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Erin Lynn Sattler says her blue light glasses help prevent eye strain and blurry vision. Sattler is among the growing number of people who wear special eyewear to block or filter the high-energy. Blue light filters There’s now a burgeoning market in blue light filters: effectively screen protectors that help to block out blue light on your most commonly-used devices. Ocushield is one.

Blue light filters There’s now a burgeoning market in blue light filters: effectively screen protectors that help to block out blue light on your most commonly-used devices. If you work a night shift or use a lot of electronic devices at night, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses or installing an app that filters the blue/green wavelength at night. Expose yourself to lots of bright light.

Blue-light blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV light, from getting through. That means if you use these glasses when. A blue light filter is used to reduce the blue light exposure of smartphones and other devices. It is used as protective eyewear. Since we tend to spend a lot of our time using electronic.

Microsoft added a blue light limiting feature to Windows 10 in the Creators Update released in April 2017. Called “ Night light,” this feature shifts the Windows 10 display to show. Modern screens produce a lot of blue light.

That light affects eye health and sleep, so it’s a good idea to reduce excessive blue light with options like a blue light filter for your PC. Blue light filters and protective eyewear. If you are using your phone constantly — especially if you use it primarily for texting, e-mailing and web browsing — a convenient way to reduce your blue light exposure is to use a blue light filter.

Windows 10 Blue Light Filter setting is very easy to set up and use. This means that it comes with a cleaner and fewer configuration options. You get the option to adjust the screen’s.

List of related literature:

filter Material or device used to absorb or transmit light of all wavelengths equally (neutral density filter which is abbreviated ND filter) or selectively, such as the coloured filters (blue filter transmits only blue light, green filter transmits only green light, etc.).

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This commercial website provides information, research, and products related to blue light filtering technology.

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Photographers have long used yellow filters to darken the blue sky and produce monochrome images with dramatic contrast for clouds, for example.

“The Image Processing Handbook” by John C. Russ
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The contrast between blue sky and white cloud can be progressively increased by the use of yellow, orange, and red filters, which in turn transmit less blue light to which panchromatic film is especially sensitive.

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Filters that allow visible light to pass through, but block ultraviolet light, are widely used in photography, as are colored filters that emphasize specific tones in monochrome and color photography.

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Blue light filters.

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A green filter added to the daylight filter often improves image quality, especially with achromats.

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A green filter, for example, removes all of the pink eosin signal, reducing the amplitude of eosinstained structures and making them look dark against a bright background in a gray-scale image.

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If a green filter is used when only blue light is present, no light passes through to the sensor or eye (see Figure 5-5).

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When used as filters for white light, these colors remove blue, green, and red light, respectively.

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  • I’ve been wearing blue light glasses for the last 4 days and can say it’s 100% helped me with my sleep, I used to suffer from headaches nearly every day and I haven’t had a headache in the last 3 days, would 100% recommend using them mainly for helping fix your sleeping pattern if your constantly using a pc or phone screen like myself

  • Hello guys,I want you to Think about the necessity to Protect your eyes against your computer’s bleu light,it very important here’s a blocking glasses that reduces the blue light effect more than 90% take a look at them and if you get one it’ll be better for the eyes wellbeing and start working and watching without abusing your eyes.

    It’s really important,think about it

  • The whole bluelight filtering movement like a lot of things is partial truth along with a bunch of hyperbole / marketing BS. There is zero scientific data to support the idea that blue light damages your eyes and causes more eye strain than other forms of light disrupt your circadian rhythm by suppressing the production of melatonin which can affect your sleep. Sources for my information AR the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Harvard University along with a few others. You’re Welcome!

  • Screw the blue light!!
    About 15 minutes ago,
    The screen just shattered on my iPhone and fired thousands of tiny pieces of glass into my eyes and face..

    I got most of the glass out of my eyes now,

    but yeah,
    Its not just the light!!

  • Jimmy I tried to use the blue light feature but it keeps telling me I have to change the color feature before I can use it but I can’t figure out how to make the change any help would be appreciated

  • Does this mean my rgb computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard and desk lights prevent me from sleeping?! HAH. I DON’T NEED SLEEP. I NEED KILLS.

  • Just started working lots of hours on my computer. I had to get up constantly because of small headaches. I bought blue light glasses and couldn’t tell a difference until about 3 hours in when I realized I had no discomfort. They seem to have helped so far, but who knows… placebo could be the cause. I’ll stick with them because they were so cheap.

  • I bought clear blue light blocking glasses because I had a concussion in January and now I have a lot of headaches from looking at screens. I don’t know why I never had any headaches from looking at screens all day before the concussion. Is there any reason why?

  • TY jimmy informative as usual….. I must be weird….the TV is like a sleeping pill…..I’m off to the land of zz’s in a blink lol

  • So, these glasses don’t help prevent any of these insane claims but…

    They protect you from not messing up your sleep schedule…

    Not sleeping enough is bad for your health, so in turn these do protect you in that sense…

    Now the light from the sun can be bad for your eyes, specially if you stare at the sun. I do not know why you would stare at the sun though…

    Then these do offer protection… Am i wrong here?

  • So that’s why I feel sick and dizzy when I wake up this morning. I’m playing something in my phone and it’s dark. I will not do this again!:(

  • Actually the reason the sky is blue is because it’s the sun reflecting on the oceans water and making it reflect in the atmosphere

  • Thank you so much for this video!!! I’ve actually suspected this for some time so for at least 3yrs I always keep my screen brightness down as low as possible (& all the way down at night), dark mode turned on for everything I can & I always have my iPhone on Night Mode 24/7 as yellow as it’ll go too (I got used to the yellow quickly by just turning it down a little bit more every few days & now I don’t even notice that my screen is as yellow AF so adjusting to it that way definitely works��)…but I actually had no idea how bad this issue really was or that in the dark is even worse!! I never have lights turned on at night cause I just hate artificial light & also by having the lights off while watching videos, I can easily have my screen brightness down all the way with no problems but wow, seems some of the things I’ve been doing for years to make things better on my eyes may of been actually making things worse all along ����

    However, one thing I can definitely swear to, is on the odd occasion I’ve forgotten to turn my night mode back on for the day first thing in the morning (it’s set to stay on all day & night but I still have to manually turn it on each morning for some reason), I’ve found that I very quickly get splitting headaches that often turn into migraines if I don’t have that night mode on as yellow as it’ll go… I am someone who gets eye strain easily & I’m very sensitive to artificial light especially since keeping my brightness down for years, but for me personally, if my night mode isn’t turned right right on, I’m guaranteed a pounding headache or migraine usually within the hour, so lowered screen brightness & heavy night mode definitely helps me with keeping away headaches at least, but that’s not to say that’s not just been an illusion all this time & it’s really just doing even more damage to my eyes by the sounds of this & I’d believe it too being someone who’s sensitive to this kind of thing & notices a huge difference with headaches just by adjusting a few display settings…Not good!!! ����

    Has anyone ever tried those “blue light filtering screen protectors” by the way? My Hubby & I are both needing new T glass screen protectors & I’ve come across blue light filtering ones, but I don’t know anyone that’s tried them & I really only ever want protectors that cover the FULL screen (including the cameras & sensors up the top too). I’ve found a full screen one but I assume a blue light filtering protector that covers those must heavily take away from the front camera quality at the very least? Has anyone ever tried a full screen T glass one & if so, does it effect the front camera quality a whole lot? Hubby & I have a iPhone 11 and a iPhone 11 Pro Max if that matters? MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!! ����

  • Why do the companies like Samsung still make led screens after many complaints have come of blue light eye damage?it’s because they don’t care of your health it’s all about money why don’t you make a video and expose the truth rather than use software or buy eye glasses with anti blue coating?my humble suggestion please

  • Blue Light is affecting wildlife. Migration, mating, sleep, awareness, all of their senses are being bombarded by LED street lights, home lights, head lights,… They are much more sensitive to this light than are humans and are much more affected by the harmful Blue Light. The same goes for stock animals and our pets. Humans are changing the health and well-beings of animals and plants. Do we really need to be doing this?

  • found this really good website for anti blue light glasses really affordable they also have sunglasses designer good quality stuff men women and kids check it out https://eyespaceopticals.com

  • Real blue light glasses DO INDEED SAVE YOUR EYES from eyestrain. I bought two pair, a cheap pair for industrial use personal protection equipment and a pricier pair. Tested both of them with the little blue light and card I was sent with the pricier pair and they both block the blue light for sure. Then I noticed immediately that even after hours and hours in front of my computer screens ( I am a court stenographer) my eyes never get tired. If I wear one pair for, say, 2 or 3 hours, then switch to the second pair, my eyes feel immediately REFRESHED, like new!, just by switching. The industrial pair is an orange color lens, the pricier pair is clear lenses. Switching from one to the other during working at my screens completely eradicates eye strain and tiredness. Amazing and I cannot recommend these glasses highly enough. GET THEM for yourself and for your children. I don’t trust CBS News at all.

  • How can we cure this? is it necessarily to wear my glasses all the time? because ive usually not wearing it when i was home. Now 4months stay at home cause of quarantine ended up 4months with my phone and my room. gaming, watching etc

    Also, ive spending more time on phone screen for about 4hours or 8 hours in the dark room with no lights. Is this bad habit? How can i cure my eyesight? anyone please help

    btw im nearsighted/myopia
    right eye 180 left eye 220 sad fck it.

  • I found my answer! I wondered why the deep Amber/go/red filter is incredibly pleasurable to my one eye, and now I know it’s because the blue light was doing micro-damage to my partially detached retina. you rock��