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Will a Weighted Blanket Help You Sleep Better?

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The blankets, which can weigh up to 30 pounds, contain weighted beads or pellets to give them heft. They are marketed with claims that they create a calming, comforting effect that can lower stress. There’s no solid proof that weighted blankets treat health or sleep problems. One study found that college students who slept under weighted blankets for one semester had lower anxiety and.

But he cautions that the weighted blanket is not the cure-all for improving sleep. “You also have to pay attention to the foundation of good sleep hygiene,” he says. That means using the bedroom. Study participants also said they found it easier to settle down to sleep with the weighted blanket. Plus, they reported getting better sleep and feeling more refreshed the next morning.

The theory. Weighted blankets can help with anxiety and sleeplessness. If your anxiety keeps you up at night, you could use the soothing pressure provided by a weighted blanket. Your blanket is as calming as a hug from your favorite Aunt and can help with sleep and longevity over time. You’ll be warm all night.

Why do weighted blankets work? 7 ways smart home devices can help you sleep better 3:16 It is also said to trigger our parasympathetic nervous system, which puts our. Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like — they’re heavy blankets (typically 15 pounds or more) filled with a material such as plastic pellets. The theory is that the deep pressure you.

A number of online retailers now sell weighted blankets, and some research suggests that they really do relieve stress and encourage a restful night. One study in Occupational Therapy in Mental. A weighted blanket could help by decreasing activity in the nervous system and lessening anxiety., Paired with some quiet meditation, a weighted blanket might be just the thing to help you drift off to sleep quickly.

Scientific research on weighted blankets is limited, but there is some evidence these blankets can be helpful to ease anxiety and lower stress, which can help people fall asleep faster and get back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night.

List of related literature:

Moreover, to use piezoelectric sensor while sleeping which can be placed inside the bed to detect ones overnight movement while sleeping, posture, and body weight distribution, which will be used to adjust the bed temperature required according to what is suggested by the doctors, so as to maximize the health benefits.

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They may benefit from weighted blankets or a number of blankets at bed time.

“Coming Home to Autism: A Room-by-Room Approach to Supporting Your Child at Home after ASD Diagnosis” by Tara Leniston, Rhian Grounds
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I have been using a weighted blanket and it’s been helping me sleep at night.

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Weighted blankets are a godsend.

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Weighted blankets, available online and now in some stores, can be almost miraculously relaxing for some people, helping them fall asleep and stay asleep.

“The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Without Leaving Them to Cry it Out” by Kim West, Joanne Kenen
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I swear by weighted blankets.

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A weighted blanket may help a child who needs sensory input to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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The experimental results of this work indicate that the proposed algorithm can achieve high accuracy when sleep is stable and in the stage of sleep instability it can also make most of correct decisions about sleeping posture.

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It works wonders, and it’s helpful for those who struggle to fall and stay asleep.

“The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset” by Jessica Sepel
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Positional pillows and foam head supports made for side sleepers can encourage maintaining the position throughout the night.

“Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals, Volume 2: Circulation and Respiration, including the Cardiovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Pulmonary, and Respiratory Systems” by Jill Stansbury
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  • After getting a weighted blanked I haven’t slept better. Combination of less alcohol and better sleep I feel amazing! I have longer and deeper sleep and feel like My dreams last longer ie better quality REM cycle. I just wish I had it since I was a kid, as the better sleep help your brain develop

  • My 15lb weighted blanket should arrive tomorrow. Amazon has free, postage paid return policy for 30 days. At least my blanket did.

  • I sometimes sleep with a 100lbs vest. No joke, it actually made a difference in how my body could handle my own body weight. I could move faster, and felt light as a feather for a short time after. Ha. No it will not help you lift more weight by itself, or lose weight, but like I said it did help me with my day to day tasks, and workouts. Just do it safely. A weighted blanket would just be hot.

  • I am super anxious. As a kid, I’d only get to sleep if I had 3 or 4 blankets over me, even in the summer. I live in brasil, it’s really warm here. And I’d wake up soaking wet. So, I guess weighted blankets do work. Nowadays, I cant have that much weight over me specially cuz i cant stand the heat.

  • This was super helpful! Do you still use the blanket to this day? Also just subscribed to you! So good to always see another fellow Aussie YTer:)

  • You should do a video about what exactly anxiety is and examples and a little more about anxiety to better understand how severe it can be.

  • I’d be curious to see race specific tests as well. I wonder if weighted blankets help more for those that traditionally lived in northern climates where heavy furs and blankets improved your chances of staying warm. Compared to those who developed in more equatorial temperature.

  • Jo, I have slept with a weighted blanket for about 30 years. I don’t have a commercially made blanket but instead I use two heavy Chevron pattern Afghans made by my wife’s grandmother. One I use doubled and the other single layer.
    The value to a weighted blanket for many people is creating a cocoon feeling where everywhere on your body has a similar tactile and temperature sensation by filling in the air spaces. This allows the an over-attentive mind to let go and relax.
    This struggle is common for people who have suffered a brain injury, like a concussion. That is my case. My brain cannot ignore the difference between the different sensations in bed so if I make all the sensations the same, my brain will relax and sleep. With it, I can often wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.
    I hope you get the same quality sleep I get. A great night’s sleep is such a blessing to the start of the day.
    Keep smiling.

  • I have been so on the edge for a long time about getting a weighted blanket to help me sleep at night, I think you just pushed me over the edge on going for it.
    Just curious, what size did you get? (not the weight, the physical size) I have nerve and muscle pain, but pressure seems helpful on the nerve pain. I also just have an all-around issue with sleeping, some of which is brought on by my tinnitus, and some of which is probably anxiety.
    Have I mentioned how much I love the colors you did your hair with? They just go so well together and look so right for you.

  • I have a wated blanket and I have asma and it does not effect me plus my asma is not bad it is like I don’t have it anymore and the blanket is just 6 pounds so not that heavy we did that so it would be safer for me to use it

  • I love Brookstone and their products especially those for sleep. I got their better than down comforter and I love it. Then for Christmas in 2017 I got the NAP weighted blanket from Brookstone as a gift from my mom. I am constantly wanting new blankets because i like having several blankets on the bed. I have anxiety and ADD. I sleep with the 2 blankets every night. Both 5 star ⭐️ products. Don’t be afraid of the price Brookstone makes really good products.

  • I suffer from severe anxiety and have a weighted blanket and I love it! My bf kept stealing mine so we got one for him too. Totally recommend them.

  • My mother loves to sew so she made each one of us kids a 5-10 lb blanket and we definitely appreciate it during January and February in the Midwest. It is a must have when one gets a fever and nothing else will keep you warm. I think the trapping of body heat has more to do with it than the weight itself. I used to instantly fall asleep in front of fireplaces when young.

  • I don’t have any of the issues that were mentioned in this video and I have a weighted blanket and I absolutely love it! The brand I got is called calming comfort. Sooooo worth it!

  • I was in my counselors office having a really bad day with my anxiety and she had one i used it while i was in the office. It helped me calm my anxiety down.

  • I tell ya what. Never heard about these things until Christmas that just passed. My wife got me a 25lbs blanket. I thought it was an odd gift but its a blanket so I used it. I hibernated. My wife told me I did not move as she claims I kick a lot in my sleep.

    I got curious so I started reading up on them this morning. Interesting, I guess I have mental issues.

    Later on I will see about getting a 40-50lbs blanket if I can find one.

  • I have one, different brand but similar. IK got it over a year ago and love it, it helps with pain in addition to stress and sleep.

  • I got an electric blanket before I was able to get medication for my arthritis and it had a little bit of weight to it and it was so calming!

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve also been struggling with anxiety for a very long time and I feel like it’s gotten worse these past few months. I’ve been wanting to give weighted blankets a try. I want to avoid taking medication as much as possible ( I’ve had people in my family deal with addiction so although I know medication works for some I want to avoid it). But yes anyway thank you!

  • I’m a chronic insomniac and I can barely stand the weight of a regular blanket. Having a weighted blanket would cause more anxiety. So anyone suffering from insomnia needs to think about how blankets feel before spending money on a weighted blanket. If you continuously kick the covers off, this is probably not a solution for you.

  • Hi I’m new in this channel and you are an inspiration for all us. You’re a very strong��girl!! I admire you a lot!! I already love this channel. Great vid!!����������������

  • I literally sit under a normal blanket on my couch all year round. I can’t sleep without a blanket… Maybe a weighted blanket would make it even better

  • Hello. Just stumbled across your review after ordering mine yesterday as they are having a half price sale right now. I got a queen size with a rose gold cover. I can’t wait! I have an aldi weighed blanket to use on my lounge.

  • I got my weighted blanket for $23 and it works sure it’s for a twin size bed and not a larger one but why spend a ton of money on one. How did you even manage to find a $200 blanket?

  • I’ve heard of and seen somewhere a DIY for the blanket…never tested it…I actually never saw one where I live, like in a store or something like that…I’m from Argentina and honestly wouldn’t even know how it’s called here…if someone has an idea, it would be great!!

  • I think this guy needs medication to calm down. He could critique the blanket without all the animation. Just made himself look foolish.

  • Love your videos. So relatable even with differing circumstances. Currently on my 4th medical leave in 4 years. Its frustrating having a body that fights you.�� I’m sure you can understand. Looking forward to therapy myself. Really appreciate you and your vioce. Praying your healing continues both physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. ����

  • I bought this blanket after watching this and OMG! I’ve NEVER bought a sponsored item before but I’m so glad I did! It’s so comforting

  • The only issue I’ve had with my weighted blanket was when I slept over at a friend’s house. I was so used to having the weight that it took me forever to fall asleep. Other than that it’s been really nice.

  • SHE BETTER HAVE WASHED THE BLANKET AFter the movies…. as some one who works there they are disgusting…we…we use the brooms to dust off the chairs which obviously we use to sweep and sometimes when someone throws up…we…we use the brooms to pick it up and well again we use the broom to…

  • You need curtains. It seems very light in your room. I’m an insomniac too and sinds I put up curtains I have less sleeping problems. ��

  • I believe it may have to do with when we were in our mother’s womb. It’s very tight and safe in there and your brain perhaps remembers. Whatever it is, it feels more relaxing with the extra weight.

  • Really interesting as I have heard about these. Has anyone used them for chronic insomnia, pain related? Do they help? I usually don’t settle until at least 2 a.m. due to pain, despite a ton of pain medication, no matter how tired I am

  • I have one I got on amazon for £42 and its honestly incredible I didn’t think it’d work at first but it seriously does!!! Had the best night sleep ever��

  • I have personal experience with this phenomenon, and my experience will probably be very different than most people’s

    I can sleep with or without weighted blankets, and I will fall asleep either way. I don’t need weighted blankets to sleep, and they don’t reduce anxiety or calm me down. They just feel comfortable. Now, that being said, here is the weird part. I don’t need weighted blankets to cover my whole body, just my feet. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a blanket. I’ve used heavy pillows on the end of my bed, hell I’ve even used boxes with stuff in them. Whatever it is, I enjoy the feeling of pressure on my feet when I’m going to sleep. It’s comfortable and disarming for me. Like I said, I can sleep without a weight on my feet (any time I’m sleeping anywhere besides my own bed) I just feel too…unrestricted? My feet feel naked? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s not an emotional thing, I am convinced it’s not a placebo. It’s purely physical for me, the sensation of weight on my feet. Helps me sleep.

  • My sister used to put her hand down our parents shirt like on their back so when she fell asleep and they were going to go to their bedroom she would wake up and make them sleep in her bed hahaha

    My mom sleeps in my bed when im not home and i get so annoyed, me and my sister are kinda opposite lol

  • Couldn’t they do a study where they claim it’s for something else? The people would know if it was weighted, but not know that’s supposed to be important.

  • I think I might try one eventually, but I absolutely HATE whenever hotels tuck the blankets under the mattress, and I have to pulls it out or otherwise I’ll feel super claustrophobic, and I don’t know if it would have the same effect

  • 4:00 maybe try telling people the blanket is 25lbs when it’s actually 17 or something. And perform it on those who had never tried it.

  • Yes, compression therapy and weighted blankets work. Anyone that can see can actually make them, my sister.does. She uses some kind of non toxic pellets ( plastic I think) and really soft but durable fabric. She has found that placing the pellets inside ‘pockets’ sort of built into the blanket interiors helps keep the weight distribution even. Rough on her non industrial machine, I know.
    Also, look into melatonin supplements. Those really work for me against sleep anxiety. I just have to be careful to check labels and make sure there is no added b6. That really ramps up my heart rate somehow. Right now I have tons of success using ‘Natrol’ brand melatonin meltaways from Costco

  • the placebo test would be to find people who have never heard of the weighted blanket and try it on them. ask them each night how they slept.

  • When I was a child, I had a quilt that had been handmade and was the heaviest blanket I had ever seen. I am not sure how much it weighed, but it was the best blanket I have ever owned.

  • Since i know are two are such animal lovers, and if you don’t find the blanket helps you at some point or you don’t have it with you, try the weight of your pet laying on you. I find the love of my dog and his love while he rests on me while sitting or laying down is helpful for me. I tend to not want weight on my legs, even a little bit sometimes is a challenge.

  • there’s just no way he isn’t gay. and you can tell that everyone else is thinking to themselves, “this dude is straight up fruitylicious!”

  • I read through comment after comment, trying to find someone who thought this guy was an arrogant know-it-all, for not purchasing one and trying it out for a week, if not several. But, he has half a million views, so more than one person thinks his opinion matters. Perhaps, he can make a video on sex, without ever trying it, too.

  • I have a very heavy, lined and quilted blanket that isn’t specifically weighted. I sleep with it even when it’s hot and don’t sleep as well with other blankets. It doesn’t help all of my sleep problems, but it gives me some relief.

    All of my grandchildren love it, but that could just be it’s association with me.

  • I have given some thought to getting one of those blankets to help with anxiety. They remind me of the “thunder vests” for dogs or cats. Do they have those for humans?

  • I have 5 blankets on my bed during the winter. Lots of weight. Feel I sleep better. In the summertime I don’t have any blankets and wish I could afford to run the air conditioner and sleep with my blankets.

  • so fake. she sleeps with all her clothes on and says ohh i slept so bad.. the pet(s) have got to go.. you will sleep much better without them. I can’t see how u would even solve this with a blanket.

  • Ages old traditional handmade comforters called “yorgan” is made by hand in the Turkic world including Turkey. Stuffed with wool and weighing a ton make for an excellent night’s sleep. It was considered a must in every girls trousseau in the old days but it is still possible to find yorgan shops through out Turkey. Video is Azerbaijani.

  • Are you still looking for a name for your prosthesis? Have you considered “Moby” sort for “Mobility device” and it references some old story about an amputee.
    How often do you encounter a name that is appropriate on two levels?

  • I got one for my husband for Christmas. He just never slept well. He has used it every night since and sleeps so much better (at least when the cats aren’t crawling in him). ��

  • I bought one but had to return it. I have MS with severe muscle weakness. I live alone and I just couldn’t manage the logistics of lifting the blanket to tidy my bed and for sure I wouldn’t have been able to change the cover. I’m sure that it would have benefited me but you do have to be able to lift it up and I just couldn’t manage. (It’s £149 in the UK which I think is very expensive.)

  • I don’t have a specific ‘weighted blanket’ but I do have a queen sized denim comforter that is my saving grace for anxiety:) I would love to try a true weighted blanket to find out if those are even better!

  • Suggestion for a study. Use weighted blankets of various weights and measure responses. Use various weights but tell the users that the blankets are the same weight. Use people/children who haven’t heard about weighted blankets as they won’t have a bias in favour/not.

  • Hi Jo, glad to hear the blanket helped. I have a question for you about it. Did the blanket help any with your pain level? I have chronic pain and I was wondering if this could help. I know that when my pain level gets bad that wrapping up in my blanket can help and I have no idea if that is because of the hug factor (for lack of a better term) or just the warmth getting to muscles and joints. I’ve considered weighted blankets but I am hesitant as I don’t want to find out that the weight makes things worse. Thanks for your videos. I’ve enjoyed hearing your perspective on disability.

  • I love how articulate you are! Also, thanks for sharing your experience with anxiety. I experience something similar at night, so it felt comforting to know that there are others going through it as well.

  • Back in the early ’70s, while stationed in Italy, I bought a bedspread in Alberobello that was very heavy. i slept with it in the winter because it was so warm. After the weather warmed up, I found I could not sleep nearly as well, and felt more anxious, when I tried sleeping without it. Years later, long after my ex-husband had taken the bedspread, I bought a cowhide-Hereford in winter coat-that was also very heavy. Sleeping under it as a bedspread was also very comforting. Under both, I slept better, slept longer, and got to sleep quicker, and that was without ever having heard of there being any benefit to a weighted blanket. People just thought I was loony. I have always had a problem with anxiety and depression, and I have to say I did seem to feel better.

  • I have one and it helps so much!!!! I have really bad panic attacks and anxiety and it really helps! I also have restlesss leg syndrome and rlly helps with that too

  • Subjective experience, I don’t know if my weighted blanket actually increases sleep quality, but I definitely find it more comfortable. I tend to burrow under the covers to sleep, usually with the blanket over my head, and with my weighted blanket it feels like I’m tucked away in a little underground den, hidden away from the world and I love it.

  • Couldn’t you eliminate the placebo effect by using volunteers who haven’t heard anything about heavy blankets yet?
    Let them sleep with it for a while ask whether they’ve noticed any effects?

  • It sucks how expensive they are, I feel like the market is taking advantage of those who have these disabilities and know that they’re willing to pay anything just to be happy and sleep well, it’s awful.

  • 1:26 “It felt like I was carrying dead body” me: remembered a horror story of dead bodies inside a weighted blanket. Her sleep problem kinda sounds like mine, tho.

  • Yeah no. Mine was only 30€. Removing all the assholes from my life was free and I now sleep like a baby. Monthly therapy is still 80€ tho ��

  • I sleep under a 20lb one every night, and I sleep like a baby with my PTSD-triggered night terrors almost non-existent now. Also, at work when things get stressful or my anxiety flares up, I wear a 6lb weighted capelet and a 4lb weighted lap blanket. So helpful!

  • Check to see if your bed goes through an energy line or geopathic stress line with dousing rods. Sounds mental but it can disrupt your sleep and cause many issues.

  • Probably works because the weight of the blanket stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system hence, calming you down and making u feel more relaxed

  • she’s adorable but it’s fucking disgursting to a) not put a cover on your blanket b) put an extra cover on the cover when you take it outside of the house…

  • Lmao that dude does NOT have a wife… not a female woman wife… im sure he likes mentioning her like he said… to convince himself… not me

  • Love love love my weighted blanket. I feel so safe and secure with it and have been getting a better night’s sleep for months. Btw you can get a much cheaper one on amazon. Mine costed about 60 bucks. But it’s worth the investment if you have anxiety and sleep issues for sure.

  • I lucked in to my weighted blanket yesterday. That warm hug is exactly how I described it! It felt like I could exhale after holding my breath in for hours. So great.

  • I LOVE my weighted blanket, but my soon to be husband steals it every night so…..I need to get him one of his own. It helps my anxiety, it helps my pain from lupus BUT sometimes I can’t take the weight on my foot.

  • I started using a weighted blanket 6 months ago. I noticed a significant improvement on my anxiety and meditation practice. Some nights it helps more with sleep than others. I hope it continues to help you Jo. I struggle with insomnia as well, and understand how frustrating it can be.

  • Hi! I have depression/anxiety and am high functioning autistic. I do not use my weighted blanket to treat these conditions. I also have trouble sleeping, but I do not notice a difference in my sleep patterns with or without my weighted blanket.
    I do notice a difference, however, in regard to a chronic pain syndrome I have. When I sleep with my weighted blanket, I notice my symptoms are far less frequent and far less severe. I can’t say why, but a lot of people with my same condition seem to have the same consensus, and I appreciate what it does to make my life just a little bit more tolerable.

  • I wish there is something that puts you out immediately, melatonin only makes you sleepy and after a while, if you constantly take it, you’ll never be able to fall asleep even tho you are sleepy

  • Loved your video and certainly makes me interested in getting a weighted blanket. My question is in another video they say NOT to use the blanket more than 20-30 minutes and then give it a rest for 90 120 minutes as if you use it more, it could desensitize you to the benefits of it. What are your thoughts? Thank you!!

  • So I would give my sleep a 3 or 4. Currently watching this in bed using the blanket for the first time. Actually quite excited and apprehensive. I’ve been using it in the lounge all eve and it’s made me very relaxed and sleepy

  • Ok, but what ab when its too hot to sleep w a blanked, let alone a heavy blanked. Bc after en entire winter, you’ve gotten used to it?

  • The compression thunder vest helps my anxiety ridden dog �� i have not tried it. I get super hot sometimes to sleep you will have to give us a summer cover update

  • It helped me a ton! I am over 60. I wish these had been in existence when I was 6 and I went through unthinkable trauma. Seriously, this for me has been better than any drug.

  • Yes…. that’s true… known that since the 80s from Grandma…. she made blankets so thick that you literally couldn’t turn over in the bed

  • Even before I heard about weighted blankets, I always liked a heavier blanket. I don’t get to sleep as effectively if I only have a very light blanket.

  • Do you find the 7 kg blanket to be enough weight? My husband bought me one (from a different company) for Christmas and he bought me the 9 kg blanket. I am 68 kg and wondering if I should have gotten the 7 kg one because I am finding that the heavier one is hurting my knees and other joints (I have arthritis). I really like the sensation of the weighted blanket but am wondering if the one he got me is just too heavy for me.

  • I’ve always loved having people sit or lay on my legs. Like when my sister and I were kids I would lay on the couch and she would tell me to move, I would say no, and she would sit on me instead but I didn’t care because it felt good. �� My mom got me a 15 lb weighted blanket for Christmas and I fall asleep any time I use it!

  • I could see how this can hurt or help if this holds you in the fetal position bad. But not with you Jo when you showed yourself sleeping on your side you were keeping your legs straight. If your legs were more bent bad you don’t want to be locked in that way ever.

  • Little tip for anxiety: at the end of every day think of (and maybe even say out loud to yourself) at least one good thing about that day. It forces you to focus on the positive and recognise tiny positivities

  • I’ve actually been thinking about getting a weighted blanket for years, I’ve jumped from sleeping tablet to sleeping tablet, now mainly on pharmacy grade melatonin but I haven’t had what I would consider a restful sleep in quite a few years, as a joke I used to say ‘I slept like a baby… you know the waking up every 2 hours part’. Thanks Jo for trying it out please keep us updated on how it’s working out, I think once I find a company that’s in Australia (or ships there) and I can find the money to buy it, I will eventually get myself one but for now I shall love vicariously through your hopefully restful sleep.

  • I think it is far simpler than anything mentioned here. You are never as vulnerable as when you are sleeping a heavy blanket feels like armor of a sort.

  • The mom in me wants you to go wash your blanket. You are stunning and will stay that wya a lot longer because you will be getting your beauty sleep. I just bought mine today. I love it, so far.

  • I’ve got a weighted blanket, gives me almost the same kinda feeling that I get when someone lays down on top of me which is something I’ve always found comforting.

  • Hope this weighted blanket works really well for you. I have similar hair color as you. I have dark hair so i get it professionally bleached and colored when my roots grow out, but I use L’Oréal Colorista purple to do my own touch ups in between salon visits. It’s really purple at first but then fades out to a light grey lavender soooo nicely.

  • I sleep with the AC and a thin sheet or windows wide open and a fan in the middle of winter and my husband and kids still hug me for warmth in the morning. I wish I could try a weighted blanket but I would have a heat stroke.

  • That’s the one I just got about a month ago! I love it so much. I specifically got this one because it came with the 2 covers. It’s helped me a lot with falling asleep. Love love love!

  • That’s probably why I like to sleep with a thick duvet year round, even when it is summer (I’ve got all 4 seasons where I live) I like the weight of it, and i can’t stand just sleeping with a thin blanket even though I do love my fluffy fleece throws.

  • Id be scared that I can’t breath / I’m terrified of being suffocated and I feel like it’d give me those feelings?? I know you said it doesn’t do that but the fear is too much to invest money into one xD

  • I love mine, I use it for pain in my legs but it makes me too hot so I can’t use it for too long, like to sleep at night. But I live in a warm climate, I imagine it would be great in Colorado! In the meantime I let my 15 lb cat lay on my lap which helps as well!

  • My mother used to put warm laundry on my legs when I was very young and this was one of the best feelings in the world. Though weird, I always liked the lead shields they put on you when getting x-rays, so I am toying with getting one myselfa weighted blanket not an x-ray shield. *8)

  • I tried a heavy blanket and I hated it!! It put so much weight on my feet, I would wake up with inflamed and pained big toes every morining

  • Weighted blankets saved me from a thing called “restless legs syndrome” and it keeps my foot super cosy as in winter time it can get very painful with the cold.

  • My sleep schedule has always been terrible, was okay for a while when I was smoking CBD Indica every night before bed. Started having some negative effects on me so I stopped smoking, now I am back to having insomnia almost worse than I did before. I stay up later and later and later it seems like every night. I went to bed @ 2AM yesterday morning but wasn’t actually able to fall asleep till 4am. My wife is usually in bed around 10pm and she is out like a light shortly after. I struggle to even get tired anymore at night, my mind doesn’t stop and even when I literally can’t hold my eyes open any longer, still, I toss and turn in bed for about 30 minutes before my mind finally lets go. So tired of this cycle, not sure what else to do besides more drugs but I have thought about one of these blankets, who knows it may be my solution.

  • I have autism, anxiety, and trouble sleeping, but weighted blankets are expensive ): I’ll have to wait until my birthday to get one

  • i’ve been wanting a weighted blanket for a long time, i haven’t slept well even as a little kid. i’ve tried almost everything including melatonin and lights on/off. i think i would like it but they are expensive and i’m not sure if it’s worth the investment

  • I love having a weighted blanket! It don’t feel a crazy relief from anxiety but I do find myself sleeping better and feeling less restless with one!

  • I have crippling hyper mobility and joint pain, had a blankie myself for awhile but while it was soothing it increased joint pain:( oh well

  • I think it’s like being back in mommies belly…..

    My grandma said “Get yourself a Fat girl, because she’ll keep you warm in the winter and shady in the summer” she’s my heavy blanket!

  • I LOVE weighted blankets. I can’t sleep without one. I have a 25lb one right now that’s heaven from sensa calm. It’s an investment for sure but sooo worth while. I started off with a 15lb one and after a while that felt like nothing. My 25lb shocks people. They wonder how I can survive under it… The only downside is traveling. Yah can’t really add 15lb or 25lb to luggage yet you can’t sleep without it so… Beware of the addiction I might say. Happy sleeping now.

    If aw anyone has any questions about mine and the process I went through, I’ll proudly enlighten you.

  • My sleep approved immediately as I stopped watching creepy movies! What you put in your head will come back in your head, you know? ��

    Greetings from Germany, you are awesome!

  • I just got this a few weeks ago for my 18th birthday from my forsterparents, it helps me when I get triggerd (c-ptsd) to not get into a full flashback.

  • I used one with low expectations and was surprised when I woke to realize how well I slept and dreamt. Certainly has aided my sleep.

  • I have that same blanket! I have OCD and Asperger’s so get anxious quite often and my weighted blankey is amazing! It feels like a big cuddle, I even fold it in half to get even more weight on me sometimes. Hope it helps you!:) X

  • I got one for Christmas from my wish list and I love it! I sleep so much better and deeper. Everything you said is so true. It took a few nights to “get the hang of it” if you will. I can’t be more thankful for it.

  • The placebo test can probably happen with some people being told that the normal blanket they were given had some properties and compare them to normal blanket

  • I haven’t tried this, but I will tell you what gave me the same feeling, a 40 pound weighted vest. I bought it about 10 years ago and still use it frequently on and off each year. Once I got accustomed to wearing it after a few hours at a time for 1-2 weeks, it became this comforting close friend that was there for me with no judgement, opinion, or words, just this firm embrace that had meaning through our history together. I would even lie down and fall asleep wearing it sometimes, it was so comforting. What made it more unique was that nobody I ever knew had one or used one, so it even felt discreetly personal. I imagine that a weighted blanket gives the same feeling without the intensity that I seemed to require by wearing the vest. Eventually the 40 pounds felt like I could possibly wear more weight, so I even have an amazing lighter vest that is super thin and form fitting that I can wear under the heavier vest, giving me about 55 pounds if I’m feeling up for a challenge. A blanket sounds nice, maybe I’ll get one.

  • My awesome mother and father got me one for Christmas. I was just having one of my anxiety attacks where I can’t focus on anything but the terror I feel. But I put it over me a few minutes ago and now I feel safe and grounded. I am relaxed.

  • I hated my blanket, I always get sleep paralysis I have a phobia of not being able to move or being on tight spaces so when I had my weighted blanket and woke up in paralysis I couldn’t move and it felt like someone was on top of me I would actually sweat because of it too.

    I always have had trouble with sleeping, and I used to literally pile on a ton of blankets even in the summer to achieve the same effect as a kid, even tho it’s was hot and uncomfortable. The one I have is small and not as heavy as it should be for my height/weight/age (it’s basically a kids one) but it’s still super useful, and I’ll sometimes fold it in half when I rly need to. Oh and it definitely helps with my anxiety too, although I think it helps with sleep more than the anxiety for me personally. I rly want a larger like proper one since the one I have currently is so helpful, but even the smaller one was quite expensive so doesn’t look like I’ll be able to anytime soon! But maybe one day? Lolz why am I rambling. Thanks for talking about mental health too ��

  • I’m so happy you got sponsored! I LOVE my weighted blanket. I have never slept better in my life and it really helps with anxiety. I will say it took me two or three night to get used to it because mine is decently heavy, but I have zero regrets. It’s by far the best purchase I’ve made and I found one on amazon for less than $100

  • Really enjoyed your video. And this is something I’m thinking of getting:) for a few reasons. Glad you like it and enjoy your restful sleeps Jo.

  • I’ve had trouble sleeping for several years now. I like it cold and snuggling with my dogs to keep warm. Of course ativan helps too.

  • Ducks and sheep. I thank them every night, for my sheepskin I sleep directly on, and my eiderdown that weighs very little. All I need, year round. 😉

  • I really love that you are so open with all aspects of your journey. I only recently opened up to my friends about my own journey. I love the videos. Your awesome

  • I didn’t know weighted blankets were a thing, and I find it so hard to sleep, especially in summer when I don’t have as heavy of a blanket…….I want to try <3

  • I use a 12lbs blanket. I have extreme panic attacks, PTSD and severe anxiety. Love it. I’ve been able to sleep and calm after an attack. Might not work for everyone, but for me, it’s the best thing.

  • I got one for Christmas and I love it! I find it helps with anxiety and with my restless legs. Mine didn’t come with a cover and I need to find a cover for it because I worry about it getting dirty. I’m pretty hot natured and I was really worried about it making me too hot but I haven’t had a problem with that at all.

  • Ok so I have a Duvet and a comforter. My duvet is heavier than my comforter. I prefer my duvet because of the weight. However, I am am getting older and having hot flashes and night sweats and all that fun stuff that comes along with being a pre menopausal woman. I ordered a cooling weighted blanket a couple days ago. It has just shipped. If I remember I will post an update after I get it and sleep with it for a week or 2.

  • I have a weighted blanket but it’s not as soft as yours! (It doesn’t have that fuzzy exterior in fact it’s kind of full of little bags of sand if that makes sense) It looks so great!!

  • I have a 10 kg weighted ”blanket” and ive used it for over a year i think. It really helps me, I have such trouble sleeping without it, and I love just laying under it and relaxing. With my joint pain too it gives a small amount of pressure like massage and it’s super nice:3

  • Thank you for doing this coz I’ve just got one on amazon which is meant to come Tomorrow and it was just over £50 and I was a bit worried if I’m getting my money’s worth so I watched this and I can’t wait to try my weighted blanket and I think it will be worth my mums money because my let me get it coz it’s my bday tomorrow

  • My daughter uses one during therapy for autism but they do suggest you actually shouldn’t sleep with it because of the weight. If you do it should be lap sized and machine washable

  • I get anxiety about not being able to fall asleep! (Sounds weird I know!) I sleep with a fan the ociclates and it puts me right to sleep!

  • It works. 

    Get one that is 10% of your body weight. Get one that has a cotton cover not a felt/fur cover. Get a weighted blanket cover to go with it. Do not listen to anyone who hasn’t tried it or is skeptical. Listen to ones who have tried it and it worked for them. We all have anxiety in our lives. Anxiety over are we going to get a good night’s sleep?! Get a weighted blanket and try it. What do you have to lose? I know it is not cheap. At least $100…$150 

    You are worth it! 

    Getting a good night’s sleep will do more for your life than going to the gym, doing Yoga, going for a jog, a good cup of coffee. Getting a good night’s sleep is everything. It makes the rest of your life possible. Gives you rest, energy, renewal so that you can go to the gym, you can do Yoga, jog, and you may not need that cup of coffee after all.

    You are worth it. It worked for me. It will work for you. You will get a good night’s sleep. And another good night’s sleep. And another. And another. And another. You will feel different because you’ve been sleep deprived for too long and you know it. Get a good weighted blanket and go to sleep! Goodnight!:)

  • I had a weighted blanket that i used after a surgery where there were some issues with the anesthesia because i kinda grounded me when i was freaking out from the surgery. I dont use it on a day to day basis, but when im really stressed, i like to use it just when im reading or something, not for sleep.

  • I bought a 20 lb. Weighted blanket from Amazon. It feels great when I’m on my stomach going to sleep and it’s on my back. It keeps me from tossing and turning at night to. Me and my gf share it at night and she likes it to. I feel I wake up less at night since I got the blanket. It does bring a sense of calm and being cuddled

  • BAD BACK ALERT. My weighted blanket is the recommended 10% or less of my body weight however as I sleep on my side it crushes my shoulder blades during the night and I had terrible back problems for 2 days after.

    I now sleep with the blanket up to my chest only but not covering my shoulders. It does help me get a good night’s sleep when my anxiety is particularly bad.

  • Ever since I got a 4 inch memory foam piece to put on top of my bed, I sleep a LOT better than before. I’m hoping a weighted blanket will be the icing on my cake. God forbid anyone come into my room, where there are 3 fans/air filters running all the time, and 6 heavy blankets on my side of the bed. UGH just give me a 20 lb. weighted blanket already. When my best friend twisted my arm to try her 15 pound blanket at her house (when I visited her for a weekend), I slept like the DEAD. And that was in a recliner! I was so skeptical, but now that I’ve actually tried one? WANT WANT WANT. ANYTHING for my restless legs.

  • Hi Jo! I have a hard time anxiety and sleeping too. Weirdly the things that’s been the most helpful for me is sleeping in my sleeping bag, something about being more secure? Not sure. Glad the blankets working for you

  • Surprised there was no mention of how pack animals tend to all pile up and sleep together, maybe humans used to do it too so it’s the cuddling sensation we like.
    It also reminds me of sheep presses, which are used to keep sheep still and calm, animals just like being held man

  • Random tip: if your zzzquil doesn’t work with a standard dose, DO NOT take more. It feels awful, it’s like a nightmare high. I adore my heavy blanket, it does indeed make you feel safe somehow

  • I have a weighted 80lb American Bulldog �� that is a total cuddlebug and complete clinger. LoL try sleeping with a 80lb dog jumping on your chest while you sleep

  • For a poor resident of the tropics like me, even weighing down just my head with another (hard) pillow / cushion has an effect similar to what Hank describes in the video.

  • My weighted blanket was my kitten. I miss her so much. My new cat doesn’t want to sleep with me. Anyway, glad you found something so simple that helps! I’ve never tried an actual weighted blanket but for years I used layers of heavy quilts for comfort. Once I even slept under the mattress lol. I stopped using the heavy blankets for the most part as I grew up because as an adult I’m like a furnace now and get incredibly hot in bed. I’m definitely interested in the ‘cool weighted blanket’! Just a thought, something that helped me in the past when I had night time anxiety is having a friend with the exact same issue that I could text or call. Or even a friend that works nights. Having contact with another human at a time when you feel completely alone and smothered in a dark night is a simple little positive reality check that you aren’t actually alone in this world.

  • Maybe I need a weighted blanket. My sleep is like a 2 at best. I sleep like 4/6 hrs a night and I usually end up falling asleep on the couch bc I need noise to fall asleep.
    T E R R I B L E!!

  • sleeping tip (might not work for you but seems to help me a little): press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth & while you hold it there take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and let it out through your mouth. I don’t know the science but it makes me yawn and my eyes droop

  • I hadn’t ever heard of weighted blankets. I have a flat sheet like a shirt a bigger gauge woven cotton sheet that’s actually fairly heavy and a fine gauge cotton sheet with stitched patterns that is smooth and kind of heavy with a fleece blanket on top and everything all together is fairly heavy. I like it cause it prevents drafts.there is something very soothing calming and relaxing about heavy bedding

  • Another tip for anxiety: hug a person (or even just a pile of pillows) really tight. Scientifically the pressure from a hug (kinda similarly to the weighted blanket) slows down the worry circuit in your brain, releases more dopamine (which makes you feel loved) and releases more serotonin (makes you feel happier), and inhibits the fight or flight response so not only are you calmer mentally, your physical body also relaxes. It’s the reason babies are swaddledit makes them feel like they’re being hugged which calms them down and helps them sleep

  • I’ve had some seriously disrupted sleep recently.
    I suffer from sleep apnea, which doesn’t help because it makes my sleep particularly unrestful. I haven’t been able to recall any dreams for a couple of months.
    I talk in my sleep too.

    Finally, and to my shame, I’ve been trying to touch my girlfriend intimately while we’re BOTH asleep. It wakes her up, she even once had to push me away with quite some force. She has CFS/ME so she needs the best sleep she can get. It makes me feel like some sort of uncontrollable predator. I believe it is sometimes referred to as ‘Sexomnia’

    For various reasons, I can’t see a doctor about my sleep issues for another month or so. I ended up buying a weighted blanket as I’d read they can help people sleep better.

    Well after a few weeks with it, I haven’t had a single touching incident. I’ve been having wacky dreams, and I’ve been waking in the exact same position I lay down in the night before.

    It’s still early days, but it really seems like it works wonders. I don’t care if we’re not sure exactly how it works, the good thing is that it does.

  • Yes, there’s no true placebo effect for weighted blankets, but if the weighted blankets were filled with different substances (some pseudo-science reasonable like copper wires or bands that change magnetic frequency and give u longer REM sleep and some wacky ones like horses hooves to prevent nightmares and some with just sand for inexpensive weight) with the different explanations to the test subjects.

    Would be interesting to find out the psych interpreted side of the effects.

    Some think it’s the pressure and resistance thing that relaxes muscles, which then relaxes the mind (where the body goes, the mind follows).

    I personally think it is best described as a distractive thing for the mind. I think it also partially explains why meditation to think about relaxing muscles can have same effects as weighted blankets. The conscious mind can only keep track of so much at once. Too much external input (and processing?) dampens internal input (and processing?) and vice versa. People commonly say I can’t think with all this noise or I can only pay attn to so many screaming babies at once. An effect like this, maybe. Only so many resources, traffic lanes, whatever u wanna call it and both the physical and mental side have to share. It doesn’t have to be weight or an overwhelming volume of skin stimulated for physical, either. Just that it is intense. It can be pain, one weird baffling physical feeling, the sensation of cold, etc. Same goes for the mental side. Furious complicated calculations and thought or severe negative stress and such.

    I dunno. Lotsa food for thought. Thanks!

  • Where is the RCT showing higher and more continuous REM sleep? Where is the data showing the quickest transition from NREM to REM or change of sleep waves measured by sleep study? No? Just a “sleep specialist”? Of course, it is.

  • Thank you for the review! I’ve just ordered one for my 5yo daughter who has struggled to get to sleep for a really long time! Fingers crossed it works for her!