High-Fat Diet Harmful to Gut Microbiome


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A high-fat diet changes the bacterial communities in the gut and increases biomarkers of inflammation. The typical “Westernized” diet of processed and fast foods — high in fat. A high-fat diet appears to induce very specific changes in the ratios of the bacteria in the gut — high-fat diets are able to decrease the numbers of healthy gut bacteria while simultaneously increasing the numbers of less healthy gut bacteria. (16, 17, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29). The study showed that a high-fat diet is linked to unfavorable changes in the type and numbers of gut bacteria, known as the microbiome, as well increasing inflammatory triggers in the body.

Stool samples collected by researchers showed the low-fat diet group had increased levels of butyrate (likely due to the increased levels of good gut bacteria) while the high-fat diet group had lower levels that at the start of the trial. It is known that diet interacts with gut microbes to calibrate the body’s immune defense capacity. The UAB-led researchers examined this further, with regard to aging and a high-fat diet. They.

The first issue is that most of the research related to a high-fat diet and the effects on the gut microbiome have been done in rodents. While rodent research is certainly valuable and there’s a lot that we can learn from it, the results don’t necessarily apply to humans, especially in the case of a high-fat diet. The Microbiome Diet limits sugary, fried, and processed foods, focusing instead on fresh produce, lean protein, healthy fats, and probioticand prebiotic-rich foods.

Purpose of review: This review will examine the recent scientific literature surrounding high-fat-diet (HFD)-induced alterations in gut microbiota and subsequent development of obesity and chronic disease risk. Recent findings: Excessive consumption of HFDs has undoubtedly contributed to the obesity epidemic. The mechanisms responsible for this relationship are, however, likely to be more. The types of fat that we consume in our diet tend to affect the makeup of our gut Microbiome.

There are two major types of dietary fats. Saturated (or bad fats) and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats that come from animal-based foods like beef, whole-fat milk, cheese, and butter have a negative impact on the gut microbiota and lead to obesity.

Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, which make up a unique ecosystem called your gut microbiome. For your gut microbes to thrive, they need complex carbs for fuel. For that reason, they don’t flourish on high-fat, low-carb diets.

They equally won’t flourish on a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein diet!

List of related literature:

Numerous studies conducted in rodents indicate that the incidence of chemically induced colon tumors is significantly lower in those animals fed fish oil–enriched diets than in those fed saturated fat– or vegetable oil–enriched diets.

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
from Nutritional Oncology
by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2011

The study of the gut microbiome is a relatively new area of research, and scientists don’t yet fully understand the implications of the long­term changes a low­FODMAP diet can cause to the balance of friendly bacteria.

“Low-FODMAP and Vegan: What to Eat when You Can't Eat Anything” by Joanne Stepaniak
from Low-FODMAP and Vegan: What to Eat when You Can’t Eat Anything
by Joanne Stepaniak
Book Publishing Company, 2016

Recent research has revealed an important role of changes in the gut microbiome related to diet, use of antibiotics, and other environmental factors.

“Integrative Gastroenterology” by Gerard E. Mullin, Marvin Singh
from Integrative Gastroenterology
by Gerard E. Mullin, Marvin Singh
Oxford University Press, 2019

In these studies, the transfer of gut microbial contents from diet-induced obese mice to previously germ-free animals is seen to cause rapid weight gain—an effect not observed in gut microbiome transplant from lean animals [75].

“Genomic Applications in Pathology” by George Jabboure Netto, Karen L. Kaul
from Genomic Applications in Pathology
by George Jabboure Netto, Karen L. Kaul
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Gut microbiome and high fibre intake are related to lower longterm weight gain.

“Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease” by Mark L. Dreher
from Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease
by Mark L. Dreher
Springer International Publishing, 2018

High-fat, low-fiber: People with habitually high fat intake and low fiber consumption often have a gut microbiome pattern with a significant Bacteroides component (Wu et al., 2011).

“Nutrient Metabolism: Structures, Functions, and Genes” by Martin Kohlmeier
from Nutrient Metabolism: Structures, Functions, and Genes
by Martin Kohlmeier
Elsevier Science, 2015

Supporting an optimal gut microbiome may also prove beneficial in animal science as a means to manage stressful situations and to increase the productivity of farm animals.

“Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine” by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
from Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine
by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Finally, the type of dietary lipids can differentially affect gut microbiota composition, and this contributes to phenotypic differences between mice fed with SFAs derived from lard and mice fed with omega-3 PUFA-rich fish oil (Caesar et al. 2015).

“Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity” by Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
from Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity
by Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
Springer International Publishing, 2017

However, if you eat exclusively meat, you can disrupt your microbiome, particularly because the notable lack of fiber can cause a shortage of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which your gut bacteria use as fuel to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

“These results demonstrate that the gut microbiome can rapidly respond to altered diet,” the researchers wrote when they published their results.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
by Travis Stork, M.D.
Bird Street Books, 2016

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  • Another misleading study.
    Title: Effects of Dietary Fat on Gut Microbiome…
    Conclusion: Higher fat consumption appears unfavorable to gut microbiome…
    Reality: Soybean Oil disrupts gut microbiome…not animal fat.

  • Cut a chicken’s head and it will still run on a certain distance so yeah movement on a dead animal is possible, but of course it’s impressive when you don’t know what is going on.

  • Humane, fast, efficient animal culling is the greatest good we can do. Unsupervised, uncontrolled animal deaths are terrible. If I was to go, I would want to go the same way as those cows. I rather kill a thousand animals personally for food than one animal unknowingly for no reason at all.

  • I think low carb diet you don’t need a lot of gut microbiome bugs. One would only need them is if they are on a heavy carb base diet.

  • Towards the end….you said that the Ketogenic diet is almost kind-of-like this way to reset your gut biome, starting off with a clean slate, and then re-introduce starches again.

    Is this now the NEW way to approach Keto? Are we witnessing here, in this video, keto being re-invented to a more optimal way so that we can have the best gut biome WHILE doing Keto as well? Ketosis? No Ketosis? I really need these answered so I can begin my journey the correct way and have proper long-term expectations, please.

  • What does he mean when he says we did not have carbs in antiquity? Makes no sense to m
    .e. Trees with fruit on them is not a new thing, nor have they throughout the world bred them for extra sugar. I like the idea of ketogenic diet but something is wrong when we over sell our position

  • Hi all. The app is now available on the play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev516379.app830954

  • Though I don’t like industrial conveyor belt butchering, this is definitely a good example of humane slaughtering. Temple Grandin is genius.

  • What the vegetarians/vegans/high carb low fat people are forgetting, is that before all the air freight and the cargo ships started to move all kinds of vegetables and fruits all around the planet, people had to manage with the few seasonal things that they could grow. Fruits were only a short season on the northern half of the earth. So it was mainly meets and fish they could rely on! If all the freight plains/ships just stopped going, all the vegetarians and vegans would DIE!!! I will say that these people are also making pollution a problem for the planet due to the need f or long transport. Also insecticides are poisoning us and the soil!….just wanted to mention it….

  • To all those who say he said we weren’t eating carbs ever. You didn’t listen well. He said we were on mild keto diet through our history. We were “monkeys” for 2 million years and only last couple of 10000 years we found ways to produce high carb food and in only last 70 years we went into carb overdrive. Coincedentaly modern diseses start poping up. First in US and a bit later in Europe and other countries start catching up on carb party.

  • Taxes on junk food are usually in the form of a sales tax which disproportionately affects people who do not have high incomes poor people pay a higher tax overall because of sales tax furthermore frequently if ever there isn’t any healthy food available too many in poor neighborhoods additionally what is sold as juice is high fructose corn syrup colored water and that’s going to be taxed two people who do not have access to actual orange juice if you want to propose a tax BS committed and willing to go in to these neighborhoods and establish a healthy food bank as you are to securing your own high-income because to do otherwise is hypocritical and discriminatory

  • “I know there’s a lot more we can cover on this topic, but everyone on YouTube only has so much time…”….

    LET ME BE THE ONE TO JUDGE THAT! lol……give me MORE information. Lots more. If I want to spend two hours on one single video, I’m game especially if it comes from The Great and Powerful Oz himself Thomas DeLauer. This video felt way too short it caught my attention super-glued to the screen. But what it did in the end was make me confused and more scared to start Keto and I feel like it threw a monkey wrench into the equation, especially that I’m having difficulty organizing my ducks in a row regarding solid knowledge about the sciences of Keto and what’s optimal for my approach. Now I want to learn more.

    I walked away with the impression that Keto, in the long, long run, for longer term, isn’t the best choice but, rather, re-introduce the items that Dr. Stephen Cabral suggests we should re-introduce in order to achieve optimal gut performance. Am I right? Please bring that man back for a long series of teachings (and make the videos much longer). I’ll pay for those, even.

  • I’m doing animal only diet for January. I’ll eat fermented milk products and lots of cheese. This is apart from my usual diet which is this, plus anything the heck I want like 10% of the time. I can’t do plants as a main source of food

  • Those cows die a hell of a lot better than herbivores in the wild, to say nothing of the millions of animals killed by tractors, loss of habitat, and pesticides growing vegan approved foods.

  • This sounds interesting. If you have leaky gut, does the animal protein interfere with igniting antibodies? I want to try keto but don’t want to risk an adverse effect because of my leaky gut.

  • Is that Temple Grandin? She is amazingif I’m not mistaken, she came up with a whole system of slaughtering that was less traumatic to livestock. OkI just googled, it is her. Cool! On carnivore my stomach is settled, my cells feel like they are regenerating & I could write then thousand other awesome side effects. Woohoo World Carnivore Month!

  • Interesting. I take antibiotics when i get sick. I also take probiotics. Im fine dr perlmutter. Says antibiotics are bad but there.not. we need them. Everyone who gets sick needs them like me im not going to argue with. Dr perlmutter. He just says stuff but he. Doesn’t get sick like i do so anyway.

  • Remember that the animals we kill only have a live because we raise them. Vegans don’t raise animals. No animal is alive because of veganism.

  • I’ve been in ketosis for over 2 almost 3 months now and I’ve lost about 20 over 30 pounds, without starving myself and without feeling drained or weak. I feel strong. I think more clearly. Keto is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m never looking back!

  • Watching any thing die is a very disheartening thing to see. That is why I no longer practice medicine. I have seen so much death i do not want to be a part of the death of any mammal.

  • In my humble opinion the Medial industry lied about Dr. Atkins and his death to discredit him; and his Heart Healing diet therapy..He truly was on to something at the time of his death.

  • Thank you. It is still a bit scary and intense to observe, but the word Humane comes from taking care in animal husbandry, to care for herd animals, and to ensure their passing is swift and Humane as opposed to the savagery they experience from animal predators

  • Hello, I had been following your good sense Keri lifestyle for about 3 months but my gut became uncomfortable and extended. I am told now to avoid high FODMAP foods. Do you have any thoughts on this problem Thanks

  • Wow! We’ve been on this diet for two million years? How do you know that? You have to make things up to fit your hypothesis of “Millions of years ago…” AKA “Once upon a time…” which is non-scientific (can’t observe it) crap.

  • For people with short times and stretching themselves out to make a living, here is a short answer.

    Questions to ask about these findings: The fats type, the context and mice/humans are the questions.
    High fiber and its impact on high-fat diets: High fiber saves you from any negative effects of high fat diets.
    Low-carb, low-fiber diets can be detrimental: Carbs have fiber which your microbiome loves.
    Each person responds to high-fat diets differently.: Some people do well with high fats and some people do worse with high fats. Check your digestion and elimination.

  • Absolutely ridiculous start to the vid. As a Native Americans we our primary source of food is grain, from beginning to now. Corn!!! Maize!!! Tomatoes. Oranges, list goes on (Quinoa to the south).

  • Why would the microbiome shrink on a keto diet? You can eat considerable amounts of vegetables (including great prebiotics), fermented foods like Sauerkraut, and fiber. Can someone explain please?

  • I love your channel and am doing carnivore diet but I think this is the cheapest most humane way of killing animals.
    A decompression chambre would be more humane in my opinion.

  • This was so timely, I splurged on a rare occasion and had breadsticks and next day weight went up 2 pounds and horribly bloated. One thing with keto like eating I have learned is it definitely has taken away the bloat that I have always had because I was a huge carb eater in the past.

  • I think the push-back against veganism initially took the vegans by surprise. They’d enjoyed several years of being able to spout their propaganda without any significant opposition. Unfortunately, given that large amounts of money and large egos are involved, there is a real risk of people engaging in dirty tactics. Indeed, the way Tim Noakes, Gary Fettke and you were treated illustrates that there are people out there who are very willing to do whatever they can to get their way.

  • Vegans are scum they dont give a shit about human health, dont give them your respect. They are sub-human, not apart of the human family any longer. They hate us, reject them.

  • Great information! Thank you. Can you do a video on IBS? I get really bloated with horrible stomach cramping when I eat broccoli, eggs, and avocado. A nutritionist told me it’s probably IBS. I want to learn more about it and if I can fix it so I can eat these things again. It’s hard to do keto without eggs and avocado.

  • I see the hasbara are hard at work with 298 thumbs down. Its in their best interest to keep everyone unhealthy and to support big pharma

  • It’s so hard to know where meat comes from in American supermarkets. I’ve tried meat labeled grass fed and one that wasn’t. Anyone else think non-grass fed tastes better? Maybe it’s just me.

  • What a wonderful podcast this is! I will be listening to this again and surely purchasing the new book! I agree that meditation is important, and my favorite form is prayer, with thankfulness a large part! Thank you so much to both of you.

  • Wheat was recorded in 382 BC if not before who is he kidding? OJ Ok but fruit trees existed. Nothing new under the sun. Burning fat treats cancer? Where does he get is numbers from?

  • Love your videos…But a constructive word of advice…Maybe consider using Audio equipment that provides louder volume. I find it difficult to listen to your vids without earbuds, even with the volume at max.

  • Veterinarian. Really. Nothing he has to say is relevent. The macros of fake meat burgers are just as bad if not worse than the real hamburger patty minus the cholesterol. So it is highly processed junk full of fat and calories.

  • Excellent Podcast ����. #Yes2Meat. #MeatHeals. #EatMeatSaveThePlanet. ����������������������������. ������
    I will never eat fake meat,fake food destroys the planet, & life.

  • It is hard watching animals get snuffed out like that, cold and industrial like. It triggers emotions. As a human, however, I’m capable of separating emotions and rationale. Vegans, not being humans, are not.

  • Dr. Perlmutter for President….or at least Head of the FDA!!!!! Get those imposters and killers out of our “optimal food” pyramid recommendations. Yikes. Knowledge is Power. Knowledge and Practice is Life v Death.

  • Actually I admire Dr Perlmutter for his knowledge and humblenesshe gives for free deeply changing wisdome in any situationand does not only show his biceps

  • Ok I disagree with you on the phytoestrogen and women, I’m a woman, drank 1/2 liter of soy milk (organic) for about 8 years or so, it’s around 2-3% soy and the rest is water so obviously even 1/2 liter is not a huge amount of soy.
    After a couple of years my boobs began to grow, in 8 years I went from A to C bra size and they hurt like heck, they hurt more than during puberty.
    I even had a cancer scare but luckily it was fat and not cancer.
    It’s what saved me because the specialist told me it was hormone related and I had just read a week before or so about phytoestrogens and the fact that soy had them.
    Stopped soy milk and a month later was back to my A size boobs and had also lost a couple of kilos (5 kilos would be a bit more than 10 pounds I think?)
    So maybe it’s not as bad for women as for men but it’s not rare at all to have issues with it, I know a lot of women who had the same issues I did.

  • Wow. Large gut removal Viz no microbiome there has no adverse health effects. Why? How? What’s going on? Thanks to Rob and disembodied voice����

  • Not to discourage anyone but I got major GI problems from eating health. Not until I stopped modulating my diet and just caved eating garbage again, did I start feeling better.

    All this crap is so damn confusing.

  • The bolt gun failure quote is higher than 10%. The second shot of a bolt gun does not work, because the skull is already penetrated. Sorry but this is not true.

  • “Because there were times when people survived by hunting and gathering, it’s natural to copy their diet.” This is not a scientific argument. This is an argument based on evolutionary speculation, which is not scientific, and doing a lot of figgerin’ and supposin’.

    There were times where people abandoned their homes and farming communities, such as the catastrophic periods after massive glacial melt, but that was usually out of necessity. Otherwise, farming has been the norm for all of recorded history, and the oldest records we have are of people living in cities with organized agriculture. You can find hunters and gatherers alive even today, but who would argue that humans are currently hunters and gatherers? It’s too broad a stroke based on cherry-picked evidence.

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  • Hey Rob! Glad you’re on YouTube! Didn’t know you were here. Used to binge the paleo podcast awhile back. Think I got to episode 240.

  • I Have been doing keto/omad for 4 month’s with fantastic results. Recently though my stomach has done a full 180 and now i have cramps,bloating, and constipation. Im gonna try to reintroduce some of those veggies an see if it helps, and more fiber. Seriously feels like i got IBS

  • I am a hunter. I love animals, we have had everything from guinea pigs and hamsters to fish to dogs and cats and rabbits. I nursed my daughter’s dog until she was just too pitiful and I had to beg her to go ahead and put her out of her misery. I am a hunter. I love to see the animals in the wild or even in the zoo, I can appreciate them. I also can still go out and shoot the deer, I can gut a deer and we process them ourselves. Is it hard to watch any animal die, yes. In the instance of those cows in the video we have to make the connection that they weren’t feeling pain. Like Shawn said it was heart wrenching being in the room when my father in law passed and I stayed pretty much 24/7 except for leaving for showers at my mom’s hospice center bed, sleeping next to her. No matter how much it is uncomfortable with animals it is worse with loved ones and other humans. I know many believe we are just another species but I believe and seeing the differences in animals and humans feel that I am correct in believing that humans are different and created separately for a purpose. I am going carnivore, I don’t know if I’ll stay carnivore for ever but I know I will stay Keto and won’t be going back to the SAD, even while I ate “healthy” I was doing so much damage to my body it needs time to heal.

  • This video was very helpful. I’ve been on A keto lifestyle for about four months. I have had horrible constipation, and I’ve actually gained weight. However my blood sugar has gone down to the normal range which is a good thing but my gut and my weight has done very poorly. I do take probiotics but perhaps I should take a different strain then I’m taking now?

  • I’ve been doing keto and powerlifting. I did literally 1 carb cheat meal and my gut bloated to where my abs were barely visible the next day..anyone else have abs and eat 1 cheat meal and notice a huge bloating difference?

  • I dont get the obsessive, romanticized concern for animals, but so little care for human beings. You’d be hard pressed to find one vegan that isn’t also pro abortion. As long as it’s a human fetus, not a chicken egg! I’m sorry, but I find that morally despicable.

  • Veganism is a religion and although Charles Darwin was not an actual scientist his degree was in theological studies he had a hard time reconciling the fact that Lions ate other animals which is why he went on his quest to the Galapagos Islands.

  • Wow love love love this stuff. Made so much sense to me. I have heaps of issues with IBS, digestion and food intolerances so love learning more and it helps me too.

  • I did Genova Gi Profile comprehensive on and after 2.5 years on low carb cyclic keto (no milk, but insane amount of fibers, both soluble and non-soluble). Had near zero acidophilus and bacteroides sp were through the roof. Can’t get ubiome/Viome outside US/UK, so don’t know what more comprehensive panels would tell you. BTW, I had this done 3 times with 6 months in between and the results were the same. YMMV. Of course.

  • how the hell did they even think soybean oil as primary energy source could be good oO;
    Perhaps they were looking to get a negative result or just did not know better? For normal food you would atleast expect a mix of oils and fats

  • Targeted Keto is what I do. I have high fibre carbs or a meal with carbs and loads of veggies once a day. My other meals are keto. My research tells me this is an effective way to add muscle and improve athletic performance. What are your thoughts?

  • Do you have a professional website to learn more about diet? or you only have this family, wife, kids side mix with health advice?

  • If we base ethics on feelings and good intentions, we’re going to hell. If everyone decides what is right or wrong based on how they feel about something, then no one will agree and the ‘rules’ will change constantly, arbitrarily, and all that matters becomes whoever has the most power to submit others to how they feel in the moment. Emotion is not consistent. Good intentions are great and all, but if the repercussions to our short sighted actions cause more problems than they fix, we reach diminishing returns pretty quick. That’s why, if we want to consider ourselves moral at all in the first place, we’re absolutely responsible to honestly, objectively and persistently learn more about the real cause and effect of the world, and do our best accordingly, even if it doesn’t fit into our initial impression of what is virtuous or good.

  • This shows again how vegans talk and think, and if it is a religious issue, then they should read the bible and THINK! Especially in their language, huh?

  • The distorted religious thinking that originally produced the idea of veganism is quite old now. The addictive nature of plants is currently fascinating me, and diminishes my hopes of people quitting them on a large scale any time soon.

  • Keep on spreading the word Shawn! You have a lot of countries to travel to! That’s great! You are doing what helps lead the world to better health! #meatheals

  • So wish I had someone like him to talk to have been kept up all night with gut bloat after only two slices of Keto almond flour bread �� owwwwwww

  • Thank You for sharing the kill plant footage, it’s not horrible for sure. Your right if we eat meat we need to understand where it comes from.

  • Hi Thomas, I would like to know what’s ur take on “nuclei overload” which is like training a single muscle workout for 30 days. I have read mixed opinions about this topic. Some say it’s very effective and others say it’s bullshit. Please give a information about it.

  • Keto is not always good, it provokes chronic bladder pain in a lot of people, I am one of these people. An autoimmune disorder without cure very painful. This diet is a killer for us, is not a magic pill.

  • I was with you except that I definitely want any kids I have to inherit my autism, so based on the information you’re giving it seems counterproductive to give them probiotics early.

  • Keto is a waste of time!! All you do is eat horrendous food that makes you feel miserable, you feel no better, its just all bullshit simply a fad diet that’s not healthier than a good balanced diet of protein, fats and carbs!! Load of shit, sorry folks!!

  • what a quack. he agrees to the epidemiological correlation studies regarding eating meat. Q.E.D.
    couldn’t he tell that at the beginning so that i do not waste my time on that bullshit?

  • Hi Thomas! One more exceptional video!
    Here´s a topic that I would like to know more about: Fasting and cortisol, and fasted exercise and cortisol.
    The other suggestion for a video is coconut oil and the recents news from Harvard University. Thanks!

  • For all those people that blame meat… nobody say anything about what else they eat along with red meat. I eat only beef, bacon and eggs and I’ve never felt better. At age 72, having been carnivore for over 5 years, I still run 2 miles a day and work part time as a school bus driver.

  • Was all set to hear about bloating as ir relates ot Keto; a “doctor” or “natural medicine” is introduced…ah ok I see. (official nail in the coffin for me and Keto)

  • Dr Jockers….are you partners with Dr Axe?? I know his products are also under same name Ancient Nutrition??? (Just curious) ��������

  • Keto/IF is good for people who are in a good health but not so good for those who have autoimmune issues. Once infections/sibo/parasites get addressed only then is keto diet great.

  • Sorry for this TMI question but do you poop less eating carnivore? Either in amount or frequency? Do the gut microbes have anything to do with less coming out than going in?

  • That was disturbing to watch the cows being killed. Just a warning. I could never do that job. I still will continue eating a carnivore diet as it is what is healing me. You make a good point it is more humane than some of the things we do to people to keep them alive. I just can’t get the cow hanging upside down and kickingeven though brain-dead.

  • Looking for some info about the amount of food and number of meals to have on the keto diet doing intermittent fasting AFTER BARIATRIC SLEEVE SURGERY??????

  • Complete bs. We didn’t just wonder upon animals that were easy to kill. If in tropical areas we ate fruit and berries and nuts and tubers in colder climates.

  • For people complaining that they didn’t get the video. I’m gonna explain it to you. If you suffer from bloating while you’re on keto that’s probably because there’s an overgrowth in your gut bacteria (especially the bad ones) so what you do (if you’re in your early days of keto) is actually cut back prebiotic food in the beginning like cauliflower (cruciferous veggies in general) onion and garlic… etc and after you’re adapted MORE to the diet after 4-6 week start to gradually bringing them back in. That’s all. Also watch dr. Berg he talked about the vegetables that you can have them in your first days of keto if you have bloating.

    And in case you wanted to refeed yourself with carbs (either in cheat meal or just feeling that your body needs carbs) the ideal way is to take the high glucose based carbs because they don’t ferment in your gut which wont cause you bloating. If you do you may have an allergy problem (rare case) or your gut is not acidic enough

  • The fact that humans can eat meat, grains or sugars doesn’t infer that humans must eat these things.
    Scientific research backed by transparently funded, peer reviewed studies in accepted Scientific Journals is an acceptable means of gathering evidence. Anything else is speculative at best and propaganda at worst.

  • Most soy is GMO and sprayed with Roundup (glyphosate) which destroys gut bacteria, hence the results in the study of those consuming high amounts of soybean oil.

  • can you next time make 2 seperate videos, one for the news/ethics discussion and one for gut microbiome because to be honest gut microbiome deseerves more time and attention

  • I very much appreciate the new you! Debunking nonsense claims about the pitfalls of eating meat, AND doing it without demeaning yourself and others by calling them idiots, morons or any other derogatory words. I dropped coffee and dairy (from my zero carb WOE) this past Monday so I’m joining everyone for Carnivore month.

  • I’m a big fan of most your videos Thomas. But this one is a huge disappointment. It’s full of pseudo-science rhetoric. No sources or studies sited. I don’t know why you’d push your science acumen so hard on other video’s, then turn around and interview a “naturopathic” quack.

  • Hey mate, can you make a video on how to plan a Keto diet for a week with examples of what to eat and when to eat please? ���� your channel is great! I turned a lot of people in your direction ��

  • Amazing video, again! Thomas, i hope you see this comment but i have a very specific request. I have been doing low-carb and intermittent fasting for 1-2 years now and although it has helped me keep anxiety at bay, my depression has been persistent as ever. So can you make a video on which medical tests (e.g. allergies, nutritional deficiencies etc.) are advisable when one has mental health issues?

  • Interesting point about the signaling molecules like the SCFAs. I did some research on it and found that the Butyrate and ß-Hydroxybutyrate share a lot of similar signaling pathways, which might be why somebody on a low-carb diet doesn’t require so much fiber.

  • I have sibo and I do well with probiotics. I have an enterococcus overgrowth, not lactobacillus or bifidum. Those were too low, so my probiotic formula does wonders as it only has lactobacillus and bifidum strains. Before deciding not taking probiotics make sure you’ve tried one without prebiotics. The bloating after keto is 100% because of reduced numbers of probiotics. People without sibo but with reduced bacteria also bloat. Cholecystokinin also bloats you by changing the composition of your gut content. Gut motor function also matters. I believe that people should look into keeping the gut biome fed during ketosis. Leafy greens are the way to go I think.

  • Friggin adjective slavespeaker You are ‘very excited’??? That’s so ingenuous and disrespects the guest who speaks so accurately:(

  • Thought and research are on the very cutting edge of Medical Research. There is so much we don’t know, and so much that we don’t know we don’t know! The best we can do right now is honor our past, our Diet, our DNA and good common sense as we continue to research. Great video Chris!

  • What does meat do to the good bacteria? Also, when we’re incorporating pre-biotics and probiotics, when should we eat meat (in the sequence)

  • Is the problem not for the general population that a real keto diet is 20g carbs or less which means that you can’t even a lot of green berries and fruits that are very good for you? Saying ease up on the carbs isn’t the same as saying go on a keto diet.

  • Excellent interview!!! The interviewer actually let the interviewee speak and finish his sentences and ideas. So very very rare these days. I could easily follow this because of no interruptions and overspeaking. Nice to come across a handsome healthy man with a controlled ego. God bless you good man. Society thanks you!!!!!

  • Thank you Dr. Baker for showing that video of an animal slaughter house. People are so disconnected from their food. I would argue that as part of science class field trips, elementary school children should be taken to slaughter houses to see how their food is processed, and that they be shown by a guide what ACTUALLY goes on in a slaughter house. That way, when they grow into adults, they won’t be deceived by the vegan distortions of how animal slaughter works.

  • Great video, thank you!
    Incredible timing for me personally. Here is the crazy news…I had to get back on wheat and dairy and then my gut went down and I feel way better. Of course, raw organic dairy and organic sprouted wheat. I made kombucha which sits well but the fermented stuff, garlic and onions were too much. Very confusing since I love them and they are so “good for you” Too many greens was what was bloating me so much, and I love them! But less of them, and my stomach is now flat. I’m no longer forcing my body to eat any food it doesn’t want. Slow down and isten to your body. Everyone is different. Please don’t make any food the Villan folks, just do what works for YOU

  • How does Dr. Perlmutter explain the fact that civilizations living in the “Blue Zones” have diets that are about 95% plant based. None are 100% vegan, but all are low in fat and animal products, and high in plant foods. People living in the Blue Zones are the longest living people on earth, with the fewest chronic diseases. Examples of Blue Zone populations are the Okinawans (diet mostly of sweet potatoes), Loma Linda USA, and Sardinia Italy. Other populations absent of our most common illnesses (heart disease and T2 diabetes) also eat diets very low in animal products and fat, very high in whole plants, rural Africa and rural China (before the 80’s).

  • Over three minutes of vegan video ad at the start of this! I sat through the whole lot on mute just to make sure I knew vegans were funding Shawn!

  • I would like his thoughts/opinions on the practice of taking solution to flush the colon for colonoscopy and its impact on the gut bacteria, is this like robbing Peter to pay Paul and if you do it what should you do after it for gut health or just don’t do it, I think it might be an unspoken risk associated with this process but would really like his input

  • Well the Bible is a pretty ancient book and it’s full of BREAD????? Of coarse they fermented the flour making it digestible and full of friendly bacteria:)

  • Thanks Thomas,very useful info,to me I really believe in gut health is the number one issue with our modern sick world,very important and new info that I truly appreciate you bringing this topic, as always trust your show, please keep doing more on gut heath, and thank you very much sir

  • Hi Thomas, So, the Keto Diet has been recommended to my husband. However, I’m a vegan. Can you please give some tips or recipes for both of us to enjoy?

  • I cannot tolerate any of the FODMAS based carbohydrates because of my IBS, so I cut them down. I am now eating a mostly fat-based diet with a few nuts for breakfast and the bloating has subsided. I might reconsider introducing a few things back into my diet, but at this point in time, I am happy with the results.

  • That is wonderful to hear about not eating breakfast, because I have never eaten breakfast and I thought I was starving my kids, but pretty much no one eats in my family unit lunch time, and sometimes later.

  • He knows a lot about nutrition and healthy diets, but clearly not so much about the history of early humans and what archeologists knows about their diet.

  • Whenever I see footage like that, i just force myself to watch. At first it was very difficult because I came out of veganism mindset but today I can discern what is food and what is companion pets. I’m not too fond of mass production killing of animals tho… I think it would be best to go to a farmer and get some pastured raise animal, but I understand it is not that easy when you live in big town and not every people have means of transportation etc.
    I am still learning… it is a slow process but eating meat really did heal me! Had acne till my 27yrs and when I started eating mostly carnivore, acne was 90% gone, period are back on track and no more extreme dysmenorrhea, no more bloating, had only 1 epilepsy aura in one year, and most importantly, I no more have everyday day stress…
    And I want to thank you Mister baker for all the good infos and insight you provided me this year! (English is not my mother tongue sorry for all the mistakes)

  • just saw an insert ad for dunkin donut featuring the “impossible sausage”…for going “plant based in 2020…I also spotted an Arby;s gift card saying “we’ve got the meats” fast food wars…

  • If you’ve ever seen a chicken killed, their heads can be completely removed and they will still flop around violently if unrestrained in a killing cone. We always strive to be as quick and humane as possible. Definitely more humane than the death animals face from other animals. Having participated in butchering many chickens, while it’s not enjoyable, I think I appreciate the animal more than I would have without the experience.

  • very interesting Information. I still have problems taking information from people that are not looking healthy… why has the doc such eyebags?
    why is the host has such abnormal not natural biceps?:-D

  • One of the most all around great videos explaining pretty much everything a person could follow to have an optimal chance at a great life. Be your own lab rat!

  • I eat veggies and nuts and seeds and that’s it. I eat how ever much I want and never put on weight. I’m 50 and I complete in long distance running and Iron Man. It’s the best diet change I’ve ever made.

  • I’m done…I give up! 3 1/2 yrs on strick keto. I get a handle… then there’s more information. It never seems to stop. I might as well have joined Scientology. Next level, next level etc… forever. Buy this, buy that… scam, scam, scam!

  • 7:04 “bioindividuality”? Well most of us don’t have gut issues and feel healthy on anything (milk, meat, plants etc)*** or at least are not so hypersensitives to everything they eat.
    ***Eventhough only plants are healthy.

  • can you make a video talking about why is virtually impossible to succeed rn from an impoverishedsingle parent standpoint in this approach and explain the importance and possibly the tips for continuing onward. even when things like relentlessness, and learning everyday is vital to the way traction heats up.

  • Does a high fat diet destroy your gut microbiome?
    Answer: No
    vegans: eat ton of fibre, get bloated and feel awful for butyric acid
    keto/carnivores can simply step aside the middleman and get real safe and higher amounts butyric acid and other ones EASY

    and about killing animals? dude wtf even grain fed cows live like kings compared to what would happen to them in nature…living in constant fear, stress and in generell very short and then die, eating alive sometimes too

    the way we kill animals is BY far more “ethical” but i cant stand this made up bullshit wannabe obsessional love for animals anyway, just weird and akward to think (caused by spoiltness)
    ALSO THEY ARE LIVESTOCK, they wouldnt live in the first place if we wouldnt wanna eat them so wtf

  • Gut health is linked to autism. Restore a proper microbiome and restore your processing unit.
    It can also affect your weight and personality so it would seem.
    Highly provocative short video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4CBy0uVqRc

  • Hello Dc. Thank you for this video! What about resistant starches though? Aren’t those probiotics too? They are not present in a Keto diet, or yes?

  • If God didn’t want us eating animals he wouldn’t have made them out of meat. He did give instructions to not eat fruit though. Adam had one of those partners that didn’t support his healthy choices. Sucks to not have support from those around you. Lots of instructions to fast in the same guidelines.

  • Will those responsible for such misinformation be brought to court to stand trial? If not, it shows crime pays and supports the way to become ultra rich..

  • Thank you so so much! I wish o and seen this last year when I started… I knee some of this with elimination diet and already not able to handle gluten and dairy now its onto veggies… so important as I bloat with veggies

  • Happy New Year. First day of 2020 and excited to begin World Carnivore month. Breakfast: bacon and eggs, Lunch: leftover roasted lamb in beef broth, dinner will 8oz ground beef burger.

  • So sorry, I do not mean to offend or be picky. Great video but as someone with epilepsy I wanted to let you know that saying “an epileptic” is outdated. We now say someone with epilepsy or seizure disorder. Thank you so much for your support in learning about Keto.

  • Happy New Year to all of you! And Shawn, please tell me you’ll come to Berlin in November. The capital of veganism really needs an antidote!

  • My lower abdomen is bloated a lot. I think that might be a combo of maybe a gut biome issue coupled with a digestive system that doesn’t move very fast. I’d love to go through whatever process it takes to see what sort of health my gut is in, but this didn’t really give any pointers on where to go from here.

  • Wow, seeing how the animals we eat are killed so instantly, there really is no moral argument. And all the nutrition it provides, it’s almost a no brainer to eat meat. Plus the fact that it has reversed mental illness, and Veganism is linked to mental illness, it really is a no brainer.

  • Thanks for the wonderful info. I’ve been on a Low FODMAP diet for 9 months, and it was great, but I did not lose much weight, so I added the Ketogenic diet to my regiment July 29th, and noticed weightloss, less bloating, and clarity of thought. But occasionally I still experience upper intestinal bloat. I would love to find out what is really causing this. My next step is to work with a naturopath in hopes of finding out how bad my gut biome is, and how long it will take to improve this.

  • anyone that advocates animal products in the human diet is ignorant as to the species specific diet as it applies to humans -not to mention the ignorance as to the detrimental effects of animal products on our health and the long term negative effects of animal agriculture on the planet and the obvious lack of evolved compassion within his unevolved brain

  • YES YES YES, starvation will cure a myriad of diseases in the short term, and this method has been used for millenia but in the long term; it seems it could be completely and utterly toxic for the body to eat foods that are not being counted as nourishment for the body. FOOD that puts the body into starvation, what? Ketotis is a state of starvation, right? Therefore the food you eat on a ketogenic diet is not feeding the body, it is causing starvation. Is the food you eat on a ketogenic diet actually food then? NOOOOOOOO In fact, if eating this way, we are absolutely starving for nutrients as evidenced by the state of KETOSIS (starvation!) What does a human body do after eating food that is not counted by the body as food for several months and living in an unnatural state of starvation?? As if fruit isn’t one of the best most nutritious healing foods on planet earth, duh. And starches literally are the food the brain functions on. GLUCOSE. It is the food the brain recognizes and assimilates and uses to function, which is the sole cause for the evolution of the brain. Go without starch, and I’m sure you become rather dull. I’m not a doctor, but I listen to some that seem to be much more logical than this. Yeah, Mother Earth put vibrant fragrant yummy tasting plants on the planet simply to tempt us and make us sick and fat. What a cruel joke. On the other hand, sentient loving cute little animals were placed here to be eaten, but when we eat them, we actually go into a state of starvation? Seems to me that animals were meant to be nourishment for the human body as much as your neighbor next door was meant to be food. If you believe we are most genetically related to primates (and I hope you do, because it’s true) what do primates eat. That’s our natural prehistoric diet, (again duh, key word “natural”). We have no claws to hunt, we have no canines to tear, we have super long intestines like primates to process fibers, not short ones like lions. Plants can provide every single vitamin, mineral, and nutritional component required by mankind (including duckweed which contains B12). Meat does not contain even half of the nutrients we need, for instance, the macronutrient fiber! Newest science says it is FAT that causes diabetes, not sugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSc7OfJUHr0 Lets get into the 21 century

  • Hi from Croatia. Okay I must say this. Your channel and you really introduced intermittent fasting to me. And I’ve been doing it for less than month now. Already it proved itself to be very efficient for me. When I win national kickboxing championship next year I’ll have you (amongst other people) to thank to. Thank you once more for your effort and for making life easier for guys like me.

  • Sooo many humans die long drawn out, painful deaths, due to ill health, caused by poor diets!! Wtf, I personally would welcome that exact method of death!! It could be A LOT worse!!!! TYVM DR BAKER!!!!!! ��

  • Veganism is not a diet but a life style based on the protection of the planet and nonexploitation of animals. Many people think eating a plant based diet makes them a vegan. It doesn’t. Veganism also has nothing to do with health necessarily. So if you want to eat meat or eggs with your veggies go for it.

  • I agree with most of it as far as I have understood or even experienced it. What I can’t grasp though is why our ancestors from 10.000 years ago should be our best role models. They had a lifespan of 35 years. Romans, who relied heavily on grains, reached the age of 80. They were the smallest Europeans, granted, but they were also the smartest. When we could adapt to cow’s milk, why shouldn’t we have been able to adapt to grains?

  • Soy is so toxic. That’s why it is in all of our food. I just joined meatrx and called in this morning for the first time. It was great and I look forward to tomorrow. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to learn and speak to you directly.

  • The new decade starts next year Shawn:D Love the transformations but i appreciate that they werent any on today… Happy new year!

  • so hears the never ending war… carnivores say they didnt have carbs or whatever,vegies say they never ate meat or whatever…I am sick of the argument truly,get 10 friends and go try and hunt down a deer or moose,then go out and dig potatoes that r wild,I think they ate whatever they could and many musta starved…

  • Excellent interview!! Thank you. BTY, this is the exact same protocol developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (Russian neurologist with a PhD in Human Nutrition) for autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Second, take advantage of this company-lab in the San Francisco Bay area. They’ll send out a kit to you for a modest price, or for free if you’re poor. https://ubiome.com/blog/

  • The farmer where I get my eggs and meat, hires a service that comes out to the farm and shoots the cow right in the field. I was there once and the animal did move spastically after it was shot. This seems the most humane method because it avoids the transport and slaughter house environment, that being said the video does put my mind more at ease. We live in a reality where to be alive everything has to kill and eat everything else. It sucks, but humans didn’t make the rules. I was a vegetarian for 20 years and then have spent the last 20 more years trying to regain my health.

  • Wow. I fell off keto last week and ate a lot of carbs. Then I got so bloated and super sick. Went to the ER and they couldn’t give me any answers. I was wondering if it was connected to the carbs and then I see this. Incredible. Thank you! I wish I had access to a Dr. Like this

  • I love how the Keto crowd can’t explain the “Blue Zones” all over the world.  All these people eat high amounts of carbohydrates and live into their 90-100’s with almost no health issues.

  • “Vegetable” oils are poison. Watch this and you’ll know why you should not consume them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2UnOryQiIY

  • i was on a tour at “danish crowns” factory in Denmark, where they slaughter, cut and package pork.
    the trucks that transport the pigs just let them walk out of the truck into a certain “one way” path system, that systematically prevents them from going backwards (fairly wide path)
    then they’re led into a room that’s filled with Co2, where they pass out. they then get put up on a conveyor belt, and the first thing that happens is a person puts a chain on their rear leg
    and then a 2nd person kills the, by stabbing them right in the heart with a certain knife-like object (you can see it on the tour, it looks fairly calm. not a single damn pig makes a noise)
    and then they hang for X amount of time and are then sent (from the chain, much like the cows in this pic) into the actual butchery where they cut up the animal and package them and ship them off to make bacon, porkchops or just export.
    EVERYTHING from a pig is used. even certain compounds found in the gut, are used for medicine and so on. i think the exception may be the blood… but im not sure:)

  • So what are your feelings on grass-fed grass-finished Meats? Because there are some people promoting keto and carnivore that say the animals are being fed GMO grains and that become part of the animal and it affects humans and that way also. Also there’s a guy it says the hormones in the meat or detrimental to humans.

  • I’m sure he know so much about farming practices of hunter gatherers and old cultures. Gatherers knew how to pick fungi by picking only 2/3 of them so they respawn next year, and where plants grow and how that could be replicated around the area where they lived. Collecting honey by taking only half so the hive survived for the next year. Native Americans knew there’s water all around you, all you need is a vessel and crack open a vine or tap a tree. They were connected to the earth. I hope we can somehow go back to something more like that than all this factory farming. I agree with him on that one. I would hate to be reincarnated into one of those cows or chicks, let alone go through anything they go trough… standing all day getting my kid stolen and cry for weeks while I’m attached to a tit sucking machine. How can you stop and connect with your food? Nature? God?
    Thou shall not kill
    Thou shall not steal
    Food is awesome when you connect to it

  • After losing weight on keto I started playing football (soccer) again. I have training sessions within the week that are ok but during matches I feel I could use some carbs for fuel. When should I introduce carbs? A day or two before each game?

  • Please next time put a warning if you intend to have a slaughter video. Although I’m Keto Carnivore and have seen video’s and a Sheep slaughtered in real life I don’t like watching it.

  • I was born by C-section and I am not autistic or have never had a problem with my gut. Just being born by C-section doesn’t mean anything. Course, I was born in a dirtier time when kids played in the dirt, etc. Kids should just play in the mud, and eat a bit of dirt.

    This was an interesting interview but it needs to move on a lot quicker. Too slow.

  • OMG the word ‘TRANSGENERATIONAL’ hit me hard.. please please please.. find a way to connect with and pass on this important information to OBGYN’s across America. Standard protocol is if any woman is Strep B positivities during late pregnancy, she automatically gets penicillin during labor, thus killing off much of the beneficial bacteria of the birth canal and fetus’ gut as well.. Prime example was my first pregnancy vs second. @nd pregnancy I refused to let myself be subject to the acute pain of a penicillin IV in my hand during the stress of labor.. SOO during my second pregnancy, I took charge of my destiny: took probiotics, drank kombucha, and POOF! STREP B NEGATIVE. My first daughter, who was subject to the antibiotics, has struggled in her short 4 year life span with MRSA, multiple I&Ds, and chronic cough and allergy issues. My second, with whom I took the probiotics with during most of my pregnancy and at 2 years ol still nurses with me, is as healthy as an OX! with this is eye-opening and fascinating and I thank you for uploading this great video. Thank you!

  • Good to finally hear thomas address issue regarding food sensitivity. Not all healthy foods are good for u thats y its recommended to rotate foods even in a keto diet so u dont get a immune response

  • Thomas can you please do a video on how to break a prolonged fast?
    Also maybe a video on what’s the best thing to eat before beggininng a prolonged fast?
    I heard you say in one of your videos that it should be done differently than breaking a typical intermittent fast.