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This makes autophagy act as a sort of autoregulator for damage done by non-functional organelles and proteins that helps preserve life and serve as a means to avoid cell self-destruction, a.k.a apoptosis. Autophagy and Apoptosis An Interesting Relationship. Apoptosis programmed cell death. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells, according to Priya Khorana, PhD, in nutrition education from Columbia University. “Auto”.

Autophagy is a burgeoning area of research from yeast to humans. Although previously described as a death pathway, autophagy is now considered an important survival phenomenon in response to environmental stressors to which most organs are exposed. Autophagy influences cell survival through maintenance of cell bioenergetics and clearance of protein aggregates and damaged organelles. Several lines of evidence indicate that autophagy is a. “Autophagy gives your body a reboot and allows your body to function more effectively,” Thurlow tells

Think of your cells like an oven. Over time and as you age, your cells collect damaged proteins, fragmented pieces of white blood cells or enzymes, and other metabolites that no longer work well or efficiently — much like your oven collects. No, for life to sustain itself, it has to perform automatic maintenance work on its cells, tissues, organs, and biological processes. One of the most important types of biological maintenance is a process called autophagy. Autophagy: the comeback of an old pathway.

Lysosomes are organelles fully devoted to degrading diverse macromolecules both from the extracellular environment and from inside the cells [].Lysosomes contain the highest cellular concentration of hydrolases (i.e. proteases, lipases, glycases and nucleotidases) in their lumen, in addition to permeases in their membrane for. The definition of autophagy is “consumption of the body’s own tissue as a metabolic process occurring in starvation and certain diseases.”. Researchers believe that autophagy is a survival mechanism, or a way that the body cleverly responds to. Autophagy should be seen as a life-long process of maintenance and repair that needs to be conditioned and kept active so that you’d prevent it from becoming dysfunctional or inadequate.

If you want to know how to cycle autophagy and activate it when it’s beneficial, then check out my book Metabolic Autophagy. Autophagy is a response to stress, so you’re going to want to put your body through some hardship to drum up a little extra self-cannibalism. (We know this article keeps getting weirder, but trust.

List of related literature:

Autophagy not only produces amino acids for ATP formation under nutrient depleted conditions, e.g., during starvation or immediately after birth, but also protects against various adverse situations, e.g., cancer, neurodegeneration, invading pathogens, aging [1], and perhaps diabetes [4].

“Handbook of Cell Signaling” by Ralph A. Bradshaw, Edward A. Dennis
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The meaning of autophagy is “self-eating”—and while this sounds a little gross, it’s exactly what we need to help us out when free radicals have caused damage to cell membranes or mitochondria, or when cellular processes have left any clutter behind.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
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Autophagy can trigger cell death if it is inadequate to cope

“Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease E-Book” by Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster
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It is also suggested that autophagy may engage cell death (type II cell death), particularly under conditions in which autophagy is enforced.

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Limited autophagy does not result in cell death.

“Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology” by Anthony A. Gaspari, Stephen K. Tyring, Daniel H. Kaplan
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See also autophagy.

“The Biology of Cancer” by Robert A. Weinberg
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With time, the starved cell eventually can no longer cope by devouring itself; at this stage, autophagy may also signal cell death by apoptosis.

“Robbins Basic Pathology E-Book” by Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster
from Robbins Basic Pathology E-Book
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Autophagy is induced by nutrient deprivation (Mizushima and Klionsky 2007).

“The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension” by Gregory M. Fahy, Michael West, L. Steven Coles, Stephen B. Harris
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Autophagy can maintain cellular metabolism under conditions of starvation.

“Understanding Pathophysiology E-Book” by Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance
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Excess autophagy can also be associated with cell death

“Encyclopedia of Cancer” by Manfred Schwab
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  • I binge watch YouTube till 2am to avoid making the decision to turn my phone off and go to sleep… That’s how I found this video.
    (My self control is currently nonexistent, but I know the main reason is because I’m tired ����)

  • I think sometimes self-destructive behavior is a way of trying to get someone to show you they care about you, that you DO matter to them. My parents were so critical of me and emotionally absent. They either ignored or were completely unaware of how their treatment of me made me feel. I spent a lot of time alone in my room because it was safe there. They teased me about it, but they never talked to me about it. Even if they had talked to me, did I even have the words to express what I was feeling? Did I have the courage to speak out against their treatment? I was such a good girl, but the criticism never stopped.

  • I might be wrong but what it really tells you is that the human body was made to be able to depend on periods of fasting to do celular house cleaning. Without fasting, junk accumulates in the cell and produces disease.

  • I’d give anything to have a conversation with you,. Yeh it’s weird. The internet is weird, send a questionnaire, pretty sure we be buds,

  • You can sense he was nervous. But I would also be terrified if I was up there in front of the world’s most brilliant scientists. Humble man but great discovery!

  • I think sometimes it seems like we are being self destructive due to our own internal thoughts issues etc. However, I think some seemingly self destructive behaviors are a response to understanding know matter what you do, you cannot really affect anyone or anything even though you gave it everything you have…So you are trying to cope and process and understand all the stuff that makes no sense externally all around you. I am just wondering how much of the self hatred is real and innate, or if it is due to lack of love and connection/acceptance from others? No blame intended, just feel like these feeling are learned from people just being mean and teaching you that you are no good.

  • My life, my marriage, my family… my addiction (on many aspects) my alcoholism and drug abuse.. I can’t even speak out my feelings they are just burried deep inside. I can’t just go on! I wish I could just die and relieve everybody from such misery.

  • I went to watch this video thinking it was about being an INFJ, but I heard BPD all throughout and though I don’t have that, my husband does and he was watching it with me. I absolutely love all your videos, but this is my new favorite one! I heard you say things I’ve said a million times to my husband. We really think these things all the way through don’t we? Analytical as fuck! The counselor. You’re brilliant! I just wonder if my husband is an INFJ even though he doesn’t seem like it to me. Maybe it’s buried. No matter what I do, he stays locked up inside himself, and when I point it out I’m met with defensive argument. Anyway, I’m sharing this video with my BPD friends and their partners. Thank you FJ! Again, you’re absolutely brilliant! x

  • The very thing we fear affects our behavior in such away to bring about the very thing we fear. Identify and deal with the fear; deal with the behavior. You can’t fear and love at the same time, although you can still chose to love while experiencing fear. That’s the power of love, i.e. to undo what would or could have been a bad outcome. Love transcends all ideas, theories, notions, situations, experiences…. Learning to love is all that matters.

  • Thank you for this message. I do fear that I will be left out of the kingdom of God because of my sexual immorality. I have repented and asked fort forgiveness.

  • So much happening in the world right now, but God is still, and always will be in control… I think the most important thing right now is spending time with God, and not just talking to him, but listening…. I am sure just about everybody here already does it to some degree, but I know for myself that in many situations I am not listening like I should be, but doing most of the talking

  • Wow…I am an INTJ and I struggled with this all my life. Now I am finally going to therapy. You touched my feelings with this video

  • To my INFP brother and friend. You don’t suck at life. Really…even when you make bad choices you can adapt and overcome. You are loved unconditionally.

  • The spirit of Christ is within us, Jesus words are spirit and brings life when we read them. If you don’t give birth to what is within you, you will die. You must be born again from the spirit by reading the red words of Jesus they are bread mana from heaven, the word of God be cake flesh. Who ever eats of his flesh will live, his flesh is the red words, word of God became flesh. So that all who eat and believe will have life, these preachers are the false teachers. If I could preach one message, I would say red the red words of Jesus. And allow the spirit to guide you to all truth, this man is using versus why wrong. God loves those who act upon his word and obey, and we cannot do this on our own we need the spirit within. Please read the words of Jesus Christ. Thank you these guys just want money, you may feel good when you listen to him but the feeling fade very fast. But if you eat the red words of Jesus which means to read them, a living water will burst from within your heart and you shall never thirst again. Amen to the amen

  • I keep clicking on your videos not knowing I need to hear this stuff and then it hits me so hard. Thank you so much for thinking about these issues so deeply and sharing the things you’ve learned

  • The Bible is the basis for the laws we have on Earth, as well as the basis of morality in general. The further we stray from the Bible, the further we move towards a lost society.

  • Been struggling with this all my life, 2 years in therapy and it’s still here. I’m very very deep in it, so I guess it’s a huge ass mountain for me. I think I did let go of it, but it stays with me against my will, it’s a voice that bullies me almost all the time. Maybe I still don’t really trust myself but I think all I need is time. Amazing video, loved it. Thanks for posting it <3

  • Frank I understand what you’re saying I hope I can put into motion all your good info….I have always tried to be good to people… no matter what I do…damned if I do and damned if I don’t… I tried to cut out unhealthy relationships, even some family members that I felt were just very pushy or very picky and never like the way I did this that or the other to the point were I really just don’t have anyone. Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people but that doesn’t mean that they are people that I could count on or go to for help or they would come to me for help, some of them have…My life is upside down right now though it could be worse, I am still not dealing very well with it. I’m not good at asking for help and when I have asked for help in the past i’ve always been met with excuses…. I’m hoping the insurance company will come through and my home will be put back together and then I can Think about a future plan…So, for now I don’t know which end is up. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn I really hope the Dawn is on the horizon.
    I shouldn’t complain even now…I’m not handling my predicament very well I’ve never had to do this and it is daunting.
    I do have faults and imperfections I just have always tried to be positive I don’t think I’ve ever let people see the hard side of my adult life I’ve always tried to smile and keep on truckin’. Was it Paul who said “ this too shall pass”. My scripture references are very very rusty… I’ll just keep ����. And listening to my boy FJ ��. And I would not be objecting if you were to have a genie in your pocket��‍♂️

  • First of all, I would like to state that I find the content of the video very useful and I think your wording is very reassuring and fluent. There is something I want to learn. How should we communicate with our friends who are facing this psychological problem? How should we treat them? What should we do when they refuse our help and don’t want to talk to us? I look forward to your reply, lots of love.

  • “Suicide” is not always an act or self-loathing. In-fact, in some cases through-out history it was an act of Will and Self-Love. When the individual was faced with being dominated by an outer force/ other that was insisting they submit to a “life?” of continual oppression, subjugation, starvation, imprisonment, exploitation, and abuse, they said “no!”. Remembering where they/We Originally came from, and that they were sovereign, powerful beings that were designed to Live Free (and not have their wills usurped by others determining who they “should” be and how they “should” live) they knew they were deserving of so much more than this. So, when given no other option they “chose” death of the corporal form rather than endure abuse of form, and/ or Soul death…and the inevitable self-loathing that would then be most likely sure to arise from continuing to endure such. So really their “suicides” were acts of Self-Compassion (when not extended to them by their fellow man). Socrates, Cleopatra, Crazy Horse etc etc etc and all the not so famous souls that were forced to make such choices throughout the ages of human existence. If they were given the choice to live how they saw fit they would have most likely chosen to continued to Live….submission requires the participation of self-loathing. This is what “revolutions” are all about on a mass collective level. I raise my cup in toast to these Brave Souls. May we individually and collectively Evolve Now from this negative karmic loop pattern. Rise up in Love.

  • Thank you Ashley for putting it out there. So, simple, yet so complex. I typed I am self destructive and you showed up first. Thank you, again. P.D Everybody suffers with BPD, the one that has it and the ones around him.

  • i.. feel attacked!! and not really in a bad way bcz i knew these things in my head but being told like you are being understood is something else
    why do i relate to everything you say??

    you talk so good..

  • God help me to listen this video today on my fasting thank you Heavenly Father God in mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth amen.

  • This is the most important thing for me i have ever seen. Thank you so much for having done this video. Wow, that was great, human beings can really do some good, and you have done some pretty awesome stuff, thank you

  • Thanks for explaining this, I’m stuck in self destructive behaviour patterns and it’s got to the stage where I cant eat or take care of myself. I’ve never been so unhappy or ill from the things I’ve done to avoid pain, I’m at the stage where my self destructive patterns are killing me, I related to your talk, thank you.

  • It seems INFJs feel crap a lot of the time, struggling with hesitation, worry, awkwardness, depression, obsession etc, but then occasionally we might be lucky enough to get a really good feeling which is soooo intense and amazing. But sometimes these feelings are painful because they create a desire for even better feelings and the sense that they could be achieveable. You know that burning desire to connect with many others on a higher plain that we can often get with great music?
    I also struggle with confidence, and looking for validation from others rather than believing in myself. That makes us crap at starting relationships. I was lonely for over 20 years because of this.

  • 5 years later and first time watching this sermon and it came at the RIGHT TIME for me ������ God’s word is alive everyday. Thank you Jesus

  • Thank God for this. I was almost to commit suicide yesterday but this sermon save me. #From 2014 to 2020 July# It made me changed my thought. God bless Rick for giving me another chance where ever you are. I do not know you, but you really made me live again.

  • For many years I have worked at becoming consciously aware of the type of people I allowed in my life. The type that actually put me down and yet we’re the first ones to tell me “You just need to love yourself”. It took a great deal of self destructive behaviors and reaching a darkest low for me to understand what “Love yourself” meant. You’re right, that phrase is meaningless unless we can teach how healthy self love looks, acts, feels, thinks, functions. I appreciate your explanation of this Frank.

  • The Keys to be free from Selfdestruction: A Summary for yall
    1. 12:22 Reminding yourself daily what Jesus did for you
    2. 24:34 Ask the Holy Spirit to put good thoughts
    3. 32:04 Realize you have a new ability to say no
    4. 39:02 Turn your thoughts to God whenever you are afraid
    5. 49:56 Focus on the long-term not the short term
    6. 56:32 Remind yourself that God is good and in control
    7. 1:05:14 Trust that God will never stop loving you