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This leaves you dehydrated, and can lead to everything from sluggishness to nausea to a pounding headache. “Sweating out a hangover isn’t a great idea,” said Louise Chen, a registered dietitian. “If you’ve drunk enough to be hungover, you’re likely dehydrate. First, the source of the confusion. Like all good hangover myths, the “sweat it out” cure contains a grain of truth. The body flushes alcohol out of its system in two ways.

The first is through urine, breath and sweat. So it would stand to reason that if you. Much like hangover chills, this is felt after drinking and can be seen in a person sweating out alcohol the next day.

This type of symptom can occur as a result of intolerance or overuse of alcohol, which means that a person may sweat out alcohol whether they have one drink or they have many. It can also happen if a person who is dependent on drink stops drinking. Some people think that spending some time sweating out toxins in the sauna is a good thing to do for a hangover, but be wary of this options.

Saunas use extreme heat to make you sweat which can cause changes to the blood flow and blood vessels in your body. There is a popular misconception that you can cure a hangover in the sauna, steam room or hot tub or by exercise. The thinking is that you have to “sweat it out”–whatever that means. The thinking behind it is that you will sweat out the harmful toxins in the body. While it is true that some alcohol in the body is eliminated through sweat.

However, dietitian insist sweating out alcohol will not help your hangover. It may even worsen it. As alcohol triggers the kidneys to produce more urine, this reduces the amount of fluids your body has. Adding that onto your heightened sweat levels from having too much leftover alcohol, you’ll become dehydrated faster.

Of all the so-called hangover remedies — pounding water, devouring greasy foods and drinking more alcohol — sweating it out is reserved for the bold. Most of us can barely roll out of bed when we’re hungover, let along jog around the block until we’re dripping. Still, some brave souls swear that working up a sweat is the most effective hangover cure.

Sweat it out. A Popular Hangover Remedy. Many people have longed believed that they can compensate the ill-effects of a hangover by sweating out all the toxins.

Well there’s some good news and some bad news about all that. In fact, trying to sweat it out may even make your hangover symptoms worse. Alcohol cues the kidneys to produce extra urine, which results in. Don’t go thinking that you can wrap up in a rake of layers and jog a mile to sweat out your hangover.

The tiny bit of alcohol that escapes through your urine, breath and sweat will do little more.

List of related literature:

As hangovers are primarily caused by dehydration via consuming a vast amount of alcohol in a short period of time, it is not a good idea to try and overheat your already hydration depleted body.

“The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life” by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
from The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life
by Philip Ward, Julia Edwards
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No matter what you do to help get over your hangover, your body still has to clean up all the toxic by-products left over from the alcohol.24 Eating bland foods that contain complex carbohydrates, such as toast or crackers, can combat low blood glucose and possibly nausea.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
from Nutrition
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Folk remedies for hangovers abound: aspirin, vitamins, exercise, or eating specific types of food (for example, bread or pasta, or the traditional Mexican tripe soup called menudo).

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
from The Bar and Beverage Book
by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
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The sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea that can accompany a hangover cause additional fluid loss and electrolyte imbalance.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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A hangover reduces performance by 11%.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Booze is a diuretic, and the hangover you’ll experience the next morning is mostly due to the dehydration from the alcohol.

“You're Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir” by Meghan Rienks
from You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir
by Meghan Rienks
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The best way to deal with a hangover is to sleep, to drink juice to replace lost body fluid and blood sugar (alcohol increases urine output), and perhaps to take an analgesic for a headache.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
, 2008

Cortisol works with aldosterone to balance electrolyte levels, so when you are hungover, your body pumps out more cortisol.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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A hangover can be achieved in the identical way.

“Challenge For The Actor” by Uta Hagen
from Challenge For The Actor
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That causes dehydration, one of the major hangover symptoms.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
from The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!
by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
Rodale Books, 2003

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  • It’s such a harmful substance, and an expensive one. I binged this week, first beers I had since 2018, but had way too much over 4 days. At first it felt great actually, I was feeling super stressed and anxious till I drank a couple, which got me drunk. But I never was one to stop at just 2 or 3, more like a dozen.

  • 1 liter electrolyte water, 1 liter normal water, 2 ibuprofen, wait 2 hours, drink fruit smoothie and eat veggie sandwich, then 1 more liter of water and a hot yoga class.

  • More research required from sci-show it’s a pretty myopic view of how the body processes heavy metals. The skin does excrete heavy metal in a measurable quantity and the liver and kidneys can only bind a certain load of heavy metals, so sweating is a valid form or excreting metals aside from the work of the internal organs.

    It should also be noted that hyperthermic conditioning (heat stress) has a host of benefits; showing significant increases in human growth hormone, increases in epinephrine and norepinephrine, and most importantly the release of heat shock proteins.

    If you want more info look up my favourite scientist PhD Ronda Patrick or read scientific journal on Finnish sauna study..

    Use the sauna, it will increase your all-cause mortality (you will live longer)

  • That’s my problem I tend to over consume. I don’t drink regularly but when I do I overconsume and even if I eat and drink a bottle of sparkling water before bed I still feel the hungover / alcohol in my system for like 3 days. At this point I don’t even wanna drink my body rejects it so much

  • For the producers: The lighting makes it look as though she has clown-style dark vertical lines under her eyes. Maybe reposition the light sources.

  • WTF kind of oddly targeted ad is this? No one lives in Minnesota! There are only 5 million people in the whole state. That’s half the people living in any major metro area in America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they’re giving you money to keep making videos… but WTF?

  • read me some weird stuff what do you mean do you accusing me of reading hentai I would never read hentai what are you saying no no I’m not panicking very rude to say such a hurtful thing I could never.

  • My sweat stinks when I exercise with a hangover, but I do feel a lot better after about 10 minutes of jogging and then a nice shower.

  • If you’ve been hung over for a few hours but you’ve been awake smoke some weed then start drinking again only have about three shots worth of alcohol I guarantee the combination of marijuana and alcohol will relieve any uncomfortability or headaches you may have been experiencing

  • Pffft. As if these hipsters know anything. Wake up, immediately snort a couple Hollywoods, pound some water and Tylenol, shower, greasy fast food, a couple of key bumps with a beer, and you can ease into another night of partying.

  • Incorrect. Plenty of studies beg to differ. This study observed 20 adults, comparing heavy metal excretions in sweat and urin. Markedly higher excretion of aluminum (3.75-fold), cadmium (25-fold), cobalt (7-fold), and lead (17-fold) was observed in sweat versus urin.

  • Uhh. Guess covering best case scenarios is what you get in 5:14 vlog. Liver and kidneys are all ya need cause ya don’t live in Flint.
    Lead, mercury, PFOS, dioxin, PCBs & drug side effects? Liver & kidney failures & cancers up?
    The Science gives & The Science taketh away. Instead of dismissive say “we DON’T have time to explain what we know and how much we don’t know”.

  • Best and easy. Just drink half a peg ( on the rocks) of same alcohol which u drank last night. This will suddenly put a stop (3 min) to your hangover or that nasty bad feeling. Please don’t drink more than half a peg or u ll have reverse effect. I always do. If u have consumed multiple types of alcohol then drink rum as first preference, vodka as second preference and whiskey or brandy as third preference. But nothing can compare with same brand U drank last night. U need to drink plenty of water once hang over is gone. This will flush out all bad from your body.

  • The real question is, why is alcohol bad for the body, but oh so good for the mind. Got problems? Alcohol fixes them by making you not think about them.

  • Try Recoverthol! Scientifically proven approach by providing the ADH enzymes with the additional fuel to break down alcohol. A liquid you add to your first drink that doesn’t affect the taste.

  • I just did it..
    I woke up with annoying hangover, not brutal..

    Did a good 15 min intense workout, now im getting ready to go out and drink again..

    In my experience works, also i do eat well, few if any sugars, no fried foods, a ton of vegetables everyday and at least 3/4 of a gallon of water a day..

  • Hang on. They get him drunk then tell him to exercise to get rid of a hangover that he’ll get later or tomorrow when in reality the common advice is to exercise the next day when you’ve got a hangover to feel better and get rid of it quicker???

    What kind of experient is this? You shouldn’t exercise if you’re drunk anyway you’ll fall over and break your face.

  • best hangover cure? skiing. it’s cold so you sober up faster (if you are still wasted) and it’s physical exercise so you “sweat it out of your system:) the only problem is that it is not possible at all places:P

  • Omg this is sad for people who drink a lot I only drink two shots and I feel like the girl in the pic but once I get home i do feel dehydrated always drink water through the time of drinkin

  • So, he knew from the start what would happen, put a poor random guy through the test exhausting him and putting him at potential risk, then sat in a chair and spoke about wasn’t learned. That’s not a lab, morons. That’s a demonstration center.


  • I’m just coming from a weekend bender, why do I feel as though sitting in a hot tub to increase heart rate, and release heat shock proteins could help accelerate the detox process?

  • To the almost 300 people who disliked the video, I say this.

    1. You’re denying science
    2. You’re denying the Divine nature of the Goddess Olivia Gordon

  • This doesn’t make much sense to me because our skin is our largest organ and our whole body works together and relies on each other. Our diets and hormones can be seen in skin conditions. Sweating promotes the lymphatic system and circulation which in turn helps the body detox. Our lymphatic system can become stagnant. Thats when people start retaining water in weird places or congestion in the face. Idk about you but getting lymphatic drainage feels amazing if you’re trying to get over a cold. Also ohzone therapy saunas have been scientifically proven to release toxins in your sweat. So this whole video seems misleading and like a government propaganda scheme that it’s okay to take all these medicines and breathe in car emissions because our liver will cleanse us. If anyone actually reads this check out dr mindy pelz she’s amazing.

  • You absolutely can sweat out toxins, although only the same ones your kidneys remove routinely. There’s a few special cases of fatal poisoning where you’d be dead before your kidneys could remove the toxin but not before your kidneys + sweat glands could. Unless you’re dying in a hospital, anyone suggesting sweating out toxins is scamming you just drink more water and you’ll get the same effect much more conveniently. Or if you like saunas, go to one that isn’t trying to scam you.

  • Yeah and drinking lots of fluids increases the ammount of stuff passing through your kidneys and most of the time replace the bad stuff in your diet.

  • How stupid do the media think we are in regards to us not noticing them putting men dressed up as women to be used as audience members on their shows? Look at this she/male who is most obviously a man with that donkeys jawbone and those America shoulders as wide as the grand canyon.. These freaks are all over the media all fed feamle hormones as they shake their fists at God calling him down from above..

  • Just drink a beer before a work and you free to go mister:))) aaand drink smart, eat food, have some vitamins, drink water after each drink, this is like most simple steps….:D

  • Best and easy. Just drink half a peg ( on the rocks) of same alcohol which u drank last night. This will suddenly put a stop (3 min) to your hangover or that nasty bad feeling. Please don’t drink more than half a peg or u ll have reverse effect. I always do. If u have consumed multiple types of alcohol then drink rum as first preference, vodka as second preference and whiskey or brandy as third preference. But nothing can compare with same brand U drank last night. Drink plenty of water after hang over is gone. This will flush out all the bads out of your body. Do this and dont forget to reply to this comment.

  • Alcohol consumption is common nowadays, almost everyone I know drink alcohol ��.. some of my friends drink 3 times a week and they are forcing me to join them ��!!

  • It’s weird but when I’m in better shape physically I find my hangovers to be mediocre. But when I was very out of shape, my hangovers were brutal.

  • I’m going to throw this out there and I know this will catch flak, however in this metabolic toxin argument you focused primarily on external toxic chemicals and personal metabolic wastes which is valid, however that is only half the story. What you missed are parasitic and symbiotic microbes, which, to your credit, you managed to scratch the surface of, with the mention of Cholera. I understand and even empathize with the mislabeling of things that comes from non-scientific attempts at metabolic wellness however not everything they bring to the table is simply bunk. When you eat a certain set types of food consistently or excessively, especially high concentrations of purified sugar or alcohol, this encourages the overgrowth of of several microbes such as yeast, that while in small numbers, the liver and kidneys are well within their realm of being able to handle, but you also failed to mention that the liver itself in the process of destroying or altering those more harmful chems tends to destroy itself by doing so, resulting in a condition known as sclerosis. This is “normally” countered by the literal prolific rate at which the liver regenerates itself, however this regeneration has its limits as well as drawbacks and this is where disease and disorder come in. And the argument towards sauna’s does the same though to an admittedly smaller degree, and a different approach towards handling them. The pores and hair follicles of your skin are host and home to a wide variety of organisms that eat the very things excreted by our bodies, and when human’s fail to bathe and/or sweat regularly, these also can build up, or even in the case of bathing they can form biofilms in order to cling to the pore walls that only a concentrated amount of solvents and salt can even get close to cutting, and as most modern Americans live in excessively air conditioned environments the “normal” method of sweating these parasites off of you is stymied extensively….. These microbes will then build up and will cause no end of issues such as irritation, acne, ulcers, and eventually cancer, disease, or death via compromised external barriers which allow more dangerous secondary infections. If your metabolism is dealing with excessively large amounts of sugar, the sweat glands will also jump on this bandwagon of excretion and then provide literal direct food to the microbes already squatting there, which only makes the matter worse. Simply changing what you eat does WONDERS in this department, and while I do not subscribe to such things directly helping “detox” your liver and kidneys, it does step down the amount and type of toxins produced and absorbed by your intestines, btw look up a chemical called canditoxin, its a fascinating read on brain neurological malfunction via gut yeast… Changing your diet affects the amount and type of parasites you harbor, and by default the amount of waste products they create, and cutting these off the list your liver and kidneys have to deal with helps cut down the wear and tear of their own tissues, this is where detoxing diets actually do work, but not for the reasons the seller is touting, and often get wrong, especially if their “flush” has excessive purified sugars in it…. Even in this, if you spend one week (Cough) detoxing and then go right back to the same diet you were consuming, the net gain is quite literally zero.
    In short, everything you mentioned in example is absolutely correct, its the omissions that are annoying if not outright misleading. And this lack of knowledge is due largely to Science, until recently, completely dismissing gut and skin microbes as anything worth looking at despite the fact that those parasites outnumber our own cells by a factor of 100 to 1…. Its a whole new world in there, that we are only beginning to even think we need to understand….

  • Men are so weak now that it is pathetic. I’m 50 years old and worked as a bricklayer and a block layer, stone mason and went to work every day with a hangover. With that being said watch the movie North Dallas 40 where Nick Nolte rolls out of bed and finishes off half of a miller high life, from the night before, then he swallows some aspirin for the headache and open up the blood vessels and just add my own version, always have V-8 juice in the refrigerator or in the cabinet. Pour a half a glass drop a raw egg, Salt on a lot of Black pepper and shake of Worchester sire sauce a couple of more shakes not Tabasco not hot sauce not balls red but original McIlhenny‘s tobacco sauce, drink it down. Then fix some strong black coffee no sugar no cream, hit the head if you need to when I swallow a couple of multivitamins drink a Red Bull out the door and you will be good to go for the rest of the day. That is a patented by myself hangover cure. I have it registered in the library of Congress and that has never failed to make me feel like a new person. All of the ingredients come together to hit specific zones in your body that you need.

  • @scishow I’m a little disappointed with your interpretation of “Sweat it out”, I believe you’ve taken too literally what is really a figure of speech. I would like to see a video about how increased heart rate, metabolism, and increased cycling of fluids, sugars, and electrolytes, affects a person’s kidneys and liver, and the rate at which they process “toxins”.

  • Kidneys are even more awesome than you describe: They throw out essentially everything that is small enough to fit through the pores (which is most things that aren’t broken down by the liver). Then they resorb all the useful stuff back into the bloodstream before declaring the remainder urine. That way the kidneys can filter stuff that they have never encountered before, harmful or not.

  • If your only drinking water mix it with a little salt and sugar you need electrolights and light food, and to the guy who said shame on you for missing work for a hangover fuck off if it’s a constant thing then yea but I don’t think any employer wants there employee to come in if they are spewing it out if both ends no matter what brought em to it

  • And if you live in Canada, not only a child and teen can get free checkups, but all adults also.
    Just contact your provincial health department or insurance board.
    For Quebec (in English):
    Just sayin’… ����

  • Check out this article on alcohol use.

  • Everyone else gets delicious food and the black guy has to sweat on that bike for 30 minutes and play golf. Black people don’t play golf! And don’t even say the name I know you’re thinking, he’s the outlier.

  • While I agree with everything in this video, I would mention (at least I have been told), that losing fat helps to detox because toxins are stored there, to protect the other organs.

  • Despite ambiguous and incomplete information, I would have thought that the juice fast thing worked more by giving your liver and kidneys a break for a day by not introducing drugs and chemicals into the system (such as alcohol, ibuprofen, food preservatives, and the such like) and allowing them to clear out any back log. Either way there’s nothing bad about giving your organs a bit of a break. Chances are that they may be over worked if you habitually consume substances that can’t be properly metabolized on a regular basis. And that can damage the kidneys and liver over time.

  • So why do i have problems pissing at night when i wake up from parting at night?? Half my bladder won’t release the piss? I’m 54, and when i’m sober i have no problem pissing. I drink once a week and drink about 10 beers every 6-7 hrs in a party night. And smoke when i drink (only when i drink) Once a week not everyday. And food we eat is cancer causing. Unless you eat organic. Thanks for your reply

  • I had an argument with my parents and girlfriend the other day because they said that working out in a heated environment was better because you lose fat and toxins through sweating. I’m like 99% sure that a cooler workout environment is better because it gives your body a wider window to convert calories into heat before overheating.

    But I was ‘wrong’, because there’s no way 3 people could be wrong and 1 person could be right, right?

  • Lightly salt some water and drink a tall glass of it after you come home, just before you sleep… or you know just a lot of Gatorade/Pedialyte. Just remember before you go to sleep:)

  • Two cans of coconut water before bed.

    When you wake up in the middle of the night drink Alka-Seltzer.

    Next morning go get yourself some Pho.


  • Im really tired of chicks that ARNT cheer leaders…. its like why are there so many plain janes with no friends and tattoos? Or just have friends with more tattoos at coffee shops where no one is original. Ugh

  • Whenever I come home drunk as heck (happening quit often in the summer with all the traditional fairs we have here in Germany), I force myselfe to drink a bottle of water, and having a second next to my bed. Then I sleep for a couple of hourers, drink the second bottle whenever I wake up, sleep some more and I’m good to go. A stong coffee for waking up and all is fine. And if it’s not fine by then I go for a run to the forrest next to my home. After running I’m allways better
    Btw: 0:18 We have a saying for this, in our lokal tongue here in Cologne, Germany: “Wer suffe kann, dä kann och arbidde. Wer saufen kann, der kann auch arbeiten. One who drinks (partys), also can work.” Lovely phrase whenever it’s the next morning after a party or a faire and noone seems to have the energy to clean up.

  • Keep drinking the big pharma Kool aid. There are plenty of sauna benefits backed by extensive studies. Look up the 20 year Finnish sauna study, there are others as well…

  • As a Canadian its really weird to hear an ad for regular checkups being free because, like, of course it is?? But in all seriousness I do hope that program helps people get the childhood checkups they need to grow up healthy. Also Thank you for this detox video, I’ll pull it out next time someone in my office tries to push for a cleanse as a “team building exercise”. Any chance you could do one on this trend of oils everyone is smearing on themselves? I don’t trust them, but I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

  • Yea i know that sweating doesn’t help getting “toxins” out, but sweating after long night out works for me. I have noticed that sweat is more mmm… consentrated after drinking, that might be just follow up of dehydration, but it helps when i get rid of that “bad”sweat.

  • you make a video about how different type of alcohol effect on our body,i couldn’t find side effects of rum, tequila,Gin, brandy, cognac, scotch, whiskey,vodka,wine,beer you tube you’ll find many video about the health benefits but not side effects only 2 video but they are more about the whole class not a particular one.

  • Question: I know the liver is involved with cleaning alcohol from the bloodstream. This is why heavy drinkers can have damage to their livers.

    However, I’m pretty sure that after a significant amount of drink, you can detect alcohol in someone’s sweat. This is why drunk people “smell” of alcohol.

    So do the sweat glands also play a part in removing alcohol from the bloodstream? Or is there another mechanism involved? It also stands to reason that other drugs would have similar behavior, though my experience with such is limited (or nonexistent).

  • “occasional pesticide” um aren’t chemicals and drugs pretty much ubiquitous thanks to the power and influence of the chemical industry?…. And yeah whenever something sounds too good to be true it probably is….

  • This isn’t 100% true. When patients are in the hospital often they are on NPO meaning nil per os. Pts are either given IV food or a clear fluid diet. Often times patients feel better. Research says this is in some ways due to the body detoxing. Its basically giving your GI a break from all the things it has to do for food and diverts energy into cleaning out the cells toxins.

  • Maybe not toxins, but I’m living proof that you can sweat your sins out and perspire problems away. I promise to send you my book,Sweating for Psychos absolutely free of charge! email me at [email protected]
    Please send $29.99 to cover S&H to PO Box #667 Station A. Podunk, NY.

  • So that one dude that use to live in my neighborhood used to smell like urine when he sweats might have something wrong with his body.

  • Alcohol very nearly ruined my life. More accurately, I let alcohol almost ruin my life. I’m so grateful I met the criteria for a hospital detox. I’ll always be grateful. In 18 months, I can count on one hand the number of drunk days I’ve had. I shouldn’t have done it and glad I snapped out of it rapidly.

  • Ethyl alcohol is toxic. don’t overdo it and you won’t have a hangover. duh
    if you do overdo it, enjoy the Spew. your body is trying to tell you something.

  • Scishow logic: Your skin is designed to protect you from cold, therefore as long as you’ve got a healthy skin, putting on clothes before stepping into an arctic blizzard is just a money making scam.

  • I adore this channel but please for the love of voice actors everywhere can you stop with the upward inflection at the end of every sentence? Are you telling me something or asking a question?

  • Amateurs!
    1. Eat as spicy food as possible. Your body thinks your in pain and releases endorphins.
    2. Bloody Mary or neutral beer with tobacco.
    3. Sauna or steam
    4. Smoke weed
    5. Asian massage with happy ending

  • Sweating, 100% does nothing to “detox” you. Please look it up. This is misinformation. The skin is not a kidney. Sweat only is a means of controlling temperature and has nothing at all to do with cleaning. God damn it….

  • Have something in your stomach, drink a lot water maybe a Tylenol or whatever and rest for a bit or if your a seasoned alcoholic, kill it with another beer/drink, you don’t really kill it you just get drunk again, if you were doing blow that whole night forget about something, that’s another level of hungover

  • This video is nonsense. Seems like you’re convincing yourself not to workout. Of course you sweat out junk, I guess you’ve never been around someone sweating out a hangover.

  • Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • I’m a heavy drinker at times, I get drunk every weekend. I been wanting to quit but somehow I get dragged back in and fall into temptation

  • Drink water and Gatorade and take 5 Advil before you go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and take more Advil and make bacon and fried eggs and smoke some weed. Drinking coffee helps too. You’ll be fine by noon.

  • They say it takes 30 minutes to feel the affects of alcohol. I beg to differ as I start feeling the affects in five minutes with natural ice 5.9% I’m also not a big person I’m on the slinder side. The dont matter how much or what I eat. Won’t gain half a pound side.

    Its highly unhealthy to just eat anything. You have only one body take care of it.

  • Water
    Salt in foods (soups, ramen)
    Exercise enough to sweat
    Steam room/ sauna is awesome
    Jump in a cold Pool
    Hair of the dog
    Pray lol

  • I started drinking to kill myself in the ninth grade.
    My hands are cracked and boiled now. And a I drink a fifth of whiskey a day.

  • Lol sweat it out? A hangover comes from the massive dehydration that results from alcohol, and you’re telling me to dehydrate myself even more?

  • For me, I have my anti-hangover countermeasures down to a science

    1: while drinking
    I have a non alcoholic drink after every 2-3 alcoholic drinks (For spirits, I have a 300ml glass of water for every 2 mixed drinks, or after every 3 shots, and for beer I drink a glass of water of equal volume every 3 beers)

    2: before bed
    Drink about 1L of water and take 1 500mg ibuprofen tablet, and eat something if you are not throwing up everywhere

    3: ground zero
    When you wake up, you should feel ok (or at least less crappy than if you didn’t follow this method) it’s not a guaranteed way to avoid a hangover after a night of heavy drinking, but it would easily bring a 10/10 hangover down to a 3 or 4/10

    Or if you want to completely avoid the whole situation while still being able to drink yourself stupid, go to hospital, the IV fluids and meds they give you will cause you to wake up the next morning with little more than a heavy buzz (I wouldn’t recommend this method unless you live in a civilized country that doesn’t charge for healthcare, and you are ok with taking space that could be used for someone who really needs it)

    Overall though, your mileage may vary

  • This video is brought to you by the Child and Teen Checkups program of the Minnesota Department of Health. If you live in Minnesota, learn more at If you live somewhere else in the United States go to

  • ATTENTION! Y’all want the REAL hangover cure? Because I’ve been using this method for years and it’s the ONLY thing that works. Here it is: XANAX (.5 mg for me but everyone’s tolerance is different) and Excederin Migraine (only if you have a headache and even if it’s a small one because it WILL escalate.). Down with whatever beverage you can stomach.. water, juice, etc.. And boom, you’re golden. The Xanax takes care of the anxiety and shakes and the Excederin takes care of any headache. Now go eat whatever you’re favorite hangover food is (for me it’s spicy ramen) and enjoy your day. You’re welcome.

  • Sauna is useless???

    Oh, that’s why finns, russians, and other northern european nations, and peoples, used it for literally THOUSANDS of years, and showed robust health!


  • Theres fluid replacement tablets that you put in water that works like a charm basically.
    I take one before I go to sleep and one in the morning and seriously I dont get a hangover at all!

  • I cook up Pho Oxtail Soup the day before, so when the morning of regret hits I have a potful ready to go. Squeeze in that lime, sriracha sauce, grab my blanket and Netflix until i’m out cold.

  • The speaker is difficult to listen to, needs vocal training. And has something metal in her nose for the whole video; very distracting.

  • I don’t get hangovers anymore but when I did, I would swear by a bowl of honey nut Cheerios. It’s loaded with the stuff you’re body needs to recover.

  • Chemically, there is no “cure” for a hangover, and everyone’s symptoms are different. The only proven orally available “helpers” for a hangover are dihydromyricetin (counters ETOH), meclizine (antiemetic), and an NSAID. These three together counter the alcohol, the nausea, and the pain/inflammation (in that order). There are stronger versions of each, but you’d need a prescription. These are all OTC. Hope this helps.

  • I’m surprised by this episode because, actually, your body can and does sweat out toxins (heavy metals to be precise), and it doesn’t have anything to do with “fear.” I’ve noticed this in several episodes in which SciShow glides over evidence of x,y or z, claiming it to be bunk. Here is the evidence, oldest to newest:

  • 5 days in and wouldn’t you know it….brother gets locked up and my cousin commit suicide….wtf I could funnel a caig of beer right now….I’ll just suffer and listen to rob zombie….

  • i dont want to sound dense.. but what about the gallbladder.

    we need to keep kidneys, liver, gallbladder.. and maybe bladder and other organs healthy so they can detox for us. and then theres… the lacteal systems, and then other systems. i forgot this stuff a long time ago, but its not just kidney and liver. plus it would be good to show how to prevent bringing in toxins in the first place.

  • There was a pretty interesting documentary made by the BBC in 2015 that does a one-off empirical test between two biologically identical twins, one having 3 units a night for a month, with the other having no drinks most nights and then the equivalent amount of weekly consumption being had by the other:

    You can’t really draw statistical results from this study, but it is fairly interesting that they identify acetytaldehyde as the chemical that causes a hangover. As far as dehydration goes, they tested it by each drinking the same amount of liquid and measuring how much they each urinated in one night it was the same amount which suggests (not statistically of course) that dehydration doesn’t play the role that we think. As you suggest, they seem to think that drinking water before bed can help to dilute and help the body to clean up the system. With personal experience, what you say about glucose is really interesting, as when I am hungover and can hardly stomach anything, once I can get some sugars into me I feel quite a bit better. They don’t mention much about blood sugar in their documentary.

    Thanks for making such an informed piece! I can add it to my repetoire of understanding of how alcohol is damaging to our body.

  • I had my first hangover and i been throwing up all day I haven’t ate anything at all I lost my appetite and I’m still throwing up someone plz reply I’m scared

  • Best cure for a hangover right here

    I’ve never had one since I tried this.
    5/5 Stars

  • Gets some pedialytes. Pound 2 before bed or in the car on the way home.

    They are built for dehydrated kids and work wonders.

    Than spicy ass pho or a bahn mi. Golden.

  • Yeah you wake up next morning realizing you peed in your bed. Who drinks a quart of water before you sleep? Especially after you been drinking. C’mon