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Less sodium consumed per serving: Himalayan salt is made of the same components as table salt but since the crystal structure is larger than refined salt, and by volumethis salt therefore has slightly less sodium per 1/4 t. servingbecause the sea salt crystals or flakes take up less room on a teaspoon than highly refined tiny table salt grains. Pink Himalayan salt is a much more balanced and healthy choice in comparison to common table salt. True, high-quality pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts you can find. It’s even typically mined by hand. This is very different from table salt that involves a great deal of unnatural interference.

Some people believe that pink Himalayan salt is lower in sodium than regular table salt. However, both types consist of approximately 98 percent sodium chloride. As pink salt often has larger. Celtic sea salt is comparable to Himalayan crystal salt in its composition and health benefits, but it’s a completely different salt that comes from a different source (Brittany, France), has a different color (grayish) and a different mineral makeup.Many Himalayan salt companies say that Himalayan pink salt contains 84 trace minerals, but there is debate that both contain 60 minerals.

Pink Himalayan salt is a type of salt that’s naturally pink in color and mined near the Himalayas in Pakistan. Many people claim that it’s loaded with minerals and provides incredible health. Pink Himalayan salt is made by taking the purest form of the mineral salt, from the earth and squeezing it into a fine, block shape. It has a steely consistency and can easily cut and carve. If you want a more decorative salt that will enhance your table setting, you may want to.

Pink Himalayan salt is a much more balanced and healthy choice in comparison to common table salt. True, high-quality pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts you can find. It’s even typically mined by hand. This is very different from table salt that involves a great deal of unnatural interference. Since pink Himalayan salt is hand-mined and ground, producers of this salt argue that it is even more natural than sea salt.

In terms of its composition, pink Himalayan salt does have traces of. I want salt that is pure and unprocessed. I’ve decided on pink Himalayan salt for my family, but there are other healthy choices out there. Here’s a quick video.

It’s done by Dr. Eric Berg. He shares his medical opinion on which salt is healthier and why.

Himalayan salt often contains trace amounts of iron oxide (rust), which gives it a pink color. It also has small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, making it slightly lower in.

List of related literature:

The pink rock salts like Himalayan salt contain an abundance of iron, which is contraindicated for most men and for women that already have high tissue iron levels.

“Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception” by Roy Dittmann
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Himalayan Salt Packed with minerals often not found in any other form of salt, Himalayan rock salt is known for its light pink color, and it’s growing in popularity by the hour.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
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Himalayan Salt, or Pink Halite, is similar to the salt in your cabinet—both are composed of mainly sodium chloride.

“Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You” by Heather Askinosie, Timmi Jandro
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We tend to use this salt in greater quantity and thus can find ourselves deficient if it is not replenished.

“The Way of the Crucible” by Robert Allen Bartlett
from The Way of the Crucible
by Robert Allen Bartlett
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Himalayan crystal salt contains a very high mineral content with all of the elements found in the human body, and these are easily absorbed and metabolized by the human cells.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
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What is hiMalayaN piNk salt?

“Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way” by Natasha Corrett, Vicki Edgson, Lisa Linder
from Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way
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As an alternative, one can also use a minimal “smidgen” scoop of ionic, unrefined salt mined from deep salt deposits from ancient ocean beds, such as Himalayan salt (called Krystal Salt TM) or Celtic sea salt.

“Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini” by Gabriel Cousens
from Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini
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Himalayan sea salt can be a beneficial source because it contains many minerals, including sodium, calcium, potassium, iodine, and magnesium, with a sodium content similar to table salt but with larger crystals for more flavor.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
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Food producers are often reluctant to add iodized salt because of the widespread misperception that iodine can precipitate adverse sensory changes in their products.

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
from Present Knowledge in Nutrition
by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
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As the government of India and the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency increased attention on the problems of iodine deficiency and the role salt could play to combat IDD, HLL seized the opportunity to become the first to market salt on an iodized platform.

“The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Revised and Updated 5th Anniversary Edition: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits” by C.K. Prahalad
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  • It helps to block WiFi waves & harmful waves from smart meters (maybe 5g waves ) helps for allergies, cold calming effect help to sleep
    better work for us! Pink salt for cooking can add to foot soak or bath too have 2 pink salt lamps and small crystals in small dishes help me with anxiety very relaxing

  • The pink salt mines in Pakistan are very beautiful and the souvenirs that they have are spectacular I’ve got a horse and a dolphin shaped one

  • throw a DR in front of their name even if the MD is something unrelated and people just believe. what he doesnt mention is those minerals comprise of 2% of the pink salt

  • According to Engle it contains 82 minerals. What are these minerals exactly? Are there toxic ones like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and uranium? Let’s send this to a qualified lab for testing.

  • Hi do.. an Italian chemist here on YouTube analized the hymalyan salt and says there is no difference in composition at all with normal salt…do you agree?

  • Another iodine question how much iodine is in sea salt? I know it has some but iodized table salt is advertised. Someone said WalMart has iodized sea salt. I’ll have to look into that product. With sea salt touted far and wide and recommendations against salt by doctors are we slipping backward?

  • Ignorance is bliss is it not, all these comments from people who don’t know a thing about the subject. Do some research, then add
    A sensible comment. It may be for or against but just give a polite, educated opinion please.

  • All of this hippie shit is so vague. They say themselves over and over in this video, the “trace” minerals you receive from buying into this gimmick are only that. Trace. They’re negligible, just eat some fucking fruit and vegetables.

  • As long as it’s your brand on the table I agree only by the pink stuff right?
    But if you’re asking anyone but me and you brotha!
    Salt is salt. Smh haha your a trip please do not take this person seriously

  • Dr. Berg, I’ve been on Keto WOE for one week. I ordered Pink Himalayan salt, but on the bag it says that it,”Does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient.”

  • So.. your a psychiatrist posing as a dietitian… Maybe I should ask my doctor why my check engine light is on… Salt is salt. Any thing to make a buck for your companies no matter what the cost on health. Sodium, no matter what source it comes from will increase blood pressure. No matter what the colour or where it came from. Also the pollution in the air is at much higher concentrations then you could ever get from a little sprinkle of table salt. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Talk to a Registered Dietitian who has spent years studying nutrition and the effects on human physiology.

  • Another 50 years from now the Himalayan mountains will be known as the Himalayan hole. I think its extra salty due to all the tears from the miners/slaves. You can really taste the tasty flavour of exploitation.
    ” I do not actually think this at all in this way or another which i do sometimes think in some way or not another”

  • the main component of himalayan salt is sodium chloride. the mineral content in it isn’t enough to make it distinguishable from regular salt. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Also salt doesn’t absorb pollutants…

  • HImalayan salt contains Tin, which is neither healthy or necessary for the body. Also salt does not ‘soak up pollution in big containers.’

  • Is it possible to drink a tea spoon of the brine without adding water? Would it not be more potent that way? Whats the difference between drinking it right away or within hours or a day?

  • what would be an appropriate daily amount for this salt? i have already abandoned the table salt years ago,i use the himalayan and “flow agent free” solar dried sea salt exclusively.dont want to over do  it,or under do it for that matter.wondering where we got our salt in our diets in the midlands before there were travel routes  and salt marketering and such?

  • Doctor who has studied for years: All salt is the same
    People who just read stuff online: No, it´s not. She is not well informed. She doesn´t know everything. Ignorant.

  • This is a bit dodgey I mean corporate America makes a big buck in selling drugs to the Ill both legal and illegal drugs. Anyways I would not trust solely one American company without more professional advice and research. Btw I found this video by typing himilayan salt.

  • I just found this video after reading up on the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt. My goodness, I don’t know why such a great article with factual information decided to link to this piece of trash video.

  • So wrong to say processed salt and unprocessed salt or table salt and sea salt are so similar. There can’t be a bigger misconception than that

  • What could table salt possibly need besides iodine enrichment? There is only one other table salt that has a purpose and it’s not even mentioned here. Potassium chloride salt (which also has Potassium iodine).

  • anybody that dislikes this video is just a fucking sheep. She’s actually right. People now a days get such a big hard on for disliking and yelling or saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about because they want to seem smarter because they are completely useless and are insecure. If you can’t see how many dislikes this video ahead there wouldn’t be so many dislikes. Try arguing with me, you’ll only prove my point

  • They’re both sodium chloride and although sea salt can contain traces of other minerals the amount varies widely, although probably only very rarely as high as the claimed 15%. Table salt is also a nebulous term if it refers to powdered salt then variously sourced sodium chloride, including from the sea, comes in that form. However salt only causes a tiny increase in blood pressure unless you have a genetic susceptibility, as some populations do. If you’re not one of those people it is not going to give to dangerously high blood pressure.

  • When you hear that “news caster voice” does anyone else just tune out because it sounds completely moronic and is associated with local people who do as little research on any given story as humanly possible?

  • I think this women is wrong for advocating consuming less salt when it’s a proven fact that our ancestors ate a lot of salt compared to what is typically eaten in the American diet. Also the symptoms that people get when eating to much salt could there eating to much in one sitting, there for they are pissing it out before there’s any effect, or that there not getting nearly enough potassium in there diet to balance out there salt intake.

    Anyways just my two cents I would encourage everyone to do there own research because your health should be your number 1 priority.

  • I dont understand why people think they should soak everything they eat in salt. I find no redeeming feature in the processed white salts like table and sea if its white its processed. Other salts like celtic and himalayan MAYBE. I find this to be a problem everywhere i go its hard to eat any food i did not prepare without getting salted to death.

  • I’m of the opinion that we should all have a jar of Sole on the counter.
    YT a video on Sole water in search bar.
    Salt is beneficial to our life.
    From the Bible
    Matthew 5:13
    “You are salt of the earth, but if the salt becomes tasteless, how shall it be seasoned? For it is no longer any use but to be thrown out and trodden down by men.”
    Natural salts any kind is way better than processed and bleached and demineralized
    Common sense

  • Rather than shipping Himalayan salt from halfway around the planet, there’s a salt out of Utah that says it’s from a millions of years old deposit too. Redmond “Real Salt” is not heat processed, not refined, lightly pink, and has an analysis of over 30 trace minerals.
    They even say their operation is solar powered! So if you want to act “local”… I can get it at my grocery chain, but it’s also on amazon.

  • “Trace” does not always mean small. Because certain halogens like iodine are active at extremely low, “trace” levels. Just adding 225mcg potassium iodide to the diet can have a significant impact on thyroid production, energy levels, etc… but can also trigger bromine detox in which case you want Celtic Sea Salt to wash out the bromine more than Himalayan.

  • Is there a Healthy Salt?

    Yes. Yes there is. It is named “salt” and they sell it at the supermarket. In all kinds of variations so you never get bored by it neither.

    What a time to live in!

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  • Will all the rubbish about salt, I gave up adding it to food for years, them with health issues, I now addt pink Himalayan to food and drink salted water, and use in baking, aand my blood pressure and sodium is low, but for years I missed out so much, salt really does bring out the taste of food, so for years I missed out so much, and I use quiet a lot in a day, I know what suits my body

  • BULL! If you stay away from processed foods witch use sodium chloride with zero minerals and use sea salts or pink salt as needed, This would be considered healthy. To much water can kill you. The food industry is arranged to give you a shorter life span. Hormones, Antibiotics in meats are not added for your health. Soy and corn are the highest GMO foods witch are very bad for you, And the Fraud and Deception Agency knows this and give these poisons there seal of approval. Forget living longer, If you just want to feel better while your alive do a little investigating. I still eat the same amount of calories and portions, I just cut out a lot of wheats, grains, and lost 10 pounds. Oh yah, Wheats and grains today are very bad for you. they cause bloating and weight gain.

  • Dont just criticize her. Go and google ‘pink salt is toxic’.
    Like with butter, coffee and almost everything else, there are vastly different opinions

  • reg table salt is stripped of all nutritional value and bleached. himalayan pink salt has 84 minerals and taken from the most uncontaminated mountain in the world and unprocessed. this is nonsense!

  • Trace amounts of microelements ie trace minerals is just enough, you don’t need much that’s why we call them trace minerals. Himalayan is better than pure NaCl, essentially.

  • I went to hospital after 4 months use of #Himalayansalt I had used probably 2 tea spoon daily for cooking (and shoting when it was hot.) Had issues with high blood pressure after 12 weeks and high pulse, daily fever and swollen thyroid glands after just 4 weeks use. I Couldn’t breathe deep in week 11, Twishes and weird stuff with my eyes after only about 2-3 weeks use. But the blood pressure was most alarming in week 13 it was 144/94. I changed my sea salt to Himalayan #salt because everyone says it’s so #healthy.
    Now after 6 days without it I don’t have head ache and I have normal blood pressure again. 107/70. Geez.. #Minerals yeah, but all of them it’s not for human body. It’s for #earth.

  • And himalayan salt is digging from saltmines, which nothing to do with orginal himalayan salt.
    Often that salts contain more heavy metals, even radioactive elements.
    So, better is buying normal table salts,or if have 100% warranty about quality.

  • I have read about cheap brands of Himalayan salt being mined with careless blasting methods that can contaminate the product as it comes out of the ground. If any of you know more about this than I do feel free to comment.

  • Some say sea salt is polluted by plastic waste while other say mountain salt (himalaya) is polluted by dust. Were can we get the non toxic salt ever?

  • If you found any food that labeled as “healty food” it doesn’t mean that you can eat it as much as you want. Just eat it like normal portion of any other food.

  • Thanks Dr. Robbins. Could you actually do a vid on salts. I buy Celtic salts & people think it’s too expensive. Am I throwing away $$ dollars?

  • The only conversation that the pink salt on the table starts when I’m present is a boring explanation of why it’s not healthier than regular salt. I like your positive approach, tho.

  • If anyone thinks sea salt is good for you, think again. The oceans are polluted with micro plastics as well as other unhealthy chemical pollutants. Maybe a hundred years ago, sea salt was healthy, but today it contains too many harmful pollutants. The worst is the French sea salt that so many chiefs say is so good. The Mediterranean is the most polluted sea in Europe. France is the greatest polluter. A great part of the pollutants are emptied into the Mediterranean Sea, by the Rhône River after it has passed through some of the most heavily industrialized areas in the world. It empties into shallow waters and then is quickly harvested by the major French Sea Salt producer, Bale

  • If you have information please give it to the public at least in the comments section. People who are asking about the benefits of the trace minerals in the sea salt, need your attention. Please write a line or two about how significant the trace minerals are.

  • There is no proof that the sea salt has that many minerals because they are typically not measured. Redmonds is also sea salt but comes from Utah.

  • WEll uhh i had a bit to much sea salt, Sea salt straight fron the sea salt grinder wihout food or drinks just salt is a regular snack for me:/

  • What about iodine? Most sea salts don’t have iodine.Would you recommend iodized salt or non iodized salt during prolonged fasting? I am confused. Aren’t you supposed to have iodized salt to stimulate you thyroid and increase levels of t3? When I come off of prolonged fats my thyroid is really low? Thought iodized salt would help.

    Absolutely Love your videos btw. Very well explained and informative! ♥️

  • Why does every major health organization say that this is a myth? I mean I’ve checked like 10 now and I cannot find a single scientific source that confirms that sea salt is healthier than table salt. Though they do admit that there are trace minerals, even if the amounts could be so tiny, that they are almost insignificant.

  • I heard it said that Himalayan salt actually has lots of trace minerals. It was said that the darker the color like say it’s deep red it has more iron and other trace minerals and is very good for you. I highly recommend dissolving just over a teaspoon in 2 L of very warm water and drinking a glass. Sit down and rest until you have to go to the bathroom but drink regular water or even filtered while you’re waiting for the salt water to work. When you finally go to the bathroom, drink another glass immediately after returning from the bathroom and watch how much faster it works next time. Keep doing this after each time you go to the bathroom at least on day one especially if your asthmatic and have excess phlegm production so bad it threatens your airway. The phlegm will vanish and you’ll feel great

  • SORRY THIS IS WHAT I READ FROM MAY CLINIC…Table salt is typically mined from underground salt deposits. Table salt is more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping. Most table salt also has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

    Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, despite the fact that sea salt is often promoted as being healthier. Sea salt and table salt contain comparable amounts of sodium by weight.

    Whichever type of salt you enjoy, do so in moderation. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting sodium to less than 2,300 milligrams a day.

  • I seem to be reacting poorly to Himalayan or other Rock Salts, Ill feel better but have very slow heart rate or some other weird feelings or even crash from adrenal fatigue…I noticed using regular table salt with Iodine has no side effects and definitely helps a lot with adrenal fatigue ever since I was adding it to my food more…I wonder if this is because my body will not process salt without Iodine properly? Or what could be the reason for those bad effects?

  • Yes, you can get high blood pressure from sea salt as well as table salt. The “Flavor” may vary from table salt, to Celtic Salt, to Himalayan Salt but the chemical components are the same. Too much salt = too much salt.

  • I don’t agree, about high blood pressure. Sodium is sodium. Himalayan, Sea or table. The only way I felt better was when I cut sodium intake by 90% (any kind of sodium). Sodium absorbs water, increasing blood volume, which increases the heart rate because it has to pump more blood. Himalayan and sea are still sodium. Maybe has more minerals, but is still sodium.

  • Dr. Berg, I read a science journal that told me that Himalayan salt has around 98% sodium in it… that’s far from your 85%. May I ask where you get those 85%?

  • Yeah, go ahead… eat a low salt diet and get high blood pressure in return. Be put on high blood pressure medication and you’re many times more likely to die of heart complications. Without salt your neurons can’t fire, your muscles can compress. Your kidneys have mechanisms to keep your salt in optimal levels. Your body needs salt. South Korea has the lowest rates of heart problems in the world and their food is quite salty. DONT TRUST BIG PHARMA

  • Holy crap. That lady’s voice sounds like physics by Eugene narrator!

    Salt is important for health, for electrolyte balances and chloride for stomach acid, and no matter the level of consumption, it’s not really a factor of heart disease, or so I am told by those I consider credible, at least in this area. Heart disease is probably caused by excess refined sugar, unsaturated fats and general crap eating and lifestyle.

    Thriving on meat, fat, whole foods, strength training, sleep, work, love and salt thank you very much ��

  • I have been using himalayan pink salt and sea salt but recently purchased this Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt and it says it doesn’t have iodine a needed nutrient. So that prompted me to google search sea salt vs iodized or table salt and I was finding info stating iodized is better that we don’t get enough iodine from sea salt but am a big advocate of himalayan pink salt and sea salt so just wanted your take on this. I want to keep using himalayan pink salt and sea salt.

  • Thanks, I’ve been getting the Celtic sea salt and the REALSALT sea salt and mixing them together. Seems to make a good combination. I’ve read that the pink in Himalayan salt is elemental elemental fluorine from where we get Fluoride. It’s a halogen and is similar in the body as bromine, chlorine etc. Not so good.

  • Too much conflicting information. There are lots of Youtube videos telling us how pink Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals; it stabalizes blood pressure; it does not raise it and it has a lot of health benefits.

  • Yes sea salt does contain trace minerals, such as hydrocarbons from decomposed plastics abundant in the oceans, radioactive isotopes from our wholistic nuking of the oceans, lead, mercury. You can cherry pick the good minerals, but they are not at all abundant in sea salt, with much better sources from green leafy vegies. There is so little iodine in sea salt that it is considered a danger for people prone to thyroid problems. You can try to find iodized sea salt, but I have never seen it. The fact is, it is cheaper to manufacture sea salt nowadays and the incredible marketing of it as a health food makes for enormous markups for the industry. It is not in any way a health food. Eat fruits and vegetables for health and sprinkle small amounts of iodized salt for flavor, and to get that extra insurance from the iodine.

  • Your basing the health benefits you are telling on the fact that sea salt contains minerals that have an positive impact on health but the amount of minerals in sea salt is insignificant compared to the recommended daily intake. You are giving a false impression of the magnitude of the health benefits you are describing for sea salt which I find the same the same as lying. In another video about acne you say that high sugar consumption trigger high androgen levels but the ketogenic diet, which is low in net carbs, has been proved to increase testosterone levels which accounts for their potential to increase fertility.
    I believe most of the things you are describing in your videos has some truth to it but I find it hard to differentiate between the lies and truth you are spouting so I won’t waste my time watching any more of your videos.

  • I thought that regular (table) salt was the sea salt kind. I’m not from America, but where do I get the sea salt? In a market? Cause the table kind salt we buy is from a store.

  • Thank you for clarity.. so much junk out there. Could you do a video on low Red Blood Count and how to get the numbers up and does that always mean it is low iron… Thank you.

  • Normal table salt makes a great de icer lol. My fav to eat is the pink salt in the grinder feom Costco. I definitely crave more salt since going keto.

  • I almost bought one until I did my research. Himalayan salt lamps flat out do NOT give out negative ions what so ever If anything its a placebo. If someone thinks it does something. They need to do a study and ask if they feel better in a room that it MIGHT be in. USB versions are even more of a joke. Iron Oxide gives it its color. It takes energy to strip electrons and a stupid USB isn’t going to do jack shit. People get TO MUCH salt from food nowadays. Take such claims with a grain of… –_

  • why do they call it Himalayan sea salt? i use it a lot and based on what i know it ain’t from sea but some companies label it as sea salt!! maybe am missing something

  • Salt is soon to be discovered. Just like fat is now ok, it turns out we need salt to avoid insulin resistance. And whatever happened to iodized salt…iodine was supposed to maintain thyroid balance….???

  • Really about the high blood pressure? Sea salt could cause you high blood pressure i believe because of the sodium in sea salt?????

  • I almost bought one until I did my research. Himalayan salt lamps flat out do NOT give out negative ions what so ever If anything its a placebo. If someone thinks it does something. They need to do a study and ask if they feel better in a room that it MIGHT be in. USB versions are even more of a joke. Iron Oxide gives it its color. It takes energy to strip electrons and a stupid USB isn’t going to do jack shit. People get TO MUCH salt from food nowadays. Take such claims with a grain of… –_

  • Why do you say sea salt wont give you high blood pressure? All of the other sources I’ve checked say it does because it contains…well…..salt lol.

  • there is a product called Real Salt that comes from a basically untouched mine source. untouched as in no environmental pollutants. any thoughts on this source? it used to be sea salt, then dried up a loooooong time ago.

  • Dr Eric Berg is awesome, one of the great real world nutrition leaders of our time! I stand and salute you Dr Berg! Thank you for helping all of us to make positive changes in diet and lifestyle.

  • Try injecting to your body and you’ll notice the amazing feeling burst of energy right away.
    I also make enema out of Himalayan salts, it helps flushed away the impurities out of my system.

  • So I see you do not mention that 90% of sea salt/ table salt being tested now a days contains micro plastics from our polluted oceans…
    I enjoy the pink salt that is 250 million years old before plastics were invented!!!

  • Thanks Dr. Sam!
    Off to salt my food now!
    On a serious note, I put grains of rice in my salt shakers to absorb the moisture. It works great!

  • Many do not know Pakistan do nit earn much from pink salt although producing 80% of the demand, When the country was born it had a pact with india all salt will be sold to India at a very low price since pink salt plays a vital part in their religion. These salt are sell at very low prices to india and they are exporting it to the world.

  • Pakistan Needs To Sold this Pink Salt To Entire World By Packing Well And Label it As Made in Pakistan in at a Reasonable Price
    Presently We are Selling it to India Almost Free of Cost Whereas india is Selling it to the Whole World by Labeling Made in India
    Pakistan Govt Should Take Serious Steps To Stop Importing this Salt in Few Pennies,And use Advanced Machinery To Extract And Pack This Natural Salt

  • This video is talking complete bollox. Its not expensive at all.. yes its a bit more expensive than regular table salt but only by a few dollers..

  • Arsenic, astatine, cadmium, francium, lead, mercury, neptunium, plutonium, polonium, radium, thallium, thorium, uranium. Yeah sounds healthy!

  • Well just take a pinch of that in morning with lemon.your colon will be cleansed instantly.. It is not different in taste but diff in its properties

  • some equestrians be like: bruh this everyday. my horse has TWO salt licks, both pink
    normal equestrians like me: two. hm. excessive

  • brocolli has 1 million benefits because it is from usa pink salt has no benfit even it gives high bp because it is from pak.. brown ppl

  • I am still confused. All salt is sea salt. All came from sea, even land salt, which is dried up sea salt from under ground. So, why would there be fewer minerals in regular salt? Yes, table salt has added iodine, since people cannot live without iodine. But if you make these crazy statements that there are fewer minerals in regular salt, research and tell us what is done with salt to take out the minerals. Then tell us the reasoning. Also, a complete comparison should mention why iodine is added to salt and the dire health reason and history for adding it.

  • Sadly I have to tell you that it also has a black market… some d*ckheads send it to india for mere pennies which packs it and sells it internationally for thousands… like a whole truck of this salt is sent to india for 5000… I mean wtf? And previous govts allowed it but now we hope that stops

  • The best thing about Himalayan salt is that it says in the package I bought in May 2020 to be 2 million years old and it expires in September 2020, WTF??? LMAO

  • Video: pink Himalayan salt is expensive.
    Me: *goes to khewra mines and buys a ton of salt and bring it to my home just to brag about it

  • It’s not expensive in India but yes I hv seen in stores of foreign countries this salt being packaged nicely in glass bottles n not ordinary plastic bag to make it fancy n expensive

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  • Here in pakistan it’s cheap af. Cheaper than table salt. Lamps made out of large pieces of these are cheaper than any other kind of lamp

  • Authentic Pink Himalayan salt costs a lot more.
    The ones we get aren’t pure and hence Cheaper.
    Pure ones are $7 or $8 per 50 or 75 gms.