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Understanding the difference between rest and recovery can help you figure out the best course of action for your particular situation. For recreational athletes, most coaches recommend one day of complete rest each week. Research suggests that more competitive athletes may need as much as 48 hours of rest, after especially hard workouts. The need for rest in these instances is related to. But if you’re doing moderate or vigorous aerobic activity, rest days are essential.

It’s recommended to take a rest day every three to five days. If you do vigorous cardio, you’ll want to. If you’re experiencing limited mobility or stiffness after a workout, give yourself plenty of complete rest days until the soreness subsides.

You can try some easy walking or foam rolling if you feel up to it, but otherwise, recovery is likely what you need. The Benefits of a Complete Rest Day vs. Active Rest Days.

A rest day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lie in bed all day. Instead, try embracing. You can get away with stacking a few hard days together, but you do eventually need relative rest. That doesn’t necessarily mean a full day off, but it does mean more than 24hrs where you aren’t working so hard. Otherwise, you break down.

What used to be easy will feel harder and your strong efforts will be slower. Recover Days vs. Rest Days. Ultimately, whether or not you need a complete rest day is based things like your fitness level, the intensity of your workouts, the duration of your physical activity, and if your body signals that it needs them. So, for the typical fitness enthusiast, one full rest day weekly is likely sufficient, while competitive.

With the possible exception of Bruce Banner’s, muscles need a certain amount of rest in order to strengthen and grow. But while some say muscles need one to two days of rest to recover from. The number of rest days that you take each week really depends on how intensely you train, especially relative to your fitness level.

In a nutshell, this is a good rule; if a muscle group is still sore from a previous workout, do not train it intensely again until it has healed and is no longer sore. However, if proper recovery time (rest) is not given then the body can not regenerate. The body will store less glycogen which is why you will look flat when you overtrain. If this imbalance between intense excess training and inadequate recovery (rest) time persists then performance will decline.

Yes you need rest days. Well, you need rest days if you are giving it enough effort/intensity. This is when your muscles recover and grow. I wouldn’t go 4 days straight of lifting; split it up. The way you handle your off days can greatly affect your ability to build muscle and get stronger.

For the dedicated lifter, the problem isn’t that you take an occasional rest day. The problem is that you don’t take ENOUGH rest days and you don’t time them wisely in your training week. Off days can be.

List of related literature:

Everyone needs a minimum of one rest day a week.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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The body needs rest days in between hard physical days so it can heal and gain strength.

“Rock Climbing, 2nd Edition: Mastering Basic Skills” by Topher Donahoe, Craig Luebben
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There is a required rest period every day.

“Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008 Vol.1”
from Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008 Vol.1
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I’d burn out if we had to go through two ‘days of rest’ like this every seven days.”

“Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald
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If your answer is that you feel tired on consecutive days, then you need rest and recovery.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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It is more, not less, than observing one day of rest a week.

“The Anxiety Cure: A Proven Method for Dealing with Worry, Stress and Panic Attacks” by Archibald Hart
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Rest days are essential not only for reducing the risk of injury and giving muscles time to refuel but also for allowing time to shop for food (and even cook a big pot of chili for the week, if so inclined).

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
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Would it not be better if there were no days of rest at all, but as many more hours of rest instead?

“Parerga and Paralipomena: Short Philosophical Essays” by Arthur Schopenhauer, E. F. J. Payne
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Rest day came sometimes once in three weeks.

“A History of Caroline County, Virginia: From Its Formation in 1727 to 1924” by Marshall Wingfield
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We only had a rest day every 13 days.

“Digital Labour and Karl Marx” by Christian Fuchs
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  • I workout 7 days a week. I experimented with myself. Military we workouted everyday I was jacked and conditioned. My uncle who was in prision was jacked same process. You can’t go balls to the wall everyday. When my upper body is taxed I do legs. Then when my nervous system is taxes I rest until that inner pump comes back.

  • my training split, what you think lee?(bulking)
    day 1: chest shoulder triceps
    day 2: back biceps
    day 3 legs
    day4 chest shoulder triceps
    day 5 back biceps

  • I agree with everything you say, AS A NATURAL. If you are roiding then you can work out more frequently because your muscles recover faster, that’s one reason they work the way they do.

  • I would assume a lot has to do with genetics. I have talked to bodybuilders who lift 7 days a week and some who say they have to take time off.

  • I’m a bit older at 43 and take 1 rest day per week. Doing 4 days of weight lifting and 4 days of Jump rope. Two of the strength training days I jump rope also. As a result I have three days a week off each particular type of activity.

  • I worked out for a year and I look pretty good already I bench 100 pounds 3 sets 20s and I do whole body workouts and it takes me 3 hours to work out and I try my hardest every time but I also have school and I’m 18 going to get a job after school and I might not have much time to workout so should I shorten my workout????

  • You got back and bis one day. Legs one day. Chest one day and shoulders one day. Thats 4 days. How can you do that twice a week and have a day off??��


  • As strange as this sounds, two rest days from weight lifting is what works best for me. Some guys lift everyday. Some four days a week. I say, “Just lift. Forget about the amounts…the number of reps…just do it! Just go!”

    Anyway Lee, I practice martial arts on my rest days and do Chi-king on those days as well.


  • you can say work your back on with all isolation work outs, on day one1 then day 2 work on your front chest
    day 3 work on your arms that also means forarmes to
    day 4 legs
    day 5 abs all abs
    day 6 full uper half work out that covers everything do half of your ab work out
    day 7 do a full lower work out that covers everything. do the other half of your abs work out. meaning the abs all day is cut in half and day 6 and 7. this way you can technically be working out everything twice a week. if you need more then twice then just modife it like add 1 extra day of a full lower half. and or uper.
    and so on so forth. lols no need to take a vecation day off of working out. everyday.

  • Hello Lee,
    When you are speaking about resting for two days are you referring to resting completely from physical activity or only from strength training. For example… Can I work hard on resistance training and then the next day go for a jog or run? Or… laying off of all workouts whether running of gym work?
    Thanks for sharing this video.

  • Good advice, every other day works best for me as well. I get best results from 3 days a week on a upper/lower split. Plus this leaves the off days for sports or cardio.

  • Lee would doing lighter weight and less volume of what you normally do..count as a recovery day? instead of taking a day off and doing nothing.

  • Like Leroy Colbert says “the body does not like idleness”. No more than two days before attacking a muscle again. Three, four days, and five days between attacking a again is too long.Your body forgets and you have to get the rhythm going again. I train each body part twice a week, and rest 48-72 hours between body parts.

  • no you do not need a rest day. if you plan out your work outs properly you can hit all muscels twice a week. also if your sore the next day there is a such thing as active rest. yoga, palodies, and other forms that do not cuss super intense work outs. you can do planks jog, skip, and focus on cardio that day, in fact its recomended that do a active rest activety it helps serculate the blood thus allowing to trave to the effected areas and the healing can be quiker. but active rest dose not mean go full out.

  • I train each muscle group twice a week at the gym e.g. Chest& back (Monday and Thursdays 48-72 hours elapsed) Shoulders & Arms (Tuesday and Friday), Legs (Wednesdays and Saturdays). I sometimes don’t go if I’m still sore. I train heavy pyramiding weight up, and sometimes. “I train light high reps not really breaking down the muscle e.g. feeder workout I keep the same weight” for cuts the pump” e.g. Curls, push ups, and bench dips at home similar to a prison workout. Tell me what you think Hayward!

  • Man i really like ya’ll man ya’ll natural and funny bro. The best youtubers there is keep going hard and being unique brotha’s������

  • Can you still make gains if you do upper body say on Monday, legs and arms on Tuesday, Wednesday off, then repeat the cycle, or is it better to do upper one day, lower the next, arms on a 3rd, take a day off then repeat the cycle?

  • great video Scott as always:D I would love to win the recipe book:^)
    Ps.: i am really jealous about the ice section in Ireland, sooo many different flavours of halo top,breyers and i dont even know the other brands:)

  • can a person workout 2 times per week if your doing high volume workouts will your muscles get use to that working out 2 times a week and heal faster is that possible

  • Lee after seen this video i think i relate and i hope you answer this, so i barely turn 17 years old i weight 145l been going to the gym for 1 month, and i do strong man training with power lifting, sprinting, endurance i pretty much work on beign the best at every field of fitness i wake up every day and give 100 percent in the gym i max out everyday on everything and it have been working in just 1 month i’m able to bench press 225, deadlift 400lb squat 285 but i’m felling really weak i think today i tried 400lb deadlift and i could’nt lift it not even 200lb i think i’m overtraining, and that i need to stop, but i’m so focuse on my goals in life that even that i know that i’m overtraing i’m still saying that i need to do even more of what i’m doing now, do you think i should rest how much time would you say thanks.

  • Dr, can be optimal split all my hypertrophy training, based in your volume/frequency (Dr.Mike Israetel) landmarks about 5/6 days per week, 2 or 3 small sessions each day? I workout in my home!

  • hi guys needs some help to lose my freaking love handles, i already lost all the wieight i had to but i after 5 months of hard workout nothing happened. i’ve started the 4 week challenge and mi waiting for results but i need to know if there is any exercise to burn fat on that side of body

  • I do “active” rest days. Meaning I do stretching to recover, and I keep moving all day with chores and light play. It’s worked a ton better than lazing around and doing nothing, no offense Jumpers. Before it never occurred that “rest days” really mean recovering the best way for you. Many fitness gurus fail to mention that. Thanks dudes, you saved me a lot of pain!

  • Lee, enjoy your videos. I find If I don’t go to gym 6 days a week, it’s harder to get there. I’ve decided to work each muscle group 2 times a week. Example, Monday I’ll do chest and shoulders. Tues, bi’s and tri’s. Wed, back and ab’s. Then repeat Thurs, Fri and Sat. (i know…where the heck is the leg workout). Would this be considered over training? I only do 6 -8 sets per muscle group each workout. so 12-16 sets a week. Also, I grew up (well, men never really “grow up”) in Botwood!!!! Where you grow up?

  • God damn dude, get to the fucking point. I don’t need to know about all the dumb shit you thought about when you were a little shit

  • I’m going thru this myself. I think it’s usually the hardest when u first start or start back up. U just get excited and impatient basically and just wanna make up for lost time. I’m sore right now. I’m fighting myself to not strain myself and hope the day goes by so tomorrow I can get it like I did yesterday. Plus I don’t wanna pull a muscle. Or get a cold.

  • good advice to follow. But I would say that some workouts require more recovery than others. So I would advise on those days when you really have a hard workout, take a day or two to recover, and repeat the process.

  • Hey Scott! Amazing video, i am also a fan of no rest days….hahaha
    Can i ask you something?
    I was watching your last cheat day video and wondering, how do you calculate your TDEE, i mean…
    How much you estimate your TMB, workout calorie burned and steps calories burned?
    Could you explain, please?

    Thank you and keep making this awesome videos.

  • Answer the question man, damn. You guys bullshit way too much, you don’t even get to the question which is the whole point point of the video in the first place.

  • Hi Lee. I’m following Phil Hernon’s advice and have been training each body part every day for 1 set to failure and have had great results. I train 6 to 7 days a week. Yes I am on TRT!

  • How about the military? They are training intense everyday and it seems that they get stronger with that routine; what can you say about that?

  • 5:38 doesn’t have the link 😉 I hadn’t regularly jumped rope in 3 months due to foot pain and not having supportive shoes. Yesterday I received my Nike 2017 Hyperdunk shoes in the mail, and did your “get into flow” 10 minute workout with the Crossrope mat (in my HOT garage with a fan going, drinking water of course). I’m REALLY amazed at those shoes and REALLY happy to be jumping again. I actually did more jumping earlier in the day to try out the shoes, and did 40-something jumps with the 3Lb Titan rope as a finisher. So today I’m taking it easy and resting. I might do a few jumps for fun, but I don’t want to push myself. I have a tendency to overdo things and do too much too quickly, so resting is also a great practice of discipline and temperance!

  • Hello Lee, I have been training about 4 days a week and i have been doing hiit training 2 days other than that. Should i just take those extra two days off completely instead of doing sprints and abs? I just don’t wanna replace one of my crucial lifting days with cardio so my days off usually consist of sprints and stairmaster to stay active

  • So if your split it push, pull, legs (core is worked every workout day) and you only do calisthenics, you can get away with training daily?

  • When I first started working out 12 years ago, I trained chest every day. I got my touncils infected 6 times in a row and was on antibiotics all the time. I almost decided for surgery because I thought there was something wrong them. Then I thought, what if I shouldn’t train chest every day, maybe that’s the problem. Suddenly I had no more issues ever again.

  • What’s the app that has a timer on how long you’ve been going to the gym? Like sometimes you have a timer taht you show. Thank youuu

  • i train 7 days a week (never train the same muscle within a 4 day period) and i have effective progress. i know it sounds strange but i dont think i can train every second day. i have lots of energy (im guessing due to my strict diet) and like i said i have good progress. i think this is due to the fact i work monday legs, tuesday biceps and forearms, wednesday triceps,thursday back, friday chest, saturday core and sunday shoulders. as well as daily abdominal exersizes. would this still be considered overtraining due to the long period of time between each muscle working? for as i stated i have good progress, just wanted an opionon and weather or not you think adjustments need to be made or believe im overtraining

  • Yes! And NO…. last time I punched a smart ass I thought I killed him and it scared the shit out if me. Dude was walking backward on them heels for like 10 ft, he almost stayed up. I was just off a dirty work day and hate to stop anywhere but I needed gas and dude said look at this dirt ball, and I heard it and was already pissed and that’s how shit happens so don’t say anything to the dirty guy who works hard because if it wasn’t for us u wouldn’t have a roof, shit fixed that normal folks cannot and all the above. My rant is over. Let’s hear some more one punch stories.

  • They are comedians. They are funny if anyone wants their advice they already know what to expect. I think they are hilarious! If I had a problem that I wanted advice from that was serious I would not message them at all lol There are a couple of things that I want to ask I just haven’t got around to it yet. Love these guys!!

  • hey guys, happy 4th of july!

    i just wanted to drop by and tell you my story, i found this channel around April 2017. i instantly bought a rope and started training, i loved the idea of getting such a good cardio (and all around muscle) workout without really having to go anywhere. and it was fun!!!!

    skipping rope was a HUGE step in beginning my fitness journey. i started SHREDDING pounds and it gave me instant confidence. i’ve dropped 55lbs and now i’m weighing in at 125lbs this year. looking lean and feeling great. i still skip rope and learned a couple cools tricks on the way.

    i just want to personally thank you guys for making this channel, i don’t think i would’ve had the same results if i didn’t get inspired by your energy and introducing me into skipping.

    much love to you guys! DO THE THINGGGGG

  • Question: I have been trying to build my calves. I am 16. I’ve been doing 30-50 minute workouts of straight calf raises every day. I am on my second week now, but while I was on my first week I noticed PHENOMENAL changes, more muscle definition ext… but now on my second week I notice my muscles aren’t as hard as they were last week and it feels like I’ve lost muscle. If I rest will it come back, or will I have to work for it again?

  • Right. I made same mistake starting out…lifting everyday….until I realized hey no progress   LOL  Also I soon learned it was light-moderate wt that actually bulks you up. Heavy wt only strains your joints. Even champion lifters only go heavy sparingly.

  • Do 4 weeks and than take one week off. Measure your body before you start program and than after when you going back to the routine. You will know if it works or not

  • Every second day

    Monday Workout
    Tuesday Rest day
    Wednesday Workout
    Thusday Rest day
    Friday Workout
    Saturday Rest day
    Sunday Workout

    is that you mean

  • My body is telling me “ dude, your 49, you re allowed to kinda look like King Kong with titties, them younger days are gone and u fellas ain’t far behind me. I’d say keep going and when u get to 50 u ll b lean like me. There was a time when I was naturallly just a big strong dude without working out, not an ounce of fat, just veins everywhere and I feel after going thru this life that a man in his 30 s and 40 s is in a good position to build a good physique with decent genetics. Ya can’t change everything about your body or look like someone else, know this! Clean up the sloppy parts. For me it’s the belly, I look like a toad from behind and that’s how it is, butt cheek muscles leave a gap in my sweats on top of the cheeks….how it is. Dick still working fine and I like to tear up some pussy, feels manly watching that girl s beautiful ass walk away from the bed all shaky. You know when a girl s head is going side to side and she closes her eyes, she’s in another world is what makes me feel good that the job is almost over if I can get a nut if she don’t keep trying to squeeze me out. U all fellas know, that’s how u know u hittin it right be is these girls will lie and say they got off then call someone else’s ass over to finish the job. Leave em with a limp

  • Ok but let’s say I’m doing push pull legs, can I just do push pull legs continuously 7days a week. Because that will still give me two days rest for each muscle group after every work out, as long as I’m resting a lot ans sleeping and eating a lot Im going to get results doing this or would it still be better to take a rest day every week? I just prefer to work our everyday it’s my favourite part of the day so if It won’t make things worst..

  • With dude in the right, fuck all this shit. You two s real cool dudes. Having good laughs because I m friends with twins and they fight all the fucking time, so much that I just get up and leave. Quit looking in the fucking mirror. I had a dude tell me today anyone who works out every day is stupid. I didn’t say too much, just thinking, yeah whatever pills bury boy, all big and round and shit. Yeah 6 days a week or every motherfuc kin day. Push and pull, push and pull equal. One day a week is good

  • This is exactly why most people don’t make any gains, too much volume and frequency. Keep doing your 12 plus sets per body part per week and you’ll look exactly the same 5 years from now lol

  • hi… would like to know why i gain weight on my rest days.. i workout 5 days a week and on calorie deficit and on weekends i take my rest days and immediately notice the scale increasing upto a kg.. i dont go over the calorie intake just not on deficit.. sooo demotivating ����

  • Glad this popped up, I rode my bike yesterday and worked out after and not feeling it this morning, even slept in
    .. I’ll rest today…lol

  • I know I am over-trained.. I just started jumping rope a week ago after 10 years of no training and I am ADDICTED. I can’t stop, but my performance is suffering since day 5 with no rest days.

  • sick video like always my man���� loved it, possibly your best one yet�� i always wanted to know, so the sugar free squash doesn‘t break your fast?��

  • I’m on the fence when to take my rest day right now. I’m on my 6th day in a row and just started working out and jumping rope. I almost feel addicted and crave to do more, is this normal?

  • One day full of calisthenics,the other day 30min Jumping rope,intermited fasting 6\7 days and eating a lot of vegetables!I almost forgot!!The rest days go for swim,and study ancient filosophers!(Plato,Socrates,Heracletus,Pithagoras and others)!!
    This is mine magic recipy for living!
    Greetings from Crete, Greece!!

  • I am working out 15 months until now and what I do is: the first day calisthenics, the other day skipping rope for 6 days per week so I suppose my rest day is only one per week! (usually I skip the jump rope because my calisthenics program is my “main” work out schedule). I don’t want to llet my muschles off-action for 72 hours… Also I use a fast rope because the cross ropes are a little expensive so it doesn’t work my muschles that much.

  • These guys are great, they make me laugh their accents are great. Shit they make me wish I had a twin brother. Shit, they don’t even need a fucking mirror, just look at each other. That would be a hilarious video.

  • Would love to hang out and work out with you guys. I’d probably hurt myself from laughing and dropping heavy weights on myself lol.

  • I heard nucleus overload works though workout every day for a while then rest and maybe do other muscles you did less or just rest more and then it all blows up. I noticed this before myself and if you do only 1-2 meals a day your body has more time to restore and repair.

  • Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Shoulders
    Thursday: Arms
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: Anything you want or rest
    Sunday: Rest
    is what I and few ppl I know do, works well

  • Fav YouTubed brother!!! Bloody love your channel and content!! Can’t get enough so keep killing it and doing what yah doing����������
    From yah knowledge to training to fullday of eating and cheat days I bloody love them all and can’t wait for more!!!������������
    Crazy awesome video too bro!! Happy 4 YEARS!!!������✌️����
    True dedication I say!! Finds a hotel gym in the snow you the man brother I reckon�������� the Lidl adventures are a must ofcourse bro ������

  • Hey.. i doing jumping rope for a week now for 20min and my right leg is killing it.. any reason why or its normal??and took only 1 break in a week
    Hope you reply soon

  • This video was a must need! I am suffering regular ankle sprains, shin splints and other such issues so often nw, that I was literally suffering mentally and physically but nw I know what’s supposed to be periods were missing out frm my schedule! Thanx a lot dudes… Obsessed over #dothething

  • Thanks for the info Brandon. I also take more rest days when I’m changing levels from beginner to intermediate. Its easy to exercise 4-5 days a week when the routine is easy, but when Im changing into a harder routine and wants it to stick i take 1-2 rest days in between until the routine becomes easier. Self discipline is so important.

  • Hey JRD!
    Did the thing, day 20 (in a row).
    I feel pain in my ankles and knees, why? ��
    Btw I jumprope for 30min and I allways warm up before jumping..

  • I work out everyday but the Problem is when I take the rest day That day just doesn’t feel good, I feel demotivated to do anything.. but I also know Resting is also as important as workout itself. it is itself a Dilemma.

  • Hey JRD. This isn’t much but I’m a 200 pound 5’11 guy that just started jump roping (alternate skip) and im getting better by the week (i can do up to 20 simultaneous reps and pace myself under 30 mins). Thank u for being part of this journey

  • Lee Is Right Again! I’m a BodyBuilder 2.. Recently i’ve started Doing what Lee say’s he’s Doing..I Do monday..tuesday..1 Day Rest..the i Take the 2 days again..Saterday sunday Totaal Rest..Today i Went to The Gym; My Performance Was Better Than Ever..Thank u Sir Lee.

  • Brilliant advice this was the question i was asking myself today and today is a rest day although i did swim? So when you say rest day is that totally no excise?

  • My god! I so needed this coz when i just get too exhausted after a few days and i skip a day or two, i m like totally filled with guilt and negativity but now i know yes i can have atleast a rest day per week and its totally fine! Thankyou dudes!!!! You know i love u guys right???

  • I train a minimum of 5 times a week, (most weeks I train 6 times) some odd week every day. But I sleep around 9 hours and I eat 6 meals a day. Isn’t that enough of rest and nutrition for recovery?..also, I don’t have a physical labor job so you could say my body even rests when I work during the day because I sit most of the time.

  • I started doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km everyday. First 2 weeks was like a hell to me but I stuck with my plan!!! Year and half and I became bald and stronger, and after 3 years I became emotionless BUT I have so strong that I can kill everyone with only one punch!!!
    Yes… I’m Saitama

  • Guys what about jumping rope on the quarter pound since it’s not weighted? I do the 1 pound 4 days and the quarter pound the rest of week. Would that be good since quarter pound doesn’t workout muscles as much?

  • My coach told me it is okay to train everyday.
    But I am only supposed to do lifting 3 days a week. And I do cycle training on the rest of the days. Does that sound right?

  • Great advice Lee, I train pretty intense on training days so day off is need so I use these days to walk or to bit steady state cardio:)

  • I’ve also worked out for 4 years, no rest days, obviously some days are more intense than others but it just feels natural and normal

  • Pure motivation right there, this will get me through the cardio, legday ( #lungesaresatan) and kickboxing for the Day…

    Keep up the content and cant wait for the reverse dieting video!!

  • A tablespoon of raw honey before and after training would give u immediately immense energy take my word for it you feel like superman

  • You do not need any rest days as long as you stay within your maximal recoverable volume. In addition, active recovery is superior to doing nothing.

  • I train 7 days too�� but the difference between me and you is that I train my fingers everyday at pc���� I think my fingers will get overtrained

  • Taking 1 day or even at times, 2 days off in a week from bodybuilding/weight training is very very important. Recovery very crucial not only to stay healthy but also to improve your performance and grow/ develop yourself

  • Yes! I have a running streak going on 3 years, no less than 2 miles a day. I do it for fun, but also to prove that you always have the time. Its what you make a priority in your life.

  • G’day Scott, hope you are well. Just wanted to say that I really do admire what you are doing despite what the science and just plain old human intuition would tell you. You’re an inspiration to us all mate… the way…..CONGRATULATIONS on a sub 20:00min video!!!!!������

  • Have you ever tried full body workouts?
    I think that would be an interesting experiment. One set for each muscle you focus on per day with around 5-10 reps with daily progressive overload. I actually did that for 2 weeks and added around 15-20 lbs to the main focused lifts. It was probably greatly due to adaptation or constantly teasing the central nervous system, because I was at a caloric deficit and continued to lose fat while gaining strength. I assumed the strength I gained would diminish after falling back into my regular split, but I surprisingly managed to keep the strength. Too bad there’s so many factors that can contribute with my experience.

  • I tick boxes, as well ✅; one of them is of course watching your videos�� I also work out consistently and dedicated, so I’m definitely no couch ����Btw; Motherland-adventures are ����Lots of love ❤️

  • first of all, the dish pronounced as “kebab” which is originally a Turkish dish.
    second of all, you are one of the most insane person I’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life. I was going to the gym for the last five or six days and yesterday my dad said that “you shouldn’t go to gym that often, you are overtraining blah blah”. now dad, please watch this video and shut your mouth up:)

  • Hey Josef, the other day I saw a video of your chest workout for flat bench-press. Could you plz give me more tips on Incline bench-press, decline bench-press, flat dumbbell fly and flat dumbbell press (proper technique). Thank you bro.

  • I would really like it if Josef just had a video answering a question and its just a 2 second video were he says “Yes” and it ends