Drop These 5 Excuses because of not Walking


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Do You Waddle When You Walk? Weak Hips? How to Stop Tredelenberg.

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If He’s Not Ready For A Relationship, Do These 5 Things LIVE With Dr. Antonio Borrello!

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Amp Walk No Excuses

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Walking is an easy, low-impact way to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Moreover, partaking in regular cardio (walking included) can help boost mood levels. Add a small incline, and it has been shown to reduce the risk of injury to lower extremity joints and be an effective weight-management strategy for obese individuals. On days when you don’t feel like walking or can’t cover 5 miles, set a timer for 10 minutes and head out. When the timer beeps, you’re done. ( These four walking.

‘That’s different than an excuse of a little ache.’ Here are some pointers to help you get through the negative chatter in your head’and step out your front door for some serious calorie burning. 1. “I’m not a morning person; it’s too hard to get out of bed.” You don’t have to run first thing in the morning, says Hebert. If you have not gathered already this article has been sprinkled with a heavy dose of humour and sarcasm. You can read even more funny exercise excuses by clicking here. However, there is a serious point behind this article.

If you want to become fitter and healthier or lose weight, you will need to ditch the excuses and start exercising. The way we kind of get in our own way comes through the excuses we consistently make for not having enough, for not achieving a goal, for not handling a problem, or for not making the most of the opportunities life throws our way. Excuses such as: I’m just not educated enough.

I just don’t have enough money. I just don’t have enough time. 5. “I’m feeling really emotional about Homeland and just need to be alone right now.” 6. “I have to wait for the internet technician to come over and he still hasn’t shown.” 7. “I threw my back out.” 8. “I threw my hip out.” 9. “I broke my entire body. Pray for me.” 10.

CBD has been on making waves within the wellness space for the last few years. Generally related to the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, it’s growing easier to find small CBD companies who are making products specifically designed to fit your needs. As FDA rules for CBD production can be a little hazy, it’s true that not all CBD products are created equally. 5. Help the excuse-maker save face. If it’s when people feel threatened that they make up excuses, then by respecting their need for self-esteem, you can cut down on the phony excuse-making in the.

Your Top Exercise Excuses, Busted. Too busy? Too tired?

Too broke? Here’s why all of those excuses and more need to stop getting in the way of your fitness. • Try a month of these fun physical activity suggestions to keep you motivated to continue living an active lifestyle! Keep Boredom at Bay: One Month of Fun Physical Activities: 6. You’re tired and lack energy.

It’s not uncommon to be tired at the end of the busy day. And most of.

List of related literature:

The walk would do me good; I had not had enough exercise lately.

“Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie
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Unable to crawl or walk, I was going to have to hop the distance on my right leg.

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I don’t have access to jogging trails, swimming pools, bike paths, etc. 3 2 1

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
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5 Unable to walk alone, even with walking rquipment.

“Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires” by Ian McDowell
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The following are valid excuses for skipping class: I have a fever of 105 degrees; I need to fly to L.A. to accept an Academy Award; today in class we are reviewing a book I wrote, my leg is caught in a bear trap.

“How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country's Top Students” by Cal Newport
from How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country’s Top Students
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I can’t walk to the shops because they’re more than ten minutes away, and ten minutes of walking is enough to make my back hurt.

“Laura Trott and Jason Kenny: The Inside Track” by Laura Trott, Jason Kenny
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• There are no excuses for skipping the walk, such as rain or heat.

“Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss” by Leslie Sansone
from Leslie Sansone’s Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss
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Walking hurts too much.’

“The Siege: Three Days of Terror Inside the Taj” by Adrian Levy, Cathy Scott-Clark
from The Siege: Three Days of Terror Inside the Taj
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I walked urgently, because I had hardly used my legs in two days.

“Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings” by Paul Theroux
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Her excuse was that we needed somewhere that was easier for me—still hobbling on crutches—to get around.

“The Hiding Place: A Novel” by C. J. Tudor
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  • Seems like a relationship.. he works so much at his job..I don’t want to ask him because I don’t want him to think I am needy.. it’s like I don’t want to beg him.. he buys me things and cooks for me and has my granddaughters over for dinner.. we’ve met each other families. But he works long hours and helps others and makes extra money on weekends.. so my question is do I give up? He’s there but almost to busy for us. He even mentioned he made the mistake of working to much and not enough time with his X wife. I think I know how she felt.

  • Awesome, already Experiencing most of that kind of stuff, proud of him,thanks Helena and Dr.Antonio.The video is so informative and absolutely valid. It’s worth the effort big time.!

  • Thank You for all your Videos!
    You Have given us a gift to heal our bodies as viewers.
    I especially ‘started a waddling walk for 3 weeks and by the 4th week
    I had pains on my sides and was in pain and almost could not walk just to go to
    the bathroom. Your site is very helpful did this exercise with the theraband tubing and it helped me tremendously.
    I also do this in my pool and within 24 hours I am cured with no pains.
    Thank You once again for helping me heal. Keep up the good work in helping others! ” God Bless Both of You for Your Talent”!

  • Back in the Day of Naievity (80s) I not only set the Boundary. I booked a room for Him to get His proverbial head together…They had a 2 year old by the Time our Divorce was finalized. Not cool A

  • I have been dating this guy for 4 months and then we stopped talking. But he came around months later. In the beginning, he made efforts and I think I was being difficult and now that he has pulled back I am freaking out. Should I lean forward or wait for him to come around?

  • My dude has told me he doesn’t want a relationship now but he wants to move slow. He is a good sweet man and he was wounded by his ex. Im gonna keep dating but I care very much for him. He was kind when we spoke but I definitely have pulled back. I don’t text first or call first at all. But I am kind and open and authentic when we connect. �� I will believe the universe will do what it does. He calls and texts everyday. I have noted I want to see him again and I believe it will happen…I’m gonna keep it light and positive.

  • Great advice! Question I have is… what is a Healthy time frame for no contact? How many weeks or how many months should you give him time to figure out what he wants ( because he will be calling you back in a day or 2 or even the next day… ) so what is a healthy time frame to talk to him to see where he is and if he will give you your wants and needs?

  • The both of you are doing a tremendous favor for us who are in bad shape. What do you recommend when you exercise to strengthen your weak leg and your good knees and hip start to feel painful? Thank you.

  • Question?
    My BF of 5 years ended our relationship 2 months ago. He had a major life changing events and didn’t want me to be there for him. We were very close. Anyway, he wants to remind friends but not initiating contact. Prior to break we joined a phone plan together. I had disconnected all steaming platforms like Hulu, amazon prime, etc…. I had asked him about separating the phone plan but he does not he just doesn’t acknowledge me on this topic. What do I do? Phone plan is in his name.

  • Talking about Long distance and financial issues,
    I learnt early on that money is usually not an issue for men to make a commitment. All he actually cares about is not loosing you.
    He could even go as far as borrowing to have you..
    Helena what do you think?

  • Love your work bro. I’ve messaged you a question on Instagram, please check and reply as soon as possible please. Waiting for your reply

  • I too have Trendelenberg’s gait. I’d like to rig something up to be able to do this exercise (have some eleastic bands that I could use to make a similar apparatus with). But my? is: I have bone on bone hips with pain and weakness. I have much pain if I walk far at all and have to rest frequently. Also pain all the time regardless of activity. I worked as an RN for years and with this and other health issues have become unable to work any longer. Is this an exercise that would help me, or would it just cause more damage and pain? Thank you for all the great videos!

  • Hello I’m in love with a man that’s in another country working on the front line as a doctor.Im so in love with this man &he says he is with me.We cant met up yet due to the flights not running.Iv got trust issues and it’s getting in the way.How can I get over these trust issues as I want to get ride of them as they may get in the way of this relationship and iv got time to work on them while hes working abroad.

  • “I’m a commitment phobe” “I’m not ready for a relationship” “Let’s not label this, lets just see where it goes” is all code for “I like you enough to have sex with you but you’ll never be what I want, in fact I want to have unlimited free sex with you while I shop around for upgrades”.

  • Give yourself A Time Frame. Dont Rush yourself. Be Genuine Be Yourself. No pressuring The Situation on your Dating Process. Let it Be.
    Enjoy The moment Learn from each other. Value and Respect The RELASHIONSHIP Don’t Do getting in A SITUATIONSHIP. Be Exclusively PRIORITY. Let Him Earn it.

  • This is so great! Thank you Helena for forwarding this link to me. I’m in a confusing situation because my ex said he’s not ready to be my boyfriend because he’s afraid to lose himself in a relationship due to our past codependent relationship. I’ve done the work and he’s hopeful and he said he wants to make it work because we have been through so much together in our 5 year relationship. We’re dating again and he wants to be sexual. I told him I’d feel more comfortable being sexual if we weren’t seeing anyone else. He agreed we’d date exclusively but with no bf/gf labels. I feel ok with this because I’m also trying to get to know him again and sounds like we both want to invest in a potential future. I sense I’m more invested emotionally and will try to just be present with him and not talk about the future. Rather create the relationship. It helps to know where you stand with a man so you can choose to accept his behaviour or not, instead of sticking around and making him wrong cause you can’t walk away or communicate your boundaries to a man.

  • There is a man I have only went on two dates with. He asked me out two times after that but there was reasons why I couldn’t. It’s been a month since we have seen each other, should I wait for him to ask me out again or should I?

  • Its bcuz, women keep sleeping or having SEX with out a commitment!! Only Date! Courtship, Dates! Not at your house! Or his. Public only!
    No Sex until a commitment!! Why buy the cow if you get the milk free!!!
    Stop with SEX!

  • I love your videos, Helena & what a treat to have Dr. Antonio on. I love his advice!
    Could you possibly do more long distance relationship, different countries, videos?
    Thank-you, for sharing!

  • I think we need to go back to dating rules, because men are lost and don’t know what they should be doing with today’s independent, free, high value women.

  • He says “you should move on and start dating”

    So I had to let him know lol

    �� Baby I’m definitely dating


    This is also long distance so I don’t think he was expecting me to say that.

  • I think most good men who are relationship and marriage materials are fewer in this generation. The majority of the good men are taken. The bad ones are available and in millions. And they are causing all these headaches and heart aches. It is sad.

  • We talked but he said he’s not ready to get serious then he gives me the silent treatment he only text me if I text him n ask him what he’s doing he gives me. The im having problems with my kids n ex n I’m going to bed ill talk about it later hes the one that was chasing me help me please

  • When dating multiple guys and they ask why you are busy. If you say i have plans and they ask is it a date…do you say yes or something else?

  • Hi I love the way your parents were introduced I think share current rating is a very safe idea I belong to India and this happens here manier times yet in the modern times people are hurting each other and Corona has taught us a good way to setup aur boundaries I myself was another also having a certain kind of relationships when I turn on your video and I cannot identify that whatever that you are saying thank you for being there and I wish to know you better as a big brother who is more familiar with situations of life and I think I have my own ideas to get it will be nice to know you as a friend greetings to you from India bye for now thank you this is GK Khanna

  • What if you really wanted to keep your options open (staying on different dating sites) but no one sparks your interest enough to spend time with them in a date? Or talking to many guys but it never evolves into a date for one reason or another? I tried knowing he still dates others but I just didn’t find anyone in my city (we were in a long distance scenario).

  • I know a guy since 10 years. On and Off relationship. He’s Avoidant / I’m Anxious. We met again 4 months ago.Thanks to dear Oxytocin (and my attachment style) I WAS THE ONE INITIATING contacts and meetings during 3 months!! In 4 months we had only ONE DATE. A dinner at his place. A salad. All the rest was booty meetings for 30 mn to 2 hours during the day! (no exclusive thing)

    Of course he’d like to keep on doing this. Knowing sex between us is great.

    But i want a dinner, talking, cause our talking is great too. (He mentioned meeting for dinner HIMSELF).

    But since i made this clear i have no news anymore. 5 days now. I know it’s not a lot. But i have the feeling it’s gonna be more (not hearing from him).

    Somebody any advice?


  • To the question of what did you do last night and you actually went out on a date… I would probably say something cute and flirty like, “I went on a date, but there’s another guy that I’m interested in and hoping he asks me out soon… ����”

  • I was diagnosed with CODP and seen with Footdrop symptoms. It changed my life as if I am already paralyzed. Problem is, I still need to go to work to feed my family

  • This was a great video to watch thank you for the helpful information. I also even have Matthew Coast’s programs as well and it has been helpful as well. Thank you ��

  • Is it too late for him too turn around after u showed him u cared. We never slept together. Will he teach out. He is so ht and cold. Does text odd time but doesn’t ask me on a date

  • you guys have solution for everything……great job guys and Thankyou for posting all these video to educate us. Big Thx from Australia

  • Antonio is so warm and alot more charming when talking to you, compared to how he rushes talking loud when he does solo videos. I like this side of his.

  • hello. do you do a video on how to correct an impingement(joint rubbing a nerve because its not sitting in place correctly i think) in the hip that gives a quick pain and lets you down(gives out)? help if you can. thanks

  • Thank you for this informative video. I have a Trendelenburg gait. But I also have a nasty case of lumbar spine stenosis so I can’t stand up straight as in the video, or at least it can be quite painful. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Dear Antonio, dear Helena! I looooooove this video, and everything else that you do! Absolutely! It is a bit hard to navigate sometimes, and I have a question regarding sex. I am madly in love with a wonderful man, that does everything for me, exept from exclusivity. That is the ONLY thing that is missing. And because it is an emotional issue for me, after a long time, I put up a boundary one day and did not want to just give myself, because I felt it was not fair to me. I was warm and all that, and he was understanding. But is this even though it felt right for me witholding sex for punishment? Can it be seen as such? How can I navigate this, as I am scared shitless that I will lose him, that he will think i am manipulating, and that he will get his needs elsewhere. How else do you cut down on the girlfriend benefits? He still relaxed and enjoyed, as he is going through an incredibly difficult situation in life….

    Sooooo hard…..thanks guys! ❤

  • Perfect timing that I came across this. The man I met wants a relationship, but his friends and therapist told him not to jump straight into one after he split from the last. We’re both in our sixties. I don’t mind being his friend, as we’ve just met, but he’s having huge panic attacks that he doesnt want to hurt me or anyone. He’s very confused and in conflict with his wishes and those of his advisers.

  • Almost Everybody in school shames me for how i walk i mean at least i can walk not like other people born without legs! It makes me want to suicide! Why does everybody care about a simple thing about you! ��

  • I’m loving these hour-long guest series!! So insightful and well-curated. Regarding social media questions (because truly, it’s a part of our lives now), I have a couple:
    Is it a good idea to keep your ex in your social media circle (if you want to move on/ if you want to perhaps get back together in the future)? How can you use social media to your advantage in dating? At what point should you connect to a new person on social media? What are some new dating rules on social media (eg. Don’t post a million couple photos especially if he’s not posting pictures of you two, etc)?


  • I’ve watched twice already! I enjoy Dr. Borello’s videos but I love his off the cuff way of phrasing things in your interview. I hope he comes back ��

  • I broke my right leg 25 years ago, for years I walked with a limp and shifted most of my weight on my left leg, for years my left hip would give out from under me or I would be sitting in a bath and all of a sudden it felt like something collapsed and I felt I was 3 inches shorter! and my left hip now crunches and clicks loudly and it is very painful, this does not show on MRI so what has likely gone wrong? I matched the symptom of the hip giving way and crunching to a two possible conditions: ligamentum teres & a labral tear. My question is are there any other conditions where the hip gives way or crunches and does not always show on MRI?

  • Can someone help me. I dont know if this is waddle. But when i walk i dont lean on the side. Just when i walk i lean a bit on both sides and a bit on front. Just going left and right a bit. Maybe its not that bad thats why but i dont walk properly

  • If he isn’t ready for a relationship he’s wasting your time leave him because if he doesn’t want a relationship what else do you think he wants SEX simple.

  • I got out of a rotten relationshit…I met a guy who don’t live far from me..he messaged about something on classifies..and we chatted for days before deciding to hook up..the problem is..he’s gotta girlfriend…so I’m going to try to follow the steps of how to be a man’s number one girl…he was here last night…but I haven’t heard from him today and I didn’t message him..I feel like I want a friend/lover who I don’t have to hide the friend ship. he’s been with his girlfriend only six months tops and she’s only in town a few days every week or every two weeks but he’ has mentioned that we could be together in the future but I realized I’m giving him everything he wants…sex, friendship,so I don’t think he’ll change unless I let him fear losing me, not talk about a relationship,give him space,be fun and playful when I’m around him and let him do little things for me (invest)even if it’s putting in a light bulb..or. Put a picture on the wall or help me decorate my tree…so it’s hard not to message him..but I’m sick of feeling like a piece of meat..I want him to be emotionally attached..not just sexually..but I know I have to make a few changes or nothing is going to change…I’m going to start leaving my options open…and when I talk to him…I’m going to get him to do me some type of favor…

  • Helena and Dr. Antonio��������
    Can I suggest a topic..Can you please talk about dating multiple ppl.. How to do it..I feel sometimes things could get out of control.. ��its confusing.. What are the tips you can give help

  • Hi Doc.., can you please makr one video on how to correct uneven pelvic. I actually meet with an accident and the pelvic i,e on ( left pubic ramus was fracture) was in bed for more than a year and now the fracture as healed but I feel my left leg is short and weak bcz of which I keep limping while walking and also get knee pain, if have to walk for 5 min.

  • You said you’re ex wife are good friends. I have a hard time being open to guys being friends with ex lovers and i cant fully understand it. Its rooted in past experiences and you, ultimately i don’t know how to act when this comes up and i get too curious with too many questions and it drives guys away. Help

  • Thanks a lot and it all makes so much sense!!!
    I met a guy recently divorced saying he’s not ready for a relationship, and he is correct I know, thing is he still chases me �� doing all the flirty stuff and so on.

    Can someone tell me, if a person is not ready for a relationship why do they even date?!? To get the cookies??? Hellooooo???

  • Thanks, guys!  Question:  I walk like that because I have sciatica from a herniated disc.  I DO own a resistance band wondering if this procedure would strengthen my leg and hip?

  • Thank you for posting your videos. After watching your videos on hips, I realized I needed to go in for physical therapy BEFORE considering hip replacement, because I needed to correct the problems that caused the pain in my hips. After 8 weeks, I’ve improved my strength, mobility and flexibility. The pain in my hips is nearly gone. Watching your videos changed my life. I can’t thank you enough!!

  • Awesome doubt clearance video bro.��.. Bro plz tell me for example of bench press in the place of it can I involve chest press machine.I’m doing workout since 1nd half yrs..for recovering from muscle imbalance I had involved machine press.. Am I doing it right,?

  • I walk like that but my head doesn’t move and my classmates copying me and i was ok with it but because they said they were just joking but they took it too far and i said that i dont want them to spread it to the whole school they said yes but they r showing it to the different sections and saying my name loudly and hearing everyone laugh while looking at me is horrible i hole back my tears but i was rlly upset then they started to call me penguin and it made me anxious, looking at everyone seeing if they r giggling at me i wish it will stop tomorrow which is monday im scared and im imagining how they would laugh at me.

  • So here is I believe quite a legit question based on this subject…Do we ever divulge to a partner that WE feel we are investing too much lately compared to THEIR investments?

  • Thank you so much for this, I am looking forward to trying this exercise I have had a left hip surgery in 1993 and a right hip surgery in 2006. I am now 55 years old and recovering from two lower back surgeries in Sept/Oct 2019 following a slipped vertebra and worn disc but I have always walked with a trendelenburg gait which makes me tired when walking, I have been trying to rectify this for years. Just seen this video so fingers crossed this work. ��

  • Since Antonio is a psychologist, I’d like to see a livestream on dating men that have had trauma in their past. I’ve dated 5 so far and kept second guessing myself bc I didn’t know if I should have given them a bit more leeway. It’s easier to take on the masculine (logical) role, or mothering role, which stinks, but I found myself falling into that if they became a bit more illogical/ insecure/emotional.

  • My pants hang low because my pockets full of guapa, my chain hangs low because my ice is full of water. I walk with a waddle. I walk with a waddle.

  • Yes this person I’m into says they don’t chase women and are use to the women doing everything?how can you be in a relationship like that without problems? I don’t mind if it’s give and take the exchange of emotions between two people that’s a relationship.well IAM wide awake no games here.iam done.we both have had enough time to figure out weither or we want a relationship or not if not him someone else then.

  • Wish you’d answer some of the questions, not just the ones that say Brad is sexy!
    I would like to know if this will cause the gait to become normal after having a THR.? My muscle and maybe nerve was damaged by having the op. Can it be fixed by doing these exercises and if so how long will it take?

  • Well I just met this guy who said his wife cheated on him and moved the man in. We talked he seems to know a lot but I am not attracted to him and he asked me out to the Gardens I cancelled be cause he had the nerve to ask me to lay with him after 2 weeks of knowing him. What a Jokester!

  • He says that we are a couple, but is not ready for marriage has been in a relationship for six months has no problem getting married,he was married for 17years and divorced 5 years

  • Thanks guys! Just discovered you two. Great chemistry. I’m a new fan. Entered my 40s and I noticed a tendency to walk the way I notice older folk walked, except not significantly so, obviously. Then it dawn on me. “Why do older folk walk that way?” I thought.! There! Thanks again! Subscribed!

  • How do you let him know you no longer want to sleep him until he makes it exclusive? I no longer want to increase my chances of getting hurt. I want to approach this in a feminine way, that does not come off as a challenge or ultimatum. I want to set that boundary because its going to be 3 months soon. I have not been seeing others and “keeping my options open” as you both suggested. ( & he knows this)

  • Sir,, pls response me… This can save my life…. I had an femur injury on left leg 1.5 years ago… Now I waddle on the right side while walking cause I put more pressure on the right leg… Also my left leg is 0.5 to 1 cm shorter now… But hard to identify..Is this exercise going to be enough to fix my waddle and slight limping? my muscles of left leg and hip are very weak… Need ur suggestion..should i do this exercise on one side only? If yes then which side I should try to move by holding that resistance tube?…. Thanks

  • What about if I’ve been dating a man for eight months. He pursued me heavily for three months before I gave him my heart. He professed his love for me and pursued me heavily up until even recently. But then he started getting really stressed out at work. He really tried to give me his attention but it seemed too much for him. He broke up with me a week ago saying he didn’t know what he wanted. That he needed to figure himself out. This is after speaking about moving in together. He invested a lot in me. I never once had to pursue him. I did everything right on my part. He just had a change of heart. I don’t know how to handle this

  • Just decided to open up an online dating profile just to see. Tired of off/on situationship going on 7 years. I’m nervous because I really did want it to work with my person but like you said, why would he if he’s getting all his needs met. Thank you for the advice.
    Sadly, I’ve made every mistake possible. I’ve been constant and true and it got me nowhere.

  • Would using a round resistance band around the ankles/knees instead be close enough to the theratubing or does there need to be more than just side to side resistance?

  • Love this. Thanks! Will keep an eye out for a band like this. Wish I could think of something equivalent like this to do without having to purchase something in the meantime!

  • would it not be a good idea for women who have had children to strengthen their pelvic muscles before strengthening their other muscles? I have suffered from si joint and loose muscles so I went to the gym and was strengthen the hips muscles but still found it was sore in the ball of the hip joint on my right hand side
    thank you
    L M

  • Hi I am Brian and I’m 17, I have a disability called cerebal palsy, I’m assuming you mite know what that is sence your therapist, but it’s a leg disorder from brain damage and I have it for both legs.
    Ive been doing stretches and exercises everyday but the main thing is my hip when I walk I waddle I’m trying to make it better, so I was wondering are there exercises I could try to do with out tools like the one used in the video?

  • My waddling gait came from my knee problems. Even my 4 year old grandson said I walked like a penguin. I’ve had Bilateral Total Knee Replacement. You said this indicates weak hips. What about my situation? My knees were in so much pain but now they are fixed.

  • Will start doing it, hope it helps me to get rid of my woddle. Have really bad woddle to one side because had pao and proximal femur osteotomy on my right leg 6 months ago. And thanks for the awsome content.

  • This is me right now. But I genuinely don’t want him anymore. Now he’s reaching out. I can’t fake interest. Idk if I can see him doing too much that would actually work. I witnessed my X husband buy me flowers and get down on his knees and cry miserably how he wanted to save the marriage. I felt nothing and went thru the divorce. I feel the same again about this new guy. It’s been two years that I’ve been nagging. Now I back off and now he’s trying hard. Idk…… Oh and don’t send happy birthday greetings if you’re doing no contact….believe me it will get in their head and they’ll wonder wtf, why weren’t you there then they’ll reach out, I promise, I did this last weekend after no contact since Easter, his bday was father’s day weekend and I send him nothing. Noting that last year for his bday I did way too much, sent him a txt, got him a shirt, but this time he got nothing…������ by Tuesday he sent a txt. �� Proof. Thank you both for this video, it help me be reassured of what I was doing