Coffee versus. Energy Drinks – The Outcomes Might Scare You


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Studies suggest drinking four or more 8-ounce cups of caffeinated coffee may lower your risk for oral and throat cancers. Caffeine can cause a rapid heartbeat. Caffeine could also cause arrhythmias, so if you have a preexisting issue, talk to your doctor. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks all are acidic, so it may cause some heartburn. Drinking coffee or energy drinks for the purpose of waking up can be dangerous if overused and abused.

However, coffee has been proven as a much healthier option out of the two if consumed in moderation, as it offers many health benefits such as curing anxiety and lowering the risk of diabetes. When it comes to energy drinks vs coffee, it’s obvious that coffee is the winner. This is because coffee has a natural taste, is backed by decades of research, and contains less sugar than energy drinks. Because of that, you should get a cup of coffee if you’re concerned about. According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D and L.D., the high amounts of sugar contained in energy drinks can result in unwanted weight gain.

It is important to note, however, that many individuals add cream and sugar to coffee, which would add such effects. Coffee and energy drinks do share caffeine in common. However what you need to recognize first and foremost is that coffee has higher concentrations of caffeine which will have more of a sudden impact on the central nervous system. Energy drinks may have their use in sports, where even the slightest edge can mean everything to competitors, or for shift workers tending a nuclear.

Energy drinks and coffee are often consumed for the same reason. By comparison, energy drinks are the new kids on the block. They tend to be considered the bad boys of caffeine, too. Partly, the reputation of energy drinks is down to claims that they provide a ‘jolt’ of caffeine. A 16 ounce serving of either coffee or an energy drink and you have already touched 150 mg, which is the lower limit of your daily recommended caffeine intake.

Some energy drinks have alarmingly high levels of caffeine like Cocaine with a whopping 288 mg caffeine content in an 8.4 oz can! The danger here is in over-consumption. Which is better for studying coffee or energy drinks? Caffeine makes people feel more awake and alert but (YES) it DOES make a difference where you get you.

The implication is pretty clear: Energy drinks pose a potentially deadly threat because they contain so much caffeine. Yet the drinks that Dorner and.

List of related literature:

Caffeine, being a nerve toxin, stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete stress hormones and to trigger a strong immune response that may give you the false impression that this newly found energy and vitality was somehow provided by the consumed beverage.

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
by Andreas Moritz
Ener-Chi Wellness Press, 2007

The other (caffeine) strings you along with artificial energy that can give you headaches and cause you to exaggerate fears.

“Fighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition” by Earl Hipp
from Fighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition
by Earl Hipp

These drinks may also contain guarana, another natural source of caffeine, and can cause agitation, palpitations, tremor and GIT upset, also serious effects of hallucinations, dysrhythmias and seizures.

“Pharmacology for Health Professionals eBook” by Bronwen Bryant, Kathleen Knights, Andrew Rowland, Shaunagh Darroch
from Pharmacology for Health Professionals eBook
by Bronwen Bryant, Kathleen Knights, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2018

In general, those negatively impacted by caffeine would probably not like the stronger effects

“Anabolics” by William Llewellyn
from Anabolics
by William Llewellyn
Molecular Nutrition, LLC, 2011

These results indicate either that decaffeinated coffee may have some other active ingredients which reduce levels of perceived exertion or that subjective ratings of perceived exertion may be influenced by a significant placebo effect.

“Drugs, Athletes, and Physical Performance” by John A. Thomas
from Drugs, Athletes, and Physical Performance
by John A. Thomas
Springer US, 2012

these have the same negative side effects as coffee.

“R3 Diet” by Joy Brown
from R3 Diet
by Joy Brown
Xlibris Corporation, 2011

The results showed that under these circumstances caffeine has little persuasive power.

“Yes!: 50 Secrets From the Science of Persuasion” by Noah Goldstein, Robert B. Cialdini, Steve Martin
from Yes!: 50 Secrets From the Science of Persuasion
by Noah Goldstein, Robert B. Cialdini, Steve Martin
Profile, 2010

But more recent research shows no link at all between drinking coffee and an increased risk of any of these conditions.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
from Nutrition For Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler
Wiley, 2011

Collectively, these findings suggest that caffeine consumption should be limited later in an evening (i.e., after 6 pm.) and that energy drinks containing high concentrations of caffeine or taurine should also be avoided to limit ensuing effects on the athlete’s sleep quality.

“Recovery for Performance in Sport” by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l'éducation physique (France)
from Recovery for Performance in Sport
by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l’éducation physique (France)
Human Kinetics, 2013

In large amounts caffeine “produces many undesirable side effects—from nervousness and insomnia to rapid and irregular heartbeats, elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels, excess stomach acid and heartburn,” Varro Tyler, Ph.D., explains in The Honest Herbal.

“Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs” by Claire Kowalchik, William H. Hylton, Anna Carr
from Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs
by Claire Kowalchik, William H. Hylton, Anna Carr
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  • Caffeine doesn’t work it doesn’t make me feel awake it makes me feel tired and helps me fall asleep is there something wrong whit me?

  • A few years ago I would’ve agreed with this, however, after consuming 2 energy drinks daily for 7 years I’ve noticed MULTIPLE concerning side effects and have quit caffeine altogether as a result. Symptoms primarily included irritability, mood swings, “brain fog”, arrhythmia, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, insomnia, and seemingly loss of natural energy production. To be clear, I’m an athlete, and have been for nearly 25 years, eat SUPER clean, very healthy, and do not have a history of family heart issues.

    There is certainly some validity to these predictions of potential harmful long term side effects and I believe in due time they will become more apparent among chronic users, especially since energy drinks containing up to 400mg of caffeine such as Bang are on the market.

  • this is just not true I don’t drink many energy drinks but a Starbucks blond roast has 475 ml mg of caffeine and a Monster energy is 160 the blond rost almost had three times as much caffeine

  • Just found your channel and I’ve watched a few videos already! This is so cool. I love energy drinks and coffee and always wondered why they sometimes made me feel different…. I am a SAHM so knowing the science behind this stuff and how the caffeine actually works is really helpful! Now I know to stop putting sugar in my coffee and if I skip coffee and go for the energy drinks to miss out on the taurine… (My fave is monster which has taurine I’m pretty sure so it looks like I’m on to trying even more drinks lol.) Anyways if anyone is interested I’ve reviewed some energy drinks on my channel also.

  • I drink energy drink every friday once a week doesnt kill me and felt nothin just little bit blood preasure from my both arms and my neck and i sleep normal ok and drinking water n juice weekends are normal

  • Bang energy has 300mg of caffeine the reccomnded dose of caffeine intake per day is around 400mg now if you absolutely need ur dose of caffeine per day and cant stand the taste of coffee i would suggest picking up a bang energy and slowly drinking it as the day goes on you are not going to die from going over the recommended mg of caffeine per day but there are health problems involved in going over the amout recommended

  • I’m glad to see this. I’ve been so annoyed by my friend shaming me with baseless claims about energy drinks being super unhealthy. I was willing to concede to him on the sugar and caffeine, while reminding him that I avoid sugar and am wary of caffeine intake, but he said those weren’t the problem, it was all the “other stuff”. Of course he had no idea what “other stuff” was, and I have an unhealthy need to be as thorough as possible in every debate so I ended up briefly researching every single ingredient in my can to look for anything that was a significant red flag, and still came out with caffeine and sugar being the worst. Other stuff (even small stuff you didn’t mention here) is only associated with very rare adverse effects which often have to do with specific genetic… polymorphisms?? or something like that. I can’t remember. But yeah i’m not suprised people are like this. I still remember my middle school health teacher telling us “well basically, if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably bad for you.”

  • This video needs some real fact checking. Saying caffeine is packed into other ingredients or calling other ingredients caffeine is entirely inaccurate. Yes “energy blends” exist and most tell you the mg of caffeine. Caffeine is the only actual drug stim in energy drinks

  • Yes. Two reasons: a. It amps anxiety in folks that suffer from certain mental issues, and b. Young folks are still developing, and caffeine is addictive, so more and more will be used, and scaling back the use, or discontinuing the use, will be far more difficult for them later in life than an older person that uses the product. Personal experience: I suffered from severe asthma when I was a child. This was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Back then the treatment was caffeine. So as a little boy, they tried to start me on coffee. I threw that nasty stuff up every time. So I ended up on soda pop. Lots of soda pop. I don’t think it helped, but the doctors never asked my opinion. I have tried to give up caffeine a few times. But I never felt normal. So, I will drink soda pop till the day I die.

  • As I watch this I have been drinking energy drinks for almost 20 years 3 weeks ago I started having kidney problems the pain is unreal if my kidneys don’t heal not sure what I’m going to do.I really thought energy drinks were safe

  • Me drinking beer all day at the lake.

    Me drinking 2 monster hydrates
    with vodka around midnight.

    Me on the couch in fetal position having my wife hold me lake a baby while I’m contemplating an ambulance ride for 2 hours.

    It attacks some and others never feel a thing. I’ll still do a few Vegas bomb shots but no more giant energy cocktails.

    Moderation is key.

  • Hey everyone! I’ve been getting asked a lot about the schedule for my video series other than Myth Bust Monday (so the Science Applied and Fundamentals Series)…

    Because these videos take a lot more time in terms of research, editing, and production/filming than a comparatively simple MBM, I’m only committing myself to about 1 upload per month. So as of now, my goal is to release all of the Fundamentals videos over the next 6 months and the same for the Science Applied videos (where I plan to cover AT LEAST Pull, Legs, Upper and Lower (having already done Push))

    I also haven’t retired the Science Explained series and am actually releasing a remastered and updated version of my Calves Science Explained video later this week. And I have a goal of doing one in-depth interview per month with a researcher or coach in the field of interest so I can do a deeper dive than I am able to in these short form videos.

    Thanks again guys for sticking around and showing support! Can’t believe we’re already at 550K!!!

  • Believe it or not but 95% of all illness comes from food and drink. If you consume coffeine, then you will have trouble sleeping at night. Lack of sleep will lead you to increased stress levels on your body and immune system which for a short period of time is okay, but constant lack of sleep during a few years will result in cardio vascular problems, kidney damage, liver, brain etc. Once you loose your health, you can never get it back and no doctor in the world can make you healthy again. They can manage your symptoms but the cause is as always your stupidity for which there is rarely a cure. Keep dtinking energy drinks and find out. Btw this cunt is sponsored by Monster, he doesn’t drink it

  • I drank 2 energy drinks a day on average for a year I have screwed over my body and am going to be dealing with the effects for the rest of my life don’t drink them guys if my msg helps one person then im happy for you please think of your future i have kids and I’m facing a very uncertain future

  • They talk about caffeine this caffeine that but most of these people are smoking their lungs out foh ��

    I’m not a energy drinker btw but I’m tired with the hypocrisy..

  • It’s not the amount of caffeine in energy drinks that are the problem. It’s the sugars and all the synthetic stuff they put in them that’s the problem. I also thinks tons of B vitamins is not good for you. I was drinking a bunch of kickstarts for years and realized I was more tired drinking them. I was gaining weight. I switched to black coffee even though I hate the flavor a week ago and already feel better. I lost a pound already by just cutting out energy drinks. I don’t know what this doctor is talking about but it’s not the caffeine in energy drinks that are the problem. It’s the synthetic chemicals in them.

  • In Europe at least, and I suppose in most of the world, such thing as “unregulated or undisclosed amounts” does not exist. It is impossible. If you are an energy drink maker and you try to lie about or hide the amount of caffeine in your product you are dead! All such things are under strict regulations, including in the USA. I gave Europe as an example because I live there and because Europe is notorious for it’s many and sometimes even radical regulations. As a rule of thumb if there is any doubt that something is unhealthy, just a slight doubt, doesn’t even need much of a proof EU makes it illegal.
    Long story short this video is lying.

  • You know you can just buy caffeine tablets? Either packaged in stores or on online stores like Ebay as pills. They work really well as a standby or just morning pep. I think most Ebay ones have 120mg of caffeine which is like a large coffeeshop coffee. (I did my research.) Take half for a small coffee or tea. I bought them as used to drive long distances in Europe for work. Easier as a backup than having energy drinks. Best wishes from England

  • All energy drinks are poison. The CEO of these companies are making billions of dollars. And ppl are stupid to buy them,fuck em. I only drink water

  • Lol ummm 242mg of caffeine in an energy drink? What energy drinks have you been having??���� the highest caffeine content I’ve seen on common energy drinks at the drug store is 180mg. Stop over exaggerating and scaring people with this false crap.

  • It takes about 10 GRAMS of caffeine to overdose. So 200 MILIGRAMS (or less than) in 1 can of red bull is literaly nothing. Red bull is great, just drink it in moderation. I only drink 1 can a day on weekdays to help get through work. I don’t drink it on weekends. I have no problems. If your drinking like 5-10 a day then of course that’s gonna fuck you up

  • Everyone says it’s so bad for you
    It’s different how it affects people
    They never talk about that
    I drink energy drink alot and have a collection and i’m a teen!
    I don’t have heart burn or heart problems or any like that i’m fine!

  • No more coffee!!! No more energy drinks!!!!

    Not sure if you’ve heard of Thrive, but it was a game changer for me, a huge blessing… and I’m hoping it can help you too like it has for so many others.

    Follow the link below


  • I have never come across a can with 242mg of caffeine content. What kind of maniac drinks that? Most contain 32mg/100ml and a can is usually 250ml assuming it’s not one of those half liter once. Even then it’s only 160mg. Damn i really drank one too many tonight.

  • I started drinking monster ultras about a month ago for the first time. My desire for coffee disappeared right away. I’ll stay with monster.

  • Thank you sir for my search question correctly answer
    Your question is please avoid energy drinks or please stay away from energy drinks.

  • I love my energy drinks and coffee. So no way. Just don’t them to your kids. I don’t think kids should have caffeine anyway. they have enough energy as it is.

  • Didn’t need a doctor to tell me this, but it is nice to be right. Take THAT all you dumb kids with your monsters and your redbulls! Coffee wins!

  • I have a bang right here in my hand and I’m gonna hide it from my closet
    And I’m panicking on what should I do I took like 9 sips of it
    And just figured out it has 300mg
    Ima hide it in my closet until someone tells me what to do 
    should I drink it
    Should I take 5 or 6 sips every week
    Throw it away
    Take less than 5 or 6 sips every week
    Or do I just save it until the morning to drink it all for school

  • Where did this myth come from? Boomers. That’s the only group of people I’ve gotten looks from and judged for walking around with a bang

  • I drink around 3-4 (sugar) cans of monster a week, sometimes none at all. I can’t stand sugar-free drinks of any kind since they give me major headaches. It annoys the hell out of me when people comment on it every time i’m drinking one, despite me being fit and active with cardio, weight-training and other sports. As well as having an all round decent diet. People i know will have two cups of tea or coffee a day and no other drinks at all… I’m sure your daily dehydration is doing a lot more harm than my controlled sugar intake.

  • CONCERNS: too much caffeine, and too much sugar…

    REALITY: Most energy drink brands come with sugar free options (which are always much better imo… ie white monster / sugar free redbull) AND most energy drinks have about the same caffeine as coffee, sometimes slightly less, sometimes a little more.

    CONCLUSION: these are the two most commonly used arguments against energy drinks, especially when being compared to coffee for health reasons… and they are FALSE!

  • I asked my dad to buy me a monster energy drink and he bought me 6 but my mom doesn’t know so I’m just here to check if I can pop my 3rd one later when jamming with the boys, and yeah I’m still scared of drinking energy drinks in front of my mom��

  • incorrect

    Okay so first of all, most energy drinks have about 160 milligrams of caffeine, second of all some coffee is known to easily contain 400-1000 milligrams of caffeine per cup, I promise you, and dont think energy drinks are all harm and shit, the creamer in that coffee isnt good for you either, its full of cholesterol and creamy shit thats unhealthy for you, but then again os is the energy drinks so why does it matter

  • Am a doctor, I drink one can a day, I believe no need to regulate it, caffeine is all over the place, maybe more education to the public is needed and more transparency on the side of manufacturers, but it is not a serious public health issue

  • Tons of coffee (8 cups) dont pound my chest like 1 or 2 energy drinks. the problem is energy drinks are artificial caffeine and artificial other ingredients. Natural ingredients can be handled more efficient by your body. I’m no doctor but I’m a caffeine addict. I know.

  • Sponsored by Red Bull
    Sorry, I think people tend to say oh, well it’s not poisonous at these doses, so it’s fine, but health science has too many variables, and you can’t really do long term studies with certain chemicals. If it’s not a whole food, basically don’t fucking eat it.

  • I don’t know anyone who drinks 8 glasses of water a day. Most of the water content I personally get are from the food I eat and exactly 2 glasses of milk because it’s better for teeth and bones. (And just tastes nice)

  • I don’t understand this they don’t ever talk about drinking sugar-free or is there a calorie energy drinks it’s proven that caffeine is good for weight loss it only dumbasses drink energy drinks back-to-back it’s all about moderation I drink one energy drink a day and yet I can still run 10 miles no adding it to a volatile American diet that’s probably where it gets dangerous because we as Americans over-indulge in greasy foods but if you have a clean diet and exercise regularly you should be fine by drinking energy drinks at least once a day

  • This is a lie my dad is a scientist and a red bull has 102.3 mg of caffeine this is a scam and a lie do not recommend this video all of this is a lie

  • Not much of a coffee drinker myself, unless its iced coffee with extra cream and extra sugar, at which point its really just coffee milk. Therefore, its energy drinks and tea! Great comparison between the two, coffee and energy drinks. Its good to learn about the ingredients and what they do and how they work together…or don’t work together. And, I learned a few new big words. Thanks! ����

  • Weren’t Sport Drinks the original Energy Drinks? All these drinks are to me are just “Mental Sodas!” Besides, most People I know who like Mountain Dew drink it the same way others drink Red Bull. So cause of that, the only difference to me is the ingredients. Otherwise they’re the same thing to me!

  • Honestly, I feel fine whenever I have red bull. I don’t have one everyday but I do like them. Since I’m a kid, I researched about red bull. For my age the daily cap of caffeine is 100mg. In one red bull can there is only 80mg. I don’t feel like crap after. I feel like how I usually am when drinking soda. If you like the taste but are afraid of the health risks, have it in moderation.

  • If you are older though avoid huge spikes of sugar, caffeine and guanara. When monster came out a family friend got addicted to it. 3 large cans for 3 years caused a huge heart attack.
    He was 45 when he started and his health declined sharply. The doctor said the cause was stress on the heart due to a mixture of high contents of sugar, caffeine, lack of exercise and water.
    Welp doesn’t matteri dont even drink coffee or take any caffeine except from gtea

  • Here that gamers, no more G-Fuel and Red Bulls, fruit infused water and black tea is the new gamer beverage to get them victory royales

  • Not true two Monsters has 350 mg of caffeine 4 cups coffee over 400 usually give or take and plus in my country Canada regulate caffeine energy drinks to 180 mg

  • Monster = 666. Red Bull = Baal. They are bad for your soul. So yes, extremely bad for your health. And yes, they have lots of junk in them and you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

  • This is why I believe scientist get paid to say all sorts of bull shet because energy drinks are actually healthy. its only when you are having a daily dose of energy drinks that you will be causing issues. this video is clearly wrong and all the facts (not true facts though) are from elderly people who think people are trapped in their tvs xd xd xd

  • I usually drink energy drinks 1-2 times a month and almost never drink coffee. In my opinion you can drink it but not regularly. You should kinda think of it as prize/reward.

  • Donno why but I new from the start it’s gonna be the advertisement of sugarfree monsters xD. They taste good dude. My only problem is that developed a dependency to this shit, it’s why I am here…

  • Someone once said to me,” do you even know what taurine is, it’s a chemical that probabaly isn’t good for you”.

    Clearly a naturally occurring amino acid in my body is unhealthy, and I should definitely believe you because it’s “probabaly” unhealthy.

  • I’ve been drinking at least 1 NOS everyday (sometimes 2) for the past 8 years. (I shit you not,) and I’m in complete normal health. #sendit

  • I laugh when my dr says those are bad. I ask how so? I drink 6-8 cups of strong coffee when I drink coffee. Thats way more caffeine. Yea but that doesnt have chemicals. I go..everything is a chemical. Even water. What youre calling “chemicals”Is b vitamins and a amino acid. Fucking idiots

  • Ive drank 5 monsters in one day before they reduced the size and i felt fine. Whoever this grandad is i think hes a bit monged tbh

  • =Top 10 Most Powerful Energy Drinks/Shots=

    Energy Shots (Most caffeine per bottle)

    10 Hour Energy Shot: 422 mg/ bottle

    Redline Power Rush: 350 mg/bottle

    Spike Energy Double Shot: 350 mg/bottle

    Redline Xtreme Shot: 300 mg/bottle

    SK Energy Shot: 280 mg/bottle

    7-Eleven Energy Shot: 260 mg/bottle

    E6 Energy Shot: 235 mg/bottle

    5 Hour Energy Extra Strength: 230 mg/bottle

    Red Thunder Extra Strength Energy Shot (Aldi) 230 mg/bottle

    Eternal Energy Shot 222 mg/bottle

    Energy Drinks (Most caffeine per can/bottle)

    Hyde Power Potion: 350 mg/can

    Spike Energy Drink: 350 mg/can

    Wired X344: 344 mg/can

    Redline Xtreme Energy Drink: 316 mg/bottle

    Bang Energy Drink: 300 mg/can

    Celsius Heat Energy Drink: 300 mg/can

    Rockstar Xdurance Energy Drink: 300 mg/can

    Spike Shooter: 300 mg/can

    Viso Energy Drink: 300 mg/bottle

    G Fuel: 300 mg/can

    Reign Total Body Fuel: 300 mg/can

    Viso Energy Drink: 300 mg/bottle

    Cocaine Energy Drink: 280 mg/can

    Outlaw Energy Drink: 250 mg/can

    (( Please Note: This List is made up of the 2019 Versions of these Products, So numbers/doses may vary. Also When some of these Drinks were Originally introduced they had around 6% to 11% amore Caffeine in them or have since then been made “Stronger” in the cases where they were dubbed to “weak” originally when compared to other options. such is the case with 5 Hour Energy.))

  • I would be very curious what you would say about them now? There have been several studies discussing issues that could arise such as strokes

  • Southeast Asia got the original Red Bull long before Red Bull stoled the idea. Using the same symbol of 2 bulls going at each other.

  • Ridiculous. I drink 1 a day, sometimes 2. I have low/avg blood pressure. Rockstar has 160mg of caffeine. The number they use here is absurd. Some people are coffee drinkers, I do these. Been drinking these since ’05

  • They can also have a stroke which happened to my daughter’s dad. He was 40 years old, didn’t drink alcohol or smoke(he smoked but had quit for two years before this happened). He used to only drink monster drinks all day. He was playing drums in 100 degree weather and had a stroke. He is now disabled. He can enunciate words but the words don’t make sense when strung together. He has seizures now from the stroke. His life, as he knew it, is over he can’t drive because of the seizures and he cannot communicate successfully with anyone. So, keep drinking those red bulls and monsters and maybe you will get rewarded the same way he did. Oh, and he was physically in shape..not ovese…nowhere near obese

  • Red bull is dangerous bro,on me that shit had my fucking arm jigging like a mothafucka and my chest was fucking tight as fuck from it

  • The demos in the video show how milk is curdled by citric acid

    Citric acid in a beverage will not impact calcium absorption, bone density or the pH of your body.

    XS is know for being the first sugar free energy drink brand, having 600% vitamin B in each can, and very low amount of Citric Acid. 

    You can visit my store to get more information and good deal. 

    Have a great day!

  • Any studies on life  extension with mental and long life improvement.. even caffeine may not improve your life but may improve your mind to know a dangerous situation and thus avoid these types of dangers.  The other side is a higher thought process and better mental function with ideal vitamin and other nutrients with mind and body performance. The mind and the body should work together to get the best or ideal performance. Not sure about smart drugs. Or maybe make easier to load new information into the brain and think a certain way. Like and engineer would, or even a doctor. Many drugs in the recreation area are mind altering not in a good direction is my way of thinking. I don’t think you can run a country on people with vodka with their finger on the bomb button. Russian drivers don’t have what it takes.  Watch Russian dash cam accidents and see if you think  their elevator goes to the top.  When you are a kid you got lots of energy to run off an you can go all night till you crash watching late night TV. Wish I could bottle that elixir I could sell billions of bottles. Not sure how to get that vibrant energy back. Can you tell me?

  • Energy drinks and high fructose corn syrup are both horrible things. If I have to make a 15-30 hour non-stop drive, sugar is by far THE WORST thing I can ingest next to sucrose or fructose, which is even worse than sugar. Small amounts of FOOD FOOD are okay, and I have done over 60 hours straight behind the wheel of a truck, driving, non-stop. No drugs, just small meals with good food and WATER! No soda pop or garbage energy drinks. Artificial sweeteners like fructose or sucrose goes right to the liver and does NOTHING but make you fat. Diet energy drinks? Yeah the body processes sweeteners like it does sucrose, so believe what you want and enjoy the fat & the liver damage.

  • Me and my friend drank 3energy drinks and then some coffe and we didnt knew that was an energy drink its called ZOMBIE and now I think something is going to happen(im 12 and my friend is 12)

  • Oh bullshit, came here to be infromed.
    1: What is a normal dose? You don’t mention, the FDA reccomends no more than 400mg a day
    2: Caffeine content in energy drinks is regurlarly mentioned on the label, I’m constantly taking different ones and checking the label. Or often, a quick google search will get your answer
    3: Caffeine is definitely regulated in energy drinks, the highest one i’ve ever seen was BANG, which used to be 350 but is now 300, like several others in this new line of high caffeine energy drinks.

    No nuance, no open minded individual research. Dude wants his world view to allow him to drink coffee. Cmon bro, quit being silly.

  • I had to type fast because I ran to my mom complaining that my arm was hurting and my stomach was burning Inside and I was sooo sleepy after drinking a tiny bit of a kind of an energy drink and my heart was hurting…

  • Ginseng and taurine dont have a single MG of caffeine, stop fear mongering. Most of the other ingredients have no caffeine either and are vitamins, or amino acids. Ginseng is actually very healthy and is a root. taurine is found in every day foods like meat and completely harmless. Do your research “mayoclinic”

  • My research team published our Energy Drink clinical trial last year to the American Heart Association and is very relevant to this topic. Not to bore any of you, but the conclusions of our randomized placebo controlled trial was that energy drinks INCREASE Systolic Blood Pressure and PROLONG QTc compared to placebo! If you have any history of heart problems such as QT prolongation, TAKE CAUTION with Energy Drinks!

    I attached our trial if anyone wanted to read.

    @Jeff Nippard

  • I’ve quit caffeine. Messes with my body clock alot. It used to be easy to sleep at 8•00 but its past 9•00 and I cant, just because i drank a can of monster at 6•00 in the morning!

  • Only drank energy drinks (monster zero) and sugarless peach tea since I was 17. Still drank a litre of water a day. My teeth were healthy, heart rate was regular and resting at 45-60, I was having the least amount of anxiety ever, I had lost 60kg 2 years and idled at just above average weight, I was totally caffeine resistant and just drank them because they were the only sugarless soda around. Then my body flipped the switch last year, developed PNES and motor ticks and in June this year I had a few redbull and whiskeys and ended up in the ER from alcohol poisoning and had a heart attack and a few weeks ago diagnosed with an adrenal gland disorder which where my body doesn’t produce addrenaline or cortisol. I still drink them just one a day giving myself 2 day sober periods over the weekends and weaning down, I’ve been told if I go full turkey I could end up in hospital again. Just cause you’re fine now, just because you’re health is well on an “unhealthy” substance doesn’t mean you’re not internally quietly deteriorating. Energy drinks weren’t the only addiction I had but I’m 23 now, I feel like I’m drowning everytime I go to sleep, I piss rocks regularly, I’m rapidly gaining weight, I’m exhausted constantly, my teeth are fine but my front ones are transparent from depression, bleach, smoking and energy drinks and I need to stab myself 10 times a day to stop myself going into hypotensive coma

  • stay away from energy drinks: cost me $25k in damage to my teeth, irreversible damage to my liver. I suffer every day. All from 2x 5-hour energies each morning over the course of 2 years. Thats what it took to destroy my entire body. I am 33 and feel like a 50 year old meth addict, and i’ve never done meth or hard drugs…

  • So the only thing I got from this video is energy drinks have alot of caffeine… As if that wasn’t common knowledge�� don’t get the point to this video

  • Where I live you need to be 15 years to drink them. I am 17 and consume monster or rockstar occasionally. Really never more than once a month on Average to make sure I don’t get hooked, if I can’t handle the crave I’ll just drink a soda and to avoid addiction

  • I’m just wishing red bull would make red bull without the caffeine and taurine. I love the taste but it makes me all jittery so I can’t drink it.

  • theyre really good, and are a great subsitution for coffee for me because im not a coffee person and theyre awakening and refreshing.

  • Thats what they are trying to say that the caffeine content might be low but other chemicals like taurine and other so calles amino acids actually act as stimulants and hence increase the caffeine response….just like adding NOS to you car… results are identical….

  • After 2 years of daily enery drink drinking I have heart aches, chest aches, vertigo, nausea, headache with stabbing pain, fever(almost every afternoon) diarrhea or constipation, strange aches in my whole body. When I realised, what is going on, energy drink nearly killed me. Please dont drink it!

  • I haven’t really drank monster at all my whole life. Lately, my cousin introduced me to them, around 17 years old I started drinking them. I’d say I started off slow like two monsters a month but eventually I got into drinking 2-3 monsters a week, to help me for work and to stay productive, you know. I’ve quit drinking them and it’s been about a month since I drank one. I’m currently 18 years old now. Would you say I could continue to drink them or I should play it off safe?

  • Just dont drink after 15.00 and you can sleep normal 12.00 is certain but… I was a big coffedrinker and replaced water or any drink with coffee so maybe I was immune.You need 6 hours caffinefree before sleep to sleep.

  • This is literally a bunch of bullshit about the energy drinks lol maybe that was the case 6 years ago but it sure isn’t now lmao they are most definitely regulated and most definitely have the caffiene content clearly labeled on the can of an energy drink.

  • sitting here drinking a v8 energy with 80 mg caffeine, vs typically 90+ in coffee…do not lump all energy drinks into one category.

  • One time I drank a BANG energy drink and all day I was laughing and running around the house. I couldn’t sleep AT ALL! Earlier that day I was crying because I thought I was facing the common symptoms of diabetes. I really did think I had diabetes and I was crying a lot. I didn’t have diabetes. I was crying over nothing. But yes I only slept for only 2 hours I guess. Because all day my stomach was hurting and I had to use the bathroom like 3 times. I didn’t drink the whole thing I poured the rest out. But I regret it a lot. Don’t drink energy drinks all the time or at all! If you see a can that says “energy” on it. Don’t drink it especially if your a minor. I was twelve when I drank it. I’m still twelve today.

  • The first thing they do to bash energy drink consumption is talk about the sugar, like there is no such thing as sugar free, luckily he didn’t go that route

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  • I have a teaspoon and a half of moccona strong roast (freeze dried) with just enough hot water (below boiling point, maybe around 70 degrees Celsius) to dissolve the coffee crystals, then add cold milk to an inch from the top of a medium sized mug/cup. Thats my perfect caffeine boost ��

  • A normal redbull Can has only 80 mg caffeine just like a cup of coffee and a monster energy has about 160 mg of caffeine so most of the info is wrong

  • I like how bad double standards are. Ya know, two cups of coffee is fine, but a red bull, oh god no, the horror. Drinking to cups of coffee and a soda is the same as drinking a red bull.

  • A few years back… There was a 24 pack of Von Dutch energy drinks at Big Lots for $6.00. I bought them…I was doing night shift as a CNA.

    I drunk them like water… combined with no doz pills. Not only did I have a high heart rate, but I ended up with baaad kidney stones.

  • For all those who quarrel over ” good or bad” there is something called “natural or organic ” not a lab based product.
    This is created a huge difference
    Whether choose a TECHIE, hybrid life or a more natural mediocre

  • I would drink a couple sometimes one every day ever since I was 13 and I’m 15 now and I can say that it does kinda fuck you up because now my heart beats fast as fuck by doing barely doing anything

  • So you said they could be lethal and stated who these drinks are more dangerous for but did not expand on the HOW. Could you go into more detail about the effects on high risk individuals?

  • The problem with this video is, they say to many of these drinks. How many is to many exactly. I guess they don’t know. So if you are tall can you drink more? How much more?

  • i drink Monster Loca Moca…it’s ok, it’s only Chocolate milk and coffee. totally safe!

    Coffee and Brandy is safe too. well, i mean after half the bottle i stop caring anyway.

  • It’ll never cease to amaze me how I, an 18 year old 6’4” vegetarian, who does light exercise on a daily basis and doesn’t vape, smoke, drink, or do any kind of drug EVER will be scrutinized by my family for drinking roughly 10 Monsters every month bc of the fear mongering the media pushes.

  • I call bullshit. Well, at least heavy bias against energy drinks.

    The fact is, you could send yourself to the hospital with some popular Starbucks drinks, too. For example, some grande’s (16oz) have very high caffeine content, like Blonde Roast (360mg), Pike Place (310mg), Dark Roast (260mg), Americano’s (225-255mg), etc.

    And I’m literally looking at a couple 16oz cans of Monster with no sugar, 0 and 10 calories, with 140mg per can. Even a sugary mango-flavored Monster with 152mg per can/16oz. Not all energy drinks should be lumped into the scary 242mg bucket.

    The truth is, there are plenty of good and bad choices for BOTH energy drinks and coffee.

  • Look they arent that bad when drank in moderation…
    The company’s are not to blame for problems caused its the person being careless with their consumption

  • All i know is that caffeine does nothing for me. Energy drinks to give me a noticeable boost. Also they 100% gave me hypertension.

  • Is caffeine good or bad for you? How much is too much? Know some interesting facts about caffeine from this post.

  • I love how I’m drinking bang energy drink right now and it says not intended for people individuals under the age of 18 and they advertise it on tick tock

  • I’m happy if someone drinks it regularly. That just means they’re stupid and there’s nothing that makes me happier than the slow and painful death of stupid.:)

  • I watched this on purpose in front of my mom to give her false hope I was gonna stop. And mid video cracked a cold one for the boys lmao mango loco

  • C. Thomas Wild About Inattentive ADHD Caffeine works for some with ADHD; food additives in FDA approved medicines and foods need better ingredient labels.

  • Energy drinks also contains taurine and niacine as its ingredients. The excessive use of taurine will lead to acute kidney failure and we also know that niacine is toxic to your liver in large amount
    So it is not only heart that we should worry about

  • I have to drink caffeine because I have ADHD and it comes me down so I drink energy drinks whenever I cannot calm down and I didn’t immediately come down after I drink an energy drink
    Ps. I’m the Flash before I drink my coffee
    I’m on The Slow Mo Guys after I drink my coffee

  • I think there should be a law you need a parent beside you to buy a energy drink if your between 10 if your the age of 13 you can just go right In and get like the whole store worth of energy drink’s.

  • If you have a cup of coffee and a can of coke, it is probably similar to having one can of energy drink. I forgo the former and opt for latter.

  • If your gonna drink energy drinks just either drink a cup of black coffee with no sugar or gfuel.

    Both don’t tend to have a crash and are healthier.

  • I drink 2 siugar free monsters drinks à day, 4 redbull with sugar (2redbull coce) and a battery fresh for the vitamins. This is ny diet and ive Been doing IT for 6 days

  • a can once in a while can’t hurt just don’t go overboard since it’s addicting and people would crave for more i rink a can maybe 1-2 a week

  • He should have added that any diuretic drink (especially caffeinated) will deplete your body of valuable minerals every time you urinate. So, that means that you have to eat more food to make up for your mineral imbalance.

  • Great work! It would be super interesting if you could also include “Punk Mate” in a similar review. They say it contains “387 mg caffeine per liter” as well as “potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, iron and magnesium”. I’m not sure if it’s legal to put all of that in a drink though.

  • why do i get scared drinking an energy drink with 300mg of caffeine after I drink on average 5-7 pops a day. and I’m really healthy for a 15 yo

  • This guy clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. He makes multiple blatantly false claims.

    A. Any caffeinated beverage can make you jittery, not just energy drinks
    B. Depending on the energy drink, it often has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. No commonly sold energy drinks have vastly more caffeine than coffee like he says.
    C. It is illegal for energy drinks to not disclose their caffeine content (although sodas with a low amount do not have to).
    D. The caffeine content in energy drinks IS regulated. It is regulated by the FDA.

    a 17 yr old with no background in medicine nor interest in the medical field

  • Which of the above You would suggest for 3.5 hours exam (which islike GMAT or GRE) where aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability is tested? And if it is coffee, then how much cups should i take to match caffeine level in the energy drinks? Plzz reply..

  • Guys do your research. Don’t let other people indicate what you can or cannot drink. If you have history of heart problems caffeine in general is not your priority ��. Otherwise there is no evidence in the scientific literature that concludes that energy drinks are bad. In the contrary energy drinks contain some vitamins and for a healthy individual caffeine actually helps with focus, energy levels and performance. So just get yourself a brain and learn to educate yourself.

  • I have yet to meet a regular monster-drinker who doesn’t have a history of legal issues, a car so full of trash that you can’t see the floor, terrible physical/mental health, or a combination of the three

  • This man is a fool. Coffee rocks energy drinks in terms of caffeine content. Sounds like my arrogant doctor who tried to say energy drinks have several grams of caffeine in it.

  • I drink a bull like everyday guys this shit bad for u stop thinking this shit propaganda or something this videos made by Dartmouth Hitchcock which is Dartmouth’s hospital, one of the best in the US

  • So……. I drank my first redbull tday and it was awsime. Still a little shaken but I was so focused.

    For those of you who think I’m joking I’m not.

  • The one that pisses me off is “this is all natural plant-derived” like digitalis, heroin, belladonna, scopolamine and ricin?

    Sister of “it’s all just chemicals” yes! “chemical” is just a way to categorise matter according to its atomic structure. Literally everything is “chemicals”, and almost everything else is “radiation” in one form or another.

  • Coffeineleveting blood pressure
    Guaranacontaining caffeine increasing the blood pressure
    Ginseng elevating the blood pressure
    Taurin strengthen a contraction of the heart muscle
    This mix may be deadly or at least dangerous for some people

  • What about like Red Bull with less caffeine than a cup of coffee, Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine and coffee has 100mg, I drink a energy drink everyday that has 100mg and most people drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day, should I be concerned and stop drinking Ming them? I mean they technically are the same as coffee but with some sugar right?

  • For all who do not believe in the danger of energy drinks i dare to to drink it consistently for 1yr. Lets see how your liver and kidney will function

  • Drink when you need it. Plain simple. If you drink everyday your body adjusts and it will ask for more over time. So just keep it simple and drink enough to boost your body when it needs it.

  • I haven’t had an energy drink in a while so if there’s anything I have to be careful of if I drink an energy drink please let me know that would be much appreciated

  • Folks…. please dont listen to this bullcrap (“science”). the amount of sugar will get hell amount of insulin inside your blood flow, and will block any fat loss and testosterone in your body for days. 50 grams of sugar is daily norm, which means you shouldnt have any sugar after one drink, and you take that in 15 minutes instead all over the day….. just saying, i got this shit out from my nutrition and other sugar snacks, and lost 15 Kg in 3 months, finally can see my abs. folks stop with this sugar bombs, for sake of god.

  • I think caffeine dosage should be measured relative to body weight, and not that many kids metabolize caffeine so differently as to have 4x smaller dosage.

  • i drank a whole monster and i felt like i was high and it lasted sooo long
    but then again i’m a 13 year old girl that weighs 85 pounds.

  • Great video! Try XS Energy the first exclusively sugar-free energy drink brand sold globally

  • Here’s a solution… Don’t excessively drink energy drinks. On the side of a large redbull can it says 1 can max daily. I’d rather die from a quick heart attack than a prolonged cancer (smoking)

  • I was having lower back pain for months. I tried a standing desk, stretches, physio, strengthening exercises, nothing worked. A week ago I quit all products with Sucralose (P55 artificial sweetener) and the pain went away in 2 days and has stayed gone. This is just my story but I have been a ‘monster a day’ guy for like 5 years without pain, but recently i have been using sweetener in coffee, new protein powder with sucralose, pre-workout and quest bars with sucralose, so around 7 serves of sucralose per day. If you are experiencing inflammation or back pain, have a week without any products with artificial sweetener to test if that’s the cause.

  • Wait, many Americans drink alcohol and it’s not recommend, yet there are many health risks. People will still drink. Same with energy drinks, however I don’t think it’s recommend to drink it but I just do.

  • Great review.
    I take what I learn from you and share it with others, More and more of my coworkers are grabbing a 16 ounce Energy drink with 200 300 mg of caffeine and foregoing the coffee to make it through their shifts.
    Thank you for what you do.
    The information you share is very important.