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Exercise induced asthma


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Exercise-Induced Asthma

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The good news is EIB should not slow you down. One of the worst things you can do if you have exercise-induced bronchoconstriction is to stop exercising. Not only does that weaken your cardiovascular system, but low-activity levels correlate to weight gain. The more weight you are carrying, the more frequent and severe your symptoms will be.

Even if you have asthma, you shouldn’t avoid exercise altogether. Regular physical activity is essential for managing health, improving energy, and reducing the risk of chronic disease. If you.

Most important: If you’re diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma and prescribed an inhaler, that inhaler should be with you at all times so that you have immediate access. If you have an asthma attack and panic because you don’t have your inhaler handy, the stress. But if you do feel tightness in your lungs, not just shortness of breath, Dr.

Kanarek recommends taking a daily inhaler with a steroid medication to stop the exercise-induced asthma flare-ups. “Using a daily inhaler will prevent scarring of the lungs, improve lung function, and allow for normal activity,” he says. But if working out always makes your lungs feel like you’re in the ninth circle of hell, you might actually have exercise-induced asthma. Here’s how you can spot the symptoms, plus expert. EIB may also be called exercise-induced asthma. EIB occurs during strenuous exercise, or develops 5 to 10 minutes after.

Irritants such as pollution, allergens, or cold, dry air may trigger an EIB attack. Your risk of EIB is increased if you have asthma. You may still have EIB even if you do not have asthma. What are the signs and symptoms of EIB?

Once a warm-up is performed and any symptoms have subsided, a person with asthma can participate in any form of cardio exercise that has been approved by his or her doctor. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM, cardio exercises should be performed while keeping the heart rate at 50 to 65 percent of maximum heart rate for beginners, and 60 to 75 percent for more seasoned exercisers. Fortunately, having asthma, even exercise-induced asthma, doesn’t have to keep you out of the game.

In fact, as many as one in 12 Olympic athletes take asthma medication. In fact, EIB used to be known as “exercise-induced asthma.” But unlike asthma, where attacks can be triggered by a variety of things like smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, or viruses, EIB is. Asthma shouldn’t prevent you from staying active or exercising.

Learn how to control asthma symptoms while exercising and which exercises are best for people who have asthma.

List of related literature:

However, regardless of fitness level and the degree of asthma, there remains the possibility of an exercise-induced asthma attack, a transient airway obstruction that sometimes occurs immediately after exercise.

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Moderate exercise does not predispose an individual to asthma.

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Inhaled corticosteroids generally are not helpful in exerciseinduced asthma but can be beneficial if the patient has underlying persistent asthma.

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Exercise-induced asthma may occur during or after exercise.

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The main reason for avoiding exertion is exercise-induced asthma, which is manifested by coughing and shortness of breath during or, more commonly, several minutes after a bout of exercise.

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What is exercise-induced asthma?

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There are two caveats regarding exercise challenges: first, tread­mill challenges in the clinic are not completely reliable and can miss exertional asthma that can be demonstrated on the playing field; and second, treadmill challenges can induce severe exacer­bations in at­risk patients.

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Aerobic training decreases bronchial hyperresponsiveness and systemic inflammation in patients with moderate or severe asthma: a randomized controlled trial.

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These are reasons why exercise is and should remain a concern for people with asthma.

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Regular exercise is widely encouraged for people who have asthma, especially children.

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  • This is the only reason that I hate running. It’s so hard to lose weight without cardio. This asthma just makes you struggle 3 times as hard while running then normal people and the only way to get over it is to push until you feel that you are not able to breathe and start crying and etc and only then that makes my lungs get used to the pressure that I put in them to work.

  • My asthma stops me from running, even with my emergency inhaler I feel so distressed and breathless even just 10 minutes into my run I really don’t know what else t do I used to be in good shape but since my asthma returned last year I feel stuck. Anyone else relate or have suggestions?

  • I fixed it by just running and biking then I stopped for like 4 months and the asthma came back it’s the worst feeling u get rid of it but then it comes back. it’s like it’s telling u that you’re being unhealthy but at least ik how to fix it

  • I rode my bike up a slight incline and I thought I was going to die. Heart beating like crazy and heavy breathing due to asthma. I had to rest for 5 min being still. Is this normal?

  • Hi Mark. Good on you. You might want to consider testing training with your mouth closed. This will condition the air that reaches your lungs so that it is warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and closer to the humidity that your lungs like. It is difficult at first so do low intensity training with nasal breathing to start. Good luck.

  • It sucks. I have asthma and I’m out of shape too so it’s so hard to tell if it’s asthma or being out of shape but hearing this is exactly how I sound when I run. I feel guilty in high school gym when I walk when I’m supposed to run (I told my teachers I have asthma so it’s fine, but I still wonder if it’s asthma or me just being out of shape and I’m actually capable of doing it). It bothers me way too much but I just don’t feel like I’m breathing right. The doctors told me my asthma would go away when I was little and I’ve recently started being treated again after being left untreated for 10 years.

  • No to sound like a dick. My brother had asthma. Its was bad and one day I asked him to try some bud he has totally against it. He tried it one day. Cured the asthma. But I think it doesn’t for everyone.

  • I feel like I just wanna die because I was born with asthma and I can barely run without getting shortness of breath I just wanna be like other people and can play sports

  • When I run I can’t carry on a conversation and I’ve had to make all kinds of adjustments because I just can’t push like others. Cold weather is super hard and I try to breathe warmer air like in my hoodie or something. This makes it look easier.

  • Ewwww chewed up prednisone? That had to taste like straight, dirty, butt. I remember just having them hit my tongue how bad and bitter the taste was. Spent half of my childhood on those damn things.

  • Its really bad for me because i compete in dance so while I’m walking back to my room I’m breathing hard and coughing until I can get to my inhaler, one time before I was diagnosed I was at regionals and I think it was some time of flare or attack and everyone was stopping me and asking if I needed to stop and breathe and I couldn’t talk to I was like im…ok…I’m…fine…it’s all……. good actually chokes

  • Ever since my asthma came back I haven’t been able to workout like I used to. I will have to try these tips because I hate not being in shape, anyone else ever feel breathless and anxious even just ten minutes into a run?

  • So, other than using the inhaler, what’s the advice? If I’m short of breath, just power through it? Even if I can’t talk like you are while running, just keep running? Any advice on improving? Wind sprints? I feel like I’ve plateaued at a 9 min. mile and can’t seem to improve. My legs are fine but I’m winded.

  • Hi Dr. mike, like you my daughter is also suffering from asthma and right now I am very worry because of the covid-19 asthmatic are more vulnerable to be infected by the virus. Pls give me advice what to do during this time with the virus not to be infected thanks

  • This is false, i have asthma and exercise is extremely hard, after 15 seconds of running i start to feel my chest tighten and start weezing, when i take my inhaler im ok after 5 mins but again i only last for 15 or so seconds running

  • Hello Doc…just want to ask about asthma. If its attack stops for many years, would it be possible for asthma to return at old age?

  • I run about a fourth or a mile and my respiratory system is like WHEEEZE or if it’s like really really hot and humid then I start to breathe worse

  • Omg, I just saw myself in this video. Being a dentist, I am always envious about other health care professionals about their health and ability to exercise, unlike me, who always needs an inhaler even to run for a short distance. I lived my entire life thinking I am not perfect. In fact, I felt as I don’t deserve to be in this profession, but your video made me feel so positive and embrace myself and taught me how to manage it efficiently without compromising in our daily life. Thanks for sharing this video doc.

  • about 8 months ago i did a 5 week fitness course and gradually as my fitness got better my asthma was getting more and more under control. I spoke to the instructor and he said with fitness his asthma got better. I’ve had an injury and been off exercise for 6 months and now i’m trying to go again i can’t breathe within 5 minutes but i guess it’ll just get better the more fitter i get? anyone know if this actually works? (except my coughing become more consistent when i was exercising daily)

  • 1) An asthmatic tends to breathe through the mouth and does not press his lips together.
    2) Normal lip pressure relaxes chest airways and overcomes asthma.
    3) Finger pressure on a lip shows this.
    This opens up lung airways by acupressure. This makes sense. Lip pressure is so important for love and the martial arts as well as asthma. That is the way I cured my asthma.

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I’ve been trying to get my running up for the last 8 months for an important fitness test. This video might just be the game changer I needed. Thank you so much!!!

    Edit: You jut got yourself a new subscriber.

  • PREVENTION is better than CURE

    I have suffered since I was 6 years old. My mother died from asthma. I was hospitalized from it 3 times. Always been very active. Active sportsman. Always carried a asthma pump with me. If I put my hand into my pocket and the pump was not there my chest would close up.
    A friend of mine told me Prevention is better than cure. Get a asthma pump that does not open your chest, but prevents the asthma. Doctor told me to use the pump in the morning and again at night every day. I did and after a month no asthma. After a year I forgot I had asthma. I started only taking 1 puff in the morning and not at night. 10 years later at 60 no sign of Asthma. I have not even used the preventative pump for almost 4 years now.
    Get the prevention pump that looks just like the normal asthma spray pump not the ones that have the pill type filled with power.
    I hope this works for you too.

  • I try to use my inhaler as little as possible because your lungs adapt to the medicine and it gets worse when you don’t use an inhaler. In a situation calm down and slow down. BREAKS ARE OK!!! If you need a break, take it. Caffeine is a great replacement for an inhaler. But that doesn’t mean don’t use your inhaler.

    Edit: also don’t forget to breathe when you are running and working out. You may not notice that you’re holding your breath.

  • goodness. ill try this. My exercise life is MASSIVELY impacted due to exercise induced asthma. I can not do much at all without severe problems

  • When i was 16 i found out that i have asthma. Due to the expensiveness of the medicine, we searched for a different way to somehow reduce asthma attacks. So i started excercising,the main cause of my astma that time was sleeping late,not eating healthy and being obese. “Endurance training was my life saver” After 2 months of jogging i thought i might try to run with no inhalers. The first thing i experienced was lung spasm,then wheezing and shortness of breathing at night soon enough i can successfully jog 3k without any problems i can even eat chocolate and chicken now. But remember when you are just new on the excercise, be strict on your food restrictions.

  • I’m not sure if I have exercise athsma, when I run I cough and all my friends ask me if I’m okay but it’s started to get a bit worse I have no clue

  • I think I have asthma and my allergist told me to try an inhaler and it hasn’t worked. I have it so severe I 24/7 cannot breathe and I feel light headed. It’s impossible for me to work out and I’m so scared every night that I won’t make it because I haven’t been prescribed any medicine for it

  • This video was very helpful! Thank you �� I am trying to nose breathe more, I broke my nose when I was younger and it was never fixed so my nose passages are narrower. But I have found nose breathing helps me run for longer. Just training myself to do it rather than mouth breathing

  • Asthma is failure to understand lip closure. As long as I had chronic asthma I had no feeling for the relaxation of my lung airways by reflex when breathing in through my nose and holding lips together. The cure came with getting the right sensation and avoiding nose breathing. In time asthma through airway remodeling was cured.

  • Try breathing just through your nose, this is essential (try at least for easy efforts). Listen this guy (also his other videos), changed my perception of breathing:


  • New sub, here Dr, I suffer from Ashma myself, level 1, that is what the German Dr said, I can not run it hurts my chest, I can ride my bike but even stress palpitations hurt my chest, I see you hold your hand to your chest was that hurting or where you running out of breath?

  • I start wheezing.. when I laugh a lot, sneeze a lot, cough a bit longer.. nd I can’t exercise without pausing several times.. it has really ruined my life..

  • i had a baseball practice yesterday and i was running the bases i felt my chest get tight and all that stuff then i told my coach and he wouldn’t let me take my inhaler so i just sat down and pretended i couldn’t breathe (i was just tight in the chest) then he came over and helped me. sorry that was random

  • I have excercise induce asthma and running for a minute will make me feel like a fish out of water. Even brisk walking trigors my asthama i want to get tone lean legs but guess not in this lifetime with this burden��

  • i can’t even run for 1 minute without doing this yet i haven’t been diagnosed with asthma so i don’t have an inhaler


  • It’s hard to breathe just my looking at him bc if I walk and talk at the same time it gets hard to breathe for me and almost every time I just stop and say “of f*ck wait a sec let me breathe hhuuuuuuhhhhhhhh f*ck it’s hard to breathe, ok let’s go”

  • I’ve got chronic asthma I was born with it most of the time even when I’m walking far distances it’s not to bad a little tightness that’s it but when I run for more than 1 minute or more I begin to get shooting pains along with weasing and shortness of breath I use my inhaler everyday at least 4 times a day nothing seems to work having asthma sucks I wish I could do more with my life like join the army and do something you know

  • This happens to me when I run too and always has. But early on I learned I can pass the barrier I have during my run, I purposely get into certain breathing pattern and focus deep and sort of fall into a hypnotic state where everything around me disappears except for me, the concrete, and my breathing pattern. When that happens somehow my breathing becomes manageable. I have different patterns for different situations depending on where I am during my run and what my body feels like and is telling me I use the pattern that fits best. So I kind of use them like a tool kit.

  • I’ve had asthma since I was 5.My doctor prescribed Sultolin and for worse conditions,Beclomin HFA inhaler.They say it’ll naturally go away when I’m in my millenial age.I’m currently 19 now,I don’t have attacks even when I’m playing football or jogging,particularly in summer.But winter is a very tough time for me.Even while I’m writing this comment,I’m desperaty struggling to breathe properly��.I hope some cure comes out one day for asthma so I can breathe easily and live my life to the fullest,and same goes for other incurable chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.God bless everyone❤️��

  • I been to so many doctors an they said I have asthma but I tried everything for 7 years now I been dealing with coughing an I also have anxiety I know it has to be exercise induced asthma cause at my job I run around a lot an I start coughing an coughing sometimes I get so bad I start to throw up but nothing comes up just mucus anyone else?

  • I have Exercise Enduced Asthma, it affects me if I run or exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes. It sucks, and dust also affects me too ��

  • I only experience throat irritation when running, breathing in fast or having air from a fan come in my direction. Is that the same as exercise induced bronchoconstrictions?

  • Bro I used to do lots of sports when younger and I never had asthma or even needed an asthma inhaler. But just recently I’ve gotten way lazy and from now on everyday I do some sort of exercise like riding my bike fast or running my asthma triggers. Also my asthma triggers from my allergie from dust mite. And my mother smokes which sucks tbh. By the way I’ve had asthma since like a baby but it was really slight asthma. But just recently it’s gotten worse. Is there a solution? Like should I play sports like basketball like 3 times a week? Would that reduce my asthma? I thinking about joining a basketball team but I’m really worried that I’m going to get really tired and my asthma might trigger thought out practice and matches. I really don’t want to use my asthma. I just want it to go away.

    Please if anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it.

  • With conventional medical treatment using sprays the attacks may well be horrendous.

    For decades we have the asthma paradox that more medical treatment means more asthma.

    A better approach however is based on nitric oxide. See for example video ZACH BUSH MD | 4 Minute Workout

    Search for “boost nitric oxide nose breathing” but beware of Dr. Buteyko sites with the irrational notion of minimizing breathing across the board.

  • I can’t even run for 3 minutes straight. I get chest pains (burning) I start coughing. After a run I feel like I can’t take a deep breath for few hours.:( I’m looking for a cardio work out for asthmatics that I could follow but can’t find anything. Any recommendations?

  • I usually get asthma attacks when I rung a long distance, when I run for a long period of time, in cold weather and allergy (sometimes).
    The first time I began having asthma symptoms was back when I was 3 y/o, when I first went to kindergarten. When my mother came to pick me up she noticed I had heavy breathing and was producing whistling sound.
    I’m not sure if it was because of stress, an infection or hysteria but I’ve had that for a long period.

  • If you reading this and have asthama read it carefully,
    It is not if you have asthma or not what matters is at which level your asthma is, you just need to follow a healthy diet,may you know that when the amount of cough increase in our body the asthma problem also increases so eat healthy food,avoid food which can increase the amount of cough in you body like banana,biscuits, cakes,dairy products etc,I’m an asthma patient but I use my inhaler when I feel problem while inhaling (normally once or twice a week)take care of your diet that’s it and according to ayurveda try pranayam its an lung exercise which help to keep our lung strong and heathy:follow what I said and you will definitely see results��

  • is it possible to have asthma because of laughing too hard? because i have the same symptoms after laughing and also after exercising. i’ve never been diagnosed with asthma before. however, my lungs have always been weak and i have chronic bronchitis.

  • I used to play football, two years ago I got a asthma attack which the young boys in emergency ward told was nothing but a badtrip (i was on weed). Two years now i just confirmed it is Asthma after taking anxiety pills for an year. Now I am struggling to make 10000 steps. I don’t know how i would survive. But this video is inspiring!

  • I have astham since I was 7 and now I m 16…
    I used to suffer a lot before and I had also consulted many doctors but medicines didn’t show much effect.
    But when I entered the teen years I knew tht medicines wont work and I decided to exercise regularly… I play football, I run in mornings, I jump, I do yoga and Now I m living lively…
    Till now I have used only 3 Inhalers

  • Okay, I have never had asthma before and I haven’t run in who knows how long but for some reason I decided to go for a run around my block and like hardly halfway through my chest was tight and I was having trouble breath, it’s been and hour since I got home and i haven’t stopped coughing my chest still feels tight so maybe I have this, I looked it up and it said that asthma can develop at any age (i’m 17) so yeah probably have this

  • i had an interesting experience today with exercise induced asthma, i thought i should share it, in order to help others and myself. long story short, i drank 0,5l of mint and pomegranate tea, put 2 spoons of honey and several drops of clove essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllus) in it and my asthma symptoms went away and i was able to go out again to run again without having any symptoms.

    i started running 3 weeks ago in order to improve my absolutely abysmal shape. however, i noticed that my psychological shape was also improving a lot, so i ended up doing it 6 days per week. every day, my asthma was making its presence known, but it was very mild, even during foggy and cold weather. just some reduced lung capacity and that is it. however, today it suddenly got really bad after i went for a run. there was a lot of coughing, mucus and wheezing involved. it was snowing, the temperature was 1 C and the relative humidity was 97%, so i figured that the high humidity could have triggered it. i knew the symptoms would go away eventually but i wanted to google if i could eat or drink something in order to make them go away more quickly. there was a lot of information, but i had only honey at home. so i decided to make some mint tea (just because i like it, not because i read something about it helping asthmatics) and put a bunch of honey in it. as my mint tea was cooling, i remembered that i had some dried pomegranate (this one was mentioned in a few articles i read) i used as spice. i had no cloves (this one was mentioned too), but i remembered i had clove essential oil. so i waited for the mint pomegranate tea to cool down, and put the honey and clove oil in it and drank it all. the symptoms went away and i wanted to see if they would return if i went out for a run again. so i went for a run, and the symptoms did not return. not even the usual slightly reduced lung capacity i had every time i ran for the past 3 weeks. i would be curious to see if this concoction i made would help anyone. i am certainly going to experiment with it over the next few days, since it is natural and does not have any side effects. of course, i cannot be sure about anything, maybe my body just decided that it gave me enough trouble for one day. i really want to see what happens tomorrow.

  • I ride horses and it is hard to breath while riding but about a minute or two after I get off is when I start feeling like I’m gonna throw up and pass out…water definitely makes it worse…

  • when ever im exercising i always try consciously breathe through my nose but i cant ever get enough air in so i start to panic and it usually triggers an asthma attack any tips?

  • Today during a workout, it felt like air was being forced out of my lungs when I breathed in. This never happens. I also felt more sweaty and tired with a intermediate workout. Idk what this is, any help?

  • After my 30mins biking while raining, I feel my throat so itchy and painful when breathing. It often occurs after a couple of minutes when I play basketball/running but I never used inhalers in my entire life. I’m 19 now, do I need to see a doctor?

  • I used to cough so much last year and all the years before that now all I do is wheeze but I kind of sometimes wish I was coughing because coughing isn’t as painful as wheezing

  • I got rid of my asthma by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This obviously relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26).See Dr. Gach Asthma Relief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUSAmb4hcqg Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same lip-pressing effect automatically all the time. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone for ever. I sleep with my mouth shut.

  • I have asthma and I did the mile run today and we ran 4 laps on the track (I got 13 minutes 17 seconds) and by my third lap I felt like I was suffocating and everyone else was like “you’re slow” and I couldn’t even talk because my throat was so sore and full of mucus

  • I’ve been using an inhaler for the last week and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my symptoms. I’ve gone from struggling to run beyond the first 10-15 minutes to slashing my PB’s by miles, I’ve also found my commute less cough filled I noticed it this morning and thought holy moly I can breath

  • the two times i had to go to the hospital for asthma they just gave me a nebulizer treatment after i finished the treatment the wait a few minutes then checked my breathing let me go but i had problem made a nurse mad because i didn’t want to take Tylenol 3 after having third and second degree burns on my stomach so they could remove all the dead skin. i just keep saying i dont want it over and over again and also said i wasn’t in pain ( i had taken ibuprofen before i got to the hospital ) and go had a start if it start to hurt ill take it and you can keep doing has the Tylenol 3 start to work

  • Exercise and asthma is tricky. I have tried everything over the years. I simply have to use one puff of Ventolin before a run. It’s just no fun any other way.

  • Before following this video, remember that there are different severity types of asthma. Please contact your doctor before attempting to exercise. They can help you find exercises that YOU can do. Some asthmatics will be able to do regular exercise, however many others will not be able to do sports for long periods of time.

  • so i run long distance. I dont start wheezing until after the run which is only 2-3 minutes… Then I can’t stop coughing the rest of the night and it hurts to breathe in deeply. Do you think this is a cause to go to the doctor? By the way I am 13 if that makes a difference?

  • its not sufficient to simply think there is only either activity induced and ‘normal’ asthma. there is diff levels of AIA which gives some the ability to run for an hour straight and others will have to stop after 5-10 min. treated or nontreated…..

  • Stumbled upon this vlog… symbicort inhaler is a must -have inside my bag…It’s been 3 yrs since my last puff.Yes, moderate exercise, helps especially swimming.Thanks for sharing,Dr! God bless

  • I don’t have trouble breathing when staying still but when I exercise I have a hard time breathing. Is this called exercise induce?

  • Ughhhhh I absolutely hate my asthma. I go for a run and after 5 minutes my chest gets all tight and because of the tightness and then I end up getting some sort of panic attack and crying.

  • Highly treatable?!!! BULL SHIT!!!! I can’t even walk to the bathroom sometimes without an asthma attack last year I had to call the paramedics 7 times last week I was intubated for 48 hours so no it’s not a highly treatable condition CNN.

  • I love swimming. Its the only sport I can play without my symptoms going out of control. Probably because the water helps my weight get lifted up easily, due to the lack of gravity, I dont feel as heavy as I would normally exercising. This will help me so much more in losing my weight! Thank you!

  • And even if this was true there is still exercise induced asthma which is just one lung not able to take in the right amount of oxygen when the need for it rises like when you are running

  • The most important point about asthma is not mouth breathing and not using sprays.

    When mouth breathing the lips are not pressed together and the airways not kept open automatically by a reflex.

    For an explanation see “pnf breathing techniques perioral”

    Asthma might well called “the mouth breathing malady” or “the asthma spray disease” because of addiction to the sprays (asthma paradox).

    For stopping sprays get medical advice,

    The would-be cure is far worse than the complaint.

    I cured my chronic asthma by nose breathing and lip pressure. The airway remodeling gradually goes away. Mouth taping at night is useful. See “mouth taping for sleep.”

  • I think asthma is a condition of weak lungs, not a disease. My martial arts instructor had bad asthma and he said when he works out and trains, he’s just like anybody else and breathes fine. He doesn’t even take medicine for it anymore cause his respiratory is stronger. Don’t let commercials of sickness make you think that you must take pills to be healthy, cause it’s a brainwashing system everybody is under so they can take you life away. Look for the facts of natural ways to be healthy

  • I swear I have this. I have tried telling my mom but she said “that’s how everyone is” I can’t even do the pacer test without wheezing. I can do one full round then I’ll start wheezing and coughing.

  • i got asthma attack yesterday after i do some excersise ������ im going alone to clinic take some medicine and now its better now… im so fucking hurt yesterday!

  • Amazing video. People without breathing problems have no idea the knowledge you are giving us. I apply this and it helps. Thank you so much!!!!! I love your book and all your videos and I always come back to them to remind myself!!! ��❤️❤️❤️������������

  • Aren’t you concerned of having asthma and working with C-19 patients? I have asthma and work in a hospital. My asthma is due to allergies. Take care!

  • When I breathe too fast or have a strong airflow coming towards me such as a fan or strong wind, I tend to get an irritated throat. If I don’t do anything about it, my throat will become sore and I will eventually get bronchitis with chest congestion. Does this sound like I have exercised induced bronchoconstriction/asthma or something else?

  • Hi there,
    It has been three years since we put all our efforts, time and savings into the development of Meyko. It is a playful companion for asthmatic children, a cute and smart device that helps them take their treatments every day. It makes it more acceptable, more fun. Meyko also allows to keep track of medication intakes and complications through a mobile application. The treatment record sharing tool makes it easier for the doctor to do a good follow-up. We are trying to improve the lives of these families. We have worked with hundreds of families and the best children hospitals in France to design the best companion we could. We did small clinical trials that showed stunning results. Meyko is now available to order. More info here: http://www.hellomeyko.com/adopt
    Have a nice day!

  • I suffered from Asthma and use allopathy medicines for long and did not get a result. I changed my line of treatment and choose Ayurveda. I took treatment from Planet Ayurveda, they provided me their Asthma care pack and got effective results.

  • Okay, I have a question. I’ve had asthma for most of my life, albeit fairly mildly apart from a flare up during a thunderstorm asthma event in Australia (where I live) when the blue puffer just wasn’t cutting it anymore and I was eventually given Symbicort, which I now only need during pollen season. Anyway, my question is whether you, personally, as a doctor and an asthmatic, have ever experimented with either Buteyko breathing exercises and / or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping for asthma (and anything else). I know both of these sound like pseudoscience, so I’m curious what an actual doctor thinks about it. Try them and let us know!

  • I think it really depends on the severity of your asthma.

    My entire life my asthma has always been very severe. I was in athletics my 7th grade year, was used to working out and even ran a mile everyday.
    One day though, my lungs just gave out on me completely and I couldn’t do it anymore.

    I’m glad that some of you can exercise, but some of us have to find alternative options because it is just THAT BAD. For example, I’m on the same medications as my 75 year old grandmother with COPD because my asthma is so severe. It just depends.

  • I love running any sports I have asthma people used to bully me coz of it I don’t ever take it I don’t carry it around when I’m running my face gets really cold and my chest gets really tight I wish I could take my inhaler I just don’t want to coz I feel like people will worry coz I’m taking it k want to do GCSEs pe but my pe teacher thinks I shouldn’t coz of my asthma when I was in yr 8 we were doin cross country I did 3 laps and in yr 8 6 and I was like wow asthma sucks I h8 it so much I want to get rid of it soo I can do GCSEs pe

  • Before covid 19 a kid in my class thought that my inhaler was a vape. That was an interesting conversation… but it was definitely better than paying attention to the teacher

  • Had extremely bad asthma been a athlete my whole life, ended up running so much I kinda grew out of it and my body adapted, always had to stop mid practice to use inhaler but now I’m good (football and basketball)

  • Hey that’s such an amazing story I’ve done exactly the same thing butter scotch stuck in my throat and I m asthmatic and I totally understand your pain it just suffering pain
    Upside I grew out of the servere asthma

  • I don’t wheeze, but my chest gets tight and painful. I always hear a whistle when I’m running,exercising and on daily basis. It’s very soft but I can still hear it. I don’t have an Inhaler, my mom said it’s just me. But I don’t think it is, I have all the symptoms of it, so why don’t I have it? I also cough, but mostly around the afternoon or at night.

  • after long runs (6-9miles) I get coughing fits as soon as I stop running and if I resume running I get a slight tightness in my chest  but I do not cough and I don’t feel tired. the coughing can last for 40mins… I swim 6 days a week for the last 8 years  and after 100 yrds out of 3,000 I feel like I’m struggling to breath and often see little floating pixels while resting on the side of the pool by the time I done?… I’m a former competitive swimmer… I can swim 50 yards underwater without black out so I know I have strong lungs. I’m in my early 20s if that helps… I cant go to a doctor since I can lose my job if I have asthma and its documented

  • I have athsma, and take my inhaler and still experience severe symptoms, if I do cardio. I can do other types of exercises. But if I run, my oxygen drops. I even had a stress test on my heart in the hospital. Mind you I’m only in my early twenties. My oxygen was dropping after just 1 minute of running. They couldn’t see my lungs so it wasn’t ideal

  • I have asthma and I already know that,
    By the way your kinda wrong
    I play soccer all the time
    I literally play at least a 15 minute match per day

  • i play soccer and have two inhalers, one which i take twice a day. it still doesnt help! whenever i run, i have an asthma attack even though i take my inhaler before

  • I have exercise induced asthma…. i went away in 2018 but came back in 2019… just really sucks….lowering my quality of life. Before a run i just take puffers, take a allergy pill and put on vicks on my chest and neck. Helps

  • I hatr it when I’m running and I have an attackI don’t have an inhaler and never talked about so, I just have to man up and deal with ut.

  • For the past several years, whenever I engage in strenuous physical activity (including weight training), I always end up with a build up of phlegm in my throat, sinus pressure, and terrible fatigue. If I continue with the regimen in spite of these symptoms, I always end up with some form of upper respiratory infection. I’m almost hoping the doctor says it’s asthma so I can finally have a name and treatment plan for this problem. It’s really quite frustrating to live with.