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My Body Acceptance Journey.

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On the Journey Toward Body Acceptance. by Claire Fountain. September 15, 2019. No Comments.

Body acceptance often seems like this elusive space only the privileged inhabit — where one’s thoughts aren’t consumed with how your body looks or how you can (or think you should) change it. When you accept your body, it becomes a vessel that allows you to enjoy life. Body acceptance is a chance to build practices of self-care to take care of your body.

Through living IN your body, you can allow yourself to do the work to show up fully in the world and take up space. To see your body as your home for your whole self. So, rather than preach body positivity, I’m making a shift toward working on body acceptance in 2019. You don’t have to want to post your body. My Journey Toward Radical Body Positivity.

And so, while self-acceptance is a valuable goal, those of us with the most privilege must consistently work to challenge our own biases that allow us to paint these movements in broad strokes of individualism. Likewise, as a white person working to be an anti-racist accomplice, or a man working to. Interestingly enough, the first spark of body acceptance I felt was when I spent ten months in Japan between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. Being foreign already made me so extraordinarily different that my being fat was a superfluous detail.

I was the foreign girl rather than the fat girl, and that was liberating for me. my journey towards body acceptance: it’s not about me I think I’ve been obsessed with my body since I was about 15 which is a long time since I am now 28!!! But the thing is But as I began to pull myself out of the diet mentality, I started to naturally shift towards a world of body positivity and radical self-acceptance: a place where your life does not revolve around what you eat and how much you weigh. A place where your body.

We can practice acceptance toward our experience, people, appearance, emotions, ideas, and more. Acceptance can be practiced in all areas of your life: You can exercise it toward your current experience or reality, others’ beliefs or ideas, your appearance, your emotions, your health, your past, your thoughts, or other individuals. A Journey Toward Acceptance and Love For much of his life, Greg Chapman felt less than fully human. But when he stopped judging himself against other people’s beliefs, Chapman found a new.

The journey towards body acceptance and self-love often feels the same. When you set out on this journey, you can’t always see the other side. Often, you are so engulfed by your old thought patterns and behaviors around body and food that you may not even be able to imagine your life being another way.

List of related literature:

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Third, when we identify ourselves with the body, we can­not help believing that we can change ourselves by changing the way we look.

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  • Thanks for sharing your struggle. I’ve been through something like it (though in a much smaller scale) and now I just ask myself why was I putting my body through so much struggle. Why I hated it so much.

  • No psychiatrist here, but I’m now 50 and Still have those same feelings you talk of, so if we are getting these thoughts our entire lives, and we know it’s madness to not love just the way we are, I’m wondering if there may be some body Dysmorphia type thing going on in our brain that we cannot control. I do know that light meds for anxiety helped me but without them I’m more obsessed and I don’t even care about how anyone else in the world looks, it’s like some damn mild illness of the thinking. I hate my body and even after surgery to change it, it will never feel right on me. Thing is if I don’t care about my body some months I’ll go focus on hair loss or face or find something else to hate on me for. So good for you girl for talking about this topic. You are very quietly spoken and that adds to your beautiful self even more.

  • fat!??? I thought that was normal weight for that height, no way is that fat at all. Funny how weight can make us loathe ourselves. I have the opposite fears where I think I’m too skinny. Get called anorexic and the works when I eat perfectly fine. 20 yrs old, 5’2″ I weigh on average between 92 and 98 pounds. I’m just small, the hateful words I get sometimes are ridiculous?? why people feel the need to shame others because they’re not like them is beyond me

  • i can relate to this so much, especially in isolation im struggling to stay fit and workout and im being so hard on myself but the truth is i will never ever be happy with how i look if i keep striving for more or i keep comparing myself to others.

  • “I’m living in a time that does not exist” is a perfect way to describe the biggest challenge I face in my daily life. I have struggled with weight and body image issues since elementary school. I remember being in 5th grade and noticing the other girls didn’t have the same body as mine. I became obsessed and insecure and eventually bullied, and the anxiety/depression came with it before junior high. The worst part is how impossible it was to speak about it. I didn’t tell anyone. Not even my family knew I cried in my room every day after school. Fast forward to now, I’m 25 and still have these issues, but it’s a lot easier to find others who relate and talk about it… which is ALL i could ever hope for! If I were to become a parent, I would do all I could to help my child understand they can come to me about anything. Thank you for your message and sharing your experience, you are not alone! ��

  • hi, it’s 2019. Been trying to figure out how to be healthier and have been thinking more about “intuitive eating” I just really want to get to a place where I’m happy.
    this helped in many ways. you probably won’t see this. but thanks for sharing

  • Hi Arden, I sometimes come back to this video to hear again about your change, you’re not mentioning a lot about your diet nowadays, I love the workout video ( I watched it a few times already too). It seems like you have a healthy approach to weight loss and your body and we need more of that on youtube! Please consider putting a new video like that, how you transformed into healthy body and keeping it up!

  • Wow, I’ve been watching your new videos for the past couple months and now watching this just breaks my heart. You seem SO much happier now, so much more confident with yourself, and it’s amazing to see as someone who is struggling with beginning to workout and take care of myself physically while struggling to eat in a balanced way.

  • Ohhhh “I’m not going to mention numbers” my highest was 123 at 5’5… well I’m 5’5 and I’m near that weight to… thank u for making me feel like shit LMAO

  • I think it’s important for girls to know that 123 at 5’5″ is VERY SMALL. I am 5’2″, 150lbs, and wear a size 4-6 (also small). Girls, please don’t compare yourselves to others!!

  • Hey Arden. Perhaps it’s because I was making myself a tea and the thought of this video you made propped up in my mind. And I simply want to say thank you for being honest; it wouldn’t have been easy to talk about the demons that once haunted your teenage years, such as your relationship with your weight and body image, let alone post it on the internet for everyone to see. So much bravery and courage from you, and I admire that so much.
    Hope your journey is going strong, sending you lots of love ��

  • I know this is probably going against the point of this video, but you’re so beautiful and so’s your body, inspiring to me, motivational, to become

  • im 18 and still struggling with eat disorders, i just started purging like a month ago and i cant stop:( i dont want to be this way but i keep wanting to lose weight and punish myself. I dont understand why i struggle so much because most people dont want to get better, i never wanted to be anorexic or bulimic tho. its frustrating…

  • one of the best videos on YouTube, period. as someone who struggles with body issues, this is so important for me to hear. a lot of the things you said i could relate to, and i really hope more people talk about this in the future because it’s a really serious problem. thank you <3

  • Trust me, I really want to love myself but I just have this deep hatred always lingering. It won’t leave no matter how much i’m complimented.

  • So, I’m about two years late for this video, but back then, I didn’t really worry about my self-image. Now I do. I just sat through this video and I cried because I was eating a bag of goddamn chips and I felt guilty about it. And then you mentioned how you realised that punishing your body and restricting yourself from certain things is stupid. That is really just sticking to me right now. I really appreciate the things you said in this video, it was really positive and I really liked it.

  • One thing is: here girls wanna have “the body” you know? Big boobs, big butt, big tighs. Here most people think that’s hot and beautiful, a body to go to the beach, i don’t know. And i do not have that body, i am very skinny, but i am healthy and i am happy with How i look. Sometimes i look in the mirror and observe my body, but one thing you need to think is: is my butt doing what it’s supposed to do? Which is allowing you to sit and not be right in your bones. If the answer is yes, go girl. You are ok.
    The visions of body in the world are so different. Here in Brazil is what i said. In usa i feel like it is “big boobs but v skinny”. I don’t know, is that right?
    We should really see our body as a temple, the only one we have, and love it and respect it.

  • I don’t know why I cried through this video but im a mess:) U are literally THE most relatable human being I know! U changed my life! I read ur book (almost adulting) when I was at a huge depression, dehoriented and afraid of starting my “adult life” independent and grown up life…every chapter I read made me do something productive and forced me to improve myself…Finally found ur youtube channel and u make me feel soo uplifted and happy with life! I had an eating disorder (anorexia) and body issues basically took over my life…Up to this day I battle with my insecurities but im almost recovered from my bulimia..I always felt bad after eating something “un clean” and could never accept what I needed..I starved myself throughout high school loosing soo much and spending my teen years in hospitals…the worst was recovery cuz I gained soooo much weight and people noticed. Instead of applauding my recovery they pressured me like “im worried about u…u look bigger, u should exercise” and it was hell (still is) to go shopping and never having my size available at the time…then I had this sort of a thyroid problem that slowed my weight loss. I did the same as u..I started restricting and hiding myself from going out cuz I just felt disgusted with myself and quit gaining even more weight… When I got accepted for college (a performing arts one) I started thinking about my future as a singer and dancer ( I need to be in shape to dance, not to look pretty) and I started trying to just be healthy and not starve:) I picked up some books, including urs and I started reading… U TEACHED ME SOOO MUCH! I started doing everything for my happiness and not for others… they don’t have time to spend every moment of their lives thinking about me! I decided to start exercising and eating healthy FOR ME and my health! Not for others, not for the “perfect” size, but for ME:) and a happy life. U taught me that..I should live as myself and appreciate my body, no matter what and the others can’t defy me. Everyone has a different body. And even though sometimes I still compare myself to others I learned how to love myself and be my best friend. Self love is a process we should work on everyday:) LOVE UUU and I think ur an beautiful amazing human being!!

  • Your dead on!!! I on that sameJourney knowledge is key and once you know the truth you can dismiss it or use it for good and that’s where I am thank you for this video

  • You were at the beginning of your weight range at 5’5″ 123lbs. I’m 5’4″ and a quarter lol!! My weight range is 120lbs144lbs. So, 123 at 5’5″ is not fat at all.

  • Each to their own, but I’ve seen a lot of people turn vegan as just another way to control things following eating disorders. EDs feel to me like needing control, due to emotional instability (I developed anorexia aged 12 because of this). I think intuitive eating is the way to go to get in touch, maybe for the first time, with your own needs (needs are kinda demonized in an anorexic frame of mind) and for those needs to actually be responded to in an appropriate way. We need to move away from prescriptive diets of any kind, is my view. And personally, when I tried even vegetarianism my digestive system said GIRL, NO. Quality meat that is not factory farmed is what a lot of people need for blood sugar control (chickpeas don’t cut it for me on that front). Obv a lot of veggies are great for you, but if you need to follow a low carb diet for health and digestive troubles, sometimes meat is the only option.

  • The thing you said about not being able to tell if someone’s healthy just by looking at them is very true. I was not eating very well (depression kind of ceased my appetite) and I looked barely thinner, I looked normal. But for example, whenever I sat down on a hard surface like the floor or lay down, I was very uncomfortable and I could basically feel my tailbone or pelvis making contact with it, there was this one time I almost fainted in class, I was so exhausted all the time (unfortunately, coffee doesn’t work on me), I felt even more unmotivated because I was barely eating which made it hard to actually make something for me to eat (I’m vegetarian, only barely eat dairy and I live in a country where that’s quite uncommon so I make my own food), etc. And you wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve actually gotten a few comments on my appearance saying I looked good/thinner. It just goes to show that you never really know what’s going on in other people’s lives. I’m still struggling with it, but I’m trying. And this video has inspired my to try harder to care for myself even when I don’t feel like it. Especially when I don’t feel like it. So thank you very much <3

  • Wonderfully genuine video Arden, thank you for sharing. By being open and honest about your experiences you are helping so many others.

  • Omg!!! Your eyes are so beautiful. After I watched your video and a few others today I feel so much better than I did earlier. You’re just so pretty and you should be so confident��

  • What color was your hair when you started? Mine is dark blonde with some bleached pieces at the bottom from an old balayage. Just wanting to know what to expect.

  • I love your message but the fact that you said your height and weight is very triggering and could make girls feel terrible about themselves. 120 pounds at 5’5 is VERY far from overweight it’s closer to underweight than overweight. Like if a 5’2 girl is 120 pounds (a healthy weight) she may think that she needs to lose weight since you said your highest weight was 120 at 5’5…

  • One of the best videos I’ve watched in a while, this positivity output from such a big platform is great. Currently learning to value my health over my weight after an all time low health wise, slowly but gradually realising what that means. Thanks for sharing this one! x

  • Everyone, guys and gals, be comfortable with what you have. We’re all perfect and imperfect to someone so it’s impossible to appeal to the masses!! Beauty is subjective. When looking in the mirror, speak to yourself as if you were speaking to a loved one. You wouldn’t put then down and call them bad names!! There is at least 3 things that we all like about our bodies that others wish they had. Eat healthy, indulge in junk every so often, THROW AWAY THE SCALE ANd give yourself a daily compliment!!

  • When you’ve grown up in a world where you’re constantly told that being bigger is bad it really blows your self-esteem out the fucking water. And even though now, finally, girls are speaking up for themselves, and we see them as beautiful…it’s still hard to see yourself that way because it’s been expressed as a bad thing you’re whole life. I think bigger women are so damn beautiful, I love stretch marks, and big thighs. I have also recently just started to love my body. And it’s hard, everyday it really is. But I make myself wear something that I used to not want to because I’m scared I’d look fat in it, I do that at least once a week. And lets be honest, I am fat weather I’m wearimg something I think makes me look it, I am. But why the hell is that a bad thing?

  • Hi Courtney! I found your channel through your henna videos (I am dying my hair with it for the first time as I write!) and as I was exploring your channel I found this video, and it came at a really great time. I have also just started on a path of self love after disordered eating and depression. I have always been heavier and curvy and self conscious of my weight. January 2017 I was at my heaviest 185, I started dieting but it slowly slipped into a more restrictive and unhealthy pattern until I had lost 40 pounds in almost 6 months. I stabilized for a while, gained and then lost ten pounds and then met my current boyfriend last year. Since then I have been so happy and fulfilled and have gained 30 pounds back. I carry weight well but it still is painful knowing all the pain and work has been reversed. I tell myself that I didn’t lose it the right way, and I gained my current weight not out of binges but out of happiness and fun experiences. So it isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s still hard to not meet my own high expectations of myself. So I have been going to a nutritionist, and therapist at my college to address the deep seated causes of my issues. I feel strong and i think red hair helps! Your video touched me and your journey is gorgeous. You are radiant and kind and inspiring.

  • Seem’s to be a common theme with female youtubers, they all feel the need to tell the world about their own insecurities. Go look through the history of any female youtuber who has been doing youtube for years and you will find ONE video where they discuss about their own insecurities regardless of what the original theme of their youtube channel is.

    Even her boyfriend did a video recently about his anxiety!!!! for goodness sake, what is it with youtubers?? are they a weak minded soft bunch or what?

  • Great video. I’m shocked that at 122 lb and 5’5″ people said you looked fat. You look absolutely fine in this video. What is a good weight depends on who you are. I saw a very slim woman in a swinsuit recently but she looked perfectly OK because was naturally lightly built. Some women would look like they’d just escaped from a concentration camp if they tried to get down to the same weight

  • “And how much I shat…was incredible.” Girl, I’m glad I’m not the only person that feels proud of being regular. Lol. TMI, but I don’t care.

  • YES!! This is so important. Since going vegan 9 months ago I’ve gained weight, filled out in my hips and boobs and am so much healthier than I was just being vegetarian. I was living on oven fries with mayo and Doritos, and relying heavily on my fast metabolism to keep me stick thin, now I’m eating tons of nutrient-rich foods and have never been healthier (or happier!)

  • This is so inspiring for me! I have Lupus, and the only real pain relief for bad days is steroids.. But, those cause me to gain weight like crazy, and there is literally nothing you can do to avoid it, doesn’t matter how much I work out or eat healthy. I have been putting myself through so much pain lately just because I’m afraid to take the steroids and gain weight.
    I just need to learn to love the body I’m in now, because hating it sure doesn’t do any good. ��

  • this is such a good reminder to myself that my weight doesn’t define who i am. i am alive and breathing and have all these beautiful thoughts and am kind and sweet and caring and funny but i am not what is merely an image of myself. i am not what people tell me i am. i am myself and only myself. i created me and got myself to where i am today so why can’t i continue my own life being me?

  • I grew up always really super thin and I started to gain weight after high school when I moved out on my own and went vegan. I lost a lot of the weight but gained it back because that’s just what happened lol. I started to get very insecure because I didn’t see anyone that looked like me and I kept comparing my body to everyone else’s body asking myself why can’t I look like them. I’m not thin but I’m not plus size, and I don’t see a lot of women on a platform discussing being midsize (there is of course a couple but not enough). I always thought “oh I’m not a size blah blah blah so that’s why I have no friends” and I knew my thoughts started to become toxic because you should never think that about your self and your worth of other people based on your view of yourself. Now I’m on my journey to body positive thoughts. Keep posting about your journey because it helps so much you have no idea!

  • I think.. No, I KNOW you are a beautiful young lady… In every aspect, inside as well as out.. If anyone, including that little voice inside your head, tells you anything different, laugh at them because they don’t have a clue!!

  • Hey there! I just started my Youtube channel last week. My channel is all about encouraging and empowering one another and finding the beauty within.:) Let’s support each other! <3

  • How did you get his trust back completely? I went through that also but my husband was never severely addicted but it still got to me and made me go through the same thing and ate hardly anything to be super skinny. what did you do to get his trust back and do you guys have internet on your phones where you can trust him?

  • Almost cried watching this! Thank you for this video. Hearing “it’s okay to not be beautiful” is probably the most amazing thing I’ve heard in a long time. Sometimes we forget that not looking a certain way does NOT discredit everything we are and all the amazing things we do. Ive been actively doing thought swaps since you had posted something about it on IG and it’s making such a huge difference in my mindset I really appreciate it.

  • Hey guys! If you feel compelled to do so, I would love if you would share your stories to help other people out there know that others are on this same journey! Its certainly not easy to all of the sudden start loving your body, but we are all in this together!

  • Hey girl! I know how you feel, I deleted Instagram half a year ago and it’s difficult to manage without it as I am a painter but listen, I feel sooo much better! I only google search/ use Pinterest for images I actually want to see without having to scroll though all these girls that make us feel bad! I can only recommend this method. I no longer think about comparing myself to anyone and I am much happier! And you are super pretty BTW!:)

  • I had a very similar experience. It is nice to know that there are other people out there with the same struggles. Thank you for making this<3

  • My eating disorder story started when I was around 15. I‘ve always been that stick thin, boyish-androgynous child, I remember being so thin than the boys in my school could grab my waist all around with their hands. I got my period late, I think when I was around 14. So I clearly was a late developer (got my first bra age 16).
    But around the time when I was 15/16, mx body started to change dramatically and I couldn‘t handle it. I started ballet when I was 3, so you can imagine what 10 years of ballet training had contributed to my ideal of beauty… but when my hips and boobs started to grow, I just couldn’t bare it! I started dieting because I thought I could stop the process. I had to stop ballet classes because of a knee injury and the lack of exercise (having danced in class 2x a week before) affed to my weight gain. I started gaining and losing weight and… yeah… losing my mind, basically. Because I couldn‘t dance, I projected all my energy on my „weight loss journey“ and it became an obsession. My grandpa would make comments like „oh, you gained weight, I can see it on your face“ and that hurt me so much that I would fast for 2 days. Then the binge-eating came in as I was basically starving myself, and my sanity was lost. I couldn‘t recover from this until I was 22. and I‘m still struggling. Not with the eating, I‘m pretty good at that as I learned to cook and nurture myself, but I think I developed some body dysmorphia, as I find myself so disgusting and always think I‘m bigger than I am. I can‘t wear tight fitted clothes as that makes me feel miserable, although I am at a perfectly healthy weight!

  • People told me that I looked like a model but meanwhile I was blacking out, eating <200calories a day, having a hard time walking up the stairs, etc.

  • Ever since I was little, I hated my body because I have always been super skinny. Everyone always talks about how they have body image issues because they think they are overweight but I’ve been trying to gain weight for as long as I can remember. The problem is that when I had been trying to gain weight, I would do it in the most unhealthy way possible like thinking I could gain some weight by eating a whole box of doughnuts. Now I know that if I want to gain weight, it’s good to do it in a healthy way and with exercise. I still have a horrible body image but I’m getting there.

  • I have 5’8 and 120lbs…and my WHOLE LIFE i have been told too skinny, anorexic, i need a cheeseburger, i look sickly, im a skeleton, im boney…etc…
    And that hurts just as much as making fun over bigger bodies.
    I even got pregnant, and had a son…i went to 150lbs while prego, and dropped to 115 within 2 weeks after having him 5 years ago.
    Ive been 120ish lbs since i was 15 years old…
    Ive tried EVERYTHING to gain weight…eating more, protein shakes, pills, special foods, even tried being MORE LAZY…(im already a gamer and enjoy indoors…it was hard to be more lazy)
    I had always DREAMED of having a bigger body…similar to yours!
    Like 140ish.
    I dont give a fuck!
    So about…3ish years ago, i decided wtf ever, this is me!
    At every size!
    As long as we are healthy…
    Then theres NOTHING WRONG WITH US!


  • I was bulimic in my grade 8 year. I was tiny and yet felt so huge. Eventually I put on a healthy weight but it made me feel worse. I got in a bad relationship I gained 40+ lbs. Lost 20 but was upset I couldn’t get past the 20lb mark. Moved and kept the 20lbs off then experienced a miscarriage with my new bf and I gained alll the weight back. Now I’m only 10lbs down, and cannot budge. Trying so hard, being active, eating balanced, and trying to accept and love myself and being more gentle.

  • thank you so much for putting this up and sharing something so personal. actually your body is something i want and look up to but its an impossible goal for me because i can never have that because my body shape is so different and its something i need to learn to accept.

  • This was so incredibly uplifting and honest. Recently I’ve been slipping back into an unhealthy relationship with food and this just kind of checked me

  • i absolutely adore your content! it is so freakin refreshing to see somebody care enough about such a confusing topic, to sit down in front of a camera and begin a conversation about it. this is so important, but it is rarely ever discussed. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL

  • You are such a beautiful woman & happy that you’re talking about body positivity! Everyday I face these “issues”, my body is different from all of my friends bodys so i feel like the body I’ve isn’t right. I feel like people are judging me when they see me & I can’t get this of my mind even tho my bestfriend tells me that I’m beautiful the way I am but sometimes people make comments that may be for them just a comment but you know this is theyre perspective of plus size woman. A guy in my class talked about a girl and said she was fat, he didn’t say it me but this girl has a similiar body as me so i kinda knew what he & bis friends think about me & that’s just gross. I like my body because people tell me how beautiful I am, they say I have curves & my boobs are big, tell me that I can wear clothes that they can’t & that’s when you learn, you may hate your body like other people hate their own body, you’re jealous of each others body and that’s stupid see your body from an other perspective and dress how you like. People say crop tops or skirts are for thin people and they look better in it? No you are the most beautiful Person in the world if you love yourself & be yourself!!! I apologize if there are any grammer mistakes or so, I am not a fluent english speaker so please don’t be too mean to me <3 In the end everyone is beautiful the way you are ^^

  • Hi, I’ve been watching your videos for about four years and I always thought you were SO GORGEOUS but honestly just the person you are is why I keep watching, there’s alot of pretty girls on youtube but not many real or funny or vulnerable ones. You’re so awesome!

  • How could she hate herself she’s not fat at all like me was she 162 at 11 when all her friends would say they were 85-95 when she asked how much they weighed

  • You look awesome! Boys don’t want to date emaciated stick figures anyway! Its all about how you feel about yourself! Start with what you eat if you constantly have acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, and gassy all the time start by eating and drinking things that agree with you which is usually clean and as unprocessed as possible lean meats, vegetables, fruit and carbs like brown rice. Main reason to workout is to improve your energy and attitude your end product is better posture and that you look better (you’ll feel better before you look better). If you are working out just to look a certain way, and you become narcassistic, shallow, vain and you are not feeling better your doing something wrong you need to reassess your goals. Realize we live in a modern era where we are bombarded with media, texts, calls, emails, and demands so our stress levels are over the top. We need to realize this and take steps to keep our stress levels down. It’s ok to unplug for a weekend, go on a nature walk, a retreat. Keep on pressing forward and sharing your experiences I truly believe it is helpful to people out there!

  • I’m almost 40 now and wish I hadn’t spent sooooo much time on makeup and hair styling, the fake nails, the perfect tan (real and fake) and any other time consuming, money sucking, vain female “ritual” we feel we must take part in… the older I’ve gotten I’ve realized all of that does not matter…. people are going to treat you how their going to treat you either wayprimped with full on lashes with fake bake or fresh faced and natural… *I have always told my 3 children, (now teenagers, 2 boys and a girl)“BE YOUR TRUE SELF. Do what makes you happy in life and always be comfortable in your own skin. Everyone has critics. You will always run into people who are jealous of you for some reason, even if you don’t understand why… take it as a compliment and keep moving”…..I started giving them this advice when they were 5 or 6 years old and it has made them all very successful, happy, Independent young adults within their school and our community. I just never wanted them to go through what I spent countless hours, money and worry on when I was their age and well into my 3Os.

  • Hey Glen and Taryn, one of my favorite sparkle activities is my 4 minute ferry ride to work in the morning (and home in the arvo). I make sure I don’t look at my phone, I sit outside and just enjoy being on the water and appreciating the view on the Brisbane river. What makes this even more special for me is that I only moved back to Brisbane 2 years ago and part of my life by design was to travel to work this way. So worth it. Thanks guys for always inspiring me. xx

  • My sparkle moments is spending time in my backyard and interacting with nature. I often have parrot visitors. I especially love the King parrots and have been feeding them. Yesterday I had a pair of King parrots visit calling for me to come out. I fed them in my usual spot, but the male seemed more interested in interacting with me. I eventually was brave enough to offer him seed from my open hand. He fed and gave me little love nibbles on my fingers too. It was amazing because I had to trust he wasn’t going to bite my finger off. I was filled with such love for this bird as he gently ate seed from my hand and nibbled my fingers. Then, if that wasn’t amazing enough, I sat down and he flew over and landed on my knee. I continued hand feeding him. Wow! A wild bird interacting with me with mutual trust, not because we had to, but because we chose to. Amazing!