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He said: “The EU is saying that this does not reduce the risk of dehydration and that is correct. “This claim is trying to imply that there is. But perhaps the most insane ruling was one that came down about five years ago: The European Union claimed that water did not prevent dehydration. They ruled in 2011 that bottled water manufacturers were forbidden by law – under penalty of prison time – from stating that water prevents dehydration.

Advertisement story continues below. EU Says Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration Dehydration is a bad thing. It can lead to decreased blood pressure, dizziness and if very severe, death. Water, after all, makes up two-thirds of the human body and is essential for digestion, lubricating joints and other functions.

Here’s an example of a ridiculous one from said unelected bureaucracy in Brussels. The EU passed a ban on water bottle companies from saying that water prevents dehydration. EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

The EU has not said that water isn’t healthy, and it’s ruling on the vexatious claim that bottled water can prevent dehydration is perfectly sensible. After three years of scientific research, extensive correspondence, and a meeting of 21 top scientists paid by the European Union, the decision was that water actually doesn’t help preventing dehydration. There is no scientific evidence for such a claim.

It does not matter. Water is required to prevent dehydration. No other substance can do so. Electrolytes are essential but the lack of them does not lead to dehydration but to an electrolyte imbalance.

Drinking water does not ease dehydration, the European Union has ruled – and anyone who disagrees faces two years in prison. The decision – after three years of discussions – results from an. EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact that water helps prevent dehydration. Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.

EU says water does not prevent dehydration In a ruling in November 2011, European Union (EU) officials announced that there is no proof that water prevents dehydration. The ruling means that manufacturers who sell bottled water in the EU are not allowed to make the claim that their product helps to prevent dehydration.

List of related literature:

An NHS spokesman said, “Of course water hydrates … we need to exercise common

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In Europe, daily water consumption has also been reduced.

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The EU requires member states to implement procedures for monitoring, regulating water quality and for taking action to prevent and ameliorate breaches of standards.

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Wild Claims about Water in Europe Bottled water makers asked the European Commission if ads could state that “regular consumption … of water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration.”

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Yet thirst is not always a reliable guide to avoiding dehydration.

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However, at the time of writing, the European Union does not regulate directly the amount of pharmaceuticals in drinking water.

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That is, drinking water must meet the National Primary Drinking Water Standards (10, 11) promulgated by the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency, the Directive of the European Union on the Quality of Water Intended for Human Consumption (12), or some analogous drinking water standard.

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Nevertheless, thirst is not always a reliable guide to avoiding dehydration.

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But water is reably if we hold that place is the termilated as matter and as a part, which nus of the containing body.

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Instead we drink water that is high in deuterium and full of toxic components such as chloramines, fluorides, residuals from pharmaceutical drugs, and a host of other unwanted substances.

“Cancer and the New Biology of Water” by Thomas Cowan
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  • I like this channel, but this time there is some misunderstanding what you are talking about happened 5 years ago, and to simplify, the scientist had problem with the sentence the companies wanted to put on the bottles

    they did not make any comment about the scientific fact of the connection between water drinking and dehydration

    check out the story at forbes

    and why did the UK people voted to leave? they were lied to about lot of thing for example I belive this video was made in good faith, but it is just as silly as lot of UK citizen

  • This has nothing to do with why the UK left the EU. Such an ill informed and pointless video. I’m pretty sure not a single voter even considered such a foolish topic.

  • I only drink bottled water and its quite expensive for packs so i only drink it when i buy it, cant drink tap water its disgusting

  • Never drink cold water I drank cold water 2,3�� bottles and skin became totally rough and dehydrated also u can find about that in YouTube.

  • Throbbing headaches can also mean you need glasses, but only if you have to squint to see. I got glasses for school a week ago, and I can really notice improvements.

  • Marc, please tell me you’re joking. It’s about wording several water related claims, and some were put on there as a test. Like distinguishing between “drinking water” and “drinking-water”. Please read the story here: (and yes, it’s from five years ago) “The European Food Safety Authority has been asked to rule on several ways of wording the statement that drinking water is good for hydration and therefore good for health. It rejected some wordings on technicalities, but it has supported claims that drinking water is good for normal physical and cognitive functions and normal thermoregulation.”

  • We should never go off of hight and body weight when telling up “How much water we should drink a day” there are sites to calculate it and some tell people to drink up to 2 liters a day. That can give you some serious hyponatremia.

    As for cramps, that was studied and said it wasn’t true that water helps with cramps. People say it’s true but Science said it wasn’t.

    So when should you drink?
    Tamara Hew Butler exercise physiologist at Oakland university says “Just drink when you’re thirsty”

  • Nice to see someone outside of the EU giving it a bash. I live in Norway, which is a non-EU european country, but we still have to be a part of the EØS to work and trade through EU countries. This is basically a faux EU-membership which costs us billions of tax money just to be able to trade with the EU countries without following their rules.

  • You should only drink when your thirsty. drinking more than you need can cause over-hydration, which can be even more dangerous than dehydration.

  • I got some kind of white film, not like cataract but like a blurred/dirt in glass. It was actually dehydration! I will need to continue my treatment, my eyes aren’t cleared, I cannot see properly I though I will need to change my glass but it was not the case, it was due to not drinking enough water. So please, keep drinking as much water to keep you well hydrated, it is very important for your health.

  • I appreciate the irony in this video but by no means you and american living in a country soon to be rules by trump, should be callin ranks on the EU

  • you face a 2 year jail sentence if you produce a bottle of water that claims water helps prevent dehydration. the EU is like the new Soviet Union

  • ironically, water weight loss shrinks your waist
    but deinking water shrinks your waist
    so drink that water so you can lose it to drink it again


  • The human body is 60% water…and so called “scientist” think water doesn’t prevent dehydration? This is as stupid as people who vote for Hillary Clinton! What the hell is this world coming too!!


    for those of you who actually research things, here’s the link to the EU’s decision stating that dehydration is not a disease, which was the premise they were trying to operate off of to get the labels on the water (roughly)

  • Drinking too much water cause cause headaches, due to electrolyte imbalance. So those “sports drinks” are actually better than plan water if you are actually dehydrated.

  • I drink at most 2-3 glass of water in a day. But i can’t drink 1,5 or 2 at the samt time because my body “say no”. Is my body alredy hydrated without that I drinking water? (sorry for my english)

  • people are saying they hate water but water is one of human needs plus there are people out their with no water at all who would kill for even one drop remember that the next time you say you hate water APPREACATE YOU HAVE A BASIC HUMAN NEED SOME PEOPLE DONT HAVE

  • I thought that you (Lobliner) claimed a high IQ… The report (the one from Parma whith the 21 scientists) rebuted the claim that you need a minimum of 1.2 liters of pure water (bottled) a day to not get dehydrated… Next time READ the original report and try to understand it.

  • I drink at least 3 quarts a dayand I still get these symptoms, particularly dry skin in winter and dry sticky mouthand I’m ALWAYS irritable and moody.

  • Also, a sign if you aren’t drinking enough water your urine might be more golden and a darker yellow. When you do drink enough water your urine should be a lighter yellow, closer to white.

  • You played yourself Mark, great work.
    Since most of these commenters don’t seem to realize this either I’m going to say it again: There is a severe discrapency between drinking water and drinking-water. If you think further, drinking water won’t aid dehydration if you don’t have acces to drinking-water. Discrediting people such as these scientists just to make yourself seem more credible is just sad.
    I hope you start to look into subjects such as these a little further before you do a video about it spreading misinformation.

  • I really like water, that’s all i drink. I don’t really like other drinks. The thing is, i’m too lazy and get up to have a glass of it

  • water rehydrates you but too much can and will dehydrate you also, most water from the tap has been sterilised to the point that there are no more minerals. every time you pee you will be reducing minerals if there’s none in the water you keep drinking you exhaust the mineral reserves your body needs which in turn will keep you dehydrated. this is why we have companies who produce natural mineral water, water that’s more dense in minerals will hydrate you a lot longer with replacing those minerals. not a fan of the eu at all but if you know your science it makes sense.

  • I thought the amount of water that you had to drink was whatever you weigh after that in ounces of water so if you weigh 200 100 oz of water then

  • i don’t like tap water bc it tastes like dirt but if you drink it rlly cold it usually gets rid of the bad taste. also, bottled water tastes rlly good.

  • It’s interesting when things line up. I was actually drinking a glass of water when I went to Youtube and this was on the homepage as a suggested video for me.

  • I’m 164cm and 55kg woman and I drink about 4liters of water (but I still think it’s not enough) but I still has belly fat, muscle cramps, moody, etc


  • I respect your liberal mindset and while this proves the EU is a fucking mess, what you fail to understand is that when thr EU is gone and the british government no longer have an overlord the Conservative party will have free reign on stripping our rights away much like they did with the thatcher governent. So while its easy to say FUCK the EU. It was the lesser of two evils.

  • Is it just England or does water taste different depending on where you are? The water at my house tastes really bad, wheras at school it tastes amazing…

  • I was going through my finals at uni when I started experiencing a buzzing headache. It slowly turned into a migraine and that night I was having awful dreams/hallucinations.. I woke up at noon feeling super nauseous and realized I hadn’t consumed any water for at least 48 hours. Yeah, I basically had dehydrated myself to a state of delirium, learned my lesson!

  • I used to not like water. But I Love it now. I make sure to make daily a whole gallon of infused water of one whole cut up cucumber / 3 strawberries/ spearmint. I make the night before and leave in the refrigerator! I take it with me everywhere! Only thing is. Everyone asks me how it taste. Because it looks so Good! it is!! Does a body Great