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Anger Management Techniques

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Depression Anger Anxiety Understanding the Connection

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CBT Techniques For Anger Management

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Anger Is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger | Juna Mustad | TEDxWabashCollege

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Manage Your ANGER

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10 Anger Reduction Techniques to Help you Control Your Anger

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Anger Management Techniques

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• Manage your anger triggers Identify the people, places or situations that trigger your anger and find ways to avoid or manage them more effectively. • Know your warning signs Identify how your body feels anger, and look out for those early signs. • Have a cool-down plan Find techniques that work to cool you down quickly. Slow, deep breathing or counting, or going for a walk are some suggestions. Train your brain using neurofeedback: Brain training helps you deal with anger in a different way. Instead of trying to manage anger, neurofeedback brain training directly targets the emotion of anger.

It works by stabilising and calming certain areas of the brain that are deregulated—the reason why uncontrolled anger occurs. And it can make you feel as though you’re at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion. The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. You can’t get rid of, or avoid the things or the people that enrage you change them, but you can learn to control your emotions.

There are anger management techniques that will help you change the way you express this emotion. These strategies can help you manage your anger in positive ways: Give yourself a time out. Counting to ten before you speak or act gives you a chance to think first. Take a deep breath or two while you count to ten; this action helps relax your. So, what can you do to manage your anger in the workplace?

Here are some tips that may help reduce anger before it gets out of hand: 1. Leave. Remove yourself from the person or situation that is causing the anger. Giving yourself distance will give you time to cool off, so go for a short walk, or just go somewhere quiet while you compose. Management strategy: It’s worth noting that emotions, like anger, don’t automatically generate aggression or violencetake time to reflect on what might be the real motivation for you to choose aggression once you’ve felt anger.

As you feel your anger rising, remove yourself from the situation if possible and use grounding self-talk. Did you know that stuffing down your anger can lead to mental health issues? Unaddressed anger has the potential to devastate your life. Understanding anger is imperative so you can address it effectively, before it leads to serious issues like addiction. 1 day ago · It can quite difficult to handle children with frequent anger outbursts.

Bur right communication can help you fight this. Understanding your child’s emotions and help them conquer those with result in healthy anger management. Here are some tips for parents that can help you handle an angry child. Child anger management tips. Quit saying you can’t control your anger, and be honest with yourself.

With God’s help, your anger is controllable. Proverbs 29:11 says, “Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end” (NIV). You need to prepare in advance for how to respond correctly to situations that make you angry.

This is a Complete Anger Management Course that will teach you exactly how to deal with anger properly so you can relieve inner irritation and experience more.

List of related literature:

Problems arise when feelings of anger are either suppressed or expressed violently.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
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If you are able to express your anger appropriately, it can often be a creative force that will motivate you and help you to move forwards and change your life.

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Control over anger is a skill that can be learned.

“Anger!: The Inner Teacher: a Nine-step Program to Free Yourself from Anger” by Zelig Pliskin
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If over a period of time I continue to suppress my anger it is likely that my anger will become repressed.

“Caring for People God's Way: Personal and Emotional Issues, Addictions, Grief, and Trauma” by Tim Clinton, Archibald Hart, George Ohlschlager
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Anger can also be walled off so it cannot spill into the present.

“Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion” by Carol Tavris
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This book examines the eleven most common styles of anger expression and helps you learn how to communicate your anger in healthy ways.

“Letting Go of Anger: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles and What to Do About Them” by Patricia Potter-Efron, Ronald Potter-Efron
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If you are angry but you are holding your anger back, tension definitely is present, as well as energy.

“Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise” by Robert E. Thayer
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This stage of the process, learning to use reminders, is critical to the anger control outcome.

“The Prepare Curriculum: Teaching Prosocial Competencies” by Arnold P. Goldstein
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It’s important that you fully release your anger so you can become familiar with that experience and further train your brain that it’s safe to feel anger.

“The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief” by Nick Ortner
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More important, do not become angry yourself because “anger feeds anger.”

“Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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  • I’m petty sure this isn’t helping… At 0:06 I already yelled: “Fuck”. I’m also writing with my laptop because I watched this with my phone till 0:42 and my iphone broke by accident.

  • I’m here because it’s 7:30AM and my boyfriend woke me up by asking stupid questions and i now i can’t go back to sleep…i may have an anger issue

  • Want to know my definition of mad?

    Suppose you are listening to music and suddenly your headset stops working on one side and you try to bend the wires a bit or plug it and then unplug it and then it doesnt work. AND THE WORST PART IS YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH 5 FUCKING PAIRS OF HEADSETS YET THAT ONE THAT HAS A MICROPHONE AND IS THE MOST USEFUL HAS THE SHITTEST BUILD QUALITY


  • Sounds like your Mom still wants to treat you like a child so that she feels in control although she knows that your work is very important. It sounds like she wants you to put family before work, something she may fear you do not.

  • I was expecting the “… and an expert in the area of personality disorders” part in the introduction and was confused for a second:D Your videos ground me & help a lot. Thank you!

  • I need this so I don’t punch my brother until he bled again…. I don’t want to do it again but I just can’t stop it u know like ANNOYING he just keeps on talking ughhh….

  • I get mad because I feel like a slave from my aunt. And just wanna relax and do my thing. And instead. I get dragged to chores that is supposed to be training to us. Which Is stupid to tell that chores is training

  • Hey kati Morton I’m mad tonight and I’m keeping it inside of me I’m mad and everybody in my family is making me mad and I’m keeping it in me because I know why I’m mad my parents think it’s my phone my parents are nosy.

  • A lot of my anger issues appeared due to the fact that nobody that I grew up with really understood my OCD and autism even the ones that we’re supposed to understand. Now a lot of times it’s easy for me to get angry at everything and all of humanity to the point where all I can think is just slaughtering every person I come across though granted these thoughts have decreased over time.

  • I have very extreme anger issues and I cannot seem to get rid of them no matter what Ortiz even f**** controlled in I’ve learned to control the violence but no matter what I do the rage exudes from every f**** inch of my being from my fingertips in my toes I feel it in every f**** cell in my body

  • This is a really good video, We have an article about How I Manage Frustration let’s read about https://www.girlandpower.com/how-i-manage-frustration-peaceful-mind-peaceful-life/

  • I punched a hole in a wall a couple times before and felt better. Stop condescending violence as not an answer if it actually works… Stupid.

  • Im a taurus so i can get anger powerful but people to apologize me but i didnt care of apologizeing and i scratch them kick their balls and punch them

  • i disagree. just because someone has slow thought processes doesn’t mean that feeling comes first. theres a study that was done on the effects of physical harm and the reaction time of thought process and emotional response. they found that even when the person wasnt looking, they seemed to know to register thoughtfully to say ouch. im sure the doco was ‘how far down the rabbit hole’

  • I can’t think of tips when I’m angry tho, my head is already clouded when I’m just angry so thinking isn’t my best option. The best thing I can do for myself is just be alone watching anime while crying about how I can’t calm down or just shut up completely.

  • I think by spouting off on here is a way of releasing all this tension out of me and I don’t want to hit people or smash things up because I am better than that really. I know I can get back to the old calm chilled out Ollie again the patient lad that everyone used to know me as back day and I know exactly what would make me feel normal again and back to how I was years ago. Because I have been told I am very caring and talented lad when I want to be as deep down I have a good heart but
    this dark cloud I was stuck in for a long time just messed with my mood..

  • bold statements no examples.
    therefore, women with serious mental and emotional issues can use this poor womans story especially because she never made it personal enough, only to a generic point, that any schizophrenic person can say this is their story. that sux for a man that feels like he has been taken advantage of and now i am recovering from a suicidal state of mind. anybody can come across like they’ve got it sorted in front of strangers, friends and family but behind closed doors be a friggn psycho. ������

  • When angry I like to think about how life can be seemingly negative, but I just try to smile about it to handle the stressful emotion. It makes me calm down and think more positively with the future.

  • my mom keeps watching k drama and she says she NEEDS to right now and yea:( it gives me anxiety to because my mom keeps learning how to speak korean and she by the time corona virus is over i think she will just speak korean forever and we won’t understand D:

  • I’m addicted to anger, I blow up at people and become aggressive with stupid idiots. I do my best to be understanding and nice, but people seem to purposely try to anger me by doing stupid shit ALL THE TIME. Even when I try to help others and be there for them, THEY FIND A WAY TO ANGER ME! WHY?


  • I appreciate the message recognizing anger is so important! I discuss anger in the topic of peace in the last video on my channel as well, from a parenting perspective. I hope messages like ours empower people to take control of their peace! I just subscribed to your channel too, keep up the content.

  • But how can you learn to let go of the anger and forgive? I’m really struggling with this and the anger is just growing and growing inside me. I’m in the quicksand and I’m drowning. That’s how it feels. I’m primary the hardened anger type. I have been in therapy before many years but maybe I just haven’t had the help I needed to learn these things. I really want to change though because it’s exhausting being so consumed with anger.

  • I have a hard time finding something for my chronic anger. I don’t lash out or even express it. I am just miserable all the time. It is ruining my life. Everything makes me angry. I tried loving kindness meditation, it works the best for me so far. Still looking for other techniques too.

  • What’s the difference between controlling anger and repressing anger? I feel like my anger is building up if I take a logical approach to a situation that angers me.

  • Well im an anger erupter and i seriosuly hate that feeling and my thougts when im angry i tried to stop it and i was able to control it for 2 days but then i exploded i started shaking and everything was blurry in front of my eyes its really hard to control it but again we can learn to do it but i dont think its possible to stop feeling it and thats the worst thing i hate when im angry i just really cant control i just want to punch something so hard till my hand starts to bleed and i seriously dont know what to do anymore its just building inside of me and it seems that i cant control it very well i literally almost got a heart attack because of how angry i was, pls can someone give me some good advice cuz i just want to change it but it seems that nothing helps ��

  • My 6th day without SNRI today. Having major problem with anger and spontaneous crying fits. Found your video and it totally stole my focus away from my own emotions for a moment. Which is absolutely wonderful!

    Thank you for an interesting video!

  • 2:35 To be fair, Odysseus does say this not long before he slaughters everyone in the house, so I’m not sure how great an example he is.

  • You’re such a gem Dr.Daniel. my favorite place (its cliche I know) is the beach across my street. The Atlantic is simply full of treasures and life! Thank you for this video.

  • Honest question: is this the kind of thing that people who aren’t subject to rage-filled outbursts do? Breathe? Go sit in a corner?

    Because I hear a lot of this and I think that if I could just breathe it out, if I had the presence of mind to go into another room or something, then I wouldn’t be subject to rage filled outbursts in the first place.

    Honestly, I usually don’t even find that getting mad is the issue in and of itself. Maybe other people are different, but a lot of times I get mad at the same time someone else is getting mad. But the problem is that when I get angry, I get way too angry. Scary angry. Out of control. That’s what I don’t understand: why doesn’t everybody get as angry as I do when they get angry?

  • I’ve heard a couple of quotes that have stuck with me: “Words are like toothpaste. Once you let it out, you can’t put it back” (It can’t be unsaid nor undone so to speak.)
    “Anger is like ingesting poison and expecting it to hurt the other person” (In other words, it’s poisoning yourself / hurting yourself whether it’s intentional to cause harm or not intended.)

    Maybe those quotes might help at least one other person to remember or write down to think about before saying or doing something they could regret for a very long time. I know from experience with the unhealthy anger after I got to a point in a VERY mentally abusive relationship and got to the point of struggling with anger and finally lashing-out. Ever since then, I’ve developed anger issues as if my super long fuse was cut, and it hurts immensely that now I’ve even hurt people I love due to anger struggles and have had a few leave my life because of it. I hurt when others hurt, so this is an awful thing for me. The silver lining is that it had me throw myself into therapy out of the POSITIVE types of anger which led to better understanding myself and what was causing it so that I could reign it in and actually get diagnoses of PTSD w/ prolonged exposure (Complex PTSD, and most recently Borderline Personality Disorder) THAT’s the silver lining I TRY to look for in my own personal life. Hope this MIGHT make sense and help anyone else, even if just one other person….

  • I so appreciate the topic of Anger Reduction. I isolate because I am angry all the time. I am co-dependent and than
    I m’to helpful and than I go into Rage. I am learning to excuse my Self and put my feelings on Audio Recorder and than
    try and paraphrase what I want to express. For me it is the same thing =sort of the same tape with a different person.

  • Thank you so very much for the effort and care you put in those series. It helped me a lot. And I dare say you helped me wayyy much more than a 3 years on-going diagnosis and therapy. Glad I found you. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Well, I am not the person who gets pissed off on each and every annoying thing but there are somethings which make me go mad and utter things which I should not. Sometimes I say such inappropriate things to my close ones. There are some who know me and would never leave me but there are some who take the things I said too seriously and say, “It hurt me a lot… I am glad I now know what you truly think about me.” To be honest when I realize my mistake after a while, it hurts me more. Then the close ones stop talking normally and change the way they approach me. It keeps hurting when this happens…

    That’s why I am learning ways to control even the slightest bit of anger I have. Anger makes us do certain things which we won’t actually do in a normal condition.

  • Omg you hit the nail on the head!! You described what I have been feeling in a way I could never express! I feel like I have been dealing with anger for years and years as a result of my childhood and you said exactly how I feel! I’m definitely going to try some of your techniques I’ve sometimes not been able to stand myself! Thank you so much for this video

  • I’m sure I’m a broken record by now but every video has the best content. These two videos on anger are amazing thank you for all your help Dr Fox. ��

  • Lately, after i became 30 a month ago, i’m constantly agitated. i’m BPD, and in a very bad situation and so my mind is constantly telling me that i’m 30 and useless. It’s the same thing as long as i’m awake. It’s causing major triggers and i’ve never been in this state of constant anger. i lash out at my parents. i will try your methods, Dr., because you have truly helped me understand my problem and try to cope with it, to the best of my abilities.

  • I hate it when people think I’m lying and I’m actually not and like it’s so hard to tell them lol it’s like I get like impatient and frustrated

  • I hate it when I get angry because I tend to get physically violent and irrational and it feels like someone else would take over my body and I can’t control them. I would threaten the people around me with physical violence when they piss me off, especially guys. I would also start to scream and throw things around me or towards the person or sometimes I’d get so angry to the point I’m convinced I might murder them. It’s a concern honestly and I’m normally understanding but when I get pissed off, I go fucking nuts. I need to go to therapy.

  • I appreciate the message recognizing anger is so important! I discuss anger in the topic of peace in the last video on my channel as well, from a parenting perspective. I hope messages like ours empower people to take control of their peace! I just subscribed to your channel too, keep up the content.

  • I’m 17 and idfk how many ppl I’ve either picked fights with or even knocked out when they piss me off for small reasons and it’s still a problem

  • Hello. ❤ Can you please make a video about BPD. If person get angry very easily and become impulsive and then come down does it mean he has BPD??????? Please can you explain the difference between BPD and people who get angry (short temper people). I have some people like that in my life and it’s very scary.

  • I was so angry throughout my childhood because no one loved me I was so dangerous because of my anger until I saw ivar ivar the boneless who is also a cripple like me I already believed in the norse gods and was a viking just like ivar I was so cruel just like him and I still am i HATE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE

  • Sometimes I get upset and angry when my family is yelling and screaming at me and my nephew and my brother and I don’t want to hurt or putting down my family and I want my anger problem getting out of control

  • Blood curdling scream.. punch yourself in the face until both hands are covered in blood.. you want to know how I got these scars… The day they beg me to stop I will say yada yada yada… I have no different feelings it’s all just rage.. and one day I will share it with the world I promise.. I am the true bad guy!!!

  • i just dont feel anger. only sadnes, anxiety and stuff like that. but get furious and violent with many years apart. december getting angry in a normal way a long time ago

  • I cry when I get mad and I feel embarrassed half the time, so I isolate myself from everyone and never express myself to anyone not even my family. I really wanna express myself and I don’t know how because when I get angry I cry and I get scared to speak at all. Even sometimes I feel like I wanna punch someone and I hate seeing people in pain because it hurts me too.

  • I get angry at everyone, but I only snap at my family and it just saddens me. I love them and I don’t want to hurt them.
    My main triggers are my grades and belittlement. I’m extremely self conscious about my grades and self worth, and whenever they mention that I start yelling and insulting them. I just want to hit something, and after I start crying they tell me to tone down and relax they just upset me more and the cycle repeats itself.
    I really want to be better, but it’s difficult.

  • Sometimes I say the dumbest things when I’m mad/feel threatened…I just dont like feeling defenseless or vulnerable. I’m not aggressive…so much as defensive.

  • Angry about a family vacation, what a terrible example lmfao. First world middle class problems. So much people dont have a frame of reference and they get angry about the things they take for granted, life can take anything it wants from you.

  • The problem is this, when someone says sonething mean or disrespectful or invalidating to me, i will get this voice in my head that shames me for being a coward if i dont respond. It can nag and ruminate for days.

  • Its even Worse in class…
    The only thing i can do is to break pens and hope none notices…
    Its painful… i feel trapped..
    All i want to do is to punch someone
    But i know its wrong…

  • Bruh i got mad cuz some racist people on ig are making a “joke” from peoples suffering. And a huge amount of people are supporting that meme page. And when i report his things ig say “we cant find any offensive content” like bruh fr?

  • I don’t like Screaming at People.. especially when it’s with my mom she get’s me Angry the most and I can’t just scream at her because she would get upset and mad and say that I disrespect her and that she is my mother and yea..ok I understand. But whenever she is Angry she let’s it all out on me and she like screams for the whole day and it really has damaged something inside of me. But you know I am human too. I can be Angry as well and then I just have to lock myself in my room. Then I am still trying to be polite but I just say that I’m on my nerves today (cuz idk how else to say it I mean I can’t scream at her but sometimes emotions are stronger than you) and then she says something like: you are at home and on Holidays and you are on your nerves. YES. SOMETIMES Things just aren’t the way we want them to be ok?! We can’t Control completely what’s Happening and I am just really sick of her sometimes (doesn’t mean I don’t love her but rn I am trying to calm down).

    I think I should move out as soon as I get the oportunity because it’s impossible for me to live like this. You can dissagree with me but I guess I just have this charecter. (also sorry if there’s any mistakes, I’m not a native Speaker)

  • I am so angry of the upper neighbours. Litteraly acting superior. Ever since they live there i can’t sleep. They don’t even want to take off their shoes at night. And much more… I tried for 8 months to accept, and politely ask, write a note or ring the bell. Now I want to scream and I turned on the volume of classic radio on high and hide in my bed. I am sooooo agry!
    I withdraw. I want them to hear me. I want a home where I can sleep without their noise. I actually feel hurt, they seem to take up my space..
    And now I feel finally just a second, I don’t have to hurt myself for being angry. I also have right to be angry…

  • i think this is great. im having trouble navigating anger issues with myself and my bf. how we react is so differently that it causes more problems

  • Can it be that I just saw you, Juna Mustad, breathe by lifting your shoulders and filling your chest and not your stomach with air???

  • I start to yell and I don’t know what to do. I feel very stuck and angry and its so negative I need to stop yelling. And being upset. It’s life. It’s everything.

  • i find the underlying emotion i’m experiencing when i get the most irrationally, uncontrollably angry is disappointment. i learned at a young age that managing expectations is something i need to devote constant effort to, but if i do that it feels like i don’t have anything to look forward to. i don’t know why this is such a recurring thing for me, i’d like it to stop.

  • I get angry wi th my sister A LOT and my mum always says CaLm DoWn THAT JUST MAKES ME EVEN MORE FREAKING ANGRY but this should help so Thank YOU ����������

  • Hey Kati. I really needed this video because I was feeling outraged and I needed some help managing my rage. The only thing I would politely disagree on is the primary emotion. I think you meant to say that the hurt would be a primary emotion and the anger would be a secondary emotion. But, other than that, this video was very helpful. Thanks for all you do:0)

  • It depends for me on who I’m angry with. Like with people I don’t know well, I avoid confrontation. When it’s someone I love, or comfortable with, I get in their face, get mad or yell, snap, etc. with my parents? I withdraw, harbor it and hang onto it until I blow up.
    It’s mainly because I’m afraid of being vulnerable, I’m hurt, and overwhelmed or panicked.

  • I get angry everytime I clean. When I was younger my mom always argued with me about cleaning so now when my husbands says anything about cleaning it’s a major trigger for me

  • I have an understanding of what you have suggested and I have been trapped by my outburst and has had to pay for my mistakes a time or two but what I would like to know is,if this person is continually saying I have an anger problem but they take no responsibility for any part that they have played in it I’m sure you would say that this is an unhealthy relationship,so with that thought in mind what advice would you offer me or someone else?(Cluster B?)

  • Anger is a secondary emotion according to Anger Management Essentials Page 4. NAMA/CAMPS
    Anger is often called a secondary emotion because we tend to resort to anger in order to protect ourselves from or cover up other vulnerable feelings. A primary feeling is what is what is felt immediately before we feel anger…. We might first feel afraid, attacked, offended, disrespected, forced, trapped, or pressured.

  • Hey Katie Morton ia’m dealing with parent issues we just left the house going somewhere I don’t know but ia’m scared can you guide me on anxiety and depression between divorces cam you email me in Gmail it’s camrynelias5 thanks Katie Morton.

  • I wish people understood that the reason a percentage of us watch this is because we’re angry and trying to fix it. And her elementary school teacher aura is not very calming. She seems to be making a joke of real issues I really need help with

  • What should I do when the cause of my anger is that I’m unhappy with my life and feel like I’m stuck? At the moment I can’t do a lot about that, at this point it’s just waiting and hoping for a better place. How do I cope with the pain that comes from that?

  • First of all, it’s OKAY to be angry, don’t ever let anyone tell you “you shouldn’t be mad” about something. The main takeaways are that 1) ANGER, like all emotions, is COMMUNICATION it creates a physiological reaction to tell you something is wrong. If you can acknowledge in your own body what happens, then you’re a step closer to getting back in the driver’s seat; 2) ANGER IS YOUR ALLY; it doesn’t hesitate to tell you that either your boundaries have been crossed or something is wrong/unjust; 3) ANGER CANNOT BE CONTROLLED OR IGNORED! It persists until you do something about the situation that caused it. Emotions occur in your body, YOU are not emotions; think of them as friends coming to visit you, although you may not always appreciate their visitation, they usually have something very important to tell you. One thing this woman failed to mention is that THIS IS NOT EASY, it takes many many times going through these sort of steps (breathing, naming, etc.) before you are able to become friends with your anger rather than resorting to old habits (so have some compassion for yourself, it’ll take time). The greatest advice I’ve been given regards all emotions: allow them in, let yourself feel every part of it, don’t judge them or yourself, don’t react on them, ask them what is it that’s causing the commotion, and trust that deep down you know the answer. If anything you will gain more understanding about yourself. And please remember that if you turn your back on your emotions, you’re only turning your back on yourself, which is the greatest mistake you could make.

  • Thank you for this video. This is so me. I present anger & deal with it in all the 3 ways that you’ve explained ( why is this?). I agree that I come across angry as a way of protecting myself.. I will try what you said, thank you very much again. I will looked for other videos of your on this

  • remember waking up from a blackout after beating up a man and thinking he is gonna Sue if i beat Jim more. he has provoced me a long time before that.

  • Anger is a messenger. Thirst is to drinking, hunger is to eating, anger is to listen to the self and advocate in healthy ways and be your own social worker.
    It’s powerful though, it’s backed with action hormones (fight or flight) that once aroused needs to be calmed back down before listened to clearly and actioned upon rationally.
    I used to be a bottler. I learnt that it was safer around my mother.
    Then I became an exploder.
    And now I call time out when I feel the anger hormones preparing me for fight and I take myself off.. I calm down.. then I figure out what was really going on and I listen and advocate.

  • Will Lamictal help my anger? I was prescribed it today, and I’ve been dealing with violent angry outbursts for months since I kind of triggered my own bipolar by starting to smoke weed. Ever since then I’ve been extremely angry, I cant control it.

  • I’m not initially angry, but small annoyances like people blocking my way, cutting in line or doing something annoying will bother me and then it will build up until I’m really angry and might even push the person out of the way, or I want to but don’t always act on it

  • Most of the shitty things I’ve done were desperate attempts to feel like I was in control of my life. Been feeling a lot less angry since I figured that out.

  • Why isn’t anger categorized by itself like Depression is, but only part of other diagnosises? I do all in inventory. Depends on many factors.

  • I fight with my loved ones and the people I love. It’s toxic I need more self loving self help books? Does anyone know anything for anger and anxiety?

  • Thank u sm this was very helpful bc i hve bad anger promblems/issues and so this helped alot�� May i say u are very very beautiful alsooo����

  • When I get angry I never hurt anyone, I just let it put quietly or start doing physical work twice the speed I usually do. Anger is energy, whether you use it for good or bad depends on you

  • This is so true ��
    In my last video I spoke about strategies to manage your anger
    Anger if not managed appropriately can put full stop in your life ✋
    Keep sharing such videos ❤️

  • I remember in elementary school I had a way to deal with anger or being angry at someone to be specific.

    I’d say it’s a somewhat healthy way rather than punching someone.
    I remember if someone made me mad, I’d draw them tied up in chains crying, their mouth glued with hot glue and then taped with duct tape.
    A bit psychopathic for a 10-year-old, but at least no one got hurt

  • Brilliant talk, I felt as if she was speaking to me personally. I only wish she would have incorporated grievance galleries in her talk, sometimes it takes a physical action of release before you can do the mindfulness work. People pleasing=agonizing death!

  • i clean the whole house when i got angry, sometime my manipulative and lazy husband use it as a tool to just CLEAN the whole bunch of latenight beer bottles

  • Online I am an stuffler when it comes to anger to not hurt anyones feelings.
    In real life I am an erupter, I yell, I kick, I punch, i swear and get a head ache. I basically kick logic out of the window
    So this video absolutely helped a little.

  • Thank you. To be a female my anger level is terrible. If everything is not the way its suppose to be I feel the anger building inside my abdomen and it goes all over my body. I feel like I could kill. (Not really I hope)

  • I appreciate this content and speaker. Need this at this point of time as my body is feeling the symptoms stomach pain, back pain, neck pain, migrain.

  • I almost cried listening to this..Dear speaker, I am sorry for the rage you felt. It’s justified. Yet stigmatized. I have it too. I am stuck on this. I want to feel better.

  • Imo, for various behaviors/attitudes of others towards us, we should not react before judging the core intent that whether it (the core intent) is offense or defense.

  • For the first time, I spoke to my anger. In just minutes while pausing this video I learned my anger was given to me just as my flesh and bones were, from my parents.
    My father was a very angry man (unable to accept some war-related horrors)and thanks to this video I know he passed a twisted understanding of who I am, off to me, along with his anger in life.
    The video was very eye-opening for me. I’m excited about the prospect of learning to make anger an ally instead of a toy for the echoes of my youth. Good Video.

  • hi Katy! had a girlfriend who convinced me to go holistic and off my meds for schizophrenia, i quickly lost touch with reality with in 3 weeks. she scammed me for $ during 9 months of delusional nightmare hell. my rage is unbearable at times i smashed two tvs thinking people were talking to me thru them many radios also Thank you for making these videos they really help.

  • She recited my exact, raw life story! And now I know what can be done next, thank you! Lots of gratitude and good fortune to come across this. ❤️

  • Thank you..After 10 months of going down the list of addictions and emotions that I needed to address to improve my life, I finally got to Anger. I realized now, that I should have started with this one.

  • Watched this and cried “no” when I clenched my fists. I lost my masters degree opportunity because nobody would help me financially and I couldn’t do it alone. I’m hurt and it was such a betrayal of family trust. It’s gone and I need to grieve it.

  • Those people who has intense anger issues should do something to stop hurting people. Even though we understand that you have anger issues the words comes out from your mouth is so hurting that we couldn’t forget and will always remain.

  • My story; Born in a violent household, violated by my parents 24 years, Married another abusive/controlling husband, rejected by my three children for divorcing my toxic ex. Violated by my ex 13 years after the divorce. These experience has made me hid my true feelings, I do anger internally within myself, but outside of myself I don’t. If someone upset me I write them as I don’t cope with confrontation as I afraid of being hit, this is from decades of violence I was tortured by. So My internal anger is justifiable and not poison like these people that have commented here. Bad parents cause the issue that why adults turn into horrible people or withdrawn like me. There are about millions of adults who have been abused in childhood then never had a voice and even now these scars never heal.

  • Let’s get beyond mindfulness, because there’s aren’t enough meditation minutes that can address the triggers of your stress. Check out youtube’s FIRST AID FOR STRESS people stress.

  • When i angry i wana cry but i dont want to show other people that i am emotional…. The thing that i can do only is to harm my self to overcome my angr… ��

  • I just got angry playing video games with my brother because I got killed in the video game so I got angry and looked up your breathing in and out videos and other helpful videos thanks so much Kati Morton��


  • There is a third way, the stoic way. There is no good anger. Submission obviously is not the answer, but anger is a monster once unleashed cannot not be controlled and more often that not will lead you to regret the result of that anger.

  • How do you deal with a person in the family who is a lier, super dishonest and a total corrupt, but because of family relations and society you are stuck to live with that person and are expected by the family to keep your mouth shut and to just let it be? I come from a south Asian family and i am just suffering. I keep myself shut in my room to avoid any kind confronting with this person and it has been over 6 months now! Being shut in the home in the Coronavirus time, it has gotten worse with this person always looking to pick argument. I cannot go to the kitchen to make my favorite dishes, I can’t sit in the living room, I am just shut in my room!!

  • Dear those who are so very impatient for having to listen to her story: I think that if you’re here, it’s because you have a problem with anger, or are feeling angry right now. The fact that you’re here shows that you want to act on it, and the advice of others has failed for you. Listening to her story is not useless, because she provides the context to understand what she then says. If you really want to change your relationship with anger, please open your ears and not leave an angry comment and leave. That only hurts you.

  • My family always makes jokes about me getting angry and i just put it all on my self, I hate it. I take it all off on my self and blame everything on myself:/

  • I’m the kind of person that turns so red and yell so loud idk why but I can’t controll it at the moment while my brother is always calm and know how to to get me really angry easily on purpose and I’m just frustrated at this point

  • You have no idea what it is like to be really angry
    About youself about others about life
    You good looking woman have no idea to be really angry depressed helpless and hopeless

  • She’s just a good story teller. I’d like to look at her in a traffic jam after a hard day. To control your own anger is the hardest thing ever to everyone.

  • I used to be the good loving girl…But after my daughter was born I became an erupter and I brutally rejected every intruder while setting my bounderies.
    This speech fits me…THANK YOU…IT IS ALL A REMINDING.

  • Forget all that shit I just said in those last messages I was just talking out of anger again as usual. I am planning on moving to a new house of my own soon as I want a proper place of my own again where in will feel happier in myself and I would change for the better dramatically for sure..

  • You know you are severely pissed off if you have to YouTube how to calm down ���� I have immune system problems that no doctor I’ve seen can explain why. Maybe it’s because of my anger issues ����

  • So woke, so PC, so full of psychobabble. It makes me wonder if her husband asked her to have a baby, washing dishes or cook some dinner. A typical spoiled Western white woman.

  • My grandpa beat my dad his whole life so no surprise as my dad also beat me growing up too. (Im sure I deserved some of them but not all). I come from a family of anger and i am no better. My son doesn’t have to worry about me striking him as I never have and will never but having him see me upset all the time isn’t any better. Am i doomed to always be this way or does anyone ever really change?

  • My immediate response to her saying to respond to anger with compassion was definitely anger. Of course, my second thought was understanding, but I got pissed first because part of why I usually erupt is I feel like other people are neglecting my feelings to begin with. That one is gonna be hard for me.

  • I am watching this cuz when I go into a store and people are not wearing a mask I want to explode on that person. The selfishness is mind boggling.

  • I scream and yell at my brother. This video made me realize that he won’t pull my hair if I deal with him calmly. Just a teenager working on herself����

  • i had for the last 40 years so much stuff that put me in a angry mode, now its overwhelming and it can ruin my day easy. with all that i dont know if i have BPD or antosocial disorder with that but i can tell you its hard to live like that.

  • What do you think of achieve total control over your erectile dysfunction using Erectodom Secrets? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Erectodom Secrets.

  • Bad things can be done without anger, a psychiatrist and circumciser aren’t angry when they do there non consensual acts, because they realised that if they become doctors no one can get angry at them, to be angry at a doctor is almost a crime

  • I scream and yell at my brother. This video made me realize that he won’t pull my hair if I deal with him calmly. Just a teenager working on herself����

  • The story of the teacher connects so well with me. I once yelled so hard at my students…to the horror of every one around. Sure they calmed me n all but the embarassment I have felt since makes me wish I had never done that. Anger got me fired twice….it’s not worth getting into….thanks for such a comprehensive explanation.��

  • Thank you for this wonderful video, it’s really helped me! You seem kind and genuinely interested in helping others, Dr. Daniel
    Sometimes when I’m cooling off after a disagreement, I imagine putting myself in the other person’s shoes. This helps me see them more as a person instead of someone intent on pissing me off.

    Also, Dave Chappelle is awesome!!

  • I break things when angry. So I realize it is two things, anger management issue, also emotional immaturity. Thank you for your video, Sir.


  • It goes like this:
    how are you
    oh no thank you
    no no thank you
    I said no thank you, why don’t you leave me the hell alone!?

    It’s like somebody trying to kidnap you, you SHOULD resist…

    That is necessary anger/self preservation. Just leave them alone after they leave you alone…

  • People ask me”why are you so mean loud and always angry” you REALLY think COMING IN MY LIFE AND THEN PISSING ME OFF? The smallest things can piss off a person LEAVING THE DAMN FOOR OPEN WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM PARENTS STOP WITH THIS SH** god everyday I feel like a burning flame of fire as all my anger is held in me because outside I am seen as a sweet smart kind and polite girl but with all the things that make me angry I am not diagnosed with ocd but I show small signs and when you piss me off I will deal with you the wrong kind of way and when I hit you y’all get mad so if you wanna get hurt try me��

    Now that’s all out ����

  • I’m not sure keeping all the anger inside is good, even with all the studies you’re mentionning. I don’t know if it’s good for my health but I tend to scream when i’m upset and then I feel a lot better:)

  • Superb video and awsome tips
    To know how to control.anger
    Read full post

  • I just feel if you were her boyfriend and cheated on her she has that vibe of one that would slash your tires, burn your house down, and stalk you till she is arrested ��

  • 1:55 when something pisses you off….Im sorry I know its a video about anger management but your voice is so funny it made my day!

  • This is what Donald needs. Don the con man often insults anyone who criticizes him except Putin. It appears he can’t get angry at the Russian dictator.

  • I got denied a puppy after my parents said ok for buying one.
    I loaded up on cute puppy videos on YouTube and I was so excited.
    Now I gotta do math for an entire day.

    Damn. ����

  • I get upset easy for no reason then I started yelling and talking back then my heart will start beat fast and this helps me a lot.

  • I’m in the same boat, i only really ever catch the influensas during spring and fall.

    I work with people daily and my anger level spikes more often than i blink.