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25 Tips for Dealing With Social Anxiety #1 Control Your Breathing. When you feel anxious, your breathing will become fast and shallow. This increases your #2 Prepare. Social situations can become tolerable if we plan ahead — it helps you feel more confident.

You may avoid #3 Social anxiety can feel debilitating. You may experience shaking, sweating, a rapid heart rate, and flushing. But, there are many ways to treat social anxiety.

Social anxiety can keep you from making friends or advancing in work, and can lead to depression. Can Help Fight Despair alcohol or drugs to self-medicate before entering these situations. In this Article 1. Control Your Breathing Anxiety can cause changes in your body that make you uncomfortable. For example, your 2. Try Exercise or Progressive Muscle Relaxation Research shows that certain physical activities like jogging can help 3. Prepare. Expert tips to fight social anxiety effectively. by Femina | February 19, 2018, 18:59 IST.

These are fast-acting anti-anxiety pills. However, they are sedating and addictive, so they are typically prescribed only when other medications for social anxiety have not worked,” she concludes. If you suffer from social anxiety, make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and avoiding sugar 12  and alcohol as much as possible. A poor diet can wreak havoc with your brain chemistry and leave you feeling sluggish and worn down. Too much caffeine and sugar can also increase feelings of anxiety.

If you think you might have social anxiety, we would always recommend seeking a professional diagnosis from your GP. Most importantly, remember that however isolated you might feel you are far from alone – social anxiety is the most common type of anxiety. Overcoming Social Anxiety – 7 Tips.

Finding Ways to Fight Anxiety. All of these strategies can be effective for those that want to learn how to fight anxiety. They each address specific issues that many of those with anxiety face, and integrating them into your life is a great way to reduce the effects on anxiety on your overall satisfaction.

But fighting anxiety isn’t enough. If your anxiety, fear, and worry has been overwhelming, put these ten strategies into practice. 1. Media Distancing: To stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve had to practice social distancing.

But to stop the spread of anxiety, we must distance ourselves from the media. But there’s a lot you can do. 1. Realize anxiety is natural.

Anxiety is the normal response to perceived danger – the body and mind rev up in readiness for fight or flight by producing adrenaline.

List of related literature:

This is a must-read for persons suffering with social anxiety.”

“The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear” by Martin M. Antony
from The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear
by Martin M. Antony, Limited, 2010

He asked for tips to deal with anxiety.

“The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach” by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
from The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach
by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
Taylor & Francis, 2016

If I suffer social anxiety and use alcohol to give myself confidence would this mean that social anxiety is caused by lack of alcohol?

“Principles of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives” by Matt Jarvis, Paul Okami
from Principles of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives
by Matt Jarvis, Paul Okami
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All of these approaches have been demonstrated to be effective in lowering social anxiety in at least some instances (see Gould et al., 1997; Leary & Kowalski, 1995b; Rapee, Gaston, & Abbott, 2009).

“Social Anxiety: Clinical, Developmental, and Social Perspectives” by Stefan G. Hofmann, Patricia M. DiBartolo
from Social Anxiety: Clinical, Developmental, and Social Perspectives
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I have already mentioned the first two: socializing and avoiding overthinking.

“Generation Me: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled-and More Miserable Than Ever Before” by Jean M. Twenge
from Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled-and More Miserable Than Ever Before
by Jean M. Twenge
Atria Books, 2006

And, if you’re a worrier (trait anxiety), chances are that thinking you need to do all of these things will only add to your anxiety.

“The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion” by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
from The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion
by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
VeloPress, 2017

This last point is extremely important to investigations of social anxiety and social phobia.

“Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment” by Richard G. Heimberg
from Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment
by Richard G. Heimberg
Guilford Publications, 1995

With this tip, we come full circle — back to the top of the list: Anxiety happens.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
from Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies
by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
Wiley, 2010

With this tip, we’ve come full circle — back to the top of the list: Anxiety happens.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
from Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies
by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
Wiley, 2011

Making the list was triggering anxiety and I dared not push myself further.

“Bread, Cement, Cactus: A Memoir of Belonging and Dislocation” by Annie Zaidi
from Bread, Cement, Cactus: A Memoir of Belonging and Dislocation
by Annie Zaidi
Cambridge University Press, 2020

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  • I’m watching this and I’m literally so awkward and anxious all the goddamn time it’s so annoying… I honestly don’t know what to do

  • I tend to feel a little better online, I play console with a little group of people and I don’t get as much stress than upfront in person.

  • Is it just me who feel like this when I’m with my family(not my parents but aunt and cousins and so on)I don’t know why and I don’t want them too think that I don’t care about them��������
    Does someone feel same?��

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “how do i beat social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  • You deserve a relaxed happy life ❤
    If you like join with my ❤❤ I’m awesome ❤❤ channel, Which guidess to a relaxed life step by step ✔

  • Appreciate Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Peyichael Simplex Precedence (Have a quick look on google can’t remember the place now)? It is a good one off product for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at last got amazing results with it.

  • Nice Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about Peyichael Simplex Precedence (probably on Google)? It is a great one of a kind product for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy at very last got amazing success with it.

  • Lovely video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched Peyichael Simplex Precedence (just google it)? It is a good one off product for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy at last got cool results with it.

  • I am 11 and I have social anxiety. In my case it seems really young. When I was younger, I didn’t care what people thought and I was so social! Now i can barely go outside with people everywhere. It sucks. My parents don’t know, should i tell them? I need help:(

  • i tried to get therapy for social anxiety but my therapist didnt really help:( my mom took me out because she thought i would change quickly and suddenly become an extrovert or something, she didnt understand that it takes time… Now i have to wait until im 18 to make my own appointments and get help

  • Psychs were telling me for YEARS that it was all a “What If” thing that could be TREATED! Well, guess what? “What if you’re an idiot?” It FUCKING happened! Are we REALLY “mentally ill” or are these people just oblivious retards! But take these meds that “work.”

  • Just realized I have social anxiety when I have my first job in 2018, I don’t know but within just 2 weeks of working I feel sad. I miss my school days where I dont feel lonely at all. But I tried to resist the “anxiety” for a year. Don’t have real friends in my workplace, and my kind of happy pills was to play PS4 when not in work. Every morning feels like hell and forced myself to prepare and go to work. Mostly, I’m absent once a week, yes that’s how toxic am I at work and I regret that. Now in this pandemic, I feel comfortable because I don’t have a work but deep inside just want to overcome this anxiety that lead to laziness.

  • I LOVED your techniques and I will try my best to keep them in mind in my next challenge. But the sound of 4&5 gives me anxiety. Once I’m in a situation its really not that bad, but they very thought of it just raises my blood pressure ��

  • Meds, psychotherapy, and understanding where your anxiety originated (toxic relationship, traumatic childhood, etc) are also very helpful.

  • Thank you for the tips, ma’am! Always had this intense negative feeling and almost panic about social interactions and never thought it could be this anxiety condition. I hope I overcome this one day! Great video and I wish you the best!!

  • A great way of simplifying it, I told my therapist, is that you’re not as worried about messing up an assignment, more like you’re worried people know you exist and that they recognize you and give you all their attention. I hate school but I’m really good at it and pass with honors roll every year. I hate when teachers give me incentives like candy when I do good because the class knows I did good.

  • People don’t even acknowledge my existence, and when I try to make friends they end up being fake. What is up with that? ����‍♀️��

  • people always just say “you’re just shy” or “just get over it”. but it’s not just being shy. it’s thinking that everyone is looking at you, judging you and laughing at you. (there is or can be more than that, that’s just what i thought of.) it really is a struggle and i’m always afraid that people won’t get it or make fun of me for it. people at school always call me shy and stuff, and for me it’s kinda embarrassing. like i always feel like people are talking about how quiet i am and stuff. it also sucks because i usually do pretty well in school, so my classmates would try to cheat off me. i was always to nervous to say something because i was afraid that that were going to judge me. so they continued to do it because they knew i wouldn’t say anything. i used to have panic attacks before school. school was awful for me. luckily i am doing online school this year and probably for high school to.:)

  • I sometimes feel weak for having social anxiety, I feel like no one understands and just dismisses me so I can never talk about it without feeling guilty

  • I had social anxiety when I was kid because my father was drunkard my friend s used to make fun of me.slowly it went away when he left us.again he came back in my life.i have so much social anxiety I barely go out of my house.i literally shiver when talking to others

  • Just because i have social anxiety kids at school call me Stupid or Mute since i dont talk at all unless i absolutely have to and when i do talk they make fun of my voice which is how it all started in the first place
    I been like this since elementary and now a Highschool Sophomore

  • it sucks so much. my mum comes from a place where conditions like this weren’t really explored and weren’t a thing and so she has a hard time understanding, at first she felt bad for me and sympathetic but now she is convinced i’m making it up for attention, she threatens to put me in uncomfortable situations in public, and it honestly hurts so much when she tells me it’s not true or i’m faking it as it’s a big stuggle in my life and i hate it so much as it ruined so much for me and so many opportunities. i don’t know what to do:(

  • Dude it’s like I don’t even care if people laugh at me, make fun of me etc. I just can’t fucking function and the thought of going to somebody’s house makes me wanna faint

  • Im trying to figure out if i have social anxiety. When im near lot of people or when i think someone is staring at me i tend to have an uncontrollable smile and i cant stop even around my own family and my family thinks theres something wrong with me. I had this since i was 3 years old and it ruined my life.

  • I feel the most comfortable with strangers. On the other hand when I meet people who I know, I feel extremely awkward, conscious and anxious.

  • I’ve been arguing with myself whether or not I have social anxiety. I always feel uncomfortable around people like having conversations. I start sweating a lot and my heart rate increases. I feel my muscles tensing sometime. I often try to avoid situations where I have to talk with people and have a hard time making new friends because of this and honestly it’s just very exhausting sometimes. It’s not just around people either it’s around family members too. Like when we have cousins and uncles and aunts and people like that visiting I always stay in my room.I don’t want to eat dinner with them I don’t wanna do anything with them because it just feels so uncomfortable it’s a little weird because It’s your family and it’s should be like that but I’m just so uncomfortable. Im not comfortable around most of my family except my mom dad and my sister and brother. Also next year I’m going to have a confirmation cause that’s something we do where I’m from (Norway) I’m thinking of not confirmating because of this, my parents think I’m acting up and that I need to because I will regret not getting confirmated. But there’s this bootcamp we go thru for example. Where you make new friends. I don’t want to. Also my friends don’t belong to the same church as me so I don’t know anyone and which means I’m naturally forced to make new friends. My mom said that if it was because I’m not at the same church as my friend she could fix that but I won’t feel anymore comfortable changing church to where my friends are either.
    Anyone who knows or can help? im 14 turning 15 and im a girl if that matters.

  • I feel sick when I go on public transport, I can’t go to my kids activities because I feel sick when I’m in a room with people and all of a sudden it’s happened, my nan and uncle who I’ve lived with all my life passed away 2 years ago not sure if it’s to do with that

  • Jesus loves you❤️, in the Bible in Matthew 11:28-30 is written the words of Jesus; Come to me all you who weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Those are the words of Jesus. Also in the Bible is written in the books of Acts 16:31; Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household. God loves you, you can go through everything with the help of Jesus, have a good day.

  • Call it ‘social anxiety’ but don’t question society itsself.. Ofcourse when a person shows ‘social anxiety’ it must be the person something is wrong with.
    ‘Maybe’ we are supposed to live small scaled with nature.. hunting, gathering. We’re not supposed to systematically grow food as to keep us on the same spot so we could build a modern society that feeds those who run that society and keep them warm, happy, smiling, rich & powerful. And mingle with perfect strangers who we have no tighs with on a daily bases.
    One could argue that ‘most’ people do not suffer this ‘disorder’ so this ‘disorder’ must be a deviation from the norm. But others might show different signs like auto immune issues, antisocial disorders, cancer, what have you? But no.. let’s just feed the dsm with more, more, more and more of these ‘disorders’ and when talking about how horrible our societies are becoming or have been for ages… we’ll just call that: imperfection. Has anyone ever thought that maybe what often is called anxiety is actually a symtome of our society that might be toxic as hell?

  • I’m crying.. I’ve had really bad social anxiety my whole life and tried everything. It’s never gotten better and I’m convinced it won’t at this point

  • The sad thing is the people in my class always ask me why I don’t talk, or ask me why I’m shy. But I’m not shy I just get scared to talk to them. They’re so dumb

  • when im having a conversation with people and look them in the eyes i will turn red cause when i see them staring at me i feel like i look bad or something

  • It’s getting really bad, right before I walk into the break room at work I give myself a quick talk and I breathe a certain way because I feel like everyone is watching me and laughing at me. I’m so scared I don’t want anyone to see me

  • I’ve had social anxiety since I was like, 8. I consider it a young age. I never talked to any one and I would never participate in anything. It bugs me whenever someone one says “Why don’t you talk?” “Talking to people is not even hard. ” Nobody in my life ever understood me, not even my family, my mom tells me “Talk with others to make friends, it’s not hard. ” “I’m so sick of you never speaking! ” Whenever my teacher forces me to speak I feel so nervous, my heart beats so fast, my palms get sweaty, I start shaking, and my face gets red. I always fear of what people think of me. I was happy in quarantine, but now because of zoom classes that started, I’m forced to turn on my cam and I don’t like it. I’m forced to talk too, it gives me so much anxiety and I start having panic attacks. I feel like such a failure, I cry sometimes when I’m alone. I’m usually happy on the outside, but deep inside, I feel like I’m a disappointment because of my anxiety.

    Edit: Thank you to whoever took time to read this ❤

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “why can’t i get past social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  • Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “social anxiety symptoms” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.

  • my anxiety leaving my body after my mom says “just beleive in yourself and be more confident!” and “just talk to people its not that hard”:

  • I’m 16 and my stepmom and dad are forcing me to get a job and im literally crying because I can’t interact with new people and I just feel like everyone’s gonna think I’m a dumbass

  • That moment when you won’t download Snapchat because you’re worried about people making fun of you. Then it only worsens when people ask you about Snapchat and then you have to say you don’t have it. And then people tell you to download it and not be afraid but you can’t get over the anxiety of getting bullied…

    I hate social anxiety. Periodt.

  • Many ppl at my school act that they have this for clout and attention and I fear I actually have it and I a too afraid to tell them bc of the fear that they are going to judge me and not believe me idk anymore

  • Today I went to a store and got a few books and the guy told me I could get 2 free books because of a deal and I panicked and said no and ahhhhh I feel so shit for wasting money

  • I was in class on zoom and they called on me, I started shaking and my cheeks wet hot and my voice was shaky. I answered the question and held in my tears and after I felt like everyone was thinking I was dumb and weird. I can’t talk to anyone about it cause they don’t believe it but I relate to all the symptoms. It really interferes with my daily life.:(

  • It feels really uncomfortable to talk to anyone around me….I can’t even talk to someone wih making eye contact to people…People think that I’m acting ridiculous….and It takes me more then one year to get comfortable in talking to my classmates to ask them for notebook or getting friendly with them…and one more thing…it feels really awkward to eat in front of em

  • How does it make is different from being an introvert, and is it bad? The “awkward moments” thing is a very common thing yet no one seems to be talking about it, what if a victim likes staying that way and isn’t willing to change? What could be the consequences?

  • Having social anxiety isn’t something that really pays off. After talking to a stranger and failing the get the exact conversation planned out, it stays in your head for a fews years and might go away soon. It feels like nobody forgets what your mistakes are.

  • I have also often been treated differently because I am socially anxious. it could be negative but also overly so-called friendly. For example, I would be called “legend” or a “gangster”, or they would shout my name through the school corridors when they saw me. Overly friendly and different. Maybe someone recognizes this?

  • social anxiety = not saying anything when a waiter gets your order wrong and eating it anyway because you are too terrified to speak to them

  • I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve got a problem that if there are people in a room, relatives for example, and i haven’t already met them, i would be in a battle against myself to go in the room and its so difficult, my heart wants me to go in but i just can’t… I’ve had this since i was really young and i only recently realised it is SD

  • I avoided attending online class on a certain subject because it was my turn for a talk with my teacher. I thought about it for 2 days, telling myself I can do it but in the end I couldn’t. My heartbeat became abnormal even thinking about it, my body started shivering and I had cold hands and feet. I couldn’t do anything but cry and hate myself for it. Sometimes I forced myself to cry as it helped me calm down.

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “social anxiety disorder uk” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Telaavar Anxious Amanita (do a search on google )?

    It is a great one off product for removing the root cause of social anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got great results with it.

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “causes adrenaline rush anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Telaavar Anxious Amanita (should be on google have a look )?

    It is a smashing one of a kind product for removing the root cause of social anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work colleague at very last got amazing results with it.

  • This doesnt help at all:-(
    You never know if a random person you encounter will some day have power over you so whenever you risk beeing yourself and not fit in and be normal invisible you risk a bad impression that will some day come back to you over this person. Just beeing aware that many people dont care is useless because I dont know which will be the one I will one day care about.

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “best natural social anxiety medicine” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Telaavar Anxious Amanita (should be on google have a look )?

    It is a good exclusive guide for removing the root cause of social anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend finally got astronomical

  • G’day Paige, I’m from Australia and I have social anxiety. I truly appreciate your content on this issue and I strongly relate to what you discussed in this video. I’m grateful. In Australia we say “you bloody ripper” meaning you’re top notch/great value. Regards Zack.

  • Hello doctor
    If I am freely moving here and there I don’t feel anxious but I feel anxious and depression to do job. I am 26 year old and very much needy for money for surviving but I feel depressed. This is a big obstacle in my life plzz suggest me smthing

  • hi i am 14 and i think i have social anxiety, but I mostly have it when i am going shopping alone or just somewhere public on my own, do you or just anyone that see’s this have any tips, how to remain calm?

  • Thw worst thing about this is not people who “dont understand you” and other bullcrap, it’s the people who fake it because they think it is cool.

  • So today I attended a Zoom meeting orientation today for my college and during the open forum, which is after the meeting proper, I had accidentally pressed the “raise hand” option (it was actually ON the whole meeting, worsening my internal social distress), and so my name was called out FIRST even when I had no questions or concerns at all. I froze for a few seconds and immediately sent a message via the chat box that I was sorry that I had accidentally pressed the raise option. I was so ashamed and stressed with the situation. After that, I forgot to realize that my hand option was still ON and I was called out again and they had to be the one to remove it.

    After that the moments passed by, my mind was spiralling and I could only replay that exact situation in my head over and over. I fear that those that were listening and my college officials will recognize my name as someone who “has the raise option all the time even though she has no questions.” During the start of the open forum, I had my video off and throughout, I drew and sketch female caricatures at my notebook as a form of outlet and as a coping mechanism. I was spaced out and shaking. I can’t get it out of my head. I have unconsciously talked strongly at my mom because I was zoning out and at the same time, my brain was full of spiralling thoughts. Quarantibe has decreased the opportunities for me to socialize and try to overcome my anxiety so after socializing for the first time with strangers for so long via virtual screen meeting, my social anxiety worsened. I am reeling everything in so quickly I forget to breathe. Idk what this is, if I am having a panic attack or just overreacting. I have no other outlet other than praying and I am afraid to tell my mom about how I think I have a social anxiety disorder as these kind of moments have always retained with me as far as I could remember.

  • Social anxiety is effecting my work I cant sit down with other foreman without me clamming up and going blank minded. They start asking if I’m okay and shit. I can’t fight it, this is causing so much stress. How am I suppose to be a leader figure with this kind of mental issue? I guess i can come out clean slate during meetings and say I have social anxiety.. wont look good representing the company I work for but man do I struggle with this ����

  • I’ve always been very shy as a child but now that I’m going into 8th grade and going into the high school I’m going to have to find ways to suppress my social anxiety.

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered Peyichael Simplex Precedence (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work colleague finally got great success with it.

  • I hate it when someone says “it’s okay your shy just try not to be” it’s really not that easy, and its not called being shy. The main reason why I think people judge me is because when I see some stranger I focus on them and I assumed that other people do that to me too so yeah ����‍♀️

  • I have the social phobia.when I am going outside of the home from that time I was feared to talk new people’s…I am not normal from that time… behavior totally different..I am so tensioned…some time in home alsoo…..

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “natural ways to deal with social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “social anxiety self help techniques” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “combat social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qanwen Donuke Approach (do a search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “what to do about social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbour got cool results with it.

  • Things that annoy me most about social anxiety:

    Blushing. A lot. Always at the weirdest moments, even to close friends or family.
    Poor eye contact. Eyes dashing back and forth between my lap, the desk, and the person I should actually be looking at. I try to look for a couple seconds, I even count.
    Hands. What are they? Where the heck do they go?
    “Pardon?” Not hearing people the first time. Or rather I can hear them, but the words aren’t processing, and go out the other end.
    I struggle to open the door and leave the house due to fear of being awkward, even if it’s something small like going to the barbers.
    I am totally dependent on the friends I made in high school (I’m in college now and haven’t made any new friends there).
    I picture the worst case scenarios and play them over in my head. I can’t imagine a future where I’m even remotely sociable. I picture myself in a dead end job with no friends and just staying alone in an apartment on my computer for the rest of my life until something happens to me.
    I’m scared of phone calls and answering the door.
    Brain fog, conversations become meaningless and I have nothing to contribute, eventually zone out.
    Unsociable thoughts, I come out of social situations tired and so relieved to be home. This fuels my thoughts that I prefer to be alone and avoid socialising.
    Dependence on parent for income, too anxious to get a job or even finish my CV. I feel I lack the social skills needed to go into customer service, but those are the only jobs that’d hire me.
    Nocturnal habits. I prefer to stay up all night because everyone is asleep. This leads to missing class and becoming even more of a shut-in.
    The way my eyes feel like black holes and my head feels tight when I’m having a particularly “bad social day”. That’s the best way I can describe it, coupled with a feeling of despair.
    Not forging connections with countless people when the opportunity was there, or even necessary in some cases, such as the people I sit directly next to in class. Can’t even muster a hello.
    I only speak when spoken to.
    Life becomes extremely repetitive without the variables and risks of having a social life. I begin to wonder what I even occupy myself with, and why time seems to fly by despite not having fun.
    Romance is nonexistent but I develop a crush on every girl I see.
    Despite all of this, I still value my self image, and I make excuses such as “I want to be alone; I like being single; it looks mysterious and manly”. But the reality is, even if I’m in decent shape, and keep nicely groomed… I’m a sorry shut-in with no real social life or attractiveness, who lacks the independence to even sustain himself now.
    I count playing games with friends or talking online as “socialising”.
    I’m so mute that my mouth begins to feel as if it physically can’t open.
    I’ve never been abroad (for financial reasons) yet due to my social anxiety, despite being a local all my life, a tourist could navigate my home city better than I can.
    I stop myself doing the things I love, like countryside walks and hikes, because I can’t get over the initial hurdles that allow me to do such things like a) getting a job to be able to afford transport b) getting my driver’s license c) leaving the house even.
    I become easily irritated by family.
    I procrastinate and tell myself I’ll do the “social event” tomorrow, even if it’s just going to the bank or shops.
    By not leaving the house, socialising, or attending college, I become extremely lazy, unorganized and messy. I’ll stop tidying my room, studying (wait, what’s studying?), exercising, or even taking medication.
    In terms of general anxiety; sweating niagara falls, heart beating faster than mofarah, stomach/bowel pains, screaming shites, nausea, sometimes gagging, shaking so much my teeth chatter, wanting to get the heck outta there (fight or flight, FLIGHT), loss of appetite, feeling like it’s a disease and not a state of mind.

    What do I want in life? Just everything I have now, minus the anxiety.

    Some of these are probably sprinklings of depression as well, but I’m doing better than I was a year ago in this regard. I also don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I’m aware that I can change myself and am reluctant to do so.

  • i would ask my friend to order for me because im afraid the cashier would laugh at me for not knowing the menu, can’t talk to my grandmother, freezed when someone walk near me even though i do nothing wrong. it’s suffocating:(

  • It took alot of work to get where I am today. But reading all these comments about walking weird, wrong tone or pitch, and being nervous about going outside made me feel great. Im not alone, and im not that weird. ������

  • Tired of feeling shy and awkward in social settings? Improve your self confidence and success in the Job Market, Dating, and your Communication with others, here are some proven Methods

  • hey,if anyone else trying to find out exercises to overcome shyness try Skyarza Stop Shyness Star (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  • I haven’t been able to talk and make new friends since I started going to middle school. I’m so awkward and I hate being that way. I don’t know how to explain this but I’m not that socially anxious as before but I am really awkward and can’t talk to people. The biggest problem is that I can’t eat at lunch, I always think that people are staring at me and they will think I am weird. I don’t know what to do anymore..

  • There are a few components to treating shyness naturally. One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Seans Shy Program (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the best plan that I’ve seen. look at all the amazing information.

  • GOODLUCK to me cuz I recently stopped school a week ago becuz of this Damn shitty social anxiety but then today one our school officials forced me to go to school the day after tomorrow and she even cried as if she understands me, it annoyed me so much now I want to die.

  • For years I lived with panic, with fear, with anxiety, with fear of dying suddenly, however the solution was so simple, that today I can tell you; If you are going through the same thing, do not fear that nothing will happen, I have practiced many techniques that I know will definitely help you!!

  • That moment when ur in the store with you mom and she says “I’ll be right back I have to go get something” and it’s almost your turn to get ur stuff rung up and then you have a mini panic attack

  • I’m working on something to help people gain exposure and feel more comfortable in anxiety-inducing social situations. At the moment these include introducing yourself to people, presenting to a group, answering questions in class, receiving criticism, being teased, and being interviewed.

    You can use it for free:) Currently available on Oculus Go headsets

    If you’re interested in trying it out please join this facebook group: or reply to this comment:)

  • Me:
    1.Can’t eat in public or anywhere where people are.
    2.dont talk (I’m always quiet and never talk)
    3.stay in my room all day every day.
    3.dont have any friends.
    4.find it hard to make eye contact.
    5.never sleep and if I do it’s only for about 5 or 6 hours.
    6.always on my phone.
    That’s my life story

  • There are a few things you can try

    Find the reasons why you suffer from anxiety the first step in solving an issue is understanding why it is there.

    Be at ease with yourself this makes it less difficult when you meet others.

    Challenge youself you will gain confidence by doing things especially by doing activities which push your boundaries.

    (I learned these and more tips on Aghy Magic Method site )

  • I’m trying to be more social because my mom wants me to be but like I’m am terrified of people talking to be or touching me. And I hate social events because I start to feel very lightheaded and sick to my stomach so help?

  • This is glorious, been searching for “how to be more confident social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • For me going to a place where tehre is people makes me feel so uncomfortable because i am soooo self countious. I can’t even talk with somrkne over the ohone without feeling stress. I always consider small details and am self concious about them. Things like: the way i talk, the way i walk, the way i sit, the way my expression looks like. It is awful

  • For me the hardest part of social anxiety is being in a group of people trading insults for fun (banter).I find the socially anxious mind is incapable of distinguishing fun teasing from a serious insult.Even when I know its a joke and just for fun I still tense up and show obvious discomfort.

  • There are a few factors in reducing shyness at home. One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Sebs Shyness Tactic (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most helpful guide that I’ve heard of. Check out all the awesome info.

    Share your views about social-or-anti-social on it please ��
    Please visit it it will worth your time

  • i have social anxiety and im trying to control it but i cant i just cant do it and talk to strangers normaly����
    my parents dosent understand that and thinking im just begin shy and the keep forcing me to talk to strangers like when buying someting

  • I still get that anxious feeling of being judged around friends I’ve known for awhile and it sucks cuz I can never get comfortable

  • if I change my appearance and get rid of my acne and stuff i’m insecure about, will this go away? or will i always have to deal with this no matter what i look like? i’m insecure about my acne and that makes me kinda nervous to talk to people.

  • Someone will tell me something and i never know if i was supposed to laugh or not, then i freak out mentally because i hope i didnt hurt their feelings by replying the way they didnt want me to

  • I was always extremely extroverted as a teenager, but once I went to college it’s like I can’t interact with people/ be in a social situation without wanting to throw up. I was talking to a girl at a party (I forced myself to go to the party thinking I could overcome it) and she started to flirt with me. I had to “go to the bathroom” and I threw up. It’s the weirdest thing

  • My social anxiety started in quarantine. I am so afraid that it will end because I will need to take off my mask and that means that people can see my mouth shaking. I am afraid to smile even to my parents.

  • I am suffering with this since childhood
    Well not genetically, but abuse
    Spending whole day alone
    Not attending my own birthday parties
    Scared to talk, even with my own siblings. Scared of being judged.
    Never was able to make friends for used to avoid gatherings since when i hit my teens, now at 19 i had to take a gap year to rest my mind. I am afraid to move on for college like this.
    Here where i live, people don’t give a shit about mental illness, i asked my Ma for the first time, back in 2014 to take me to psychiatrist, again in 2015, every year,Till this year when she asked me weird symptoms like vomiting etc, on no she said i am completely fine

    Anyways it kinda feel good to see that it’s not just me but many here in comment box who can relate, making me feel that i am not alone:’)

  • I think my friend has this but every day it’s getting worse for her I don’t wanna stop being her friend but she DOESNT EVEN talk anymore she always hides in the restroom during lunch when I’m with her it’s annoying to this point, I’m her only friend…. she’s so so shy it’s frustrating like girl idk what to do… I think if she continues like this I’ll probs stop being friends with her like I understand it’s difficult I’ve been there and now it’s just I zone out a lot but I just wanna let her know I’m there she makes it impossible

  • Image that you are a child again & you are your own parent. Then as the healthy good parent you can be, raise yourself the way that parent would raise you. You control your thoughts. Imagine in your mind who you really want to be everyday. Your mind is controlling the anxiety and it needs to be trained to think differently.

  • I am currently trying to get a Facebook group started with the intention of it being a community based help line for anyone dealing with things like anxiety and depression to addiction and grief. We will have a live chat line for anyone to directly speak with a real human 24/7. Until I get people and enough moderators to help it may not be immediate but will be a prompt response. We Will also be posting current material in the form of videos and articles from leading professionals in those fielda from around the world! Come help us get by with a little help from our friends!

    YOUniversal Life Skills

  • I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy… being hyper aware of strangers gazes in public. Always feeling like a freak for not having a lot of things to say… on top of a general Inferiority Complex.
    Even family gatherings are… I wouldn’t say miserable, but pretty close.
    It’s been a long time since anyone’s asked if I’ve found a girlfriend; So cherry on top the Shit Sundae, I guess.

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “ask me my crippling social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qanwen Donuke Approach (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  • i can’t even go out with my close friends because of it and i hate i don’t want them to start disliking me because i don’t go out with them

  • My mom doesn’t belive me. I get alml panicked when we go somewhere and she and my dad judges me for it and says: are ya gonne get anti-social now aswell, Puh-lease.

    I need help but since i’m twelve i can’t get it.

  • I have overcome my social anxiety 90%.. I was giving a presentation infront of my clsmate students.. i was only thinking that… Whatever i will do infront of people they will do nothing to me.. i can do anything, either good or weird thing infront of people.. and when you are giving speech first look at eye of people.. many people do not look at eye of audience that make them feel huge world and become afraid of contacting eye.. but when you will eye contact you will think there is only one person infront of you

  • Beta blockers like Propranolol (Inderal) OR Atenolol (Tenormin) can be helpful in the treatment of the physical symptoms of social anxiety. It may control rapid heartbeat, shaking, trembling, and blushing in anxious situations for several hours. Take this type of drug about an hour before encountering an anxiety-producing situation — such as public speaking, presentation or before parties.

    Dosages: You can take a 20 to 40 mg dose of propranolol as needed about one hour before a stressful situation. If necessary, you can also combine it with imipramine or alprazolam without adverse effects.

    WARNING: Not recommended for patients with asthma or any other respiratory illness that causes wheezing, or for patients with diabetes.

    Possible Side Effects Cold extremities, dizziness and tiredness. Less frequent is a decrease in heart rate below fifty beats per minute, depression, nightmares, a little light-headed, sleepy, short-term memory loss, unusually slow pulse, lethargy, insomnia, diarrhea, cold hands and feet, numbness and/or tingling of fingers and toes.

    *Thank you


  • Social anxiety has made me to lose friends, relatives & more….
    I can’t interact with people,can’t saw anyone…
    If my relatives came to meet me l hide myself….
    I want to get rid off from this
    It has made my life a hell…. ��������

  • I dont care what other people think of me in the slightest but i do not like being around people to the point it negatively effects my life so idk

  • When m out in public sometimes I feel Sooo awkward even to stand; like where to keep my hands, how to keep my legs, where to look…
    And I just wish my body may melt and disappear

  • Not many people like me uni, its happened in two years of college before ive gone to university. People not liking me. Its crippling:(

  • I have social anxiety a whenever I go out it’s just to awkward or difficult for me to talk to people out there as I have had an abusive childhood where my parents used to constantly fight and still do environment was very bad now I’m 19 the situation is same I recently changed college and it’s just so hard for me make friends I feel like no one really likes me or I’m to awkward to talk to them and I’m single recently my best friend stopped talking to me I don’t know what to do I’m really in a hole don’t know how to come out

  • I have both social anxiety and social phobia.. only when iam having a crisis of my generalized anxiety disorder..
    I am even not sure if it’s a generalized anxiety disorder or it’s depression or both
    The only thing I know that iam sick and tired of poor concentration and having no attention or the ability to even feed my babies during crisises

  • There are many components to treating panic attacks at home. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Trevs Panic Fixer (check it out on google) it’s the most helpful blueprint that I’ve heard of. Check out all the great info.

  • I am terrified of talking to strangers and presenting to classes. I’m fine with public transport though as where I live people don’t talk to random people and if they there seen as weird

  • The thing that sucks is it’s not you’re fault, I got social anxiety from the environment I lived in. I was abused and still I can remember it.

  • When ever I see someone I know from school or university in other place, heart beats like a bullet and all my body starts to shiver and My throat starts to dry and I can’t say words properly, it’s very embarrassing����

  • Im going threw the same shit everyone in the comments is saying i feel lost in this world and the thought of my parents dying makes my anxiety worse and i feel like I’m going to be homeless if I don’t do something about this anxiety…anyone is welcome to follow me on ig I will not judge you @supreme_rules_everything

  • As an introvert I love my solitude time as much as I enjoy a room full of people where I can hide (a concert for example) but don’t make me sit and have dinner with a handful of strangers where I’m forced to speak cause I probably will puke on them or end up painfully bloated from holding the anxiety from showing. I fucking hate this shit

  • I buy and take xanax and klonopin because i just couldn’t take it anymore and my insurance and doctor doesn’t prescribe medicines for anxiety or therapy:/

  • Have had this all my life, but have managed OK at times, and often not as well as I wanted. Gonna try that ladder approach, simple things first. I can do some of those.

  • Thank you for mentioning tapping as a coping mechanism/technique. I looked into it, and I think there’s something about speaking aloud to yourself, acknowledging your negative feelings, acknowledging the presence of your body, and declaring self-love and self-acceptance in spite of all of your fear that could really help me get over myself and give people a chance to get to know me better.

  • Jesus loves you❤️, in the Bible in Matthew 11:28-30 is written the words of Jesus; Come to me all you who weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Those are the words of Jesus. Also in the Bible is written in the books of Acts 16:31; Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household. God loves you, you can go through everything with the help of Jesus, have a good day.

  • What if that social anxiety disorder doesn’t stop you from trying new things? How do you fix all the times you get asked to leave with that anxiety because of their own social anxiety too? Do you painfully endure them long after most people would have given up or do you just move onto the next try to succeed maybe too soon after getting rejected again instead of counting your blessings first? Because in a world where fear of fear often seems to be reigning supreme while having a mild lung condition that limits your lung capacity when others seeing you behave different than they do it can arouse their social anxiety and if you are not aware of your own need to remember deep breathing the social anxiety can be going around the room in a vortex circle. Having a sense of humor about how people are funny helps.

  • Many thanks, been searching for “cure social anxiety disorder naturally” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • This was great, thanks, been searching for “social anxiety with friends” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.

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  • This is glorious, I have been researching “am social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (do a search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  • Winner of a video, I’ve been looking for “ways to cope with anxiety and stress” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (just google it )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • Is it just me or am I crazy but whenever I hear someone talk about social anxiety it scares me and make me realize how much I relate to the symptoms to the point that I feel like I gonna throw up.:(

  • Winner of a video, I have been researching “how to overcome social anxiety disorder now” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Telaavar Anxious Amanita (do a google search )?
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  • This is just superb, I have been researching “how to get over social anxiety disorder” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  • This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “natural ways to cure social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  • Hi i have gad anxyet panickattacs dont sleping well have anxiety when going to sleep and are tens in The naigh and waek upp in The niaith. Are ther sameting to sleep on and taket tension? I have NO energi.

  • If I could, I can live an entire life in a hole to not meeting anyone except my family. I’m too afraid to speak with people, poor me.

  • Shyness is social anxiety just not with many aspects and intensity. They basically have conversation social anxiety without the feeling like everyone is watching you aspect.

  • i hope i can become a changed person now that i’ve seen this video and thank you so much for this video it brings me hope and happiness��

  • Winner of a video, I have been researching “coping skills social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  • This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about “effective drugs for social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Telaavar Anxious Amanita (do a search on google )?

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  • This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “social anxiety new zealand” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Telaavar Anxious Amanita (do a google search )?

    It is a good one off guide for removing the root cause of social anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin after many years got great results with it.

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “severe social anxiety symptoms” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Telaavar Anxious Amanita (just google it )?

    It is an awesome one of a kind guide for removing the root cause of social anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got great results with it.

  • Church changed a lot of my social anxiety. I did the announcements and I became a choir member. Being a choir member I had lead parts so I was always challenge to be uncomfortable. I cried many of times. I’m not totally over anxiety but i am able to cope with my disorder without any medications. God and challenging my abilities help me to continue to move forward.

  • I have severe social anxiety. People try not to laugh at my strange facial expressions. When people see me they immediately lock there car doors and gather their kids out of fear. I try to take photes of myself to capture the strange expressions but i think i look normal. I dont have a clue of what expression creeps people out. I avoid contact with himans untill i can figure out my problem. Each time pepple react to my strange expressions i completely withdraw and enter deep depression.

  • I was in class on zoom and they called on me, I started shaking and my cheeks were hot and my voice was shaky. I answered the question and held in my tears and after I felt like everyone was thinking I was dumb and weird. I can’t talk to anyone about it cause they don’t believe it but I relate to all the symptoms. It really interferes with my daily life.:(

  • My social anxiety was so bad that i was practically mute in middle school. I’m going to high schoolsoon to be freshmanand I’m trying my best to imrpove. Thank you!

  • Butterflies are normal. I was nervous as hell too and you know what I did? I volunteered to do my presentation first in front of about 20 people that I didn’t even know. The professor said it was good.

  • Sometimes I avoid watching videos that give advice on how to overcome social anxiety because I know the things I need to do will be too much for me.
    Also, there’s hope for those who have social anxiety so extreme that they frequently have to deal with the physical symptoms that she talked about. All through my years as a teenager, I would avoid anyone or any situation that even made me slightly nervous. I’d start sweating, heart racing, can’t speak…it was a nightmare. I’m not 100% sure how these things stopped happening to me so often. I think at some point I heavily convinced myself that I didn’t care about people. I’m still nervous and all on the inside but the physical symptoms have decreased significantly. Also, I think I did exposure therapy on myself. I just forced myself to meet people when I would usually ghost them if they ever tried to meet me in person. It has helped tremendously. However, I still have the fear on the inside even though it doesn’t show as much outside. Now I just come off like I don’t care to other people lol…I guess it’s better than letting them see how terrified I am.
    I can also give presentations now without sweating profusely or losing my voice. I still shake sometimes but I can hide it better.

  • None of these suggested ‘options’ are viable for me.

    There is now where, and no one, I can go to for help. All attempts at medication have been total disasters, that left me worse off than I was before. (i.e. One of the antidepressants they put me one resulted in me developing agoraphobia.) CBT is has been a bust too, however where I live, when I was able to gain access to CBT, it was six sessions, The first was just the information dump, and the last was a ‘wrap up’, so really it was only four actual sessions, it was a group setting (I was the only person who attended more than one of them), and it was all done with power point slides, lots of pictures of kittens in baskets (I wish I was joking) and then you got to do a word seek puzzle, and colour a picture of a teddy bear. (Perhaps you see why no one came back).
    For context, getting into that ‘program’ took several university prof.s pulling strings, being on a wait list for two years, and I was ‘fast tracked’ because I was a very high suicide risk.

    CBT seems like it could be very useful, as a ‘band-aid’ but has zero function for people with serious issues.

    I am generally unable to start a conversation with anyone, including people I have known well for years. However I have never had a problem making speeches, or going on stage, even in front of thousands of people, and during my brief time in ‘Toastmasters’ I even won a few awards.

  • In social settings I sweat alot and it’s hard for me to talk like I have to force my self and when I do talk I analyze my voice and what I said and how I said it.

  • I just always thought I was shy, it wasn’t until last year I realize I might have social anxiety, but of course, I never got it diagnosed because I’m too scared to bring the topic up to my parents

  • As a Certified Pharmacy Technician I have some questions; at the 3:36 mark you say Fluvoxetine, but what you have displayed instead in Fluvoxamine. Although they are both SSRI’ s, they are 2 different drugs; Prozac vs Luvox. In the pharmacy field, we have to pay attention to the name to avoid medication errors; there are SO MANY SOUND A-like drug names. Some may be confused when they hear you say one drug; but in your bullet points you list another. No disrespect, just something that caught my professional eye.

  • I think I have social anxiety… I feel like everyone’s talking about me. I can’t even play football with my class without feeling embarrassed, I feel like they’ll make fun of me if I miss. I can’t put my hand up in class, cause I feel like if I get it wrong everyone will laugh.

  • I’ve tried, but it doesn’t seems to works on me. I don’t know why…i keep having thoughts that telling me “nobody likes you”, “nobody will ever can accept who you really are”. Even if someone tells me that he/she likes me…i just don’t and can’t trust people. ��

  • I suspect that i have it. I am not sure. I am in need of a psychologist or a counsellor but i can never talk to my parents about seeking counselling.

  • I didnt know i had it untill i had CBT for the 1st time about 6 years ago. I finally had a name for it and it helped so much. I am now ok. I dont like social situations and have panic attacks occasionally but not near as much as i used to be.

  • Social anxiety is the worst, I feel so lonely and akward when I am around people. My family doesnt know about it and keeps ignoring it. My family is always exposing me to social situations and just seeing other people socialize without any problems makes it even worse. Like the first time I travelled alone, I spent half of my vacations in my room because I didnt want to see the family i was staying with, it was horrible. I want to study in another country, but i dunno if i would be able to make any friends. I need help:(

  • I have a social anxiety and now i am studying in university and it feels like i cannot handle it. It feels so hard for me exist in crowded people and open a conversation. I also frustrating when i should speak for presentation. But i should finish my college. I always try to my best but really harddd.

  • Lol i was once diagnosed with social anxieties, but it was clearly more of a cptsd issue after what i know nowadays.

    Back then i talked with a clinician as my brother’s shizophrenia developed into a family issue. It was over 7 years ago.

    And i talked with the clinician about a stranger with whom i fell in love with another while ago, maybe a year further back in time. I had so much aggressive sexual thoughts about myself around her just within the second time i saw her at the trainstation, that i avoided her completely instead and never saw her again. She was also some years younger than me and probably not 18, rather she looked like 15 or 16 to me. It came that i idealized and devalued her in a hip hop pattern for some while, before i started having this traumatic experience.

    Today i remember that this wasn’t the only case in my life. Some years after i met the clinician i’ve gotten love-madness severety of this crap during a seminar for a youth license, hence i’ve couldn’t trust my perception anymore until i’ve exhausted myself willingly with loud aggressive music till numbness and a sudden personality change had happened.

    Yeah but this hasn’t happened within that talk, so – the first time it was a little smoother of a hip hop than within the other more severe key situation from later on in my life.

    But both such key situations were also accompanied by emotional flashbacks, before and during the actual circumstances. And these emotional flashbacks i can now – thanks to my meditations – refer back to several other key situations in which my first bf broke up with me for example, or that i was frequently mocked in my childhood, or something with my grandma or dad, or that i felt shame very deeply and intense due to autistic-like misunderstandings in yet another key situations.

    And all this combined isn’t any normal love-anxiety or social anxiety. It is an attachment issue due to childhood trauma and it is greatly supported by autistic features in my opinion.

    And yes, that’s a self-diagnosis, but i need this structured view on the part of psychological case analysis for myself to keep my sanity and to keep me occupied despite all the other adhd-like crap i’ve been through at the same time. How can i explain my misery properly to a clinician if my window just includes merely 1 day around me? – most of the time it’s like 6h, so that i have problems remembering the morning. And i also developed circumstancial speech up to the point where i use these sudden structured texts to gather the needed informations about myself. And i also developed hyper-reflection due to my day-to-day issues. These issues are to many and to basic to ever get a list finished and structured enough for an actual anamnesis.

    So, are there any other criteria to decide for a diagnosis despite the level of misery? Because none of the autistic and cptsd features are a problem to me nowadays. I feel confident and mentally stable. My default view is also save.

    And since i’m also different from autists and adhd-people, i’m not sure why i am like this – Which itself is more an autistic feature due to the interpretational effort needed for terms, rules and reflections.

    The most misery right now for me are arfid features, active more or less since 1.5 months after the corona lockdown happened. The features include crying over my meals while not being able to eat them. The doc called it F33.2 G, recurring depressive disorder with an acute episode. But i went to the clinic and was once again happy and relaxed to have something to do and to explore and it was also a huge nice place there but so many sad faces..

    Whatever, in my opinion this whole depressive thing isn’t any depression at all. It is due to the missing day-to-day structure, external stimuli such as friends and school or work, and the overall adhd-like boringness about any kind of food (that’s why i always add spices to them, even if it was perfect for the first bite. It’s too boring without the pain and the cacophony).

    Huhh, I wouldn’t even read it myself..

  • If anyone is interested in reducing shyness at home the best success that ive ever had was by using the Seans Shy Program (i found it on google) I found it the most helpful info that I’ve followed.

  • Dr. Marks.

    In my opinion, I barely graduated from High School and didn’t finish college. With that inferiority complex, I’m frightened of speaking in public with the fear of not being educated enough to hold the attention of someone who has a college degree. Are there any exercises you can suggest to help with this. I tried Toast Master at one point in my life and realized my issues of speaking in public my run deeper than that. I had to have a cocktail to lead as the tabletop master….

  • I can’t talk to any of my classmates, I just lay my head down and do my work but when I’m with my best friend I am totally different I act like a crackhead

  • Great Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried Peyichael Simplex Precedence (google it)? It is a smashing one off product for getting rid of shyness and anxiety minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate at last got amazing success with it.

  • Exposure therapy is what helped me. Everyone called me “shy” and “awkward” and nobody really told me what to do to change that. I don’t think they realized how uncomfortable social situations were for me. They thought I was “just shy” or “just awkward.” I started putting myself in social situations, saying hi to strangers on the street, and speaking in front of groups more often. I got better at it. This is what worked for me. You can change.

  • What if your anxiety increase with people you know. You see someone for the first time, than it is normal to ask questions but if you see someone a neighbor, this is my issue. Greeting them again I get insecure.

  • if you’re a drug addict,just stop using it for 2 days and see the difference…i dont know how.but drug withdrawal helped me with social anxiety

  • I hate when ppl assume ur always imagining it when u say ppl think ur boring…ppl really are nice to me, but I notice how I’m left completely alone in groups because others really do prefer being around other people. It doesn’t help when I already have a hard time becoming comfortable around ppl. This happened to me today when this guy was talking to me and kind of just gravitated towards other ppl. I was left alone. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when I got home. Not just because of that but because I was talking to someone and I kept cutting the sentence into peices and moving around alot and the person I talked to looked at me like i was weird when i said i was anxious.

  • I can’t be near people without feeling tortured and terrified. It’s because of me, it’s not them. I have severe drug induced psychosis 14 years, I halucinate and hear voices constantly, it’s like hell on earth. I’m so glad I found your videos, they are so helpfull and calming even. I need as much light I can find at the moment, things have NEVER been as bad as they are at the moment. Thankyou for the help x

  • I have a question, is social phobia a part of schizoprhnia? I have been diagnosed with psychosis, or psychiatric illness; now schizophrenic but also social anxiety when I was 15 (now I am 25.) Now it is not talked about it or mentioned; maybe she to my schizo acting up more. But now I feel I have just been calling myself shy, but I am confused if it’s a part of schizophrnia or if it really was social anxiety. I still can’t do presentat ions or start conversations with people I don’t know, and only around certain people I can be myself. The reason I am confused is because I watched another video on schizophrenia and it mentioned social phobia.

  • I don’t. I have been labelled as psychotic even though I am not (the plus side getting akathisia from sertaline, so random assholes think you are on high dose haldol 4 example, then you have so long you live to try to prove you are not an alien etc) as such I rarely leave the house and don’t even talk unless spoken, even so, I speak the least possible. Stigma is not fun, unfair stigma is ridicoulsy too much to take, some even commit suicide, in fact even thought of that

  • another drug pusher, with shares in the drug commpany, prescribing these toxins to patients without informing them of the horrendous side effects and shocking withdrawal symptoms,., seducing people into trusting them, making a fortune, not at all helping them, just listening to their story and passing judgement, shame shame shame, destroying peoples lives with lies,

  • That’s okay and great if it works for someone. Me… Well, if I could do some of the stuff mentioned as steps on that ladder then I wouldn’t have an issue, I tried forcing myself to do some of that stuff and it only makes things worse, so this is definitely not for everyone.

  • This is video is so amazing. It provides not only a solution but how to implement it in real life. Most of the people just told you better ways of thinking but not how to really believe that, for example, you should know, “no one is judging you.” but the reality is I can’t just tell myself something and believing it.

  • i got kicked out of high school because of my social anxiety disorder. it effected me every day of my education, beginning with preschool, but it progressed over time and with every confrontation.

    by high school i had trouble looking at the board / front of the class because i was afraid of making eye contact with a teacher and being able to see the disappointment in their eyes when they registered my existence. i stopped paying attention and studying because it was less mortifying when i was randomly called on if people thought i didnt have the answers because i wasnt trying rather than because i was just stupid. i ditched class as much as i could because of the suffocating fear i felt being in a room with 30 pairs of eyes. i always asked if i could give presentations to just the teacher instead of the whole class and i was always denied, sometimes unkindly. i didnt sit make up exams because i couldnt find the courage to ask for them even though i knew they were allowed and common. i coulnt change in the locker rooms so i just pretend like a lost my pe clothes everyday, i couldnt shower or walk around sweaty either so if told to work out in my regular clothes i would actually runaway and hide. obviously i failed just about every class and thus expelled on my 18th birthday so i wouldnt ruin the schools graduation average.

    not a single adult in 12.5 years ever cared. many were actively mean. the worse part was my iq was tested twice as a kid, once in 2nd grade and once in 7th, both times i scored pretty high. in 7th grade i was 1 point away from genius on the WISC and reading at a college level. thinking about the potential i completely ruined because of this stupid illness makes me suicidal. so its pretty validating to watch a youtube video that actually acknowledges there is a difference between shyness and social anxiety disorder, because most of the videos i found were just you can overcome your weakness with willpower self help nonsense. some people just refuse to consider how debilitating it is.

  • Easier to way than do
    Have been strugeling with social anxiety for about 9 years and now have to switch schools and really dont now how to not get a fucking panik attack each day for the first weeks

  • For anyone that needs someone to talk to HMU. But like I have severe social anxiety so be gentle knowing me I’ll probably be to scared to respond and make up reasons for myself to not respond. I really just want to talk to someone who is going through the same shit I am. I’m tired of being alone

  • OMG this is so me. I don’t have trouble meeting people. The problem with me is maintaining a conversation with people. I am afraid that people may want to hold a complex or long conversation with me. People always want to talk to me. If you see me in person, you will think I am outgoing and fun. I wear fun clothes, I am super cool in a one on one relationship but it hard to meet new people.

  • TIP:
    If you feel a panic attack’or anxiety attack coming on, give yourself a task to do and focus on it for a while, tasks like tearing a square of toilet paper into strips,scrab books paper, pretty much a simple task so that it takes your attention away from the attack.

    2I read from a book, that if you feel a panic attack’is coming or anxiety alikes, find someone, anyone you know, and put your fingers on their writs then feel for pulse try to match your heartbeats to their pulse rate ig.

    3If you want to overcome your anxiety, try to go to coffee/café shop or any shop really, and then ask if they could get u a 10% discount on whatever they want, it doesn’t matter if they agree or reject or not, it’s about making yourself familiar or used to social interaction kind of, that way you’ll be able to feel bold ig, or like forcing yourself to do it disspite being uncomfortable with it.

    I really really really hope these work, so sorry if they don’t I know what’s it like to have social anxiety, I basically live with it daily..
    Please please tell me/comment if it does work for you, I would love to hear from you. I know you can get through it, you can do it ��✨

  • Exposure therapy did very little for me. Part of the problem was that the diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder wasn’t really accurate. Luckily, my current psychiatrist made the more fitting diagnosis of a combined personality disorder with anxious-avoidant elements (I didn’t even know that something like avoidant PD existed, otherwise I would’ve doubted the accuracy of my former diagnosis FAR earlier).

    What really helped me was working on traumatic events from my youth and questioning/reframing the associated beliefs, like “People are always out to criticize and mock me”, “People want to hurt me”, “People are not trustworthy”, “I am weak and helpless” etc. I just sat down with a Word document and wrote those beliefs down, together with every reason I could think of for why I believed them. Then I thought of different ways of looking at these reasons/events, other than the over-generalized explanations contained in the negative beliefs. Finally, when I absolutely could not come up with any more evidence for the old belief and had reframed all of it, I came up with a new and more resourceful belief and wrote down every bit of evidence I could think of for that.

    I cannot possibly put into words the effect that your unconscious beliefs have on your life and what immediate difference this has made for me. If you want a certain result, whether that’s an internal state or an external outcome, you need to have beliefs about yourself, other people, and the world and life in general that enable you to get there. You cannot get different results while keeping the same beliefs.

  • I dont usually do baby steps I usually jump into the social fire with a battle cry and hope to god it all works out before I can over think it. Apparently I’m likable enough I can get away with it but it’s not a very professional way to go about it and can backfire sometimes badly.

    Most people think I’m being humourous so it usually just backfires when people dont have a sense of humour or don’t appreciate my goofball outer shell that keeps the fear out of the social exchange.

    Probably the adhd though too sometimes it saves me because I space out and forget I’m in an anxiety inducing situation.

  • Excellent video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about Peyichael Simplex Precedence (do a search on google)? It is a good exclusive product for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it.

  • The challenge I have for 6 is that I fret that people will get bored of me when I ask them about their lives…they start looking around for ways out of the chat, so at this point, I just stay home and skip parties.

  • Did anyone succeed in getting rid of their social anxiety?! I need your advices! HELP ME PLEASE my life is falling apart and my social anxiety is getting worse!

  • I’m try my best to not let this anxiety rule my’s my life.. I can rule myself…and I know I can do..plz do remember me in your prayer.����

  • A cool app for practising exposure, listening to pep talks, and chatting with a community

  • This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “avoid social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got excellent results with it.

  • thank you so much for the tips! you seem like such a kind person. �� i’m really going to try to work on my social anxiety cause i love people and i’m really sociable but my anxiety makes it so hard to engage in interactions without loosing my mind. i get so nervous to the point where i don’t talk much and i feel like i’m boring to the other person. i can’t do too much in quarantine but i’m gonna try to facetime people and hang out with friends from school. i’ll apply these tips and i know i can do it:)

  • A lot of good sense here, sensitively conveyed. But I do have a doubt about (5). Would a social anxious person enjoy being on the receiving end of a volley of questions? Probably not. So why would others be receptive to an interrogative approach?

  • I found out that I have social anxiety from several months ago, I didn’t know that such thing exist. I always been lonely, afraid to engage with people and making out new friends. Whenever I talk to new people I panic and almost lose my voice. My anxiety is not restricted to face to face encounter, it’s even whenever I wanna call somebody, I write down on a paper whatever I wanna say so that I pick my words carefully.
    whenever people around, I’m scared of not being accepted, I feel that I don’t deserve to be with them.
    I’m 24 years old now, I graduated as a Geomatic Engineer and always been on the dean’s honor list, my studies wasn’t hard as much as encountering new instructors and colleagues. I know that I’m smart but my anxiety won’t help me find a job, I’m scared of being interviewed. I really need help but no one listens:'(
    Thank you for your video, I saw caring in your eyes. I hope someday I overcome this disease and talk about it just like you, thank you again.

  • This is very kind of you to post. Social anxiety has robbed me of venturing out and missing out on so much that life has to offer. I prayed to Jesus for guidance and I saw the word therapy. Then your video appeared which was therapy! I haven’t been able to work a job around people or have my own place. Basically disassociated and some trauma mixed in there.

  • I literally can’t talk to people without sounding shy or stumbling over words. When I’m with certain people I don’t talk cuz idk what to say even tho I wanna talk but it’s like my body physically won’t let me talk or know what to say and not be shy. How can I overcome that?

  • Starting a new job as a service advisor. I feel I’m good with people but I’m scared of this new opportunity. I will be talking to people all day and requires sales. Is this a good move or not?

  • Hey… I just wanted to let people who struggle with this disorder know that it CAN pass, I went through this for years, and now it is so much better, and it’s getting better by the day… Please seek help, talk to good and benevolent friends if you have some, or other benevolent people that you might know, or see a good therapist (you must feel whether that’s a good one if you feel comfortable or not, right away)
    I know it is overwhelming and that you are hurting but it shall pass if you seek help, and, also,: please do not try to make the feeling disappear when you feel anxious, or it will be worse, BUT rather accept it, say to yourself: I feel anxious (and to others if you are surrounded by benevolent people) and I tell you that just by acknowledging your feeling and receiving it, it will be better!!!
    Good luck, you can do it! ��

  • This was great, I’ve been looking for “anxiety of meeting new people” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qanwen Donuke Approach (do a search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  • Whenever I go outside and I see someone stare at me I feel so bad and uncomfortable…so then I start thinking about beating the shit out of every person that stares at me

  • It’s really sad that my parents do not believe that I have social anxiety
    My dad keeps on pushing mo to socialize with my relatives

    I’m an Introvert

  • I feel like I have faced social anxiety since I was young. Earlier, my relatives used to always point it out as shyness/something you’ll get over eventually, but now that I’m a junior doctor, I’ve accepted that I do indeed have it and I’m actively searching for ways to handle it. The anxiety always kicks in when I’m meeting new people and I feel my mind is either going at 100 mph or it just stops and I feel like I don’t know how to start a conversation or continue an ongoing conversation. That’s usually when the panic sets in and I wrack my brain to think of something to keep a conversation going. From grade school till medical college, I used to make 2-3 good friends and I was content. I even used to avoid some acquaintances I recognized on the street by taking a longer route, all for the sake of avoiding awkward social interactions. Your video was really insightful and I’ll try to implement these 7 techniques in my life going forward. I’ll try not to allow social anxiety to be a barrier to living a fulfilling life.

  • I’m never myself because I always focus on my negative thoughts and I am unsure of how to let go of the thoughts instead of focus on them. I use CBT, but it doesn’t really work when I’m exposed to my actual fear such as people talking to me, I immediately don’t know what to say to people and I don’t feel as if I have an identity or personality and am awkward.

  • Hi Paige, I loved this video, thank you so much for this helpful information. I have a question though, how do I stop myself from going into my own head? I get very anxious just from thinking about anxiety! I had a few panic attacks a few months ago and I feel like my mind hasn’t been the same since, like I am traumatised and live in fear! This has developed into social anxiety now. What can I do to help this? Many thanks

  • This is just superb, I have been researching “overcoming social anxiety and shyness pdf” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (do a google search )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

  • Asking a woman out, probably the toughest one for me, was never good at that, like a disaster. So difficult even if she was interested.

  • I’m in a newer relationship and my significant other’s family has lots of get togethers, parties, things like that. I am trying so hard and i think i am making out alright as far as i think I’m approved. But im having an issue with not being able to be out and be social for as long as everyone else. We went to a graduation party for his cousin and we were there from 4 pm to 10 pm. It was too much for me to handle. Like i hope I was able to hide it well enough but as soon as i was back in the car on my way home with my boyfriend i had to let it all out. I feel bad because i did have a good time but that was really with me trying so after 5 hours my timer just ran out! Do other people feel like they have a timer? Like you could do it for so long but then you just can’t fake it anymore.

  • I really appreciate your honesty, when you said you have always had social anxiety and you’re a therapist. In my experience as someone who has always had social anxiety and is also a Teacher/Confidence Coach/ being open and honest about it really does help you and others around you. Exposure Therapy is the best method I have found to get control over my social anxiety and to helps others to do the same. You’re doing a Great! service thanks for your advice I enjoyed listening to you.

  • i’m too anxious ever since the quarantine started. i can deal with seeing my friends but i have family members who are intimidating in a way, the ones my age and older and i have to see them for a party their holding this saturday and i’m anxious. i hope this vid helps me!!

  • I still don’t know whether my fear of people is due to social anxiety or my introverted personality or my shyness. I literally shiver even if someone asks my name. I can feel my heart trying to pop out from my body. As if someone trying to kill me. But my parents force me to do stuff that I literally feel terrified.

  • Plz y’all I need help, so basically I don’t know if this is social anxiety or not but like it interferes with day to day things. Like for example if I have to walk through a hallway in school I will walk the opposite way and go behind the building just so that I don’t have to be around people and have them judge me, one day I had to walk through the halls and I started crying and looking around frantically, trying to pretend to do other things. Also I can’t go to family gatherings or go with my friends because of this I constantly feel judged and looked at. I’m literally in my room all day, I eat my lunch inside the bathrooms in the stalls because I can’t sit outside with the other kids bc I feel like there judging me or looking at me. I cry almost every other day because of it, even thinking about having a social interaction with other people makes me stressed. I have no friends, literally none. I also have past trauma of sexual assault but I also think contributed to what I have now. it’s so hard dealing with this I think I might need to go on medication but I’m gonna try everything else before I do that. But again like I said I don’t know if this is social anxiety or not, my mom had social anxiety to the point where she had to take meds before she went anywhere. So maybe it’s genetic I don’t know, but please I don’t know what this is I need answers. I am going to go in to get diagnosed in a few days. Also I can’t look at anybody and eye and I’ve gotten in trouble by many people because of it, I hate meeting new people. even if I’ve known you for practically my whole life but then we don’t speak for a few months, it will be so hard to try to talk to you. I get hot and shaky sometimes When it gets really bad. I also skip classes most of the time because of this and it is affecting my grades. Please I need any kind of advice!

  • I have so much anxiety even just to go in a shop and ask for something. I practice in my head what I am going to say before entering and in general I avoid speaking to strangers. The most frustrating thing is that when I walk I feel constantly stared at and laughed at. If I see a nice shop window I don’t stop and look at it because I feel like people are judging me for what I “like”..same thing for example in libraries I’m too scared to pick up a book I’m interested in because I’m “sure” people will laugh at me or judge me… I’m worn out, I hate this

  • Hey everyone! As a young man recovering from a past of deep social anxiety (any other homeschoolers here?), I’m hoping to someday help others with this issue. I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of people with Social Anxiety a lot easier:)

    Which is why I have two very simple questions:

    1. As a person with social anxiety, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?

    2. Regarding social anxiety, what would you wish for more than anything else?

    Thanks so much in advance. As I’m aware this can be sensitive information, please feel free to DM me as well. Looking forward to reading your answers!

  • Im only super shy when im alone. Thats why i went to homeschool because when i moved schools i I literally had no friends and that took a toll on my highschool life. I have anxiety pills but i try to stay away because i want to tackle this on my own. I have a different mindset now. Collage is right around the corner i just graduated hs and i want to make friends & talk my mind. I want to live my life as an individual without being scared. Ive noticed that when i go into a situation i act garded and angry in a way and it makes me feel better because i feel tough idk thats not a good coping situation lol. Thanks for the advice. ����������

  • I like this Video, but i don’t think the message is right. You’re saying that most people dont really care if we mess something up. But what I think the message should be, is that it shouldnt matter to you what other people think

  • Kindly give an upload why anxiety makes a person to feel about or maybe going insane.. plus why anxiety can really try to convince a person to do wierd things like “screaming non-stop”… “Talking non-stop” or “running to the streets mad”…it would be of much benefit to other people

  • I feel like quarantine make it worse, I never thought I had social anxiety in the past because I was just shy, awkward, and didn’t want to go through the trouble of possibly embarrassing myself. But I just went on call with my friends and I was meet ing someone new. I didn’t talk, I just typed and listened. I was completely freaking out, usually I always laugh and walk around the room in panic, but it started out that way until I started sweating and more than usual, and then like REALLY shaking, my legs, my voice my arms and my jaw were trembling, and then I almost started crying. I managed to not talk for 3 hours on the call. I felt bad bc they seemed annoyed that I wasn’t talking. Eventually I did but only because the person I just met left for a minute and they came back and I didn’t notice.

  • I’ve gotten a deep anxiety when it comes to any social thought that I have after quarantine, but I also get a bad vibe with the new group of people that meet up where I always hang out. So I dont know if thats my anxiety acting up or if they’re really questionable people.

  • I dropped it to focus on more challenging courses. My plan was to make speech and public speaking the very, very, very last course, so I could focus solely on that.

  • This is the best and the most wonderful thing I have seen today. I have been suffering from SAD for a long time and has always isolated myself from others. I’ve been unemployed for many years as well, due to the crippling feeling of this anxiety. I just got employed this day and will start to work tomorrow, the pressure is too much knowing that I’ll be facing new people again. But you and the other people in the comment section made me realize that I’m not alone and encourages me to live a colourful life. Thank you! I appreciate this so much. I just subscribed:)

  • I have serious social anxiety and fear things like making phone calls and going on outings with friends and family. However, ironically I love public speaking.

  • When I was in my teenage years I was a really outgoing person. That changed in my 20s. I used to discuss and be critical with what our teachers teached us so I started to discuss a lot with the teacher in a friendly way. But afterwards, two girls came up to me and said that a lot of the other students don’t like that I discuss a lot. That was the moment I shut down. Also, I can’t express myself easy so I end up explaining a lot and make the situation worse because people don’t know what my point is. In the end I got social anxiety. I’m in my 30s now and it is getting worse. I’m back at university to become a psychologist too and I’m so afraid of speaking in classes…:(

  • I loss speech while in public but I talk with no problem when I am alone.I always have shortness of breath while talking to someone or in public. I don’t really know what to do. I need your help please

  • I get short of breath trembling and start to feel really ill in the stomach which im usually breaking with walks or toilet breaks to calm myself down. I find mine also gets worse the less social interactions, so i am trying to force myself to go out every 2-3 months and go to social events and meet new people. When it comes to social events going by myself where i know absolutely nobody is a nightmare probably my biggest fear, feel like i need to go with at least someone i know. Interesting points in the video though helps me identify and understand it more think mine is just social anxiety with low self confidence i think i set my bar too high for myself, i also don’t always feel like the conversations i have with new people are all that engaging im definitely not best at it. Also anything work related even meeting new people for work is common for me or any necessity like food, groceries my anxiety is pretty good. Thanks for video was very informative, this is definitely something i want to overcome.

  • Great video paige, really appreciated the topics and tips you gave out. Nice too see how someone else dealt with these problems in their journey, and cant wait to implement them in mine.

  • Do I have it?
    I always bite my inside of lip
    I can’t sleep at night (writing this at 4:23 am)
    I always start crying thinking I’ll fail before school before a important test
    I get scared when my mom and dad leaves for work thinking they’ll die
    I get chills when I see insects

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else is searching for best books for getting over shyness try Alkarno Shyness Alchemist (do a search on google )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  • It feels like when ever somebody critics me even in the smallest ways it hurts a lot cause its agreeing with the negativity in head. Its like that voice just will never come out and is always there

  • Here’s a vent space! Write anything that’s bothering you. It’s completely anonymous and no ones going to judge! Put a �� at the end if you want no interaction with your comments ❤️❤️

  • I tried so hard to come up with as many topics as i can, and only ended up having an awkward situation, why am i like this?? I used to be social and now im alone af

  • Thank you for this. I talked to my therapist for an hour about how to get rid of my crippling social anxiety and she didn’t mention any of this. This is so helpful!

  • as a student presenting and doing reportings or even recitations are my worst nightmares, I burst out into tears whenever im on that situation and it’s not that fucking alright, I feel so cheerful when i’m around my closest friends but being the center of attention is not my thing, it just end up with me doing crazy stuff

    Back then, I really wanted to be a Psychologist cause for me every person’s mind is a puzzle yet to be solve but I found that COMMUNICATION plays a big role between the psychologist and their client, it is use to build trust but I suck when it comes to communicating… so that dream, it is not for me i guess

  • I really want to overcome this because I want to get a job and actually start living. I always sweat so much, I usually am near fainting and I have these feverish states where I am flushed and feel like there is no air to breath around me. I always make big scenes and get panick attacks when my family forces me to go out at least to buy groceries or something. What I hate is the looks and stares I get and when I have it in my head that they are looking at me I start to walk really wierd and I just feel my feet get heavy and I have to stop to breathe and calm myself down. It’s really bad and I have isolated myself from everyone expect my family for a year now.

  • Assuming people like you is important. We all start out assuming this as babies, then trauma happens and we hate ourselves. So, by assuming people like you, you’re rebooting your brain back to its defaults and rebuilding your self esteem.

  • The thing I love about this video is that you talk about changing your mindset toward social situations. This rewires the brain by replacing self defeating thoughts with more positive and supportive thoughts. Changing your mindset and actually applying it in social situations over and over again can make a HUGE difference over time.

  • There is a voice in my mind that always criticize me. I always think people judge me for the way I walk, talk, write or even how I look. I don’t know why but it’s just in my mind always. I overthink alot of things that are nothing makes me worried. Sometimes I even think about them when I am sleeping it’s just like I am not really sleeping just my eyes are closed and my mind thinking. When people criticize me it hurts a lot. I regret a lot of things I do because of my mind criticising me. I am quite creative lmao here you said that you have to praise yourself so I am doing that. I write just for my fun maybe I will publish my writing later on but I always think what if people judge me because of it what if they don’t like it what if they think its trash the list goes on and on. When I am expected of saying something I think and worry about it beforehand and when it happened I worry about it then too. It’s just like being criticized for even the smaller things you do and it’s not easy. Btw thanks for the video I will try doing all of the techniques. God bless you.

  • Going to be hosting a live webinar pretty soon about overcoming addiction.
    Join our email list if you want to receive updates on this and you’ll also get a weekly newsletter from me where I basically just talk about whatever’s on my mind.

  • But then what of the people who actually DO judge you. Previous judgement, bullying, and even sexual assault are noted as causes for social anxiety.

  • so i am 14 and the way I found out that I had social anxiety was really scary, so i am not sure if i have social anxiety but i did some research and most of the symptoms macht my experience. I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, my mom said i had to buy some white clothing bc we wear going to tie dye. and when I heard that i immediately was scared, it was in quarantine and the closed’s shops were closed so had to go to the centrum of the city. I started texting my best friend “HELP HELP, I have to go to the centrum, am scared.” i have never bin there on my own. so i asked an other friend if she could come with me, and she did. so we decided to meat near the shops, like 10 minutes walking, but when she texted me her parents wouldn’t let her, I was to scared to go there, even though i knew my mom would get VERY mad if I came back without white clothing, but my fear of being in shop alone was more then a VERY angry mom shouting, so i just went home and said the shops where closed. She did believe me, but that didn’t kept her for shouting.�� when i came home no one was home so I cried for 30 minutes then my mom came home and she got mad. That was the scariest day of my live, and I have min trough a lot of scary times! that was like 2 mounts ago. And now when i see kids of my age doing there hobby, i jsut get sad because i know I am to scared to do that, oddly enough I am the opposite of scared. byeee sorry for the bad english, i learned it though youtube and netflix����

  • I have social anxiety too, I’ve been struggling for all my life.

    That’s why I make videos and record my self to see my self on other perspectives.

    So I can improve and Learn to speak and practice my English too ��.

    I’m glad I’m not alone.
    Start recording your self guys ��
    Understand learn your self.
    YOU CAN DO IT!! You are not that bad!

  • bruh i TRY to talk to people but my mind literally goes blank i say or do something stupid every time✌�� soooo yeahhhh any advice��

  • Except what if the spotlight effect affects what people think of you permanently? For example what if u walked into a store and people were staring at you, only for you to realize that there was somehow a big paint splatter on the back of your shirt which somehow was the shape of a man’s banana private part? Then every time you went to the store the workers and shoppers will snicker at you, remembering that incident and embarrassing you? ��

  • It’s all about your parents and thier social life
    One of your parents or both they have social anxiety that why they can’t help you to grow up correctly and now you’re suffering it’s genetically inherited
    Try to get medical treatment before you bring your own kids otherwise they will suffer same like you

  • You just HAVE TO DO IT guys! I was so afraid to go skating today, although I bought this super expensive skates. Then I saw this video, went skating and now I feel sooo awesome.

  • Iam having social anxiety disorder.
    I cant even talk to my family members.
    Its like the world is ending and it feels like i dont wanna live anymore.

  • This video has literally changed my life forever! I don’t wanna sound dramatic or anything but this video literally cured my social anxiety✌��!

  • Yesterday my father told me to buy fruits and I got nervous but I did anyhow and I was happy but my father scolded me because I didn’t bargain. And I felt worthless again. My father pushes me and when I can’t do it he scolds me alot and it’s affecting my self esteem.
    Today I have to message my Faculties and I am nervous right now.
    I think my social anxiety is getting worse.
    I don’t even know if I have it or it’s just in my mind but right now my heart is restless because of a single message I have to send.
    I feel stupid and I want to cry.

  • Only people with insecurities or mental illnesses (a lot rarer)will judge people so i usually just feel bad for them and don’t take anything they’re saying to heart

  • Ahh yes a rookie mistake. I was also that person who was embarassed over things like coming late in class. However whenever my classmates did that I either didn’t care/pay attention or tried to ignore that and make them into thinking that I didn’t even notice them coming late into class because why should I not?

    And so, one day an idea went up my mind saying:
    “Ohh wait, I didn’t really mind that so why should my classmates do?”

    Ofcourse it was never too easy to go into the class like that but the pain was gone instantly once I got away from more than half of my classmates’s sight and or sat down.

  • The people who pick on/judge/make assumptions only do so either to take the ‘spotlight’ off themselves and it makes them feel better about themselves to put someone else down or because they’re jealous! not a reflection on you as a person but them!

  • I never wanna leave my house… when I leave my house I never feel safe I worried overthink. My hands start sweating, my heart started beaten, I think everyone is after me ��I hate party’s and being around to many people

  • Literally I can’t walk down a street alone without thinking of the people walking past, driving past, or even thinking that all the houses around me have people watching me through the windows and judging me

  • Important advice: as a social anxiety victim myself just pop pills till you cant see. Or just end it already if you are strong enough, im not

  • Whenever I have to go out and it’s not dark, i feel weird inside like i just wish there was a remote that could control issues i literally can’t.. even walking is an issue, so i blast music to help drown it out.
    I might try this too ��

  • Idk if this will work for anyone else, but I started doing something that has been helping me. I always thought that my problem was that I cared too much what other people think, but then I realized that popular people also care a lot what other people think of them. I realized that my issue was a control issue. I was trying to CONTROL how other people perceived me. I needed everyone to think that I was smart and likable at all times. You’re still allowed to care what other people think. I’m never going to not care. But if someone doesn’t like me, I just have to let it be. It’s okay to say something dumb or weird sometimes. Everyone does. But when you try to defend it, it comes across as desperate. Now I try to have the mindset of, “I hope they like me, but if they don’t, that is NOT a reflection of my value as a person. We’re just different, and that’s okay.” But odds are, once you start allowing yourself to be weird, people will feel more comfortable talking to you.

  • What I dont understand is how I can walk without feeling anxious when I’m in town but when I’m walking in school I feel like everybody’s looking at me

  • You guys won’t believe how I found social anxiety, so um went i shifted myself in new school in 6th grade, I was alone not that much 3,4 friends but still in home alone and this trend continued till 8th grade and then by then I like got myself associated with almost everyone in my class, but not even a single person outside my class.Then after my high school I got split up and then in my 11th grade I got so much social anxiety and I now start to figure out why that is but there is no reason. I have so much social anxiety now that I even want to discard this comment, so that no one judges ������

  • There’s a lot more that goes into this expessially for a socially awkward alpha male. What if the person themself want to be in the spotlight, then not being in it would give them anxiety as it is. What if it doesn’t relieve your anxiety when people don’t think about you because you know that eventually they will think about you and no matter the amount of time, you are then judged. This is what gives you anxiety, not the amount of people that think about you but just the fact that some person might be thinking about you at that very second and for someone that’s supposed to and in their own mind be the best person they can be and for that to be doubted by someone else no matter how long is detrifying to me.

  • Perhaps these tips are not valid for everyone. In the country where I live, EVERYTHING can be an agenda for gossip, even the way someone drinks water… af

  • To be honest though, the anxiety comes from the fact that people are watching you at the moment
    How do you stay calm knowing you’re currently in the spotlight?

  • When you have debilitating social anxiety, you eventually get to a point where you have to decide: “Am I going to live with this? Or am I going to take massive action and do everything in my power to get rid of it?”
    Maybe it’s not one moment. I can’t really remember the moment where I asked myself that. I think it was shortly after my whole floor at college made fun of how awkward I was. Then, once I figured out how to overcome it, I took action…putting myself in more and more social situations every day.

  • Whenever I socialize in groups of people or even sometimes 1 on 1 I have to be drinking. It’s gotten so bad that if I don’t have a way to get alcohol I’m not going. I don’t drink all the time but it helps me be more outgoing and outspoken, how I wish I could be all the time.

  • I did the swapping shoes exercise on a homeless person once. The surge of compassion that ran through me as he looked around begging for money and food was unbearable. Seriously guys, people should do this exercise multiple times every day if there is hope for humanity.

  • This was great, thanks, been searching for “home remedies to cure social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Telaavar Anxious Amanita (do a search on google )?

    It is a smashing one off guide for removing the root cause of social anxiety minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend finally got great results with it.

  • When I walk home from school I literally face the ground the entire time, it sucks pretty bad. I wish it was as easy as this video says, but I think I have the illness version…

  • the only place I feel safe seated is at the back. because then I know for SURE nobody is looking at me.
    other than that, i’m always trying to act perfect and not make one bad move ever
    whenever people laugh behind me, I always assume there laughing at me and not their own conversations.

  • Well I live I third world country where people care about other people business and not theirs and they want to know and talk about everyone they see and judge everything and everyone openly!

  • ye but that still doesnt fix one thing about me, im affraid to make friends with a group that are already friends, if they are not alone, i just cant bring myself to go there and talk to them, thats why i spend almost all of my time sitting in class alone with no friends. help? idk

  • Personally for me realising no one cares about what I’m doing isn’t sad, and just way more unimaginably reliving. I really meant that I could stop having thoughts of what others thought, this other channel Based Zeus had this point on one of his videos as well, so when at certain times of days where I suffer from social anxiety because of a specific lesson or a place or whatnot, I realise it doesn’t have to be as bad or as socially stressful as a perceive them to be. I can stop having really specific expectations and slowly try to just act myself when I’m not stressed about a million different opinions or other things. I still ain’t perfect, I’m still anxious but videos like this are helping slowly building my confidence.

  • This is just superb, been searching for “help getting over social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

  • This oversimplified “social anxiety” as “you think they all are looking at you and judging you” when that isn’t true for all cases of it. Myself personally don’t think everyone is looking at me, but that WHEN they do I’m off-putting and weird for them. I don’t see how thinking “the majority of people won’t look at you” is going to fix this problem in particular.

  • I have a question that I’m hoping someone can answer to clear things up for me, I’m very social and I love making new friends. But whenever I stop spending time with them I suddenly get these rush of emotions and start criticize and judge everything I was doing. For example I would feel anxious of my voice and how I looked and acted. Those this count as social anxiety or is it something else?

  • I cannot go and do shopping, deal with shopkeepers, talk to or even do my usual normal things in front of strangers or a person with whom I feel so consious or inferior to. I am abnormally awkward and shy. And I can really agree to what this doctor said. I am going through a transition phase and my social phobia is the worst than ever. God help me.

  • Social anxiety is actually non-existent situations that just seems to you so raise your shoulders as you walk, keep your head straight and just walk.
    Be sure you are not weird, just be yourself and love yourself����

  • Honestly I’m just here to watch this video cause I think I might have social anxiety. My Best friends parents don’t want them to be friends with me cause I apparently giving them my shyness. So I’m watching these videos to fix myself

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “how to overcome social anxiety disorder now” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qanwen Donuke Approach (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

  • It doesn’t matter if I’m an introvert but surely I have social anxiety too. People tends to embarrassed me like shipping me with a guy and I would blush after that. I know that it wasn’t because I like him, but it because I was so nervous. They wouldn’t understand either way.

  • I’ve recently discovered this too!
    A few days ago one of my teachers asked my class to share our most embarrassing moment that we have experienced while in school.
    In most cases the person telling us remembered the moment really vividly as if it has happened in the previous days but usually only 2-3 people remembered that embarrassing moment (out of 40) but even they we’re not able to fully recall it but could just remember that it happened

  • This is just superb, been searching for “help getting over social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

  • This is just superb, been searching for “help getting over social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

  • Me:walking through corridor (in school)
    My friend(who is standing with a group of people):hey-
    Me:run run run dashi run run ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • I just had to walk to the shop on my own and nearly had a panic attack in the shop I’m sweating like a pig I can’t cope with all them people

  • I’m a beginner at skating, me and my sister went to skateboard at my school, I group of guys who were pros at skating came, I quickly got off my board and sat down, I told my sister “your turn on the board” later on I said “I wanna go home now” and she said “ok” but I was frozen I couldn’t get up, I felt like crying my sister than proceeds to say that she’s going to leave me here cause I wasn’t getting up, she then left me I was so scared I started shaking, instead of understanding me she left me ALONE

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “helping social anxiety” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • It’s all about your parents and thier social life
    One of your parents or both they have social anxiety that why they can’t help you to grow up correctly and now you’re suffering it’s genetically inherited
    Try to get medical treatment before you bring your own kids otherwise they will suffer same like you

  • I have anxiety 1 when I’m standing up in the center of a room while everyone else is sitting down and I’m the center of attention and 2 when I’m standing and talking to multiple people at the same time. Is that just a shy quality, or is it a sign of social anxiety?

  • Just wonderful, I have been researching “coping with social anxiety at work” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qanwen Donuke Approach (search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • I’ve been eating lunch at school for years and It still feels like the first time every time lol �� I feel like everyone is looking at mehh

  • I am also socially anxious…
    The only solution to this problem I think is try to speak people and take different task in day to day life
    Your subconscious will automatically fit (adapt) and next time you don’t need to be very much conscious of yourself or task you are doing(with people around).your will automatically do the task right because your body has fitted to different tasks you practise.

  • I have learned… Many people will see something cool or beautiful about you (that you may overlook-it can be as “simple” as healthy hair) and try to dim your joy/light by trying to make you feel like you don’t belong…because they feel like whenever someone with that trait they lost/wish they had comes around, they’re no longer relevant or visible. It’s not too late to shine again…or for the 1st time.

  • i keep doubting myself, “what if you’re just subconsciously faking it?” “this is stupid, stop overthinking things.”, it’s making it hard to think that maybe i do have anxiety.

  • I get nervous a lot and I see I lot of people I feel like my vision is blurry for example when Iam at school and I need to get to my lunch table when I Iam walking I get this feeling like everyone is judging me and when I see them laugh and turn to their friend it all gets worst I start to panic and I hate the idea of just peeing like anywhere idk if this has something to do but I certainly don’t think is normal to be. Scared to to pee in any public place of even my house I don’t like it and sometimes I see people looking at a place that is like near me m and I blush and get sweaty palms and I do socialize so that is why I think is different then social anxiety because I just talk to my friends that I have known since elementary and iam in high school but I rarely make any friends and I still get nervous even tho they know me for years it’s hard idk…

  • Thanks a lot! I didn’t realize it until my dad passed away. Between that and diagnosis of Major depression, I think he was my safety net. I spend hrs prepping to go grocery shopping, I’m not sure what to do to get over it.

  • im watching this video everyday c0z my teacher told us that we have to present a speech in front of the whole school individually (i wanna quit school)

  • This was great, been searching for “how to get over social anxiety in college” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qanwen Donuke Approach (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  • When I was in 6th grade our school took us to an excursion to the amusement park.The whole time I was fine.Then I and my friends checked out our tickets to ride the roller that time the line was small and it was not crowded…We even had our tickets in hand,waiting for our turn.In less than a minute the space got super crowded and everyone was pushing one another to get to the ride first.All my friends successfully got to ride on the coaster but I…… couldn’t breathe,I was feeling like I would die if I stay another second in the crowd…I started crying and was begging to let me go back.some of my teachers were behind the crowd waiting for their turn for ride.When they saw me,I was all dizzy,breathless and crying.They started asking me if I was okay or if I need help but I couldn’t voice any words…

    That was my first time experiencing this anxiety attack and till to this day,I avoid crowds and public spaces as much as I can…And I still have regrets not riding the roller coaster and coming back with my checked ticket. =)

  • Reading all of these comments makes me happy that I’m not alone in this but I really wish that I have a friend with social anxiety just like me so that we can understand each other and help each other.hopefully we would overcome social anxiety together but I guess you are my friends now

  • Once I realized that social anxiety is narcissistic, I then was able to manage it every time I had it. Its tough to admit, because i know youre thinking “im not a narcisist!”..but hear me out. Everytime you have social anxiety its because you are making it about YOU. Say someone invites you to their birthday party. You start getting the sweaty palma the hours before you’re meant to go. Thoughts of finding an excuse to cancel rush through your head. Just stop and think, “hey (insert your own name), this is not about ME. This is not MY birthday”. Realize that people have invited you as they value your company, otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered. So make it about THEM! In a meaningful way, make it about them! So, as you’re having those negative scenarios and thoughts, stop and say to yourself, “its not about ME!”. Then make it about them so why not send the bday boy/girl a text saying “hey, look forward to the party later shall i bring anything? Do you have all you need?” And you will see the result. Make it about them! Stop making it about you, be grateful you have people that want your company, and then switch things and make it about THEM! Best of luck everybody x

  • I know you aren’t supposed to self-diagnose, but I’m pretty much 100% sure I have fairly severe anxiety, and have for my whole life. Thing is, I didn’t come to realize I might actually have a disorder until my mother (who has always helped me through my frequent panic attacks) pointed out to me during a particularly severe one that I definitely have anxiety that is out of my control and that we could look into ways to treat it together. This was during last fall when I had a severe panic attack over having possibly dissapointed one of my teachers by last-minute cancelling a club meeting (which people had convinced me to do). I couldn’t sleep and cried for hours until I physically couldn’t cry, threw up multiple times, and obsessively wrote an apology letter to her (which I gave to her at school the next morning before promptly going to the nurse and begging her to let me go home because I had become physically ill from stress). I decided, however, that I was not going to seek medication or therapy because I don’t want my parents to have to pay for something that might not even help (and I feel like I might seem like I’m trying to become the center of attention or something). But the biggest reason I’m afraid is because I’m scared of changing. My anxiety feels like a part of my core being and personality. Even though I feel miserable sometimes, I’m afraid of becoming different, or less empathetic, or less *me*. But I’m starting to reevaluate. Maybe I need to try anyway, so that I can learn how to control my anxiety without making it completely go away.
    I don’t really know why I’m writing this comment. Maybe because I want to express my frustration and I want people to empathize with me and hear my inner feelings, but I can’t do that in real life because people will think I’m just trying to get attention. I guess the truth is, I secretly want attention. Not all the attention, but just. Acknowledgement and acceptance and for me to have people who understand that when I go cry in the bathroom over something trivial or small, it’s not their fault; it’s just my brain chemicals overreacting and they will calm down after I go have a bit of alone time. Well, there you have it internet. My anxiety problems. Feels good to put it out there for people to see, even if I’m never sure anyone actually reads it. Just knowing it’s there.

  • I’m meeting a friend I haven’t seen in ages and my heart is racing, I’m sweating, crying and overthinking. I really really don’t want to go but I feel like I have to so I don’t look like a weirdo:(. I just feel I’m going to be so akward

  • i cannot stress this enough. some people i can be myself around. but most of the time, im looking around as my heart literally pounds and feels like its hitting my chest i can hear it loud almost as if its playing for everyone in the room and then the sweating i feel like could be noticeable which just makes it that much worse and i think my face gets red. to add on to that everyone around me is like interacting so normally and confidently and when i think of something i wanna say i keep practicing it in my head but can say it out and if i try i start a sentence with a word or something and then just get that built up rush of anxiety and shut up again its just like that idk i hope quarantine doesnt end man

  • The feeling as if people are judging you…. I can offer some insight, I felt this way for over a year (its eased with the lock down), I felt as if I wasn’t normal, like every one knew something and I didn’t, like I was (forgive my use of the word, it best fits how I felt) retarded in some way. This increased the anxiety I felt in social situations and haunted me. I felt so alienated and no one seemed to be able to convince me otherwise. Please, if you’re feeling like this, reach out and get some help. I’m in the process of it myself. Also thank you psych2go for all of your amazing content, it helps a lot of people (myself included)!

  • Kind of ironic that I can do class presentations just fine and even get complimented on my ability to speak, but in literally any other social situation I’m a nervous mess. I always get this feeling that I’m somehow being rude when ordering something at a restaurant for example and wish I could just be in the background and have no one talk or look at me at social events in fear i’ll say/do something stupid. Sports in school were my nightmare and I even went as far as to take gym class over the summer so I could complete my required graduation credit in advance and avoid another year of being teased. I do wish to change this learned behavior

  • When I was little I was a very shy person I never had real friends or friends because I can’t talk to people or even say hello at all and I was very lonely at school and sometimes I eat alone in lunch time while others talk and having fun except me. Also when I am class teachers always pick groups for me but I struggle to be in groups and to talk in the group for fitting in but it made so much worst. And even in when I was in class I never participate or raise my hand because I hate being wrong all the time it’s ok to make mistakes but I just didn’t want people to think that I am always The Quiet Girl just because I can’t talk in class. Also Right now 16 years old I really struggle to communicate with people and I am alway shy to my family and also my friends too. There is another problem I always get nervous no matter what I do I get so sweaty and nervous and my body shakes when I get called in class and talking to friends or family and participate in the class.
    I really not sure if I have social anxiety but I do struggle to talk to people.
    Symptoms that I have:
    Heartbeat fast
    Stomach pain
    That’s all I can tell.
    If you have this problem just like me your not alone.

  • I have such bad social anxiety that I’m practically mute in school and the only two friends i have are there because i befriended them back in like first grade and I’m going to be a freshmen soon (i feel like at least one of them is just my friend out of pity tbh) but I’m trying so hard to fix it yet everytime i even try to open my mouth to speak i feel like I’m choking

  • I have anxious thoughts even around my family like say if my sister had a friend over and they’re laughing I immediately think its about me and I know is irrational, my sister would never do that but I just can’t stop thinking those negative thoughts

  • God dang it, why does Anxiety even exist, I just want a normal fun life, and not think that people talk crap about me behind my back, I’ve lost many friends because I think too much into it and stop talking to them, now Its hard to even to find friends, I always think people are calling me ugly, stupid, disgusting, and other things, Sometimes I wish to just not leave my room, To me, Video Games is the only place for me to not think that, I always have fun playing them, even if Im playing alone, I dont even know why Im writing this, no one will read it or care

  • Google told me yesterday, social anxiety is totally curable, i hope i will get over this shit and live my real life by being the real real me….

  • The social distancing ruined my progress with social anxiety, I used to be getting a lot better but then I just stopped seeing people altogether and I couldn’t practice. Getting out of quarantine is going to be hard, I went into a store the other day and it was pretty bad, when before the social distancing I was getting a lot better. I have to go to church with my family tomorrow and I’m scared.

  • When I told to my sister that I have social anxiety, she ignored me and saying that I don’t have anxiety, it just I’m being introvert type of person. I’m scared to ask my parents for anything such as money, school things or etc. I also scared to talk with people even my friends. And not forget how I really scared when I need to talk in front of many people. Is this social anxiety or it just Introvert type of person?

  • Well, I have social anxiety and believe me it is horrible when my mother prefers to go out with my cousin than with me because she is “more sociable”, she doesn’t say it, but she makes it clear with her actions.

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  • Im scared to go outside, because im afraid that people will judge me. I’ve been trying to avoid people from school. my “friends” barely contacts me anyway. It makes me feel so empty, but if I had to talk to them it wouldn’t really help. I’ve been even skipping school before it got closed. I was supposed to have two presentations a long time ago. I really am a disappointment. no one around me understands. but when I read the comment, I relate so much. stay safe btw!

  • Sometimes I listen to music when I’m out so 1) people won’t talk to me
    2) I have something to focus on than other people
    3) it just calms me down

  • Last year, my teacher asked the class to turn on their webcam, I lied and said my webcam is not working. I knew everyone in the class. But I just feel nervous I haven’t talked to them in probably a month…..

  • I don’t want to go out even for buying bread or something, I feel like people will judge me because of my physical appearance and they do it with their weird looks and thier whisperings dunno how to overcome it and this video doesn’t help me:(

  • I imagined if I didn’t have social anxiety, I can do whatever I wanted to do without feeling anxious or awkward around people. I know theres no cure on this and I have no choice but to deal with it through the rest of my life ��

  • Appreciate Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried Proutklarton Being Quiet Plan (erm, check it on google should be there)?

    It is a good exclusive guide for getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks fast without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • soo…i still cant tell if i do or dont have social anxiety cause i do fear of being judged EVERYDAY and worry about social events months before and embarrassing myself infront of other etc. but i dont tremble or show physical symptoms is this still social anxiety??

  • I’m just a seventh grader, and do not know much, but I’ve realized I relate to so many of the symptoms of social anxiety, and it’s scary, so I came here to see if I can work on it a little. Thank you!

  • it’s crazy how being really badly bullied at such a young age stays with you for so long I’m almost fucking 25 and still deal with social anxiety from it it’s so frustrating!

  • i did like this one i have social anxiety and i cant talk to others i have been at my school for a year now my 3 school and i have no friends there but its cus i feel mute when other kids talk to me its a good school we have our own class room its like a bedroom but its yuor class room and i really wanna talk to the ppl in the schools gamein gteam but i feel mute when im in there i only talk to my teachers i will try to uce some of the things and try to push myself slowly i also have a crush on one on the gameing team i really wanna try to talk to him idk if hes gfonna like me but at least a friend