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The Breathing Exercises That Can Control Anxiety

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Wellness during COVID-19: Basic breathing techniques

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Breathe Deeply to Improve Your Mood

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Breathing Exercises

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Need Energy?? Try Breath of Fire! Breathing Exercise #2 | Kati Morton

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Increase Your Physical Strength Using This Breathing Technique | Wim Hof

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Deep Breathing Exercises for Beginners

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Start with a deep inhale. Roll your tongue, then stick it out and exhale slowly through it. Repeat a few more times, until you feel calmer and cooler.

To do it: Relax your neck and shoulders. Keeping your mouth closed, inhale slowly through your nose for 2 counts. Pucker or purse your lips as though you were going to whistle. Exhale slowly by blowing air through your.

Stretch the fingers to the sky and on the exhalation bring the elbows into the ribcage with a little gusto. This will really help liven up the whole respiratory system. According to The American Institute of Stress, abdominal breathing for 20 minutes each day will reduce anxiety and reduce stress. Breathing exercises also help ease anxiety in people who already have COPD.

One study conducted on 46 men who were hospitalized because of the condition found that practiced breathing techniques improved not only participants’ anxiety, but also their shortness of. There are countless techniques you can practice, including breathing exercises for stress, increased energy, and general relaxation. The simplest breathing technique is to count your breaths. You start by counting 1 on the inhale, 2 on the exhale, 3 on the inhale, and so forth. Deep breathing boosts stamina, reduces stress and anxiety, and can help you Become Unstoppable.

The ability to take deep breaths is necessary to win. Deep breathing exercises help you get proper control over breathing in general and improve your lung capacity. Breathe fully into your belly as it rises and falls with your breath. Breath Focus.

While you do deep breathing, use a picture in your mind and a word or phrase to help you feel more relaxed. The Best Exercise for Every Mood. More.

Here are some other mood-exercise matches that may work: practices like yoga that emphasize deep breathing can. Since breathing is something we can control and regulate, it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind. I recommend three breathing exercises and techniques to help relax and reduce stress: The Stimulating Breath, The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise (also called the Relaxing Breath), and Breath Counting.

To clear congestion try this breathing exercise: Sit up straight, gently inhale and exhale through the nose, then pinch both nostrils shut. Shake your head up and down or from side to side until.

List of related literature:

Breathing exercises help to increase and maintain your health through breath control, bringing energy to your body and developing peacefulness.

“The Anxiety Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Worry” by Lisa M. Schab
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Another great breathing exercise my husband, a meditation teacher, taught me is to place one hand on my belly and the other on my chest and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth slowly until I feel calm.

“Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living” by Sonia Choquette
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Health Through Breath: Multilevel deep-breathing course for stress reduction.

“The Behavior Code Companion: Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Students with Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behaviors” by Jessica Minahan
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Practice the age-old, slow, deep daily breathing exercises taught in tai chi, yoga, prayer, qigong and meditation to help you use your breathing as a natural, free and liberating way toward better moods.

“Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life” by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
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-Deep Breathing Exercise: Deep, relaxed breathing takes away stress, induces relaxation, composes the mind, improves mood and increases energy levels.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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Look at a leaf or a flower with mindfulness, listen to the song ofa bird, and you will get much more deeply in touch with them.After a minute of this practice, your joy will increase; your breathing will become deeper and more gentle, and this gentleness and depth will influence your body.

“Your True Home: The Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh: 365 days of practical, powerful teaching s from the beloved Zen teacher” by Thich Nhat Hanh, Melvin McLeod
from Your True Home: The Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh: 365 days of practical, powerful teaching s from the beloved Zen teacher
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These exercises can help you relax by slowing down your breathing, creating calming mental images, or decreasing the tension in your muscles.

“The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need” by Stephanie A. Silberman, Charles M. Morin
from The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need
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Deep Breathing Exercise: Deep, relaxed breathing removes stress, composes the mind, improves mood and increases energy levels.

“Healthy Healing's Detoxification: Programs to Cleanse, Purify & Renew” by Linda Page
from Healthy Healing’s Detoxification: Programs to Cleanse, Purify & Renew
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They can Regular exercise, at least thirty minutes a day, be increased by helps regulate hormone levels and stimulates exercising, the production of endorphins, the body’s natural mood-elevating chemicals.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
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Daily deep-breathing exercises are very calm

“Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
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  • Hi Michelle thanks for the video, just want to know if I should be breathing through my nose and out through my mouth or vice versa.

  • Recently, (Within the past couple of days), my breathing has become a bit strange. I’ve noticed I’m attempting to get really deep breaths more lately, striving for that “complete” feeling breath. I started yawning more to get it and things like that. I’m not sure why this is happening, whether its allergies or what, but do you think these exercises would help?

  • Hello Michelle! Is this technique useful for hyperventilation? I am struggling with this at the moment and just wandered if I can use this technique �� thanks!

  • Is this appropriate for someone with anxiety disorder? My fight or flight response is already in overdrive. I certainly don’t need to make it worse.

  • Instructions not clear: Blood vessels popped in my lungs causing me to go in cardiac arrest.

    Typing this review in heaven and gods shaking his head.

  • I dont need to activate my flight or flight response, Its always right under my skin. Dont need to set off anything. Prayers for those who suffer panic attacks. They are a b…

  • Thank you very much, wonderful content.
    Could you give some advice to improve mobility of ribs. I feel my ribs expanding but very little.
    Your response highly appreciated!

  • I wish after the explanation you actually do it so we can see it. You were talking the whole time. Also is it breathing through nose or mouth n breathing out through? Kindly explain. Thank you

  • Excellent video for this intuitive mentor from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    I feel rejuvenation from stress to peace, focus, and clarity.

    Well done!

  • Has anyone got any advice for heart pulpatations. I suffer cronic anxiety for over 10 years i gad a heart attack 6 months ago i look so fit and healthy but have these inside issues now i suffer heart pulpatation is there any help i can help to get rid of it or ease it. I have thrre episodes a day of heart pulpatations that last just over 15 minutes and then it drains me. It effects me alot and i am a father of 4 boys

  • Thank you. This really helped. I’ve been working on getting in shape while stuck at home and had improved my posture as well with strength training and yoga and I’m starting to run more but I’ve always had trouble breathing through my nose properly and revert to my mouth when I do any sort of cardio. I feel energized from doing this. I also have trouble breathing when I’m trying to sleep at night. Looking forward to seeing if this helps.

  • Sometimes, for us who doesn’t used to do it, to sit up right and expand our ribcage, it much more felt intense than rilex. That’s my thought as it happened to me when I sit up right and open my ribcage, I got this intense sensation rather than rilex. What should I do?

  • Hi, I am expanding out and my belly is going out, but my shoulders still rise some. This could be because I can’t quite straighten my back. I try to be as straight as I can though. I am currently on a riser on my left foot and we are likely going to have to go up more eventually. Some of my ribs are popping out and this is also causing my shoulder and hips to not be in the right place either. Part of my recovery my osteopath wants me to work on my deep breathing to stretch my lungs becuase I’ve been breathing at a much lower capacity than I could be because of the displacements making it too painful and kind of impossible to breathe fully in.

  • hi In the midle of corona, and iv got i think big anxiety/depression. i would like to ask if you, have got a suggestion for my breathing. many thanks

  • I find it much easier to breath deep lying down. Feel as if my diaphragm is congested when I am upright, and can only breath into chest ��

  • I have frozen shoulder so I can’t do pushups right now will this technique still be effective? I want to use it for PTSD and anxiety.

  • I’ve been taking cold showers, and doing the Wim Hof method, for almost a year, it’s amazing, I can now hold my breaths for 3.20 minutes, and do up to 100 pushups without breathing.

  • Could you expand on, if it matters if you are breathing in through your nose or mouth? Also should there be a hold, in between the inhale and exhale? If yes, for how long? As long as we can without feeling any negative side effects? I.e. starting to feel light headed equals to long. Thank you.

  • I do this when I’m out walking and it has been helping me walk longer and run faster. Just dont hold your breathe for too long though.

  • Hi, I keep on breathing so deeply it happened 4 days ago up to now. I already went to the doctor and they said I’ m fine but still I keep on breathing deeply I dont know if it is in my head thats why Im doing it or what. Please help.

  • Thank you it helped I’ll keep this in mind because my posture is very verrrrry pore to where I have rib pain! But thanks the oxygen I feel my lungs getting the the correct circulation

  • Wim stole it from pranayama and now this guy stole it from wim.. Perfect example of how west steals others works and present it as their own.

  • i hate the fact that i can’t breathe all the time so i end up making a habit of forcing yawns on myself constantly because i get a lot of air in that way but most often it goes wrong and i just gag

  • I would highly recommend remaking the video with less exciting music and with a quieter microphone. Many people who come here will be needing to calm down and Hyper stressful situations and that intro and your mic are a bit strong. Just my feedback

  • Its four months after my laposcropic hysterectomy, can I start exercise: yoga, running, swimming, stretching, abdominal exercise, pole dancing?

  • Holy Smoke,s, I never noticed how much of a Stud Dr. Buff was LMAO.!
    “And I’m not even tired, I can Keep Going”
    “I don’t even feel tired, ahh little bit”
    “My Heart rate isn’t even up”
    Na Dr. Oz seems like a cool dude lol.
    B.T.W. The people that are saying “his a knock off to Wim Hof and what not”
    You have to watch it from the start then I think Ya’ll would understand…..

  • I used to do 12 push ups and ended without breathing first time trying it and did 50 without breathing and ended better than I started like I could run. What has quarantine lead me to

    My fav push up is 20
    After I follow the step I can do 35 push up!! For real!!! Thanksssss

  • Got to say when I first saw this on another video I laughed and thought ( Yea Righttt )! I’m a skeptic by nature and hate phonies pushing their products! I thought lets give this a try. I’m 62 years old and normally do 35 pushups before I need to stop! I did the breathing and then did 55! I got up and sat back and thought maybe this guy is on to something. It’s been 5 days and I’m doing the breathing exercises, cold showers ( 4 minutes ) and am up to 65 pushups using his methods. I’m planing on taking his on line course. Unreal what Wim Hof is doing. LOL. My friends think I’m nuts.

  • I was doing this exercise all wrong, I was raising my shoulders when inhaling. Thanks to your method of keeping the shoulders level I find the exercise more beneficial. Thank you.

  • 2:50 “If you do many in a row, you may actually get lighe herar rar rar…….. ” I’m sorry but I had to share because I about passed out while you were saying that. Haha

  • For the sceptics, try it yourself.
    I never did a true planche pushup before and I was working on it. After this excercise I did three in a row!

  • Bad presentation. The breathing is not explained properly. The push ups weren’t shown fully (and were executed badly). The end feels rushed and weird.

  • I have recently discovered applying this technique for deadlifts! it is truly incredible for me how much more I can lift. I made a video of my experience if you want to have a look:

  • I been doing the breathing exercises, stretching, cold water therapy for like a week now and man…it definitely helps raise testosterone levels and energy. It usually really relaxes me but I had one experience that after I did it I felt like an uncaged animal, like the devil took ahold of me. I felt like “The Beast” in the movie “Split”, I was so damn angry and frustrated about things in my life and I felt like I could run through a brick wall or no human being could stop me as my energy was so crazy intense. I been doing these teachings to try to rid my body of inflammation and seborrheic dermatitis around my nose and so far it hasn’t cleared me up at all. That along with other things are driving me mad.

  • that’s awesome. said some things that rang true for me. years ago, I was exercising plenty, but I love to eat! I was not good at portion control. personally, I had to start intermittent fasting. I’ve lost ten lbs in the first few weeks, but have hit a plateau. What I am doing now is going more paleo, modified paleo. I also need to have more discipline in staying the course on exercising, which I love to do, but work often gets in the way. I came across a fitness /diet routine that is one of the most popular in the country, at the moment

    , looks pretty good. Really it’s not rocket science, although we in the west make it hard. Eat whole foods in moderation, get enough rest, reduce stress, and exercise, not insanely, but regularly. Aerobics and some form of weight-bearing exercise seem to be the best combination.

  • Counted 20 pushups that were shown. Why would you cut the other 18 if your point is to show that the method increases your maximum?

  • what about using this technique for something heavy like squats/deadlifts or overhead press, you still wont need to breathe? lol so its 30 breaths hyperventilating or trying to push out the oxygen or just deep breaths in general?

  • I’m finding it around 5+ inhale and exhale then I can feel my belly sucking in tight as I exhale..I did diaphragm breathing when I was blazed & I felt my core being tight as if I did a core workout..any tips with the belly during exhale please, Thank you & thanks again for the video..

  • The other relaxation ones work! I did them today when I was overwhelmed with everything and wanted to cry! it came in my head to do it and worked!

  • Thank you I got it!! Took me 3 videos to learn it, thinking of pushing the air out with diaphragm helped me visualize the process and now I inhale without thinking which I was having a hard time figuring out

  • Lol!!! 15 seconds and you’re not even retaining your breath? I don’t think the lady knows what she’s doing she keeps saying things like “I think you’re supposed to”go to Kundalini breath of fire it’s much better three rounds you’ll feel great

  • I laughed when you said, “You obviously can’t do it when people are around cuz they might wonder what is up with that business.”:)

  • I’ve tried breathing exercises before and they have been suggested to me but they always leave me yawning lot’s to get more oxygen in and/or reminding me of having a panic attack. Is this normal or common? How can I manage the breathing exercises to get the benefits from them? I feel like I’m missing out on something good!

  • Im confused…are we bteathing the air out,through little puffs over 15 seconds -orquick inhale and exhale puffs over the 15 seconds?

  • I almost fell asleep at school yesterday, and I started doing one of the breathing exercices (Another One, though), and everyone looked at me with like a ”What the heck” look on their faces, but I didn’t really care, cause I was able to pay attention, and, focus in the other classes!!!! 😉
    Thank You, Kati <3

  • Actually u are not suppose to breathe from your mouth you are suppose to breathe from mouth it’s 10x more effective and it’s called kapalbati in yogic term. Check out swami ramdev he shows you how to do it properly and more but this was helpful as well

  • I’ve am seeing a pt for strengthening exercises after pelvic floor surgery. This breathing technique is what we’ve been working on. She calls it hypopressive breathing and besides helping with coughing, it’s suppose to help with strengthening the pelvic floor. Thank you Michelle. Your instructions are so helpful!

  • I keep forgetting about the breathing exercises. I always forget about the calming one too. Or I forget about it until I’m freaking out.

    Today I was sooooo zonked at work, so I ran next door for an energy drink. Oops. Maybe one day I’ll remember.:)

  • That breathing exercise was actually helpful. I’m recovered, as I said before, but I ordered a bracelet, anyways. When should it come in. You are awesome. Thanks for doing YouTube. I’m a Vlogger on the WeRfreEDomFighters channel if you want to check that out. Thank you so much for what you do. ED treatment is so expensive, so we appreciate the free stuff.

  • Nice. I cant believe that ist gonna wake me up but i will try it today. if it doesn’t work… Then i at least worked my tummy muscles during the exercise….. So no time wasted:)

  • I learned how to deep breathe while in therapy class at the hospital. It does help with anxiety. I like to add meditation to it to control mood. Thank you so much for this post, Douglas. Your page helps me alot.

  • Take a look at Emma Seppella’s happiness track, she applies breathing to help those suffering from severe PTSD. Those that have had no relief for years have had relief using the breathing employed by Emma. If you take a look at the Pranayam count youtube video it uses in essence the square breathing, but a person can breath along with the video. Breathing according to Emma research has helped those with severe depression and research is showing a benefit with anxiety as well… Good luck and God bless…

  • Douglas.
    You are looking so bright and full of life. I hope your recovery continues. You are a hero to all of us who have depression,anxiety and bipolar issues
    Keep going strong!

  • Sit tall and straight and stand tall and straight. Walk as if you are confident and happy talk to people as if you’ re happy. smile moderately everywhere you are.

  • Lol. Gotta love these comments. He needs to do one about how to comment without ” jumping on the bandwagon” for adults. From my personal experience after doing it just 2x’s I like it. I like the idea of being able to control the body rather than letting the body control you.
    And as far as him plagerizing, I don’t see it. Could you explain. This is this man’s version of an indoor breathing technique. I could take this and ad doing some sort of releasing or body scanning before or after, add a couple more breathing counts or fewer. Give it a name and have it patented as my own.
    So my point is, where did Win Hof get the technique and does he credit his sources? If not, why should this man have to?��

  • Namaste

    The natural sound of breath is Soham which in sanskrit means I am He { Meaning All is One }

    Thus when Inhaling we can chant So and when exhaling Ham and remember that we are all one.


  • @Michelle Kenway Thanks for posting this video! I have been dealing with a bad case of bibasilar & retrocardio atelectasis. The inhalers weren’t enough to help clear it up. Doing these breathing exercises is definitely help improve it alot.

  • It may work but I rather take a more gentler approach with handling my breathing probs. This a bit too harsh and likely would trigger a panic attack for me.

  • Co2 actually calms the nervous system. The more you have in your system the calmer you’re going to be. The less you breathe, the calmer you’ll become. Yogis have known this for millenia. This new age breathing system just triggers a panic attack. I bought into it too, but realized all I was doing was inducing a panic attack. When you panic, you breathe rapidly and get light headed because you’re flushing all your Co2 out of you system. Think of it this way: When you’re panicking what are you doing? Breathing rapidly. When you are calm and relaxed what are you doing? Breathing slowly and controlled, like sleeping. Slow 20 second inhale. Slow 20 second exhale. 5 rounds. Relaxes me every time. I’ll never understand why people recommend this technique for anxiety attacks. Clearly they have never had one before. Co2 is not your enemy. If you have panic attacks, it is your best friend. Slow and relaxed wins the race every time.

  • A page straight out of the wim Hof method.

    It’s definitely effective though in my experience. It’s almost like you’re super charging your body.

  • I wonder if this is in the mind, my push ups don’t go up, and my breath holds don’t really lenthen. So he couldn’t find 1 person that could do a real push up? Obviously this was the Wim Hoff, was Oz being cheap here? But in all fairness, I’m sure there are a bunch of monks somewhere thinking the same thing about Wim.

  • Thanks for this…simple, quick, and effective. I was especially tired today, so I tried 3 “sets” of these and that was enough to get me moving and start my work. Take care!

  • Starts at 2:42. 30 quick deep breaths through open mouth (slight lightheadedness). Hold the last exhale while quickly doing 20-40 push-ups. Add cold showers too.

  • I did deep breathing as suggested for three to four time and I got cramp like pain in my back. I think, I need to start slowly.
    Earlier I never noticed that lungs expands outside. I always thought expanding belly means expanding lungs.

  • This should come with a warning. Those with PTSD already have the hormonal loop of fight or flight going. These people need to learn parasympathetic not exacerbate certainly not without a support I e environment. This is half science and dangerous.

  • As soon as he said hyperventilating and you might get dizzy, I knew I wasn’t going to try this. I know my body will set off a panic attack as I have an anxiety disorder. I hope it helps others, though ♥️

  • I dont realy get it, some says inhale from the nose and out from the mouth, but why are u guys inhale from the mouth? U make things complicated Jesus. Which is good or wrong?

  • Im using wim hof method and cold training to boost my hypertrophy strenght and build muscle mass and size instead of the endurance training.

  • In 5 days, I will have to fly in plane. I know I won’t die, but I just get really anxious when taking off and landing, because of pressure changes. Will this help me to stay calm??

  • English language speaking people in general are anxious and hyper one.look how fast they are communicating.reduce the pace of your thoughts and then speech…………

  • If you’d like to join our Mindvalley student community, give the Quest All Access Pass a try for 10 days! It’s time to actively create the most amazing version of yourself with the world’s top teachers as your guides ��

  • This holding breath technique is similar with Aikido’s lesson I attended. Sit on you knees. You hold you breath ( this is not the first lesson) and push the guy who do the same like you, push him as much as you can. Then breath out, relax.

  • I was impressed that I could do 15 push ups and that drive afterwords like that burn feeling that nothing can stop you in the moment! It really helps to kick anxiety’s nonexisting butt