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How Bad Sleep Sabotages Your Fitness Goals 1. ALTERED METABOLISM. A recent study recruited metabolically healthy, normal-weight subjects and changed their 2. HIGHER CORTISOL LEVELS. Cortisol is the hormone most related to stress — it surges when you’re feeling frazzled, but 3. CHALLENGED GUT.

A lack of sleep can affect your mental strength, meaning it can totally squash your motivation to stay active. From a major lack of energy, to decreased focus, to lower alertness and concentratio. November 4, 2017. 10 Comments. In addition to proper nutrition, hydration and recovery days, sleep can be one of the top factors that can make or break your fitness performance.

In a recent study looking at sleep quality and athletes, researchers noted that people who are in training tend to experience more sleep issues than non-athletes, due to training load and stress. Lack of sleep has also shown to increase cortisol which can cause you to break down muscle and increase your appetite. While we have discussed some of the fitness related concerns with lack of sleep some of effects on your health are much more grim.

Whatever your goals are, bad sleep is a wrench in your machine. Let’s look at what goes on under the hood when we stop sleeping well, and what we can do to get our engine humming again. Sleep and Fat Loss. You may have noticed that not sleeping well has some interesting effects on your appetite. Many people report that they feel hungrier.

On the flip side, not getting enough sleep can actually make exercise feel harder, a study published in the journal Sports Medicine found. (8) Sleep deprivation won’t affect your cardiovascular and. 3. YOUR BLOOD SUGAR TAKES A NOSEDIVE. Even though you’re sleeping, your body still needs calories to repair cells and maintain normal functions like breathing.

During sleep, your body turns to fat to fuel most tissues and to glucose to fuel your brain. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually train your body to run on less sleep and anybody who says they can is just plain kidding themselves. The fact is, if you sleep for less than 7-8 hours a night, your mental and physical performance will begin to suffer. Blame biology if.

Sleep Sabotages Gym Time Unfortunately, the disastrous impact spreads beyond diet and into your workouts. No matter what your fitness goals are, having some muscle on your body is important. Muscle is the enemy of fat—it helps you burn fat and stay young.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. You stare in the dark at the numbers glaring back at you on your alarm clock. It is 3 a.m., and the makings of another night of interrupted sleep and frustration.

List of related literature:

She warns that pushing the limits in training and at work at the expense of sleep will ultimately compromise performance.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

A recent review of literature concluded that shiftwork, which tends to disrupt sleep patterns, is associated with a negative influence on skeletal muscle health, including a decrease in muscle protein synthesis and elevations in proteolysis (2).

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

Sleep remains a forgotten component of fitness and the number one element when it comes to recovery.

“Get Your Mind Right: 10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential and Ignite Your Success” by Todd Durkin, Mike Yorkey
from Get Your Mind Right: 10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential and Ignite Your Success
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Poor sleep may inhibit recovery from training and predispose to injury, and

“Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement
from Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine E-Book
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More recently, effects of 24 hours of sleep deprivation on weightlifting performance were examined in national standard collegiate weightlifters.

“Sport, Recovery, and Performance: Interdisciplinary Insights” by Michael Kellmann, Jürgen Beckmann
from Sport, Recovery, and Performance: Interdisciplinary Insights
by Michael Kellmann, Jürgen Beckmann
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Researchers speculate that sleep helps improve athletic performance because during SWS growth hormone is released which stimulates muscle growth and repair, bone building and fat burning, and therefore helps athletes recover.

“How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive” by Neil Stanley
from How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive
by Neil Stanley
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(High fitness makes it possible to perform on less sleep.

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
from The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
Free Press, 2005

Their study suggested that those who don’t disengage from unachievable goals likely suffer sleep disturbances, which increases your risk for all the aforementioned health concerns.

“The Next Happy: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find a New Way Forward” by Tracey Cleantis
from The Next Happy: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find a New Way Forward
by Tracey Cleantis
Hazelden Publishing, 2015

It also gives your subconscious a chance to embed your goals during your seven to eight hours of quality sleep.

“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse: The 7-Day Reboot for Unlimited Energy, Rapid Weight Loss, and the Prevention of Degenerative Disease” by Ross Bridgeford
from The Alkaline Reset Cleanse: The 7-Day Reboot for Unlimited Energy, Rapid Weight Loss, and the Prevention of Degenerative Disease
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Sleep is absolutely critical to athletic success, and yet some athletes intentionally shorten their sleep time in order to fit more stuff into their daily lives.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible: The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide
by Joe Friel
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  • Mental strength under duress is very useful. Sleep = hard rest. You only need around 4 hours of hard rest throughout every 24 hours.

  • In order to stop eating food i shouldn’t be eating cause it was too hazardous for my health i literally started thinking about it like poison and then thinking about the potential worse case scenario it would cause me if i continued to do so. That along with realizing that it would destroy me long before i actually died from it i got alot better and i’m alot healthier now.

  • We had a Knucklehead CO that for what i heard use to be abused when he was an LT, I guess he was trying to show that he was in control. Anyway this dumbass had us running 5 miles every single day before a deployment, needles to say we had a quite a few soldiers with knee injuries (myself included). And you know what’s the worst thing, there is IDIOTS that still support this…

  • One time I was at an appointment reading a self development book. And when my docter came in they were like: Oh my gosh. You really think you could be extremely successful?

  • You know after about 10 years of self-learning through reading on the internet and trying out different stuff, I can safely say this is maybe the most informative measured take on the subject. Awesome.

  • I am going to try accountability beginning this week. But with 2 others who are of the same mind. Let y’all know how that goes in a few months…

  • I have actually lost 20 lbs (not enough) and saved money (also not enough). But you’re right no one should openly speak about what they want to do. People will just talk down on you because they can’t do it themselves

  • Dude, ever heard of epigenetics? Read, please and read a lot before making statements. Your genetic makeup is not set in stone, genes and by that your chromosomes are flexible. Consciously manipulating your own gene expression is not only possible but preferable to long term health and fitness. The mistake that you made and what people make is that with limited information comes limited power. Applying limited knowledge without limits leads to failure. If I ever wanted to get into car repair, I would first live and breathe every scrap of knowledge about cars and how they work. So when you want to train, what do you do first? Stop spanking that fender with a wrench please.

  • I wanted to go to RASP and ranger school…all the running in basic/AIT and not knowing how to run properly gave me stress fractures which resulted in compartment syndrome. hoping i can bounce back after surgery.

  • Well I told people my goals and down 40 pounds and now I’m telling the world…. 40 more to go… I have found that people analyze things more because they know I’m trying and they are seeing the change… so I’m a way it’s helping me stick to it

  • Your right in as much as if I tell people what I am doing I am less likely to do it. However, I find if someone challenges me as to whether I will reach my goal it sometimes spurs me on. I suppose people are different. Thanks for this video. it has helped me.

  • He is speaking about the average, normal everyday Joe, not someone in a competition or some other exception you guys have found….get the context correct. Most people do not have the time to fight nature, stress, their environment, and their body.

  • Yes! Work your goals. Let others be surprised by your RESULTS. Even then…don’t share your goals.
    These are your goals and you can’t rely on outside approval.,
    or disapproval. I’ve seen people automatically tear down and joke about a friend who wants to lose weight, etc and the goal-monentu. dies in an instant.

  • I know this is late but what is a good way to cross-train. I’m in powerlifting and swimming in my school, and according to this my schedule of powerlifting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and swimming Tuesday and Thursday is bad. I want to be in the middle where I’m strong but have the ability to run a respectable mile.

  • Great video and very true one! I think when people tell you these things, its more about their Ego that is in their comfort zone and started to fear. I experienced it also and maybe those people are here to test us, and test our will. We can’t change others, but maybe we can change our perspective and understanding why these people say that. Like that, eveb those negative comments can motivate us: I m gonna show you!:D And that moment u stop speaking, and start showing!
    Alex, great video, I also study medicine and like the way you understand things and bring out here. Have a nice day!:)

  • I’m so thankful that I have found your channel! I remember my mother once said to me “When are you going to accept that you are always going to be fat?!” It was years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I did end up losing about 90 lbs but I’ve gained 70 back ��

  • Hey Carter, recently found you on instagram and now started watching your videos here. I am so thankful. Over the last three years I gained around 70 pounds and now in a place emotionally and mentally to confront this, take control of my health, and make lifestyle changes. Thank you for your stories and the information you share. I look forward to learning more:)

  • That’s so true and very good video! But I think you should consider using less images during your videos, it was a little distracting. I think it’s actually better to just look at you speaking. Anyway, keep it up!

  • When I tell people I want to pay off my student loans by the age of 30 (debt free by 30!) people say “you’ll ALWAYS be in debt. Student loans are good debt. You’ll always be chasing some sort of debt. That’s just the way it is.” Pshhhhhhhh, I’ll be on the Dave Ramsey Show soon enough doing my debt free scream! Mark my words!

    I must say… once I started telling people how much debt we started with when we got married, and how much we have paid off, I stopped getting as much feedback. Maybe they’re starting to believe that we will actually do it!!

  • For the past four months, I’ve been running a mile in a half 5 days a week within the 10 min.
    Eventually, both of my knees where aching so bad that it was really unbearable. Turns out, it was potellerfemorel pain syndrome. For the past month I’ve been cutting back because of it with some naproxen.
    Right now my left knee is still recovering but my right is pretty much good.
    Hopefully my left recovers soon so I could get back too it except next time, I’ll learn when to take at ease.

  • Alex,

    Can you do a segment on GAINING weight? There is so little out there on that and since that is something you have definitely succeeded at I, for one would like to hear & see how you did it.

    Just went through a breakup with an NPD girlfriend and lost 19 pounds that I could NOT afford to lose in the aftermath…

    I really, really want to put it back. Been eating 5 meals a day and working out kinda sporadically but no joy so far?

  • Genetics isn’t an excuse. A great video is by an asian man who is a marine and he had every obstacle to overcome and he did it. Watch the vid

  • Absolutely agree! I remember before I started losing weight, the headmaster of the school talked to me because I was obese. I told her that I will lose weight and be normal again and she told me that: You’ll never be thin or normal, just be a little less chubbier, fat is your body type. After that I was so hurt as a kid going into puberty, without any good self-knowledge. I would also tell my mother that I will start eating healthier and less and she’d tell me that I say this every day (she was right). Long story short I started doing things to get to my goal and now I am fit and in a very healthy slim weight. It wasn’t my body type or the words I shared with people but my actions and forming new habits.

    My mother, who is not into lifestyle things and “self psychology and philosophy” has advised me to never say to too many people what my goals are because they never happen. Old people in Greece say it’s bad luck and better to keep the goal completely to oneself. Maybe it’s wise to take advice from the “old wisdom”. They are right but maybe with the wrong reasons. Because let’s be honest, the evil eye of that e.g. jealous person won’t make you not take action towards your goal. When I quit smoking, almost two years ago, I did the same. I didn’t tell anyone except my mom and boyfriend because the pressure would be enormous compared to what it was when I quit.

    Once again, great video Alex.

  • Look at any Olympic Weightlifter from china, they’re all under 5’7 and 180lb, skinny but lifting 3 times their bodyweight. Although I love your channel and wanna be sf one day

  • For me I’m trying to lose over 100 lbs I was 295 now down to 206 today I was 204 but hey water weight no biggie. People keep telling me that I’m starting to look sick. How do I look sick at all? I’m still 200+. I’m still in the obese range. I still have a stomach and I look sick are you kidding me. This is why I stopped telling people my goals for my life.

  • “Skinny people can’t get huge”
    Ok, right, no one’s ever successfully bulked before, it’s all a lie, either you’re born big or not.
    Just eat 3x more if you can’t gain weight.
    Seems like you simply gave up on getting strong because you wouldn’t eat enough.

  • People said that I was wasting my money on the things I said I needed to buy for my business. Right before I was about to purchase it…. I felt doubt because of them right before I purchased it, but said fuck it and bought it.

  • #8 pec tears hurt emotionally more than physically. If you shred a tendon and don’t see doc in time, say goodbye to getting shredded. ��

  • I´m surprised by the second “mistake” you mentioned. Don´t fight your genetics. I´ve served for quite a few yrs and from my experience, fighting your genetics is exactly what you want to do. If you´re a skinny guy that can get a great 10k time, then run less and do more strength work. Always address your weaknesses, you´re strengths needs to be maintained or slightly improved but never go full out on the things you´re great at already.

  • Hi Alex! What should I do if someone asks me about my future goals, such as friends, teachers and so on. I don’t want to be rude ������

  • I will watch this again with pen and paper at the ready to take notes then act. This is too valuable to let it pass. Thank you Alex.

  • Dude I was literally just talking to my friends about a bet I made to get in shape. Oh well, I HAVE to get it done anyways, otherwise I’ll have to admit I failed (my ego is waaaay to big for that)

  • Anyone training for SpecOps should follow Jeff Nichols’ programs. He is an exercise physiologist and is also a former DEVGRU operator. He has almost 20 years of experience in exercise physiology and is one of the best in the world. He weighed around 200 lbs (5’ 10”) when he went to BUDS but was still able to do around:
    160 pushups2 min
    160 sit-ups2 min
    I don’t recall his numbers on pull-ups and run times but i remember them being very fast. I was extremely impressed with them because I remember wondering how a 200 lb guy could run and swim that fast. He also said that although BUDs is the hardest selection program in the world (91%-98% attrition as of now), that is wasn’t too bad for him. He actually said he prepared so good that it was easy most of the time physically.
    He said as all the other guys were grunting and making faces, he was sitting there calm and that the worst part of BUDs was that it was boring. That was around 20 years ago. Imagine how much better his programming is now. My advice for anyone that listens is that I would watch all his videos. Most are on Stew Smiths YouTube channel. Also do all the programs, working on your weaknesses first. On his website under FAQs, there is a lot of info to get you started. Once you do these programs (1.5-2 years total) I would do Stew Smiths’ 12 weeks to BUDs. Out of all the men he used it on (40), all of them successfully completed BUDs. It’s an advanced program, so I would recommend doing Jeff’s stuff first. I found it easier to progress with Jeff’s programs than Stews, but that could just be me as I was not fit at all when I started. Wish you all the best!

  • Soda must really have had a hold on you. lol. Also,  your graphics were quite literal rather than your usual amusing creative style.

  • Leave it up to the Beastie Boys to turn a sqeeky toy into an instrument. The whole thing is pure genius and worthy of something… Hall of fame…yata yata

  • at first you annoyed me posting videos on such a range of topics, as if you were an expert on everything. but the content speaks for itself. this is a great video and the key to successful and sustainable dieting. it really is mostly about changing your mindset so you’re not working against yourself with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, focusing on what you’re “sacrificing” instead of your goal. not to mention mindsets as far as patience, discipline, self-acceptance etc. thanks for the great videos you’re becoming one of my favorite channels

  • “You have to change your level of awareness of your nature, you have to change your nature”

    Here is my perspective on change: In order to change, you have to first realize you cannot change. Once you realize that your nature is who you are, only then can you accept that you are ALWAYS going to naturally feel the way you do. Once you accept that, then you are capable of accepting that you can discipline your nature to change your actual actions. Your nature will always remain the same, the difference is your ability to accept that your nature is sometimes wrong and then choose to do the right thing. You have the choice to discipline your nature, but you don’t have the choice to change your nature.

    Just my thoughts on the topic! Good video John

  • I like this one because I am one hundred percent guilty of this.

    My parents are paying for me to go to school so when I tell them I want to be a musician/rapper I never get a positive response. It’s usually a series of lectures spanning the next few weeks on why that’s not feasible.

    Idk why I would think it was a good idea to to tell my parents this in the first place but it’s likely along the lines of what you were talking about with wanting to feel a little satisfaction just by telling someone.

  • Love this song, always will, but HOLY HELL did I ever get sick of seeing that video back in the day. It was this, hootie and the damn blowfish, soundgarden black hole sun, fantastic voyage, when I come around, and NIN closer were all played at least once an hour on both mtv and vh1. I know some of you out there remember that time well…..

  • With all the posts about Trump sabotaging the USPS and the 2020 election here, let’s not forget that he’s sabotaging the climate as well. (And along with it, human civilization, Western, Eastern, and everywhere in between.) Not only by ignoring and denying the climate crisis, but by actively making it worse most recently, by moving to repeal an Obama-era methane-leak regulation that even the fossil fuel companies want left in place!

  • Love your videos John, discovered you through the entreprogrammers podcast.

    Question for ya related to this video, and maybe it’s worth a video of it’s own: when trying to put positive change like this in place, and you inevitably fall off the wagon so to speak, what can you do to get back on ASAP to prevent the slip from becoming something long lasting or permanent? Thanks!

  • Beastie Boys Sabotage

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    Songwriters: Adam Horovitz / Adam Nathaniel Yauch / Michael Louis Diamond

    Sabotage lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

  • Look at pictures of people in concentration camps in Germany, no one was fat. Point is, bad genes just mean you need to work harder and smarter. Fat is simply energy that has been stored, too much energy input without enough energy output and you WILL get fat.

  • the rap style word structure is tough to fit in there…it sounds struggled a little bit…thats a major issue, dont ignore that, in fact that’s all i would look for for a long time, until 1 day i wasnt even in the music, hahahaha…however, the song has depth in the [wwhhyy]…and you appear to not mind too much about your appearence to others, which will help you be present to others, but youll be blind & deaf when you get there, but oh well right?

  • I get what this guy is saying, but to the people that are blindly following this guy’s rhetoric without reading up on it just because he was specops.. you guys are perpetuating ignorance and are part of the problem. Nothing is more incorrect than saying something like “if you’re skinny, don’t try to become a powerlifter” are you serious? discouraging pseudoscience is bound to piss people off. Also the image @ 1:24 with the “different bodytypes” like ectomorph etc, that’s been known to be untrue for years. Genetics are one thing but no one is walking around thinking doing a bunch of cardio is going to get them built like a brick shithouse. There’s a lot wrong with this video and I’m only halfway through it. @ 3:30 “This sends mixed signals to your muscles” really bruh. Lifting heavy tears your muscles and gets built back bigger if you’re consuming enough protein..all cardio does is burn calories which will only limit gains if you’re not eating enough to counteract it. Ronnie Coleman does literal hours on the treadmill a day.. he’s one of the biggest dudes on the planet. I’m done nitpicking but come on man, you could’ve made this video a lot better.

  • I will be preparing for a very strict selection in the army (french here). Very good endurance is required, as well as good strenght because the physical tests require strenght exercises (e.g. pull-ups etc.). What kind of training would you recommend? Should I emphasize more on the endurance side or on the strenght side? I agree with what you said, because every time I focused primarily on strenght I experienced poorer performances on the running field, and vice-versa. I don’t care about getting big or aesthetics, I just want to pass. I can easily gain muscle but I would say my “natural me” is more on the thin and light side.
    Thank you for your valuable experience! Hope you will respond to this.

  • switching from binge eating junk food to binge eating healthy foods helped me get started losing weight. My goal is to use less and less cheese on my veggies week over week.

  • I run only once every week and I only run sprints on dry land. Instead of the classic run, I decided to swim. I swim 3 times a week, in the sea all spring, summer and half of autumn, and in the winter I swim in a big city pool.I’m sorry that when I was younger I didn’t immediately replace running with swimming. I feel a lot better now when I swim, I even have better results in boxing now when I stopped running for kilometers.I think that swimming long distances is much better than running long distances, it simply destroys the body much less, and the effects are at least better when swimming. At least for me it is so

  • Running everyday won’t lead to knee injuries (1 mile a day at 10 minute mile pace won’t do much). Running at a high intensity, running long distances, pushing yourself to your limit, and doing HIIT everyday will, especially of you don’t recover properly

  • I tell people that I need to lose 20 pounds and they say oh no you look just fine the way you are I said it’s not about the way I look I know I look okay it’s about being healthy my healthy weight would be 20 pounds lighter so I don’t know if that’s a jealousy thing and they want to just keep me fat like they are I don’t know but I need to quit saying it and just do it cuz people always try to talk you out of things that you know you really need to do and I wanted to start up a business that I know would be great in my area. And they say oh no it would go bankrupt. why are people so damn negative and just hatters

  • not really the most accurate advice. If you are skinny you can definitely become a body builder or power lifter. Genetics will not prevent someone from gaining muscle or weight if they eat the correct amount of calories. People have variances in their metabolism but it is not usually that drastic of a difference. If you cant gain weight you are not eating enough. There are plenty examples of skinny people becoming massive.

  • Well around 10 years ago I was working a shitty job in the forest. I told a buddy of mine that I wanted to do something much different. He laughed at me and said “huh, you will never get a proper education” That hurt me and stuck with me. It added fuel to my fire. I shortly thereafter took an education as a fitness instructor and thereafter physical therapist. When I got my physio diploma I thanked my buddy and told him that his words back then motivated me (to prove him wrong) and I thanked him. He became a bit confused and didn’t know what to say:)

  • The part about sending mixed signals, this is true… but I don’t think that is a reason NOT to aspire to get good at both cardio and strength. It takes a different mindset. Your splits are no longer weekly and you will make much slower progress. Instead, for me, I have a month split where I train for strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning. Week 1strength focused, week 2 cardio focused, week 3 strength focused and week 4 recovery. All weeks have lifting and endurance and metabolic workouts at various intensity. You have to eat healthy and take rest seriously (rest is both physical and mental) especially sleep. I’ll even take a day off from studying code if I feel worn down because using your brain is taxing. But i’m okay playing for the 3-5 year long term gains rather than get super buff in 6 months or become a fantastic runner in 1-2 year gains.

  • I love that part about self-identity, I’ve found it to be really helpful in moving towards my goals that I’m not going to tell you about:D
    Love your videos Alex, keep up the good work, it’s very appreciated

  • yes i have.. i use to smoke and every time i have tried to quit and told my frndz that would say we dont believe u and literally i could not last a day and same with every thing i wanted to do..but this time i ll keep my comitments secret and see they ll work.. thnks and i may need ur support in this

  • Well that is the problem you cannot get super big and strong when you take breaks to go to those type of courses. Perhaps now that you are completed those schools you can focus on the training to get big.

  • I get what you’re saying about the powerlifter portion. But no, there are plenty of people i’ve seen in the USAPL local and national comps squat bench and deadlift a fuck ton of weight comparative for their BW. I think it is extremely dumb to say skinny people can’t get huge. or skinny people can’t powerlift. I mean for fuck sake you said in your video the person who says it’s possible and the person who says it’s impossible are both right.

  • This is what’s happening to the U.S. Postal Service right now thanks to Trump’s fake postmaster general Louis DeJoy. Fucking sabotage.

  • I was often de-motivated by my colleagues that I will not achieve my weight loss… Therfore, one day, I took a action to politely walk out of that group and be independent. Now That’s working, I’m improving my habits and lost few pounds.. Keeping it consistent is now my ritual:)

  • My parents were amazingly negative at all times. Nowadays I just make up a story in regard to my goals when they ask and just continue.

  • There are so many things that are wrong that this guy said in the video. I dont even know where to begin. Dont listen to people who arent professional/qualified athletes about athletics.

  • People tend to be negative and when they see that someone is doing better than them, they want to stop him, they want him to be average just like them. When it comes to fitness just do your job and don’t tell anybody about your goals, but sometimes you need another people so don’t hesitate to ask for what you want or even more (if they deny, you can ask for less and actually get all of that you want). Don’t say more about your target then it is necessary. Keep your mind open and don’t stick to the rules like ALWAYS or NEVER because there will be exceptions. When it comes to fitness sometimes you can speak about your goals for example to your accountability buddy (if it’s someone you trust) but always be aware about stuff that goes in your mind. Great video and keep it up!

  • 2:20 Tell that to David Goggins. He’s done it all. Skinny HS kid who went up to 297lbs. power lifting. He’s still huge and does Ironmans, Ultra Marathons, Badwater.

  • You deserve more subscribers than you’re getting
    I smoke marijuana, helps me with programming
    but you’re 100% right, if you’re not getting anything done on it, don’t use it.

  • I’ve done this so many times it’s embarrassing. Actually end up feeling like I’m a failure when I don’t achieve what I want. It’s so counter productive. Good video man

  • Bruh, 300 lbs in any exercise is not «natural»?? If you have working sets for deadlift that are below 300 lbs as a man, you are unnaturally weak. I’ve lifted for about ten years now, and even when I was at my leanest back in my army days, I would still have working sets in deadlift of about 400-450 lbs at age 19. And that wasn’t even exceptional in my squad, rather average. Seems like US SF isn’t all it is hyped up to be, when Norwegian 18 year old army privates outlift you.

  • If I was worried about binge eating, I wouldn’t have any food in the house. All my meals would be delivered, on a schedule, picked out from some menu ahead of time. I find the three biggest factors are what’s in your environment, what you focus on, and those very convincing voices in your head. Damn, that self talk is good at getting you to keep those bad habits. You could try arguing with it, but it’s much easier to just go “Well, that’s not around, so let’s focus on this thing instead. It sure is great to feel healthy remember that time in track and field? I had all this energy and was the last one to quit! I want that!”

  • Heh I’ve had the opposite experience. I always wanted to be the fast agile thin person. Finally realized heavy weights is what I’m built for.

  • Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. I really enjoy them a lot and watched like 10 already this week. I am always taking your advice by heart since I am joining the German federal police „Bundespolizei“ this September. Later I am aiming to join their special forces PSA or GSG 9. Therefore I am getting up everyday at 6 am (I have nothing to do since I finished my a levels this year) and going for a 10 km/6,25 mile run in around 50 minutes I achieve that. Afterwards I ride my bike again the same distance in the other direction to workout in my „local“ gym for around 1-2h. This week I got and injured foot after jogging on Monday so I couldn’t do the jogging in the morning but I still went to the gym. Thanks to this video I now can work on myself and my workouts. Thank you very much! ��

  • Take notes at all.3 somatotipes:ECTOMORPH body like BRUCE LEE,MESOMORPH body like CHRISTIAN BALE and CRISTIANO RONALDO,ENDOMORPH body like BROKE LESNAR the wrestler.You all will thanks me.My slogan is get informed and inform

  • Speaking of something like the 6k push-ups challenge, if I wanted to do it again, would it be better to take a break of something like a week or should I just reset the push-up count and restart from zero the day after day 30?

  • Yesterday i told some friends i want to start some activism on making the world a better place and work out ways to show people how to work towards a better future. But the more i talked about it the more they said: you never gonna be able to change anything, dont even try this world is lost. As i kept going explaining my plans it went as far as: “I wouldnt do shit for this humanity” and so on…

    Thats when i thought about this video and you may be right, gonna try to work out my plans first.
    But to reach my goal i have to get some help, so what should i do?

  • Hai Alex you are doing a great job. I’m seeing you as a good friend. From distant lands. You are so inspiring and touching many lives ������

  • Why are you spreading misinformation like this? Did you just wake up one morning and say, “ah fuck it, I’m gonna give out dumb fitness advice”. Like what credentials do you have to make any of these claims?

  • A good video with good info however, the speaker sounded like a dead turtle… He needs to take a public speaking course so as to learn how to motivate others…

  • I’m 160 lbs but 5’9 5’10. I am big boned and wanna run fast because I wanna get 300 on my PFT but literally run my fastest like sprinting a whole mile(lil bit of jogging) and I get motha fuckin 7 min and 18 sec.

  • I played pro hockey
    I stop playing ( I won’t say why here, personal/family reasons)

    I now finaly want to get back in the game or even join special forces / recon like my best buddy.

    Dude, my ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows are fucked.

    Getting back to it but I blame it on bad work out techniques ( I was the dude at 16 benching 3 plates and squatting 4-5 plates).

    Please be serious and smart my young friends.

  • “if you’re skinny and small you can’t get big”
    sorry but I’ve seen a really really skinny guy with 5’5 getting relatively big with huge muscles in less than 2 years. even myself I’m not that tall with 5’11 and I was really skinny fat but in 8 months I’ve gained muscle mass lost body fat and I’m still doing it and I’m not even focusing on my diet, I just quitted drinking soda. I just train increasing the weights as I can and do cardio twice a week.

  • So I should not run daily? I currently am in high school not part of any school activities or sports. I workout after school. I do 120 pushups 150 situps 80 squats and I run 1.5 miles on week days and 3 miles on week ends. Is this ok? I want to be in good shape on the day I graduate high school and I can be shipped out. Is this type of workout good or not so good?
    Edit by 3 miles on weekends I mean on both Saturday and Sunday I run 3 miles.
    Edit again: My muscle never are sore they are just normal.

  • The poor diet, fighting my genetics, not cross training enough, and the never thinking I could do pull-ups were mistakes I made too. The Marine Corps managed to snap them out of me. However, you left out the biggest mistake people make ever. That is not drinking enough water. People often times rely on thirst to tell them when to drink water. If you do that, you’re not hydrated enough. Hydration is the most important factor in terms of physical fitness because the human body can go a few days without sleep and about 3 weeks without food, but can’t go very long without water. Other mistakes you left out are drinking alcohol, undertraining and sleeping too much. Although, I guess alcohol falls under the bad diet part, but you should’ve talked about it as part of that mistake. Not only is alcohol bad for pretty much every organ in the human body, but it’s also empty calories that can result in weight gain, and it interferes with protein synthesis, therefore slowing muscle recovery. It also disrupts your sleep pattern, despite the fact that most people believe it helps you sleep. While it’s important to get a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, sleeping more than nine hours a night is just as bad if not worse for you than not getting enough sleep. It increases risk of stroke and of heart disease. Undertraining is another mistake people make that prevents them from improving. While it’s important to take a couple days off from working out every once in a while, people often just train 1 day, then take a day off. You won’t improve that way because you aren’t pushing yourself enough. Tear and repair is how we get stronger. The best strategy in terms of physical fitness is to push, but don’t break yourself. Doing pull-ups and chin-ups every day as often as possible and taking 2 days off once or twice a month is how I progressed really fast.

  • I’ve been trying to loose weight for years but I struggle with binge eating. I’ve done macros, calorie counting, strict dieting (everything). But I notice I self-sabotage myself when I binge eat and I CLEARLY know I’ll regret this after. I’m trying to understand why I don’t let myself progress because I really want it.

    Personally, perhaps i don’t think im worth it so I self-sabotage. But why?

  • this is a reply for another comment on here, that i think sums up a lot that is either not covered, or is wrong with this video.
    TRAIN BY ENERGY SYSTEM. This video is woefully wrong when it states that “you cant be big and strong and fast as well”. that is simply not true. take a look at the dudes who specialize in the 100 meter sprint and tell me you cant be big and fast at the same time. Hypertrophy of the arms, gluts and hamstrings is absolutely essential to become fast. If you are training for a socom unit, you MUST be fast. Most SOCOM selection courses are GLYCOLYTIC in nature and you must train GLYCOLYTIC.


    Sean is right. You must eat eat eat. 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight… and use casein at night. use compound lifts like the squat and deadlift to help stress the larger muscles in you body. you can learn how to squat properly from

    Next, you need a good program. I highly recommend Jeff nichols (

    ) and stew smith’s programs. They are the real deal. Remember: the most important thing about prep is to not get injured. MOVEMENT MATTERS MOST. a strong athlete with shit form will not be a strong athlete for long.


    Now a good program will run hypertrophy, then strength, then power and speed. You want to get big? thats a great place to start! hypertrophy requires very high volume of movement acompanied by a lot of food! be carful with high volume compound lifts like the squat and deadlift. parameters for programming can be found with chad wesley smith’s you tube page: “Juggernaut training.” I highly recommend a belt squat machine for hypertrophy work if you dont want to end up with major damage to your joints. Good luck!

  • Focus is key! Since I started to focus on my exercices, the Gym took a different meaning to me. Now instead of doing it only for the looks and results, I do it just for the fact that I enjoy every exercise and each rep! Gym is no longer a burden for me. Great video man!