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Heart Health for Bodybuilders: Dave Palumbo on Diagnostic Tests, Blood Work & Supplementation

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Unfortunately, while bodybuilding can benefit muscle and bone health, it can be detrimental to your overall heart health. For example, How Stuff Works reported that intense lifting, such as lifting more than half of your overall body weight, can put you at risk for tearing your aorta —an often fatal heart injury. However, this risk is only for those who weight lift to the.

Benefits of cardiovascular training for bodybuilders (1) Stronger heart. First off, having a strong heart is efficient for obvious health reasons. Frequent cardio exercises (2) Increase in circulating blood volume. When oxygen enters your lungs it’s latched on to by red blood cells and (3).

These are all major factors that increase your risk of stroke and heart disease, and should be kept in check to maintain optimal cardiovascular health while bodybuilding. It is also possible that it improves cardiac contractions, generally strengthening your heart and its ability to pump. Folate Low folate intake is associated with an increased risk of stroke. Selenium Selenium blood concentrations are inversely associated with coronary heart disease risk. Vitamin D Population studies show an inverse relationship between blood serum vitamin D.

Cardiovascular health is very important for bodybuilders and anabolic steroid-using athletes. As we know certain anabolic-androgenic steroids are associated with unfavorable changes in cholesterol, heart attacks and heart failure are some of the most frequent causes of sudden death or serious injuries. A MUST WATCH for bodybuilders.

Dave Palumbo breaks down what a bodybuilder needs to do in order to properly monitor heart health. Dave points out that many bodybuilders fail to take preventitive. Bodybuilders use cardiovascular training mainly as a means to increase caloric expenditure thereby increasing fat loss or decreasing fat gain. While dieting for a bodybuilding competition, the ultimate goal is to lose body fat while maintaining the amount of muscle you have.

Any form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, biking or swimming, can improve your cardiovascular fitness. Interval training — alternating short bursts of high-intensity activity with less intense activity — is especially effective. Aerobic exercise, which bodybuilders regularly implement to reduce body fat, improves heart health and significantly lowers your risk of developing or dying from heart disease — the number one.

To manage high blood pressure, exercise, dietary changes, and reducing your salt intake can help, but as aging changes in the arteries often cause high blood pressure in older age, medication is often necessary. It is not uncommon to need more than one medication to control your blood pressure. Age can cause other changes to the heart.

List of related literature:

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Maintaining strong muscles and healthy heart and blood vessels are vital to reducing the risk of another stroke.

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  • I want to thank you Dave, I am 32 with high BP from smoking weed Nd drinking alcohol since I was 15..1 or the other for 15 years, never sober until a few months back.. I also kept somewhat physically active so I’m tone not ripped or huge… but I was for the past 5 years been scared to get my heart and liver and kidneys checked…. but the way you explained it was truly kind str8 forward and real talk, its something I have needed.. everytime my family talks about heart and liver my butt shrivels up and I get soo scared…. but imma put my big boy pants on real tight and do what you said get the heart arrhythmia a to z checked..fuck it I already take soo many supplements what’s another few…. fuck living a coward, if I’m gonna die then die like a fucken man, and not paralyzed or from a pulmonaryism however you spell it.

    Thank you soo much, much love from vancouver canada ������������

  • I’m just 2 min in an video is paused…. I’m just waiting for the part of the video were dave will promote one of his hearth health supplements but by gosh i hope it’s better than his supplement he was promoting a few year back for great joint health, Best dosed one on the market ect ect none other quite like it ect ect…. Then if i remember correctly it was around 3 years later dave had the double shoulder replacement….. Must have been an amazing supplement after all (GULP)

  • #1 Get a CT coronary calcium scan! The an NMR LIPID TEST!
    • LDL particle number (LDL-P)
    • Small LDL particle number (small LDL-P)
    • HDL particle number (HDL-P)
    • LDL particle size
    • A standard cholesterol test (LDL-C, HDL-C, triglycerides and total cholesterol)
    • LP-IR…..
    If. you think you have advanced CVD:
    Micoalbumin/creatine ratio
    The basic lipoid test is worthless, other than your triglycerides, they are the creator of small particle LDL-P..

  • I am 10 weeks out from Nationals, right now it is 6am, snow, cold, -2 degrees celsius, have to smash 60 minutes of cardio, empty stomach, outside, because the gym I go to have no cardio machines, and I don’t have money to go to those who have, because off all the money is going for food and supplements. Good times people, good times, getting hyped watching Makaveli Motivation, I love this shit. Thank you ������������

  • What ace inhibitors are available? I think that’s what you said ace I’m not sure but something to control my bp. On my cruise it’s slightly raised on my blast it gets pretty high.

  • Just wanted to thank you for putting this information out there it’s vital information based off of your experience and your own research plus clinical research and doctors information thank you for compiling all of this together it’s really necessary information that’s extremely hard to get otherwise thank you for doing what you do

  • It’s pretty much beyond argument that steroids accelerate atherosclerosis and cardiomyopathy. If you’re prone to heart disease genetically, steroids will be a co-factor which dramatically accelerates you down the road towards it. And it’s total bullshit that only the big guys died suspiciously young from heart attacks. Heaps of guys from the ‘70s and 80’s ended up with problems, way before the mass-monster era.

  • Big thumbs up here. I wanted to write you to comment about heart health, but you already answered it here. Here is my story. I started working out several years ago, without actually paying too much attention to cardio conditioning. I was not too serious about bodybuilding, I was just doing it as a hobby, my bodyweight increased from 170 lbs to 210 lbs. At my peak strength I started to notice that almost any activity would make me breathe hard. Yeah, sure, I could squat 2+ times my bodyweight for 2-3 times, but at the same time I couldn’t do more than 10 pullups because my breath just didn’t allow me. All aspects of my life started to deteriorate, even my girlfriend started complaining… And yes, strength gains actually reversed. I really freaked out, when I started regularly checking my blood pressure, as I also started experiencing some discomfort in my chest. I went straight to a cardiologist, checked up everything, and fortunately, everything was fine. The doctor explained to me, that my heart was just not powerful enough to support my body, and recommended me to switch to aerobic activity, buy heart rate monitor, and carefully monitor my heart rate while working out. I did exactly that. I started swimming. It was incredibly hard in the beginning. I literally could not do more than 800 yards without being exhausted… But I kept doing that, while keeping my heart rate in range 130-150 bpm. Actually I already started to feel better in a couple of weeks. Even my sleep improved. In 6 months I’m swimming 2500-3000 yards in an hour (depending on my mood), and I never felt as strong as before. Yes, I lost bodyweight (of course, muscles, with some fat), now about 195 lbs, but it’s so good to feel that when you wake up you have energy and you’re willing to live/work/whatever. I went to the gym recently, and surprisingly, I didn’t lose much strength, I could lift 90% of my previous weights, but it didn’t put me out of breath. I could do 17 pull ups, and the reason I stopped was that my hands got tired, not my heart (as before). So, guys, pay particular attention to the main and most important muscle in your body your heart. Stay healthy, live long, enjoy your life!

  • Hi Dave, this video is fantastic, I’m thankful you put it out.

    I also wanted to tell you I love what you’re doing for not only bodybuilders, but people/athletes in general.

    I read in MD a long time ago that you were going to med school. Is this true? You would probably have a line of athletes out the door.

    Thanks again brother!

  • I believe the steroids and other drugs play a big role in heart failure. Even if your natural, if your trying to gain as much weight as possible that’s not always good…

  • Who the fook is listening to this bullshit? A steroid junkie trying to be a doctor. Don’t take steroids and get regular medicals from a fully qualified doctor.

  • Wrong. Plenty of none body building people are overweight in their 20’s through 60’s and don’t die. Bodybuilders who die so young die as a result of a combination of steroid use and other factors such as being overweight and diabetes, organ failures etc combined.

  • Dave… we met years ago in Ottawa Canada at a pro show there. You were the biggest, smartest and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. All of your videos are excellent but this one is amazing. Thank you so much sir for all your wisdom and honesty in this sport. All I can hope is to shake your hand once again.

  • Hey Mr. Palumbo! I love your shows.. you are a good dude.. promoting healthy lifestyles in bodybuilding.. I am still sad.. cuz I could tell you were trying to really REACH out to Rich.. and that he might have been getting TOO TOO big.. I could tell you were really trying to help Rich.. Rich was a great guy.. I think he really was a good person.. but being HUGE.. was his gimmick.. I don’t think it was the roids that killed him.. but 315 lbs.. of muscle or fat is STILL 315 lbs on the heart muscle.. I think we all knew we were watching Rich going down.. and I suspect HE knew.. there were hints to it in HIS videos.. I think Rich KNEW he was in trouble.. and God bless you.. you really did try to help him… keep up the good work! love your shows! and information.. you are really promoting healthy bodybuilding.. and fighting the good fight.. <3

  • The food and the amount of one sitting intake causing arteries to clot and clog my grand mother was belly to the knees but she had a healthy heart and she didnt die from heart failure of any kind

  • this is a great post, I have had 2 heart attacks, one at 35 and one at 57; natty all my life, its in the genes, called hypercholsetermania. It is not that rare of a condition, take his advise and get the heart checked. I still train at 95% and wont stop, but I keep the stress down and take the supplements Dave referred too. Dave, i have been on statins for 22 years, had to stop due to incredible pain in the legs (hamstrings/butt.hips) do you know of any alternative drug (not niacin) to keep the cholesterol down and good cholesterol up?

  • I agree on the body weight contribution to these deaths, but I also strongly believe there are a lot of unknowns regarding diuretics and insulin use that people are using under bro advice from their dealers or gym buddies. Stimulants like ephedrine and clenbuterol are further ascerbating the problems. Just my 2 cents.

  • Red Yeast Rice Extract just as effective as Pharma Statins but safer just don’t buy Red Yeast Rice sold in the U.S.A it tends to be underdosed….China or India is where you need to get your Red Yeast Rice!

  • I think you have it figured out. Most of these premature deaths are from heart conditions, probably caused by excess body weight. Look at the old timers from before there were steroids. Louis Cyr, strongest man of his time, well over 300 lbs at 5′-8″, died at 49. Karl Swoboda, world champion weightlifter, 330 to 400 lbs., lived to be 50. A huge number of weightlifting champions of more normal weights living into their 80s and 90s.

  • Dave you`re a complete & utter idiot!7000 IU vitamin 3D a day while the daily recommendation is 400-600 IU!?For the love of God explain why anyone should take 7000!?Ahhh because then you can sell more of your products, right??

  • You don’t wanna have heart issues? Then do not eat 10/12 times day and don’t abuse steroids. Don’t fuck with GF 1 and insulin.

    Bodybuilders back in the day didn’t take all the shit is taken today. Some Test and Deca went a long way.

    Stay safe folks. No need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves.

  • I have an idea… seeing so many body builders have died… Get it through your heads that steroids KILL!!! Even the biggest, Most well known of you!

  • Great video but do not waste your money on the Helo watch he’s talking about. I’m a Electrical Engineer and we ran some test on this device before returning it. Don’t take my word and read the reviews.

  • That HELO that you’re pimping is another waste of money piece of shit. Wildly inaccurate device which makes it practically worthless. Check out the reviews for just how crappy this HELO is.

  • Overweight bodybuilders are dying young. Zyzz was 205 lbs and died at the age of 22. Massive amounts of Trenabol killed him in Thailand.

  • Alterectomy scrapes out the plaque. Boston scientific created a device called a rotoblader that does it. We do have the technology. The problem is stenosis

  • Good video Dave!
    I like your dedication of learning the dangers of anabolics. I just got my blood testet a month ago and my blood cell count was far beyond the normal levels so i got it tapped. My blood is simply too thick and have not done a lot of steroids, only moderate dosages. I am only 24 years and still too thick blood… even though i have Always felt healthy.
    Everyone should get Their blood testet, because you will never know a Damn thing about your Health before it is tested.

  • I’m not getting any tests done.. I’m gonna ride the wave and let nature take its course in what ever manner that may be.. wether a heart attack or whatever I’m gonna live my life enjoying every weekend, alcohol and a lil but of mdma and I’m good to go