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What I’ve Learned from Healing Adrenal Fatigue

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Adrenal fatigue can and has also been misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even lupus. Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue is not a very popular subject among most doctors or specialists. Proponents of the concept of adrenal fatigue claim that it is characterized by several non-specific symptoms such as: Extreme fatigue, with many people needing stimulants such as caffeine for normal daily activities Sleep problems, such as insomnia Feeling overwhelmed by or unable to cope with stress. Symptoms said to be due to adrenal fatigue include tiredness, trouble falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning, salt and sugar craving, and needing stimulants like caffeine to get through the day. These symptoms are common and non-specific, meaning they can be found in many diseases.

They also can occur as part of a normal, busy life. The adrenal fatigue theory suggests that prolonged exposure to stress could drain the adrenals leading to a low cortisol state. The adrenal depletion would cause brain fog, low energy, depressive mood, salt and sweet cravings, lightheadedness, and other vague symptoms. Numerous websites mention how to diagnose and treat adrenal fatigue. Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency include chronic fatigue, weight loss, muscle weakness, skin discoloration, loss of body hair, low blood pressure, and unexplained stomach pain.

This condition can be diagnosed through a blood test, and is treated with hormone replacements. Feeling irritable or impatient with clients or co-workers. Lacking satisfaction from your achievements. Using food, alcohol or drugs to feel bettter. Over time burnout can lead to memory, attention, and emotional problems and even increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

Adrenal insufficiency symptoms are not always prominently noticed as they sometimes occur subtly and slowly before one realizes there is something abnormal. With the slow progression of the disease, one of the first common signs of adrenal insufficiency symptoms is extreme fatigue. Side effects may include sweating as a reaction to stress, feeling lightheaded due to changes in blood and oxygen supply, and a change in temperature as a. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue look almost identical to the symptoms of starvation or anorexia. Many people who find themselves drawn into novel dietary philosophies (or fad diets) have a long history of restrictive eating and weight fixation.

Adrenal fatigue is the layperson’s term for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation. This condition causes your body to stop responding to stress appropriately, leading to crushing fatigue, recurrent injuries, hormonal imbalances, weight gain or loss, and more.

List of related literature:

This is often referred to as adrenal fatigue.

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What is adrenal fatigue?

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fatigue syndrome appear to have underactive adrenal glands.8 Too much stimulation over time, however, causes the adrenals to malfunction.

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Adrenal fatigue is caused by adrenal insufficiency that occurs when the glands cannot adequately meet the demands of chronic stress.

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Chronic symptoms of adrenal insufficiency are vague and often unrecognized.

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While adrenal fatigue does exist, and it can be very challenging (I devoted a chapter to it, too, in my first book), medical communities do not yet realize what the true missing piece is.

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Fatigued adrenals will often also have effects on other glands and organs.

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If the hypothalamus continues to call for more cortisol, it will eventually lead to adrenal exhaustion, characterized by extreme fatigue and depression.

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A very good guess about adrenal status can be made by evaluating symptoms.

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adrenal insufficiency a.

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  • I am enjoying the info at the moment repairing hormonal Inbalance found out through my irregular menses. I feel my ride side adrenals and workout is lightly repairing the issues. Thanks MJ

  • I just watched a few of your videos back to back and omg I feel like you’re me and where I want to be. Thank you for these videos.

  • I have always suffered from “burn-out”. A boom then bust m.o. I love coffee but can’t partake because I know from experience that the bill will arrive for my “good day”, and I will be wiped out for days.
    That’s what caused me to look up “Adrenal fatigue”.
    Is that possibly what I have? and if so how do I help my Adrenal glands? I have no other problems, am lightly built, and have no medications. I eat masses of good bread + and several ounzes of Jam pet day, plus all manner of fruit+ veg, and a little meat + fish, but the Cats get most!! I’m only 72 yr.
    Ideas welcome

  • I’m in such a bad adrenal crash right now after catching covid. It was crashing before but now it’s terrible. It’s so scary. Your video has given me hope!! Thank you!

  • Adrenal fatigue is not a credibly medically recognized condition. It’s largely bullshit made up by chiropractors and naturopaths.

  • Hi there, thank you for your message. 2 years ago I suffered a mental breakdown/burnout and was hospitalized for near suicide. It was from being over worked and heart broken. I am 29 now. Can I fully recover? Thank you. I am seeing a phsycologist and phsyciatrist, just terrified about going back into work

  • Your video says How I healed my adrenal fatigue? I am looking for answers anxiously because I’m suffering and all I get is the same long story on the reasons and not the solutions isn’t what I was expecting, sorry dear but I’m disappointed to be tricked to go to your other videos to find the answers.

  • So many questions here, so if you’ve covered in a specific video, let me know.
    I’ve been working at healing from Adrenal Fatigue after having been given a steroid 16 years ago. Some days I can walk more than others which is still very minimal. I understand though, with Adrenal Fatigue, you just can’t PUSH through the exercise/fatigue. I also HAVE to eat meat proteins or my body starves.My diet is balanced with meat and complex carbs and vegetables. I can’t even eat fruit except berries and only once in awhile. 
    You make sense when talking about the balance between insulin and cortisol, but calcium and magnesium also play a role in controlling insulin balance. My doctor says that my body just isn’t holding onto the minerals which has a lot to do with the balance of cortisol. It seems a vicious cycle.
    Endocrinologist know nothing about this and don’t want to talk to you when they hear Prednisone was involved. So, I believe this can be overcome because I have improved in 16 years by being able to at least walk from one end of my house to the other before having to rest. But how to get past that point.
    I’m curious and hopeful for your thoughts. Thank you.

  • I don’t believe she has ever coded numerous times due to an Adrenal Crisis.

    To live with a MILD CASE there are very very vague tips. But all I took from her talk was she spent A LOT MONEY for nothing.

    If my Endodrine Doctor doesn’t have a simple solution, how can you?

  • I swear I’m up and out of bed at 7-8am going hard and then I burn out bad after lunch to the point where I can’t function right, then I take a nap for 15-30 minutes and I’m good. It’s annoying when I’m not able to take a nap though and I feel super tired for 2-3 hours.

  • yeap, I am a night owl, now I am more knowledgeable to the underlying causes, thanks to both DeLauer & Dr. Berg, I love and respect them both so very much, they are life-saving power house of knowldeges, I watch their videos daily.

  • Hi John I’m 100 percent sure I had low blood sugar after my leg workout today. I think its because halfway through I puked up my pre workout meal. I was so fatigued to the point of passing out. When I got my post workout meal in I started to feel back to normal. Could this be adrenal fatigue what are thoughts?

  • I have to tell my story since i had Adrenal Fatigue in a time you would least expected it. I started with a “getting my life and body back” transformation in Jan 2017, I had about 17 kg to shed so I started with Crossfit and like the person I am I studied nutrition and healthy ways of eating to the bone. So I was doing great and shedding the Kg’s and limiting my sugar intake to 40 g p/d and was eating according to macros and also limited my sodium intake to the healthy daily recommended amount, I also cut my coffee drinking from 6 cups a day to just one. I started taking Omega 3’s and magnesium and Vit D etc. So in general I was doing my body a favor and living the healthy lifestyle. But 3 months in to it, it hit me, I was tired and drained to the point of feeling like crying. When I got to the Dr. my blood pressure was very low. Now me being prone to low blood pressure knows how it feels when your blood pressure is low, but this was a whole new level of tired and irritability! So I read up on adrenal infatuate and how to fix it which included Himalayan Pink salt and then it hit me. I’m prone to very low blood pressure and I think because of that my body needs a little bit more sodium than the average daily limit, so when I suddenly decreased my sodium amount and put my body through intensive exercise sessions for a period of time it must have made my adrenal gland say “that’s it I’m out of here”!! So thanks to you Thomas I followed your adrenal fix mix each morning and lifted my sodium intake again and in day 2 I already started feeling better. So in my case even though I did the right things I might have still stressed my adrenals. So what have I learned… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and Thomas deLauer cause those two knows what they talking about 😉

  • Changing diet, reducing stress, finding a dr to help with AF (that won’t overcharge), getting better sleep, coupled w/ raising a family, running a private practice…where do I start??? ��

  • I like your way of thinking and how it’s helped you but do you have something like a plan or guide as to what to do and eat? I’ve become very well versed on adrenal fatigue which is actually HPA axis dysfunction, but as for a good recovery plan, I have yet to find. Thanks

  • All these so called gurus who barely give anything away after talking for 10 mins as a tool to make themselves money preying off the known desperation of those of us with andrenal fatigue.

  • HiWhat type aka brands do you recommend? There are a million out there…and be broad best if your at walmart…best at Vitamin Shop can you make a few recs? Keep posting videos this is so helpful!! THX From Texas! Charla

  • Adreanal fatigue is not a real thing if youre not producing enough cortisol then you have priamary or secondry adreanal insufficientcy and trust me you dont want to be ai if you feel like your cortisol is low please get checked out

  • Thank you a thousand times sir, I’m actually diagnosed with it, and many doctors haven’t got a clue what it’s like. Will use some of your tips, bless you, and happy upcoming holidays!

  • You are describing me. For years I have no energy and sleep for 20 hours on days off. My doctors just keep telling me I’m depressed.

  • Thanks so much for this video! I’ve been really trying to amp up my workout game and I was feeling the best I felt in months. Due to my increased activity, I convinced myself that I could eat as much sugar, calories, and food as I wanted as long as they were somewhat balanced. I deviated from my health-centric plant-based diet and started eating junk food to compensate for my fatigue. I felt off, a bit anxious and slightly down, unsure of how to proceed in my workouts with such low levels of energy. Your video helped me get back on track and find what was wrong with the way that I was living my life. So, thank you!

  • Sorry, I have to unsubscribe, you have a polluting man-made mutant next to you, some creature needing battery-farmed animals to be killed in order for it to be fed, yuk, so you are a mutt-groper.

  • Hi, very helpful and informative videos, so thank you! Just a question regarding licorice root.. have you used it before? Did you it useful?

  • Is Adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia, the same?
    Or if different, is there any connection between the two?
    And what is the cortisol level in the case?
    I am suffering fibromyalgia.

  • Hello MJ I’m currently suffering with adrianal fatigue. I’m tired of just surviving and I want to just start thriving and tips and advise would be greatly appreciated thanks for helping me out with your YouTube videos on your channel. ������‍♂️

  • I definitely agree with the majority of your points. You look incredible! I just caution against focusing too much on alkaline diets. My mom has had nothing but problems since going to a weightloss doctor that encouraged drinking alkaline water. Think about it, your stomach HAS to be acidic to digest properly. If not, there can be an overgrowth of bacteria that can cause candida, SIBO, and a host of other issues!

  • This is very timely. I am a minimalist for health reasons, first. I love coming home to no chaos and an organized life. It helps keep my issues in check, at least at home. And when things do go sideways, I can truly take care of myself.

  • Eat alot of fruits people, your adrenal Glands require fruit sugar which is healthy for you. Add fruit to your diet which is the most important thing you can add to your life

  • Honestly, in this day and age who doesn’t feel like this? And to be honest if you’re up from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. of course you are going to feel exhausted waking up at 7 a.m.. All of these symptoms can be attributed to many different lifestyle choices and diseases. Unfortunately this video is going to have everyone thinking they have adrenal disease………

  • supplements are unnatural vitamins and minerals so are trash and veggetsble give you energy is the most ridiculous thing a doctor can say promoting chimicals why im not surprised afterl all they need to promote big farma

  • Stress is the #1 biggest culprit. Find out what is causing you to stress and address it. Then everything else will fall into place.

  • don’t believe in this shit, there is no scientific research behind it. the only way you can increase fat cells is by being in a calories surplus, don’t eat dairy foot because your body will convert it automatically to fat. my point is don’t believe what you hear, go read a scientific nutrition book or don’t eat diary food, eat healthy, no sugar, exercise and don’t eat like god damn cow, start reading don’t listen to people!!! read read. knowledge is the way.

  • So will you please share more detailed information about how you restored your energy. What supplements did you take? Did you do intermittent fasting? Did you eat several meals a day? You didn’t really explain what you did to heal your adrenal fatigue.

  • the best med in that catagoped me was elavil(amitriptiline) cause it makes you sleep really hard just start with the lowest dose they willu

  • Caffeine is so hard on your body, and we don’t even realize it. Had it all day long for a few months and got to the point where I was always exhausted and could barely get up in the morning. Went through the painful process of giving up caffeine, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. After about a week to 10 days I felt great again. Never going back to regular caffeine.

  • Adrenal fatigue is not always about lifestyle choices, heavy abuse of stimulants in past life can trigger it as well as trauma, rape, molestation, or any post traumatic stressful life events.

  • Exactly what i have, having energy spikes in the mid day and then groggy, and at night i am ready to go. So frustrating. Not to mention the last 5 or 6 years of my life have been extremely stressfull.

  • Im having breathing problems i eat less im having suicidal thoughts i feel like i am about to faint i feel like im dying i did every test doc found nothing and im going through this from past 2 years im on a constant fight or flight mood and i cant even control it…. i dont know what im going through there are so many symptoms im relating to every health problems on earth

  • I wake up with the Intense
    BODY ACHES..bones.spine
    muscle.joints PAIN.it feels
    like i got struck by a car..

  • What i would also add to this is that chronic stress causes inflammation in the body and builds up oxidative stress. Also low levels of cortisol due to adrenal fatigue will prevent the body (kidneys and liver) from getting rid of toxins so toxins will also build up in your body. For some people a detox (!! under the supervision of a professional!! ) could really be a good thing!

  • During this pandemic I had no idea what was happening to me because my body was reacting to stress in severe ways. Thank you for shedding light on this!

  • I was sleeping well when I had intercourse, but now totally reverse is happening. Is it symptom of adrenal fatigue? Please let me know

  • Life suckers:D B cluster personality disordered people. Thank you sir for mentioning that important part of our lives:D All the best

  • Oh, but it is your fault, lady. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insanity. ��
    Cut out the fucking carbs and fast. I’m animal based, carnivore. I intermittent fast everyday, and I’m ripped. Stop eating, fatty! ����

  • Ashwaghanda has been extremely helpful for energy as well as supplements that support thyroid. I also take C and Magnesium. Acupuncture and cutting out most caffeine helped too but I did overhaul my lifestyle, took a break from competing and work closer to home.

  • I was just diagnosed with adrenal fatigue a little over a month ago. It was diagnosed through a 4 point cortisol saliva test. My cortisol pattern from 8am-4pm is in the right pattern but still low. And actually is it’s highest at midnight. So it’s all over the place. So far my treatment medication wise has been 500mg rhodiola in the mornings to help raise my cortisol. Even though it is higher then at 4pm it’s still lower then what it optimally should be, and 30mg of pregnenolone at night, along with 200mg of Phosphatidylserine to help lower my cortisol. And I can tell you that sleeping at least for me is a HUGE issue with adrenal fatigue. My body feel likes or stuck on the flight or fight response, I can feel my heart beat and a constant feeling of adrenaline/anxiety.

  • I’m 24 I over exercised for a long time and my body crashed. I started to feel better but started working and going to school and now I’ve crashed really bad. My blood work is always fine I’m thinking it’s adrenal fatigue. I’m out of breath and can’t really walk where now I can’t sleep at night almost at all. This really sucks it’s been so hard for me to get over this

  • It exists, i had it for a long time.
    I think i got it from leaky gut (i have watched your vids on these and have taken note) so I wasnt absorbing nutrients efficiently.
    I think I have some issues with certain types foods with anti-nutrients (oats for example) as I notice when i’m eating specific foods it comes on slowly again.

  • I’m so happy that I found your channel, I know I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue, I went through an abusive relationship for four years, and afterwards I was exhaustedI haven’t been the same for a year and a half! Thanks for all of the information!

  • What works for me is first of all: a good sleeping regiment with as early as possible going to bed, adding some naps throughout the day( more as a stress reliever really, you cant be stressed while you sleep lol), reduced fasted states(breakfast is mandatory), reduced amount of carbonated drinks and caffeine!!!!
    The one factor I havn’t work about is smoking and I don’t remember what exactly they told us at med school but smoking in general stimulates the sympathic system, hence the adrenal glands are working harder. Deffinetly if possible quit smoking!!

  • Thank you so much for this, sir. I’ll try out you tips for this. I don’t have a blood preassure thingie at home, but when I’m checked out by my doctor, it is almost always at 125-30/80. I don’t what those numbers mean, but apparently it is “good”. Thanks again

  • 1. Diet alkaline, low glycemic, regular
    2. Rest/Relax
    3. Exercise in moderation
    4. Sleep (priority 800 to 800 + 2hr nap)
    5. Stess Management

  • Love just Love your videos! How about to put a video about Insomnia and Brain waves (the ones help you to reach a proper relaxation state). Thank you so very much! You are the Best!

  • that’s true i am kind of an anxious person, and i was on a cocaine binge a year ago, never the same after that. low energy, fatigued all the time, anxiety, depression, isolation, i lost allot of weight, im just trying to rebound and get my life back together but i got to get my health up there first u know what i mean, it’s been really hard, i am currently taking paxil in hopes that it will help with my anxiety and stress also get me to eat again and hopefully get some energy back.

  • The more of your videos I watch the better they get John! Adrenal fatigue is exactly what I have had, and indeed still suffer from today. This video really hit the nail on the head for me. The thing that I find has really helped me is a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon in it! The vitamin C in it must have helped massively in restoring normal cortisol levels.

  • I don’t know if it was adrenal fatigue since I performed no tests to verify it but a while back I suffered very similar symptoms. The most debilitating of which were having difficulty sleeping, and also I felt like I just was unable to sleep enough to regenerate and so I felt like crap throughout the day. And yes I tried doing less throughout the day and sleeping more but it just was not enough. The real solution proved to be a life lesson I won’t soon forget: cutting on your training not only will not kill your gains but in fact may be extremally beneficial. Skipping a max effort part of a workout, or even an entire training session when you feel beat up af can really make the difference and ultimately bring you closer to your goals than forcibly pushing yourself. The time when I felt a true difference was after I skipped almost an entire planned week of heavy training, then came to the gym on Friday, did some heavy work and followed that up by a gym-free weekend.

  • For me it was to stop listening to music while I workout. I have a sensitive nervous system. If I hear music and i’m too into it, I’ll end up pumping adrenaline

  • Great video John! I’ve found that taking a 15-20 minute sauna in the evening after training is great for relaxation and deep sleep. Increasing frequency of carb intake certainly helped as well.

  • We live in a time where we are dealing with more toxins and stress than ever while being more malnourised than ever which makes it even worse.. (SAD diet)

  • Three days ago I stumbled on one of your videos, liked the content and chose to “like” your page on facebook. The very next day you posted symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue. I sent a screen shot to my husband and said, “Does this sound like someone you know”? (ME)! I’ve not felt well for the past couple of years but the last 8-12 months have been especially difficult. I’ve been doing research on my own trying to figure out what on earth is going on and there, right before me, you presented Adrenal Fatigue and the light bulb went on. I’m 98% sure this is what is going on with me. I’m excited to watch more videos, read more articles and get the “old me” back. Thank you for all of your videos. They are very well made and contain a wealth of information.

  • yes good topic cortisol high as fuck in morning!!lots vit c and magnesium omega 3!!anxiety is a big cortisol booster l;so john!!anxiety issues on the increase now!!

  • I respect John a ton and wouldn’t add my 2 cents unless he said to:) For being exhausted and can’t sleep, or wired and tired, Magnesium l-threonate has reached behind the curtain of the blood brain barrier for me and let me run a little cooler at night and rest a little better. It is relaxing more than energizing, better for night time. I had a favorite time release vitamin C that didn’t throw my stomach off that I forgot about. Thanks for the reminder. I might be a fan of C8 MCT, but I only like it with a drop or two of citrus oil, orange or lemon to disperse it. That seems to take away the nausea it can cause and offer somewhat of a stable energy. Weight creeps up if I rely on that one too much it seems.

  • Hey john I’m a 20 year old kid and have been training for three years. Ive made some pretty decent gains and have been recently upping my strength a lot. I don’t believe in pre workouts, However I am considering taking a intra work out which would you recommend between your aminos and the recovery x. As well as how do you take the aminos and recovery do you take it with water or gatorade?

  • Hey John thanks for your amazing videos as always!! I used Ashwaganda Sensoril and it helped a lot I like how you’ve included it in a some of your products…on top of that lifestyle changes where I went from low carb to a more balanced diet!!

  • Interesting that you suggest taking melatonin 1-2 hours before bed. I was always under the assumption it should be taken closer to bedtime (i.e. 0-30 minutes) but I’ve never found the onset to be that quick when taken so close. I’ll try taking it earlier like you suggest

  • Awesome Video, John
    I found Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha to be very effective against stress, along with Magnesium and Vitamin C as you mentioned.

  • There is no evidence for adrenal fatigue. This is the most comprehensive article on the topic I know (including 65+ references):

  • My issues started two years ago when i was under extreme stress over a period of 3 months, and did nothing to alleviate such stressors. Then one day i woke up and felt completely out of it, warm, brain foggy, and i couldn’t even drive well because my vision was so off. Fast forward two years later and nothing has changed, i feel like im in a drunken state 24/7 and i dream all night, never get that refreshing deep sleep and feel exhausted 24/7. I kind of just learned to live like this and I no longer know what being normal feels like anymore. any suggestions?

  • What are your thoughts on prednisone and does it cause adrenal fatigue? Most people complain they’re very tired once they taper off the dose of prednisone.

  • Omg! What to do when you are a homeschooling mom of a 9th grader, 7th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader for the past 12 yrs? Been working on it but then a crash happens.

  • For the lack of sleep point I work night shift and my body constantly isn’t functioning right due to lack of sleep it’s so hard to stay asleep 8hrs when the daylight is out like my body knows it’s day time and resists it always so even if I do sleep it’s never a deep sleep my body feels soft and weak because of that but every time I get a day off and sleep when the sun is down all the sudden my body goes into real deep sleep and I wake up looking completely different lean and hard it’s a real struggle it sucks ��

  • I was having MAD amounts of adrenal fatigue when I was working out while on wellbutrin. The doctor didn’t tell me it stimulated nor epinephrine and allowed any adrenergic stimulation to be prolonged. I ended up doing these massive sets in the gym and sprinting home only to wanna crawl into a noose when I got there. Always research your medications guys.

  • I know I’d very much like it if you did a follow up video to this. The information is very helpful and you present it in such an easy to digest manner.

  • Excellent video John! I can sleep for 10 hours everyday without any problems. However, I limit it to 8-9 hours because I can not allow it myself to stay in bed till 9 or 10 AM. I feel always fresh and have tons of energy during the day, so I think my body just need that much sleep.

  • Hi, I have a 12 year old daughter that has been diagnosed with extreme adrenal fatigue. They were worried she had Addison disease as her cortisol levels are so low all day long. She does not have Addisons. Love your ideas but any step by step plan would be so awesome!!

  • John, still waiting for Granite Supplements hat to be available again, but I wanted to tell you I’ve decided to do my first show next fall in Arkansas. I have been trying to cut down first and have been using your Speed Force before cardio and have readjusted my carbs like you recommended and am happy to say I am down 15 lbs in the first 5 weeks. I cannot say enough how happy I am with your products.

  • i was reading about this today and this video popped up nice!! ive been overdoing the caffeine lately, 300mgs in one shot everyday for training and i feel like it is fucking me up. ill quit cold turkey for 7-14 days and see if things get better, im experiencing fatigue low motivation, foggyness etc..

  • Man this is horrible, i was like a walking zombie for 6 months from this, finally went back to normal but still have slight symptoms from not sleeping well…

  • yet another great n informative vid Mr John, keep up the great work. I’ll be goin over this one numerous times to take in all the info.

  • In the beginning of adrenal fatigue. When you run on stress hormones you will have high stress hormones, high aldosterone= sodium retention=water retention=high blood pressure. Then if you will continue in this stress state. Your bodys ability to produce stress hormones will be reduced due to micronutrient depletion(magnesium, vitC, zinc etc..) So your stress hormones, aldosterone will be low. So you will be like a zombie. Hard time to retein sodium due to low aldosterone. So dehydration, low blood pressure. In this state you need to basically shut down everything. Eat a lot of good food and sleep as much as you can. It can take 6-12 months to recover from this and many people even after this recovery period are never the same.

  • I would like a more detailed plan like you mentioned. I’m 53 & have completely tanked a few times…. just feel like someone is literally draining me. I’m really struggling right now & have an appt. this friday with a Doc. Thank you

  • Thank you Thomas!! Do you think you could do some research and video(s) on chronic fatigue syndrome/ myalgic encephalomyelitis?? Thank you!!

  • Hi MJ just diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction. I cannot sleep I wake every two hours. Just got my bloodwork back and my glucose is high. I also have hypothyroidism. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, which I am sure does not help my cause right now! Any info you can send or help me with, I’d greatly appreciate it. [email protected] gmail.com

  • I sometimes sleep very bad, i think its due to the challenge of my nerve system, caused by my heavy workout.
    As mentioned melatonin helps a lot to achive a good nights sleep, but there is one more supplement in combination with melatonin that makes me sleep like a pig, its Phenibut, 1 gram taken 1 hour before bedtime together with the melatonin, oh wee its a super combo.
    (Only use phenibut 3-4 times a week, you do can get addicted to it, if used more )

  • Hey! I’m so encouraged my you! I’m really struggling right now and believe it’s adrenal fatigue and heard you said yours caused an arythmia which mine has caused! And have yet to get answers to why but how was your arythmia treated because it was from af? Naturally? Really need help and answers! Thanks

  • Adrenal fatigue is indeed fake! The real issue is cortisol resistance and inflammation, among other things. Two people can have “adrenal fatigue” but totally different causes for their symptoms. That’s because fatigue, sleep issues, depression etc all come from the same problem: inflammation. Cortisol resistance screws up your negative feedback in the hpa axis so that crh release doesn’t get turned down under stress. Result? INFLAMMATION! CRH is highly inflammatory and cortisol is highly ANTI INFLAMMATORY. No negative feedback = no suppression of crh = inflammation = suppression of orexin= fatigue. So I believe you have to confess and admit that adrenal fatigue is a ghost from the past thomas. If you want to treat “adrenal fatigue” then you have to treat inflammation and reduce stress drastically. The only solution for cortisol resistance is less stress(hpa activation). Circadian rhythm, sleep, anti inflammatory diet, positive social environment etc. Also get your genes checked out. I did via 23andme.com and uploaded the raw data to selfdecode.com. if you’re wondering whether you’ll ever get better then I can only say that if you look into what I said above you’ll see results guaranteed. It’s all about lifestyle and nutrition, though you need to know whether or not you have bad genes hindering your health!

  • I have AF with insomnia.just one msg,, i went for yoga class on the first day, the teacher was 50 year lady.
    I remember i was doing one or 2 poses for just few seconds after warm ups.bt the whole session went slowly n rhythmically and finally comes the shavasana. The same day i started to my house and keep on yawning since 8 PM.couldnt control my sleep. The next day i lost few pounds and body was light and toned muscle like never before.
    After 3 days, i went same class, couldnt get the same results. Dono y.

  • I have this AF. After a month of Yoga sessions ( just 2 yoga per day and mainly warm ups )with no diet at all as i was not aware of those, i find a huge change and i felt my body like balloon. But as usual, i couldnt continue due to my Bad karma whatever, my ignorance,laziness. Also, i felt the same when i do cardio Leslie sansone light workout 20 mts in the morning n evening, my insomnia was about to cure in one month. Again due to my bad karma or ignorance, ooofff, couldnt continue. I have worse story than u. But not fully recovered and i got to know many things. I cant type all.
    Moreover, u look damn hot at the end of the video 19:20🙂

  • blood sugar management and gut issues. eating gluten was preventing me from sleeping well. also damaging my gut. i had low cortisol full time. binning sugar works. binning caffeine and alcohol esp. helpful. I read up on the braverman test. it showed me where my neurotransmitters were compromised. there are supps you can get to help with these once identified. tried licorice, preg. dhea etc didn’t find them helpful. all were topical ie didn’t treat the cause. biggest thing is to extract yourself from the situation causing the stressor too. usually workplace related. get a macro balanced meal too i.e. no keto/super low carb routines. I’m still working on it but things are much better.

  • I see a functional medicine doctor and neither she nor her nutritionist told me I needed to keep my body alkaline. The AIP diet they put me on may just do that by default but I’ve strayed from it.

  • Thank you very much for this video, I have been feeling off past few weeks with a few symptoms but been trying to figure out root issue which adrenal fatigue seems to fit. Love the video is not just “quick” solutions but a long term plan which i will definitely implement as i agree with all 5 areas. Wish me luck!

  • Hi MJ great video��I have had adrenal fatigue now for about 2 years,but only realises in.say the last 3 months what was wrong with me,just wanted to ask what multivitamin do you use?as I tried one a mens one and it seemed to make me feel worse ��maybe ingredients are stimulating?I have been taking magnesium and vit d,but magnesium seems to make me light headed and weak,tried a few different forms,,I have tried ashwagandha but that messes up my gut,I have ibs which seemed to happen at the same time as adrenal fatigue so maybe one is causing the other?anyway im trying probiotics ��and just orderd vitamin c to try,so just wanted to ask what adrenal support do you use?and what multivitamin?would be so grateful for your advice ����sorry so many questions but im just lost at what to take when most things seem to put me back ��thanks x

  • More please! I’ve been told I’m in perimenopause but I’m starting to think it’s adrenal fatigue. I actually just bought some DHEA yesterday. What form of magnesium should we supplement with?

  • I’ve suffered for 40 years. Each year getting worse. It is a full time job but I think I finally get it and know what I need to do FINALLY. I wasn’t even sure if it was adrenal insufficiency but I know now. This is probably the best info I’ve received and I’ve received a lot. She nailed it. A BIG THANK YOU!

  • Exactly! Adrenal fatigue is caused by GUILT and everybody needs to find their root cuase of these limiting beliefs. There is no diet to heal anything until we understand what lesson life teaches us, diet may help us to relief symptoms until we find a root cause but everybody needs to listen to their body cause it will tell us exactly what to eat:) I also needed to go back to eating fish after 7 years of vgetariansm, including 3 years of vegan and 2 on fruit only but my soul tells me I will be able to ditch animal products after I learn all the lessons:) Meat contains neurotransmitters which we need a LOT when our adrenals do not produce adequate ammounts of them, also drinking lots of water at once is no good cause we flush them out of blood. Cheers, thanks, great vid!

  • Thank you! Your videos helped me to understand the crucial part of getting out of this state. And before even what exactly I have been struggling with for so long

  • I love you and all of these videos. I could cry they’re so relieving. After getting my cortisol results I felt so scared and helpless and this has been such a great stepping stone to help me to find what works for me. Thank you thank you thank you. I would love any and all programs you have around this.

  • lmao john my wife prob not gonna be happy with you when i tell her what you said about life sucker………… have a good day.. †

  • I am trying out Ashwagandha as soon as it arrives in a week, I think the root of my health issues is my ptsd, I’ve been stressed my whole life, i have so many health issues and I respond very poorly to most western medications, a ptsd medication is not advisable for me so I’m going to try Ashwagandha for my stress and also because there’s some kind of issue in my thyroid or adrenals I’m not sure, a thyroid diet seems to help but these tips seem to help as well, getting to an endocrinologist will take a while with covid, I’ve been waiting 2 months for my gastroenterologist to respond to my email and I only decided to get myself to an endocrinologist today, but thank goodness these tips and the thyroid diet are helping, out of the last 2 months I’ve lost 2.5 solid weeks, I was weak and sleeping most of those weeks but I don’t really remember cause my memory was impaired, good thing I wrote it down for the doctor cause this happened over a year ago and no doctor could help me cause I couldn’t remember my symptoms, honestly, i have many debilitating conditions, but this one takes the cake, I’m almost completely non-functional when it happens

  • I healed my adrenal fatigue though intermittent fasting, quitting caffeine and walking barefoot on the earth. Walking barefoot draws electrons into the body which heals inflammation.

  • Thank you so much. I now see a ray of hope for me. Stress led to cancer & I took 2 immunotherapy drugs: Ipilimumab & Nivolumab 7 sessions, then I stopped it & prayed & the cancer was all gone on the next MRI. I was given Prednisolone steroid at the beginning of treatment because of burning skin then stopped just b4 3rd dose of cancer drugs & felt weird but perfectly functional. The hospital stopped Ipilimumab & put me on Levothyroxine 50mcg & Hydrocortisone steroid & I felt awful & unable to function. Stopping cancer drugs stopped inflammation of my pituitary gland but drs won’t let me stop taking steroids now 5mg Prednisolone & Levothyroxine continues. I’ve got weak & sometimes dizzy 3 times now & the last couple of times it was called Addisonian crisis but not Addison’s disease. Steroids suppress the immune system & can lead to osteoporosis etc. I believe the steroid caused inflammation during cancer treatment & long to stop all drugs the drs

  • Dear Thomas,

    Good Day!

    I follow your channel, and I must say that it has helped me a lot. I have two questions to ask:

    1. Can I drink following drink thrice a week? Is this combination poisonous? Will it break my fast?

    a. Water/Coconut Water + Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar + Lime + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cayenne Pepper + Cream of tartar + Virgin Coconut Oil + Maca Powder

    2. Can I consume following (trice a week) to fix adrenal fatigue?

    a. Coconut Water + Unsweetened Cranberries + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cream of tartar + Ashwagandha + Maca Powder

    b. Orange Juice + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cream of tartar + Ashwagandha + Maca Powder
    c. Fish Oil Pills

    d. Nutritional Yeast (Non-Fortified)

  • Glad you touched on lifestyle factors.

    Having a sense of community, being around people who make you laugh, playing and having a purpose all likely trump dietary changes. I am a huge proponent of getting training, diet and sleep in check, but if you do not have people and experiences around you that lift you up and cause you to enjoy life, then you are fighting a losing battle.

  • You have been a true blessing. I’ve been so extremely sick and fatigued because of everything you’ve mentioned: working out too much and not eating enough… then boom I’m bed ridden for weeks. It’s happened 3 times over the past few years. I’m going to incorporate everything you’ve mentioned. Thank you!

  • Hi, been suffering from adrenal fatigue due to surgery and chemo back in 2014, been supplementing with multi vitamin, B complex, and omega 3, Vit C used to take it but, videos on Vit c say, that Ascorbic acid is not good though, I feel like I lack it since I stopped taking it, what’s your opinion on this? Thanks in advance.��

  • This was very helpful! I think I have adrenal fatigue although I have not been tested for it before. I don’t think I will be able to during the quarantine but it is a good time to rest.

  • Thank you so much for this. I think many of us need the reminder to keep it simple. I was really down yesterday as this week I crashed again and straight away I start researching again. My boyfriend tells me I keep jumping from one thing to the next and that I am “too restrictive” but he doesn’t understand the desperation that comes with dealing with fatigue and insomnia for years. After this video I can see where I am going wrong killing the saplings of energy with too much exercise when I get excited about feeling better, doing relaxing creative activities such as sewing or reading but not getting the restorative switching off part, not being strict about looking after my blood sugar and sometimes leaving it to the point where my body is screaming at me to eat because I’ve been busy doing something else. Thanks again!

  • Thank you for this video. It is so moving to see and hear you speak about something that I’ve been trying to figure out over the years and have spent so much time and money on. I went into preterm with my first as well like what is wrong with me?! Then with my second it was like I was healing myself and didn’t know it. Now here I am again, but this time I GET IT. THANK YOU. When you truly sum it all up, self love and care is what is needed. Particularly getting in tune with my body and listening. The bone broth helps a lot! What supplements did you take?

  • Low Carb/low glycemic helped a lot, stubborn stress reduction & sleep prioritization helped a lot… A lot has improved but I’m still not 100% what I was. I bought a bottle of DHEA but I’m scared to commit. Never messed with exogenous hormones or HRT… I have a BIG hunch it’s a component though. I’m taking it on Mondays and Thursdays as a totally-non-scientific way of “lightly experimenting,” and so far it’s made a major improvement on my dosing days. One of the days I felt completely like my old self from 10 years ago. I dunno….

  • Thanks very much for that. I appreciate it. It is really helpful for us to know specifically what you did to heal. Have a great day.

  • Cutting out pasta really helped me. The only complex carb my body can tolerate is bread. My blood sugars are more stable, my appetite is better, & my gut works better. My body likes the whole protein & veg thing for my main meal.

  • I have a question unrelated to the video. I’m curious what Thomas feels about flavored sunflower seeds. I’ve been munchin on and spittin davids cracked pepper sunflower seeds while I’m working at my desk at work. Besides that, I am eating really clean. Should I continue or discontinue having that as a daily snack?

  • Thank you for this video!! I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue for many years and have never heard something as simple as your D.R.E.S.S. acrostic. ���� In your video, you mentioned how much time you planned to set aside to take care of yourself, including 12-14 hours sleeping and 1-2(?) hours of restorative time. I have two children, ages 8 and 3, that I homeschool so they are always around. Would you happen to have any recommendations on how to keep them occupied during daytime hours? I have a very limited number of people I may call on for childcare. �� Thank you in advance!

  • Thanks MJ for this valuable information on adrenal fatigue. I’m currently suffering right now with it. So and valuable information around curing my adrenals would really be appreciated thanks.

  • If you guys want a one pill cure for adrenal fstigue. Here it is

    Astragulus. This is a herb that works directly on HPA axis dysfunction, it was was a game changer and it made me feel back to nornal in just a couple weeks.

  • my endocrinologist got angry when i asked whether my symptoms can be cause of adrenal fatigue, saying that there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue and i shouldnt be believing internet “trash”

  • You know whwat you can do with you “vegan” garbage. I am not a rabbit. I am not a squirrel. I am an OBLIGATORY CARNIVORE! I CAN’T digest your plants. I am not a cow. I am WESTERN CIVILIZATION HUMAN! I have never felt better than since adopting #PALEO diet. I eat ANIMALS and DAIRY at EVERY SINGLE BITE! And I eat every 2 hours. Lean & trim too! 😎

  • Nice video. My mom felt always tired but one day one of her friends told her about Planet Ayurveda and she is taking Female health support and feeling more energetic

  • Omg �� that is So me!!
    No energy /fatigue
    Puffy face
    Hair loss
    Dry skin
    Sleepy all day
    Can’t fall asleep at night
    Can’t lose weight
    High blood pressure
    And catch a cold very easily
    I’m a MESS����

  • I have a question. My legs got like twigs after Adrenal fatigue, did your’s get like that too? If so, what have you done for this? Thanks you MJ for all your wonderful videos.

    1. Himalayan pink salt (contain loads of minerals)
    2. Avoid sugar
    3. Take DHEA (good for the circadian rhythm)
    4. Magnesium and Potassium

  • Excellent video Thomas.

    I have a friend who is very dear to me who suffers from the symptoms of adrenal fatigue; and has low cortisol levels. But her blood sugar levels are running a bit high. I’m wondering if stress, depression, & PTSD (All of which she suffers from) could be major contributors to her low cortisol levels. I believe her dopamine receptors also don’t function properly. I just want her to start feeling better; and want to help her any way I can.❤
    I look forward to future videos on this topic.

  • i have same thing,.,.maybe we need sunlight to fix our cortisol level? im in toronto.no sun in winter. thats the case, i feel better in summer.

  • Id love to see a video on your information on Adrenal Fatigue recovery. Ive been taking HRT with DHEA for about 5 years now. Recently gone Keto since early this year.

  • Hi Thomas, great videos. Thank you for all the advice and hard work. Just a quick question… can I use my pink salt on my electrolyte water? Thanks

  • Drug withdrawals ARE adrenal fatigue and big pharma or the medical community will never admit this because they LOSE money when people don’t buy their addictive narcotics, opioids, benzodiazepines, sleep drugs etc. If you want REAL help go see a Naturopath Specialist. Doctors do not give two shits about patients especially anyone addicted to ANYTHING. If your adrenals are shot for another reason, SEE A NATUROPATH!

  • You promoting Himalayan salt is a big negative signal for your reliability. Any person with decent chemistry knowledge knows how pink “expensive” “organic” (whatever) salt is just… Dirty salt. It has no REAL organoleptic difference with regular salt nor any benefit from the traces as you say, of minerals… They still are, TRACES

  • I have very low (depressed) cortisol in the morning based on my saliva test. The rest of the day is okay. I eat Keto & 16-8 Intermittent fasting. What should I do? I gave up caffeine but now my mornings are so sluggish.

  • Mj! Thank you so much. I feel so inspired and ready to heal and follow your protocol, can you advise me? I am vegan, im not sure if i will need to re incorporate animal protein. Im really struggling. I am 18

  • I have reactivated EBV. I’m a mess! I feel like I have adrenal fatigue, MS, Lupus, hypothyroid, Lyme. Salt and fasting has helped so much! What else would you suggest to do to get rid of it?

  • Thanks so much for sharing your story and being so transparent. When I speak with patients, adrenal fatigue is a HUGE place where we start otherwise the thyroid, progesterone loss and gut dysfunction can ensue. Healing the adrenals and how we show up in life is massive!

  • Very good Thomas… Im very typical of having Adrenal Fatigue for years without having any idea of what it was… another typical outcome of AF is excess tummy fat and reduced muscle in the upper legs.

  • Went for tests last week with a endocrinologist who told me I have adrenal fatigue and that his son has suffered it but there is no medical treatment he is allowed to give and he suggested i refer to youtube to see what other people do to treat it. He was sorry he couldnt treat me. At least the medical community are recognising it a bit i guess.

  • Big fan Thomas. I’d love to see a clip on protein ratios, meals times, best suppliments for building muscle. That’d be awesome. Thanks from Australia.

  • So question, for a person that has adrenal fatigue should they keep bizzy to lose weight but being bizzy,doesnt though that cause stress?

  • I have horrible belly bloating and fluid retention ��! It is really painful and there are many times that the discomfort keeps me from getting out of the house! Is this normal?

  • Sorry man, I like Your videos but that Himalayan Salt marketing is bullshit. How much RDI of those minerals are in 5g of Himalayan Salt? Well, about 95-98% of it is sodium chloride [ NaCl ], about 1% is water, some of it is so called ‘ash’, so we have like 1-3% of mass for minerals. These are homeopathic amounts.
    And many Himalayan Salt enthusiasts forget to tell You that some of these chemical elements are heavy metals and even potentially radioactive elements.

  • I definitely find myself extremely tired in the morning if I have high-sugar carbs. And the last time, i had inflammation in my knee as well for most of the morning, to the point I had to limp even though the day before it was fine.

  • If you want to know EXACTLY how I healed (and not what I learned) watch this video here… NO BS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o4y6HkY0Wo
    On this video 4:20 7:25 There are 5 clear steps I elaborate (blood sugars & pH, lifestyle, moving, recovery, and balance) The solution to this complex issue cannot be but summarized in a video… If you’re looking for how I ate to cure my adrenal fatigue, that video is here:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8QzkRGWR6M

  • Hi Thomas, on your other YouTube video on adrenal fatigue, you talked about taking an adrenal concoction to help combat adrenal fatigue. I am on the keto diet so I can not do the orange juice as you suggested. Do you have an alternative recipe that is keto friendly? Thanks!

  • Love your videos brother! Been using some of your smoothie recipes. I had a lot of fatigue and wasn’t sure if it was overtraining or nutrition or poor sleep patterns. I had also very high prolactin and low test levels. Cortisol and estrogen were low range of normal. Other labs unremarkable. I removed alcohol (used to be 2-3 nights a week had a few) and all gluten and dairy from my diet. Started doing at least one fresh organic juice and or smoothie a day. I have been on 16/8 intermittent fasting for 6 months with one day off a week to eat all day. My levels all came back within normal range likely due to the alcohol and gluten (turns out I had high levels of inflammation from it). Get a good 8 hrs sleep every night and workout 3 days with 2 days of HIITS a week. It’s all about taking care of yourself and good nutrition for the cells to work properly.

  • I have serious adrenal fatigue. I did all of these, have very healthy life style, use many supplements, do IF and on a ketogenice diet but my ever lasting fatigue is still there and even get worse every day. I do not what else I should do help myself. I did all posible tests, hormonal and nutritional, all said everything is ok. Anyone has any clue what might be a problem?

  • I’m 31 and my testosterone levels came back at 237 through my lab work and feel tired all the time. Would dhea be safe and helpful for me? I heard that’s it only for men over 40.

  • John thanks for the insight, always great to hear what you have to say. I was kind of shocked to not hear any mention of caffeine limits, do you think caffeine can cause this same type of adrenal fatigue? What is your personal daily limit (mg) when it comes to that, or your thoughts on the matter?

  • Oh wow I just made a comment on another one of your videos about how I’m dying do to something like this, or maybe it was something else… basically I suffer from literally deadly amounts of stress.

  • I appreciate that you explain so much about the science. I am curious about your education. Are you a nutritionist? I have been trying the ketosis way of eating and intermittent fasting. I would love for you to provide more great recipes. Thanks so much.

  • Himalayan salt rich mineral content?
    Some sources say that pink Himalayan salt contains up to 84 different trace minerals. As it contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride, this means that just around 2 percent is made up of these various trace minerals. Given the relatively limited quantities salt is consumed in, and the small amounts of these minerals in the salt, they are unlikely to provide any measurable health benefits. (source)

  • Hi MJ! How long did it take for you coming from Stage 4 Adrenal Fatigue and following your strict D.R.E.S.S protocol to feel like your old self again? Your energy is inspiring!!!

  • Would you do a separate video on not eating fruit, at least in the interim? I find it’s the only thing that is actually healing me. Now I am conflicted. Thanks!

  • Video request: From your website: “The skills needed to optimize yourself are all within you, but they can only be tapped into with the right diet and the mental wherewithal.” Can you provide a video (or series) of tapping into the mental portion of this journey? Thanks!

  • Please do make more videos on adrenal issues. Also, I think I saw a video you did on your wife and Hashimotos. I have hypothyroidism. I’m taking Westthroid at 1 gram/day. I’d like to do intermittent fasting as well as either a Paleo or Keto diet. Wondering if you can do more videos on help for people with such autoimmune issues and specifically affecting the thyroid. I know that a LOT of female bodybuilders end up hypo because after they’ve restricted their eating to get on stage, they dump the diet and BINGE on CRAP then gain 20 plus pounds. This “yo yo” can’t be good and causes hypo.

  • If folks would try keto and/or intermittent fasting, they’d get all this regulated within 6-9 months.  Holy crap, I sleep like a baby now, I have awesome energy in the morning (I used to be the grouchy morning person and a night owl), and I can’t imagine going back to the way I was.  My circadian cycle is fixed, I wake with the sun most days, and start getting sleepy an hour or so before bedtime, just like clockwork.   I don’t do all the intense body hacking like Asprey and High Intensity Health guy, like using certain light in their homes or eye masks to filter out blue light or whatever (but they have awesome ideas to think about).  I simply have my hormones back, eat whole foods, pay attention to my body.  All I need to do now is add some HIIT to my life and I’ll be even more stellar than I am now.   Watch out, world!  I’ll be upstoppable  =)

  • A Dr here + trying to treat my body better by gathering motivation from inspirational figures like you, Thomas ��. must say you’re doing a great job educating the public in simplified terms + in an interesting way. ������ Informative and accurate

  • Great video. It’s not something I was really aware of. Could you also please break down all supplements and everything you take on a day to stay in peak condition, Thomas?

  • Thank you so much for this video. I have been asking for one from months. This is such an epidemic these days and it will be more and more so. I suggest that you cover this topic even more extent. For anyone who is having adrenal problems look this channel up: YourAdrenalFix

  • Thanks so much for this video! I’ve been going in circles with my mental and physical health for four years now! Finally had a test done showing my cortisol is very low and out of balance. Going to focus on fixing it now ��

  • wow Thomas, this video is definitely a mouthful, but it was most interesting and informative, and very nicely explained.
    thank you,and all the best to you.

  • From the video:

    First and foremost, get tested by a knowledgeable doctor. Don’t throw darts in the dark and hope you will get better. It won’t happen.

    5 steps to healing adrenal fatigue (D.R.E.S.S. acronym):

    1. Diet: Blood sugar balance is critical. Get it with alkaline, low glycemic foods (charts in her description box). She did 80% grains and greens with 20% healthy fats and protein. Eat small, frequent meals… even a few bites of food every single hour to maintain blood sugars balance.

    2. Rest & Relaxation: No brain stimulation with phones, TV, or even reading. Absolute rest for the brain.

    3. Exercise: No strenuous exercise. Be very gentle. Just do walking, gentle yoga, stretching, etc… but always follow it up with rest & relaxation.

    4. Sleep: So incredibly important, probably the most important step. If you struggle with insomnia or other sleep problems, look to your diet because it’s probably causing unstable blood sugars which mess with your sleep. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Consistency is key. She said she slept 14 hours a day for the entire first month she dealt with adrenal fatigue (8:00pm-8:00am every night plus a 2-hr nap during the day). Sleep even if you don’t think you need to because you have to get your brain waves down to a restorative state for long periods of time in order to heal. Sleep like it’s your job to do so.

    5. Stress management: High levels of stress create high levels of fatigue which creates high levels of anxiety which becomes a vicious cycle. Do breathing exercises, meditation, gentle yoga/stretching, painting, arts/crafts, essential oils, journaling, etc… anything you find calming/fun that gets you focused on the present moment, which targets rest and relaxation. Take time (she did 1 to 2.5 hours) every single day to just relax and be present with yourself (self love).

  • Honestly, I didn’t know women could take DHEA. This could be what I’m experiencing. I’m looking forward to your next video on this.

  • Hi Thomas! Sorry about my poor English. I’ve recently subscribed to your channel, I am amazed with the depth of subjects covered, very well explained.
    I’ve noticed that you have some stretch marks. How deal with them?
    I have a lot of stretch marks, not because of weight variations, but it was caused by phototherapy. It dried my skin, during the treatment I was doing my normal training sessions, that I do for the past 20 years, and the combination of the phototherapy and weight training did the the damage.
    I have done a lot of treatments, with laser, dermaroller, mesotherapy, creams, etc… They fade away a little, but they still bother me a lot…
    I could say that they are my medals of war, but unfortunately, they were the result of a medical error.
    Do you have any suggestion?
    Thanks very much for your support.

  • Best thing I ever did is cutting caffeine I can actually sleep like a normal person and get rest, didn’t realize how much dmg caffeine was causing

  • Please give us more information on Adrenal Fatigue! I have suffered with very low Pregnenlone Levels over the last two years. I have been taking that Supplement and it has slowly risen to almost normal. Keep informing on this topic I would appreciate it! Thank You!

  • I used to think i have adrenal fatigue, i had no libido, i always felt tired and sick so I’ve started working out, eating healthy, taking adrenal& vitmains supplements and eliminated all the food that cause any kind of allergy to my body,nothing have worked with me i still feel tired all the time even when i sleep for 10 hours, now i just realized the reason behind my symptoms is sleep apnea so I’m planning on getting a cpap machine hopefully it works.