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P. Multocida Cat Scratch Infection

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Bartonella henselae causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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Cat Scratch fever Everything You Need To Know Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

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Could Your Cat Kill You? (What Is Cat-scratch Disease?)

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Parinaud Oculoglandular Syndrome and Cat Scratch Disease

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Cat Scratch Disease | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Cat-scratch disease symptoms can be brutal. They include: Blisters, or small bumps on the skin; Headaches; Fever; Fatigue; Joint pain; Swollen lymph nodes; Damage to the brain advanced stages; Death advanced stages; In most cases, cat-scratch disease doesn’t require treatment. It will heal up by itself.

In a minority of cases, antibiotics may be required. Cuddling a kitten could give pet owners a life-threatening infection, a study has found. Known as ‘cat-scratch disease’, the illness can cause an intense fever, pustules and if complications. Pet owners are being warned to protect their pets from fleas as cats can become infected with the disease through flea bites. Kittens and strays are more likely to carry cat-scratch disease.

“Cat-scratch is preventable. If we can identify the populations at risk and the patterns of disease, we can focus the prevention efforts.” Kittens and strays are more likely to carry the disease. Cat Scratch Disease or Cat Scratch Fever is a bacterial infection that can be extremely serious. It’s caused by the bacteria Bartonella henselae, a rod-shaped bacteria found on 50% of cats.

Cats transmit the bacteria through the saliva. Antibiotics can help kill Bartonella bacteria in feline carriers. If your kitty is among the 40 percent of felines who carry cat scratch fever at some point during their life, then he might have made you sick. While the disease isn’t dangerous for a healthy adult, it is a serious problem for immune-compromised individuals and very young children. Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is a bacterial infection spread by cats.

The disease spreads when an infected cat licks a person’s open wound, or bites or scratches a person hard enough to break the surface of the skin. About three to 14 days after the skin is broken, a mild infection can occur at the site of the scratch or bite. My cat is completely healthy.

How can it carry an infection? Cats become infected with Bartonella (the bacteria that cause cat scratch disease) through flea bites or, less commonly, fights with other infected cats or feline blood transfusions. While some cats become ill, most simply carry the bacteria in their blood without getting sick. Cat-scratch fever is actually a real thing that cats can pass on to unsuspecting humans. ” Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is a bacterial infection spread by cats,” the CDC explained on its website. “The. Cat Scratch Disease You know it as cat scratch fever, but despite its fun sound this is not a fun disease.

It’s not only of the deadliest, but it can kill you if it is left untreated. This is a bacterial infection that develops in the blood and is transmitted from cats to.

List of related literature:

Cat-scratch disease follows a bite or scratch from an infected cat; days to weeks later, tender lymphadenopathy develops in the cervical or axillary regions.

“Underwood's Pathology” by Simon Cross
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Cat scratch disease usually follows the scratch or bite of an animal (a cat or kitten in 90% of cases) and is caused by Bartonella henselae, a gram-negative bacterium.

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Cat scratch disease: an overview based on a study of 1200 patients.

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Symptoms in humans that catch cat scratch disease may be barely perceptible, or typically include a small sore near the scratch site, mild fevers, aches and swollen glands (especially near the bite or scratch site), which begin within a few days of the scratch or bite and last around a month.

“Cats in Australia: Companion and Killer” by Chris Dickman, John Woinarski, Sarah Legge
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The lymphadenopathy of cat scratch disease is usually unilateral and most commonly involves axillary or cervical lymph nodes.12 Cat scratch disease usually affects children or young adults, resulting in a single enlarged, tender lymph node.

“Gnepp's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck E-Book” by Douglas R. Gnepp, Justin A. Bishop
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In 85% to 90% of children, cat-scratch disease manifests as a localized cutaneous and lymph node disorder near the site of organism inoculation.

“Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by Ivor Benjamin, Robert C. Griggs, Thomas E. Andreoli, J. Gregory Fitz, Edward J Wing
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Cat-scratch disease is strongly associated with owning a kitten, particularly one with fleas, and the presence of a scratch or bite by a kitten.

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Cat-Scratch Disease.

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cat-scratch disease a benign, subacute, regional lymphadenitis of humans believed to be caused by Bartonella henselae and usually associated with a scratch or bite of a cat or a scratch from a surface contaminated by a cat.

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Cat scratch disease: Exposure to cats, pain.

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  • Some years ago I got a cat bite, followed by painful swelling in the armpit that went after a few days.
    THEN all sorts of neurological affects that lasted some 8 months. Chronic acute nausea for 7 months 24/7, slight facial palsy, facial tingling, weakened right arm, loss of 70% smell, could smell things that were not there! Weird and unpleasant nerve sensations in arm neck and back. White tongue and candida in the mouth for a month. Digestive system 50% failed to digest food. UP UNTIL that cat bite I was fit, healthy and regular jogger. The neurologist suggested a virus was active in the brain stem. IT eventually faded after 9 months, except 50% of smell is still gone 12 years later, and right arm is still weaker, and odd nerve sensations sometimes appear. So some permanent damage done.
    The Cat Scratch obviously left me immune -compromised for a virus.

  • Thanks
    Can I call my doctor fairly uneducated
    I had this and extreme pain in my armpits and blisters
    And very bad neck and arm pain
    Okay thanks I know what it is

  • Had it as a kid. I remember having a really serious pain in my arm pit. And my mom rushing me to the hospital. And they actually had to make an incision under my armpit. No idea why though.

  • My cat scratched me on my forehead last december and after 2 weeks I had fever and then a week after that i have swollen left ear and neck it is so painfull and the wound has pus on it even after taking 2grams or 2000mg of antibiotic per day…i have to constantly take pain killers coz swollen lymph nodes are painfull all the time hurts like hell I swear…I wonder how long would I suffer still…..�� But I love my cat and she did not do it intentionally…

  • sir my wife is scratched with cat nails. befor two days.. but scratches are ok now without any treatment.
    should i consult doctor or not.?

  • Hi the video is very informative…I have same skin lesions..which appeared after 10 days of the cat scratch. I had lil blood came out when she scratched. Apart from lesion I don’t have anything.

    I am worried. Will it heal on its own?? The lesions are appearing on my body everywhere.. I have 10 lesions all over my body. When will it heal. M having antibiotic and anti allergic

  • This video makes it seem like the cat is at fault when in fact the cat scratch sisease or fever as some may say is really caused by feaces dropped by fleas on the cat so you have an allergic reaction to the flea feaces not the cat itself

  • I got a scratch just now lol it’s not even bleeding and it’s just a scratch I got it while playing with the cat lol ������ I’m scared ��

  • A wild unvaccinated cat (teen) dug it’s claw about 3 mm deep into my finger this morning and now I have a headache I feel dizzy, body pains and fever… I’m only 15 I wanna live

    Update: im okay now and it healed. We went at the doctor and they gave me Tylenol and my fever went down and I got better from there. I drank a lot of water so it helped a lot.

  • I got Scratch by a cat and I’m not telling it to my mother yet. I’m scared she’ll get mad

    sorry about my English I’m not good at English

  • i am only scratched but not bitten but when it scratched me it only marked without hole or blood that got out i am just worried if i will get this fever, thanks!

  • The pictures in the video didint look like my scratch but my finger got cut by a cat a few days later it felt swollen and hurt to grab things it red around and yellow inside a lil it hurts a lot

  • Yesterday my cat scratched me again and got a tedvak.. This was really painful lol������
    . I got scratched 10 times by my cats.. But it doesn’t matter anything for me.. I love my cats even today..

  • From the age of 9 to the age of 10 my right arm was full of cat scratches from hand to armpit and it built my immune system. now anytime my cat scratches me I don’t even feel pain and I just use a Alcohol pad to remove it.

  • Thanks doctor! For saying all that diseases but that disease thats easy to kill!! Just wash the wash with soap and alcohol and bleed it!! Then now your free you have now no disease:)

  • I had this got it round 5 years old and after years and years I was laying in a hospital and family was being called in to say goodbye they didn’t know what was happening to me. My mother took out my ivs and drove me to the other hospital a woman checked me and said this is the second case ever known she was determined to help her own daughter and found it in her daughter years and years before she saved my life I finally left hospital. This ended up being very painful after the second year and my body never fought it off and the fever started then all the pain. I had over a hundred cats as a child which by age 8 they was all gone. This disease really screwed me up. I’m glad this is rare from what I ever seen

  • Tho, then how the famous person in ig survive from socializing with wild cats.. I mean won’t they get scratch or bitten by em. Uhh iam not sure if i get bitten or scratch on my lips. The day after, my lips has pus and, i already met the doctor, she gave me cloxacillin 500mg, also i bought fucicort cream,. And day after that my ear hurts and i can’t sleep.. “read online that this is one of the simptom”. I don’t want to freak out. But please give me some help and advice i really need it!!��. I am kinda scared but tryna to keep it lowkey ��. HONESTLY *HELP ME*������������

  • He was so brave and good, thank you for putting up these videos as a teaching vid. Many people learn better by visualy absorbing information.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Smart and patient young man to help medical people and caregivers what to look for in a this condition. Doctor is this similar to what is called Glandular Disease in Eastern Europe.

  • Hey Dr Mellick, I didn’t realize you had left Augusta until I saw Davis this weekend at Med Now. Don’t know the reason for the move but I hope it’s the best for you. Thanks for being our friend over here in Augusta and taking care of us in the AU ED. Jim Mobley

  • Yeah mine is small but hurts like a biiitchh, it kinda looks like a pimple. I KNOW there is puss in there, to make matters worse my whole arm hurts.. I’m scurd.

  • I got this about 2 years ago, and I got it pretty bad, I spent the summer with a kitten that my family had found outside, throughout the summer I was scratched around 23 times, and at least 15 of those times the cat broke skin, it wasn’t well known at the doctors that I went to, and everyone thought I had mono, I found out CSD was a thing on webmd, and then asked my doctor about it, when he put all my symptoms together he concluded that this was very likely, Later on I was rushed to the ER, where they took some blood, looked at all of my swollen nodes, examined my scratches, and concluded that I indeed did have CSD. For about 9 months I suffered from an extremely weakened immune system, i had a cold over 15 times in the span of 9 months and frequently had 24 hour stomach bugs, for about 13 months I suffered from extreme fatigue, i would go to bed at 6:45pm, and wake up at 9am the next morning on school days (I was given a doctors note excusing me from morning classes) and on weekends I would often sleep 14-16 hours at night and take 2-3 hour long naps during the day. I was always cold, I often had a fever over 100 degrees, my life was completely altered. And the side of my family where I got this, told me that I was just over reacting, and that I wasn’t really sick. And to this day deny that this is real. So guys believe me, it’s scary, there were days that I was too weak to move, Times when I layer in the exact same spot and position in my bed for an entire weekend. Be careful when playing with your cats, always wash your wounds with anti bacterial soap, and if you start to notice some tenderness or swelling, or firmness in your lymph node areas see a doctor immediately, and make sure that they check for this. If you catch it fast enough you will not suffer the consequences as much!

  • If you have a healthy immune system You will shake off CSD before you even know you have anything wrong. Most people who have cats have probably had CSD and never Knew it. In the last few years advanced and severe cases of CSD have become more frequent, not because the bacterium has become more virulent but because the immune systems of the general population have gone down hill. CSD can be fatal if undiagnosed or untreated for too long. None of these sites will tell you that. The specimen for the test must be cultured for two to three weeks then stained. Very few labs are willing to take the time and trouble to test for CSD. The tests are difficult, and sometimes do not produce positive results.

  • Dudes.. it’s probably okay if a random house cat scratches you.. but i just got a deep scar from a cat and it bleeded like hell. It was agressive, so i hope it isn’t rabies or something

  • I got cat scratch disease some time ago. I thought I had lime disease. The symptoms and the treatment for both are very similar. Both are difficult to detect. A blood sample must b cultured for two weeks and must be stained and looked for under different spectrums of light. Still it’s not always detected. I complained about the symptoms to my doctor for months maybe over a year but it did no good. Finally I went to the ER. I was barely able to walk and could hardly think or communicate. I was isolated in the hospital for three weeks before they found out what was wrong. I had gone so long without being diagnosed or treated that now I have permanent mental and physical damage.

  • This is why I post the informational videos! To help people and physicians alike understand these issues better! Spread the word!!

  • Cat scratch disease is nothing compare to tetanus-8 weeks in hospital+3 months recovering… Even today I can’t walk more than 10 minutes and I have to rest,before walking again

  • I wish people would actually do more research on this bc I had this for years and years til I was laying in a hospital dying. And they also say cat can’t be sick from this and it’s a lie the cat laid beside me month after month unable to move crying along with me til she died only a specific antibiotic saved me

  • Thank you for shedding light on an often misunderstood disease. However, bartonellosis is under appreciated in the harm that it causes to human and animal health. And it is not so often “self limited”. It can go on to manifest in many different ways because of the host response to the pathogen.

  • I didn’t know what it was at first. I waited too long to have it looked at.
    I ended up getting chewed at by my Doctor, and having to remove a lymph node in my groin. That thing was painful. I like cats but I won’t go near anyone of them

  • Great video. But it would be nice to know more about time of treatment, for example the disseminated disease requires many months of antibiotics.

  • Ever since I got scratched by my cat i’ve been feeling like shit. I feel like I have the flu. It’s been a week since that happened. Any advice?

  • My son has this from a friends cat and had to stay in hospital and now two other of my babies might have it from the crazy cat! So mad it’s been so bad

  • You definitely scared me because I have gotten a few scratches on my hands and I sometimes kiss my cat in the mouth but I wash my hands with soap and put alcohol on my scratches and wash my mouth. but nothing has happen and never will.

  • I’m always being scratched by my cat because I always have food on my hand and she would just jump and scratch me until I drop my food and I don’t feel anything…Is it normal?

  • got this when I was about 8, military hospital thought I had cancer and removed huge node on upper inner arm. My parents were suddenly soo nice to me, I LOVED being in the hospital. Finally some DR in another state suggested CSF.

  • Don’t know about it being self limiting. Do know about it having limited my abilities. Check with a blood bank to see how fast a blood donation will be refused when the donor says that Cat Scratch Fever or Disease is in the donors history.

  • I feel bad for him even though he probably made a full recovery. Cat scratch fever/disease is no joke like other bacterial infections such as Bubonic Plague, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Etc. Glad to know he made a full recovery, with a disease with a 30% death rate. Proud to know you lived, little guy!

  • My cat’s nail went through my skin. It didn’t bleed too much but it went THOURG! I’m stupid and tried to put my earring through it and it worked! Now I send pictures to my friends and scare them… (btw, I’m home alone and don’t know what to do.) My parents and big brother come much much later (5 hours or so)

    Edit: Okay… Today it’s red around the wound and it kinda hurts…

  • I know this is a little late but I just wanted to say that my fiance had gotten this from a deer fly bite (Texas). He is a type 1 diabetic so his immune system wasn’t that great when he got it. His lymph node in his thigh got the size of a baseball bat was was extremely painful. We went to many doctors and none of them could figure it out. It got to the point that the infection got into his brain and caused him to have ongoing seizures. He was put into a induced coma for 14 days while his body and antibiotics fought off the infection. He is happy and healthy now (it’s been about 2 years since) but he has brain damage from the infection and has issues with short term memory and speech. My hope is for more doctors to know about this disease so they can treat it early on, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else

  • After a dozen visits to different doctors and different meds prescription and OTC, the opthalmologist thinks this is what my daughter has. We are starting treatment today. It’s been this way for 3 months now. I hope this is the final diagnosis. They kept thinking it was an allergic reaction but were confused that only the left eye was having the issue.

  • Identical what happened to me, I had no idea why I had a fever and my gland swelled up and my face began to feel tingly. I put two and two together, rescued a litter of kittens and it fish hooked me

  • Is it possible if my cat scratched on my left hand knuckles, it developed a blister with pus on it, then after few days I had the same blister, but on my right arm and elbow.

  • So, first, relax… Cat Scratch Disease (CSD):

    Researchers reviewed the insurance databases of approximately 40 million health insurance enrollees per year between 2005 and 2013 and searched for a coded diagnosis of CSD. They found that the average annual incidence of CSD was approximately 4.5 cases per 100,000 population, or approximately 0.005%. They found that the highest incidence was in southern states and that children between the ages of 5 and 9 years are at increased risk for CSD. Among adults, women between the ages of 60 and 64 years were at highest risk. Immunocompromised individuals are at a higher risk for serious complications of CSD.

  • I’m so careful but it happened for me that my catchs scratch me or bite me,I wash up quickly after that(I actually take a shower!) cats are stray cats so they are not really tidy… I hope I don’t die��!!!!

  • I’ve worked with feral kittens and cats for maaaaany years.
    I’m actually immune to the cat scratch bacteria now.
    But that was after I went through like 6 months of neverending swollen glands under my ears and my neck.

  • Help me im scared because my uncle said it has ravis.Ravis is a thing when you get bitten or scratched on a cat or dog it will make your attitude like a cat or dog after 1 month.So im scared I haven’t consulted a doctor yet.I ‘m getting goosebumps here

  • She didnt mention cat bites also.I got one about 5am on sunday by 5pm on sunday I was at the hosp getting antibiotics.I had washed it was antibacterial soap but I was bit on the joint.The reddness is continuing to spread so I;m probably going to have to go back to hosp.Dont leave a bite and if its red pls pls pls seek medical attention.

  • I had cat scratch fever, my elbow lymph nodes! I looked like a ball sack from my elbow, had surgery to remove the infected node! Was in a cast for 7 months! Beyond miserable, from my arm pit to my finger tips!
    My surgeon said i was lucky it wasnt in my neck, antibiotics did NOT WORK, MY LYMPH NODES was larger than a golf ball. I recommend declawing indoor cats an kittens, an make sure regularly treat for fleas!

  • I’m afraid my grandmother today she fuc*ing pushed me to the ground and made me bleed, scared the cat I was holding now I have a scratch on my right leg ����

  • Dear sir Larry, I truly appreciate your effort in filming and uploading these videos. I hope that you limit the use of music in the videos and if it’s possible to add very short notes regarding principle management algorithms. I’m really grateful for your kindness.

  • The first time that I got it I was just 10 years old, I got it from some kitty next door, I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure. I think I got it some more. It’s nothing dangerous, I feel no pain.

  • From when I hid like 7 years I have cats and my one kitty used to scratch me like most of the times I would give her a bath and know I’m 20 years and still have �� cat…and up to know I’m okay!!��

  • I just got a cat and got scratched and bit trying to put it into a traveling container I was worried about catching something now I’m thinking pets aren’t worth the health risks

  • This is a matter of common sense. Whenever we get an open wound, whether it’s from a cat or whatever, we need to wash the wound thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap or apply an antiseptic. If you have a cat, it’s advisable to get a tetanus shot that lasts for 5 years. Tetanus infection can kill.

  • Can someone tells me about small bite from cat… it was bleed but not too much just a bit…. but I’ve cleaned it with lime and water. But now I saw many news in my country posted that a girl died because of cat bite her so i was scare that would be happened to me…
    Note * she was bitten by cat 3 months ago and she starts sick few days ago and now she died.

  • My cat scratch me but it didn’t bleed it just leave a red mark, its about 18 hrs ago since my cat scratch me and now my wound is getting reddish and i feel lazy rn. Do i need vaccine?

  • I’ve had cat fever. It’s awful! 2 months of antibiotics. I’m left with a little scar on my eyelid now. My wee cat who did it sadly passed away in January. So at least I have a permanent reminder of her lol. She didn’t mean to scratch me people.

  • I got scratched im 12 i put on soap water everything but ik keeps bleeding but its not like draining its like turning red every second

  • does the lymphadenopathy have to be pink or just painful with no visible lesion? I had many scratchs from my cats and after that it appeared a painful lymphadenopathy in the neck and axilla but no skin lesion on them except the scratches in the hands and fingers… could it be cat scratch disease or something different?

  • Im here cause my son just got scratched on his chin by our kitty, should i seek for medical assistance? Like should we give him an anti rabies vaccine?��

  • I just got scratched by my kitty and now I’m freaking out! Jk, I have been bit and scratched by her before, cleaned it, and I’m fine.

  • Thanks for the informative video on this rare presentation. Not to be confused with the upward gaze palsy type of Parinaud syndrome!!

  • Though I got bite and scratches many times by my cat still i’m surviving. But whenever i saw your video I am feeling scare now -_-

  • Hello sister. A street cat scratched me 2 hours ago but it was not big. I don’t even see it and, It did not bleed if I didn’t press it hard. Can I be infected by any virus. I am so worried..

  • My cat scratched me, now she sometimes does this without noticing because she has long nails. I usually get what looks like hives after every cat scratch I get but wash them. I must have not noticed the scratch or forgotten because the hives don’t go away (I worry about everything even though it happened tonight and it probably isn’t a big deal) but I often get mini scratches (while holding my cat she might dig her claws in a little to hard) but she’s an indoor cat and my sister got scratched by our outdoor cat and is fine so I’m probably worried about nothing.

  • I actually had this when I was very young, about 6 or 7. From what I can remember, it wasn’t bad. Just had the fever and swollen lymph nodes.

  • This is such a bullshit. I got scracted by my cat a dosen of times, some of them were serious scratches and I’ve never had any problems because of it. If you have some issues with your immune system, you can get infected even from a thorn in your skin. My cat was ill a few times. I had to give her antibiotics every day. 3 pills at a time…one by one. It’s not easy to give cat one pill let along 3. I got scracted and bitten regulary and I never had a problem. Never….
    So, I don’t see a problem in cats. I see a problem in humans and their immune system

  • I had cat scratch fever as a child and had to have my left lymph node removed because of it. This was very informative. Thank you for making this video.

  • actually now that you mention it, most are fuckin made up so this is probably made up too thanks for not being able to thoroughly explain it

  • Great presentation. Just one issue though, Bartonella is not self limiting, and will not resolve on it’s own. If you have chronic bartonella or what they call stationary bartonella, it can reside in your body for a very long time, and at some point you run the risk of it developing into cancers, heart disease, MS…a myriad of ailments. Unfortunately a round of ABX will not clear you of the disease.

  • Darn it, my cat just gave me 1 big scratch and I was looking in YouTube to how to get rid of it and now you make me want to die!!!

  • Just got clawed by a stray cat, washed the cut and then used fucidic acid antibiotic cream on it…hopefully that will prevent this.

  • Got it from a rabbit that I tried to save from my cat.It developed in my eyes ( retina) with an unexplained high fever. As soon as the doctor saw me he knew what it was. Round of antobiotics and FML eye drops and was feeling better within a week.

  • Was this a dialect? I can barely understand what the kid is saying.

    Very interesting, had never heard of this. Thanks for the upload.

  • Thank you for your info I’m looking after my neighbours cats and one scratch scratch me I’ve put TCP on the wound and hope I’ll be ok, I’ve been on a lot of antibiotics for UTIs and have had to stop taking them because they stopped working, I have some antibiotics should I take them?

  • You are very informative and well explained to people who don’t understand doctors lingo! I have a indoor cat and I have anxiety and I got nervous about this because my uncle was just in the hospital with a really bad case of this! He is a vet so he knows and I had not heard about this before that…

  • A cat scratched me a few weeks ago. I got the lesion on my finger where the scratch was. It’s improved now though and I didn’t have any pain or bumps in my armpits or fever etc,

  • I have a cat story ferel cats would be caught by my mother and let live in house with her. They would bite her in her sleep. Soon she got blood poison and died
    F cats and crazy cat people.

  • my little brother got this when he was 8 and sat in the hospital for months and he had to get cut open for surgery to get rid of this shite

  • My grandparents live on a farm and have cats that wonder all around (they were born there they did not adopt any of them) and I got scratched today it drew some blood and it still hurts a bit when I press on it how long exactly does it take to show symptoms?

  • Thank You, this was very helpful. I’m being treated for cat scratch fever, but my doctor prescribed clindamycin 150mg 2x/day… Evidently that’s NOT strong enough.
    I’m gonna go to a different doctor & get what I need.

    I feel terrible ☹️

  • i had this disease when I was 3 and my lymph nodes swelled to the size of baseballs. I had surgery for it and because the swelling was so big for a 4 year old I have a red bulging scar. I’m 12 now and the scar makes me so self-concious.

  • well if my cat scratched me and it was bleeding or something i would clean it with hand soap or dish soap and wash it till the pain and the blood went away and put a plaster on it

  • I got catscrach fever and I whent to the �� and they thought they. thoght that I had something els but it was catscrach but am all better now yay��

  • So, first, relax… Cat Scratch Disease (CSD):

    Researchers reviewed the insurance databases of approximately 40 million health insurance enrollees per year between 2005 and 2013 and searched for a coded diagnosis of CSD. They found that the average annual incidence of CSD was approximately 4.5 cases per 100,000 population, or approximately 0.005%. They found that the highest incidence was in southern states and that children between the ages of 5 and 9 years are at increased risk for CSD. Among adults, women between the ages of 60 and 64 years were at highest risk. Immunocompromised individuals are at a higher risk for serious complications of CSD.

  • Okay be I have a kitten that I we found abandoned and I let him scratch and bite me. because I found him outside, should I make him stop scratching me. someone please tell me…….

  • My cat has something like pneumonia now. She srached me 3 days ago in arm accedently. Only today I see all over there is 2 big red swollen patched. I am very sleepy. Hopfully not because off that.
    I have been scrached a million times during playing with cats and no problem but this kind a scared me now.

  • Is there always a skin lesion from Cat Scratch Disease? I recently had a cat scratch me and I drew blood from my palm. Few days later I started getting bruising in my wrist. Feels like I have swollen lymph nodes or something. My whole arm feels like it’s weak almost kind of like a throbbing pain… I never once had a big red lesion or even a small one.

  • I got a scratch small one from my shoulder and after 3 hours I got fever and headache and 2 days from now I still have headache and fever but lesser pain. Hope this will get cured too soon

  • I got scratch by my kitten and after a week 2 lesions develop on my both feet where i got scratched. Theyre awful, very itchy, and ugly. My doctor prescribed me antibiotic and an antibiotic cream. On my second week with the lesions right now, they are drying, i hope theyre going to go away soon

  • A few years ago, one of my piano students got attacked by a neighbor’s cat. Her forearm was scratched so deep, she had to have stitches in several places. It is a wonder she didn’t get this disease, but the doc probably started her on some of the medicines you listed. Thanks for the info. I never knew there was such a disease.

  • my kitten (8 months) accidentally buried his claws on my left thigh, now Im scared cause it has a purple kinda circle line around it. Doesn’t hurt at all. Its been 12 hours. Please help me. What do I do?

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