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No Comments. If you’re the type of person who believes everything will work out eventually and bad situations are only temporary, it’s likely you have an optimistic personality. Congrats, because that could mean major health benefits. According to Harvard Medical School, several studies have suggested a connection between a positive outlook and better outcomes.

If you’re the type of person who believes everything will work out eventually and bad situations are only temporary, it’s likely you have an optimistic personality. Congrats, because that could mean major health benefits. According to Harvard Medical School, several studies have suggested a connection between a positive outlook and better outcomes from surgery, a. Does optimism affect our health and well-being?

Yes. In a 30-year study of over 800 patients by the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A., scientists found that optimists had better health and lived significantly longer than others. The researchers also noted that optimists coped better with stress and were less likely to develop depression. Having a positive, optimistic outlook in life is a choice.

You can choose to see the brighter side of life – or you can think otherwise and react negatively to things. Your thoughts, and how you react to life’s events have a huge impact on your well-being. Researchers suggest that optimistic people: are better skilled at coping with stres. Being Optimistic Really Can Lead To Better Mental Health, A New Study Says.

It’s pretty easy to check how you’re feeling about your mental health at any given moment, from checking in with. Optimism adds to better resiliency following negative life events. For example, pessimists have been found to be more likely to die within the first six months after the death of a spouse, while people who are optimistic about their own aging tend to live an average of 7.5 years longer. 5.

There have been many studies examining how optimism vs. pessimism affect health. While it makes sense to think that optimists are healthier than pessimists, studies also show that optimistic people might have shorter life spans. And as it turns out, there are actually some benefits to being a pessimist. As if that isn’t good enough, optimism also builds our resilience against life stress and improves our health. No wonder optimists feel they have something to smile about.

Optimism can be enhanced. And indeed, Dr. Martin Seligman, a top-notch research psychologist and a former President of the American Psychological Associatio.

Some Suggestions for Being More Optimistic* When you find yourself thinking that you won’t enjoy something or you won’t succeed in some project, reject the thought. Focus on the positive. Try to enjoy your work.

Regardless of your job, look for aspects that you find satisfying. Look for friends who view life positively.

List of related literature:

• Optimists have better health habits than pessimists do.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
from Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach
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Can you see why optimists tend to experience better overall health?

“Real World Psychology” by Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
from Real World Psychology
by Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
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Excessive optimism is just as prevalent when people are asked about their health.

“Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage” by Scott Keller, Colin Price
from Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage
by Scott Keller, Colin Price
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What benefit will I gain by knowing that I am not healthy?

“The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese” by Mark Conard
from The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese
by Mark Conard
University Press of Kentucky, 2007

Pessimism is one of those constructs that should be examined along with other aspects of negative emotionality so that its truly unique contribution to health can be evaluated.

“Handbook of Personality, Third Edition: Theory and Research” by Oliver P. John, Richard W. Robins, Lawrence A. Pervin
from Handbook of Personality, Third Edition: Theory and Research
by Oliver P. John, Richard W. Robins, Lawrence A. Pervin
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Or perhaps taking the herbal remedy inspired a sense of hope in them, resulting in what psychologists call a placebo effect: improvement resulting from the mere expectation of improvement.

“50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behavior” by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio, Barry L. Beyerstein
from 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behavior
by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, et. al.
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Still, researchers have contended that happiness and positive illusions should negatively affect health, perhaps by promoting denial or underestimation of the likelihood that illness will happen.

“Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology” by Charles Spielberger
from Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology
by Charles Spielberger
Elsevier Science, 2004

Although positive thinking can be healthy, done to excess it can be a form of denial.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2011

Optimism has been shown to have a positive effect on immune response and seems to be a key element for feeling in control and successfully coping with stressful situations.

“Macrobiotics For Dummies” by Verne Varona
from Macrobiotics For Dummies
by Verne Varona
Wiley, 2009

Optimism will not only give you the strength to see the benefits within the weighty diagnostic criteria but it will also make you a healthier person.

“Asperger Syndrome and Long-term Relationships” by Ashley Stanford
from Asperger Syndrome and Long-term Relationships
by Ashley Stanford
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2003

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  • I’ve heard that the simple paper (?) mask is good for protecting others from the wearer but not so good for vice versa. Anyway, it’s not useless. I can’t believe that there’s still a shortage of these things. Is this country (UK) really incapable of making anything anymore apart from dodgy money in the City of London?

  • dude, we are one month from this vid and there is nothing that can show us any crisis relief. About economic crisis what do you think?

  • Hey. love your channel. I was wondering if you would consider doing an update on this video considering how things have change in the last 4 months. Thank you.

  • 39:20 As a farm and vocab girl, I heard you mention cows, mastitis, utters and infection of the nipple. Does the infection reside in the ‘nipple’ (teat) or the utter (milk sack)?

  • How does anyone know the mortality rate if the actual number of cases is not known? This leaves open the door for those in authority to manipulate the population with whatever scary numbers they choose to use.

  • 29:00 I believe in making educated decisions. I appreciate your counter argument regarding drinking milk that’s meant to increase a calf growth quickly over a short period of time. You did address the growth aspect (milk vs plant based) in terms of both of them being able to make you grow. Can you address the part regarding the hormones and antibiotics found in cows Breast milk? For example, you can “grow” by gaining lots of fat, but you can also grow by creating muscle mass. Thank you for your input!

  • Brain, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    I take out God because that’s putting the responsibility on someone else. We must take the responsibility on ourselves. We are the agents of change. Go out and make a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  • I was born in the jungle. Meat is once in a year or two when we slaughter our own chicken. When my kids turned vegan, my thought is cost and I debated, “I didn’t get to eat much meat when I grow up. So I want to catch up on eating meat” Then my kids made me watch many food related documentary videos (Queen of the sun, Food Inc, What the Health, Vanish of the bees, Cowspiracy, More than honey, Got Milk, etc.). Then I was informed. Still, it was hard at the beginning. We went to a very nice wedding where they served lobster, sea cucumbers, scallops, fish, roast duck, shark fin soap, and Hennesey wine. Some of the food I rarely had or try before, it was tough to stay vegan. After 5 years preparing food, learning what to grow and buy, we are very happy and feel no guilt to eat our meal together (a family with kids, parents and grandparents age 12 to 80). The only supplement I buy is Creatine. Our kids used to get flu every year. After go vegan, none of us have a cold or flu, even traveling around the world. Our boy also happy to show off his six pack to his friends. I am glad that I was informed with those documentary videos. There is no diet fit all, but we should get inform about what we eat and what kind of drug we take.

  • Thank you for talking about the environmental reasons! The environmental impact also impacts the health of nearby communities. Thanks, pollution!

  • Whats funny i did this method of breathing prior to sprints before i even heard of wim hof. I used it because its the same technique used in swimming. So incorporated into sprint training.

  • The thinking about method of transmission seems to be changing since Dr.Francis described it (at about 7:35). Transmission by touchng surfaces has been de-emphasized. Exposure to aerosols containing the virus seems to be the main mode of fransmission. I’m avoiding groups of people (masked or unmasked) and enclosed areas. Or at least minimizing the time I spend there. Masks are important. Being outdoors is good.

  • Dear youtube, STOP giving me closed captions in languages I DON’T f**KING SPEAK!
    Thanks, much love.

  • “Practitioners don’t know if this the effects are short or long term. What we’re lacking is a trial looking at how long these physiological changes last.” So what… Wim Hoff doesn’t count as a long term study? hmm
    Also.. Wim Hoff isn’t the only one sitting these records.. there are monks in the Himalayas topping these records every day of the week.
    Come on now mister Westerner.. you’re really missing it. But thank you for your attempt at having a go at spreading truth… however, I feel the intention for this clip was more tipping on the ‘attention seeking’ side of things.

    Spread the love broooooooo!!!!!!

  • 3:45 ref wim having a lot of world records and therefore being a gifted athlete…he has an identical twin brother who can’t do any of the things wim is known for ��

  • Am I gonna come under fire for pointing out that doctors and nurses can explain how the disease works and what to do if you get it, but epidemiologists are the ones to listen to when it comes to prevention and understanding how it spreads? And they are the ones any country should be listening to as it’s their field of expertise to understand how viruses spread?
    People listening to doctors and nurses on what to do isn’t helping unless said doctor or nurse got their information from someone whose career is dedicated to understanding spread of a pandemic/epidemic.
    Also doctors and nurses on the front lines talking about how the disease will kill you and becoming inherently bias to how bad it is isn’t helping either.
    The reports on who got covid and who died from it also vary country to country. Things are counted differently everywhere so there is no consensus.
    All we know from everything I’ve been able to glean listening to various groups on the subject, including my country being an outlier in how everything has been conducted is that
    Covid-19 is more dangerous than the flu.
    There are typical risk groups for the virus being dangerous to you, the usual auto-immune disorders and other specific diseases that increase susceptibility and also how bad the virus could be if you got it.
    There are also plenty of unknown risk group factors considering otherwise very healthy people end up very sick and others still even in some lesser risk groups get it and end up with a bad cold. For instance, it’s more dangerous for men due to how their bodies react if they get the virus.
    Covid-19 from the latest reports doesn’t seem to survive well on inanimate surfaces, but washing your hands is still imperative as is social distancing.
    A lot of the rules for preventing spread have a much higher focus on protecting risk groups rather than you personally, since the majority are not in a risk group.
    The virus also seems to be losing some of it’s deadliness overtime, but we aren’t really sure why.
    And lastly that 70% of people will probably at some point or another contract it and most will come out the other end. The biggest concern is preventing people who almost undoubtedly will die if they get it from getting it to begin with until we have a vaccine.
    I’m hoping I’m not participating in a dunning-kruger effect myself, but just wanted to point out a lot of people on lots of levels are doing it, including health professionals giving advice on how to prevent spread or talking about how horrific the disease is spreading panic. Media is far more to blame for the fear mongering, but I’ve seen a few health professionals unfortunately participating in it too.

  • Thanks for the informative video. As a praxeologist, I wish you would have addressed the financial incentives provided by government (Medicare/Medicaid) which may influence a hospital administrator’s decision to encourage the overuse of intubation/ventilators. I don’t have to be a medical expert to know that subsidizing an activity leads to increase in said activity, and the subsidy often provides an irrelevant but seductive impetus: we can’t “serve” anybody without funds. Unfortunately, Americans are adept at politicizing EVERY issue, and “never letting a crises go to waste”, so we can’t completely discount political considerations from the discussion. What I hear you say, which is reasonable, is that there are a lot of things we don’t know about this virus, which erodes the government’s claim to provide universal solutions like lock-downs, as they should ALWAYS bear the burden of proof, with compelling evidence, when circumscribing a citizen’s liberty. Saying that the fact that we don’t know X, shifts the burden of proof to the citizen to DISPROVE X, and anyone who questions us must want people to die, sounds a lot like a religious/doctrinal assertion, unnecessarily and arbitrarily dividing people into ideological/political camps, which they then feel compelled to defend, and the truth, sadly too often, becomes a casualty. The corruption of evidence based medicine due to huge financial mis-incentives has been ongoing for quite some time, and its detrimental effects will challenge us far into the future. Your effort seems to my untrained eye to be inviting science back into medicine, and for that I applaud you.

  • Song suggestion: 2m please from New Zealand Police. It’ll be stuck in your head for days, you’re welcome.

  • Corona can never be considered just another kind of flu: the death rate of coronavirus is at least ten times that of regular flu. It also spreads a lot faster and further. It is a killer.

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I wish you could comment on a more accurate documentary such as FORKS OVER KNIVES and the China Study. That’s the one that turned me into veganism.

  • I notice that most if not all people involved here seem to be men. I wonder if there has been any study of sex differences with respect to this method or similar ideas.

  • Not saying I condone it, but I think a lot of people smoke because they were brought up with it around them, or they may be trying to relieve stress����‍♀️

  • There’s no “coronavirus pandemic”. It is just a ruse to enforce mandatory vaccines in European countries (such as Italy, where more than 50% of the population has been rejecting them). And yes, vaccines do more harm than good. Avoid them like the plague.

  • Scientists and doctors need to be able to question established dogma without fear of getting their funding yanked or their reputations smeared by their owners.

  • Thinking of the poor buggers in Victoria, not only do they have a curfew, but the increase in internet traffic on our craptacular aussie infrastructure is causing all manner of issues. Maybe pornhub can make some of their content downloadable? And on the toilet paper issue, I assume if we run out, I’ll be locked down at home anyway. It’s only my husband and I, we have a working shower, and we’ve known each other long enough. I’d be more worried about running out of kitty litter.

  • Optimism is a luxury, whereas the vast majority are relegated to enduring.
    In order for our species to sustain a positive outlook, humans must inherently ignore the vast number of atrocities occurring on every corner of this planet. Nearly all of which is directly attributable to our influence. 
    Pushing aside these aspects of life leads to apathy. 
    Covid-19 is creating the perfect storm of events that is exposing our ongoing hubris, apathy and complacency.
    The underpinnings of our global network are far too fragile to remain sustainable. 
    But again for the sake of optimism and our own creature comforts, we have to delude ourselves from acting on otherwise unconscionable events:
    Children in cages
    Climate change
    Gun violence 
    Extreme inequality
    Class based societies, 1% versus the rest
    Human trafficking
    We have created partisanship out of what should otherwise be a straightforward, unilateral, commonsense responses to global threats such as climate change and pandemics. 
    Optimism inherently requires that we turn our minds away from the ugliness that our species has wrought.
    Realism on the other hand is literally based on reality. There is no philosophy of optimistic-realism, because that would be a paradox. Therefore only realism is true to life, and void of external influences. 
    Yet, all I currently witness are the masses clamoring to resume the status quo, without giving pause for an opportunity to reassess whether we should return to our “way of life”. 
    That way of life was only equitable for a minority, and not for the vast majority.
    My analysis struck a nerve among even my most rational minded friends. 
    Most of these same friends have acknowledged that they tune out negative information after a point. That literally means that they are ignoring a portion of reality.
    Perhaps at this moment in time, we could apply more realism, while putting a moratorium on optimism, until we have genuinely resolved some of our greatest global challenges.
    Realism is not about giving in to despair. It is not about giving up. It is about clarity, and accepting the objective truth. 
    The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
    “He refuses to face reality”
    The state or quality of having existence or substance.
    Existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions.
    the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.
    the quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life.
    Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
    The doctrine, especially as set forth by Leibniz, that this world is the “best of all possible worlds”.
    The belief that good must ultimately prevail over evil in the universe.
    Despite our best efforts, reality does not care how optimistic we can be. Reality is as presented, not how we ‘wish’ it to be. Alternative “truths” only exist within subjective minds. In order to attain an optimistic outlook, a person must be willing to ignore a significant facet of existence.
    A brief thought exercise:
    Imagine that there are three different versions of Earth, each with degrees of positive and/or negative forces. For convenience, we will name the worlds Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 3. How will our three perspectives respond within each biome?
    Earth 1 is a figurative utopia, whereby death, suffering and misery are non-existent.
    Optimist: The optimist accepts this reality, since they have want or need for anything more. The need for hope has been assuaged.
    Realist: The realist will accept this reality, as it has been presented, as fact.
    Pessimist: The pessimist will bemoan that this world is too nice.
    Earth 2 is our current Earth, containing a blend of suffering and joy, the caveat being that only a fraction of the populace are able to experience sustained joy.
    Optimist: Clearly in a world where “hope” is a necessity in order to sustain oneself, this is further indication that a survival instinct has been triggered, in the form of a coping mechanism. The optimist remains optimistic.
    Realist: The realist will accept this reality, as it has been presented, as fact.
    Pessimist: The pessimist will bemoan that this world is too nice.
    Earth 3 is a figurative hell, there is no joy, only pain and suffering for every inhabitant.
    Optimist: The optimist continues to remain hopeful even while they crumble towards oblivion.
    Realist: The realist will accept this reality, as it has been presented, as fact.
    Pessimist: The pessimist accepts this reality, since they have zero regard for anything more. Parity has been achieved, in the form of universal suffering.
    From these three scenarios, only one of our perspectives was realistic 100% of the time.
    Now an optimist might argue that “there is no such thing as a perfect world”, therefore insinuating that this exercise is invalidated. How pessimistic of them…

  • Can Coronavirus infect you through a cut? Can it infect any party of the body just as easily as it does the lungs?

    They say you can get Coronavirus through your mouth nose or eyes, but at the same time they say you don’t have to worry about consuming Cronovirus, which (this is true) food come through your mouth.

  • Medical Hexing at it’s best: in minute 6:20 he reminds us that “…remember…..there’s no treatment you will get at the doctors…..” exactly! it took them boneheads 200 years to accept that scurvy on sea voyages could be avoided by bringing along citrus fruit (b4 anyone even knew that the was a substance now known as VITAMIN C). Now VITAMIN C has been successfully used orally, as IV drips…in healing ebola, yellow fever, cancer, sepsis, lymes disease, viral infections (flu/corona) and their bumper crops….but will the mainstream medical professional voodoo quackers or the freakin’ mainstream news media wholly owned by big pharma trying to make a few billions TELL YOU ABOUT IT? PERHAPS WHEN EASTER AND CHRISTMAS FALL ON THE SAME DAY!!! >>>>>So JUST DO IT YOURSELF! DIY!

  • As at 6th April the forecast is that we will run out of ventilators within a few days. It is vital that the NHS changes tack on this subject and starts thinking differently. Of course it is not ideal but there isn’t a person in the country that won’t do something they never expected to do in the next few weeks. That has to include people within the NHS, the time for blindly following a procedural flowchart are over (sadly).

    I have been desperately trying to get people to consider the possibility of using one ventilator to serve multiple patients. In the UK we are very short of ventilators. It is not perfect but it CAN be done. Please help pass the message on to others within the NHS and get them to start working on this…..

    This technique HAS been successfully used at a hospital in the USA after a mass shooting when the hospitals ran out of ventilators. Okay those people were not suffering pneumonia BUT it proves it does work. Critical patients suffering COVID-19 will have stiff chests but with a few common sense rules and precautions two or four patients could share one ventilator…

    1, The ventililator must be used in ‘pressure’ mode not ‘volume’ mode.

    2, patients should be paired according to size, age weight and clinical symptoms to balance the pressure and volume requirements.

    3, ideally a pressure regulation valve should be put in the inspiration line to each patient so that the patients with lowest pressure requirements can be saved from any blow out risk. Suitable pressure regulators should be available from many industrial suppliers. if two patients are sharing one ventilator then a PRV is only needed in the inspiration line to one patient. for four patients then 3 PRVs will be needed.

    4, one way valves would be a good idea between patients but as they have a common infection as a last ditch resort they can be left out.

    5, plumbing merchants, industrial machinery supply stores and existing medical ventilation tubing/connectors can be used to supply the neccessary T pieces and pressure regulation valves.

    6, a single ventilator should be reserved as a ‘test’ machine so that patients can be ‘pressure/volume’ tested and then paired with the nearest matching ‘buddy’ patient for ventilation.

    Please watch these two videos, they will give you the basic description of the method….

    Please please speak to whoever you need to call to make this happen. Potentially we can get every patient requiring ventilation some time on a ventilator but only IF we think outside the box. If we do not take drastic action then people who could be saved will die….

  • Say doc, your colleagues, Dr’s Andrew Saul and Susan Humphries have both suggested that we need to be as healthy as possible when we encounter CoVid or any virus and that, in addition to eliminating sugar, eating healthy foods and exercise that supplements, especially Vit C and D will help us recover and, should we not be healthy and succumb to SARS that we can survive the experience with high intravenous doses of Vit C. Medical reports out of Shanghai support this.
    Your opinion.

  • How long do you think it will be bedore we can get semi back to normal? If a vaccine could take over a year, I mean businesses won’t survive if they’re closed for an entire year. Do you think we’ll get to a point where we can still go about our lives at least somewhat before than?

  • Know what’s behind covid19.They don’t want you know the truth.

  • Can you say Propaganda?!

    “Every vitamin, mineral and nutrient that exists. Protein, calcium, iron, potassium, all the B-vitamins, you have an original source, and it ain’t the animals.”

    “You are aware that people eat animals AFTER the animals have already eaten from the earth. People eat cows AFTER the cows eat up the grass, some of the soil. Then we ship ’em to a feedlot and feed ’em most of our corn, wheat, oats and soy.”

    “Then we take more of the corn, wheat, oats and soy, shove it down the throats of pigs and chickens and turkeys.”

    “Stop filtering your nutrients through somebody else’s body.”

    “It’s illogical and irrational.”

    “Go to those sources directly, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes. These things cannot harm you, cannot cause a disease and more importantly they harm no one else in the process!”

    “But when we consume what walks, what flies and what swims, that is abnormal. What does everybody think diseases come from?”
    Gary Yourofsky
    The Greatest Speech

  • I don’t believe It’s 1 am if I’m not mistaken I can see what appears to be the sun out the door in the back. THE LIES WHEN DO THEY END xd

  • I delayed watching this video because I’m not an optimist. But the preview image of this video intrigued me. It looks very familiar. I only realised that Dr. Rohin was mocking Theranos after watching this video. Haha, very funny

  • 13:22 Flattered to be asian. We use mainly water and soap to wash our private parts and hands. A cheap soap bar is just enough. Toilet papers come last and are optional.

  • Your jokes are great and your videos are very intelligent! I will continue to watch your videos even after this virus dies down, we can all use a positive influence in these trying times!

  • Actually, Wim Hof’s twin brother was introduced to the Eastern traditions, after which he started showing signs of physiological manifestations. With that being said, the Western Orthodoxy is the new kid on the block. They do not own knowledge, and nor do they own the science of knowledge. It is the East that civilized the West back in the archaic days through the globalization of Agriculture. It is the Eastern regions of the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, the Indus Valley Civilization of South Asia, and China, that helped the West evolve out of the hunter-gatherer age.

  • I am washing and sanitizing my ass off. But once i wash and disinfect I will touch my face. But I only touch it after I have disinfected myself thats just the way its gonna be. I had the flu and chicken pox at the same time when I was 17 made it. I had bronchial pneumonia when I was 18…made it plus I contracted bronchitis from the pneumonia. I am a smoker and in the last 11 years have had the flu twice 2009 and 2014. The 2009 was pretty rough. This virus is dangerous no doubt but percentages are still on the positive side and will continue this way. Take it seriously and heed protocols and you should come out of this fine. I’m 60 and I refuse to let a piece of crap cell kill me.✌

  • It would be interesting to study respiratory muscle activation of a person before and after practicing the Wim Hof method for a period of time. There might be something there long term if it ends up greatly improving ones overall breathing.

  • Bhakt ���� with little help from modi.. English men added a new word for blind supports… As a Indian,I am delighted and ashamed at the same time

  • thats great, I’ve watched it yesterday and i was like yeah thats true but they were like tunneling into just showing how bad everything is that is not vegetarian/vegan, so of course i first thing i did today was looking for some other opinion, thank you for this video.

  • The cure for anti vaccination lobby is to do some controlled double blind tests on vaccines to prove they work and are safe. So far we are still waiting…. Sorry. No tests, no proof.

  • I noticed the model skeleton behind you. I’m sure I saw this at the Wellcome Museum in London a year or two ago. Is it the same one? Are you the artist?


  • Im here from the future just to say that also like you said around 15 min that there usually is a motive or a bias and a new health documentary that just came out was in association with a man who was starting a new vegetarian protein powder company who may have been wanting to used these tactics to make more people want to become vegan and use his vegan products. Just a thought though

  • What is most likely one diet fad is the correct way to eat and the way our ancestors ate or our ancestors ate what whatever they could get their hands on to survive.

  • You have your vaccine. Nothing like sticking the most toxic substances into your body and wonder why you get cancer. Or going onto a ventilator that will probably kill you. Just look at the statistics.

  • 4:09?! “The concept behind quarantine is that enough people develop anti-bodies…”!? Noooo:) this is called Societal or “Herd” Immunity. The latter develops either naturally by infection or artificially by inoculation/vaccine. Is this an honest slip of the tongue mistake? Or are you just pro lockdown?

  • Vaccines are a waste of time and bring problems of their own. Best action plan is to get people to take care of their bodies and immune systems the body is designed to be self-healing as long as we don’t sabotage it. Drink water, eat well, move your body, sleep well and learn to minimise stress. Job done.

  • Everybody’s different. This year i almost killed myself cutting down on meat and eating lots of veg, but oxylates were lurking in them and I developed acute kidney failure, so I’m feeling that all those years hating vegetables was my body’s way of prolonging my life.

  • Cool. So, it looks like I can continue my “eat mostly veggies because they’re cheap, but throw in some red meat because I get anaemic” diet.

  • You are alot smarter than me but no. Completely incorrect. I guess it might be in hindsight (since this video is form early march) but we now KNOW that China waited about 2 weeks before informing the public and outside world which could’ve prevented tens of thousands of deaths. They did not act fast enough and they barely communicated with WHO and then ofc the information they gave was redacted with small peices here and there.

  • I’ll bet that every study on consumption of red meat will have the same end as pretty much every dietary study ever twenty years after its done.
    Sodium kills you in small doses bunk
    Eggs will give high cholesterol bunk
    Red meats is going to give you heart attack bunk

    Eat meals that are filling, good and give you the nutrients you need that’s what we’ve got of actual knowledge so far.
    To much food is a killer. To little nutrients is a killer.

  • I think eating meat is ok as long as it’s not full of hormones and antibiotics and other weird stuff.
    On the other hand, my 50 year old niece has breast cancer and has been advised by the doctors to cut sugar and red meat from her diet.

  • So, after 2.6 million years of eating meat, the homo genus finally figures out that it is fine unless you overdo it.
    Surprise surprise.
    I have never met a vegetarian who wasn’t overweight. Go figure.

  • One side woo hoo! Reduce red neet consumption! Heart feels good!
    Other carnivore diet great, helps depression!

    confused dieting science noises it still is whatever works for you, as always

  • The problem is not Red meat, it’s how it’s prepared. I love animals…. on my plate next to the vegetables.
    (Ideally, Prime Rib with au jus… 2 inches thick, medium rare, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetable medley of Red & yellow pepper, sautéed onions and mushrooms, asparagus and brochli ) with a great wine of course.
    That was wine… not whine… lol ��

  • Love these discussions. Had watched this documentary with my husband. Experience was similar we lasted a week before we went back to our normal diet. Just didn’t work for us but agree diet is individual. ����

  • If you think the jokes I kept in were bad, just be grateful I left a scene where I did a Bane impersonation while wearing my mask on the cutting room floor.

  • Ive tested negative but have definitive symptoms. Im still not fully recovered in my lungs weeks later. I think its important to acknowledge false negative tests happen. My doctor agreed. Ive been self isolated for a month.

  • Awesome channel ���� I just started my own review of healthy business if anyone reads this could you tell me what I may need to work on?? Or any ideas ��??

  • Expert medical advice is of course necessary but it does not appear to be matched with common sense. Until recently here (June) golf courses were closed! It reminds me of the idiocy at the outset of the AIDS crisis when some people thought you could get the virus from toilet seats. The politicians are in favor of testing the asymptomatic, and yet when I went to a medical clinic for a regular blood test no one asked if I was tested for the virus or if I wanted to be tested, nor was I given a mask. Politicians and the media feed the hysteria and ignorance.

  • I’ve been doing the cold showers and breathing for a couple of years now. I would say that I don’t believe in the spiritual part of it at all, but there are clearly some good effects from doing this. There have been some nights when I would lay in bed doing the breathing exercises before sleep where I would wake up feeling remarkably well and energized in a way that I never get anymore without the breathing. Give it a try. It’s free.

  • One South American woman with diabetes told her doctor that she eats eight pounds of steak and drinks two gallons of Coca Cola a day and said she didn’t think food was a reason for it.

  • Finally got around to watching this nearly 8 weeks later, still relevant April 26th I reckon. I kept hearing about the 7 human coronaviruses interesting point you make that we may have run into more in the past but not been able to recognise them as corona types.
    I had NOT seen any of these corona dances. Just did not have any clue they existed. Not sure how I feel about this now. I need to sleep on it.

  • The science linking red and processed meat with heart disease and cancer always seemed flaky at best. Now it seems more likely it’s BS than not. I agree about cutting down meat consumption for environmental reasons is a good idea though.

  • I really like how you mentioned big names like the American research centers but my big issue with these big names that have very readily available information thats very contradictory. A good example is the American Lung Association says that cannabis smokes IS harmful and can cause the same problems as cigarettes, yet other studies like Harvards 1 year long small group test where they had 100 individuals. 50 smoked 1 joint a day for 365 days and 50 smoked 1 cigarette a day for 365 days. Cannabis smokers overall had IMPROVED lung capacity and their lungs filtered toxins out faster than before. Unsurprisingly the cigarette smokers across the board had negative effects. How do I navigate information like that from big names when its so contradictory?

  • Reduced by how much? what else did their diet contain? What were their stress levels? How much exercise did they do? how old were they? how much water did they drink? how much alcohol did they drink? Did they smoke? how much? So many other variables to consider

  • Can’t figure out the toilet paper hoarding?? As long as I have a wash cloth and running water I simply don’t need any and am actually cleaner!

  • How do we get english out of the schools in the netherlands. They are weirder than I was expecting. They keep trying to turn us into icicles.

  • Your missing the ethical side of the argument. Let’s take the untold suffering and death of literally billions of sentient beings into the equation. Eating meat seems a lot less fun

  • Sorry if it’s in the comments somewhere: fight, flight and fright? I thought the last F was Freeze? (Could have had another Batman ref in there as well.)

  • Well put doctor, your calm, professional manner amid a maelstrom of panic and conspiracy theories, is very encouraging. Thank you.

  • Omg….the turtleneck, the hand sign, the deep voice, coronos as in theranos…. Just realized you did an Elizabeth Holmes impression!

  • The biggest problem with ecological nutritional studies, both retrospective as well as prospective, is often that they look at populations which do not deviate significantly from the median diet. For example many studies define “low-fat” cohorts as those who consume 30% or less of calories from fat while the “high-fat” cohort averages 40% or more of calories from fat. A 30% fat diet is more accurately labeled a dangerously high-fat diet while a 40% diet should be labeled an extremely dangerously high-fat diet. Is it any wonder then that the studies that you mentioned saw little difference in mortality and morbidity. None had large cohorts within the study populations who actually followed a truly healthy diet, just slight variations on the nutritional nightmare the vast majority of western people eat.

    It would be like trying to tease out the impact of speed on survivability in car crashes if the speed at impact in all the crashes being studied was between 80 and 100 mph (130 and 160 kph). Since nearly everybody in those crashes died one could conclude that speed is not a significant determiner in crash fatality rate. Much more determinative would be things like seat belt usage. Even more ridiculous would be eliminating speed limits based on these studies. But if the range of speed were broadened to include those down to parking lot fender benders then the evidence that speed at impact is determinative of survivability (other factors being equal).

    So what happens when we look at populations who eat a diet very low in animal products (and processed junk food). We get places like Africa in the 1920s to early 1960s when western doctors reported that heart disease was almost entirely absent in the farming population such as in Kenya and Uganda. Autopsy verified myocardial infarction rate was 1 in 1400 in Uganda in the 1960s. And the one MI was in a western trained doctor who brought some bad dietary habits back from England, and it was healed, so was not the cause of death. These populations obtained between 90% and 95% of their calories from whole plant food sources. And before somebody says that they didn’t live long enough to develop heart disease, the study (see the “sources” tab in the linked video) did an age and gender match comparison to Americans who died in St. Louis in the US. Autopsies in the US showed 22% of people had had a MI, often it was the cause of death.
    But you will say, those people lived a very different lives than westerners do. They were much more physically active for example. Well other studies looked at Asian (mostly Indian) immigrants which also had high active lifestyles, but a very different dietary pattern that included some meat, but more dairy and eggs (many were vegetarian who consumed lots of ghee and cheese). They had cholesterol levels much higher than the native peoples and they had the higher heart disease to go along with it.
    The bottom line for me is that we have look beyond highly reductive studies that try to tease out the impact of single food or worse single nutrient in populations with a narrow range of consumption of that food/nutrient. Instead we need to look at how healthy populations with little or no chronic diseases and see what factors of their lifestyle have biochemical linkages to the diseases we are looking to eliminate. We have done that over the last 60-80 years and the results is actually quite clear and can be summed up in a single statement. A diet is healthy to the degree that calories come from whole unprocessed plant foods and unhealthy to the degree that calories come from animal derived foods and highly refined plant foods.

  • Thanks for this informative video. Before starting any new method I try to research various pros and cons and this video seemed to be extremely balanced and did a proper critical assessment.
    I practiced only the breathing method for 4 days and I can see a noticeable drop in my resting heart rate. It went from 63 to 59. Almost a linear decrease. I know 4 days is not enough so I will not get overexcited.

  • While your information is greatly appreciated���� I don’t think the dancing at the end will be to those who’ve lost dear ones and those who don’t know if they’ll survive this‼️Especially New York City who are dropping dead in the streets right now��

  • A great Dilemma Some fear the heavy Antibiotic Use in animals and subsequent Resistance & also bacterial & Viral transference caused by processing,handling & storage not to mention the heavy environmental cost of production.The plant Based Faction have the fears of Glyphosate and the negative impact of consuming the Cadaver of Living Creatures.The Plant group though have the benefit of a short waiting time to use the Bathroom after the smell of death dissipates..

  • ” I have attempted to be as neutral as possible. I love steak but I also love the planet. The video format is an objective analysis of the data with no personal opinions or bias until the last 2 minutes.” Then you should be concerned with weather and climate modification being sold as climate change.

  • It is far far more important to change your cooking habits than your diet. Over 90% of the carcinogens in our food come from overcooking it.

  • Well, come back when you say “I know”. 5 years ago I became vegan for health reasons. I had high blood pressure, and heart trouble. I now no longer have high blood pressure, and my doctor says my heart is very healthy. He should me where arteries have started to clear up. I sleep better. I exercise long, and recover faster from colds.

    I don’t need your studies. My mother died of a heart attack. But veganism saved my life. The Standard Western Diet is NOT HEALTHY. Don’t white wash this. It kills people. Stop it. Learn more about nutrition before you tell people a diet based on animal based foods is safe. It’s a lie.

  • Personally I’ve tried to reduce/ cut out red meat from my diet as the data for how bad production is on the environment is irrefutible by this pointany health benifit is a happy coincidence.

  • I’d add: Eat when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. In other words, eat less…mostly vegetables. Walk more.

  • I am really disappointed but not terribly surprised by “the doctor guy’s” response. He is defending his $500,000+ a year profession. Before I ate only a plant based diet, I instinctively knew eating fruits and vegetables were good for me and eating meat, eggs and dairy was not so good for me. I believe if society ate a plant based diet, doctors would not be needed in the numbers that are in the profession today.

  • LOL people still believe in Vaccine and stuff because the medical expert said so? The same medical expert that told us COVID19 has a 5% kill ratio, and it really.0503? But because you take care of people as your job and don’t actually treat them it makes you an expert now?

  • 19:55 Think about this. Plants are not sentient. They have no central nervous system, no brain, no pain. However, plants do react to stimuli including light, gravity and touch. If you put a cigarette butt in a venus flytrap, it closes. Furthermore, we kill more plants by eating animals than only eating plants because the animals we breed eat an abundance of plants.

  • Goop and Elon…? Belinda Foundation Ex CEO of a tech company knows best….and doesn’t use Tetanus to sterilize (tongue in cheek)…research the numerous studies done by Dr G.P Talwar.

  • What the health isn’t biased at all. Any Denial you have about it will make you just turn your head to new information your closed mind has never heard before. The government wants you and your family to die. To Be dependent for them and die slowly and they laugh at you.

  • As an asthmatic I got very different instructions for breathing from a lung physiatrist. She just advised to breath with my thoracic diaphragm (sorry, English isn’t my first language). She also took me in her group of progressive relaxation, where we learned a method for relaxing the body in all kinds of situations. I started using it especially at the dentist and it worked so well I almost fell asleep during a root canal treatment.

    I understood asthmatics can be prone to hyperventilation, which I suppose means the condition in which you are unable to control it. That can apparently be dangerous, as you can faint. At least the lung physiatrist tested me in a room that had first aid equipment ready. In the test I needed to hyperventilate and then try to gain control, which I succeeded doing. Heavy breathing or hyperventilation aren’t recommended in normal life. Like said, she just taught me to breath in a relaxed way. Though I agree gaining control of my breathing has helped, it just isn’t any extreme method, and I can even use the relaxation thing while standing in a large crowd (it’s just about having associated certain mental prompts with the feeling of all the muscles relaxing + controlling the breathing).

  • Let’s have one thing straight. If I’m to die of heart disease after eating meat, so be it, throw my body on the bbq, for other carnivores to benefit. Better die happy than live all life as a whining, self-obsessed religious vegan (I have nothing against people who choose not to eat meat for health, environmental or simple trust issues).

  • “On March 26, 1953, American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio. In 1952—an epidemic year for polio—there were 58,000 new cases reported in the United States, and more than 3,000 died from the disease.”

    There was more to the article, but I have to wonder how Dr. Salk & Co., without today’s technology and today’s knowledge of how viruses work plus CRISPER and other tools, could seemingly create a successful vaccine for a virus in such a “short” time. While we, with all our technology and technological capabilities REQUIRE years to do the same thing? Politics? Money? I shall not include dedication in that list because there are very dedicated people working on this. Too many “cooks”? Lucky?

    Perhaps a short video on Dr. Salk in the 1950s environment and we in our current environment is in order? I know, there have been plenty of videos and scientific articles on “pandemic history” but nothing on how Dr. Salk accomplished his miracle and we apparently cannot.

  • sorry, Im genuinely annoyed by how people pretend their knoweldge of this disease is beyond the general commnunity. PLEASE DO NOT APPOSE VENTILATORS >>>>>> PLEASE LEARN SOME GODDAMN PHYSIOLOGY LOL

  • An Israeli expert warned of the dangers of ventilators before the pandemic. Staff went against the rule, using ventilators because they needed to be seen to do something. This was medical negligence. They ended up with long term problems or died anyway after taking up beds for weeks which could have saved others.

  • I think the major confounder here might be that as soon as you credibly tell people that meat/fat/etc is harmful, the people who care greatly about health in general (exercise, smoking cessation etc) start avoiding the thing you’ve told them to avoid so you can’t find two identical groups where the only major difference is meat intake.

  • Thanks for mentioning the enviromental impact. An argument could be made that even if the data is inconclusive about the direct harm of red meat, the indirect impact of the whole industry regarding CO2 emission and climate change and its effects on global health is rather obvious.

  • “Brilliant people are not brilliant at everything…” I note that someone educated in a single discipline is more likely to fall into D-K when discussing things outside their field of expertise. After my first degree in Math and Physics, I thought I was brilliant. Then I did a degree in Philosophy and Classics, and realized how MUCH I did not understand, and became much more cautious when discussing things I have no actual education in. Multi-disciplinary is the way to go:)

  • so how come that a 14 day crash course seems to have worked quite adequately for that turd named musk?
    maybe medical doctors should be just a little more hesitant in pointing a finger and shouting dunning kruger?
    for, you might just be standing in front of a mirror…..

  • Can’t defeat any crisis without dealing with the real crisis: Fascism: The ownership of the government by private interests. Big Tech and Big pharma have to go.

  • cancer is a symptom, not something you need to treat. Thats why you cant beat it. A cancer diagnosis means there is something attacking your immune system. Thats why we cannot beat cancer at the moment., because they believe it to be the cause of your illness.

  • I’m the only one not dead from my nuclear family who ate themselves into cancers which they all died from or Alzheimer’s. I went Vegan, lost lots of weight, reduced my cholesterol 50 pts., no diabetes, dementia or cancer but what does that matter. If you prefer to stuff yourselves with animal corpses, it is going to likely make you sick.

    Modern medicine does not have a pill to make bad habits disappear. Nor is exercise the answer for everything. If you look at our physiology, we are herbivores. If you feed an animal, it’s natural diet, it will be healthy, if you feed it what it is not supposed to eat, you will make them sick to very sick to dead. If you want to find out why you are a herbivore, look up Dr. Milton Mills on YT, and enjoy the videos. Then decide if you prefer to die like your relatives or change your eating habits and enjoy the rest of your life.

  • 09:32 Did you know that every person to ever drink water WILL die, without a doubt, all serial killers have also consumed water in the days of their killings.
    Clearly we must stay away from water, right?

  • 7:25 sounds to me like you didn’t watch the film to the end. They get confirmation from athletes, who would already have healthy lifestyles, that switching to a plant-based diet made noticeable improvements to their perfomance.

  • Problem here is clear. If you only take one source for observation (red meat) You still have dairy wich gives more saturated fat at avarage per people then red meat. The real question is is there a clear evidence that lowering animal products will decrease cancer, and heart diseace.

  • you are a little limited by ”science”..what is limited too…when you will start to feel the life maybe you will understand all this shit…is like you try to explain life but you dont know 5% of it…you dont know where u come from or where you going..but u sustain the limited science we have now and say that we are not connected with universe…you are so funny…stay with ur science is the right place for you..maybe you will understand in few thousand years all about life..good luck

  • Loved your content up until now, but why do you people always jump on the Trump bashing bandwagon?
    As you have, then you should also call out the media that almost never tells the truth about Trump or his actions, preferring to lie and undermine the government.
    The media who prefers to spread untruths to perpetuate this crisis for drama and just to cause alarm.
    Maybe include a discussion of Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Wolfgang Wodargs insightful statements regarding the actual dangers of Covid19.
    A discussion about the successful treatments (mentioned by Trump) carried out by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, or the 100% success rate from French doctors.
    Or a discussion of Covid Act Now and their massively alarmist predictions, upon which many political leaders have based their responses.
    You should also call out the “experts” at the WHO, who could have reduced the spread of this disease by 95% if they hadn’t ignored Taiwans warnings or spent so much time sucking up to China, while the CCP covered up the initial outbreak and made people vanish.

  • The most rational and scientific explanation on the WHM I have screen or read. Even WH makes statements that I find are hard to accept. This is exactly the disassembling of each of the elements of the WHM and in depth exploration of the likely influence on the mind and body. I have practiced the WHM for more than two years and experienced a general improvement in general health and well being. This video puts that in perspective. Thank you for taking the time to produce this. Well done!

  • I’ve got an 8 minute ad before this video from some guy that claims he has the cure for all gut related problems, I took a screenshot off his website as it looks absolutely like a scam.
    Personalized ads are turned off, so it must be because your video content

  • Chinese openness. Do you have gullible written on your forehead? They have been hiding this since last year and their figures are a running joke. Multiply the Chinese numbers by at least 10 and you may get a better clue about what has happened there.

  • Hello, I’m from the future. While the coronavirus isn’t cured yet, we’re making astronomical progress day by day, and we will survive this as a species! Unfortunately, we seem to be getting an influx of knuckle-dragging swamp cunts that refuse to wear masks, push far right ideals and refuse to vaccinate. Say, has this happened to anyone else’s timelines?

  • Not that doctor dont care, they care too much about money. First thing they do is prescribe medications, and you know they get bonuses from big pharma

  • I’m not even a doctor or a nurse or an attendant I found “what the health” quite easy to follow. English is not my mother language.

  • 0:38 I get what you’re saying, but I’m more concerned with the Skelton with the pelvis and skull reversed. What happened there? ��

  • Sorry, couldn’t get past fifteen minutes of this. My view of the documentary? If it makes sense to you, change your diet. (Eating all vegetables takes a set of gonads, not easy giving up ribeyes). If there’s not enough proof for you, don’t worry about it. You want to find proof that says there’s nothing wrong with what you currently eat. You’ll look at one side or the other, and probably pick which is more comfortable. It’s your life.

  • Only heard of the Wim Hof breathing three days ago but several small positives have happened, easiest breathing training so far is doing the exercises, as directed, at bedtime…..the count of holding my breath has increased way more than double and then instant sleep….I am loving it and look forward to more exercises to do even more.

  • 3.3% is the case fatality rate. This represents deaths out of reported cases only. The infection fatality rate represents death out of total infections. Stanford University published studies by Prof Ioannidis, showing that the IFR is 0.1 to 0.2%, similar to the flu. Let’s stop the fear-mongering and go back to science with high ethics. #WeAreAllThinkers

  • No more pills for me pal.I feel great. Any one with a little horse sense should always approach new endeavors carefully,we learn to crawl before we learn to walk.

  • The area doesn’t change, but the time is longer. More time with no job is as scary as the virus itself. People are egoists. If there is a big chance they they will survive they don’t give a shit about their brother, mother or close friend (until they die but then it’s too late).

  • This is a fantastic video. As a med student who wants to be a general practitioner, I expect to be asked about this every now and then. I also participated in some of the research and was trained by Wim Hof back in 2015, but because the claims he made sounded so outlandish to me at the time and I didn’t feel the benefits myself, I was very skeptical. So this video is good for me on both a personal and professional level. Thanks so much.

  • 40:58 nah man it’s just you that unwilling to try new things. Si being Si defending their functions. And yes what I’m talking about is very pseudoscientific.

  • Your ankle bone’s connected to your knee bone, your knee bone’s connected to you thigh bone, your thigh bone’s connected to your OH GOD, NO!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! WHYYYYYY!!!!

  • Het fauci you better raise an unholy hell you you never thought possible, because it is your duty and responsibility to protect the health of this country

  • This video is long as I wanted to tackle as much as I could. It might not be for everyone but if the thought of all 44 minutes gives you chills, here’s a cool table of contents:
    00:00:04 Intro
    00:01:19 Why this isn’t about my own experiences
    00:02:04 The problem with many ‘WHM science’ videos and blogs
    00:02:56 Structure of the video
    00:03:21 This is not about Wim Hof, it’s about the method
    00:04:13 Scott Carney on the general concept behind the WHM
    00:05:54 The pillars of the WHM, its origins and basic outline
    00:07:40 Scott Carney on why Wim differs from ‘gurus’ he’s encountered before
    00:09:21 Running order of the science
    00:09:52 The WHM and cold resistance how does it work?
    00:12:24 The WHM and brown fat
    00:15:20 How tummo/chandali/WHM breathing heats you up
    00:17:00 The WHM and breathing effects of hyperventilation
    00:17:41 Rhonda Patrick and Pierre Capel on alkalosis
    00:19:25 Are these effects long term?
    00:20:48 Priming the sympathetic nervous system a key step
    00:22:41 The WHM and the immune system the reality including analysis of the endotoxin study
    00:24:55 The pros and cons of the endotoxin study
    00:26:38 Good and bad stress
    00:28:09 The WHM and altitude sickness (ft Scott Carney)
    00:33:46 Putting every claim into 3 categories of plausibility
    00:41:42 The one line summary for the truly attention-deficient
    00:43:06 Don’t send money, just watch this bit if you want to support the channel
    00:43:57 Insert joke here


  • I tried Veganism in middle school for about 3 months and during that time I had learned about my iron deficiency (because I had passed out in class). Let’s just say my mom made me eat beef real fast.

  • The interventions in the study of 48835 women (the Women’s Health Initiative trial) were a low-fat diet vs. a habitual diet, hormone therapy, and supplementation with calcium and vitamin D:
    The meta-analysis labeling this as a randomized controlled trial is misleading for the purposes of red-meat vs non-red-meat it is not much more credible than an observational one.

  • Great energy and love broader perspective; however, still have not gone far enough my dear doctor; keep get larger perspective 😉

  • Has YouTube stopped demonetizing videos that have coronavirus mentioned anywhere? I mean literally everyone is talking about it; they must need to demonetize half the videos uploaded.

  • If in case you want my review of your videos. Something about it is boring. Although I am interested to know what you are delivering. I guess you joke too much and beyond being captured by the viewer. Be to the point and short. This review is for your overall videos.

  • Thanks for the analysis. The world needs this, especially young westerners. Too many people seem to form strong unmodifiable opinions based on little more than emotion, anecdote, or flavors of the week. Wim is an inspiration nonetheless.

  • Dr. Rohin, I have started to follow you and I truly think you are a smart doctor. One advice, don’t rush your views on studies like that, you will make mistakes. Dr. Alawwad

  • I’m at the 2 week mark. It’s definitely a stress buster. I’ve always had problems with the cold. I hate it! Doing the showers are helping me no end. It’s got me over a fear too. But, mainly, I feel amazing afterwards. Part of the method is push-ups. I wasn’t even going to entertain that part. I swam instead, another thing I hated because of the cold. That I managed lengths without effort and even love it now. Today I tried the push-ups. Pre breathing I managed a very poor 7, on the knees, post I managed an effortless 30, on the knees, and a couple of full, on the toes. You might think that’s rubbish but I can tell you, at 61, that’s amazing as I’ve never been able to do them at all as my arm strength is poor. I’m impressed with it all so far. I feel great. I feel positive and in these uncertain times it’s worth trying as it really works.


  • So basically here we have three different types of people, one who says vaccines don’t work because they cause the body to react to aluminum (something that should never be injected directly into the body) rather than an actual virus, one who invented PayPal, and the best electric car telling us ventilators do more harm than good, and one who works in an industry that at least here in the USA kills over 400 thousand people a year through buffoonery, and he’s the one telling us the others are stupid.

  • I don’t have an extra hour to spend watching questionable posts so I didn’t watch the whole thing but I’m wondering who Dr. Mike is, what his credentials are and why he’s wearing scrubs. I’m also wondering who Bethany is, why she’s overweight and why she has a stethoscope around her neck that won’t stay put. This seems odd to me and I feel that this theatrical like production is trying to mask a hidden agenda. The pair of them seem like actors and I’ve never seen a doctor that looks like him. Also, I see a bunch of other Dr. Mike posts which doesn’t do his credibility any good. Is the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Association, American Heart Association and Susan Komen over funding these posts? I don’t know of course but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. The food industry is very greedy and not to be trusted. I shop at Fred Meyers and it’s clear that the only thing they care about is money. Impulse marketing displays of cookies and books in the underwear department makes that point.

  • 19:55

    I don’t think that’s a good point. There’s no real evidence that plants feel emotion,but for animals its different. Plants don’t have a brain or a central nervous system, but animals do. You could say that we just don’t know if plants feel pain, but I’d rather cause less suffering to the beings that we are pretty sure experience pain, than to plants, for which we have no good evidence. Responding to outside stimuli, doesn’t equal feeling pain.

    Besides, you feed plants to animals and then eat the animals. If both plants and animals could feel pain, wouldn’t it still be better to not eat animals and just eat the plants ourselves?

  • That skeleton reminds me of an old joke. Optirectomy: Surgery to sever the nerve between the anus and the eye which tends to give a person a shitty outlook on life.

  • A lot of talk about social distancing, but how do you stop an infection from becoming a pandemic in the first place? Don’t eat bats, don’t let them near animals that we typically eat!

    I’m not Jewish but it’s interesting that if we all stuck to a kosher diet which in addition to prohibiting consumption of pigs, also prohibits consumption of bats, this Sars COV 2 and the previous SARS might have been avoided altogether. Israel has had to deal with pandemics in the past, but when was the last time it was the cause of one?

  • About 90 seconds in I thought, “Why am I listening to this incredible idiot? He’s obviously a pathetic snowflake.” So I blocked his channel from ever appearing on my feed again and went happily on my way.

  • We appreciate all that the symptom care workers do. You are courageous I say. Far more than any military chaps have ever been. Keep up the good fight and hope that all the workers who have given their lives to help others through this are recognized and given the appropriate honors. Maybe… someday, we can figure out a way to promote an improved food pyramid to keep our citizens healthy and less vulnerable to such things, (without cutting into hospital profits).

  • Alternative title suggestion for this video: “Guy with questionable humor explains how eating meat in India might result in sudden death and how that is related to the dying of the polar bears”

  • Tonight I dined on steamed fish, brussel sprouts, carrots, brown rice, tahini, tamari, celery and……half a bottle of Aussie Cab’ Sav’ just to soothe my guilt.

  • All coronavirus videos are automatically demonetised (which I think is a good idea) so sneeze this video all over all your friends and infect them with coronavirus songs. PS yes yes March 5th not May 5th you’re just not thinking 4th dimensionally.

  • I enjoyed this video and the one you did on ventilators (turns out there was a lot I didn’t know about them). I like that you keep politics out of it. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Thank God somebody is talking sense and I absolutely agree with you when you say that politicians are idiots but your last comment was excell, yes people there is another much better way of clearing your bum

  • Sir, i remember you said in one of your videos about the link about covid and heart issues and those videos of people falling on the streets in china. Am i imagining it?

  • I called out around this time the only way we beat Covid-19 is through Herd Immunity. Best thing anyone can do is practice good hygiene, and get healthy. Make sure your immune system is ready to take it on. Most will be fine, but about 200 Million might not make it. But that’s pails to the 1B I think will dye in the next few years from The Great Depression Squared that comes next. 1 in 7 odds? Good luck!

  • Vitamin C is so fast that it makes ventilators mostly not required. Dr. Cheng blames coagulation on the ventilators. CLO2 and Vit C are by now, end of June 2020 the protocol with science support and 100% recovery.

  • Btw, for anyone who doesn’t get the “Dunning Kruger” bit…

    In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability. Wikipedia

  • hello, have you heard of Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. His diet plan removes meat products and oil. his presentation shows block artery reversed.
    is this true?

  • I tried a vegan diet for 3 months and I lost a great amount of weight and was the most healthily I have ever been, I am a Football Player so I eat meat at a lower amount and I feel much more healthy and my power to outplay my opponents has grown stronger.

  • If you want to learn more about that eventful plane journey I mentioned, read the full story here: It’ll probably end up as a video. In the meantime, I’m off to eat some fish. Which is good for you. I think.

  • You giant twit. Following the “scientific advice” of doctors and nurses in COVID-19 has perhaps been the single greatest medical failure (and there have been so many) of the past decade. Listening uncritically to the advice of experts is precisely what led to tens of millions of people becoming addicted to opiods, to name but one obvious instance. 90% of all people who go on ventilators with COVID-19 die! It’s the wrong protocol and a virtual death sentence. Moreover, while you were bloviating about “don’t think for yourselves, let us think for you”, the real scientific evidence was pointing to quite a different protocol, based upon what is ACTUALLY wrong with people in these advanced stages. And yet, despite this evidence, they’re still putting people on these death machines and calling it medicine. Are we living in the Dark Ages??? For shame!

  • Rohin is a terminator! He’s a machine within living tissue reprogrammed by John Connor to save us from the machines,since of course a machine developed the Coronavirus by coming back in time. That’s why the disease has artificial markers in it’s DNA! Rohin is programmed to seek out all instances of the virus and fire needles prepaired with Dexamethasone out of his Doctor Canon at the public!

  • Plant based diets are not sustainable,ask any vegan or veggie freak. I know one vegan woman and she is very skinny and pale,bad tempered and moody. She is fatigued but doesnt sleep well. She’s only 35 and wants a child and wonders why she cant concieve. She’s not healthy and probably wouldnt carry to full term anyway. This makes her more bad tempered and moody. I dont know how many doctors she has seen with her boyfriend but she refuses to change,totally insane.Little does she know that the planet will be here a long,long time after we have gone,so all the suffering is a total waste of time.Be happy,eat meat.

  • But how much is the reducing? I doubt anyone would say it’s fine to 10 pounds of meat a day, but what’s too much? We know it doesn’t have to be 0 I think

  • I appreciate the discussion and perspectives. I have gone vegan partly for health but learning the truth about the dairy, egg, and meat industries.

  • Bethany is driving me crazy playing with her hair every minute! ��.
    Behind the ear, in front of the ear, behind the ear….watch her! ��

  • Yep, I’m 71 in ten weeks time, and I got a little puffed after I ran up the stairs to the top floor this morning. �� ��‍♂️ Immune system is the only system that will save us. �� �� ����

  • In just 12 days overall picture has quite changed…

  • I appreciate you Midlife Crisis������‍♀️ I’m a fan of Wim Hof and I thoroughly enjoyed your study & feedback of your own opinion—You ROCK����

  • Crystals and such are not rubbish.. if you were as wise as you are pretending to be, you would understand how simple it is to prove this to yourself. it is very small minded to claim such a thing about something you are not experienced in.. I would suggest you learn by experience and not by what you read on the internet.. good luck on your journey on this planet

  • 3:30 calling bull. Wim has stated and proven though his brother that he is in no way shape or form any different than you and me. He even takes an out of shape 76 year old up a snowy mountain in his underwear after only 2 weeks of training. 6:10 “none of these are new ideas” Bull. Wim Hof method processes a LOT more Oxygen and hydrogen than regular deep breathing used for thousands of years. Even NASA has to admit this is new. The Iceman method requires you not to let out CO2 completely between each breath, keeping hypocapnia to a minimum. You just don’t WANT to see what’s new. You just want us to know how much smarter you are than the rest of us enjoying the HUGE benefits of this method everyday.
    7:30 “crystals and all kinds of rubbish.” I’m stopping this video now to pray for you. Completely lost in this in your 3D thinking. Newtonian physics have long been dispoven. True healers don’t need approval / licenses from nany states.
    BTW your video stats show 1 in 25 are wide awake to your bull!

  • Observational? Total garbage. At best you might be able to get a hypothesis out of it.
    Other than that, total garbage junk science. Improper to try and pass it off otherwise.

  • Covid19 is a virus that primarily adversely affects politician´s brains, because it hits the panic button like a war in the average citizen. I feel were this NOT the case, covid19 wouldn´t have claimed as many lives in China, Brittain, Italy and USA. All cultures that have a lot of machismo built into the political side of things. It´s a small wonder Russia wasn´t affect more, so I even suspect some information being withheld there.
    I don´t know much about ventilators, but Elon Musk has overplayed his hand in the field of AI as well, overexaggerating risks. I also don´t think we live in a simulation in any technical way. (Other than that we live in a model/simulation that we have in our head of the world, that´s just common logic, my head cannot fit the whole world in it, so I draw my conclusions from a model, duh..).
    Elon Musk seems to be getting used to being unopposed by those around him. He´s smart, but in these cases he let his basic emotions (pride fear) get the better of him and he is not smart enought (or maybe he IS savvy enough) to not retract these statements in public. In stead he doubles down. That´s understandable but regrettable bad manners for such an influential and intelligent individual. He´s still doing more good than wrong and probably way more good for the planet than I am, so it feels a bit strange to have to say this.

    The fact that you ignore the agenda behind this orchestrated chaos is suspicious.

  • Here commenting a month later so we now know China has continued to lie and is still lying �� the death rate is still rising as expected Italy is on the verge of collapse the world economy is in danger and people of all countries are learning our leaders have fumbled this oh and people still buying out toilet paper ����

  • Ahhh…A breath of fresh air!…..Fits right in with Ole Grand Pappy used to say after working all day in all kinds of weather…..ENJOY SOME COMFORTS BUT…..NEVER GET COMFORTABLE!!!

  • The biggest challenge is the 2nd and 3rd and 4th hand smoke that us non smokers have to deal with. Vaping is not the answer either, even though the 2nd hand vapes are probably pretty minimal in health problems that tobacco smoke gives. Yes we are all exposed to toxic material, but we should all minimize the exposure as we see fit, My college has decresed the smoking zones to only a few and hopefully will turn them out completely where smokers will have to leave property. I would like to see all shopping centers, transit stops, and parking lots be smoke free. They could have desiganated smoke outhouses to the side of the stores where all employees could go to take a break, it would shelter them from the weather and better contain the smoke, because when someone goes a short distance away, the wind blows, so they have to go far, and if several people go far in all directions, it creates a circle of smoke, so it should all be in one area. Right now, it is only non smoking from 20 feet from the main entrance of the building, not the building itself. so as long as the smoker is 20feet from the main entrance, they are allowed to smoke anywhere else including next to the building, so the garden center entrance at Wal Mart is not the main entrance and even if that is included, just 20feet, so they can stand next to wal mart and still smoke, and much of them are employees, Sad, but I don’t have much say to managers, so I have to work on going above them. Yes there are many other things that are bad for health, but thats further in the future. Too much body spray, having shopping centers with the main parking lot, electric cars only, but walk on the sidewalks to all your stores and take transit whenever possible, and sidewalks should be smoke free. So right now, we need to be more proactive at smoke free areas where we do day to day appointments.

  • Also why haven’t all of the countries that are so affected by the virus begun to disinfect every thing like they are doing in China? Spraying everything down to reduce it getting transmitted from objects outside and elevators and airports, trains, busses, all public places should start getting disinfected

  • ‼Your genetic code is not the same as the Rhinoceros genetic code‼
    Amino acids are the smaller molecules which build proteins. ‼There are over 500 amino acids found in nature. However, the human genetic code “only”encodes 20 amino acids. ��This is why!! We as human can almost impossibly get all the amino acids we need from the plants!! ✔9 out of 20 amino acides that the human genetic code only encodes are categorized as essential amino acides. ✔Plants contain a lot of non-essential amino acids (this is the reason why plant based diet can benefit the chronic disease like diabetes and high cholesterol) ✔Non-essential amino acids can be synthesized in the body while 9 Essential amino acides must be obtained through real foods..
    ‼Nothing wrong with being vegetarian or vegan, However, You must take supplements if you don’t eat meats.
    1. Iron + Vitamin C (don’t take them with calcium)
    2. Vitamin B12
    3. Proteins (9 essential amino acides)

  • give an analysis of research. From my stance, eat whole foods, and give up processed foods. If you want to consider meat a whole food, so be it, but if a package has ingredients, it is not a whole food. Foods that have to be fortified are pretty much garbage fake food.

  • I switched to Vegan 2 years ago. Immediately was able to throw away all my pills, BP, acid reflux & cholesterol. Also no longer needed gel testosterone, my energy is awesome. VEGAN has given me my life back, You folks are young, the damage you get from eating meat/dairy WILL show up later in your life…….

  • Good to remind people that there is zero benefit to push until hypoxic blackout during the retention part. Unfortunately it is happen easily with hyperventilation…

  • Actually, the run on toilet paper was started in HK, when a rumour that the supply of TP will tighten from the Mainland. The rush started there and even caused robberies, then spread to Singapore and the world including Australia. Absolutely no rational basis.

  • You repeatedly said this can’t be done as a blind study. It seems like you could create a fake method that makes all the same claims or same woowoo and has all the same possible placebos and give this Wim Hoff, which I’ve never heard of before today, to half a group and give the new method you made up to the other half. Or have people administer the tests and don’t tell them which method you fabricated if that helps it be more blind. Maybe rename the Whim Hoff stuff too in case some have heard of it?

  • So how do products like Lysol that say kills viruses exist? Isn’t there a way to do that with an oral medication or spray that can be safe for humans? I don’t know maybe I just want something to end this! It feels like a real life nightmare!

  • Smoking was never cool
    This is what smoking does losing your bodylosing your familylosing your happiness and most losing ur life-
    God bless you and god made u for a reason -so don’t blow it
    I’m a Christian and I would never smoke because I want a long healthy life:)
    Smoking shouldn’t exist!

  • There is the possibility you confuse breath control within the Buteyko Technique that favours slow breathing and through the nose with the Wim Hof method that is fast breathing and through the mouth. These two methods do not have the same effect. Please look up Patrick McKeown’s video.
    I might suggest that something that replaces conventional medicine may not be a bad thing. Conventional medicine is not the only way.

  • serious question here ☝️
    could you not use higher percentage of gaseous oxygen in the ventilator? would it help? if someone has pneumonia

  • Your stats are very off Dr. You don’t have the true numerator/ or denominator in all areas, so there is no way to be accuratenot your fault. But, if you ask Emiologists they will tell you there is natural herd immunity, so more people being infected is a good thing! Especially since most of us won’t die from this disease. Isn’t Herd Immunity a natural vaccination? Let the kids spread the disease which can lead to herd immunity. Also, it’s in some people’s best interest to keep this going. Never live in fear!

  • Food is simple, whats not simple, is is your jargon, and talking in circles, How much did they pay you to cause more confusion ha ha ha

  • Want the grocery shopping advice that’s definitely most likely to extend your individual lifespan? It’s easy: Use your car’s seat belt when you drive to the store. Want to do even more? Drive a car with lots of air bags, too.

  • Thank you so much! I really needed to hear this. I was so close to skipping a vacation to California with my friends and family just to be home alone so I can smoke alone. (Btw I smoke weed not cigarettes)

  • Here we go another of these men and women in white blouse who work as slave of Bug Pharma trying to mitigate the fact that WHM does help unlike most doctors (except those doing surgeries after accidents).
    It is normal that gurus are popping out everywhere since your profession has forgotten the oath of “Do not harm”. Long life to WHM.

  • At last genetic outliers are mentioned. People here think that he’s got the master mind. What about basketball players? Mr universe? Army? Brain? Everyone sometimes is gifted.

  • My teacher made us watch this in class for an entire lesson, while in class for Medical Assistant, i was the only one that made the points that you made in a class of like 20.

  • At my middle school your popular to do drugs Dr (smoking, vaping, eating edibles,etc) it’s ridiculous are schools only suspend kids for a day if they are caught. I know these kids let their grades fall and still get privaledges

  • I’d like to add that 5g has been coming up quite a bit lately and to be fair it actually makes to what’s going on. Now I’m no expert in frequency waves, radiation or biology. With what I’ve been looking at in terms of reports, something doesn’t add up. Firstly we have more and more cases and deaths whilst in lockdown. That to me is contradicting as it must air borne, waterborne or in the good. There are no such cases anywhere to be reported. The reason why I say 5g is because Wuhan is was the first to activate, Italy, Spain, UK ect. An we have a massive rate of casses and deaths becoming of it. Many people have their own opinions but I’m a true believer that 5g is causing this. I also say this as in Cornwall there have been no cases so far and there is masts everywhere which isn’t giving out 4g.

  • Just noticed the skeleton in the right background and I observe that the pelvis and skull are severely displaced. Could this be an example of cranial-anal inversion that Donald is suffering?

  • I’m looking for real arguments that actually debate the movie. This home video with an average doctor, and a layperspon, doesn’t deliver.

    They argue that if you are going to say that animals are sentient, well, we can say that plants are sentient. No we can’t. They don’t have brains. What an insipid argument. This means that if it’s OK to cut your grass, it’s OK to slaughter any animal, and why not humans, too?!
    Dr. Mike issues another horrendous argument, and I quote:
    “The argument is [that milk] is supposed to make a baby calf gain a million pounds, but you just told me that huge animals are eating vegetables.. Does that mean if I eat vegetables I will become huge, too. So, useless argument in my opinion.”

    Eating vegetables make the animals huge over a lifetime, not within months after birth. His argument is useless because it is a non-sequitur.
    Then we get Bethany talking about how some guy yelled at her for eating chicken while he was smoking a cigarette. That has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

    The movie wasn’t debunked here, these two merely did a joint faceplant with logically fallacious arguments.

  • They are removing your remaining freedoms you sheep. Lambs, silently and willingly being led to slaughter.

    “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless”

    Thomas Jefferson

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    -Henry Ford

    “Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States” — Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

    “We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it”. — Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1932 (Rep. Pa)

    “We are completely dependant on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system…. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.” — Robert H. Hamphill, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

    “A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world-no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” — President Woodrow Wilson

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    “The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers… The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government’s greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest…”

    Abraham Lincoln

    “To expose a 15 Trillion dollar rip-off of the American people by the stockholders of the 1000

    largest corporations over the last 100 years will be a tall order of business.” — Buckminster Fuller

    “Every Congressman, every Senator knows precisely what causes inflation…but can’t, [won’t] support the drastic reforms to stop it [repeal of the Federal Reserve Act] because it could cost him his job.” — Robert A. Heinlein

    “…the increase in the assets of the Federal Reserve banks from 143 million dollars in 1913 to 45 billion dollars in 1949 went directly to the private stockholders of the [federal reserve] banks.” — Eustace Mullins

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” — SIR JOSIAH STAMP, (President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s, the second richest man in Britain)

  • The seatbelt comparison was invalid. The 80% statistic in relation to deaths after ventilation, is concerning because it is directly applicable as it is used as a preventative method.

  • This guy talks a lot and doesn’t say anything. I had a heart attack and went vegan. It’s totally changed my life. There are thousands that say the same thing.

  • A solid serving of quality information all in 10:40 min. This issue like so many issues in todays world are very contentious. Unreasonably contentious

  • There are reams of data regarding the likelihood of survival on ventilators determined by the patient characteristics and the acute disease profile.
    And we do know when ventilators are futile, when it begins to harm, and when it benefits. Ventilators are not curative. They are purely supportive. And they work as long as progressive lung injury does not occur, requiring the cycle of high pressures and high resistences.
    So, physicians need to admit, most of this is ad hoc, shoehorning old strategies into an uncertain and highly variable pathological state, because that is what they are most familiar with.
    They don’t know the exact or even optimal therapy. And because of this therapeutic misadventures occurred.
    So is the strategy, let a thousand flowers bloom, till a solution is found?
    Or incremental, methodical, slow, deliberate study.
    During HIV panic, we permitted patients to undergo unproven therapy, and quickly were able to find optimum strategies.

  • I guess on point in Europe compared to North America is that there is a belt of countries that experience very few climate extremes.

  • Nice to listen to a voice of reason. There are so many incompetent people shout loud to their followers the most idiotic things for different reason. Some really believe they are right, some just want to lead a misinformed crowd.

  • Hey, wide spread use doesn’t happen by itself! It only happens when you purposely have ” wide spread use!” So, USE IT!!
    I’m sorry, I’m not a real Doctor, so perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about eh?

    Are BLOOD OXYGENATION machines useful in the absence of ventilators??
    Are BLOOD OXYGENATION machines safer to use than ventilators???
    Great information on ventilators.

  • All boils down to people thinking in black and white. We inherently want to fit everything into its own neat box and when things vary or don’t follow a strict pattern people reject that in favor of trying to define a world which is overwhelmingly undefinable.

  • This retired professor has always wondered how folks can survive with such illogical behaviors.
    No ‘Survival of the Fittest’ for us anymore, now it’s Survival of the Craziest led by a US republican congress full of charlatans. Keep your head down, I say. We are in for a rough ride.

  • LOL when you mentioned heating the body from within, I immediately recalled hot flashes during menopause. On one car trip with my husband during that time, every time I had a melt down the car windows fogged up. Would have been lovely to have been able to control THAT. �� Additionally, when I was preparing to switch to a nomadic lifestyle traveling in my truck camper. I knew air conditioning and heating would either be nonexistent or at best limited because I prefer very remote locations. So, for the year prior beginning my journeys I did not use air conditioning and in winter spent a lot of time outside without a jacket. It was quite surprising how quickly, even at 70, my body (or I guess my mind) adjusted. And, it is my belief that because I’m living in a less protected environment and spend far more time outdoors, I do feel stronger and feel my immune system has benefitted, which you seem to be fine with. While I’m not planning to join Wim in an ice bath, I can see that there are definite benefits to his methods. However, I seriously lack his dedication. �� My last thought so far about this was something I heard very briefly and cannot verify but had hoped to hear a follow up about. There was one man aboard the cruiseliner that was infected with covid-19 who claimed he cured himself by going outside on his stateroom deck and practicing deep breathing several times a day. I’d love to hear more about that. �� Thank you for this video. It was very interesting. Bahaha on your ending statement. ����������

  • So… in a nutshell, it makes no difference if you eat a lot, little or nil meat. Those saying otherwise tend to have a “pro-” or “anti-” agenda.

  • It seems a bit ridiculous to lump red and processed meat together. One of them is just meat and the other is meat with a bunch of reservations and other additives mixed in, usually artificial. I know that personally I feel terrible when I regularly eat red meat but when I eat the same amount of red meat consisting of cuts that I cooked myself I feel way better. Not knock processed meat entirely. Spam is freaking delicious. It makes me turn bright red and get a pounding headache, but on a verrrrrry rare occasion I do eat it because it is soooooo tasty! But yeah. Do these studies pay attention to the rest of the person’s diet? Their lifestyle? What kinds of oils people cook their foods in? Whether the person’s fat and carbohydrate intake is appropriate for their physiology? Whether they exercise and sleep enough? Whether the person’s socioeconomic situation grants access to adequate varied nutrition and pertinent education?

  • whats the protocolo for 1 step covid????? cloroquine?? azitromicine??? and ivermectine????? what can i use like 1 step??? because doctor just wanna buy respirator why???

  • Sadly, most doctors are a joke these days and have left so many people sicker and don’t care. They come in and out and turn to pills first. Conventional doctors have let me down for years, whereas functional doctors have been more compassionate and focused on the full body. Not a lot of doctors as neutral and as kind as you, unfortunately.

  • 100% of people that have ever drank water have died! Stop drinking water, or anything containing it (potatoes, bread, meat, veggies, etc), if you want to live… for a few more days at least… XD

  • You’re the only person that I’ve heard make an argument about plants possibly being sentient. I’ve thought about this myself, but the idea disturbs me to the core.

  • The hip bone’s connected to the… head bone… No, that doesn’t sound right.

    Also,thanks for a glimpse of good news in this dark time.

  • FOCUS and FEAR (Covid-19)
    Fear and Social Control

  • Hey, I like this video and you make good points. Something that irked me a lot though was comparing animals to plants. It doesn’t make any sense from a philosophical, ethical or practical view point.

  • THE CURE….. they don’t want you to know. this video has been taken down everywhere except BITCHUTE….

  • if the world had acted 2 to 3 weeks ago MAYBE it wouldn’t be this bad but of course the world true to ignore the Virus until it can not be ignored anymore

  • The argument that red meat production is more environmentally harmful than commercial plant agriculture has been completely debunked. Look up regenerative agriculture with livestock.

  • Yeah i agree that Elon, despite being probably my favourite rich person, needs to stay in his lane, he might be a genius with cars, rockets and a lot of tech. But that doesn’t mean he knows jack shit about medicin or other subjects.

  • How’d those ferrets make out with the sars vaccine?

    “But researchers unexpectedly discovered a downside when they checked the ferrets’ liver health. Ferrets vaccinated with rMVA-S and exposed to SARS-CoV had elevated levels of an enzyme that indicates liver damage. Examination of liver sections showed that the ferrets had severe hepatitis. Only mild hepatitis was found in the ferrets injected with parental MVA or saline.”

    NOt sure how they get hepatitis from a saline vaccine, but that’s what happened.

  • Do you know how to and do you ever just get straight to the point? Speaking so fast doesn’t make the video less of a waste of time with the long introductions.

  • I like 99% of your videos. I think you do a great job simplifying stuff that is really not simple. But please don’t just say “in medicine lives are at stakes”. They are is most of the professions. You do bad design on a building or a bridge? Lives are at stkes. You do bad economic policy? You get poorer conditions, unemployment, famine, death. Thus, lives are at stakes. You do bad educational policy? Again, the same. Less education, poorer conditions, famine, death. Thus, lives are at stakes. Lawyers do bad laws? The same. Over and over again.

    I get it I’m comparing present with future. But future will indeed become the present. That’s a fact.

    Doctors really have to stop consider themselves the only ones which impact survival.

    That said, keep up the good work. But judging by the no of subscribers you have that covered.

  • I let my blood tests and check up answer my healthy body that is vegan. I actually asked my dr. if my cholesterol could be too low. Pride. My blood sugars, triglycerides, blood pressure are on the low levels. Yes I occasionally need B12 for anemia but I usually can tell when it is too low as I get tired easily. I am 67 and have been vegan for 42 years. My 33 year old son never had a Happy Meal. He is vegan for different reason but of his own choosing. He gagged on baby food that had meats in it.

  • correlation and causality. because dumb people dont understand the difference there are more conspiracy theories and believers to follow them than ever…

  • I had tried more than 6 different types of depression medications. I followed Wom, and my own personal experience with his beginner courses quickly advancing to his more extreme courses. Ive personally experienced some major health benefits. Mainly mental health benefits, a wonderful long lasting sense of well-being, and an unbreakable positive attitude with ridding myself of a three year crippling depression. If its placebo or scientific fact, it works and has become a part of my everyday routines. I almost put this in front of eating!:) give it a try you won’t know if its for you until you try.

  • Great video, great treatment of a complex subject. I wish he was my doctor, but ai live in AZ. One thing I’d note is that although we focus more on nutrition in medical school that in my father’s day, there is still a lot of critical missing information that is not covered related to nutrition, except for a few specialties. As a result, many of my friends and associates who are doctors are critically under-informed related to nutrition.

  • Sugar and processed carbs waaaay worse than quality red meat.

    Most people that do reduce red meat consumption, also start to eat better over all and get more active.
    If one is a lay about, consuming all kinds of garbage, the small reduction in of red meat would make no difference.

  • I’m rather frightened of getting this virus as I’ll be 65 yrs old, this yr, & have nasty COPD from 2nd hand smoke + I was a preemie, born w asthma. I rarely have an asthma attack, as an adult, for which I’m truly thankful.
    I wound up w a collapsed lung one beautiful July morning, 15 years ago, which just kept on giving. My physician was at the edge of pouring hot glue into my lung, when it stabilized.
    I was in & out of the hospital 5 times from 04 to 06, each time with high fevers & pneumonia. My physician, in each case, was not sure I’d live.
    The last episode, I went to our local Emergency Room & waited 12 hrs to be seen. (There was a patient having heart attack & who knows what else. He needed to be stabilized in order to fly him to a University hospital in another State & our community had no cardiac specialist.)
    A physician I’d known & really respected came on shift, finally, & discovered that both of my lungs were full of PEs. She informed me the only lungs she’d seen in that condition, we’re dead. With that encouraging thought, ��,
    I was admitted to the hospital & was very ill.
    So, as you may see, I’m the patient that goes in for gallbladder surgery & dies on the table. Yes, as soon as the tubes were removed, I flatlined. And spent another 12 days, fighting for life.
    So, I wear an N95 mask, when I go out. I don’t go out much, right now.
    It’s a nightmare as my husband works in an essential business & could easily bring COVID home. Nor is there room in our home to have separate suites.
    I now must have only very light sedation & a spinal block to replace my hip. My knees will need the same, as well as my collapsed thumb joints.
    I’m in constant pain, even with daily morphine.
    And I have damage to my liver, spleen, & kidneys.
    If I were to show up in yr hospital, & had COVID, what sort of treatment would be possible?
    (I would like to hear something hopeful, but truth is better. I don’t think I’d survive.)
    I also have left ventricle heart failure, and have had a heart attack.

  • And there are the ethics of meat-eating. Making sure an animal is dead before skinning it, boiling it, gutting it, cutting it up (etc.) can cut into profits. Animals feel pain, fear, etc., and if you’re gonna dismiss that, then man up and admit it don’t just ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  • You are disinformation. You serve Satan
    Jesus said if you are not for Me, you are against Me. Satan uses all who are not born again and they could even be atheists Buddhists etc.

  • I just stopped eating meat for the time being because factory farmed meat is basically tortured.

    (I’m not a crazy vegan, I just don’t think I could kill a cow if I wanted to eat meat. I’ve met cows and they’re like big dogs)

  • I turned vegan after watching what the health. and game changers. I am more than concern on animal cruelty and environment. Health is the least priority among the issues. I loose my appetite on animal based products.

  • Thanks mike, it is a long video but it gives you so much perspective. I already had this view most things that you told us because i’m a Nursing student. But my friends learned a lot from your video thankyou!!����������

  • self reporting in diet does not work, because everyone involved has a bias.
    you can say you are unbias and neutral in this video as much as you like but we ALL have bias.
    additionally just tracking your diet makes you eat healthier…’s very possible that they reduced dairy intake and increasing veg intake either intentionally or unintentionally and not reporting the change could shift results. The stress of a forced diet change can also effect your health. (i’ve seen a lot of researchers just leave out information that didn’t support their idea), and that also goes for meta analysis data.
    I don’t trust anything in diet research anymore, honestly.

    Being pescatarian with no diary and no other animal products but fish seem to work for me, health wise you have to find a diet that works for you which keeps you at a healthy weight, one you can stick to. ethics is a whole other thing.
    A diet you can stick to for years and maintain the body you want is more important than over complicating and trying to go on a fad diet.
    But if u want to go vegan for ethics, research the animal welfare laws (they are horrid) don’t get dragged into documentaries on diet or animal abuse. If you want to focus on the global warming side then that’s also valid.

  • I hiked up that mountain with the Hoff team, I was cold but I did it.
    I can also hold my breath for 5 mins 30 sec and 4 mins 50 secs without air in. All because of Wim. He is a bad ass, crazy in a good way and a very nice guy.

  • If DiCaprio would have known the whm or just simply kept treading water he probably wouldn’t have died in the titanic. I kept screaming “swim and dont stay still!” but he didnt listen.

    They’ll give a doctors degree to anyone these days.
    Can we start with the fact the dairy has puss in it.

  • I asked my female internist how to lose a few lbs. during Covid as I am stuck indoors and not getting the activity I was. She said she doesn’t talk to patients about diets and losing wt. I fired her.

  • Have you heard of Lancet and their love affair with Surgisphere.. So romantic that they have to part way all over a cheap practical malaria potion.. is this hydrochloroquio a drug that has run out its patent..

  • No you should not be optimistic. You know that even if you recover from Covid-19 you can end up with lung damage? Also, COVID-19 Patients Can Suffer Brain Damage and Other Neurological Complications as a Result of the Disease! What’s optimistic about it???

  • impressive video/s way better than doctor Mike and i have only watched this and the fake disease video.

    Only point i disregard is calling homeopaths quacks, i know many people who have opium addictions and issues with diazepam being prescribed, not neglecting the over prescribing of antibiotics.
    Can buy opium and alcoholic (anti biological hand sanitisers now) cough serums over the counter in most chemists, when in the early days of pharmacology the purveyors of concoctions were called quacks.

    Fungi and plants have a long history antiviral and biological properties, many of the most effective medications are derived from traditional sources. Aspirin for one is found in willow bark, which people would chew.

    And crystals actually work, your phone screen is liquid crystal display (lcd) and the microchip is silicone crystals.

    if you do decided to make a long video again homeopathy and fungi would be an interesting video.

  • Well spoken.
    Signed: another critical care provider tired of people thinking they know everything about critical care without having even visited an ICU.

  • I have the discussion about Musk quite often when people criticism me for liking what Tesla and SpaceX are amazing. People talk about how Musk is a bit of an asshole. And he is. And I don’t say he isn’t, but he IS doing amazing things.

  • I just went straight to the end bit “My lane” then told my family I won’t shovel snow or recommend heart failure. I also would prefer to be Sovereign as I needn’t have my skeleton handled like The dwarf Owen Farrell where I think only his TOE remains and to think Dan Winters my big TOE means a lot more to me today than it did years ago when I wanted to know what on earth happened to Owen’s skeletal system.

  • Cigs don’t give you the big c menthol is
    Smoking is cool doing something that thinks is gonna kill ya gives you badass points and the beat in your chest is your heart idiot

  • So if the study was done where people gave up all animal products entirely red meat, chicken, turkey, fish and shellfish and the rest, do those numbers change? I.e. a vegab diet or a wholefoods plant based diet as seen in an old documentary called forks over knives.
    And what is the latest research on cancer cell production from animal consumption? Has it changed over the years?
    I personally am trying to adopt a vegan lifestyle from an ethical and environmental standpoint. But it is very difficult. My family has found different levels of middle of the road approach that feels right for them. So i’m always open to learning more and doing what feels right for me without stressing over being perfect at it.

  • struggling with social anxiety and never learned to cope stress healthy i see why a cigarette is a friend to turn to. to me, smoke in my lungs and the harsh taste of tobacco feels like home, but i learned to not give in anymore. i still have no healthy coping mechanism, but i really care more about my physical health then what quickly calms me down. It is possible to stop right here and right now. good luck❤️

  • Diarrhea is a common early symptom of nCoVID19. It’s not unusual that freaked out people are hoarding shit tickets. Invest in a septic tank pumping company, I expect diminished supply due to fear of blackwater and a huge demand when all that paper hits the fan.

  • I am curious what are you using in order to do your audio? I see the RODE mic attached to your shirt but I have never see one of those and wondering what kind of setup you are using.

  • After 10 minutes of this BS, I can’t take anymore. We know a lot… the problem is we are being bombarded with industrial studies! Remove them and the actual studies come to light!!! Doctors use to advertise smoking as healthy. Scientists use says lead in the air is ok. We don’t need industrial doctors! Your a doctor and you have the capability and have access to real honest studies… if you don’t know… do the research. TD and no subscription and you just proved to me you have to be a better doctor that the idiot treating you…

  • You can be healthy on a plant based diet OR a strictly carnivore diet. Doctors, sadly get very little training in nutrition in Med school and what they do get is often wrong. Suggest a book by Dr Ken Berry “Lies My Dr Told Me”.
    It’s common sense; if a meat based diet was harmful, the Enuits who eat primarily whale blubber, would have died out years ago. “Man” has primarily subsisted on meat with some fruit for 250,000 years and the species has survived. Man didn’t start eating grains until about 10,000 years ago. And those grains were not refined.
    The key is that whichever diet you choose, cut out all processed foods. Especially any form of sugar. The truth is like he said, we DON’T know!
    If you go on a strictly carnivore diet for 30 days and then begin adding foods back in, you can figure out what foods cause inflammation.

  • sounds like we’re all in for the virus. no recognised treatment / no vaccine / timeframe for either relatively unknown.. let’s tuck in

  • Corona what?!?
    This Covid19 is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of. It’s very dangerous the way it spreads. It is so mysterious the way it lurks in schools, but then dies at Home Depot. It can wreak havoc in churches; praying people are exceptionally vulnerable! Although it’s Mind-boggling how it vanishes when people stand close together holding signs, destroying businesses, homes, property, monuments, etc. Yet, standing to watch a marathon or a concert triggers its wrath. It is sneaky. It can spread when buying products from SMALL BUSINESS but not at BIG BOX STORES? It can’t spread when you are buying beer yet it lives for two days on Amazon boxes and you must wait 48 hours to touch them? It is the most curious thing, how it lives on basketballs, baseball bats and footballs, but dies on Walmart shopping carts. It is spread by hair stylist’s dry cleaners and dentists, but not by bank tellers, cashiers, and fast food workers? It’s so smart. It won’t bother the first 10 people but it knows when the 11th person shows up so be careful if that’s you. It even knows what you want vs what you need. If you want a massage or your nails done it is very actively on the prowl and not even a mask can stop it but If you need a plumber, it is weak, and a mask will keep it away. It also seems to be most dangerous after 5:30pm so businesses must start to close before the virus comes out and wreaks havoc upon the populations. Whoever heard of such a smart sneaky virus?!?������

  • I turned it off as soon as I heard the “One Egg = 5 cigarettes” bit. That documentary is loaded with pseudo science and confirmation bias.

  • 80% are people on ventilators die? Instantly LMAO! Well no s*** Sherlock, at the point that you’re on a ventilator what the f*** do you expect to happen. Edit. If I have one criticism of this video it’s that you are way too kind to the morons in the press who published really, really irresponsible headlines and then attempt to justify their actions with the detailed disclaimers in the articles below the headlines.

  • I am giving myself a facial while I listen to this. From one of those packets you buy from the shop. First off, a scrub made from real brown sugar. Massage round and round for one minute. Rinse off. Then I applied the sheet mask, impregnated with collagen and Vitamin C, to help my skin absorb the collagen. Oops five more minutes to have this thing on. Hmm, time to proofread my typing.
    Let’s not kid ourselves. I can’t get collagen from a face mask. And I have brown sugar in my pantry cupboard. It’s just a little self-indulgence, something which is good for the soul, once in a while.
    The only way I am going to improve any of my collagen containing parts is to eat high quality red meat, oily fish and fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C to support the absorption. Even though I have cEDS and vEDS and my body only makes faulty collagen; red meat, bones and joints in soups included, two servings a week, is going to give me more collagen than any verisol supplement or vegan diet ever would. And that goes for haem iron and B12 as well.
    Now I shall go and enjoy a walk with my daughter and our dog down the beach. We will then stop at a little cafe and have a lovely pro-inflammatory coffee and almond croissant. But I shall sit back and enjoy it, without raising my cortisol by worrying about my pancreas.

  • Very nice video, thank you (and I watched the entire 45 minutes).

    However, I cannot help mentioning that given the current reproduction crisis in medical research and my overall experience with the medical community’s ahem understanding of statistical inference, I found your intro a bit thick. This and reading about how the medical community treated Ignatz Semmelweis, has turned me into a big sceptic regarding ‘medical knowledge’.

  • “Don’t eat garbage!”, define garbage. For instance spinach is a go to healthy leaf but it contains oxalates which is known nutrient absorption blocker. Also it causes some kind of stones (forgot which) at normal or slightly above normal consumption. Is spinach garbage or healthy even if it causes issues?

  • Bethany: I am so glad you mentioned a smoker telling you that you shouldn’t eat a chicken breast. They hypocrisy and ignorance that comes from smokers is amazing. Cigarettes are hundreds of times more dangerous than any chicken breast and that is a scientific fact.

  • Now the global economic crisis from mismanagement of this crisis will kill many more people from overreaction, panic and starvation and public disorder, and the failure of supply lines and soon, the lack of logistics in the food production system. As a medical data professional, there is awfully incomplete and unproven data being relied upon.

  • regarding the ethics if while the animals were alive they had a great time, it would be better to let them live for 6 weeks OR not to have breaded them on the first place? it seams to me if they get a happy 6 weeks of life there is no problem with killing them, considering that we would not breed them if we did not eat them and letting them live longer is much much worse for the environment! so we just need to improve there conditions to the best!

  • Wow here we are, it’s August and the covid-19 is still here, getting no weaker, some of us are battling through our 3rd wave which is worse than the other 2 waves were!!! And what went wrong?

  • No longer cool? It wasn’t even cool in the first place! I mean
    How is it cool to act like a weirdo blowing bad breath and make people faint?

  • The improvement in medical treatments is not the problem,it is current participation in the use of n95 respirators,if all people who can wear them DO wear one and the remainder of the population who cannot refrains from being in public gatherings,then this nation has a fighting chance.ANY STADIUM,PARK,CITY,STATE THAT ALLOWS LARGE AMOUNTS OF THE PUBLIC ASSEMBLE WITHOUT REQUIRING THE USE OF APPROVED RESPIRATORS AND EYE PROTECTION IS GOING TO BE SUED,FINED AND LOOSE LICENSING TO OPERATE THESE TYPES OF FACILITIES,WE HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES TO THIS SITUATION.Corrective action has to be taken while it is still feasible,waiting for further confirmation of covid cases is not an answer that is more of a delay than we can accept

  • I’m glad that you addressed the somatic cell testing on cows. There are so many people who think that the worst practice in farming is the norm. It’s not.

    One thing I’d add is that, before milking, farmers actually clean the udders on each cow. You have to do that because, frankly, they get shit on their udders. Part of the process of cleaning the udder also involves a physical check for signs of mastitis. If the teats are red, or if the cow flinches when you touch them, then that can be a sign of mastitis. If there’s any doubt, the farmer will stop the milk of that cow from getting into the vat.

    Mastitis is a serious issue for farmers. Untreated mastitis can kill a cow. So it’s always in the farmer’s best interest to check the health of their animals every day, and treat them appropriately if they find an infection.

  • What about the good old IRON LUNG, doc? Has any research been done to examine it’s role in the treatment of COVID-19? Just an old fashioned layperson speaking here. ☺️

  • Love your vids but I think you gotta look at stuff like what the Physicians Committee/Neal Barnard have found. And to be blunt, I think you (and many others) might be having a little bit of “it is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not knowing it” when it comes to eating animal products.

  • seems like a use of common sense these days, is 20% in population
    at the end of the day, it is our life saver, that majority of people, are clever and at least humble enough, not to listen to shitty stupid medicinal conspiracy theories. I don’t even understand what are the motivations of people who in case of massive epidemic, go and buy hundreds of rolls of toilet paper, or just a case in my home country, a flour. Like you think, government is going to close all shops?! without providing enough supplies for every citizen!? i’ve heard that our gov. wants to shutdown whole country for a month(it was back in May), like it’s going to be cheaper to provide and take care of supply logistics, than gov. supplying necessary sites of economy like it is now. So much stupidity, no one uses common sense.

  • This may not kill as many as some say people dying of car accidents or dying of the flu or cancer etc… that may be true, but this virus spreads so fast. Ask all the dr’s and nurses who have seen their hospitals being overcrowded and have had their coworkers get sick or even die from catching it. Imagine if We didn’t do any of these preventative measures such as staying home, closing down of nonessential services, distancing ourselves when we do go outside, of course washing our hands, what our hospitals would look like. How long do you think the dr’s and nurses would be able to keep up with the numbers of patients coming in.

  • I try to became a vegetarian for a couple years in the past my all I got from that has that I have got sick than I did had a better alimentation and I am better nowadays

  • When it started saying it could cure cancer and diabetes and heart disease that really turned me away from it. My family has a lot of diabetes and cancer in it and has lost a lot of family members from those. Hearing that made me kind of role my eyes and made the whole thing feel culty in a way. I don’t think my grandma will heal from all of her illnesses from not eating animal products. (She has been vegetarian for over half of her life and almost vegan practically and still has all of these health issues.)

  • Follow the money are see which industry is funding each study. it is obvious the meat, dairy and egg are paying for the research. You need population studies over a long period of time. What vegetable industry is making billions of dollars per year?

  • One huge issue that I find concerning, that hasn’t really been discussed much. Corona virus can survive for a pretty long time in the cold, if you are self isolating because You may have been exposed, please wash your hands even if you’re not going out or interacting with anybody, because a lot of this food we have is in our freezers, if you cough on your hand reaching your freezer you may find that Corona virus can surviving there for a very long time, well after you come out of isolation which could then infect others inadvertently. Everybody needs to wash their hands all the time.

  • You start a video by saying “We’re going to discuss X, but I have no idea what to think about it”-? Not very convincing or authoritative.

  • It’s OK to be critical, “OBJECTIVELY”!.. In Wim Hof’s Book and several other books there are parts of the book where MEDICAL DOCTORS and PHYSIOLOGISTS study Wim while in ICE and hooked up to all kinds of sensors the Doctors have selected, among them (CORE TEMPERATURE) SENSORS.

  • Turned on what the health for noise while I was doing homework for a pharmacology class, and the second I heard egg yolks is like smoking 6 cigarettes I tried finding an educational debunking of the show. Now, here I am. Thank you so much!

  • well people seem to recognize you and because they want to get treated they get into a medical emergency. If that happened on the ground you could just call an ambulance so they all wait untill you board a plane. You are lucky that there were only two and not the entire cabin having medical issues.

  • Viva plant based. The rest can go to the trash bin. Dr mike and Bethany, I want to see u guys when u 75 years old. Hows ur health at that time. Enough said. Now you still in your 20s n 30s. Don’t talk too soon. Let’s see when u passed 60years old. Go on n keep eating ur meat fish eggs dairy and visit ur pharmacy daily OK guys..

  • Harvard had a study linking red meat to colon cancer. Just google it. Also meat tend to decompose fast and digest slow which is not good on colon and makes your heart and other organs do more work. There is also no fibre in red meat. Lots of things point to red meat not being good for your body. Why not just try and see how your body reacts. Why do we need biased studies which might be linked to organizations who are paying them off. This guy in Video seems to say he is not biased but then starts using studies to drive home his agenda. He seems to make controversial videos for hits. So far I don’t trust him so far. Many doctors will disagree with him on this issue as many doctors always tell people to eat healthy and red meat is never on the list. There is also greater chance of getting viruses and bacteria with meat products. It’s also not moral but that’s a different topic.

  • medlife here is a screenshot of british health statement downgrading the covID entifiction virus to less than a flu 4 days before the illuminate’s media started pushing the hoax…… in austrailia by tHEIR own numbers covID has killed 162 tomes less people than the normal flu…covID can only be ‘gotten’ by transfusioninjection (forced vaccine maybe?)…that makes you a fool or a liar, I m betting on the liar judging by the corona in your background there…event 201 (bill gates of hell) months before ‘corona’ reared it’s head (actually 5G installed in Wuhan nd on the cruise ships)…gates is a eugenicist with a superiority complex like his supporters, he will profit from the poisonous vex (forced) he funds the largest health organization…remember something friend, ha shatan doesn’t like any hu-man including you and as you know the death of our body is NOT the end so choose well (you will only want to die once?)…bless Yah…doug

    ps if you want more proof there is plenty from REPUTABLE dr.s, e.r. nurses and lifetime microbiologists, let me know if you need more

  • Please start calling this virus for what it is…the CCP Virus.. never let China forget their cover-up and mishandling of all of this.

  • Doctor Mike
    I have something you would be interested to look into, its about soy production. When the farmers grow soy for tofu (vegan food) a vast number of species tend to like eating the crop therefore the farmers have to put poisen to kill/repel those animals to save their crop. Now those animals range from a wide variety of species from deer, to squirrels, rabbits etc. So to eat vegan the vegans are actually harming/killing a wide range of animals. A conflict of interest if you ask me..
    Look it up. There are various articles about it!!

  • You’re wrong Docs saying Veganism is optional is like saying Gravity is optional, here are more fact and science based documentaries, AKA Reality Check, not opinions or preferred lifestyle, when you deal with nature, you deal in absolutes. Here is the evidence

  • I was chased by a cow once, I’m concerned that this may increase my risk of dying
    I eat meat, this maybe a coincidence however I’ve never been chased by a carrot

  • Hey Dr. Mike the one point I would make is against your considering that plants might not want to be eaten either.
    Many plants have coevolved alongside animals to actually be eaten because they are designed so that in some way they benefit from being eaten by animals.

  • 9:12 that’s not a CPAP face piece, it’s a hecking snorkelling mask:

  • I still have an egg daily and never thought it was so bad lol.I am yet to find authentic research of egg consumption compared to cigarette smoking

  • dr. mike says that the makers of this film, along with many other people trying to make their case, are being disingenuous and biased…while i do agree, i dont see dr. mike not falling into the same common traps…his argument justifying his consumption of meat is based on plant sentience….if you are being honest with yourself, it is clear that the abuse and murder of animals is extremely harsher to the emotions and senses than is the harvesting of plants..the emotional response is not even comparable…the fact that plant sentience is an acceptable argument is ridiculous and insulting to those who care about animal welfare..abusing an animal, sexually, physically and emotionally, is not comparable at any level, other than an inhuman, hypothetical perspective using cold, scientific instruments, to picking the leaves and fruits from a plant…the plant sentience argument, similar to many other perspectives attempting to justify animal product consumption, comes from a place that starts with accepting animal consumption, then finds a case to justify it, rather than starting from a place of neutrality and honesty..the reason mike’s argument on plant sentience comes across as untypically contradictory, especially when he express why he doesnt eat roxy but will eat a cow, is because there is not good reason to eat animal products outside of the main reason, which is that you were raised that way and you like it…its good to see how mike’s views on the ability to have a healthy vegan diet, and even build muscle, have evolved since this video aired, though

  • I also think it’s strange to call it wrong eating for example fish, that would otherwise be eaten by other fish, but of course there’s a big part of the meat industry that’s just straight out gross

  • ᴍʏ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛs sᴍᴏᴋᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ᴛᴇʟʟɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛᴏ sᴛᴏᴘ, ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴛʀʏ ʙᴜᴛ ɪᴛ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ’ᴛ ʜᴇʟᴘ…. ɪ ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟʟʏ ᴄʀʏ sᴏᴍᴇᴛɪᴍᴇs… ᴛʜᴇʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɪᴛs ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ʜᴀʙɪᴛ..

  • Forcing ure body for submitting cold won’t help long-term… know why? Coz when you freeze down ure skeleton,sure u feel no pain,but when you warm up again to normal temperature and you have any kind of painsyndrome…. it’s causing much much worst pain

  • I think this video is disingenuous. You know for a fact that ventilators cause a lot of problems such as causing people to get pneumonia and bacterial infections. If you put healthy people on ventilators for a month how many would you expect to live?

  • Ultimately all events happen from a spark reaction, get driven by a purpose to solve and translate into musical memories. See the BLM movement?

  • Alivia is wiser than her years. She has inspired me to have my own glow up journey, and I can’t wait to show this to so many people

  • I’m neither vegan, vegetarian nor carnivore, I’m a omnivorous opportunist that eat whatever I feel like eating at any given moment for the most part while watching out for excessive intake of carbohydrates in any shape and form.

  • My uncle recently died of Lung Cancer. He would smoke for a long time everyday and he didn’t brush his teeth because he was busy smoking and playing cards. He would eat junk food all the time and he didn’t care about his health.