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Heart Health for Bodybuilders: Dave Palumbo on Diagnostic Tests, Blood Work & Supplementation

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Unfortunately, while bodybuilding can benefit muscle and bone health, it can be detrimental to your overall heart health. For example, How Stuff Works reported that intense lifting, such as lifting more than half of your overall body weight, can put you at risk for tearing your aorta —an often fatal heart injury. However, this risk is only for those who weight lift to the.

Benefits of cardiovascular training for bodybuilders (1) Stronger heart. First off, having a strong heart is efficient for obvious health reasons. Frequent cardio exercises (2) Increase in circulating blood volume. When oxygen enters your lungs it’s latched on to by red blood cells and (3).

These are all major factors that increase your risk of stroke and heart disease, and should be kept in check to maintain optimal cardiovascular health while bodybuilding. It is also possible that it improves cardiac contractions, generally strengthening your heart and its ability to pump. Folate Low folate intake is associated with an increased risk of stroke. Selenium Selenium blood concentrations are inversely associated with coronary heart disease risk. Vitamin D Population studies show an inverse relationship between blood serum vitamin D.

Cardiovascular health is very important for bodybuilders and anabolic steroid-using athletes. As we know certain anabolic-androgenic steroids are associated with unfavorable changes in cholesterol, heart attacks and heart failure are some of the most frequent causes of sudden death or serious injuries. A MUST WATCH for bodybuilders.

Dave Palumbo breaks down what a bodybuilder needs to do in order to properly monitor heart health. Dave points out that many bodybuilders fail to take preventitive. Bodybuilders use cardiovascular training mainly as a means to increase caloric expenditure thereby increasing fat loss or decreasing fat gain. While dieting for a bodybuilding competition, the ultimate goal is to lose body fat while maintaining the amount of muscle you have.

Any form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, biking or swimming, can improve your cardiovascular fitness. Interval training — alternating short bursts of high-intensity activity with less intense activity — is especially effective. Aerobic exercise, which bodybuilders regularly implement to reduce body fat, improves heart health and significantly lowers your risk of developing or dying from heart disease — the number one.

To manage high blood pressure, exercise, dietary changes, and reducing your salt intake can help, but as aging changes in the arteries often cause high blood pressure in older age, medication is often necessary. It is not uncommon to need more than one medication to control your blood pressure. Age can cause other changes to the heart.

List of related literature:

In a prospective cohort study of men older than 40 to 75 years, resistance training was associated with reduced coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, perhaps as a consequence of its beneficial effect on body fat, glycemic control, and lipids.

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Bodybuilders tend to train at a pace which is just below the threshold of cardiovascular failure—that is, they train as fast as they can without overwhelming the ability of the body to provide oxygen to the muscles.

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Maintaining strong muscles and healthy heart and blood vessels are vital to reducing the risk of another stroke.

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  • I want to thank you Dave, I am 32 with high BP from smoking weed Nd drinking alcohol since I was 15..1 or the other for 15 years, never sober until a few months back.. I also kept somewhat physically active so I’m tone not ripped or huge… but I was for the past 5 years been scared to get my heart and liver and kidneys checked…. but the way you explained it was truly kind str8 forward and real talk, its something I have needed.. everytime my family talks about heart and liver my butt shrivels up and I get soo scared…. but imma put my big boy pants on real tight and do what you said get the heart arrhythmia a to z checked..fuck it I already take soo many supplements what’s another few…. fuck living a coward, if I’m gonna die then die like a fucken man, and not paralyzed or from a pulmonaryism however you spell it.

    Thank you soo much, much love from vancouver canada ������������

  • I’m just 2 min in an video is paused…. I’m just waiting for the part of the video were dave will promote one of his hearth health supplements but by gosh i hope it’s better than his supplement he was promoting a few year back for great joint health, Best dosed one on the market ect ect none other quite like it ect ect…. Then if i remember correctly it was around 3 years later dave had the double shoulder replacement….. Must have been an amazing supplement after all (GULP)

  • #1 Get a CT coronary calcium scan! The an NMR LIPID TEST!
    • LDL particle number (LDL-P)
    • Small LDL particle number (small LDL-P)
    • HDL particle number (HDL-P)
    • LDL particle size
    • A standard cholesterol test (LDL-C, HDL-C, triglycerides and total cholesterol)
    • LP-IR…..
    If. you think you have advanced CVD:
    Micoalbumin/creatine ratio
    The basic lipoid test is worthless, other than your triglycerides, they are the creator of small particle LDL-P..

  • I am 10 weeks out from Nationals, right now it is 6am, snow, cold, -2 degrees celsius, have to smash 60 minutes of cardio, empty stomach, outside, because the gym I go to have no cardio machines, and I don’t have money to go to those who have, because off all the money is going for food and supplements. Good times people, good times, getting hyped watching Makaveli Motivation, I love this shit. Thank you ������������

  • What ace inhibitors are available? I think that’s what you said ace I’m not sure but something to control my bp. On my cruise it’s slightly raised on my blast it gets pretty high.

  • Just wanted to thank you for putting this information out there it’s vital information based off of your experience and your own research plus clinical research and doctors information thank you for compiling all of this together it’s really necessary information that’s extremely hard to get otherwise thank you for doing what you do

  • It’s pretty much beyond argument that steroids accelerate atherosclerosis and cardiomyopathy. If you’re prone to heart disease genetically, steroids will be a co-factor which dramatically accelerates you down the road towards it. And it’s total bullshit that only the big guys died suspiciously young from heart attacks. Heaps of guys from the ‘70s and 80’s ended up with problems, way before the mass-monster era.

  • Big thumbs up here. I wanted to write you to comment about heart health, but you already answered it here. Here is my story. I started working out several years ago, without actually paying too much attention to cardio conditioning. I was not too serious about bodybuilding, I was just doing it as a hobby, my bodyweight increased from 170 lbs to 210 lbs. At my peak strength I started to notice that almost any activity would make me breathe hard. Yeah, sure, I could squat 2+ times my bodyweight for 2-3 times, but at the same time I couldn’t do more than 10 pullups because my breath just didn’t allow me. All aspects of my life started to deteriorate, even my girlfriend started complaining… And yes, strength gains actually reversed. I really freaked out, when I started regularly checking my blood pressure, as I also started experiencing some discomfort in my chest. I went straight to a cardiologist, checked up everything, and fortunately, everything was fine. The doctor explained to me, that my heart was just not powerful enough to support my body, and recommended me to switch to aerobic activity, buy heart rate monitor, and carefully monitor my heart rate while working out. I did exactly that. I started swimming. It was incredibly hard in the beginning. I literally could not do more than 800 yards without being exhausted… But I kept doing that, while keeping my heart rate in range 130-150 bpm. Actually I already started to feel better in a couple of weeks. Even my sleep improved. In 6 months I’m swimming 2500-3000 yards in an hour (depending on my mood), and I never felt as strong as before. Yes, I lost bodyweight (of course, muscles, with some fat), now about 195 lbs, but it’s so good to feel that when you wake up you have energy and you’re willing to live/work/whatever. I went to the gym recently, and surprisingly, I didn’t lose much strength, I could lift 90% of my previous weights, but it didn’t put me out of breath. I could do 17 pull ups, and the reason I stopped was that my hands got tired, not my heart (as before). So, guys, pay particular attention to the main and most important muscle in your body your heart. Stay healthy, live long, enjoy your life!

  • Hi Dave, this video is fantastic, I’m thankful you put it out.

    I also wanted to tell you I love what you’re doing for not only bodybuilders, but people/athletes in general.

    I read in MD a long time ago that you were going to med school. Is this true? You would probably have a line of athletes out the door.

    Thanks again brother!

  • I believe the steroids and other drugs play a big role in heart failure. Even if your natural, if your trying to gain as much weight as possible that’s not always good…

  • Who the fook is listening to this bullshit? A steroid junkie trying to be a doctor. Don’t take steroids and get regular medicals from a fully qualified doctor.

  • Wrong. Plenty of none body building people are overweight in their 20’s through 60’s and don’t die. Bodybuilders who die so young die as a result of a combination of steroid use and other factors such as being overweight and diabetes, organ failures etc combined.

  • Dave… we met years ago in Ottawa Canada at a pro show there. You were the biggest, smartest and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. All of your videos are excellent but this one is amazing. Thank you so much sir for all your wisdom and honesty in this sport. All I can hope is to shake your hand once again.

  • Hey Mr. Palumbo! I love your shows.. you are a good dude.. promoting healthy lifestyles in bodybuilding.. I am still sad.. cuz I could tell you were trying to really REACH out to Rich.. and that he might have been getting TOO TOO big.. I could tell you were really trying to help Rich.. Rich was a great guy.. I think he really was a good person.. but being HUGE.. was his gimmick.. I don’t think it was the roids that killed him.. but 315 lbs.. of muscle or fat is STILL 315 lbs on the heart muscle.. I think we all knew we were watching Rich going down.. and I suspect HE knew.. there were hints to it in HIS videos.. I think Rich KNEW he was in trouble.. and God bless you.. you really did try to help him… keep up the good work! love your shows! and information.. you are really promoting healthy bodybuilding.. and fighting the good fight.. <3

  • The food and the amount of one sitting intake causing arteries to clot and clog my grand mother was belly to the knees but she had a healthy heart and she didnt die from heart failure of any kind

  • this is a great post, I have had 2 heart attacks, one at 35 and one at 57; natty all my life, its in the genes, called hypercholsetermania. It is not that rare of a condition, take his advise and get the heart checked. I still train at 95% and wont stop, but I keep the stress down and take the supplements Dave referred too. Dave, i have been on statins for 22 years, had to stop due to incredible pain in the legs (hamstrings/butt.hips) do you know of any alternative drug (not niacin) to keep the cholesterol down and good cholesterol up?

  • I agree on the body weight contribution to these deaths, but I also strongly believe there are a lot of unknowns regarding diuretics and insulin use that people are using under bro advice from their dealers or gym buddies. Stimulants like ephedrine and clenbuterol are further ascerbating the problems. Just my 2 cents.

  • Red Yeast Rice Extract just as effective as Pharma Statins but safer just don’t buy Red Yeast Rice sold in the U.S.A it tends to be underdosed….China or India is where you need to get your Red Yeast Rice!

  • I think you have it figured out. Most of these premature deaths are from heart conditions, probably caused by excess body weight. Look at the old timers from before there were steroids. Louis Cyr, strongest man of his time, well over 300 lbs at 5′-8″, died at 49. Karl Swoboda, world champion weightlifter, 330 to 400 lbs., lived to be 50. A huge number of weightlifting champions of more normal weights living into their 80s and 90s.

  • Dave you`re a complete & utter idiot!7000 IU vitamin 3D a day while the daily recommendation is 400-600 IU!?For the love of God explain why anyone should take 7000!?Ahhh because then you can sell more of your products, right??

  • You don’t wanna have heart issues? Then do not eat 10/12 times day and don’t abuse steroids. Don’t fuck with GF 1 and insulin.

    Bodybuilders back in the day didn’t take all the shit is taken today. Some Test and Deca went a long way.

    Stay safe folks. No need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves.

  • I have an idea… seeing so many body builders have died… Get it through your heads that steroids KILL!!! Even the biggest, Most well known of you!

  • Great video but do not waste your money on the Helo watch he’s talking about. I’m a Electrical Engineer and we ran some test on this device before returning it. Don’t take my word and read the reviews.

  • That HELO that you’re pimping is another waste of money piece of shit. Wildly inaccurate device which makes it practically worthless. Check out the reviews for just how crappy this HELO is.

  • Overweight bodybuilders are dying young. Zyzz was 205 lbs and died at the age of 22. Massive amounts of Trenabol killed him in Thailand.

  • Alterectomy scrapes out the plaque. Boston scientific created a device called a rotoblader that does it. We do have the technology. The problem is stenosis

  • Good video Dave!
    I like your dedication of learning the dangers of anabolics. I just got my blood testet a month ago and my blood cell count was far beyond the normal levels so i got it tapped. My blood is simply too thick and have not done a lot of steroids, only moderate dosages. I am only 24 years and still too thick blood… even though i have Always felt healthy.
    Everyone should get Their blood testet, because you will never know a Damn thing about your Health before it is tested.

  • I’m not getting any tests done.. I’m gonna ride the wave and let nature take its course in what ever manner that may be.. wether a heart attack or whatever I’m gonna live my life enjoying every weekend, alcohol and a lil but of mdma and I’m good to go

  • Always worth getting checked out.I’d felt bad for a couple of years and found i had Atrial Fibrillation.Can still train but now know i have to be sensible.Meant i had to have the ultrasound and got the all clear on the heart itself so peace of mind.

  • This is the best and most informative video I’ve seen on Rx muscle ever! If you can have this guy on more times, please do. I loved the talk. I’m even going to check my hospital for that DPA machine, and if they don’t have one I’m going to donate one to them. It could save lives.

  • Hey Dave, what would u suggest doing for a 27y old, who has 9 years of training, done 3-4 cycles (therapeutical to medium dosages) for tests? I suffer sometimes from light hypertension and got a very light medication for it( Im taking Bisoprolol under the market name Emconcor 2.5 mg tablets, i break them in half and take one half each day.). I mostly do some bloodwork, but thats it. What should i do more?

  • Bbs should use TELMISARTAN, a angiotensin2 inhibitor. It lowers bad cholesterol, bp, it aids the liver and it increases fat for fuel capacity.


  • So what about Halfjor the mountain? Eddie Hall? Brian Shaw? These guys are all huge monsters and don’t seem to have any heart issues. These guys are up around 200 kg/440 lbs train like crazy, take steroids and supplements.
    You don’t hear of many strongman competitors dropping dead like you do pro bodybuilders.

  • hmmmm….. well mark ill start by saying your one of the few individuals i can bare to listen to on you tube although i dont agree with a lot of what you said….and more because i am a devout and real natural athlete not a fake natty. I’ve been training for longer than most of your listeners have been around on this planet. I just recently turned 60 ive been training myself and others for over 40 years its a lifestyle for me and i have competed and won many times. in the last few years i pulled myself through not one but three life threatening situations through my faith and my training principles. I mention all this to at least try to validate my credentials on what i say concerning drugs and sport period. I’ve seen it all. You are wrong at the start as it was Mohammed benaziza i believe not Andrea muntzer who was the first real big name to pass away, although they were very close so i may be wrong. My point is that its not just the super huge its the huge in relation to their frame may be more accurate. please also note i have a degree in laboratory medicine and putting together my history and my education, i see it this way. Yes no doubt trying to service too much weight is not a good thing long term and weight is weight as 400 lbs of muscle or fat is a lot of flesh to service. As to the actual cause of death i am sorry but the drugs are the direct culprit. these drugs are tremendously hard on the liver and kidneys and due to the intimate relationship with the heart the end result is almost predictable for those who continually push the limit or refuse to cycle off or just use insane amounts of anything. Add in the ridiculous use of growth hormone and insulin and each and every individual will have caused some form of damage to their system that is not repairable. It is only a matter of who’s system is capable of compensating for the destruction. My platform for my channel and my training practice is completely anti drug and sorry to say i am a hard liner as i dont consider drug users to be bodybuilders at all just drug addicts and i know i will catch flack for that but i have loved this sport from the age of 6. Yes that’s when i saw my first pics of chuck sipes Freddy Ortiz the myth Harold Poole and the like and decided at the age of 17 to make it a lifestyle. I trained competed and won many shows as a natural against drug users and take pride in convincing others to pursue this as a lifestyle and sty healthy as the good lord will allow. Sorry if i have offended you or your readers but sometimes i feel the need to speak up for the sake of sanity sake.
    god bless and take care

  • The human body isn’t designed to weigh 300+ pounds.
    A heavy body mass whether it is muslce, fat or both will always put more stress on your heart.
    That’s why mass monsters tend to die at a very young age.

  • It’s not the volume he’s speaking at, it’s the fucking acoustics.

    This dude needs to record where the sound isn’t bouncing off the walls of an empty room.

  • Rich piana was not a pro bb, so who was going to test him? Youtube? Dallas’s death was not heart related either, Should pro bb’s have to have a medical? Yes, but this is the second video iv seen you do about rich and he was not a pro bb

  • Very good point Marc it makes total sense. dosages and types of harsh long term usage of steroids(besides testosterone)such as dianabol, Halotestin, trenbolone, anadrol 50 plus other cutting agents such as Cytomel(T 3’s) also play a large role but the biggest killer in my opinion is insulin usage plus the weight gain that will take a toll on the body. So basically all these drugs together will do it after many years of usage

  • Dave,
    this message is WAY overdue. Regardless, thank you for covering these subjecs.

    Sure, all of us know about this stuff but so many of us over look the littel things like everything you just mentioned. God knows I always did. However, being over 30 now, I truly do obsess over these things.

    Please keep preaching thess things. sometimes the younger generation tends to needs hearing certain things over and over before subjects start to stick.

    keep them informed.

  • I know of a “normal” guy (not it to any sports or fitness) who started taking a lot of paracetamol to help him sleep, a few weeks later he had a minor heart attack, a few years later new research showed that paracetamol and ibuprofen can give you heart attacks if not taken incorrectly, if simple off the counter paracetamol taken to access can give you heart attacks what do you think all those steroids are doing to your heart (you don’t even know whats in them) so for that reason i believe that it is the steroids that kills bodybuilders at young age (of course this is a wild guess based on one case)

  • now body is gonna convince me that steroids didn’t play a big role in Dallas’s death.. come on dave, I really enjoy watching your videos but u just sound silly in this one.. steroids and the whole body building life style is what caused his death. All the eating, being 300 lbs and the steriods… If he never got into body building and was 185 lbs he would still be alive…

  • You’re wasting your time even going to the gym if you’re not taking steroids. If you’re over 40 steroids are more beneficial than harmful. When men hit 40 testosterone productions drops significantly. Low testosterone cause health problems

  • I once heard—there’s a lotta big guys and there’s a lotta old guys…but there ain’t a lotta big old guys. I think that’s true…comin down the other side of that mountain after peaking in the field is just as hard but…apparently necessary…

  • Don’t juice. It makes yur heart grow. It thins out he walls of your heart. And it causes high cholesterol. Fk body building! I’m 50 yo. And I am a Weight Lifter. Not a gay body builder. I’m 6.1, 245lbs of rock. And I’ve never juiced. Why do u need juice? Unless your playing in the NFL as a lineman. They need it for recovery. Weightlifting is a habit. I never lift for more then a half hour at a time. I use moderate weight. And only partial reps. And I’m a fkn truck! And I don’t eat red meat. These guys eat too much meat. It’s prob what that dallas carver choked on. I eat fruits n veges and fish. Yul grow as u age. At 21 I was 210lbs. By mid 30s I was 245. Hard! Steroids is too dangerous. And why? Who fkn cares if yur pumped up. Fags do! I took 1 shot of test in my ass once. I got 3 small cysts in my back. It’s no good. Don’t fk with yur hormones! My heart is healthy as a horse!

  • Excellent video! I’m a 72 year old Bodybuilder and have been training for 58 years. I have a serious family history of heart problems on my father’s side of the family. I have regular check-ups with my cardiologist, and 15 years ago I had a stent put into my heart, I was one of the first to have this in the UK. I have always had a healthy diet and still train 3 days on one day off, schedule. My current weight is 96 kilos (213 pounds) and I am 1.75 in height. I could not agree more with this video, so if you want to be able to train throughout your life, have regular check-ups!!

  • Yes, they weaken the tendons. The heart valves are connected by tendons. Thus heart failure because the heart valve tendon weakens. The excessive weight does not help

  • I’m a ceo. Boom. Telling you all the things you already know. The autopsy says Dallas had a 3x larger heart and a 90% blockage of an artery. It’s not indirectly related to steroids. Most steroids cause coronary disease. Known fact. Most guys under 45 that are just 300 and fat don’t have a heart attack. All the drugs and steroids are what’s killing them. Simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

  • Why doesn’t everybody that does bodybuilding just do it naturally just eat get good sleep and start all over again I know guys that I’ve taken steroids and they’re not here today

  • What a Bullshit.tell that an cardiologist. Musclecells are changed by roids and the whole Trophic increases,though in Heart muscle.every bodybuilder knows what damages roids can dont come up with such silly theories,Please.

  • so i wanna know, How harmful is using low doses of gear for only a year or so, to help build the base and to help permanently multiply the muscle cell nuclei to enable more future growth, and then cycle off properly with correct pct, nutrition and continue training naturally forever. Will a short period of AAS use damage the body permanently, or is in low/moderate doses safe in short term.


  • 2:12 “He’s ever tooken a formal nutrition course”???? He’s submitting his thesis yet can’t even speak properly? I stopped watching right there.

  • There’s going to be a shit ton of dried up waste matter in the intestines, also. That will cause the belly to stick out, also. And it’s going to be exaggerated in bodybuilders because of the sheer amount of food eaten.

  • Obese is obese, muscle or fat your heart has to double its work load. Bodybuilding is a phony ass, dangerous sport full of assholes

  • People are scread of bodybuilding dengerous in the world because I hate bodybuilding I’m scread I can’t do this anymore ����������

  • So it’s just about clean bulking.. don’t go like modern era’s way of bulking and just become more classical and eat like golden era.. even steroids don’t take these dangerous substances it’s better to take a little bit weak steroids

  • Yes, the steroids directly cause heart problems. This is the cause for bodybuilders dying. They increase LDL in the body leading to increasing risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease. Many of the steroids were designed for cancer patients struggling with anemia. They increase bone marrow production leading to increased blood volume and eventually left ventricular hypertrophy. They are the complete cause.

  • I lift weights but I also do calistinics,I train for strength not so much trying to get big muscles,im going to get bigger natrally I also sprint,its just like you said your body is going to be a certain size natrally,I would never take steroids,alot of those bodybuilders put on unnatral weight due to ither steroids or some other supplement and thats what kills them.

  • Come on, older Olympic athletes don’t die young. Of course bodybuilders are dying young as they abuse steroids, HGH, insulin, diuretics, SARMS, etc. Bodybuilding has become a very unhealthy sport.

  • The best quote ever: “your heart just knows there is 300 f* lb here and I need to pump blood”. I think that’s a lot of truth to that. You earned my vote. Cheers

  • It’s not just the steroids, but they are likely a major contributor. Remember also that continuous use of dietary suppliments can be hazardous to the liver thereby impacting the cholesterol levels which causes blockages in blood vessels and sends unprocessed toxins to the kidneys. Just because the smaller guys are living longer, that doesn’t mean that the lifestyle isn’t still costing a few years and some quality off of the end of their lives too. Less poisoned is still poisoned.
    ▶CHOOSE WISELY!!!!!◀

  • Steroids cause high cholesterol (because they are made of cholesterol), and hypertension. Any physical will tell you these two factors lead heart disease. Genetic factors can expedite the disease, but overtime abusing steroids will cause irreversible damage. There are some people that will need TRT for medical related issues. People undergoing TRT should be monitored by a physician. I think Dave should take some biology, genetics, and medical classes before he makes these comments.

  • I say it’s the strain one puts on his body from the constant lifting of heavy weights, plus the extra weight that the body is not designed to carry, each time you ask your body to gain muscle it puts a great stress on your heart. And it’s not that big of an organ,think of how fast your heart works every time you do a set, set after set,day after day,Year after year, come on people this is not rocket science, look at the drastic changes, and you ask, what’s the reason.

  • I heard a lot of supplements..but zero mentions of healthy food. Bodybuilding is not only about loading carbs and proteins, dont forget your veggies and fruits for a complete health of muscles and organs!!

  • Let’s just be honest. It’s because these guys don’t cycle off ever. Their organs continue to grow 365 days a year because they refuse to come off because the competition won’t come off. It’s the cost to be the boss. The old timers lived longer because they cycle on and cycle off. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. It’s also why their guts are massive.

  • A loud mouth who says very little but it takes 1 hour to get out the essential info. What an idiot….no medical knowledge so his evidence is circumstantial……TRUMP SUPPORTER I BET

  • The definition of a drug is that it is a substance that alters the normal function of the body. Steroids is a drug so when consumed it alters heart, liver and kidney through chemical and biological reactions or inactions function by forcing these organs. Diuretics and insulin are dangerous to ingest and should be so done under medical supervision

  • I dont know if weight is the real issue… take Jennifer van schaik. 34 years old. Died in her sleep. She wasn’t that heavy. And check on more female bodybuilders who take THT or any kind of stuff they ain’t close to the Male bodybuilders weight, but die on heart failure as wel. So I’m pretty sure it’s the test with insuline and growth hormone. That just my opinion. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments on a decent way please.

  • Get 90% of your protein from kidney beans and rice. No meat! Except for cod fish at 10% of your protein intake.. Inflammation is right Dave, refined table salt and sugar are causing the inflammation. Table salt and sugar have non-caking elements added to them such as glass and sand. This glass and sand hits the artery walls and scratches them over and over which causes inflammation. Then your body calls in cholesterol to patch and repair artery walls, leading to a blockage aka plaque build up.. Funny thing is, all these bodybuilders eat meat every meal of the day. Meat also clogs the arteries, major stress on kidneys and stresses your intestines trying to break the meat down. Meat sits in your intestines and rots!!! Kidney beans actually repair and support the kidneys!! The body assimilates beans quicker and easier so it’s easy to eat every two hours. Not to mention all the fiber in them that flush your arteries duh!! On top of that get some organic cranberry juice and add it to your reverse osmosis water and consume all day this will ease up the burden on your kidneys as well come on guys we got to get smart don’t be like Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver..Beans beans good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart. More beans you eat, the better you feel. Eat beans with every meal!! Easy on the wallet too��

  • Great video sweet star wars shirt Dave, I’m sure all the piano followers that did all those drugs ate ice cream and tons of meat fat keto diets are nervous and happy for this video. Look at Jerry Ward he’s gone full Natty he’s so freaked out of dieing I’m sure he did everything rich did for years sooooo unhealthy!!! Love your vids Dave!

  • CRP is not specific! You want High sensitivity CRP, it measures lower levels of CRP! That being said LDL is useless, 60% of MI’s people had normal to low LDL. It’s the particle size of the lipoprotein that matters! APO-a is genetic and is the most dangerous form of LDL, because it’s sticky! 63 million Americans have it.
    You get a APO-a/APO-b APO-p and see your particle size! Okinawa Japan has the longest lifespan on earth and the vast majority of people have very low HDL! If you have high triglycerides, you likely have small particles! 80% of MI’s last year were caused by insulin resistance! 2200 Americans die of Mi’s yearly and 99% don’t use steroids!

    The newest test is the NMR Lipo Profile you can get it from Life Extension for $99, or just get a CT calcium scan for $100. I read, research and do ratios of lipoproteins for a living! I’m obsessed with Heart disease and what I can tell you is they are preventable! Cheers!

    Two ratios that are great predictors are Trigs/HDL <2 You divide your trigs into HDl. Or IMO most predictive, Remnant cholesterol. Take total cholesterol -HDL-LDL, you want under <15 And if you really want to be on point do you VLDL. Their is no test for it but the formula is take you total triglycerides divide by 5. <30

  • I love Dave Palumbo he is giving very valuable and important information he really knows what he is talking about I already knew everything he said he is helping this generation of Bodybuilders a lot..����������

  • It could be, the organs of the body have a problem handling all of that muscle. When these bodybuilders make their organs as big and strong as their muscles then that will no longer be a problem! What do you think?

  • I don’t care about anyone…. In bodybuilding only one thing matters and that it genetics….. You can take as many steroids you like but you will never be able to grow if you don’t have the genetics…. Same with heart attack…

  • The doctor said Dallas had “bad genetics”, it wasn’t down to steroids?? What a fkin dumb answer considering the guy knew nothing about Dallas or his family health history. So all the steroids,GH enlarging his heart 3 times the normal size,the bodybuilding diet,red meat high calories etc etc had nothing to do with it? Ah OK then.

  • It´s simple, no matter what your genetics, eat more fiber, and less fat. You won´t need statins if you are plant based, and the protein quality is better too, from things like beans. Good video, Dave, everything is related and genetics do matter a lot, but anybody would do better on plant based diet, look better too. Plant foods aren´t inflammatory!

  • It’s not exactly a mystery. Bodybuilders eat tons of the foods that are associated with heart disease, and then they take tons of steroids along with growth hormones, and yes, if you’re genetically weak then it will kill you quicker

  • smoking, Processed foods, obesity, bad cholesterol with high triglycerides, Glycosylation, Raised Red cellcount with high Hemoglobin along high hemocrit.

  • I usually don’t comment on your topics, as we all have different viewpoints based on our own personal circumstances, but in this case yes…you are right there. Excessive mass (body weight) combined with AAS and related chemicals, shitty diets, and the lack of NOT going “off” or cycling AAS throughout the year (which is doccumented) to lead to #kidneyfailure #stroke #pulmenaryembolism, etc, etc, etc…
    Far too much stress on our organs…in the quest to be the best, biggest, most shredded, yadda, yadda…
    IFBB = International FELON Body Builders…
    The shit is out of hand!

  • Palumbo you are so full of shit. Incredibly irresponsible on your part-if McCarver did not abuse steroids, he would be alive today.

  • Listen. Dallas might not have died because of steroids but you can best believe if he never took steroids he wouldn’t be dead today.

  • so mcarver should been 180 n vegetarian to live in his case!!I ibuprofen causes heart attacks too.piana heart showed enlargement but no blocked arteries because of genetics is amazing what he ate!!Good vid hope my vacuums workin good

  • Yes genetics but you add the lifestyle and all in mentallity thats what killed him he wanted to be the best i mean he was 300+ lbs its hard on your body and heart

  • I am not worried like Jim is about “whey powder contamination.” We know where whey comes from. If you are afraid of whey, you should probably be afraid of cheese contamination as well; they both originate in the same place, and there is tons of whey left over in the cheese making process (where our whey comes from). Furthermore, it’s safe to say that all foods run this risk. If you didn’t raise the animal and butcher it yourself or grow the plants yourself, you can’t truly know what’s in it. I think this is an irrational fear.

  • In my 20’s I’d say Who cares? Just talk about getting jacked. Now in my 40’s, I listened VERY carefully. Thank you for the information.

  • Dave, Dallas would die anyway at 26 even if he didnt eat like a pig and abuse roids to mantain 350 lbs of muscle right? The average man would die on that lifestyle at a young age like him, only people with elite genetics can become bb pros and abuse food and roids without killing themselfs at young age. Supplements cant help you if you abuse food and roids to become a huge bb when your health genetics are average. Eventually the only way to get healthy is stop the roids and the large amounts of food.

  • Dallas didn’t just have one cardiac related issue though, you didnt mention the giant heart? Did you tell the doctor he took 10 to 14 g a week?

  • I’ve noticed a big difference between natural occurring sugar in food vs added. For example: Milk is a muscle building power house and I never get the same affect in insulin spiking (cravings, bloat, etc. but in BBQ sauce and added sugary foods, you can easily feel and see the difference.

    So is it really sugar itself being the issue or the added amounts of processed sugar?

  • So Sardines, Herring, Mackerel is bad for you but! if we buy your fish oils and omegas thats good… Get the fuck out-a-here!

  • love daves content, but if you cycle and want to stay healthy as possible go whole food low fat vegan your blood work wont lie. and yes you can get huge and lean as a vegan on gear.

  • Dave, in addition to inflammation, borderline or high blood pressure over the long term will result in blockages being formed to repair the damage caused by HBP, right? Many people with borderline high BP or worse never know they have it, or they don’t do anything about it. Folks with a high MBI and a “healthy low inflamatory” diet can still have borderline high or high BP.

  • well most of that video have outdated informations… IF YOU PROTECT UR HEART ITS VERY SIMPLE

  • Gmo foods is a big problem and has been reseachered to do a number on ur stomach and digestive system… look it up… “gmo foods and gut health”

  • My friend had a predisposition to heart problems. His father had heaet attacks in his 30s. My friend never did a steroid or trt and had stents put in at 36 and then 10 years later again. So idk what the answer is. But it seems like its genetics.

  • If you don’t want heart attack. Don’t take steroids and don’t weight 300 pounds. Period.. You don’t need to have high IQ to know that it is very risky behavior. Like eating junk, fast driving, climbing mountains etc..

  • SUGAR increases inflammation = inflammation is the core of heart disease. cut out sugars and most of carbs and you are good. also ldl as a indicator is SHIT. total shit. do a particle test (LDL-P) and if your particles are mostly big you are good to go, if they are small then you have much increased chance of getting buttfucked in your heart. also watch triglycerides, they need to stay low.

    so in short, ldl isnt bad, cholesterol is good for the body, inflammation is the key keep this low, stay away from sugar, exercise, do cardio and keep inflammation low. i eat 10 whole eggs a day and crp is below 0.2. cholesterol is good for the body, inflammation isnt. sugar is main key in inflammation diet wise

  • You’re spewing crap from a disproven farcical model designed to make people sick and push drugs. You’ve got it backward. When animal fats were more common in the American diet, Alzheimers was literally unheard of. And there were no derived vegetable oils then, either. And sugar in foods was a small fraction of what it is today.

  • #askdave Hi Dave, Pierre here from U.K. This clip was brilliant. My question is:if you Train really hard and well but consume lots of sugar and saturated fat are you still at risk of heart disease? I ask because I know some shredded bodybuilders that eat a lot of crap daily but look amazing. Does the training resolve the bad eating and hence reduce the heart disease too? Thanks.

  • Taking Niacin or Niacinamide have NEVER been shown to reduce heart disease! Please do not recommend them. They can actually do more harm than good. Please read the latest research out of Oxford, thanks.

  • Shut the fuck up Palumbo, you haven’t seen more blood tests than a doctor. You’re delusional. You flunked out of medical school, remember? Also, you were never even a successful bodybuilder, in fact, quite the opposite. You never even made it to the IFBB ranks. Oh, and that 300lbs you constantly gloat about having reached looked like shit. All anybody has to do is look at you and Ronnie Coleman side-by-side and it’s clear why you never made it. You would never even qualify.

  • This is why you should always take a digestive complex supplement. Say what you want about supplements but ever since I started taking Orange Triad I’ve had no problems with my digestive system.

  • Lmaooooo…26 died of a heart attack and it was genetics…gtfoh…he may have bad genetics but only 26??.those other things rushed his death…and yes…roids played it’s role

  • Dave, great video. I must advise to stop pushing cardiac CT with EKG. Patients should not push for this test as it has a very high radiation dose making it one of the last tests in a doctors orders for a general cardiac screening. A calcium scoring and an echocardiogram/ ekg stress test are ideal for a preliminary heart screening. The escalation would then potentially be a cardiac MRI or a cardiac CT.

    Cheers Dave and thanks for the quality videos sir.

  • I’m just 2 min in an video is paused…. I’m just waiting for the part of the video were dave will promote one of his hearth health supplements but by gosh i hope it’s better than his supplement he was promoting a few year back for great joint health, Best dosed one on the market ect ect none other quite like it ect ect…. Then if i remember correctly it was around 3 years later dave had the double shoulder replacement….. Must have been an amazing supplement after all (GULP)

  • The genetic predisposition is APO-a! It’s genetic and 63 million have it! In red meat all the cholesterols are in the meat! Small particles are the problem! This dude is very ignorant! Insulin resistance is the driving force of CVD!

  • how about the stomach and colon? Red meat and other meats are not particularly great if you are susceptible to Colon cancer and other travails. How can you gain mass without overdoing protein and fats?

  • I am so confused here, i like dave and i think he’s a relatively smart man. I am lost here though, surely you know steroids directly impact your heart and cardiovascular health, right? He’s completely right and sure, genetics always effect something, that should be common knowledge. I also don’t understand why, this kid is actually willing to put real time into writing up this paper for us to learn about heart health and you say “if i have time”. He then repeatedly reminds you, he will even include markers we need to be aware of yet you still didn’t link it or acknowledge him. I am confused now because i thought we were here because heart health was so important? If that’s the case, why the fuck don’t you care to take the zero effort to link his article? You are saying in one sentence we should give a fuck about heart health but in another with your actions, you don’t seem to give a fuck about it enough to link his paper……… it’s so important to us yet you don’t think we need that very science based protocol for staying heart healthy…..

    can someone fucking get dave to answer me here, i feel this is legitimate here, you’re not making sense buddy.

  • Every 6 months for bloodwork sounds one can afford an EKG or CT Scan every 6 months and I live in Canada with free healthcare…my doctor wouldn’t refer that the government wouldn’t pay that..once a year is fine..

  • Honk Kong is the country with the highest life expectancy and guess what they also eat 40 to 60% more meat than American people eat!

  • There was so much nonsense in this interview that blows my mind. Why don’t you get a real expert? Why don’t you get Dr. Ronda Patrick in the show. This kid is so outdated that is a shame.

  • Thanks for the honesty. It’s rare to find a bodybuilder speak out about this. Plenty of them rationalize and say that what they’re doing is healthy.

  • This is what i take everyday some twice a day
    Garlic pills, 1000mg omega 3 2 a day, vit d3, zink, magnesium and vit b6, milk thistle dandelion and yellow dock, turmeric with black pepper, astragalis root, coq10, nac, vit c, ginko biloba, choline and inisotol mix, green tea extract, and a full multivitamin and mineral complex
    Its a handfull of pills. But i feel great and most are herbals

  • Calcium in your blood that does not get transported into your bones and teeth due to lack of Vit D3 and Vit k2, is major contributor to the calcification within arteries. Easily the best source of Vitamin K2 is NATTO,japanese fermented soybeans! you need to have Vit d3 in adequate amounts and tether with Vit k2 the calcium will be transported from yor blood into teeth and bones wher it is meant to be!

  • So fat from beef = atherosclerosis? BULLSHIT oxidized omega 6 fats from vegetable oils that people are eating with potato chips, donuts, french friez etc. are much worse.. Fucking dumbass.. Stable saturated and monounsaturated fats from coconuts, dairy fat, beef fat, avocados, olives etc.. are the healthiest.

  • Those fat slobs dont blast 10 plus grams of Test (the autopsy toxicology doesn’t lie!) just as a base on top of God knows what else! No wonder you never finished Med School! Dallas McCarver destroyed his body through shit lifestyle choices. Look at the autopsy report; all his organs were HUGE at 26 and all you say is its genetic! There’s nothing you can do to mitigate that level of drug ABUSE! Anyone who lives their life like that is going down! Wake up!! Anyone who is interested in the truth I highly recommend you check out Dr Thomas O’Connor’s channel “The Metabolic Doc” rather than listen to this rubbish from people like Dave Palumbo, who are NOT experts!

  • It couldn’t possibly be a mix of everything?
    Think about it, for one to do bodybuilding you must take everything to the extremesteroids, food, training, sleeping, etc. It really doesn’t matter if your are eating “clean”, stuffing your face with 10 meals/5,000 calories per day is probably not the best for you, regardless if it’s chicken, broccoli, rice. It’s too much for your GI tract to handle, it doesn’t make you insulin resistant, if anything it sets you up for bad eating habits or possibly a binge eating disorder.
    If you take insulin, T4, Testosterone, GH and all that other shit in the mix with it you are just setting yourself up for negative feedback, there’s no way out of that. Once, one hormone is thrown off and the rest go off balance, yeah good luck avoiding diabetes and various heart diseases. It’s not an indirect theory, it’s actually a theory most specialists know, and have to treat in their clinics.

    Doesn’t matter how good your genetics are, you’re playing around with shit most endocrine specialist don’t even know the full side effects of, but it’s all good because some douchebag made a YouTube video about it, right?

    If that doesn’t get you, then check your IGG and immune system and see how well it’s holding up with all that training and overeating. Especially if you’re taking steroids.

    I think the main thing about bodybuilding that gets to me, is that it’s NOT healthy, it’s NOT maintainable and for most it’s not an enjoyable lifestyle.
    Yet, this is what some people think fitness is. Spending 2-3 hours in the gym a day, eating 6-10 meals a day, pumping your body full of anabolics and other crap, doing low intense cardio (cause God forbid, running 2 miles will screw up your gains, regardless of cardiovascular benefits from it).
    For any of us who refute bodybuilding as fitness, we just get told that we don’t have what it takes and we’re not made out for it.
    Surely that must be it.

    People need to be smart, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to put on size and muscle, but know your limits and keep things in reason. You don’t have to take it to the extreme, you can make amazing progress with just basic lifting movements and knowing how macros work combined with healthy intuitive eating habits. These kinds of restrictions and having
    “cheat days”
    “1 rest day a week”
    “carb cycling days”
    “isolated muscle group training days”

    This is all Bullshit!

    If you want a cheeseburger go have one.
    Don’t feel like training 6 days a week? Good, your body performs better with more rest anyways.
    Don’t want to take anabolic steroids or have concerns? Good! be skeptical, go to talk to your PC or an Endo about getting your labs taken and getting educated on the topic and your body.
    Don’t take advice from people on here about it.

    Your outlook and perception is what will help you get to your goals, more than listening to some super strict bodybuilding plan that 99% of people don’t follow.

  • DAVE: “So we have a heart expert and I’m Dave. So Trevor, with Dalla’s having a heart attack, I say it was genetics”
    TREVOR: “Steroids directly increases the chances of a heart attack”
    DAVE: ” But there is a genetic component in there right”
    TREVOR: “I would not say that… We’ve found steroids cause heart-“
    DAVE: “So we agree it could be genetics?”
    TREVOR: “Steroids decrease the elasticity in the arteries and that causes heart attacks so I would not say-“
    DAVE: “So….Genetics?”
    TREVOR: “There is a genetic component to everything Dave”
    DAVE: “Did you say genetics?”
    TREVOR: “…..”
    DAVE: “You heard it here first folks on RxMuscle! Genetics and NOT steroids killed Dallas!”

  • Great show!!!! Sugar causes tooth decay. We accept the risks of eating candy. Red meat causes heart desease, but we are in denial.

  • Just as I’m watching this and contemplating skipping cardio because my ankle hurts they show a man with one leg and suddenly my whole perspective changes.

  • Do the research please the people dying of cardiovascular disease have moderate to low cholesterol!!! The people with high cholesterol are not dying from cardiovascular disease as much, so the less cholesterol the more risk!!!

  • So run fast on treadmill till I’m out of breath for heart health or arterial health!? No cardiologist would ever say that for heart health. It’s the steady and consistent while keeping the heart around 130/140bpm.Arterial health that would make sense but just prefer clarity:-)

  • Yes you can dream! it has come true for a way to get plaque off the walls of your artery’s a home made drink with the most powerful thing in nature, Look down below:

  • Dave you are So biased and in complete denial. Steroids killed this man period. Your lucky your old ass is still kicking. Bodybuilding is not a healthy sport as much as you want people to believe. Your a liar and a snake oil salesman. What are you gonna say when one of your clients drops dead from using your protocols Dave?

  • more emphasis should be given to cardio, honestly. most people think you grow cuts and veins, and that’s just not the right. it’s a combination of growth and fat loss.

  • The best way to keep your heart healthy is to inject ten grams of testosterone a week, so it enlarges to over 800 grams. A heart that size will be incapable of having it’s arteries clogged!

  • Red meat is not bad for your heart anyone that still believes this has not done enough research, in fact red meat has many properties that are GOOD for your heart and overall health. Sugar/Carbs are the reason why you get artery plaque and most of todays serious health problems. Sorry this kid has spent too much time reading old outdated text books and isnt up to date with more recent scientific research.

  • Just like you cannot find the perfect animal for an ape, a horse, or an elephant to eat, you CANNOT FIND AN ANIMAL PERFECT FOR LONG-TERM HUMAN CONSUMPTION, BECAUSE WE ARE HERBIVORES REGARDLESS OF TRADITION.

  • Family history is the strongest risk factor. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about and obviously does not read the literature. If you look at all of the Framingham risk factors that we’ve used for decades, family history is a stronger risk factor than all of them combined. On top of that. Soft plaque can be removed slowly. However calcified plaque cannot be removed by the body very well if at all. Also, arterial compliance can be changed postprandially with many types of foods.
    The literature supports high fat low carb diets for heart disease high is omega-3s, fiber, fruits/vegetables. So low fat is not the answer. So eating less red meat is also likely not the answer.

  • Problem is with the current state of Health Insurance and how they work. You can’t just walk into a cardiologists and have tests done. You have to be having an issue going on before your primary will send you to a cardiologists.

  • @ 7:20 you asked can we reverse it… YES we can with a whole food plant based diet.

    Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn was one of many to prove it years ago!

  • when i was 300 pounds i would get winded tying my down to 257 feeling a lot better heart wise but high rep squats still kill me. at 230-240 i feel normal to be honest.

  • 5’6 240lbs? No amount of cardio is going to help you when you end up with an enlarged heart and atherosclerosis. It is impossible to achieve cardiovascular health at that weight at that height.

  • Hi there Lee. Good video on heart health, and I totally agree with u man. I have a question, I learn up a Chinese art, some thing like meditation for relaxation, tai chee n yoga, which takes not more then 20 mins. how to incorporate some cardio on a bicycle machine, for example during an evening light workout? any tips, Tq.

  • I just had one, came back from cardiologist few hours ago
    Echo cardiogram and stress test ecg on bicycle was done week ago
    All fine but bit enlarged heart as you say Athletic heart
    And this cardiologist works with sport people and he said
    I am fine
    Blood tests was also fine
    Ldl a bit higher than normal but triglycerites was fairly low
    So from today its back to hard intense training

  • Thanks Dave

    What i do
    Lots of herbals including
    Coq10, turmeric, garlic, omega 3(lots off) organic olive oil, magnesium, vit d3 and vit k2, and few others

  • For weight loss purposes cardio is kinda pointless. If your planning to burn off calories that way then prepare to spend greater part of the day doing it. It’s simple math. Best way to weight loss is of course some type of food consumption control. Either trough oldskool calorie reduction or fat consumption LCHF style. The latter is easier as it doesn’t contain any calorie restrictions, but it gets a bit tedious eating only fat and proteins all the time. Anyhow, you can get lean with no cardio.

  • You call that cardio? They’re just walking on the treadmill? Elderly people walk. Go outside and run for 30 minutes. It’s cool to lift heavy weights in the gym but then go outside and can’t even run for 10 minutes straight. Cardio>Weights

  • the best way to get plaque off artery’ walls is making a drink warm water with minced garlic, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and a pinch Cayman pepper and honey and take Twice per day. Aso make a smoothie of 5 carrots and two apple’s and take daily this will help I hope this helps someone,. Come on guy’s you should no this if you new your stuff.

  • It’s funny how so many bs about never doing cardio within a training program and yet the best of the best have always made cardio a thing they wouldn’t if it did not work

  • No lie, I train everyday except for Saturday. My arms growing, my strength growing, but I just cannot get my cRdio done. I’m bout to sacrifice

  • Am on cardio at the min for next two weeks nothing but cardio and abs with some light upper body to keep skin tight but hard at min as got a hernia but still push through tho

  • 2:58 if you skip family and friends for your looks, I think youve gone too far because if your not a pro bodybuilder who cares about your body that much, probably you…

  • I prefer not to rely on eating to get all my nutrients. I make sure I have all my nutrients from supps first, then I don’t have to worry so much about stuffing my pie hole. I eat small amounts of a lot of different veggies, rice, potato, pasta, fish, chicken, ham, eggs, fruit, peanut butter, the odd hotdog, fries, and yummy CHEESEBURGERS. (*grin*)

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  • I have been waiting cardio motivation video for a long. I hate cardio but this video will push me until l love it. There’s no plan (B) let’s do cardio and get shredded asf. #YEAHBUDDY #SWEATBIG

  • For me BB is healthy to the extreme. I eat average 3500 to 4500 calories a day. 4500 is a lot for me. And it’s a healthy mix of chicken, fish and red meat. I love hamburger. Lots of spuds, rice, and veggies. Coffee to the tune of a pot a day. Jogging, twice a week with sprints of 400 meters down to 100 meters (About 4 to 8 of these depending on distance). Squats are a huge key. I’ve done a triple with 560 pounds, and last year I did 315 pounds for 20 reps. I regulate my testosterone levels as a natural by doing at least one heavy squat day a month. Use milk. It is a powerful ingredient but one our bodies can handle. Your stomach might get upset, but it is its way of dealing with the lactose or the power of milk, but deal with it, it does. If you use too much red meat, or pork, or say steroids your body will eventually have to incorporate other organs to deal with it. Your body will have to deal with your consumptions at a molecular level. Steroids for instance, your cells change forever to use food quicker and speed up recovery. With steroids your brain has changes. The more organs you recruit, or changes at the microbiological level your body has to incorporate, the unhealthier your activity or consumption is. If you use steroids effectively and traditionally, such as most BB I know incorporate tons of animal fat and meat expect to die younger than normal. Rats die very early with this sort of diet, so do lions and tigers BTW. This is not necessary and the traditional 6 or 7 thousand calorie diets ain’t necessary either, why not eat more chicken and fish? Because it is not easy, and Red meat we’ve trained ourselves taste better and is superior in type of calorie, satiates us when we are hungry. That paradigm is lazy and false. Take a month and retrain your mind. You’ll live longer. Use Protein Isolate and free form Aminoes. I’m lucky. I don’t need a lot of food and really I don’t like eating. I can maintain 220 to 240 pounds on little more than 5 eggs, a couple bananas, and a chicken breast with a cup of rice. Most of my gym don’t even pay attention to the steroid users and discount their looks or weights they lift. We mostly look at the natties. We respect them and are totally interested in their progress. The roidies are disdained or ignored mostly. Discounted. You take a bodybuilder who competes and wins a state title, or even a national-no lets go bigger- an Arnold Classic title. Most of that BB’s relatives or family would not even know he’d won and Arnold Classic. They’d probably ask what’s an Arnold Classic? A new Cheeseburger? And further, anybody else in that BB’s town or city would not even know what he’d accomplished. That’s what he or she gets for all his efforts nowadays, a trophy. Sure, you do it for personal enlightenment, or to be the best you can be, or because it’s there, like a mountain. But, don’t delude yourself. Nobody cares, or even is aware of your exploits. The only person that knows your physique and how you got it is you. Did you cheat and use steroids? Some will call you a loser, and you say yeah I know but who cares, I don’t have any self-respect, but I love this so much i’ll take self disrespect in droves to use steroids or cheat to change my body. Nobody is paying attention anyway or the sport is in the dumps and we as BBs are all alone. Who gives a damn? I don’t care you say. You’d rather do this than see how far you would have got as a natural. That’s fine, its a free country. All those wrestlers that died young? Steroids is a common factor. The steroids came first, mental illness came from the abuse of steroids and painkillers. Steroids make young men suicidal. Steroids lead to other drugs and alcohol for many. Its a gateway drug. Steroids change cells permanently. That’s what cancer is, and a host of other diseases and maladies.

  • It has nothing to do with being jealous…what are you trying to do??? a trophy??? a big man walking around? There is little money in this sport. 37 years lifting, 5′ 9 and 240 lbs and absolutely 100 percent natural…you are worried about the ingredients in supplements????..omg!!!..but Tren, IGF 1, cytomel etc is real healthy….what a joke…

  • The human digestive system was not meant to constantly take in large amounts of food. Over time I would imagine that eating large quantities of food would not be good for anyone.

  • Loved your information.I would request, if you can make a video regarding sleep problems that lifting weights can cause.

    Thank You.

  • My main issue with bodybuilding is the fundamental goal, which is appearance and commonly results in doing excessive things to meet the end goal of being jacked. Body dismorphia, using gear and the effects of them on the body, the diet like you mentioned, the other aspects of the lifestyle too all seem unhealthy.

    I think focusing of performance over appearance is what matters.

    Much respect for your discussion man, cheers and God Bless

  • Bodybuilders are often considered meatheads, buffalos… and not entirely unrightly, sorry for us all this seems true… sometimes…

  • Way to old to still be using the amount of gear you are…I understand wanting to be big…I was natural for 28 years and then body stopped producing Tes…I was 6’2″ at 195…I use only 250cc Tes a week and my highest reading is 504 but 2 years later and I’m 225…I can add a meal or 2 and shoot to 235 in a couple weeks without adding any gear…I never adjust the gear and just with diet can go 10-15 pounds either way…The gear has made it fun but my point is the gear these guys are taking is out of hand…They don’t need 1/2 of what they use…Never seen this guy before but he doesn’t look healthy at all…

  • Supps aren’t regulated. He’s right, it’s a roll of the dice.
    Here’s the real deal with fat, sugar & carbs;

  • Humans are actually designed to be light and lean. Our skeleton make-up, joints etc. go under excess stress with too big of a weight.

  • absolutely spot on video, all these YouTubers that even think they have a bodybuilding/ fitness channel should have to watch this, James giving out free knowledge that is so precise and took me a lengthy career to find out his points in a short video, great video brother!

  • I believe it’s the sugars not the fats, they put refined sugars in absolutely every processed food, and we’re all put on processed foods from child hood, sugar is the problem, even if you go out to eat at a restaurant they are throwing sugars into the fried foods, so I believe it’s the sugar that caused the damage but like you said, we’re all eating to much foods now a days and we don’t realise how much stress we put on our digestive system until it’s to late.

  • Selenium is a trace mineral. The body only needs it in small amounts. Selenium helps the body with: Making special proteins, called antioxidant enzymes, which play a role in preventing cell damage. Selenium deficiency in combination with Coxsackievirus infection can lead to Keshan disease, which is potentially fatal. Selenium deficiency also contributes (along with iodine deficiency) to Kashin-Beck disease. The primary symptom of Keshan disease is myocardial necrosis, leading to weakening of the heart.

  • Just stop eating MacDonalds cuz it’s bad for your health. My brother used to eat MacDonalds everyday and he’s really sick right now.

  • in 1976 as a 12 year old i bought my first muscle mag…and in it was an interview with serge nubret..he said that he only ate one big meal a day in the late evening…i was confused as all the articles even then stressed eating 6 or more meals a day…turns out nubret was around 40 years ahead of his time!!! its called intermittant fasting today…and it is shown to increase hgh 2000 times over normal base and many many other benefits….and nubret had a tiny waist…today i also eat one big meal in the evening and the results are rather steroid like….some people are really ahead of their time

  • You may as well call yourself OBESE and go suck on one of those hamster things and instead of water put a fat sugar shake in it so your muscles look good so you don’t have to rely on your personality to make friends. That way when you see people they won’t look at you like a gigantic ticking time bomb of death that could shit on them and suffocate them but actually be a human being with a personality.

  • You lied to us telling us fats are bad and to go eat sugar and live forever when it is a combo of shitty food. So don’t go blaming fats when you don’t know horse shit about diet, just look at you.

  • I’m 58… this is a straight up great video. It helps explain things with no non-sense… especially as a bodybuilder moves into their later years. The mind thinks it’s young and remembers what your body did years ago, with lifting and eating, and it wants to do the same. That is where so many have very serious injuries. Everyone use this knowledge….. very good post

  • The real truth is your intestines are muscles, IGF HGH and slin will make any muscle grow. While your guts are trying to digest all that food…..the intestines are “working out” contracting and constriction. TRUTH!

  • Bodybuilders have eaten a lot of food all the time, it’s not something new. But the extended gut started in 2000s. So I don’t understand the argument about the food.

  • You can twist it any way you want, but Dallas was morbidly overweight at 300+ lbs and took an exorbitant amount of steroids and other supplements that thickened his blood and caused his heart attack. If he was 200lbs and didn’t even work out, he would have probably lived a long life.

  • the distended gut is just laziness and over consumption of food, like you say. think, you stand all day, every day, run, bend, twist, all sorts of movements, your abs pull up and center towards the core to give the core more support as it will be what you will eventually be standing on basically slowly, your legs get too tired, and the abdomen compensates. so, working hard will give you this, or at least prevent what laziness does to the abdomen all of the sitting is double damage compared to the hard work, you’re not just not working, you’re also sitting. hunching, not sitting with perfect posture, over time, the abdomen becomes flimsy, weak, the muscles don’t need to contract to the core to give you the bends and twists and runs you were doing when you were working, so, the muscles slowly untighten, falling to the sides, and downwards, and as a man tries to get back on his feet from this laziness, it’s 5 times as hard to get back to where you were in terms of condition and guys don’t want to go through this grueling annoying slow process, and they will take supplements, and hit the gym a couple hours a day, and think they’re getting somewhere, let me tell you, what people take and the work that they do, is laughable. everything is fundamentally wrong with it combating laziness and boredom with high intensity, short duration workouts, while loaded on all sorts of shit i wonder if half of these people would even have the capability to lift weights on a regular basis without supplementation and cutting corners. i doubt it, call me out on this if you think i’m wrong, but this is what i’ve witnessed happen to people since 2007, in my mind, everyone’s completely in a different ball park and the distended gut thing is absolutely zero mystery to me whatsoever they’re just bums. it’s a toned bum body. a couch potato with muscle. can’t you people see? LOL

  • Too much of ANYTHING is not good. Too much protein does absolutely nothing for you…it is ether burned for energy or wasted as urine (nitrogen). It is actually harmful…at least to your kidneys that have to get rid of the excess nitrogen. And all kinds of shit (pollutants, like quicksilver) that come with the excessive protein. I’m not entirely certain about people using massive amounts of steroids, but it’s really hard for me to imagine ANYONE ever needing more than 2 grams per kilo of bodyweight. And fast carbs are BAD for you.

  • Bs
    You are maintaining your bofy weight by using drugs.
    Stop the drugs and you lose muscle and weight.
    That is not good for the body no matter how giod you think your diet is..which probably is not very good either since you need to feed the drugs

  • Steroids (some kinds of steroids) certainly play a large part in gut distension, my little brother is on steroids for crones disease, they make his gut stick out like a non-muscular version of a modern bodybuilder, and they make him hold onto water.

    Food certainly plays a part too though, if you eat a big meal, your chest sticks out, puffs up, I’ve got quite a bit of flab on my chest and even I can see for a fact that this happens.

    Food physically filling up their bellies, plus immense amounts of steroids that not only make their abdominal muscles assume a sort of strange shape and make their internal organs bigger certainly would give someone a steroid gut.


  • There are couple of mechanisms, which cause insulin resistance. First when you become overweight, your cells are filled with energy so they tend to down regulate the amount of energy they intake by insulin resistance. Its a subtle mechanism with a purpose, but it breaks when taken to the extremes. You can get overweight with sugars, fats or even protein, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Then there Is another mechanism related to the first one. Intracellular lipids actually cause insulin resistance, which is one of the mechanisms by which overweight people get insulin resistance. High intracellular lipid content can be achieved acutely with dietary fats or on the long term with overweight.

    So of sugars and fats, the only one which acutely causes insulin resistance is fat. However, both can be the reasons in long term.


  • Jim i would like how everyone wants to talk deugs!!! But what about guys that are in prison theres no way they are getting 2x ure bodyweight if protein a day they do workout alot diffeerently. What would you do just to maintain ure size without the dailly protein and carbs u need

  • Don’t blame the butter for what the bread did to you. Sugar is the source of inflammation. Look at the issues diabetics deal with which are a result of inflammation from high blood sugar. Insulin resistance as a result from excess sugar consumption which leads to type 2 diabetes. Fat is not the enemy.

  • Here are some Vegan Youtube channels I hope you check out!

    >>>>>>>>>>Bodybuilders(Vlogs, Meals, Training, etc)<<<<<<<<<Cory McCarthy
    Damien Patrick
    Mischa Janiec
    Simnett Nutrition
    Nimai Delgado
    Brian Turner

    >>>>>>>>>>MORE FACT RELATED STUFF<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Mic. The Vegan
    Leo Venus
    Vegan Gains
    Cory McCarthy (yes he is on both)

    Hope this helps!!!!

    Best Regards, a random Vegan from North Sweden!

  • Dysrhythmia causing clot The atrium causing flutter blood becoming stagnant getting launch to the heart

    My supplements are much better
    81 mg aspirin
    Isosorbide 15 mg once a day

  • Some good points, though I’d like to make a few corrections. Insulin resistance is primarily caused by obesity (visceral fat releases compounds that decrease insulin receptor sensitivity), not by sugar or fat intake. Additionally, the high food volume isn’t just taxing on the GI tract. High energy intake over long periods of time results in much higher resting metabolic rate. With increased metabolic rate, you will age quicker and be susceptible to growth of cancer/disease sooner. Last, it’s important to specify that you’re referring to serum cholesterol levels, not dietary cholesterol found in food. The main contributors to your serum cholesterol profile are genetics, bodyweight, saturated fat intake, activity level and lifestyle. Dietary cholesterol intake has a very minimal effect.

  • An issue you didn’t talk to much about is the health risk involving steroids. Steroids is very common in BB’s.Research show that BB’s don’t live too long because of steroids. Most end up sick when there older if not dead.I totally agree with your nutrition advice, but you didn’t speak too much on health risk of steroids.

  • Good vid James, concerning digestive issues, could it be due to not having sufficient gut flora? Do bodybuilders include enough fiber/water/vegetables in their diet or is a lack of these a possible culprit?

  • when they put titanium dioxide which is akin to asbestos in health supplements it’s time to change.
    i threw mine in the bin, eating is a massive strain on your system..ive had stomach issues myself.
    i now eat a plant based diet now, stopped the gear long ago life’s too short for this bollox

  • I think genetics plays a big part. If your family has a history of heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer etc., the steroids, I believe speeds up the the advancement of the disease. The way it makes your body grow it makes the disease grow. Bad genetics and steroids is a bad mix.

  • I’m subscribing.
    Vegan gains activity bad brought me here.

    I’m inspired to see the transformation of a man digging deep inside to find a truth despite every pressure telling him to do otherwise.
    So much respect

  • Look into family history. Do what you can to turn off genes that can kill you. Some people shouldn’t be bodybuilders, no matter how good they are at bodybuilding. High HDL & low LDL doesn’t help unless total cholesterol is low. What is low?: <150! What causes CHRONIC inflammation?: Animal-based foods, any oil, & sugar.

  • What about a bodybuilder who is 36 years old has never touched a steroid? Would it be safe to do a cycle or two? Just to gain a bit of size?

  • I think one thing that contributes to the distended gut of bodybuilders is the lack of fiber in their diets. A very high protein diet without fiber or a significantly lower proportion of fiber will bring your intestinal function to a stand still. Get your fiber from plant sources, not fiber supplements, and make sure you get at least an equal volume of it to protein that is ingested.