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Gymbuddy Now Health and Fashion blog. Health. All Fitness Gym Yoga Fitness Gym Yoga. Cold vs. warm water Drinking warm water can help improve circulation.

People may find drinking warm or hot water soothing, especially in colder months, while cool water can be more refreshing in. This is probably because drinking cold water makes it easier for your body to maintain a lower core temperature. Drinking plain water, no matter the temperature, has been proven to give your body. The sweating response in cold water differs significantly compared to other water temperatures. Water temperature of 16°C, as in cool tap water, is the most optimum point for acquiring hydration in dehydrated athletes or other subjects.

Warm water helps to stimulate blood flow and has a more soothing effect in the intestines than cold water. Further reading: effective natural remedies for constipation. What the Ancient Medicine Says About Water Temperature Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors have advised against drinking cold water for thousands of years. With respect to health effects, warm and cold water immersion affects the cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems, respectively. Nine articles focused on the effects of warm water immersion, explaining its thermal effect in relation to changes in disease-related serum substance levels and hemodynamic changes.

What to Wash in Warm Water. Warm water minimizes color fading and wrinkling of clothes. A warm water wash temperature is (90 degrees F.; 32 degrees C). Or, simply choose the permanent press setting on your washing machine. Choose warm water for washing synthetic fibers, natural and synthetic blends, and moderately soiled fabrics.

When to Wash in Cold Water. water is partly governed by temperature. As cold water can hold more oxygen than warm water, certain species of aquatic invertebrates and fish with high oxygen demands (including popular sport fish such as some trout and salmon) are found. The temperature of the water does not appear to affect microbe removal; however, warmer water may cause more skin irritation and is more environmentally costly 4-6.

Turning off the faucet after wetting hands saves water, and there are few data to prove whether significant numbers of germs are transferred between hands and the faucet. In that sense, a cold shower has the opposite effect of a hot shower for someone with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, since exposure to cold temperatures triggers the circulatory system to.

List of related literature:

Cold water is preferable to warm water because it attenuates changes in core temperature and peripheral blood flow, decreases sweat rate, speeds up gastric emptying, and is absorbed more quickly.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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The invigorating cold water will improve your circulation and increase substances called heat shock proteins, which improve long-term health and resistance to chronic disease.

“AARP The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young” by Loren Cordain
from AARP The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young
by Loren Cordain
Wiley, 2012

German researchers showed in a 2003 study that drinking a pint of water increases your metabolic rate by about 30 percent for an hour or so and that drinking colder water is better than room­temperature fluid, since your body has to expend calories to heat the water up in your stomach.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

Cold water is not commonly consumed by people thought to be in a cold state even though the temperature is not a determinant of hot or cold foods.

“Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife” by Jonathan H. X. Lee, Kathleen M. Nadeau
from Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife
by Jonathan H. X. Lee, Kathleen M. Nadeau
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Effect of cold water immersion after exercise in the heat on muscle function, body temperatures, and vessel diameter.

“Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes” by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
from Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes
by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Sixthly, notice whether the feverish patient, when in a state of good health, was or was not in the habit of drinking cold water; this point may affect the consumption of cold water in this region.

“Practical Medicine from Salerno to the Black Death” by Luis Garcia-Ballester, Roger French, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain). Department of the History of Science, University of Cambridge. Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, Jon Arrizabalaga, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine (University of Cambridge)., Andrew Cunningham
from Practical Medicine from Salerno to the Black Death
by Luis Garcia-Ballester, Roger French, et. al.
Cambridge University Press, 1994

• Cold weather increases body metabolism and the associated water needs required to maintain healthy body temperature.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

The warm water provides physiologic effects, including increased circulation, heart rate, and respiration rate and decreased blood pressure.

“Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book” by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
from Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book
by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

Water: A good choice.Water helps lower and normalize your body’s core (inside) temperature when you’re hot.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Cold water is very effective in lowering body temperature caused by fever due to illness or increased core temperature from exposure or exercise.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • First thing in the morning. I get me a nice glass of ice cold water but after seeing this video I start my morning with warm water and someone told add some lemon juice

  • There would be another mechanism by which 41 deg steam weakens or denature the proteins of virus. There are thousands of mechanism, chemical reactions, enzymatic responses and harmonal triggers that are yet to be explored by science. You are explaining only temperature effect that might be studied outside the living cell. But what about self healing mechsnism for every damage that every living cell has.

  • 1 steam inhalation with betadine
    2 Gingerlime juices,turmeric juices been offered in indian hospital in covid wards comments on this sir it would be helpfull for everyone

  • “Luckily for you, all polar bears are gonna be dead from global warming soon”
    I’ve never heard of a more dangerous sentence like that ever.

  • Thank you DR. John you are amazing. Iam glad ifound you takling about this issue indeed. My wife has this problem which we cannot under stand the problem is she has periodic High peripheral temperature through the day most days. Our DR. Cannot find out the reson. Can you please help US

  • The hot steam inhalation with one Lemon and ten drop of Eucalyptus. it’s had been saving a lot of people! It’s working. Why don’t you wanna say the true? Fever and steam are different. Why you wanna confuse people that is dangerous? You know that but you prefer money than people life’s

  • Dr. John you are really amazing, I thank God the Almighty who made it possible for me to found such interesting videos from you
    thank you SIR

  • Currently, our main objective in the management of COVID infection is not to kill the virus, but to reduce the death rate and increase the survival rate.

  • Herb’s Steam inhalation will help you to breath normally if you have too much phlegm in your lungs & let your own immune system get rid of COVID19 as long as your breathing. Which is a fact!

  • Thank you so much, and i am happy to tell you that your wish just became reality, because now that we are 2 members in the Community, i have already claimed my success, one must be quick to succeed hehe because growth and goals can never have an end (lucky for that). succes is by will so is failure (lucky for that),

  • Sorry, but this is total garbage. Temperatures of beverages do not affect the nutrients or the effect it has on the body. Don’t believe nonsense.

  • For a second I was like yeah I should learn how to do that! Then I remembered my temperature disregulation is caused by auto immune disease to the nervous system. Nevermind.

  • So in general you want to tell that before a game we should drink cold water to burn more calories and in half time we need room temp water as it actually hydrates our body

  • I don’t like heat at all!! I much prefer colder weather! ❄️ I wish global warming went the opposite way and was “global cooling” ⛄️


  • I once travelled to Pahalgam, Kashmir, India in June and put my feet in a running cold stream, had to take it out after 5 seconds cause my feet got numb

  • Sorry I could not agree with your logic. It’s a bit misleading/biased explanation too. The virus gets killed at 56 means it is killed 100%. But if the temperature is lower then 56 then the virus will get some difficulties in its reproduction process. It will make the virus replication slower and the body immunity system will get more time to generate antibodies against the virus. That is how it will benefit our bodies. Warm water steam breathing is also beneficial to our respiratory system. Inside the body cell, nothing can kill the virus 100% at a time. The virus will be get killed gradually by facing a difficult environment inside the body. That is how it should work, is not it?

  • Boss steam temperature is 100 degrees..
    But steam heat content is 540k cal so temperature in not the criteria but the heat energy.

    This late heat is the key. To kill virus.

    Where as water at 100 degree, had 80k cal.

    People inhale in such a way, such distance, that they will control @ at their comfortable level.

  • Most unfriendly doctor I have seen talking for so long.Many senior doctors have advised taking steam inhalation benifittng innumerable patients including me in case of acute influenza…caused bu viruses.I didn’t see the full vdo for obvious reason.

  • Hi Doctor, I am sorry if my interpretation is wrong about the influence of temperature on COVID death or survival. I have a question for everybody who watches this video. How long a healthy individual can walk in mid-noon in peak summer season without wearing any clothes, footwear, etc. even he could walk for an hour and takes a break for a couple of hours and again if he starts to walk again, still how long he can walk despite supplying water and nutrition as well. a healthy human (Common Indian) can walk even at 47degree Celcius on Indian roads for a while at least, that doesn’t mean he would die. What I am trying to say is, at any uncomfortable temperature humans or any organism cannot be more active or strong enough to multiply or affect the host to the most. The same applies to the COVID as well, maybe the temperature needed to cause death to the virus is 56 degrees But, multiple exposures to 40 degrees temperature in the form of warm water or steam inhalation could reduce the virus activity, its strength, and diminishes the replication process as well, or maybe at a certain point it can die also. This helps the patient to develop fewer symptoms and/or enhances the recovery process from the infection. So my interpretation is definitely multiple times hot water intake or steam inhalation will keeps the virus less active and decrease the severity of symptoms and enhances the recovery process.

  • الماء البارد افضل لانه ورد في القرآن الكريم
    Cold water is better than warm, God “Allah” mentioned cold water in Holly Qur’an ��
    God said to his prophet Ayoub, upon him, when he wanted him to heal from his sickness: “I will run your feet with this cool laundry and drink”

  • A lot of people are ignorant of corona virus washing your hands in hot water for 20 seconds kills the corona virus along with soapy water, heat kills the corona virus even more at higher tempertures its common sense so again why not hot steam inhalation at the right temperture and right doses these are natural cures big pharma is not going to tell you why dont they do a steam inhalation clinical trial test and then only when you will see the real results!

  • Hot or warm water dehydrates you more.i get alive drinking cold tea and i can drink more.saying cold water isnt good is like saying cold showers arent good.

  • Although you are logical. I wish you are wrong and many people are getting healed with steam or eased. Try to apply your theory in practice and comeback. Either you should give a solution or not Criticize existing solution.

  • I don’t really feel the cold unless there’s cold wind, water, ice or snow in direct contact with my body, but I am overcome with a sort of burning sensations, the need to itch and rashes if the temperature goes up to quickly. It’s a pain, sometimes I can’t even cuddle… I have noticed improvement by drinking more WATER

  • Sir,thanks �� a lot to update on covid 19 facts n myths.we r very grateful n do watch fact on latest n scientifically proved studies by ur daily videos update.��������

  • This md is so genuine and brilliant. I cannot dispute the evidence. If the premise is that the virus lives under the same rules as the rest of our cells and not as implied. By rumours that it is outside the protective cell walls ( of course)!!!!

    I wish the md would have explained more specifically how the virus is present in our permanent t structure and not as perceived in (mucus membranes ) Which might be more vulnerablr to temps above our personal burning point. His argument is simply not disprovable.

    I’ve heard people swear it will die in a steam room.

    I no longer accept this rumour

  • ergo, It’s safe to say that obviously, steam does not kill sars cov 2 by way of temperature, rather the way it enhances the immune system. period..

  • no wonder, when i seen everyone in america drink cold drinks or iced after hot meals…..i was surprised; in europe we drink hot tea, even on hot days (we’ll drink warm tea)….my stomach feels worse after cold drink after meal

  • I tested positive, I boil water and ginger and drink from it, also breath in the hot steam under the blanket and it helped me. I also took some tylenol for the fever, I took vitamin C and also black elderberry. Not sure which one help but I’m good after 3 or 4 days of doing all that. Now I have portable steam sauna and use it daily.

  • I can resist 52°c
    And cooldest things I ever experienced was 0°c
    Why so hot will I live in Kuwait a tiny country in the arbain golf located in bittwin Saudi Arabia and iraq

  • Matt please do some videos about Physiques of athletes like Ronaldo, Connor McGregor etc. Their body breakdown amount of muscle mass they have

  • Dr. I am taking about taking steam in external environment that means during initial phase when the virus is still in nasal tracks.Steam therapy is going to do marvels.This therapy has been used by us from decades.Hope you understand..

  • It would be great if you could list the clothing side of your website at the top of the video info instead of listing the website at the end. Because I had to go through all the text to find it and I only continued looking because I really wanted your stuff.

  • For the cold: just get some ice cream cuz ur boddy somthing that warms u (but only when the cold is super) the same tho super hot days just drink some hot thea ☻

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  • Is this a tongue-in-cheek-spoof? That’s a lot of research for a very minor performance difference that is likely overwhelmed by personal preference. Having said that, it is something I often wondered about, but always considered as going too far to find that extra tiny bit of performance enhancement.

  • I drink hot or room temp drinks in the heat.
    Bring your body temp higher then it feels cooler in the heat.
    Cold drinks take more energy away from your body.
    Because your body needs to warm it up.

  • One time I was riding my motorcycle it was really plus speed was like if I make my brain believe I’m not cold I will enjoy the ride and it actually works

  • I work in the cold as many men and women do. What is the effects on long term health of someone who works in cold environments compared to people who don’t. I heard about the benefits of cold showers but at my job I’m so cold I’m miserable. Are there any health benefits that would make the suffering worth it or is this just added stress on my body and mind? I really don’t know.

  • Conventional medicine will always negate anything that doesn’t requires their help or pharma thats their foundation. With the tech we have they want people to die while they watch. If it works regardless placebo its better than your science watching people dies.

  • Can I keep any packet covid19 affected on stove burner 10 second at the 100 degree temperature and safely handle
    Or any temperature viruses survive for 5 minutes,
    If we make omlet 70 degree two minutes still viruses survive

  • Dr. themselves say that at higher temp the virus survives for shorter duration.
    Based on this fact we used steam treatment for last 4 months and found we did not have even cold, cough or flu and not even corona. The treatment is effective till today. Why?
    Possibly viral load gets reduced and body’s immune system can handle it.

  • What about Garlic Steam maybe if you put hot water on the garlic It releases its bioactive substance accilin It is known to be active against alot of bacterial infections also for the Flu but i never heard anything of people inhaling the steam directly, So my question for you is what do you think about this? I mean If you inhale It It gets directly into your lungs right

  • Since you are talking about the 56 deg C temperature of steam is required to kill the covid 19 virus for 15 min… Can you tell me the size of the virus…. And thickness of lipid profile on it….and What’s the thermal conductivity of that lipid profile taken for the analysis……

  • Extracts of medicine flows inside through hot steam and attack on virus no need to inhale extreme hot vapour / Steam. Medicinal Extracts will remove the virus.

  • Thank you for this constant amazing content man! I’m learning from you for years now and today I created my own channel showing people my journey! Keep on the good work!

  • 1st: If you cannot breathe, you need diuretics to get the fluids out of your lungs.(not a home remedy)
    2nd: 56C is a reference number coming from the tests from a laboratory. You may kill the virus at lower temperatures but not in 15minutes.Lower the temperature with 15C and wait 24h….just a suggestion.
    Use the steam therapy if you are in an early phase of the disease.

  • Simply put if any air or steam is hot enough to kill any virus it is also hot enough to harm healthy tissue. By the time any ”steam” gets into your lungs it has cooled into WATER VAPOR.
    Listen to this Doctor. He is right. THINK!

  • Nice vid
    This is something I wasn’t aware was important but it was great!
    Please make a two minute Tuesday folder!! It would be soooo helpful.
    Grind on!

  • For whoever is commenting that you all use steam for cough and cold, Covid 19 is a virus. Do you think it is that easy to kill it? Some people might even burn their insides of nose thinking that if we inhale more hotter steam than we used to, it will kill the virus. NO! The world is panicking rn. If heat really kills the virus, don’t you think the doctors already suggest that? Why would there be these many cases and lockdown, quarantine etc? Use brain please.

  • I live on a tropical island and this one time i had to write an exam infront of the AC and everyone including the teacher noticed how cold i was.

  • Okay well i feel the need to mention that cold water does not stay cold for long at all after it enters your stomach.

    As well as that, hot water causes bacteria to travel easier, which i dont think i need to explain why thats bad.

    Last but not least, been drinking cold water all my life and ive had no problems at all, might just be me though.

  • It’s great that you dont put little political comments in your videos. I hate when people do that. Thanks so much for not doing it!

  • Honestly, the jacket isn’t as cool as the shirt you’re wearing.. can we not buy this shirt you’re wearing? There’s only one item of clothing in the store

  • Surviving the cold: you will need to undertake years of intense meditation and slowly ease into colder and colder conditions.
    Surviving the heat: lol just drink water

  • My husband got recovered from covid 19 at home…. He use to drink hot water whole day… And taking steam 2 times get day… Ginger lemon tea…. Vitamin tablets…. Healthy food…. That’s it
    1st day he had fever so took paracetamol…. For light caugh he took come caugh Tonic that’s it

  • Today world does not trust WHO also. I don’t know why some people are trying to be smart to call this as myth when millions in world have already experienced and trusted.

  • I just ran across olive leaf oil that kills lots of viruses…can you check into this….excellent that a doctor knew of this! She advertises probiotics. I have heard oregano, yet it may be a bit harsh. Not sure. Thank you. Olive leaf oil has been around for a long time. Did we hear of herpes back then? It’s also for shingles. Check that one, also.

  • When we are gonna drink a glucose drink or the sports drink which are available, should we use the same temperature as mentioned here???? I am asking this question because for a fixed amount of water the more is the temperature the more glucose is gonna dissolve in it

  • Thanks Dr.Been. Too much stupid ideas in media. Others are saying clean your mouth with water and salt that will kill the virus. The virus inside the cell how come it be affected by this.. people are becoming crazy by believing to such ideas!

  • When I played low level high school soccer, my mom would leave the water at room temperature because she believed that it gave you the ability to drink more water quickly.

  • Contrary to the message of this video, a lot of people in the Philippines have used this method of plain “steam inhallation” with loads of rock salt or eucalyptus oil (Vicks Vaporub ointment is a fav ingredient)! Much healing has been done particularly among communities that are far from the nearest medical center or if the patient was a seaman on a boat in the middle of the sea. It also doesn’t mean that they inhale the hottest steam from boiling water. That would burn your entire mouth, larynx and throat. Too many testimonials given already that this method works. Sorry, but to kill the virus at 56 degrees? Which medical solution can do that:O?

  • Very informative and interesting……I know ur not a GK but it would be great if you could do videos on the work and training schedule of GKs or even interviews of ur GKs. But great work on the videos, keep it up

  • Only time i drink room temperature water is when i wake up and drink the water on my nightstand and dont feel like getting up to put ice in my cup.

  • But. People suggesting to put Thurmric or pepper or Thulasi in water while streaming which they believe it will kill the virus. What is your thoughts? Pls help to understand

  • this fella doesnt even look like a doctor to me, stopped the video at 1:06, giving a dislike and moving on,,,,, bad work from google search.

  • Hi Matt,
    I train football everyday i train legs 3 times a week and do sprint training right after should i do cardio on the other days?

  • I have a question, when i play soccer and my teammate passes me the ball the opponent sprints and i get nervous and i lose the ball. How can i stay calm and keep the ball? I am also a right back:)

  • If you are saying that virus gets killed at 56 deg c Then how hot steam inhaling will not help? Please clarify. And people are saying that it’s helping. Steam inhaling is an old therapy in India. Please rethink on what’s being said. I sincerely request. Your theory may be ok at your level but then how steam inhalation is old therapy without burning our cells. Request to rethink and restudy for humanity. God bless you ��❣️

  • Do a video on how to accurate find your TDEE, because even when you use a calculator it can still be not the right one for your body.

  • This is your study nice.
    But sir You are not talking about virus structure it’s upper part is made of lipid fatty which can be easily distroyed at 30 to 35 degree by steam so let let people use do try to make them negative.
    Even any medicine has may side effects, disadvantage still Doctor recommend so what.
    Don’t tell this tell tell some option or any other medicine which doesn’t have any side effects

  • If I try to breathe in too much, I feel my lungs push up against my ribcage, and sternum..

    Then, my lungs shake around and automatically exhale!

  • Don’t drink hot water if you have fillings in your teeth. Mercury in the filling can leach out as it has a lower melting point, that’s why they used it to fill in your cavity.

  • For extended use of N95 mask of health care providers,we in india use natural sterilization method of keeping used mask for 5 days n on 6th day reuse its can not be is it ok to opt dry heat sterilization to sterilize N95?? What temperature n time reqired for it?

  • The hyperventilating is not necessary. I’ve recently practiced the cold exposure without it, for about 6 months daily, and I can say that it is superfluous.

    Holding your breath is the key. Which by the way is not oxygen deprivation panick. The body doesn’t respond to oxygen deprivation. In fact, it responds to the buildup of co2.

    The hyperventilating only appears to aid this process because it depletes your co2 and thus delays the panick reaction.

    But what actually matters is building your resistance to c02, and the hyperventilating exercise does not directly improve this.

    It has an indirect mental effect because depleting co2 increases your ability to hold your breath dramatically and this will affect your assumption of what is possible.

    But ultimate you must train the co2 resistance. So depleting co2 through hyperventilating is not necessary.

    It does release adrenaline, but I have had the same ability of cold resistance without hyperventilating.

    I’m taking 25-30 minutes submerged in flowing water 8 degrees celcius. Flowing water saps your heat much more due to the inability to heat the water around your skin.

    25 minutes a day, sometimes several times is quite intense as far as the average wim hof practitioner goes.

    I have not attempted anything more severe in terms of temperature and length because it’s not easy to get that cold in the topics.

    It may be that extreme feats do necessitate the hyperventilating.

    However, I enter the water calmly. Barely breathing in fact. While others sit there hyperventilating, and I stay in longer and calmer.

    I inspire you to try my method, to see for yourself how you can replicate the cold resistance.

  • You people are not doctors… You people are killers…. Just to increase your importance, earn money, you people are spreading threat in minds of people….. It’s a business for you….. So many government s are also doing it……

  • This a no brainer, cold water. The whole point you’re body needs water is to cool it self down (in physical activities). You’re core body temperature is a major player in the pace at which important physical and psychological systems start to break down. This is why Nike wanted to try to break the 2 hour marathon in I think 50 degree weather (akathe perfect temperature to delay environmental stimulus to the muscles). ��

  • I tested positive 9 days ago. I had the symptoms (fatigue, muscle aches, congestion) days prior to testing, high fever the night before test day. I am symptoms free for 7 days now. Yesterday I tested negative from the virus. I have been practicing steam inhalation with a spoon of himalayan salt three times a day the first three days of diagnosis, then twice, to now down to once. I am well versed in the proper breathing techniques as I practice them daily. I apply the same breathing techniques during steam inhalation therapy. The entire duration of the infection I never had a sore throat or respiratory problems (coughing, wheezing, difficulty of breathing) I am asthmatic and prone to allergies. I would say that steam inhalation therapy shortened my symptoms. I was reluctant to practice it at first as there is no scientific data to back it up. But it helped and I will continue this practice daily.

  • My only question is. Can you shower after taking a rest after steam inhalation?, To wash of sweat? Because old sayings says its bad.

  • You should never drink ice cold water straight after training or match days. Recently, a man died from a heart attack due to change in heart rate after drinking ice cold water. Stick to room temp.

  • It’s been in the 90s this past week and I’ve been drinking cold water to help cool me down but noticed I get bad stomach pains. I guess the cold water is a shock to your stomach and causes pain

  • Heyy love your vids, they all great!! Can you please do a subject on sugar (in all its form), it will be a pleasure if you talk about it��������

  • everyone on here even doctors make claims without doing the tests them selves just because you read a finding does not mean its not true unless you personally do the test your self,…i know a lot of doctors out there who claim the Colloidal Silver Does not work for killing virus’s but yet there is fact sheets on the cdc and FDA web sights that show the proof of using colloidal silver can fight off the sars-cov2 pathogen i hate it when a doctor says it wont work unless he or she dose the physical research to prove whether their rite or wrong,….Robert (bob) Beck a scientist and a Medical Examiner researched and published his findings in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and its also published in a medical journal,….so my point is this,…when we can find a real doctor who thinks more of the patients welfare other then his or hers deep pocket,..i’ll stick to the real medical bob beck protocol ive never yet met a doctor who thought more about his or her patients before there deep pockets,….i met a few who actually cared more for there patients then they did for the money,…..but very few i know are like that,…………………….very few

  • The common and deadly mistake people are making is to ignore the symptoms. Another one, a very sad one, is that some do not have Health Insurance or are staying illegally in the country. Thinking that you may solve the problem 100% at home, might send you in trouble because you cannot.
    In case of the cytokine storm(“water/fluids in the lungs”) you may die if the fluid isn’t taken out. You don’t even know what hit you.

  • lol arizona experiences those extremes too like australia it can get up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and can routinely get below freezing in the winter (like 28 degrees F)

  • Watching right now in the middle of the summer night where as current is at 32celcius we have no AC. Can somebody donate $800 for our AC? Seriously infographics please!!!!

  • Dr. Think beyond your Theoretical knowledge.
    Steam Inhaling Practice is ancient practice.
    It has shown it’s good effects on human in its best way.
    I think u should try first.

  • My advice when in extreme temperatures:
    When in Heat: Be glad that you are not freezing to death.
    When in Cold: Be glad that you are not sweating to death.
    Both temperatures can be your best friend and your worst enemy for staying alive.

  • I get nauseous when I drink hot or warm water. I just can’t do it. But I love drinking ice water and I don’t drink anything else. Is something wrong with me

  • I see girls on nights out in Newcastle, wearing little dresses, strappy shoes and no jacket or coats, in rain, hail and snow. You would think they are direct descendants of Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton and suchlike, the way they can withstand the cold.

  • So getting your 64 oz. a day when cold could essentially help you burn about an extra 100 calories. Actually sort of useful if you’re trying to cut weight. Thanks Matt!

  • im a very big fan of your work greetings form South Africa by the i want to be just like you.
    So what software is best for editing.
    How can i build more confidence on the ball.
    thanks for reading

  • only drink cool(not cold) water when exercising or when youre in a hot area.

    cool water should only be drunk when you are trying to lower your body temperature but do not drink cool water when sick, it will only make you feel worse.

  • I drink a lot cold water it keeps me cool. I even put diet cans 15 mins to 30 in freezer for colder drink. Iv not had any throat issues because of this. Sugar causes throat issues in me

  • Hi Dr. I wish I had seen your video earlier. I followed someone that said steam for 15-20 minutes over a boiling pot of water and I did. Now I have difficulty swallowing and blocked ear.did I damage my cells or my or burn something in my respiratory tract. Plz I need help