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A new study by a team of Harvard School of Public Health researchers finds that if you feel you have a higher sense of purpose in life — defined as having meaning, a sense. For that, Hooker says, you likely need to remind yourself regularly about what gives your life purpose. It’s easy to lose sight of this awareness. “For example, most physicians go into medicine.

Having a strong sense of purpose in life is not a guarantee for happiness. However, a growing body of scientific research suggests a sense of purpose is extremely beneficial to your health, going so far as to aid the aging process and to even help you live longer. There’s no formal definition of having a sense of purpose in life. Having a sense of purpose in life is associated with a lower risk of death, according to a study published on May 24, 2019, in JAMA Network.

We already know that being aware of your life purpose can help you make healthier life choices; however, there are several other benefits to knowing your life purpose. Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life—the reasons you get up in the morning.Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. For some people, purpose is connected to vocation—meaningful, satisfying work. For others, their purpose lies in their responsibilities to their family or friends. Without it, you’ll live your life less focused, less efficient and you’ll often feel restless and stressed because you won’t feel aligned with the things you do.

You likely agree with the above, but like me, you’re also probably wondering WHY we actually do better in life when we have a purpose. This is just one technique of many that can help you establish a sense of purpose in your life. What I like about it is how quickly the litmus test cuts through ambiguity and rationalizations.

Try it out for yourself, and let me know how it turns out for you—or share a technique that’s worked well for you. Purposeful individuals may simply lead healthier lives, says Hill, but it also could be that a sense of purpose protects against the harmful effects of stress. An experiment in Chicago tested this. In her latest research, Hooker found those who had a sense of purpose were more apt to engage in physical activity and felt more confident in their abilities to make healthy behavior changes. A sense of purpose may also help you live longer, according to a 2019 study published in JAMA Network Open.

The research looked at a cohort of 6,985 adults over age 50 and discovered an association.

List of related literature:

Finding a goal helps you live longer regardless of when you find that purpose, the study showed, but the earlier someone comes to a direction for life, the earlier the positive effects are evident.

“I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation” by Ilchi Lee
from I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation
by Ilchi Lee
Best Life Media, 2017

To bring health and happiness to self and family is certainly a worthwhile goal.

“No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture: Pesticide-Free Methods for Restoring Soil and Growing Nutrient-Rich, High-Yielding Crops” by Bryan O'Hara
from No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture: Pesticide-Free Methods for Restoring Soil and Growing Nutrient-Rich, High-Yielding Crops
by Bryan O’Hara
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2020

For instance, people can set and pursue diet and fitness goals that make them forsake food and leisure time that their bodies may crave but that provide them with a sense of meaning and purpose, sometimes even at the expense of hedonic pleasure.

“Encyclopedia of Human Behavior” by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
from Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
Elsevier Science, 2012

Indeed, food motivates us more strongly than sex because food is essential to our survival.

“Psychology: Second European Edition” by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner, Bruce Hood
from Psychology: Second European Edition
by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, et. al.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

For example, you may want to eat healthy food to satisfy the goal of avoiding illness, which contributes to the goal of living longer.

“The Brain and the Meaning of Life” by Paul Thagard
from The Brain and the Meaning of Life
by Paul Thagard
Princeton University Press, 2010

Through awareness, mindful individuals can choose behaviors (like healthy foods or exercise) that are consistent with one’s knowledge and values, as opposed to reacting on automatic pilot and relying on unhealthy habits.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
from The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness
by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
Wiley, 2014

In addition, having a sense of purpose in life was identified earlier as an important component of a sense of meaning.

“Handbook of Theories of Aging, Second Edition” by Merril Silverstein, PhD, Dr. Vern L. Bengtson, PhD, Michelle Putnam, PhD, Norella M. Putney, PhD, Daphna Gans, PhD
from Handbook of Theories of Aging, Second Edition
by Merril Silverstein, PhD, Dr. Vern L. Bengtson, PhD, et. al.
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

And if our mind is clear and self-reflective (mindful), it will help us choose ideal food, activity, and all other life patterns.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Paul Pitchford
North Atlantic Books, 2002

The goal of Training the Senses is to develop a balanced lifestyle, in which we make wise and healthy choices in the foods we eat and the exercise we get, while avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating.

“Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health” by Thomas G. Plante
from Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health
by Thomas G. Plante
Praeger, 2010

Given that such access can improve mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being (see Cook et al.

“Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change” by Melissa R. Marselle, Jutta Stadler, Horst Korn, Katherine N. Irvine, Aletta Bonn
from Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change
by Melissa R. Marselle, Jutta Stadler, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2019

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  • Such a long talk that didn’t actually tell anything in essence. So I don’t know what his diet is but listen to me anything else other than meat and junk food yeah, those heavily processed ‘food’ packages from supermarked shelves with chemical ingredients like sodium glutamate etc. Any organic food is Ok. The problem with it is you have to find the time and effort to cook it rather than get it in a tray at fast food

  • no one:
    me: “Wanna believe I dont have a bad bone in my body, but the bruises on my ego make me go WHAGAHHWAW. Wanna believe, that even when I am stone cold Im sorry. I know I am chocking on my fears, I know you are right there. I know I need the upper hand when I am fighting bc in the past I had to prepare everytime….And I know it ain’t fair but in the past I had to prepare everytime, they weren’t kind to me the one I loved” crying. but also dancing and I love this song Marshmello and Halsey, you have made a masterpiece that is ME.

  • Seriously, this song, is the one thing that has been KNOCKING ON MY BRAIN when I have faced people saying music has to be sort of depressing to be good. I didn’t realise why though, until Now. THIS SONG BOPS LIKE CRAZY AND THE LYRICS ARE DEEP. You cannot put deep music in a genre, thank you Halsey. I relate to the person you sing about… Bc I was them. And I have also, been on the other end. This is deep, colorful, popping popcorn amazing. It should win awards. But even if i doesn’t, thank you so much. <3 I love you.

  • There’s quite a few variables that should be touched on. Body type, fitness goals, etc.. I guess this is just to be healthy. If you want to get ripped, or bulk, there will be different diets for you. This seems like common sense, but it’s definitely important.
    Side note; I am skeptical about the 10% of each macro, and then fill the rest with whatever you want (healthy). That will give you different results. Healthy sure, but you won’t end up with the same physique with all options..

  • Not judgmental? This talk is most judgemental! It says in essence that anybody with issues are just making them up, and as long as calories are fine then everything is fine.
    Nothing about sugar induced eating disorders, nor differential micronutrients absorption rates, nor the links between digestion and neurology, or autoimmune diseases…
    Science is incomplete, so don’t introduce it like “we know what healthy eating is”. Even with the cavehat that nothing’s ever certain with science, it still doesn’t cut it! It’s not just about compounding big figures to validate certain diets overall, it’s now about helping individuals finding out what works best for them. Not write-off their concerns as dear Dr Mike is doing here.

  • In Islamic point of view we depend on a verse of the Qur’an the God says ” we only created the human and the Jin for my worship”
    The short life of man on the earth 60 to 70 years average to gain deeds and avoid sins and make the life on the earth is for the sake of God.

  • Ever since I quit smoking cigarettes 4 months ago I been changing my eating habits to and became way more active and also my skateboarding stamina and vocals improved ten fold

  • The most important thing is not your weight, it’s that you’re not sedentary. Study after study has shown that. Physical activity, particularly things like walking, is the most important aspect of physical heath. The problem for a lot of larger size people is that they feel embarrassed to get out and engage in low stress physical activity. But studies have shown that such activity helps minimize the impact of weight.

  • This dude is brilliant! His whole talk could have been summed with

    Mike: Bro, chill.
    But what about being veg…
    Bro, chill…
    but what about intermit…
    Bro, chill…
    but what about Pale…
    BRO! CHILL!!!
    Ok… sorry for being a fanatic…

  • This cheesy over used kind of music which is very patronising is not doing you any service. On the contrary, immediately makes one question the credibility of the content.

  • I’m pretty shocked to read from the chart that a 183 cm tall guy can weight as little as 55 kg and generally be healthy. I remember when I was a really skinny and weak teenager at 65 kg and I wouldn’t have called that desirable. I was good at running (no surprise), but I feel like at 78 kg I’m much healthier despite having developed some health issues when aging.

  • Sooooooo, if I eat less food, I will lose weight? That sounds pretty far fetched. I think I will keep going with my bacon and beer diet.

  • I heard the same speech in their masterclass for an hour!!!…same thing.. though it was inspiring they are charging 600$ (48000) for their 90 day program..I felt so cheated

  • It was pretty impressive. Especially the dairy products part. I truly believe that consuming milk was the worst thing I’ve ever done. Now I’ve stopped and result is awesome.
    Thank you Eric for this informative session.
    Thanks Vishen, Mindvalley❤✌

  • halsey:wanna bealive wanna belaive tht u got no bad bone n your body
    me:wanna bealive wanna bealive that you can clean your room? O-o

  • Yo, I must argue wit this wonderful speaker upon a point: Milk. Was jest now watching a KavKaszes Docu & there is a woman born in 1890 in that doc, who loves to drink fresh cows milk. So my argument is this: Milk ought not be verboten, rather we are simply doing it wrong. When we lock up cows, take away their young as they are being born, denying them the comforts in life, we create embittered beings. Every drop of the conventional milk, when they use the cows wrongly without giving them their cuddles & due, is produced under stresss. By drinkin’ it we GD forbid imbibe dis-ease. So let’s rethink that one..

  • Great video. I didn’t like your interview with Greg Douchette but interestingly you guys really agree on food, IMHO. This is a short video but I feel best eating advice out there..

  • Amazing! Great message also make video on cancer or medical industry that they dont find cure because treatment give more money than cure.

  • I love Dr.Mike and have watched this video at least 10 times. Only just realised the health documentary comments at the end that are so foreboding.

  • I love Dr.Mike and have watched this video at least 10 times. Only just realised the health documentary comments at the end that are so foreboding.

  • The only diet proven to halt progression and even reverse heart disease in many cases is a whole food-plant based diet. Heart disease is one of the leading killers of Americans. It controls many other diseases of the rich western diet including diabetes, obesity and hypertension. 1/3 of Americans will have diabetes in 20 years. Their genes didn’t suddenly get bad. It’s the food. People won’t change without better education.

  • It melts my brain to see how many people totally missed the point of this talk. I hope I never have to explain anything to any of you.

  • I’ve never quite understood the hype behind Mike Israetel, he always just seemed to say what everyone else was saying but in a more patronising way.

  • Bodybuilders are as healthy as can be? What? And everything that isn’t lean meat or lean fish is like junk food? don’t think so… I think it’s a little more complicated than what this man explain.

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  • Let’s get on board with pills to slow down aging!! Do something GOOD for people u drug companies. You will still make beaucoup bucks & do some good for peeps!!!

  • He said it! Vegans are some of the healthiest in the world with no animal products. When I went vegan years ago I saw a tremendous amount of energy increase. My recovery was spot on every day.

  • healthy eating is not eating. the less you eat the less you polute your body with junk. intermittent fasting is the key to perfect health.drink water first thing In the am will give you all the energy you need throughout the day. I workout 5 times and I ve never had so much strength and stamina. never felt better..

  • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله..
    جديد بالمجال بس بكبر بدعمكم ومحبتكم..
    اهلا وسهلا بالجميع ��
    رح ارجع لقناتي اليوتيوب ورح انزل العاب منوعة مثل ببجي موبايل وكول اوف ديوتي وغيرها.. بتمنى تدعمني وتشترك بقناتي
    شكرا ؛) ��

  • If anyone’s interested, I highly recommend listening to Dr. Andy Galpin (Ph.D in Human Bioenginetics). Similar to this talk, he provides a very rational and intuituve perspective, and emphasizes how the human body should be adaptable. He provides great insight for very practical applications to exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices. If you enjoyed this, I think you’ll enjoy his talks and interviews.

    Great talk, Dr. Israetel.

  • Interesting theory by collating the ‘scientific’ literature and then summarising the findings! This is somewhat flawed when all the financing, thinking and the bulk of the science has been following a predetermined path!

  • don’t get me wrong as I eat 90% whole plant based. he commented that if your not having a reaction to dairy that your body is turned off and that’s a bad thing as we are not getting the signals well actually it could mean that your body is working well…..just putting it out there lol

  • What resonated the most with you in this video? We’d love to hear in the comments below:)

    Watch the free WildFit masterclass here to learn more >>

  • What?? The video just before this by Vishen of Mindvalley just said he’d give his kid milk, it’s healthy, just not including sugary add-ins. Sounds like you guys are confused here.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear many individuals lost their fat with this popular fat burn secrets.

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on a lot of youtube videos and I thought they were scam. However after my buddy follow it, and finally lost tons of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost tons of weight? I read lots of great opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost lots of weight. Has anybody tested out this popular lose weight secrets?

  • He is a very charismatic dude, but until he realises that a calorie is not a calorie, everything he just said is not scientific, nor it will lead to long term results.

  • Do natural popular fat burn secrets like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular fat burn method.

  • Idk about this lifesytle modification with excercise and healthy eating is like first thing advised by docs in a lot of things including acne, hypertension, diabetes, etc

  • I was really interested until he spoke about universal healthcare. As an American now living in Canada-what he said is both misguided and dangerous and in many ways selfish,not in the least because people have accident related health care needs not only ones that can be improved by food. This made him sound to Canadians like an uninformed huckster.

  • Milk IS good for you, it is the “wild” human diet for thousands of years. The problem now is that it’s pasteurized so much and the milk doesn’t come for cows with their natural diet. People who have lactose problems later find that after drinking raw milk their lactose problems go away. Raw milk has lactase.

  • You didn’t define ” healthy” and healthy for who. Autoimmune disorders have been cured, diabetes 2 reversed or improved by altering diet /fasting. Diets recommended for diabetes 2 and heart disease have not much

  • couldn´t you save us from the shitty, dramatic, way too loud music… It´s informational enough without that. Thanks for your sharp thought, Eric.

  • I hear lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss methods?

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my sister lost lots of weight with Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Is Custokebon Secrets helpful to lost lots of weight? I’ve read a lot of good things about Custokebon Secrets (do a google search).

  • Your way of asking about diet doctor doesn’t make any sense
    The food we or people eat is a completely under a business format provided by country and that’s what we get as a citizen in a boom of food bussines people

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost tons of weight? I have read numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • If the ‘consensus’ opinion on diet was correct, then our country wouldn’t be suffering with an obesity epidemic. (60 percent overweight, 30 percent obese). If you want food advice go to a nutritionist, or an N.D.
    I’m no expert, but I successfully reduced my weight from 245 to 165 pounds. Here’s how-
    no snacking between meals
    no processed sugars, go easy on natural sugars (fruits)
    minimal wheat consumption.
    At meals I eat to satiation. Food includes
    Oatmeal with a bit of fruit, brown rice.
    Meats (mostly seafood)
    Vegetables. (mostly green)

  • what about the methods of cooking of the food: do you actually loose a lot of nutrients if you cook the food in a certain way or when you eat a potato it doesn’t matter if it’s fried or boiled or whatever other method.?

  • Dear mindvalley. Please note I’m using a friends account for the purpose of staying anonymous.

    Please comment on white privilege. I purchased the wildfit course and the same information Eric is giving us was given to us br Dr Sheba many years ago yet he had to go through court case after court case to be able to share this exact information with the world. Yet you sell Eric’s course and no law suits have been logged against you?

  • Thanks sir…..for this information…. But I what to know that did you write any book about this topic or do you suggest any book for the same?.. please let me know sir…. I wanted to know about diet….

  • He’s right. He’s saying human should eat human diet. Like elephants eat elephant diet. So basically human should eat what would they eat if they were in the wild: anything edible, variety, whole, organic, diverse food.
    I have dieted all my life, and my conclusion is: to eat a little of a lot diverse whole vegs, fruits, animals; the color of the rainbow. and satisfy all 7 tests of: sweet, salt, pungent, sour, bitter, astringent, and umami.

  • This video is definitely great! It helps me recall of times when my sister used Custokebon Secrets to lose 15 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us wish to lose fat, however we also need to remain healthy and balanced, and that’s exactly what Custokebon Secrets gifted.

  • Too casual approach. Most people are not deficient on vitamins? That was true only until industrial revolution, now junk food makes you full on calories and malnourished at the same time. This ted talk is for people who are only very slightly interested in nutrition and has some outdated information.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every fat reduction method that was available, but in the end not one of them made it easier for me to shed and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets simply because my buddy who told me great things about it and so far to date I have successfully lost 15 pounds within 3 weeks!

  • They also cut my tonsils out when I was 19. I do paleo diet since 2 Months but my asthma and psoriasis didn’t get much better, lust a little. but at least my gut feels better.

  • Smacks of real estate gurus on TV in the middle of the night, buy my book and and learn… well nothing. Not impressed, not inspired.

  • Finally someone is talking sense and the proof is on Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig commercials where you see all these celebrities that succeeded to not only lose weight but keep it off by calories restriction and health eating. Dr. Mike and his truly impressive physics are also a prime example of no supplements, especially illegal once, 1800 calorie diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. So next time you have pizza night, make sure the base is whole grain, eat only half and you’ll be fine.

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search search. On there you will discover an awesome suggestions about how you can lost tons of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • have a look at dr.berg and what he says about metformin; it´s no wonderful pharmaceutical; one should do fasting, dann refeed, by doing so, rejunivate; diabetes is a. too much carbohydratessolution: cut them down plus a mineral dificiecy (joel wallach)

  • Fruits, nuts, plants and fruits…why didn’t he just say that? Growing animals on factory farms is destroying the planet. All these mind valley videos are presented and paid for by entrepreneurs who are all selling their products.vishen says that he is interviewing brilliant people but he is only presenting whoever pays the most to advertise their products. This is now transparent to the viewer.

  • Dairy Allergy.. I was that kid!! I was taking pills.. I would walk in to a room and my nose would run… the step out side it would stop.. and Dairy made it worst, and they tell you it is not the case.. I am alleric to dust mites.. but it is almost no existant issue if I don’t have dairy.. Milk is a nasty thing. My gut was bloated.. the gas… and the diarea.. from the allery untill I learned I was allergic.

  • Your are saying nothing here. Its just an advertisement to promote your business. Good luck with that! but y your not going to to get a penny from me.
    I’m already doing great with my health and nutrition and I haven’t paid a cent to anyone. Just look for the right information on YouTub. There’s a ton of experts giving great information for free.
    I’m 100% sure that you won’t bit that.

  • As for me…..i noticed…..
    *Kiwi,makes my skin itch.
    *Meat,makes me feel sick
    & nausea & then i vomit,NO
    i do not purposely vomit the just makes me
    Sick to my Stomach..
    *drinking smoothies added
    with veggies/fruits in it
    gives me rashes,WTF?!��
    *eating a meal & taking
    Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes..does not work..
    & it feels like I’m still not
    Digesting or absorbing my
    Nutrients(i can feel the
    food is NOT going down,it
    just sits in my stomach!!)
    seriously WTF is wrong with me?!!!!?

  • Healthy foods is the most important thing to protect us from sickness and illness and it controls our body what to act and think, sir eric just delivered a very meaningful topic to engage ourselves to a different perspective to experience much more things in life, we all have to be aware to foods we consume or else we are going to suffer for the long term, im now changing the way i eat balancing every benefits of foods to diet to feel the greatness of breathing process. We all have the power to prevent what is bad to us.. all we need is to follow the achievement of others that prove something very inspiring.

  • This is the worst Ted talk i have ever seen (other than that one nurse advocating for low carb diets).
    and aside from the manipulative misinformation about nutrition
    im 90% sure this guy does/did steroids.

  • What are some ways to lost tons of weight? I read loads of superb opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn diet plan?

  • this guy is just anoth
    er salesman he doesn’t have a clue as to the species specific diet as it relates to humans if he promotes eating meatIT IS OBSERVABLE SCIENCE OF OUR STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY

  • I really appreciate the free masterclass and videos on Youtube. I gathered a lot of good stuffs on them But, If people want to go deeper they need to start a Wildfit program who is WAY TO EXPENSIVE for the average people. No many people that I know have the money the power to spend 700$ in one shoot. You said that it’s a good investement, cheaper than the thousands of $ you will depense a year for supplement and other kind of stuff but, as I said, most of the people don’t have of these money to spend like that, in one shoot. I understand the amount of work behind, the community thing and coaching and maybe it justify the price, I don’t know but you should give all this information about food easier for people. I would love a book about it for exemple! If you really want to change the world dudes, it could be clever.

    Cheers 😉

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search search. On there you will discover that an awesome tips about how you can lost tons of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • This is shit…all about money.
    I’ll save you $900
    Eat a plant based lifestyle
    Avoid processed foods
    Eat organic when you can
    Learn to water fast on a regular basis