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MIND KEY: The benefits of forest bathing and proximating nature for reduced anxiety and optimal crea

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How Forest Bathing Could Improve Your Health. The secret to better health might be found in the forest. Research shows spending time among the trees is linked with a host of health benefits from reducing stress, pulse rate and blood pressure to boosting mood.

Physiological stress is reduced, for example, and both blood pressure and heart rate are lowered. Evergreens—pine, cedar, spruce, and conifers—are the largest producers of phytoncides, so walking in an evergreen forest seems to have the greatest health benefits. Forest bathing also is found to boost the activity of natural killer cells, which help fight off infections and cancer.

The aromatic substances. Here are five ways forest bathing can impact your health: Improved sleep. As part of a series of studies conducted between 2004 to 2012, Dr. Qing Li, a leading researcher in the Stronger immune system.

In 2009, one of Dr. Li’s studies also found that participants who spent time outdoors. Lately Shinrin-yoku has garnered more attention for its ability to increase relaxation and reduce stress.

Some researchers say that the health benefits of forest bathing may be attributed to organic compounds called phytoncides that are given off by plants and allow those who breathe them in to achieve a more relaxed state. Forest bathing has both physical and mental health benefits. According to Dr.

Li, forest bathing can boost the immune system, increase energy, decrease anxiety, depression and anger, and reduce stress and bring about a state of relaxation. ‘Forest bathing is mindful time spent under the canopy of trees for health and wellbeing purposes Gary Evans, Forest Bathing Institute One UK study, carried out by. We might just call it a walk in the woods.

But to the Japanese it is known as shirin-yoku, or ‘forest bathing’. In Japan a gentle walk in a forest has become a recognised form of relaxation and/or stress management activity in Japan and is regarded as having similar health benefits to natural aromatherapy. A two-hour forest bath will help you to unplug from technology and slow down.

It will bring you into the present moment and de-stress and relax you. Numerous studies I’ve conducted have shown. Forest bathing can reduce hypertension and promote heart health, as pointed out by a study conducted by Kobayashi et al. on 19 middle-aged males with normal-high blood pressure levels.

List of related literature:

Beneficial effect of forest bathing on elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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By adding the health benefits and aromatherapy to your bath you are affecting all the senses that the body uses to relax.

“Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Plants” by Marla Purcelley
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Moreover, the forest environment enhanced positive emotions, and this directly benefits the immune system.

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Research studies have indicated that CHG solutions used for daily bathing decrease the incidence of HAIs.

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A study by Li (2010) found that a 3‐day forest visit had positive effects on the immune system up to 30 days later.

“Applied Tree Biology” by Andrew Hirons, Peter A. Thomas
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Nature vibrates with its own joy of life in which we can share and, indeed, essential oils produced under such favorable conditions appear to have a more beneficial effect on the sick or wounded than those distilled from plants subjected to polluted growing conditions, chemical adulteration, or negative thought forms.

“The Fragrant Heavens: The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood
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Therefore, environmental health interventions such as new sanitation facilities, sustainable access to sufficient safe drinking water and personal hygiene are three major factors that contribute to enhancing public health in developing (or lowand middle-income) countries.

“Clay's Handbook of Environmental Health” by Stephen Battersby
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This is a great video but it is really about a pilgrimage not forest bathing. It’s a great video though! You inspired me to do the pilgrimage.

  • Dr. Qing Li.. read about your concept of ‘shinrin yoku’ in a tabloid, it instantly resonated. Will read your book too and will include the practice in my weekly routine. This simple concept of surrendering and connecting with nature is priceless! Thank you.

  • whew I thought this was going to be a naked bath, so glad I didn’t have to cover my eyes! �� great advice Ken. awesome sunset btw ��

  • I always felt the serenity and mental health benefits of being out in nature (especially the forest). I didn’t know it had physical health benefits too when you go barefoot. Awesome

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  • @ 2:10: “For example Shinrin-Yoku can reduce blood pressure”, etc. The subtitles read “senior” instead of “Shinrin -Yoku” in which the syllables are run together.

  • I was in forest when I received notification this video has been uploaded.. On top of Kheerganga!! Forest truly heals body, mind and soul!!

  • Just bought your book….expecting a new great journey in my life….and expecting more people with the same kind to become friends…Thanks in advance…

  • It’s lovely sir.. I am also reading your book forest bathing: Shinjinee yoku which I think is the must book to read for all who love nature

  • Conclusion: people need to stop chopping and burning down forests, and planting much more trees, and wandering through them. A very tall order indeed.

  • Thanks for the wonderful video.  I am fascinated with Forest Bathing  and although it was common in my childhood days to go for hikes in our nearby Ravine area, children nowadays do not have “going on a walk” on the top of their agenda.  Most of the time, it involves the computer or handheld devices then TV.  When we talk about going on a hike, our children react as if the experience is life threatening “No No No!”  Nevertheless, when they get to the woods, they don’t want to return back to the car!Christopher  Cirino, DO

  • Dr. Qing LI, I’m reading your wonderful book right now! I love it!! what a book! Thank you so much! I opened a Meet Up Group, Walking Meditation in the Forest in Long Island NY, and every weekend we get together in the woods to practice Shinrin Yoku.

  • I just came across your channel.
    Thank you for opening the trail and for teaching me how to show people the universal truth of being one with nature.

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  • Loved this. Beautiful sights, and so wonderful to see your approach to the journey as a detox. Thinking of showing this as part of a lesson to urban planning students on designing with nature. Congrats on the journey and the film.

  • I totally agree with u.. i feel more connected with forest and hill.. rivers.. nature.. when i get into the wild.. i feel like im in peace… My soul gets rejoice by the sounds and the beauty..

  • Awesome video, beautiful scenery, definitely a place I would like to add on list of things to do. I will however say this that I love nature and at least 2 to 3 times a week I go hiking in the mountains. I cannot find my balance with technology but I can find my balance with the body and why I do this. I definitely have seen the difference, especially when I stopped hiking for 6 months, my body took a downward spiral, I was more stressed, performing low, I aged faster and so much more. I did get back into it and why I do it more frequently. I call it my detox session from society, tech, friends, family the whole lot. I can say that my stress levels are far lower and I don’t stress so easily anymore.

  • hi bear and Ken…. looks like you two had a great time. Hey Ken I think that squirrel wink at me. You better be careful I think he’s planning something.. you know you have to watch out for those ninja squirrels…. cool you were using the ultimate hiking staff. Did you get a chance to use the torch?. that tea sure looks good… I’m almost out of mine. Yep I’ve been drinking it.:-) I think I will take your advice and have a forest bath tomorrow. I’m hoping a rain storm will blow it while I’m out there. Another excellent video Ken. I enjoyed viewing it.

  • I subscribed to your channel because this is one POWERFUL film. It is also TRUE. Better than any man-made drug or money spent on therapists. God HEALS in NATURE. TRUE. You joined in 2007…. 27… ��������������1111.

  • another great video Ken, what a relaxing way to be, its alway amazing how much good energy mother nature gives to us if we are open for it, thanks for sharing my friend, have a great weekend, Taro

  • Hello Nitin, I have the same feeling as you. For years nature have been a healing for me and and an inspiration for me to compose music. Nature brings a person to sense as nature is a teacher. Here I have create some music and added your website link for others to be aware of your great efforts. We are all same as we all are from different countries, yet each country have it’s own forest which is sacred for us humans to protect and this is home to our animals….. Greeting from Malaysia

  • God cannot be found in temple and churches..The presens of nature will eliminate the need of God… existace is real,worshipp the the existence…
    That s what I feel

  • Once again Ken, thank you for sharing the wonderful world that belongs to all of us, but so few of us enjoy nowadays. Your videos are very inspiring.

  • TYVM!!! for this wonderful video!!! I have been clean and sober over 8 years now. Nature is so important to me, it keeps me grounded and centered. You are a very beautiful person my friend.

  • This is the very reason I cannot stand hunters! Murdering animals just because they can!!!! Animals give so much, we give them death in return. Sick and disgusting!

  • This channel is full of adventure and wisdom.
    I’m glad to be here as a guest.
    Your Vidos are works of art full of wisdom
    Thanks for the effort Ken
    regards Harald (Harry)

  • voice was soothing and words have meaning. go and sit inside a forest. be still and do not think. just feel the serenity of Nature.

  • Personally, I don’t think this video clip has anything to do with Shinrin Yoku, which is more about absorbing nature, finding a quiet place and space, breathing, meditation, and becoming one with nature! Beautiful though some of their photography is, their five-day adventure seemed to be more about physical exertion and completing a marathon, both of which, of course, can stimulate mental highs.

  • Ok. I absolutely believe this. But there are those who will call this nonsense. There any sources that confirm this? Peace won’t come from one side attacking the credibility of the other but acceptance on both sides that a change in approach is necessary.

  • Ken, loved the peaceful video. Question: In all your video’s I don’t think you have run onto another hiker. Ive never found that seclusion myself in TX, its always crowded. How do you do it buddy??

  • Isn’t it terribly sad that such a beautiful and true video has only 100k views, while brainless and dumb “comedy” videos like pranks and loads of stupid clickbait get like millions of views each day? For me… there is no cure for this anymore. It just seems like it’s too late and getting worse. But I deeply believe that there will always be people who trust our true inner selves and never forget who we really are. I can’t remember who said it, but: “If you cannot save the whole world, at least save yourself”:)

  • Being outdoors…….. A very addictive medicinal thing for me! I always feel cleansed after spending time outdoors, but my family always says I stink when I come home…. What’s up with that 😉 Was that the hammock from Bill? Looked pretty comfortable!!!!

  • “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” Bob Marley

    11:45… Perhaps you GOT to experience a beautiful Japanese forest in the rain? You got to experience it differently than the other 4 days, and could have enjoyed it for what it was? Maybe not a “bummer” not something to complain about? Perhaps drop the negativity?

  • Trees, soil, water, animals, birds…whatever!!! I feel affiliated to them…i feel that I belong that race.. I never wanted to live a life where people are with greedy when the world has needy.

  • I wonder if it is possible for us to go on our way separating from nature, simulating the pozitive efects of nature uisng drugs. This is what we should do I think

  • Beautiful film and an important message. I would love to know more about the scientific research that supports it. At 1:16 it says ‘It has been scientifically proven that when you are in nature your brain behaves differently’. I am happy to believe this, but it would be good to know who conducted the research and the peer-reviewed journal in which it was published.

  • Wow, what a beautiful video this is! I expected a little forest bathing video, but this turned out to be much more than that. It was about a spiritual journey by connecting with nature, which is what Japanese pilgrimage is all about. Shintoism is not about one God telling you how to live your life, but paying respect to all elements in the nature, including something not particularly pleasant like cold rain and hard climb on a steep hill. So you experienced everything during this trip. I really wish this would be a longer video.

  • We should advance our society. We need to combine Nature and Urbanization. We need flying machines and we could remove too much roads. We can fill this place with grass

  • Very informative, I did a hike video a couple months ago talking about the health benefits of being in the woods. Great job on how in depth you went with it. I just touched based briefly

  • Truth and beauty…Thank you for creating this beautiful video, it’s message is sorely needed at this time of nationwide suffering and pain. Nature can truly heal and nurture our wounded hearts and rebalance our mind. Peace and Love -rj

  • Not Matt here, but his partner of 16 years.  I was fearless in the woods as a younger woman, but not so much now.  I grew up in the wild, green areas of Oregon by the great rivers there and had a loving grandmother who allowed me to bring home wild animals, ducks etc. that  I managed to catch (only six years old at the time), yet  she always made me release them.  She would say,  “They are wild creatures.  How would you like to be captured and made to live in a crazy way?  Put it back, darling.”  Aren’t we all living in a crazy way now?  At least in urban life?I had an incredibly stressful night.  My neighbor was beaten up by her partner and showed up at our home with the photographs.  She thanked me for calling the police.  I hardly slept last night.  The “virtual tour” in your video helped me so much.And, now, I’m off to do some sea and forest bathing.  Is there a Wild Craft Group or a Woodsman/woman School and Guide service in Ventura County, CA or vicinity?  I’d love to make a forest tea, but not to poison myself.

  • It’s not about the destination, and trying to get there; it’s about taking your time, lollygagging in the forest for hours on end…….
    Like the way Japanese lollygag in the ��…
    This vid was like an army boot camp, 60 second shower! ��

  • Uum, that is a big gator, Do they go far up on land? Or do they mostly stay by the water? I sure hope that squirrle does not venture to close to that water.

  • Good information. If you guys want to enjoy woods and prairie better, learn to identify the plants, grasses, trees, vines, etc., along with their benefits to humans and wildlife. If we don’t know they exist, we won’t be able to protect them. They’ll go extinct, and we won’t even know.

    Also, it’s not that hard to start a pocket prairie. It really irritates me that the largest crop we grow in America is lawn grass.

  • What’s ironic is that his book is huge for nothing, he uses pages of the book for full pictures and texts only takes small space of pages. You’re wasting trees dude

  • Hi Ken!  That’s one of the best hammocks I’ve seen.  Theodore Roosevelt loved nature and we can attribute many famous parks to him.  He also kept the industrialist from ruining America.  Years ago my Yoga teacher would take us to the foothills of the blue ridge where we meditated and exercised in peace.  Have fun and don’t forget your breathing exercises.

  • While I think this is a little weird somehow it does make sense. Earth is designed to recycle water from the ocean into rain, needed for vegetation, numerous benefits of having a plant food diet versus meat, humans exhale hydrogen absorbed by the trees that release oxygen needed for life, sun rays promotes life on earth and vitamin D is extracted from it (health benefits) so there must be added health transferred from the earth to humans. Wow I have never made that connection ���� I live in NYC and I have never walked on grass barefooted in my entire life. Wow….thank you!!!!

  • We should help keep our forest safe, make all sure that all streets have trees help them grow big, towns and cities need to turn into forests too! And in time we shall have clean water again…

  • A challenge of sorts for you Ken. On a future outing, do your cooking and food storage and transportation without any plastic bags or utensils. How did guys like Daniel Boone and Kit Carson get by for days and weeks out in the wild back in their day?

  • Pleasant enough film, but here’s the thing… you both still took your phones with you. Why not just leave them at home? It’s this non-questioning subservience to technology that’s enslaving us these days. It’s not compulsory, we’ve enslaved ourselves! You don’t need to go all the way to Japan to find peace within yourself. Just slow down man, speak SLOWER, I’m exhausted just listening to you.

  • Nature has provided forests as resources for food, shelter, mental healing and rehabilitation as well as environmental protection. Yet we continue on our trajectory of selfishness, greed and disrespect for each other. Why?

  • This isn’t really a video about forest bathing, it’s a video about two people hiking through a forest. Forest bathing is about living in the moment, appreciating the different smells, textures, etc. of the forest, etc. It’s a nice enough video, but it’s not what it says it is.

  • This has to become a part of all human beings daily or at least weekly life. We must reconnect to the earth. The earth needs healing and we need to be healed. This is part of addressing climate change. It’s changing the mentality that we are a part of this earth not separate and that we MUST take action NOW to save life on it.

  • I know that it was my mom who gave birth to me…and I even know that it’s my Mother Nature that is helping for my survival.. Then how come I am tolerating the invaders??

  • I respect the law of man. But def only believe in the law of nature.. I knew it and did it for years, also walking barefoot always in the sandy beach. But I have to say I’m distracted with a toned man without a shirt outdoor. ����

  • I live in the Pacific Northwest near Cape Disappointment in Washington and there are lots of hiking and camping areas with big trees like Cedar, Spruce and Douglas Fir nearby. What I love most about being in the forest is the color, the green does something magical to me, the color green in nature is so healing.  If you can, see the film “Grounded” on YouTube about Earthing because I think you will enjoy it.  Thanks for the video!

  • Beautiful..!!! I get up and watch this video everyday..I become more calm and serene. The soothing music of piano pushes the mind to become more stable and relaxed. The locations are just awesome, beautiful, hewn beauty, alluring, can’t express any better ( Let me know the locations used in this video). I have never commented on youtube, this video deserves that.

  • This is a great mini documentary that has so little views, and with a subject that is more and more important now with more technology coming. I just want to say that I will share it as much as I can, thank you for doing an amazing job of showing all the benefits that those beautiful forest brings. (Sorry for my English) Cheers from Mexico. ����

  • Lol you’re such a gullible young man.
    You parrot any study that excites you.

    “It’s not hippy woo woo” just because you say it’s not bullshit, doesn’t mean it’s not.
    This is pure 100% unadulterated CRAP

  • Thanks guys for sharing! I too have become aware of Shinrin Yoku and try to go to the forest whenever possible. Its benefits are undeniable! ��

  • I typically will go out to a park, 5 minutes away that is mostly forest with a reservoir in the center, and play guitar on one of the rocks that are on the sides of the body of water.

    It’s a lot better than playing in front of my computer where I’d tend to get distracted with it right in front of me (although 90% of what ive learned on guitar has been through the internet)

    But other than the better environment, you sort of have an audience to play to rather than just be inside playing into the walls.

    Even if no one is really on the trails or fishing, for some reason I feel like im playing for the nature around me. So it’s a really nice way to get experience with playing to an audience, which can be nervous for some beginner musicians.

    Also where I typically sit is a bird that get’s pissed off since he/she has a nest just above in the tree next to the rock (i noticed it was made of some fishing line, since a lot of fishers leave some cut line around… clever huh) It makes some irritating sounds (trying to scare me off) but also some pleasant ones. I think it learns by now that no one’s interested in eating the chicks inside.

  • Just got back from a 7 day camping canoeing trip from the BWCA today. A friend of mine didn’t make the trip fun and relaxing. He brought all the stress from the city life with him. Your video is extremely helpful. Thank you.

  • Oh man,thats what I need right now. To get away and bath in some nature, thanks Ken for the video. Curious to wye doctors don’t prescribe forest bathing, seems to be the perfect prescription…bill

  • I know I always feel better after a walk in the woods.. I didn’t know there was a scientific reason for it though…
    Great video as ever Ken…always relaxing..
    Take care…

  • Aww, I like seeing lil Teddy Bear in your videos, and nice tribute to President Roosevelt for all of his work.
    Awesome filming with your nature bathing, really lovely and I enjoyed your historical and cultural information. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. All the best, Stella

  • I always feel most relaxed and at home while lost in the woods camping and hiking, feels like we live in a concrete jungle nowadays, great video thank you so much for sharing:)

  • There are dangers in the woods that should be taken into consideration. Never go alone and preferably go in groups of three or more, have a PLD, 1st aid kit and a means of self defense. Always tell someone where you are going, when and the time you expect to return. Prepare your pack for an overnight stay in case of emergency and don’t go off the path. Respect private property and land that is posted as no trespassing and don’t leave trash behind. Then ENJOY:)

  • Ok. So tl;dr since I stumbled across this trendy thing. Get into nature, focus on life in the moment and in nature, slow down, and do what people have realized they needed to do for thousands of years. Tree hugging, holding, fondling not necessary. That’s it. That’s all it is.

  • Amazing. I have known for years that I always needed a walk in the woods to re-set. It is where I feel best. Now Dr. Li you have shed new light on things for me. Thank You! I also wanted you to see what we are up to at my company the first and only LIVE Moss Walls We are now adding essential oils with hope our misting system will potentially provide a phytonocide effect to the indoor air space and boost killer cells for the inhabitants. If nothing else, our live moss and water feature are pretty mesmerizing on their own. Be well and thank you. Al Benner President Moss Walls

  • hiking sticks, technology. Backpack with build in watertank, technology. flashlight technology. drone, technology.
    You really didn’t get the hole thing at all

  • its hilarious how scientists wonder about the fact that humans feel better in nature. humans are literaly animals and animals live in nature. what we experience now is hell in the most satanic unnatural form also known as civilization. our overlords have created a diabolic system so that every human needs to worship money and work in cities. ofc this is stress for the body. if you bring an animal into civilization they could literally get a heart attack. think about that guys…

  • This reminded me a little bit of the Reese Witherspoon hiking movie Wild!? You also made it look very like the Japanese version of the Kamino a pilgrimage in the Pyrenees across the top of the Iberian peninsula through France and Spain (also with a film and documentary or two about it) in the video!? I do not know if it is like this. But maybe there are similar almost Ignatian retreats but more to do with being away from pressure, social and otherwise, and with altered realities and nature.

  • Wao, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful video, for a moment I’ve that I was in Japan, what a wonderful trip and learning you must have had, I’m recommending this video to my friends, thanks again guys.


  • thank you for your book and getting the message out in such a simple manner. the photos and information is great in such a simple way. thank you so very much. totally agree. great gift for the holidays.

  • Very nicely done Nitin. So happy to see one of our Certified Forest Therapy Guides in this video. We’ll feature this video in an upcoming blog from

  • Wow, so narcissistic; I lived in ����for 20 years, and did this stuff usually on a weekly basis, and in certain seasons on a daily basis. I didn’t need to broadcast it to the world… But, whatever…

  • Great video! Living in Japan for the past 13 years and have always wanted to do Kumano kodo. Beautiful shots and insights. Thanks for posting!:)

  • I read every subtitles in this video, carefully. My job is travel agent, travelling many tour attractions but now, due to covid-19, It is not as easy as before. I would like to express “my thanks” to this video. Thank you very much.