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How to practice mindful eating. Eat more slowly and don’t rush your meals. Chew thoroughly.

Eliminate distractions by turning off the TV and putting down your phone. Eat in silence. Focus on how the food makes you feel. Stop eating when you’re full. Ask yourself why you’re eating, whether you’re.

Experts suggest starting gradually with mindful eating, eating one meal a day or week in a slower, more attentive manner. Here are some tips (and tricks) that may help you get started: Set your kitchen timer to 20 minutes, and take that time to eat a normal-sized meal. Mindful Eating is: Allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation by respecting your own inner wisdom.

Using all your senses in choosing to eat food that is. Studies show that mindful eating can help reduce both emotional eating and bingeing. But it’s not a diet tool, cautions health psychologist Lynn Rossy, PhD, author of The Mindfulness-Based Eating. Be mindful of the water, soil, and other elements that were part of its creation as you sit down to eat whatever you are eating.

You can reflect on the cultural traditions that brought you this food, the recipes generously shared from friends, or brought from a distant place and time to be a handed down in the family. Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body. We pay attention to.

Online Classes. Gain accountability and knowledge in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, and at your own pace! The online learning experience and makes learning and navigation a breeze – even for those who are not highly computer savvy!

The Principles of Mindful Eating Our relationship to food is a central one that reflects our attitudes toward our environment and ourselves. As a practice, mindful eating can bring us awareness of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations, and insight into the roots of health and contentment. The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is a membersupported, nonprofit international organization.

Our mission is to help people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating. TCME provides resources for educating professionals, institutions, and individuals in the principles and practices of mindful eating. Mindful eating has roots in mindfulness meditation, a well-studied Buddhist practice of being fully present and sensing one’s feelings, thoughts, physical.

List of related literature:

• Mindful eating is about opening the mind’s awareness to our food and to the body, before, during, and after we eat.

“Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D” by Jan Chozen Bays
from Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food-includes C D
by Jan Chozen Bays
Shambhala, 2009

Mindful eating is the polar opposite of binge eating.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
from The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness
by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
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Mindful eating includes noticing the colors, smells, flavors, and textures of your food; chewing slowly; getting rid of distractions like TV, cell phones, or reading; and learning to cope with negative feelings about food, such as guilt and anxiety.

“Fundamentals of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine E-Book” by Marc S. Micozzi
from Fundamentals of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Mindful eating is about becoming more aware of the process of preparing and eating food, being less judgemental and more accepting of your current eating habits.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
from Mindfulness For Dummies
by Shamash Alidina
Wiley, 2014

Mindful eating may be defined as nonjudgmentally paying attention to the food one is eating, to how the body is experiencing the food and eating process, and to physical and emotional sensations associated with the eating experience [103, 109].

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
from Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine
by James M. Rippe
Springer International Publishing, 2016

Mindful eating is one aspect of mindfulness, or awareness, which is the seventh of the Buddhist eightfold paths to enlightenment.

“Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]” by Paul Fieldhouse
from Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]
by Paul Fieldhouse
ABC-CLIO, 2017

As you continue to practice mindful eating, extend your awareness to how the food you eat impacts you.

“A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook” by Bob Stahl, Elisha Goldstein, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli
from A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook
by Bob Stahl, Elisha Goldstein, et. al.
New Harbinger Publications, 2010

Mindful eating involves setting an intention before you eat, becoming aware of the process of choosing what to eat, listening to your body to determine what it needs, and then eating slowly, consciously with your full attention on the moment-to-moment experience of eating.

“Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health” by Thomas G. Plante
from Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health
by Thomas G. Plante
Praeger, 2010

Mindful eating means staying focused on how each bite of food tastes, focusing again and again on this bite, this moment.

“The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by Chad LeJeune
from The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
by Chad LeJeune
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Many books have been written about eating with mindfulness, also called conscious eating or intuitive eating.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
from Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
Mango Media, 2012

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Aww bless you you sounded so nervous but you still delivered some great info. I love that you talked about our body’s pH, its SO important. Its something that needs to be talked about more, it even has a huge effect on disease, including cancer.

  • Great info but tremendously nervous �� voice which is really not pleasant to listen. No offence, she seems to be a lovely lady but defiantly has performance anxiety!!

  • I will try to incorporate chewing more, as I generally get a bit bloated from certain foods. And a goal is to get better at eating everything I have in fridge and freezer (+cupboards) before stocking up on lots of new foods, just because less food will then go to waste and I will be a lot more mindful about what I buy in the shops. I’ve recently tapped into only eating when I am hungry, and not eat in excess and even as a lean person, I’ve lost weight around my waist, without much of an effort really. Thanks for a calming video with good tips!

  • THANK YOU for addressing how intuitive eating is being automatically associated with weight loss. Intuitive eating isn’t a new ‘diet’ nor was it meant for weight loss; it was a concept coined by dietitians who wanted to break away from diet culture, and it’s so saddening that diet culture finds its way into everything.
    Anyways, I love this video so much! You did an amazing job explaining everything.:)

  • When I learned to control boredom eating I lost a lot of weight! Now because of that, smaller portions fill me up and I can keep a healthy weight

  • This week I was feeling very frustrated with my eating habits and constantly feeling hungry etc. This video helped me think about other components of what I’m eating etc and I’m excited to try some of these exercises next week!

  • Hi! I was just thinking how much your advice correlates with the Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein! Have you read it? If not, I think you would love it, it helped me so much:)

  • Great speech but the woman sounded like she wanted to cry from the very begining. It was rather annoying actually.
    Otherwise, very informative and interesting.

  • Hi! Thanks for the video.
    Could you please talk more about the portion control bowl? It is being really hard for me to eat just as much as I want. I always end up overeating…
    I’m subscribed now!

  • I feel like I’m meant to be on a similar path but my adult mind is a little rigid these days.. As a kid I loathed condiments and refused to eat. My mum being filippino desperate to feed me would give me anything I liked, so junk food and filippino food, meat on rice basically were my go to. No fresh veggies. No fresh vegetables… Despised our national food here in NZ being steak and tomato sauce… (a condiment) I still have an aversion to condiments but eating food as natural as possible is something I resonate with.

  • I so loved these videos I am craving a mindfulness life. I do over eat I’m always stressed and just want a simple life style. You videos are very helpful Thank you x

  • Thank you so much, Youheum! It’s such a happy coincidence that this video appeared at a moment when I’m trying to be kind to my body and trying to practice responsibility. I’m so grateful to you for sharing what you know, setting a beautiful example for me, and openly discussing how you sometimes struggle. Your gentle and generous words are so encouraging. All the best to you!!

  • She got up there and fell apart. I really tried to learn all i could from this and i want to impliment mindful eating into my life and see food as fuel as opposed to a source of pleasure. This is a good start.

  • I try to listen to my body more when I’m feeling full. Usually at a restaurant or if someone has cooked for me I tend to want to finish the food to the point where I feel bloated or have a belly ache after. I stop when I feel full and I can always take a bag to go! Basically two meals for one!

  • My Takeaways:
    1) check pH: 80 alkaline/20 acid
    2) Mindful eating: use senses, smell, taste saliva(chew 20x): sit silently, feel: be aware of how it makes you feel during, after, before

  • Eating Goal: To eat sitting down. No more walking around, chomping on food, but consciously setting a place, making a tablescape, and slowly enjoying the meal, no matter how modest the food.

  • If I’m not thinking about food, I’m thinking about dieting. Been dieting since I was 12 and now 65 (diet queen)and have lost and gained so much weight… maintaining is the problem. Morbidly obese these days.
    Longest fast (for autophagy not diet) 16 days, keto… my go to diet over the years then crave pasta, rice, potato, blow it.
    No breakfast in 55 years (no hunger in the a.m) obviously hasn’t worked.

    Finally seeing a food counselor who encourages intuitive eating and health at any size.

    No rules except what I choose, like keeping a journal on emotions, hunger, satiation etc. no scales, keeping a space like 2,3 hours between meals or snacks
    ….. these are my choices at the moment.

    If I want that donut, make sure I enjoy it with no guilt.

    Try water first to test whether it’s hunger.

    Early days, so will listen to this vid again and again thank you, helpful.

  • I’m actually a Noom member and I love it!! I started it because I wanted to change my relationship with food and get off the yo-yo diets that can happen. I wanted to learn good habits and make it sustainable. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a life change!!

  • Have you ever overshot the portion control and lost too much weight? Personally if I eat purely by hunger cues, instead of by cravings, I lose weight. The problem with that is I’m already bordering on underweight to begin with (thin runs in the family) so how would you deal with your body not giving the right signals to stay healthy? Will it stabilise and make you hungrier eventually?

    I tend to eat slow, even without mindfulness I’m usually the last to finish a meal. I’m not very mindful though and snack a lot, like I cannot have chips or smth in the house without it being gone in 1-2 days and resort to crackers, carrots, grapes, cereal, rice noodles in broth, etc etc gettin’ creative when there’s none despite not being hungry at all. It led to some unhealthy habits of undereating to compensate, but ofc then overeat again, repeat cycle. I tried for a good while to just eat 3 good meals a day and maybe some fruit or smth, but it didn’t last and I was underweight. After a couple months the old habits seeped back in

  • I have been vegan for nearly five years now �� BUT… My diet has been pretty suspect for the past year or so. Finally last week I did some food prep for the first time in forever, and I’ve been enjoying the more simple meals this week! My goal is to continue cooking my own food in this way and practicing a routine with it (before this I was recently ordering a lot of takeout and eating at weird times and sometimes only once a day. That might work for some people but personally I need to split my meals down to AT LEAST twice per day.) ��

  • Is she pregnant or something? Not that I have never been on the verge of tears about something important to me but I’m a little concerned that her food choices have affected her hormonal balance.

  • This talk promotes healthy eating, which is inherently good.
    But does so for the wrong reasons.

    I’m guessing most who view this video will disagree with me given that most comments on this video are positive. So if you don’t like reading opinions which contrast to your own you should probably just stop reading now.

    In my opinion this talk preys on those with poor scientific understanding.
    This talk rings a lot of pseudoscience alarm bells…

    1) She is promoting her business! i.e. she wants your money.

    2) She describes scientific concepts but does not link them coherently.
    This appears scientific but makes little since to trained scientists. The body tightly regulates pH between 7.35 an 7.45. It is able to do so because the blood acts as a buffer giving it an astounding, but well understood, capacity to not change in pH when acids or basis are added. Also we have kidneys to remove excess acid.

    3) Her “evidence” is anecdotal. I am not doubting diet changes can help mental functioning but one story does not constitute as evidence.

    4) She has no scientific qualifications. Those she does poses are from non-academic institutions whose sole purpose is to make money. The title of nutritionist, as well as health and wellness consultant essentially mean nothing. In contrast to the title of dietician which is generally controlled by regulatory bodies.

    To me this diet seems nothing more than a diet focused on vegetables.
    Vegetables = good. Alkaline diet = myth.

    If you would like to follow a diet that goes against “everything we know about the chemistry of the human body” (Ref American Institute for Cancer Research)
    then do so, but please don’t pay anyone money to prescribe a diet plan.
    Personally I find nutrition is quite simple, “eat food, mostly plants, not too much”.

  • My eating speed is very very fast
    I normally complete my lunch with in five minutes.
    for past 3 years, i am suffering from chronic belching. recently I did endoscopy and knew i had gastritis.
    I am 22 yeas old male student (BS.Psychology) from Pakistan.
    I don’t know how to manage it.
    After eatings, conditions like burping, cramping and over fullness of abdomen is really irritating.
    (sorry for my broken English)��

  • Vegan eating has easy clean up… no grease, no butter, no terrible cooked food odors… all bowls & plates are rinsed & dried in a snap!

  • what a great video! this is my number one goal when it comes to eating. i notice it’s far less about what i eat, than HOW i eat. if i eat say, healthy things like broccoli but its mindless, in my humble opinion it is better to eat a fun food like a serving of cookies BUT eating it mindfully. thank goodnes for neuroplasticity! yes for me the habit of eating too fast and eating with anxiety, confusion, too many thoughts, all of that really interferes with mindfulness. THANK YOU Alyssa!

  • Can you make a video on how your eating habits have been affected by the coronavirus? And just your buying habits in general, since everyone is panic buying nowadays

  • Ah, you have the most soothing voice and thank you so much for sharing your transcendental journey. It’s so inspiring and motivates me to always be more mindful of what I do and consume, something that I’ve been trying to do since the past year. More power and positivity to you, always.:)

  • When I eat healthy and attempt to diet I end up idealizing the foods and get a little obsessed. I eat mindfully but I also put a lot of my happiness into food. If I’m having a bad day I tell myself that it’s going to be ok because later on I get to have a salmon salad, which I’ve elevated to the status of a platonic ideal in my mind. I guess I’m mindful when I eat, but during the rest of the day I’m just waiting for the next meal. Maybe instead of mindfully eating and enjoying food, I should sabbogage any pleasure and fascination I might have for food by eating extremely boring simple repetitive meals and discouraging attachment or savoring or interest and trying to be detached.

  • I want to thank you. You’ve helped me so much. I don’t feel guilt after eating pizza or popcorn or fries and it’s taken me quite some time, but I’m happier, and you’re my inspiration. Thank you ❤

  • Very calm and peaceful video in a fast pace society where business other factor affect how we live. This video really inspires and encourage me on my journey towards mindfullness, vegan, minimalism:). Thank you for making this video

  • I thank you for your kind words and encouragement while traveling this road called life. Your calming voice and example let me know you care. I’m glad your quote Thay frequently, he is wonderful. Peace!✌️��

  • I have done the raisin exercise as part of a workbook on mindfulness and my reactions were very similar to yours. I also remember the first time I practiced mindfulness while eating a meal, another exercise in the workbook, and I was surprised at how full I was after only eating about a third of my standard Saturday lunch. Very eye-opening about how much more I eat while reading.

  • Alyssia this was such an interesting video & really timely for me! I was thinking about the idea of mindful eating recently during breakfast while scrolling thru my phone, a newer habit I re-developed when I started a new job. I’m definitely going to have to get back into the practice of eating more mindfully. Also your hair looks amazing in this video!

  • I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for the last month and it’s been so helpful! That plus daily meditation have made me feel so much more at peace and present in my life ��

  • You guys are being way to kind to her. This Talk is completely disconnected. Starts with her nephew, then jumps on to alkaline diet then on to mindful eating. All the while she is extremely nervous. I would like to see her credentials.
    The Alkaline Diet is made up Pseudo Science.

  • I eat carnivore meals but your advice is SOOO MUCH valuable for everyone regardless what they consume. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

  • Thanks for the great tips which I have already incorporated into my life! BTW, there is such a word as ungrateful!! un·grate·ful
    Learn to pronounce
    not feeling or showing gratitude.
    “she’s so ungrateful for everything we do”

  • Hey:) I think I have a question about that. First I have to mention that I never had Anorexia as the most of you are recovering from. I was just dieting (and calorie counting) for nearly 2 years to lose 20 kg to get the slim but healthy body I have now. When I reached this goal in december everybody was telling me how good I look now and how proud they are. So of course I am wanting to stop calorie counting but maintaining my weight. The main problem is that I have never learned how to eat normally and really listen to my body. In the past I ate way too much and was a bit overweight and continuously gaining weight and then I was restricting and eating in a calorie deficit. Now one day I am eating cake and normal portions at three meals but the next day I am restricting again, choosing low-calorie options, skipping meals, because I feel guilty and disgusting. But I really try to eat intuitivly. And now to the question I have (finally, yaaaay!!!) I really don’t know how to include sweets in my diet. I am literally having 3 boxes of sweets from Christmas in my room and they are really slowly decreasing. Honestly it makes me anxious to know that I should have finished them till next Christmas or till they get bad. Do you have any advise how to include them in my diet without restricting afterwards and feeling guilty? (you didn’t eat enough fruits today, you should rather take a pear, not the cookie… You already had a Nutella Toast in the morning, you shouldn’t eat more chocolate. Go for a nuts or ricecrackers… You know that you’ll eat the whole chocolate easter Bunny, you should have it as Lunch not as a snack, it has too many calories…) I am really good at restricting and craving healthy food but I don’t know when I should eat sweets.

    Thank you for reading and I am really sorry that my comment turned out so long �� and I also feel like it doesn’t make any sense. I am also very sorry for my bad English, I’m from Germany and my German auto correct doesn’t help me as well:D

    PS: Kate you are the best and I love your energy �� thank you for everything

  • If I found time to sit down and eat a meal with no distraction I would chuck it and take a nap. My life moves at me a hundred miles an hour. Luckily I can always turn it off and have a good night sleep. When I think of mindfulness I think of mindless lol. This is great information I appreciate you taking the time to share. Thank you.

  • I love the music background and your voice. Your editing skills absolutely beautiful… thanks for more video bout yourlife and vegan hack and etc. ya cant wait to see ur vid about dating life.,does he a minimalist too or an extreme like you? But i hope u guys happy whatever you guys doing. Love from Malaysia

  • im a vegan too but my mother dont like this idea and always want meh to eat like other people even though I explained why I wanna be a vegan but she keeps trying making me not vegan and I honestly hate it..

  • I recently started mindful eating mixed with intermittent fasting. I always make sure I am sitting down, in a quiet environment and really chew my food (it brings out all the flavour). What I noticed is that you feel more satiated with less food.

  • Thanks for the perfect timing of this video, I have just started to get back to my healthy dieting after depression eating for a while now. Your content has always been very helpful in keeping my food goals in the foreground of my health and reminding me that it doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it up! <3

  • This was very interesting, I started different eating habits this year and have just been taking notes but, the “no judgment” is very mind opening. I liked this yes, please do more!

  • It’s okay! Anxiety can get to the best of us… and I relate to this ted talk a lot. Good job getting your points across! It would have been easy to just walk off stage but you pulled through!!! That’s awesome!

  • Omg! I’ve done the raisin exercise too when I took a Mindfulness class. I didn’t know you could get your masters in Mindfulness studies ���� that’s awesome! Thanks so much for uploading this, it was very helpful.❤ need more like this.

  • Fiquei dois dias sem comer, tipo eu só comi uma maçã durante o dia todo… Meus músculos começam a doer e não consigo pensar claramente, meus músculos sem energia e doendo até o osso, à noite fico com muita energia… Vou procurar ajuda pra mandar esses pensamentos ruins embora, e nem baterem mais a minha porta!

  • Thank you for making this video. It is very informative and interesting. Its amazing that you have food in front of you and show us how to use the senses aside from taste. “The clementine doesnt have anything to say today”. Much love. Thanks again

  • It became a little ritual for myself, I always see that you’ve uploaded a new video in the morning (I live in germany) and then I watch your video right away while eating a very improved delicious breakfast!:) Btw I made so much progress in my recovery and am getting closer to a normal weight, also because of your videos… #wefixthistogether

  • Always looking forward to your videos, thank you so much for sharing your way! xoxo
    Your skin is sooo clear and your teeth so withe? What are you doing?

  • I have always had a struggle in my relationship with food. I have struggled with my weight and body image for most of my life. Sometimes I feel stuck. I appreciate this video and hope that some of the tips will help break my self-limitations and issues with food and eating

  • When I saw you with pink hair in the thumbnail, Alyssia, you looked absolutely adorable. What’s your best tip for making a coffee cake look decorative?

  • Well I tried eating mindfully today and I can see the positive effects alright (feel lighter, easy digestion, body feels more nourished, heightened mood and food was tastier. Thankyou.

  • You are 100% correct on this its sad more people dont know but its hidden from us so we cant be slaves to the government say what u want its the truth, cancer is the biggest money maker ever the pharm industry is sick research all the evidence its fucked. The world is waking up, watch the truth about cancer. Or research yourself.

  • I was watching this video while eating and heard “nO disTraCtionS” oops I’m distracted, “EaT aT thE tAbLe” oops I’m in my bed����‍♀️

  • Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them. I’m finding growing my study and meditation music YouTube channel to be hard work, but I’m sure this was also true of those channels that are currently very successful. Keep going and you will make it.

  • Thank you. I have been looking for this kind of advice for years to improve my eating habits. This is so helpful. I hope reading the book Savour will further support my journey. Thank you so much!!!

  • I over eat, I tried to stop that habit without susses, that’s why I started to practice yoga and meditation and eating vegan. I know that your videos are going to help me too.


    අහෝ මගේ දෙවියනේ නයිසින් හදිසියේ වාඩි වීඔහුගේ හිස් වැස්ම ගලවා දෑස් දෙසට අත තැබීය ඩොරෝලෝ ඇගේ හිස පහත් කොට ඇගේ හිස් වැස්ම දිග හැරීමට පටන් ගත්තේය

  • This video is so so good!
    I have a very unhealthy relationship with food due to my yo yo diets and emotional eating. I eat when I get super anxious. I have been trying to more mindful as I don’t want my kids to be like me. We try not to use gadgets at meals. But yes I did but of distraction feeding for my toddler to make him eat more.
    I really love your channel. Thanks for this video.

  • Omg I can’t explain how much this video helped me.
    I’ve been struggling with anorexia and binge eating disorder since I was 12 (I’m 16). I’ve tried to recover so many times and I always end up relapsing, no matter what.
    These last 3 months I barely ate anything. I’ve lost a lot of weight and a lot of myself too. Again.
    I was so proud of it though, but this video made me realize about the damage I’m doing to my body (I mean it’s not like I didn’t know before, but then you started talking about my organs and how they need food to keep me alive and I almost cry). I don’t want to keep doing this. I don’t want to keep hurting my body because of what people SAY or think. I don’t want to keep living like this.

    And it is so weird that I’m saying all this things because I was so committed to relapse, that I never thought I would want to recover again. But here I am, thanks to your video. So thank you. Thank you so much for your words ❤

  • Im starting my vegan journey yet again…last year and half ago I went too hard and failed. Now I am doing vegetarian first then slowy going vegan within the next 3 to 4 months. I’ve been listeing to you since the beginning and you are very inspiring.

  • What have you noticed about your own eating habit? Do you tend to rush or take it slow? Do you overeat or eat in moderation? Share with me my friends. All ways are accepted and allowed. ����

  • i am more vegetarian & fruitarian, but i live with my overweight husband, he has bad eating habits and it’s hard to stay on my vegetarian & fruitarian diet. Listening to you is so calming and peaceful. I will try to eat slowly and small portion. Thank you for you love. ��

  • what do you think is a good way to improve the “mind-body connection” aka hunger and fullness signals after recovering from restriction?

  • I think it’s worth noting though, that feeling too full, for example, isn’t always bad. I remember a time when eating half an apple would genuinely make me feel so full that I was in pain. But that obviously doesn’t mean I was eating too much. I know you said that everyone should look at these tips through their own experience and the point that they’re at and it’s so important that you mentioned that, but sometimes we’re just not ready to start eating intuitively, and we don’t always realize that on our own. Good video though and I love how honest the part about the mindful eating -exercise was:)

  • Wow how awesome is this i just got in contact with carrieann she told me about your book which i will be getting really proud of the awesome person you are so cool, dont know if you remember me sam from ny

  • You are so kind, full of love and compassion ❤️ all your videos are really helpful and I’ll try this exercice of mindful eating �� also can you do a video about binge eating? ❤️

  • Honestly, i love how real and genuine you feel. You seem like a beautiful soul, thank you so much for these videos <3
    I loved the mindful eating tip, writing down the experience of that the food is and detaching ourselves emotionally, thank you so much!

  • Thank you for this video. I have such a bad habit of eating in the middle of the night. I do enjoy learning about mindfulness. It has help me regarding various environments I’m in.

  • I love these tips especially yes stop labelling food as good or bad and take the emotions out of food. I loved your scale as well, I think that will be relateable for people

  • Eating smaller portions I’m vegan… mindfulness gentle stretching and meditation creating art non judgmental approach being kind finding joy connecting with spiritual aspects forgiving myself forgiving others letting go and spending time with you when you post a video my dear friend you are beautiful inside outside may you feel happy and peaceful always ♥️

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    It look possible to recover from an eating disorder in the best way possible ��

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  • Meal time is very stressful in my household…so I’ve taken to waking before my kids some mornings to have my breakfast in silence. When my babies are up and ready for breakfast, I then can sit with them and enjoy their company with my coffee/tea. It’s refreshing and is sometimes the only “self care” I can make time for during the week.
    I’m so thankful to have found your channel. You are very inspiring.

  • I just stopped ketogenic diet last 2 week, and i notice my mental got very tense, i feel several strike from eating guilt, and very super judgemental with high carb food, i feel stressed out, and feel very sad, like last night is my birthday, and i cant hold myself to finish a piece of that sweet savoury cheese cake, but, after that i feel very guilty even i try to throw it out but unsuccess, and i go to sleep with an anger to my self about why i let myself eat that sweet cheese cake at 00:30 in the midnight? I really hate myself about it… Trying to forgive myself but it’s so hard… And i realize i come to this corner of the pre eating disorder state… But i still dont want to eat those carb, i hate those carb will come back to ruin my hard work of losing my body weight, i love sweet food, but not like i should eat it in the midnight and go to sleep and the next morning all those fermented carb causing the morning hunger like i wanna hate myself more… Sad… But i had to get over this phrase and try a way to get back to myself..

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    I tried mindful eating for my lunch after watching this TedTalk! I saw, I smelled, & I tasted each serving. I get to also focus on my chewing & breaking down of the food. I realised that I was already feeling full much earlier than expected, so now I know I’ve got to reduce my serving the next time! ��

  • As a 80-20 raw vegan, I like to go all raw 4_5days a week, and real and whole-time gratitude and being thankful for every second of life, cleansing the soul and body, having a comfortable life with all needed facilities and doing my faborite job

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  • I started mindful eating and it has helped me truly get in touch with my body. I noticed that several foods, like dairy, made me feel crappy when I was eating them. When I cut them out my body feels so much better. I also started making themed lunches (like rice balls shaped as a fish when I put smoked salmon in them kind of themed) and it made me focus on the food. I feel happy when I make food beautiful and it made me more mindful of what went into those foods.

  • Love this! One thing I do want to say is that I do think that it is ok to eat past fullness, and is really normal, especially when you first stop restricting! After a while you probably won’t feel the need to eat until you’re stuffed anymore. Also, there is a strong link between restricting and emotional eating, so just something to keep in mind.:) thanks for your videos!

  • Mindfulness has truly transformed my life. 2 years ago I was an obese, virgin, anxious recluse with no friends, no social life, a job that I hated, and deeply in the Closet. At 33 I finally hit rock bottom and I suffered a mental breakdown. I finally got help from a psychologist, who told me about mindfulness. I made it a daily habit to practice being in the moment. Slowly but surely, I started seeing myself for the first time. I understood the things that triggered my anxieties, I faced my fears and I started making friends. I finally had the courage to come out. I changed my job, I bought a house, I experienced dating and relationships for the first time. My calendar is filled with social activities. Anxiety is no longer part of my life. I still sometimes get anxious thoughts, but they are now fleeting, they don’t control me, I know how to control them.
    My biggest hurdle to overcome was over eating. I love junk food, I ate it daily and I was very overweight. A few months ago I decided to apply mindfulness to my eating habits, and that’s when I finally got hold of my food addiction. I have lost 20 pounds so far. I’m still overweight at the moment, but at least I’m not obese any more, and the level of motivation that I’m feeling makes me hopeful that this time I’m going to lose all the weight.
    Try mindfulness if you want to turn your life around. It really and truly helped me in more ways than one.

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