Can Massage Guns Really Decrease Muscle Discomfort


IMPACT Percussion Massage: Lower Back

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The Correct Self-Massage For Hamstring or Calf Strain, Piriformis Syndrome, Etc

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Spine Mobilization with the Hypervolt

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Massage Guns (DO THEY WORK?)

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Gastrocnemius and Soleus Vibration Release with Vibration Massage Device (Hypervolt from Hyperice)

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Benefits of Percussive Therapy

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He mentions that massage guns are great at increasing blood flow to local muscle tissues. This works twofold: it can help to prepare your body for its workout while also potentially reducing the risk of a muscle strain. Orendorf notes that massage guns can also provide benefits after a workout. The percussive pressure helps to flush lactic buildup out of.

Massage guns work by sending direct vibrating pulses through your muscles. According to a study in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, vibration therapy and traditional massage are both effective at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness. Orendorf notes that massage guns can also provide benefits after a workout. The percussive pressure helps to flush lactic buildup out of the muscles and decrease soreness.

HOW TO USE A MASSAGE GUN. While your physical therapist or chiropractor may use a percussive massage gun as part of your treatment, it’s also possible to employ the device. The potential benefits of a massage gun can be broken down into two categories: pain and muscle performance. Local Vibration and Pain. Research appears to show that the use of vibration in conjunction with another popular self-help tool – foam rolling – has a significant effect on DOMS, pain pressure sensitivity, and proprioception. With a custom made muscle massage gun you will be able to get relief from the symptoms that your muscles are showing and this will allow you to get back to the normal way that you do things.

When your body is in a state of muscle spasm, you will need to use certain methods to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort that you are going through. But research tells us that statically stretching a muscle may decrease potential and force output. Instead, use your massage gun for 15 seconds on a. Most of these deep-tissue massager guns cost less than the Theragun, but work just as well if you need to work away a tight muscle for pain relief or improve blood circulation in different body. Across 20 massage modes, this massage gun is perfect for fixing tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs, relaxing the tight soft tissue at a fraction of the price.

You’ll also receive four. Massage may work as well as drugs like aspirin or Advil in easing pain from intense exercise. The word massage alone elicits deep relaxation and stress relief, and now a new study sheds light on. What I mean by this is that if your goal is to decrease pain and inflammation, it is not typically gained by increasing pain and inflammation. There is a demand created by therapeutic inflammation—a demand for the energy and raw materials to heal an area.

Direct application of massage to an area of muscular pain can go two way.

List of related literature:

Additionally, massage is often used to reduce muscle spasm, which causes muscle pain.

“Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes” by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
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by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
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It is also claimed that massage can help to prevent subsequent post-exercise pain, in a way similar to increased training.

“Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists” by Elizabeth A. Holey, Eileen M. Cook
from Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists
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Massage did result in significant decreases in delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) but again, the evidence for an increased rate of postDOMS force recovery—possibly indicative of accelerated muscle repair processes due to massage—was limited.

“Pain Procedures in Clinical Practice E-Book” by Ted A. Lennard, David G Vivian, Stevan DOW Walkowski, Aneesh K. Singla
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There is increasing evidence that massage can reduce DOMS.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
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Massage can reduce muscle tension caused by guarding, but it should not seek to eliminate it.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
from Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book
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Effects of massage on muscular strength and proprioception after Exercise-induced muscle damage.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
from Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

In fact, massage can take over certain cellular responses and render others less active, e.g. during recovery from overexertion, illness, or even maldigestion.

“Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog” by Julia Robertson, Andy Mead
from Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog
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Interestingly, one needn’t actually be touched to experience the effects of muscle relaxation.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
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Massage procedures can cause an overload of the GTOs, resulting in reflex inhibition and muscle relaxation.47 Lumbar muscle strain with concomitant hypertonicity has been treated by many means with mixed results.

“Chiropractic Technique E-Book” by Thomas F. Bergmann, David H. Peterson
from Chiropractic Technique E-Book
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Massage works miracles with trigger points and their pain, but only when done correctly and completely.

“Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain & Regaining Range of Motion” by Clair Davies
from Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain & Regaining Range of Motion
by Clair Davies
New Harbinger Publications, 2006

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  • These guns don’t override pain, that’s dubious language…. It’s basically creating a different sensation… they are not a comparable substitute for actual body work. His gun is over priced… he The Doctors how about to show us, self massage techniques while quarantine… i could demonstrate easily massage therapist here over 15 years.

  • Got one for my dad who is an orthopedic surgeon. He loves it and he wants me to buy a few more so his physiotherapists can all use one during PT session now.

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  • Bought the softerspot s3 lite for $250 on their flash sale. They wont allow you to leave a review below 5 stars. This is their near top of the line percussion massager. This product is closer to a cheap walmart massager than my Theragun

  • If you follow the link to Amazon today 2/19/20, there is a $20.00 coupon off the cost of $139…. I ordered one. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  • When she said “you’ve done research” to prove it works I wanted to say, BUT IS IT something published in peer reviews? Because she used that argument on the man that was discussing the benefits of the carnivore diet. You can’t have it both ways doc.

  • ordered mine for just $99 from @t, very happy with
    purchase. Though I prefer to use before hitting the gym to loosen up my
    muscles. I think its worth it.

  • Great video, thanks for the information! For years i have a lot of problems with my shins and calves and it always comes back, even after surgery. I really feel the release of the triggerpoints, hopefully this can make me able to sport again. Can you advice me about how ofter i can massage my calves so it wil loosen up and stays that way! Hope to hear from you, thanks again!

  • The cost of these massage guns have really come down and quality gone up in 2020. I’ve got an IT band issue and this machine helps loosen up tight areas like outer knee. To be honest I was sceptical but now I’m a fan of these devices.

  • Only problem is using it on yourself requires some bending for prolonged periods of time

    Don’t have anybody else who can use it on me

  • Hi Brent Brookbush, can you make a review video for Voxpree M30 Massage Gun? and

  • Would you consider making a video for those of us using it on ourselves at home? It would be great to see key points for the different parts of the body.

  • How concerned should I be when considering blood clots, or varicose viens??? Is this a super aggressive tool that could potentially cause harm. Thanks for the video, great quality:)

  • Who else got to here from “massage porn”? I liked this guy though. He was using smart words and sounding all photosynthesis. Now I’m going to search for “word porn”.

  • Hello! Just bought a phoenix A2 cause I have chronic neck and upper back pain. The question is(cause my fucking manual came in chinese lol), for how long should I stay in this areas and how often? Does it have a maximum time for each area to not cause damage or just let it be untl it feels good? Thank you!!

  • Hey Brent! do you have any opinion on durability of Hyperice? i’ve seen many bad reviews about hypervolt and bad customer service from hyperice. any opinion helps! thanks.

  • this machine good for quads muscles release and dissolving trigger point, i can under stand hypervolt is vibration machine not percussion machine….which is one is best vibration or percussion?

  • Hi Brent, I’m a physiotherapy student and in the weekends I am a physiotherapist in a football team. I’m planning on buying the Hypervolt but I’m not sure when and how long I should use it. before or after the game, or both and for how long? And should I use this before or after I manually massage the muscles? Thanks for answering!

  • Any advice on how to approach the upperback with the hypervolt? Mainly to release muscles and dissolve triggerpoint in the traps and surrounding muscles. I was wondering if digging in with the bullit head for extended periods of time is safe. Or would you recommend slowly gliding over the effected area. Thanks for the content keep em coming!

  • The #SquatUclub is now on YouTube! As soon as I upload a new video, “like” it and comment with the hashtag #SquatUclub ASAP. I’ll pick amongst those who do so within 1 hour of the video going live and pick one winner to start working on whatever you need help with (squat technique, an achy hip, help with back pain during deadlifts, etc). You must be SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel for a chance to win. Turning on notifications by clicking the little bell next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel will make sure you can be first in line to win every time!

    I’ll reply under the winners comment so make sure you keep up on your notifications!

  • There are several good quality guns available now for right at $100. I routinely use the Medocursor on my clients as part of my Massage Therapy practice. They are extremely helpful for the larger muscle groups.

  • So i have a gun and lacrosse balls and rollers. I am trying to reduce my inventory. Will i loose out on much of i toss it all and just keep the message gun? Thanks!

  • What that means said 4 times in a row. Let’s clear up the sentences because I still don’t understand what you said… and I’m a massage therapist. I was gonna roast you for your typos but since I have dyslexia I won’t.

  • do these massage guns, help break of tissue if youre doing rehab? I am very injuried and doing rehab on different parts of body, does anyone know if it breaks up tissue like foam roller etc?

  • I used this for over a month and all it did was bounce up and down. I sent it back and went back to a ball and roller. With a ball and roller you can get trigger points better. I’v been training for 10 years with a lot of pro athletes and they don’t use these.

  • got very good deal from, very happy with purchase. I prefer to use pre workout to relax my muscles and wake them up. haha

  • Recovapro percussion massage gun is a vibration device that helps improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, prevent muscle damage and reduce lactic acid level. Recent studies have shown that percussive massage provided by a massage gun can cause muscle tissue to contract 30 times more than normal voluntary contractions. Interestingly, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. This combination results in relieving muscular tightness and reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints.






  • I’ll agree with those that have bought cheap guns that do the job, no need to pay heaps for a brand, the cheap one I bought on eBay is still working and it definitely helps my recovery

  • I can never understand why these stuff cost so much when they all virtually do the same thing. I discovered about this massage gun when I had to visit a chiropractor for a very bad neck and back sprain.

    I paid $150 just for him to spend 10minutes on what crossed my mind then as impact guns, and a few cracks of my back.

    Searching these “guns” online and got the cheapest on at $52 with delivery. Now my mum, wife and I can use this on each other or individually effectively saving tonnes of money with a chiro

    Awesome vid. Thanks

  • Foam rollers are much cheaper……… because they are a LOT WORSE. These guns are worth their weight in gold. Got tonnes of bruising coming out, flexibility coming back, quality. Life changer.

  • Save money on one of these and just go to Wish, Amazon or Ali Express. The reason why there are so many of them that looks so similar is because China is just pumping them out like a mad man.

    Paying triple digits for one of these is insane. They’re just repurposed jigsaw tools, which aren’t exactly expensive to begin with.

    I got mine for £17.10 from Wish, completely unbranded.

  • I work at a chiro office, the chiro uses turbotorp V2 for our clients. Runs super quiet and durable. Its like an upgraded version of hypervolt at half the price.
    The trick is not to apply too much pressure and let the massage gun do the work

  • I made one from a jigsaw and i can’t believe i been these many years without one of these mfs. this shit is life changing… massage for athletes is everything, this makes it so u can always massage… i wish i had made one sooner.. if you do any sports you want this mf in your life

  • 3:25 4:10 This made zero sense. You didnt actually explain anything nor explain what it does to the tissue…

    Basically said “it vibrates your muscles and helps you feel less pain”…erm ok.

  • The chiro I work at is using this massage gun.
    Got one for myself too. The trick is not to apply too much pressure and just run it along the trigger points.

  • These things are a gimmick for people thinking they will get results by buying a device instead of putting in the work. This reminds me of fat vibrating belt machines that were popular when cocaine was in Coke and lobotomies where prescribed, drink your Jack LaLanne juice take these pills and stfu and be happy.

  • Can this technique be used for sciatica pain??? I am actually thinking of buying this for me and my mom, where my mom has a sciatica pain, and if I am the one whose using it, I will definitely use it for my sore muscles after my gym session. So will you be able to tell me that this machine will be useful for us???

  • I bought healanfeel massage gun, which comes with 1 year warranty it is really great product with 3 levels of intensity, can’t get enough of it my exercised sore muscles now have a release. I am using it on my shoulder and back too.

  • I would recommend this as a literal necessity. massages work. foam rolling is shit. massage places are expensive.
    please buy a massage gun, you will never regret it and you will buy them forever probably

  • What about recovery boots? Then you don’t have the problem of reaching all over the body (and in general easier to use) and I would think they’re more effective too.

  • so this is a passive recovery tool and not going to make that big of an effect on the muscle tissue itself? My understanding from the video and looking at the device is that it’s similar to a TENS unit and is not making any mechanical changes to the muscle tissue length or removing trigger points

  • I really love your content. Could you make a video about proximal hamstring tendinopathy? And is it possible to squat during the rehab? not too deep I guess but low intensity high reps to strengthen the tendon? thanks for what you do

  • Can these help with long-term muscle strain? As a technician, I have my arms above my shoulders using different medical instruments and tools every day for hours at a time and my shoulders get super sore. Will this help relieve soreness from occupational long term strain like this?

  • Just buy an adapter for your jigsaw. It’s like a Percussion Massager on steroids.
    And if you have a jigsaw already, it’s basically 15$.

  • why some of these guns are so dearer, got mine from these mob for less than 60 quids, think its worth the money

  • I tried one at a shop today on my neck, it felt real good but I looked at the price it said $899 and the smaller one was $600! woaw

  • Hello very informative as usual, I bought one on aliexpress (China) and I sent about $40 with 6 tools and 30 speeds. It works very well.

  • If I am sitting up, and my wife uses the Hypervolt on my back, sometimes it bounces off. Is that because she’s moving it too quickly or something else?

  • Did the DYI version with a jigsaw, adapter and lacrosse ball. Much louder than theragun but just as effective IMO. These things are criminally overpriced if you’re not a chiropractor or something of that nature.

  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;… If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked
    What the hell is he saying???

  • Hi Brent Brookbush, can you review Voxpree M30 Massage Gun? and

  • I bought one at and it works great, +it’s much cheaper thand alot of them, defenetly recommend:) Great video btw

  • 90 plus only it’s with 1 years warranty deducts the price at add to cart. Great customer service,

  • I purchased this Flexgun massage gun device it is cheaper i bought with discount code FG30 which cost me $160 it is so powerful and help me a lot in my sourness…I mostly use before workout and post workout it make feel great & recover fast!

  • I use 1. the hypervolt ball or hammer to relax the fascia then 2. use the fork along the spine to recalibrate the spine and then use 3. manual techniques for spine parts which not yet reacted:-) fantastic!

  • Compared to the new Theragun model makes this one still so much less noise! And also the price is much less. As a rehabilitation trainer and massage therapist I use the device in combination with manual techniques on clients and they
    feel directly the extra value.

  • I just received literally the exact same product for half price at ��

    I tried it for a week, and it’s AMAZING. My dad has the Hypervolt, but I heard about a budget version, so decided to buy it.

    It was only $140 at the place I bought it because they have this ridiculous discount going on.

    The case is even free there, and free shipping.

    Don’t let these big brands rip you off!!!

  • I’ve been testing the device for 2 weeks and I have to report 2 huge issues:
    1-when used on upper body it gives to much vibes in client’s head/voice/eyes. This a massive contraindication.
    2-when used for long time by the operator, it can give soreness in the forearm and sense of “dizziness”.
    I believe the range of vibration is to high (1cm), it should be great to set it. You can use it staying in the surface, without pressure on tissues, but the effect is poor. So in the end I can only suggest it for legs/gluts.

  • As a Chiro I can attest to this principle. Be it manual mobilization first or instrument assisted, manipulations after this are always easier lighter and less traumatic to the patient. I nearly always do a lower mobilization before a needed manipulation now and i’m known as the “Light” Chiro around my area. I use different instruments, but have been looking into this product

  • There are alot different qualities of the gun. I have bought 2, best one with 2 years warranty from which is AMAZING

  • Im a massage therapist and trainer working in a chiro office and this devise is great!!! I researched others and got this for myself to heIp with glute issues and test for client use. WOW it feels great! I get great results with clients….They LOVE IT! love your videos going to get certificated soon. Thanks

  • I just bought a black Renpho as the one in the video, I’m thinking in buying the gun, but I don’t know if I should…. I need a massager for my lumbar, neck, shoulder and my left elbow. What do you doctors suggest me to do since I will have to use it myself? Thank You

  • Bob Brad, when this larger renpho device is percussioning on the body, when you’re holding it, does it shake the hand or does the hand stay pretty still? does it make the hand vibrate while using it to percussion and massage?

  • I bought 2 renpho massagers over the past few months from your recommendations and got a renpho shiatsu foot massager as a gift. They have been game changers in my recovery for running. I wish I would’ve had these as a high school and collegiate athlete! Thanks for all of your wonderful videos that help keep me moving!

  • Last month it was the I reliev massage gun now its this one…….are you guys salesmen….your just confusing the audience with a different massage gun every month

  • I have one if these (I’m sore a lot from CrossFit) it works great but very expensive I got the cheaper model which was $200 only has 1 speed and 2 to interchangeable heads the $500 one has like 5 different heads and 2 speeds. Oh also it dies pretty quickly maybe 10 or so minutes straight but does charge pretty quickly I’d say about 1 to 2 hours

  • I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with a massage therapist because I love all of you guys but let me mention that to me that thought that would be good for me thank you