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Forget New Year’s resolutions. Pick a yearly mantra

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THE BENEFIT OF BIRTHDAY RESOLUTIONS Think about it: At the start of the new year, you’re still probably frazzled from the holidays. Maybe you overdid the night before and the extreme guilt compels you make drastic promises for a better lifestyle. Perhaps your birthday is a more level-headed time to ponder change. Deeper dive: Skip New Year’s resolutions – make New Month’s resolutions instead Idea #3: Give the year a theme Another way to pry yourself free of the limiting focus of a wholesale January 1 st change is to expand that change by giving the entire year a theme.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Try This Instead This Year. It’s kind of like a birthday party, but it’s a party for that person “just because”!

Refer to The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd. (note to self: include link while scheduling) Print out the 12 Month New Year’s Resolution Pla. Try Resolutions! Posted on January 8, 2019 by DrHurd Bookmark this article Champagne and too many of those little puffy hot dogs can result in some pretty outlandish new year’s resolutions.

The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions. 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. 80% of resolutions fail before the second week of February, according to US News & World Report Only 8% of ‘Resolvers’ achieve their New Year’s goals at the end of the year.; Hopefully this is enough to persuade you to NOT make a New Year’s Resolution for 2019.

Instead of making New Years resolutions, be kind to yourself while realizing your shortcomings and things you want to improve in your life. Wilson Counseling: The Armchair Chronicles: Forget about New Years Resolutions, try this technique instead for a much happier 2019. Forget the new year’s resolutions. You could lose weight, save money, and tick off another dozen to-do items and still never take a step toward the life and career you deserve. Okay, I had to write my new year’s resolution or two years in a row, but that was just because I was required to do so in 4th and 5th grade homeroom paper.

If there isn’t enough intention in new year’s resolutions, these things are likely to slide. Feb 6, 2020 Explore Jen Jacobsen’s board “Birthday Resolutions”, followed by 227 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Birthday resolutions, Words, Inspirational quotes. Happy Birthday Resolution Quotes For Everyone: Birthday is more than about parties, cake, celebration and gifts.

Yes!!! we are talking about Resolution. I would like to ask here how many of you take resolutions on their birthday. I am sure that very few people will raise their hand.

Yes, it’s true.

List of related literature:

New Year’s resolutions are another awful thing I hate!

“Everybody Is Awful: (Except You!)” by Jim Florentine, Jim Norton
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New Year’s resolutions are kind of a joke.

“NKJV, Teen Study Bible, eBook” by Lawrence O. Richards, Sue W. Richards, Zondervan,
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My New Year’s resolutions are generally suggestions, never mandates.

“Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity” by Felicia Day
from Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity
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Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted to keep my resolutions to myself.

“Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
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This year am not going to do any New Year’s Resolutions but instead focus on being grateful for myself as I am.

“Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy” by Helen Fielding
from Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy
by Helen Fielding
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New Year’s resolutions are a terrible idea.

“The No S Diet: The Strikingly Simple Weight-Loss Strategy That Has Dieters Raving-and Dropping Pounds” by Reinhard Engels, Ben Kallen
from The No S Diet: The Strikingly Simple Weight-Loss Strategy That Has Dieters Raving-and Dropping Pounds
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Resolutions aren’t just for New Year’s Day!

“Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match” by Amy Spencer
from Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match
by Amy Spencer
Running Press, 2010

I’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, and I usually have good success in keeping them.

“Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits-to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life” by Gretchen Rubin
from Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits-to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life
by Gretchen Rubin
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I usually love making New Year’s resolutions – but I never stick to them.

“If We're Not Married by Thirty” by Anna Bell
from If We’re Not Married by Thirty
by Anna Bell
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Above all, don’t make a list of New Year’s resolutions.

“Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” by Roy F. Baumeister, John Tierney
from Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
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  • He would be the perfect father. My dad tries motivational speeches but in the end I don’t believe him I think he’s just lying to me about my worth and what he thinks and how he’ll act next time. But when Princd Ea does speeches I believe him and think I can be what I want and think I can inspire people, too.

  • Hi hope you had a lovely Xmas. We’re doing a none spending. Jan we have a hoilday to save up for. And to eat out of the freezer more rather than get more from frozen food shops. We are not buying bottled water going back to bars of soap no kitchen roll do go through a lot of them. And to save money each month for our reteament. And keep declutting if we stop that’s it you can’t keep your eye of the ball. My main thing is our reteament fund. Am 50 in Feb and its got me thinking about it we are on a 12 year plan and we’ve got to do it but like I said we’ve got to cut back on stuff to do it. Like it sounds daft but buy 1 toothpaste rather than 1 each and use that up we might use less cause my kids do put a lot on and these no need our dentist said you only use a pea size and am going to fill the washing up liquid with water when it gets half way down. Its a strong one anyway our first fund in our account will be on the 7th Jan and I can’t wait knowing its for our futcher xx

  • Thank you for your video. You made those resolutions sound easy. And honestly they are it’s just a matter of doing them. I mean seriously 10 min to clean something I have days where I’m cleaning all day. Then I resent that I didn’t delegate to my older children. But by putting a 10 min timer on it’s almost like a challenge or game. I’m starting that and making my bed first thing. Great Advice Shea!!!! Happy holidays to you and your family love ❤️ KAREN Long Beach NY

  • Im watching this in tears….i got caught up in all the things happening in the world rn, that I forgot where I am and how to shape myself into becoming what I am-An eagle

  • With all your videos, all your motivating talks, YOU made me…belive in my self that i can lose weight make my parents proud and……..Let’s be serious, why wont you subscribe to this guy huh? THIS GUY is the man who motivates the next generation THE FUTURE im glad that i discoverd this channel and this man im only 10 years old and i understand wat this man is saying this is not a FLEX this is the proof that this generation that are coming and all this young generations that exist CAN DO somenthing and repair the world. Thank you Prince Ea, for the motivation.

  • I have an question you have been giving ever ting you have but still ended up on the same pales. What do you do?

    PS. not bez of other people.

  • i have to make speech this coming thursday and i have stage fright need help pls give me advice i watch prince ea because he makes one of the best speeches i have ever heard

  • “…to grow my youtube channel….” Nov 9 2018: EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! Who wants to help throw Shea a million subscribers party? I’m thinking it will be right around Christmas…

  • This year I don’t have any feeling of Christmas, I don’t feel a damn thing. Everyone partying, drinking, dancing and I am here. It is not important a that the year changes, it is important that you personally change yourself to you better version. I am here and have goals, let it be 2020, 2021… 202N does not matter. Be happy not because the year changes, the planet rotates and is again in the same position but because you have changed, you have completed your goal, finished one book, got good grades, passed you exams or just bought what you wanted so many years.
    I wish you for your lifetime to always be eager to realise your dreams, have a goal and complete it.

  • Hi! There you find russian translation of this video. Please like this comment, in order to make more people see it

    Одна из моих любимых историй о мужчине, который гуляя по пути нашёл яйцо. Орлинное яйцо. Он взял яйцо и положил его в гнездо курицы. Вскоре орлёнок вылупился вместе с цыплятами и рос с ними. Всю свою жизнь орёл делал то, что делали курицы. Он рылся в грязи, искал червей и насекомых, чтобы покушать. Он взлетал на несколько футов на землёй. Кудахтал. Прошло время и тот орёл постарел. И однажды он увидел что-то на собой. Это что-то изящно и магически парило в облаках.
    Что это? спросил орел
    Оо это. Это орёл сказал один из петухов.Он король всех птиц, хозяин небес. Но мы принадлежим земле, потому что мы всего лишь курицы. Не беспокойся о нём, ты никогда не будешь им. И тот орёл жил и умер курицей, потому что курица это то, кем он был по его мнению.
    В этом году самое время пуститься в бегство. Ты и я оба знаем, что ты не принадлежишь тому, где ты сейчас находишься, ты не принадлежишь людям вокруг тебя ( если сказать утрировано: если вокруг тебя сейчас одно гавно и быдло, то это не значит, что ты такой же. Беги!) ты курица, а ведь рождён быть орлом! Поэтому вот вопрос: как много времени нужно, чтобы принять решение, сделать усилие и показать мужество и характер? Слово характер забавное. Ты знаешь, что характер это способность выполнить обещание спустя долгое время от момента возбуждения? Я скажу это снова, т.к твой мозг мог это упустить это. Характер это способность выполнить обещание спустя долгое время от момента возбуждения.
    Ты хочешь сказать что хочешь, хочешь сделать что-то? Делаешь это 2 недели и затем бросаешь, прямо как прошлом году, и как в позопрошлом… Ты говоришь, что ты хочешь сбросить вес, прийти в форму, начать свой бизнес с нуля, стать ближе к богу, а потом разворачиваешься и идёшь на праздник, пьёшь алкоголь, нажираешься в говно и продолжаешь жить ниже того, кем ты был создан быть.И тут совершается самый большой грех известный человечеству. Нет, нет, нет, нет. Я не религиозный, но я поведу тебя в церковь, чтобы увидеть слово грех. Грех это греческое слово, использовалось в стрельбе из лука. Оно означает промахнуться( не добиться цели). Самыйбольшой грех в жизни это не добиться своей цели, не стать тем, кем ты был рождён быть, быть курицей вместо орла.
    Я не знаю помните ли вы, эм… выросли на истории об Икарусе. Многие люди помнят, что Икарус был тем человеком, чьи крылья были сделаны из воска. Его отец предостерегал его не летать слишком высоко иначе солнце расплавит крылья Икаруса. И что произошло? Это предостережение былo самонадеянностью Икаруса, солнце расплавило его крулья и бум. Он упал на землю и умер. Но это не вся история нет, нет, нет. Ты не знал, что здесь было что-то большее? Смотри, отец Икаруса также предостерегал его от,того чтобы он летал слишком низко. Он говорил не летай слишком близко к морю иначе из-за своего веча ты упадёшь в воду. Смотри, мы все знаем как не быть слишком самонадеянными, ладно, большиснтво из нас. Но сколько из нас знают как не быть слишком скромным, слишком смиренным, слишком робким, слишком стеснительным, слишком в безопасности.Это говорит о том что самая большая трагедия в жизни это не то, что цели людей очень высоко и не могут быть достигнуты, а то что они слишком низко и их легко достигнуть.
    Я вижу, что многие люди в Фейсбуке, да везде, в Инстаграме говорят о френд зоне. Смеются “Ха ха. Он во френд зоне. Любитель дружбы” но я не вижу так много людей, которые шутят над людьми,что в другой зоне. Нет мемов об этом. Нет шуток. Знаете почему? Потому, что многие из вас там.
    Ладно,в этом новом году давайт выйдем из нашей комфортной зоны. Удача сопутствует смелым и и та пещера, которой ты боишься. Это пещера, что ты боишься таит в сеье сокровища, о которых ты мечтаешь.
    Забудь о решениях на новый год, забудь их. Давай сделаем решение новой жизни быть полностью и подлинно собой!
    Я не знаю о чём ты мечтаешь, но я гарантирую тебе, что кто-то прямо сейчас в больнице просит, молит бога, чтобы иметь те возможности, которые ты имеешь прямо сейчас. Не упусти это. Самое время прейти от посредственности к метиоритности. Самое время летать, как орёл, которым ты являешься или ты так и будешь продолжать кудахтать с курицами?

  • Could the colorful think be skittles? LOL I used to use other foods’ juices to color my kids veggies when they were little. They still prefer veggies to meat so it must have worked. H2O is awesome: it is actually my elixir for tummy upsets, headaches, etc. 9.5 times out of 10 it ‘cures’ my issue. The Gratitude Jar is definitely something I will do for Thanksgiving; it will cut down on my scrap paper lists just before the holiday. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Cheers!

  • Yes! This is where I’ve been going wrong with my life!!!! Sweets are so colourful, so they must be so healthy. And ecstasy is all multi coloured. Right, New Years resolution take one ecstasy pill a day. And it’ll be so so easy because ecstasy is super addictive.

    2018 is gonna be my year. I’m gonna slay

  • My God! this is powerful, these words are exactly what i needed to hear right now, i just clicked by chance and am so blessed by watching and hearing you talk. i just started my youtube channel after much trying and failing in life, I have nothing to hold on to anymore, I have lost so much in life I lost everything that gives me courage, My 19 year old daughter in a car accident, went in bankrupt in business, lost my home in the process, I was at the point of almost taking my life, but i love life and i don’t want to end up and die like a chicken this is why i am here starting a new thing with all hopes to grow my channel. You are that inspiration i need, your words are so soothing, inspiring and encouraging. i wake up each day with fear of my tomorrow i am over 50, getting a job is a problem but am strong and not giving up. How do i grow to a high standard in life?

  • I will push but this year is very hard, I know u didn’t know this was going to happen this year but considering how we will be us this year…? Pls

  • Great resolution goals! Would love to see an organization series from you! Love all of your videos! Happy holidays from Hawaii ��☀️��

  • Hi Shea!! I found your channel just yesterday and I’m totally loving it!!! i wanted to know which lip gloss your wearing, it looks amazing!! If anyone knows please tell me, i really want it!!

  • Hi Shea�� Simple but great suggestions. Will include in my list and try my best to do them. I love watching your videos. Keep it up�� Wishing you and your family the best this coming year. Cheers��

  • Why do we need school when we have this guy?

    I learned more on this video about life then my whole school experience so far.

    School needs to talk about important things in life:Health,explaining how the world works,the economy and how to pay taxes etc.

  • Gratitude is a super cute idea. Sometimes I remember to write down an “accomplished list” for every little and big things from the day, or recent days. “To do lists” never end. It’s so important to remember what you’ve just done, before you’re onto the next ten things.

  • It’s so cool seeing you get more and more comfortable in front of the camera with each video! You’re doing great, Shea happy new year!! ��

  • OMG THANK YOUUU!!! I was checking my favorite videos here on Youtube in order to recommend them on my blog, and I saw this one again, after years… this video I’d had saved for a long time just today, the perfect moment. I’d cried a LOT this morning bc “I don’t wanna be a chicken anymore, but I’m afraid of trying to fly high and don’t being able to…”!I talk to God. And he responded… through this video! THANKS!!

  • I completely agree with the whole minimalist concept! I definitely prefer having “less stuff” in my life! Who needs that extra clutter lol

  • Amazing speech and it’s very inspiring. I have no words, how to describe your way to motivate is simply awesome ��. Thank you for such great speech and keep inspiring lives.

  • Love these ideas the best resolutions are simple, like not honking my horn or flossing daily. I’ve kept those both for years. Sometimes we make grandiose ones and set ourselves up to fail. Thanks for all your work

  • Great goals Shannon!! I have been decluttering for over a year now. I will maintain that with the one in one out rule. Also to implement and practice more routines daily. Such as a load of laundry every morning and shining my sink after dinner. Another for me is add ing more nature inside the home, herbs, plants and succulents. Personal goals are to take better care of my skin, eat clean and read as much as I can, both fiction and non fiction. I am already an avid ready but want to bump it up to the next level. Happy 2019! I look forward to more of your videos!

  • Most people I send this get emotional but I can’t get emotional no matter how sad it is I can’t get emotional and as a archer the sin part was sorta deep

  • Hi Shannon! I just found you and subscribed! I’m on day 17 of a year long no buy challenge for makeup, skincare, housewares, shoes, and clothing. I’m following Hannah Louise Poston’s rules for this. (Basically you can purchase replacements only once an entire category is depleted). I also just switched to green cleaning and laundry products (Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Grab Green).

  • Such an amazing story teller! here are my notes for anyone who might want to revisit this video.
    0:00 Chicken Eagle Story Intro
    0:41 Chicken Eagle sees a real eagle flying.
    1:10 We belong to the ground, we are just chickens, they said.
    1:30 We are might not be where we could be in life. We allow ourselves to spend our time with people who put us down.
    2:00 The meaning of character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.
    2:55 The word sin comes from Greek. (Sin used in archery) it means to miss your target.
    3:10 The greatest sin is not to be who you were created to be.
    3:25 The story of Icarus intro
    3:50 Icarus’ full story.
    4:00 Icarus’s father warned him not to fly to low for danger of crushing into the sea.
    4:30 The tragedy is not to aim high and miss, but to aim too low and crash.
    4:50 The comfort zone.
    5:05 Fortune favors the bold
    5:12 “It’s the cave that you fear that will hold the treasure that you desire.”
    5:25 Life resolution.
    3:30 Someone in the hospital right now is praying to have the opportunities in life we have right now.

  • Omg just discovered your Channel and totally loved it!!!! I have seen around 10 of your videos and you a te amazing!! Thank you i willStar y tomorrow with all these resolutions

  • Thank you for sharing! You have great goals! I also want to try no spending months, I think It would be so beneficial! I’m looking forward to the new year and the feeling of having a fresh start!

  • This is a great video. It is very clear, direct and informative. I freestyle all my videos. There is so much knowledge and passion in them but what they lack is the detail and direction. I’m going to subscribe to you �� Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is your best year yet!

  • Prince Ea.. you’ve made a mistake in the video,I don’t like how always when you talk about being religious you show the church photo as you’re the only christian and everybody is when some people aren’t.. please man be careful of that don’t show pictures going to church or what not. Be fair. Learn. Seeing this again wouldn’t make me like you anymore. Thanks.

  • you talk the reality….its really inspiring for me as an individual…lots of love and thanks for making me reco my innerself,where i belong

  • I’ve been thinking alot I just found your videos and it has helped me alot and opened my eyes to new things I can do and I thank you Prince Ea

  • Great goals for the new year! I will also try no spending for January and February, except necessities. I did no spending for 3 months this year. It was difficult at first but easier as time went by. It makes you stop impulsive purchases. We also have been decluttering our home this year…..feels so good!

  • Great to watch this!! I’ve been de cluttering today before watching your vlog. It’s a process but it feels good to rid the home of unneeded stuff. I too want to do a no spend month. I will have to stay off Amazon for sure lol xx

  • Unfortunately, there are many chickens believing they are eagles, and worse convincing their fellow chickens to follow them as eagle like chicken leaders.

  • the truth of life is shown in this video but i bet everyone watching it will follow this for 2 weeks and give up but i will make sure i dont

  • Hey Shea! I totally hear you on buying what you need instead of what you want. I feel this way about work clothes and skin care. It’s become so boring though that its at the point where I need to buy a little item (like a lip gloss) when I’m ordering refills of my skin care products in order to be excited for the purchase.

  • wrong on bedmaking. leaving it unmade helps kill off dust mites that grow when covered up. better to air out semi damp sheets that we dampen evry night.

  • Love the resolutions on the 10min tidy/clean. def adding to my list.
    Just curious of your thoughts on this, I have 2 small kids as yourself, 2 girls, 4 and 6… Their artwork, projects and work (6 is a first grader) How do you organize? I do throw a lot out, but i do want to keep some to look back as they get older… how to choose or organize?!?!?!? ugh…. challenge for you? Love your thoughts. Cheers

  • I just found your channel last and it’s already helped me a lot! I’ve been trying to make outfits and create a style that makes me feel good about myself and I’m so glad I found your channel.

  • Thanks for sharing your goals for the year. My photos are one of my main organizing goals; Need to weed out from Social media any people or group that is NOT inspiring and bring value and well being to my life. Happy New year Shannon to you and your family.

  • Am 15 and I want to start my career now so bad but my parents don’t support me.They think I wanna quit school to start my own business but I really want to balance and I think education is really important. What should I do?? Study until college then start my career when am like 25??or??

  • Oh my god, now I have so much motivation to convince my parents to let me audition for a K-Pop trainee, with all the explaining I need, thank you so much for all your videos ��

  • I will never get tired listening to your inspiring words. It always gives me a goosebumps. I hope you continue to inspire people. You inspire me to be a better version of myself and I thank you for that Sir! Salute!

  • Why does my school is trying to make me an extrovert??? I am introvert and they never try to teach me how to embrace what i am god at and last year I was so low and tried to “fit in” and i tried toTalk a lot like those ” small talk ” which is absolutely what i hated and i knew it wasn’t wort my time but thank god lockdown now i can learn a lot about my life and discover about myself and embrace things that i am good at and passionate about and now i am much happier and statisfied with myself and i am not bragging or anything but i am smarter than my classmates like when it come to essays, art or debate i am good at thinking and imagining and now i can embrace it but last year what i did was try to talk tobpeople which was a complete waste of time cuz most of them were fake and they were uninspiring and came up to me only for using me but now i realize that its better to be yourself and imagine if i did that my whole life i would be spoiling my passion and now i am gonna be myself and spend time with my FAM and true friends!!

  • Actually Shea, it’s healthier to NOT DO your bed in the morning!! You should always leave your bed sheets all open for 1-2 hour in the morning after getting up. Because there are microscopic bugs that multiplies more easily in a dark, warm and humid environment, leaving your bed I done with sunlight and dry air will significantly lower the amount of these “little-unpleasant-to-know-they’re-there” buds

  • Haha my mom comes to my house while I’m at work to watch my kiddo….and yup…makes my bed!

    Also your my new favorite channel! Have been binge watching your videos

  • today u r to replying but, that day will come soon when you’ll not reply cuz u won’t get time �� at that time you’ll be having subscribers in billions ����

  • I would love to see a workwear lookbook since you have a 9-5. Love your style and would love some inspiration to spice up my work looks this year��

  • These are all Great goals Shannon!
    I have been watching a lot of documentaries too lately the ones about plastic and fast fashion are having a real impact on me ��

  • This video had blowed my mind when i watched it,if possible please create a video like this.the way you speak is so you know so are like our Mark Twain. You are doing a great job!!

  • if anyone rude wants to click on this video. No no no, not to watch it. To look at the comments and reply saying “oh but thats wrong because…” thoes people-

    no im sorry.

    no. not people.


    rude chickens.

    Let me explain, thoes people just wanna come in here and make you feel bad about what you said about this video. And to think that person didnt even watch it. You be laughin that im say stuff about chickens and coments but i want you too keep reading this over and over untill you understand the meaning.

    And duh. sub to Prince Ea.

  • Что значит “из обычного человека стать ОСЛЕПИТЕЛЬНЫМ”? КАК ЭТО ПОНЯТЬ “ОСЛЕПИТЕЛЬНЫМ”? Богатым? Стройным? Что он имеет ввиду под этим словом? И что значит “родился орлом, не будь курицей”? Летать свободно но куда? ходить по земле тоже можно свободно�� Не имеет смысла на Облаках ты или где то там вне досягаемости, какой в этом смысл если ты там не счастлив?
    Главное чувствовать в себе М И Р я думаю. Будьте в гармонии с собой. Вот что главное. Когда ты по настоящему в хороших отношениях с собой, курица ты или орел, это больше не будет иметь значения. Всем добра! Берегите себя! ❤️

  • I have done “no spend/low spend” months for the last three years. The first year I did no spend January, the second year I did January + February, then the third year I did the first three months of the year! This year I want to do a whole year no spend/low spend. It’s really low spend because I’m specifically focusing on not buying any new clothes/shoes/accessories for myself and no new home decor. Last year doing it for three months was tough, but I want to push myself in order to foster better spending habits. Your channel is such an encouragement to me in my goals, so thank you!!��

  • With the new year, 2018. I hope and pray that I make a new year’s resolution by improving my physical health and losing weight. I mean I tried it before but sometimes it backfires.

  • Your 10th resolution is one of the smartest things anyone can do.  One split second with your phone while driving can negatively change your life for ever. Thank you for making this suggestion.  Happy New Year!

  • Well im from Greece and i knew that better than my name but you made a reality out of it. Also if you dont know (i dont know if you know) when his son fell he named the sea that he fell his name and we call it in Greece like that.

  • Oh how I love you for NJR No. 5 “SMILE AT ONE PERSON A DAY YOU DON’T KNOW” I am doing this for quite a while now and have never been disappointed their smile back is my reward. I subscribed ��

  • I love these ideas! You might like my blog post on how to improve resolutions! Let me know what you think:

  • These are great ideas Shea! I’m proud of my 14 yr old daughter. Last year for New Years she decided to cut out carbonated beverages for one year. She has done it! Only a couple more days…but she did it!

  • Yes! Great goals….No screen day, I had not thought of that but like it very much, I think I will incorporate that into my 2019 goals. Thank you…:)

  • I love your channel and the tips you provide, whether fashion related or general, are extremely helpful! Thank you so much, Shea! Happy New year..

  • I’m always throwing things away or donating them. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I get this overwhelming sense of happiness when things go away lol

  • THANK YOU for this video! I enjoyed it so much that I felt compelled to write my 1st YouTube comment ever!!! I am definitely going to adopt some of the resolutions. I got a jump start today and already made the beds and drank extra water.
    Could you please consider doing a video on nutritional supplements for women, men, and young children?

  • Just discover your channel, and love the content ❤️ Would like to try a no spend month, thanks for all the great ideas for the new year!


  • I just love how he uses ur ego against u at the end. Ya know kinda like telling u ur a chicken, so I dare u to stay a chicken which leads u to wanting to prove that ur an eagle. Just hope ppl changed after listening to this coz if u just clicked up to the nxt video without this having an effect on u, u need to get ur ‘I dont care’ mask off and start taking back the control in ur life.

  • I made a health resolution in 2017 and it worked great for me. Your ideas are also very helping and positive

  • Loving the content on your channel…I want to embrace new opportunities and be more consious about valuing and enjoying the time I spend with my family. live with more quality and less clutter!

  • I feel like this is how jesus did when he was alive then Jesus possessed him and then left then the man turned into god when Jesus possessed bim

  • This man bro. I was sleeping over at a girls house that I haven’t met in over a year, she moved like 2 years ago, now I’m back from a week 5 miles away, thanks to her I opened up to people. But now, when I came back home, I felt it “should I go get onto the PC? Is it really that fun” then I thought again “eh, that’s what I usually do in my daily life, sit at home and do stuff on the PC” now I watched @Prince Ea’s videos, and now I understand why it felt weird to get onto the pc, Because it doesn’t make me happy, it makes me think that I’m happy, I will seriously start opening up, I see now, If I continue like this, I might just grow up and die with 95% of my life just being by the PC, I felt this.

  • Your goals are great and very inspiring Shannon! You are keeping me motivated to live more intentionally and minimally in 2019! Happy New Year!��

  • True happiness comes at risk and I want you all to take that risk, yes you will probably be told off but at the end of the day you feel happy, don’t waste primary school like I did make friends you can comfort but who will comfort you too. �� let’s all stand together and create an army, an army of joy, wisdom and happiness.

  • speaking about icarus, check out this album that is inspired by icarus myth:):

  • So excited to be doing this challenge with you. Love your goals for the New Year! I am totally going to be printing out the goal sheet to write mine down!

  • As always, a great video! I still need to write down my resolutions. One of mine is to mindfuly take time for myself everyday. That’s so important for a mom! I think I might do the no spend January with you! I’ll have to see what Bobby ( hubby) thinks!