. not gaining weight….. not getting nutrients from the food…. she’s on gluten free diet but still no signs of improvement. Doctors here not helping the cause they say it’s fine but I’m not satisfied with their attitude. I give her fruits vegetables sometimes meat and breastfeed her no other milk….but all comes out in her poop undigested. I so wanna help her but I don’t know what to do. I’m really worried about her health. Please help!!!

  • Heya! Can you please do an in depth video on how to use the betaine hcl? Can’t seem to find a video that explains it really well ^_^ Thank you!

  • hey,if anyone else needs to find out about safety considerations for gerd try Larlazboon Predictable Domination (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.

  • How do I know if my acid reflux is because of less acid or more acid in the stomach?
    I have done dry fasting last month as I am a Muslim, after 20-22 days of fasting I started having heart burn.. can u help me??

  • Taking HCL before each meal has done wonders for my SIBO. This coupled with working with the migrating motor complex (3hrs and 45m between meals) has helped tremendously for now. At least until I can find the root cause. I think constant snacking throughout the day was affecting the migrating motor complex.

  • It’s weird for me because I wake up at 6 am and get prepared for school I go for the morning wee wee and sit on the toilet for 30 minutes sometimes and nothing comes out even though I feel the need of a number 2 the second I arrive to school my stomach starts aching rumbling etc and I won’t use the school’s toilets if it was a life and death situation lol

  • It’s been more than two weeks since I hve been dygnose with acid reflux… I feel full even with a less meal n used to burb every time after meal…. And also after taken meal I feel like something is stuck in my throat…. this is very mch uncomfortable!!
    I Don know… to do?

  • Today is my first day drinking celery juice as your recommended way. I’m excited to see what benefits works for me. I don’t drink coffee,but I do drink black tea. What are your thoughts on black tea? I’m going to start having lemon water to offer my husband before meals. Thank you for this information.

  • Thank you so much gojiman. Can you imagine my dietitian said i should take acid blockers for my reflux! I’m glad i didn’t listen and took a stool test through a nutritionist instead

  • a few months ago, it was ‘take 1 tablespoon acv 5 mins before eating’…. now it is 2 spoons 20mins… why the change in recommendation? Are you basing this on science or is it complete bs?

  • Thanks for the common sense and useful advice! So refreshing from just being sold things on here! It’s really appreciated! Cheers mate:-)

  • with all the respect to the video, the gastritis has the same symptoms and also high stomach acid or GERD and H-pylori. The doctors in UK seems to easily prescribe omeprazole and some other h2 blockers. I wish there is an ultimate symptom just saying that you definitely have low stomach acid. just been checked again for H-pylori and it was negative, usuing 100 billion probiotics for 4 months now for the last 4 months i have been on and off using acid pills, ppi’s and h2 blockers symptoms seems to go and come back, i know the best thing should be to look inside the stomach but before and surely i have a sort of gastritis but this low stomach acid business really freaks me out. What if i had this? after any food i burp like crazy, nausea on and of, acid reflux gone now as i use emoprazole but why the indigestion and burping following with nausea sometimes mild still going on i dont know. i did home test for stomach acid with C. soda and burbed all the time after drinking it. Anyway just thought the low and high stomach acid actually gives the same symptoms and its very difficult to know which one. i will also get blood tested this week and the doctor said i could have anemia too, perhaps folic acid or b12 apparently high stomach acid or gastritis can cause this too:(

  • How come taking hydrochloric acid supplements or enzyme supplements would make SIBO and/or low stomach acid even worse? Could the live cultures in ACV make SIBO worse?

  • This is glorious, been searching for “reflux symptoms” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Mackorny Cool Stomach Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

  • Damn I did not know living pay check to pay check is being really broke fml I guess have to turn to the streets �� lol jk thanks for the video helped me out

  • I guess I’m destined to have excessive flatulence. Fml. It’s so hard to work when your gut is full of gas and cramps. And I’d take the damn excessive burps over these nasty ass excessive farts.

  • that’s one thing i noticed right after going plant based NO HEARTBURN! that alone is worth going plant based in my opinion. thanks for the great video!

  • Stomach acid is very important. And yes acid blockers and the like may alleviate symptoms, but in the long run may make matters worse. Conventional medicine is aimed at you taking these medications until you’re all good or long term. I’m sure too many people are on the long term end of that. If you have chronic gut issues, definitely see a health care professional that has knowledge beyond the conventional treatment. Check out the book, “Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You” by Dr. Wright.

    I forgot to add: An “emerging” hypothesis is that if you take acid blockers, you’re convincing your esophageal sphincter that there isn’t enough stomach acid to justify closing. Thus, the esophageal sphincter is still open/relaxed, so your stomach acid escapes into the esophagus and that causes acid reflux, and ultimately can lead to esophageal cancer.

    This is why it’s important to have plenty of stomach acid, keeping your esophageal sphincter closed. It’s being shown that a lot of disease is linked low stomach acid.

  • thank you. I am a student of Functional Medicine right now and am trying to treat myself. First success and then with an onslaught of something else. nausea every morning now. Perhaps from constipation from eating NON-Grain chips made with Cassava flour.??? Don’t know. I have treated for all kinds of things, but can only do so many supplements without filling bloated from all the water you have to drink to take them.:(

  • I am pleased to find your channel, most health channels seem to be into keto atm but high fat gives me bad heart burn. About a year ago I could not take any citrus or juice because that would set me off too. But I seem to be okay with fruit now so my habit because I don’t have a juicer will be eating fruit for breakfast.. Thankyou. I will watch more of your videos and let you know how I get on.��

  • Hi Dr Berg. ACV and Betaine HCL I understand that it helps immediately to build up the HCL for the meal you are about to eat my question is, do either of them help to actually REBUILD or train your body to make sufficient stomach acid again? (obviously not when aging is the problem). But I heard you say that other minerals are also important to make HCL so you should just fortify yourself with the minerals like pink salt? I have heard that a concoction of lemon, pink salt and ginger before each meal will “teach” your body what do you think about that? A more extreme measure to take that I have heard, was coffee enemas. The doctor said that the root cause to low HCL is a backed up liver bile duct. What do you think about that? Thanks.

  • I have mor acid reflux and have pain in my chest and my back. The doctors gave me pantoprazole 40mg daglig for two months. But i am stil feeling worst. så what can i do? what can you recommend me?

  • Glad you’re back!
    So advocates of large lemon water first thing in a.m. not helpful? Or is it acid enough? Years and years of PPI, bad stomach. Ugh.

  • Peggy I am doing celery juice and have seen my constipation go away. But stomach acid is still extremely low. I bought betaine hcl supplement. I take ACV also daily but it leads to alot of gas. What should I do. People say ACV with Betaine HCL supplement is great but I feel like lemon juice is better. What should I use to supplement Betaine HCL

  • I looked up mcv, mch, and mchc blood tests and these are for iron testing and hemoglobin to see if you are anemic nothing to do with acidity.

  • what if i experience indigestion and constant gas trapped in my upper abdomen (stomach) but no heartburn, does it still indicates low stomach acid? i have constant gas trapped regardless of eating in my upper abdomen, right under the ribs, the diaphragm… and my belly shakes when i try to tuck it in

  • can vouch that celery juice increases bile. No celery juice very pale poos. Celery juice dark poos. Digestion is a whole lot easier on celery juice

  • What was it you gave this patient? I am pretty sure I have low acid. Looking for something to help me. When I talk to my family doctor he mostly wants me to take PPIs or fiber. Constipation is not my problem.

  • If the benefit of the celery is the salts, why can’t we just consume what I’ve seen on other vids: a mixture of lemon juice, ginger juiced/ processed, and Himalayan salt? Why does the salt have to be from celery? Isnt salt salt?

  • Hi. Can you please tell me if low stomach acid causes GERD and weight gain. I’m so frustrated. Been treated with PPI and my reflux has gotten worse ans gained 20 lbs. Please help do you think my problems could be low acid

  • The perfect start to raise your natural stomach acid….
    GUT HEALING GUIDE �� Make your own delicious & simple healing food!
    The 1-week all incl. guide to healing your gut with fun & ease

  • Hello Dr. Berg i started to have some feelings of when I eat I feel like the food is stuck in my esophagus very uncomfortable feeling

  • can you drink decaffeinated green tea and black tea? how do you wash the celery before juicing is it ok to just run it under tap water?

  • Hi Peggy, really finding your videos helpful, just a quick question, Is tea ok to drink, I don’t like coffee but I am a tea fan. Thanks

  • I had the absolute worst stomach my whole life! A couple years ago I found L-glutamine. Take 1/4 teaspoon at night before bed and a quarter teaspoon when you wake up in the morning. Just enough water to wash it down and don’t eat for an hour afterwards. I took it for about 3 months and I fixed my stomach. Then I started doing an oral bpc-157 from Doctor seeds. This is the first time in my life that I have had consecutive months without heartburn. I’m in my mid 40s and finally I fixed my rotten gut.

    Prior, I did every single thing in the world to try to fix this medication’s & holistic treatments. Amino acids are my cure.

  • Thx for information. My doc advice me avoid fruit because its got sugar & grow germ halepacter. But u saying breakfast eat fruits?!! So I want your opinion shall I eat fruits like banana or apple breakfast. & lemon juice it will not burn my stomach?! If I take it

  • Great video Goji! I have been diagnosed with H Pylori. I tried herbal supplements for 6 weeks including mastic gum, some symptoms went away like indigestion but acid relux and extreme fatigue still remain. I started antibiotics now and I see slight improvement. Would you recommend to have apple cider vinegar before meals while on meds or wait till I finish the course of abtibiitics. Could you do video on H pylori please. It is soooo difficult to get rid of.

  • What does it mean when u drink lemon juice or vinegar u got u feel ur stomach in fire and heartburn starts?i feel acid goes up into the esophagus means my stomach doesn’t produce enough acid but why acidic things hurt it more can’t understand?

  • Do you have any links that show coffee depletes stomach acid? I’m trying to search online and everything I find says it actually increases stomach acid. So trying to find something that shows this. Or do you have another video on it?

  • If you have acne problem, first eat healthy plant based food and don’t drink canned drinks, water and fresh fruit juice are best. For your skin, mix clay with a little water and apply to your face. Leave it for at least 30 minutes, then wash it off. Repeat every day until the acne is completely gone. Never ever squeeze your pimples or you’ll get scars. The clay mask, naturally absorbs pus and other impure matter from the skin and leaves it fresh and smooth. This is also a great remedy for greasy skin but not dry skin. ������

  • Can anyone recommend a treatment for gastritis without PPI? Been diagnosed with it few months ago, keep taking pantoprazole for 2,5 months + flaxseeds to protect stomach lining but very little improvement ��

  • hi dr. Berg, when i took betaine hcl, i felt very tired and sleepy, my muscles in the legs started twitching and was very thirsty and i fall asleep

  • THat’s so funny, I start watching, and like 3 sec in, dang, I know that guy! I am friends with Taylor, we met at Golds a few times:), c u soon, I guess:)

  • I have/had horrible accid reflux. I was desperate and started taking accid blockers. How long should I take them before starting to phase them out again and fix the problem?

  • Thanks for the info.. I had a sleeve gastrectomy that reduced my stomach by 80% and have trouble with what i can eat and portion sizes, so i eat small amounts quite often and that helps..

  • I get heartburn on an empty stomach and also sometimes when I eat. I rarely have gases. But I do have a pain in my side and back and under my right rib. I think I have a gallbladder issue, but why would I get heartburn on an empty stomach? Sometimes it feels better when I eat, and sometimes it feels worse when I eat. It is just so confusing

  • My GI Dr diagnosed me with acid reflux and put me on Prevacid. I took it every day for 7 years and ended up anemic. It turns out I’m allergic to dairy. It took me 3 1/2 years to build up my iron stores again.

  • wonder why she didn’t advise to take vit B complex for stress. she just said to find a way to calm yourself down which is near impossible because the cause of stress is coming from the gut as i understand.

  • I took omeprazole and my stomach got a lot of problems. I didnt have any problems with my stomach earlier but after taking omeorazole for 5 days i got diahrrea and constipation. I think it made less stomach acid than it already was.

  • This makes no sense. If you just have high protein at lunch you will never be able to reach the right amount of protein for the day, especially if your work out.

  • HI Peggy, I watched all your vids on stomach acid. But I am still a bit confused in knowing if I have too much or too little..Is there a test to determine which? I’ve heard to drink a baking soda with water to see if you burp or not.. Is this true? My issue is only bloating if I eat the wrong foods or eat too much at once..otherwise, I feel good. thanks for any helping with ways to determine too little or too much stomach acid..

  • I honestly really appreciate your info I do struggle not having protein as in animal products. So very interesting thanks so do you have any info on insulin resistance? And how to fix it?

  • Oh I just came here because I woke up with uncomfortable pain in my stomach feeling like acid. Thought I was dying because I been going through so much for 2 months.

  • Welp as someone who ate a shit ton of eggs and now have breathing issues, I shall begin a more plant based less high fat/protein diet. WIsh me luck! Never thought I would say that considering what a battle it was to cut sugar. Lol.

  • hydrocarbon test is only accurate for a percentage of people who produce carbon dioxide over methane and science states that some people produce neither and it is still not known whether those particular persons produce another kind of gas. So, one should always treat for SIBO, I had a hydrocarbon breath test which was negative and my doctor and nurse said it was highly accurate. 3 weeks later while studying outside sources during my Functional Medicine coursework I learned this. Before I learned this, however, and After, the test I still treated myself for SIBO and 24 hours after taking a hefty 36 hour course of probiotics along with stomach lining sealers and healers I felt like a million bucks! UNTIL…the cassava flour chips…which I “think” is the new cause of a new problem created. Someone could potentially go for years with SIBO and the subsequent and eventual consequences of inflammatory triggers and autoimmune diseases because the hydrocarbon test said, “You’re OK!, you don’t have SIBO!”. NOT! ALWAYS treat for SIBO…IF…and WHENEVER…suspected in order to prevent lifelong suffering and unnecessary health issues.

  • Acv really helps with low acid in the stomach, I really suffered from it but when I started taking Acv my throat doesn’t feel like being choked anymore

  • Can I build my stomach acid up with apple cider vinegar then stop taking it and remain with a sufficient level of stomach acid? or do I have to rely on taking the apple cider vinegar everyday?

  • I needed this very much, thank you thank, you thank you.
    I have had problems since forever. Im going to get my blood tested and see if i find these results.

  • Around 60 years old I started having difficulty controlling when I farted. M I tried different diets, and reducing red meat and dairy helped. But I still had them uncontrollable at work tertiary, especially when I got yo up and started walking, Some people were annoyed by their smell and and acted like I did it on purpose

  • I have low stomach acid from 2 years…All my digestive symtoms got better after taking hcl supplement…however seems like my stomach is not able to handle acid the layer became thin or there is no mucosa..plz help

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “what are the symptoms of acidic person?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Aerooklyn Thunderstruck Authority (should be on google have a look )? It is an awesome exclusive guide for discovering how to eliminate heartburn and acid reflux without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

  • Hey Peggy ✌��
    You suggest eating low fat and low protein and take some fruits or celery juice to detox. But the detoxing process, i read, has multiple steps and the last one is proteins binding to that toxics in order to be able to get transported out of the body. I have these information from Dr. Susan Blum’s Book called ‘The immune system recovery plan: A doctor’s 4-step program to treat autoimmune disease’. What’s your opinion on that? If that is true, simply drinking pure celery juice would not be the most efficient way to fight toxics, or am I wrong?

  • Yes, Peggy, the stomach and its PH-level is the key to our health. Another amazing video. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

  • He is truly a genius as far as our health is concerned. I’m sure the media would like to take him off here because his solutions are so simple and use regular simple methods to cure these things.

  • hi dr. Berg, when i took betaine hcl, i felt very tired and sleepy, my muscles in the legs started twitching and was very thirsty and i fall asleep

  • I agree with this. I’ve been following Dr Wallach for a while now and he says the same thing about acid reflux mostly caused due to low stomach acid.

  • what about trapped chest gas and needing to burp but the burp is trapped and you gotta jump and dance around to shake the burp loose? i have that issue and the pressure messes with the nerves in my limbs. i’ll feel stuff like needles getting poked in my finger a bit before i let out a mega burp and then I get relief. I don’t fart much, just burp, but i don’t have stomach pain or anything like that.

  • I don’t know what you meant by training our stomachs to be more acidic by drinking lemon water, but I think it’d important that you’d make it clear that, even though lemon is very acidic (pH≈2), it actually becomes alkaline with a pH well above 7 once metabolized. So, outside the body, anyone can see that lemon juice is very acidic. However, once fully digested, its effect is proven to be alkalizing.

  • The betaine hydrochloride you showed contains maltodrextrin which I think is sugar. So should I be avoiding it as I’m on a keto diet?

  • I have low stomach acid…feeling relieved after taking hcl supplement however my stomach is not able to handle the handle acid…seems like that layer became thin or there is no mucosa…plzz help anybody

  • Awesome video, right to the point. My question is, do you need to continue the ACV and HCL forever or will this naturally bring up the acid levels to a point where you don’t need them anymore? Thanks!

  • Sorry doesn’t apply to me! I can control my stomach acid it’s one of my super powers. When an enemy approaches I can decrease the pH of my gut within 4 microseconds to pH 1.1 and I projectile vomit. It has a similar effect to napalm I only use it when there is no other choice.

  • I have SIBO and cannot digest animal protein! I recently became 80% plant based and drink apple cider vinegar and never have IBS issues now. Proper food combining is a HUGE GAME CHANGER FOR ME

  • Weird thing is, as a transitioning meat eater to plant based, 60% plant based, 30% vegetarian and still about 10% meats here and there, I have to admit, milk, cheese and meats are horrible to me after not eating them, but eggs still sit well. It’s the only animal product that still, after having something animal in every meal to almost never having it, the only one that still sits well to me is eggs

  • I did your baking soda test, and I did burp in one minute, not a huge amount. However, part of my digestive problems is I burp in the morning as well as after eating anyway, so hard for me to tell if this reading is accurate?

  • Helo Dr. Berg,, I’m dygnose with reflux oesophagatis..,with under medication but whenever I took ppi med, I feel bloating and regurgitation, and if I Don take pill I suffer from throat burning and trouble swallowing… N its been a month already…. So can you helpe out?

  • This makes so much sense! My mother was suffering from gastritis (hope this is the english word) and she was constantly craving very sour salads with a lot of vinegar!

  • i realized i had low stomach acid when i would eat a meal in the morning and would fleet bloated all day, and when it came time for my next meal, it would feel like the food i ate in the morning was still sitting in my stomach and the food i was eating felt like it was getting stuck in my esaphagus.

  • Funny he dosn’t realize the vegan diet is what is causing him the issues, if you would eat meat you would produce stomach acids and have no digestive issues.

  • I have all these symptoms. I can hardly eat now. I have heartburn and nausea everyday. Almost stuck to bed the whole day. Gaviscon and algina is only temporary help but i am still taking it. Even i am taking dexilant 60mg and nutrahealthygut advance (prebio and probio) all these 3 symptoms still exist. I tried taking ACV liquid but it got worst. I cant eat due to acid in my stomach and my mouth. Can I take ACV pills (Goli) and betaine HCL even i have gastritis?

  • hello Peggy i have a big problem since few years, ocular rosacea, very very low stomach acid (i can take 20 hlc betaine with a lot of AVC) and feel nothing) what do you think about potassium bicarbonate(not baking soda) for alkaline my body, will make increase my stomach acid? thanks a lot!

  • He’s the best doctor in the fucking world seriously he is amazing I learned so much about this I really need this and I want to a lot of doctors he has helped me thank you sir

  • Thank you soooo much I was drinking antibiotics for a month. And my iron is always low. Have blotting and all the things you say here. Thank you so much for your help. ��

  • I can’t see how ginger or lemon or lime or Apple cider vinegar can help to make stomach acid stronger. If you put any of these listed above into a glass along with half an egg a piece of bread a couple of chips some carrot bits & put a lid on it then come back in 2hrs time, there really isn’t any difference? So why does health practitioners & dieticians & tons of people all swear by this, I just dont get the connection? Nevertheless im trying it ��

  • Hi! Thank you for helping others where so many doctors fail. I hope you can help me figure my problem out. It will be a novel and I am sorry, but no doctor or person has the patients or time to listen. Starting around 2012 I noticed out of the blue that I began having stomach pain. By 2014 it was so bad I had to quit work and by 2016 I almost ended my life. Doctors and Emergency room visits find nothing. I have tried ACV, HCL with betadine, lemon juice, cut out every food and beverage group, all OTC’s, and have over 1000hrs. of research in stomach diagnosis and organ issues. I have excruciating burning between my navel and right below my breastbone. Even when pushing on it it feels exactly like a bleeding peptic ulicer, but nothing is ever found. In 2017 I found 1 PARTICULAR Dollar general acid blocker that for some reason worked like a charm. Needless to say I was elated! However I have every symptom of LOW STOMACH ACID. I only tried these out of sheer desperation. Everyday I take ACV, and HCL to replace my stomach acid. As of December 2019 they have taken THE ONLY PILL ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH OFF THE MARKET. I am in panic mode. So my question becomes 2 fold. Why does this very particular pill only work, why do I even have to take it to get relief? There is no doubt that gas from putrefying food is what is burning my stomach. Then why does the ACV and HCL NOT work on its own? It’s almost as if somehow I have become allergic to my very own stomach acid. On December 19th wound up in the ER again from pain so bad I vomited from the pain alone and once again all tests came back just fine. Please help I don’t know what else to do. The only symptoms I have is the excruciating pain (random, that will go from a level 15 to a level 1 within minutes) and chronic constipation. Thank you for your time and any suggestions. Also my stomach is tender to the touch for days afterwards.

  • HI Dr. Thanks for the video. I heard one other way to test if you have low stomach acid. Its to have 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with 4 ounces of water in the morning before you eat and if you don’t belch within 3 minutes, it suggests low HCI. Is this true?

  • Great information, thank you. I also found out that we require foods that also contain high amounts of Magnesium and Potassium as our stomach acid production processes use these as well as Hydrogen in protein. Zinc for gut health also.

  • From Spain, Dr Berg’s skills and knowledge are amazing. The most valuable health instructions in the world. Applied to myself many of them. Thanks!! In this case, I’ve had gastritis for many years (doctors just give me PPI) and it’s working well the ACV and also lemon water for creating the gastric acids. I have less pain and gases now but I’m still in the process to heal, second week.

  • @DrEricBerg, I tried ACV 1 tbsp. on a glass of water in the morning (empty stomach) and yet, it resulted into constipation (hard stool). As soon as I stopped using it, my bowel movement came back normal. Any ideas why?

  • Thank you for all you share, you have helped me immensely and I share the info regularly… Just watched this again for a reminder

  • Its hard to find celery here in Philippines… Do you have any recommendations aside from that??
    How about kefir every morning in a empty stomach..
    Im also have a low stomach acid after having a acid reflux.. Pls answer…

  • I just did this on myself and I have that tender pain! I have ridges on my nails! I have hashimoto’s autoimmune. My stomach is bloated and the doctors where I live are horrible. I know I have Hypochlorhdria, but how can I fix this?

  • Thank you so much Simnett… I always had bad digestion and constipation from my childhood.. had many medicines and tests done but this kept on coming back… now I had been suffering from extreme bloating and bad heart burns….. my doctor was prescribing me pantaprazol thinking it was GERD.. after 3 months of medications my situation was getting worser.. then I came across your video which is a life saver for me… i tried the baking soda test and you are correct I didn’t had enf stomach acid… now everyday I start my day with a glass of ACV and it was a magical remedy… My long term issue is finally getting far better…. I dnt know how to express my sincere thanks to you.. you are great bro��

  • Dr Berg I have a hiatus hernia and acid reflux is terrible.. every day,but I have been in tablets for over 25 years to stop the acid from coming up into my stomach and because I have a hiatus hernia. I have read so many books. One called.killing me shortly from inside. It says you should avoid Apple cider vinegar because anything below 5PH is not good and ACV is 3.05. I’m really confused I I want to come off these tablets I’ve been on for 25 years omeprazol but finding it very hard to do so with out pain. I need to clear my throat a lot and get burning in the throat and acid a lot.. can you help. I also do the keto diet.

  • Question: Those Betaine HCL pills.. you said if you feel the burn, you basically just reduce the amount of pills and you’re good.. but my question is, when should you feel the burn? When you feel the burn quickly after taking it versus an hour or two after your meal, what should you look for? If you do not experience the burn during and right after the meal but after an hour or so your acid burn starts again, does that mean you took too much betaine hcl? Thanks!

  • I have acid reflux and gerd, so i been told that its too much acidity I have and I am getting frequent migraine, headaches, nausea, dizzy, neck pain, and shoulder pain after stomach aches/gerd kicks in. My question is if we have low acid, then why things get worse when I drink or take more acid food and drinks like coffee, tomatoes, food with white vinegar? Can someone please help?

  • Wow my doctor says I have acid reflux and has given me medication(Lansprazole) with no signs of improvement after 2 monthsmy food feels like it stops at the bottom of my stomach and then when I take my second bite it comes right back up (sorry to be so graphic) which sounds exactly like what you described. But I don”t have any heartburn. My concern is that if my acid is low, then this medication will be making it even worse.Not sure what to do now as I have had his condition for a year now. But thank you so much Doctor Berg for this information,You have really got me thinking.Hope at last maybe.Thank you!!!

  • I drank fresh celery juice in the mornings all by itself,and I found that it was good for energy. I also found that it was very good for the skin. I have a lot of cucumbers in the fridge from the garden,so I am going to switch it up to cucumber juice for awhile.

  • Peggy, I already do the celery juice, I’ve given up coffee, dairy and eggs, but I’m struggling to give up meat because if I eat salads they just go through me fast. I have found meat soups seem to help. Have you seen clients heal their digestive tracts and overcome Diarrhea by eating raw? Thanks for all your information. I find it so thought provoking. A different approach to health. Nice.

  • when my adrenals crashed I ended up in the ER with stomach pains. Peritonitis..I almost died..they wanted to do a colon resection right there.. I said no, made them discharge me. After many drs and then a FMP I found out that my stomach acid was so low I was not breaking down food at all..I take enymes and probiotics and am very careful what I eat. No food is worth that again.

  • Hello dr berg, how many tablet should I take before my meal and can take digestive enzymes and hcl together? Thank you waiting for your reply.

  • Nowfoods pea protein substitute if can’t eat meat from very low stomach acid/gerd? And Redmond’s real salt. Also lifeway kefir, sauerkraut, nowfoods 10 strain 50billion probiotics should help too??

  • Absolutely vastly important! B12 and the problems associated with low stomach acid leading to pernicious anemia and brain disfunction!! Thank you Doctor!!

  • No gallbladder and just recently had a Hysterectomy low stomach acid symptoms has gotten worse. I ate oatmeal for a whole week because it was the only food that didn’t upset my stomach. Even plain water at times just send me into a gassy spell.

  • Low acidity is a highway for bad bacteria.
    Human stomach ph should be 2 (like the carnivores).
    Then the duodenum raises the ph to 7 for the small intestine.

  • i dont know what happen to me.
    I had a serious stomcah problems not the worse pain but the heartburn and the vomit. so i decided to take pantopprazole for 2, 3 month. i keep contineu for one and 5 days but the condtion of my stomach turns into worse even i can eat the boil food. So i stop to take the pantop and be in natural way. the pantop has make my stomach acid totally zero. but it was working when i had more acidity.But i am in confuse now, what should i do?
    i am having simple food no medicine but the probiotic. I dont know i am going on right way or not?

  • A quick question, I take betaine hydrochloride before meal and if I get 5 tablets i feel uncomfortable, but not that warmth sensation in the stomach, so I get 3 or 2 now. On the package says to get 1 during the meal, why it says to get 1? How does it really work?

  • Damn, you look really good in this video visually, the clothes, glasses, everything, very appealing to the eyes:O Anyway, fantastic video, +1:)

  • Yeah, i had worms and candida both can go together. I gained a stone after killing worms and eggs with Diatomaceous Earth and clove capsules for 1 month. I had these issues for 20 years until i found out myself as docs in the UK are useless!

  • My general practitioner says that its not possible to have too little stomach acid. I got typical GERD symptoms and they keep giving me prazoles to surpress the acid. Is there a way by blood tests or any other clinical way to test if you got too little stomach acids? Then I can ask the doctor to test for it. Thanks!

  • One of the issues for low stomach acid is salt restricted diets like Im typically used to.. There’s chloride in salt which in turn helps produce hydrochloric acid.. Celtic sea salt is the only salt I can tolerate.. Everything else seems like pure garbage..

  • Amazing video!
    Thankyou for everything you do.
    It would be cool to see a video on osteoarthritis (how to manage and hopefully reverse) and your recommendations.
    As a lot of people promote collagen based products; bone broth; Chondroitin/glocusamine. Your opinion and specific dietary advice would be really interesting. Loving your content as always.

  • Hey Peggy ��
    How are you? Just had a question for you. Why did you change your mind about ACV being good to raise HCL levels?
    Also I’ve been thinking about making a carrot, ginger, apple juice in the evening to help with this. Is it ok to do that even though I’m already on the celery juice in the morning?
    Thank you for everything and blessings ��❤️

  • I have bloating, too much belching and burping, gas, flowback food, I did endoscopy and nothing was find, is it low stomach acid? Please help thanks