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Thinking about work events during non-work hours has been linked to cardiovascular disease and negative mood ; negative experiences with coworkers are also associated with insomnia, including trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night, according to a study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Is everyone just sleeping with their coworkers? Maybe not, but we should probably start discussing the topic. Last month, Businessweek columnist Liz Ryan challenged us to start finding ways to talk about — and properly address — the realities of sex in the workplace. Speak with your manager about the “re-allocation of work loads” in your department — they should get the hint.

Q. As the manager, you see that one of your. Sleeping with your coworkers can be like playing with fire you might get burned. You’ve probably heard the popular belief that working out close to bedtime can mess with your sleep/wake cycle, since it gives you a boost of. We’re sure you’ve heard of the expression “never sh*t where you eat”, which is why many will pose the question “should you sleep with coworkers?”. It’s totally natural to walk into work, find one of your coworkers attractive and wonder if they feel the same spark.

An innocent lunch date turns into a coffee outside work, which turns into drinks and possibly more. If you’re going to sleep with a coworker, do your due diligence. If your coworker is willing to both cheat and violate the First Commandment of HR, they’re too much of a wildcard to risk your job with. 4. Shut the fuck up. Either way, if your screen is the last thing you see before you turn out the lights, you’re probably not doing your sleep any favors. “I have.

Sometimes an underlying health issue can mess with your sleep these are 5 common problems. Getty Images There’s nothing more frustrating than losing sleep night after night and not knowing why. It might seem obvious that a one-night stand with a coworker is a bad idea, but after-work happy hours and good conversation have been known to influence bad judgment.

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Nobody around danny’s and my desk is scheduled for night shift, so i have a bit of space.

“Follow the Crow (Vanished, #1)” by B. B. Griffith
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We bring bedding down into the office and try to sleep.

“The Gamecaller” by Tobe Terrell, Joseph Matheny
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The tools are on my side, spread across my desk mostly, but somehow the things I make end up on his desk while they wait to be finished.

“Love from A to Z” by S. K. Ali
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We know our coworkers, but I don’t see them all.

“Psychosocial Safety Climate: A New Work Stress Theory” by Maureen F. Dollard, Christian Dormann, Mohd Awang Idris
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The office is crawling with reporters, and I haven’t had any sleep in two nights.

“American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate and Beyond” by E. Howard Hunt, Greg Aunapu, William F Buckley, Jr.
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When I ask her why they wake us up in the middle of the night, she tells me that every shift has to do so many tests, and it is all random—the computer spews out the names.

“Warfare in the American Homeland: Policing and Prison in a Penal Democracy” by Joy James, Frank B. Wilderson III, Dylan Rodriguez, Dhoruba Bin Waha
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At least we’re not the only ones in the office at night.

“Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower” by Cynthia Cooper
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I have nightmares about my job almost nightly.

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They are my bosses.

“Kingdom Come: The Final Victory” by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
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If not, pay attention to the workspaces of your coworkers.

“Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams” by Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, Mike Webber
from Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams
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  • Leave her. The idea and lusts are already in her mind. Shes going to do it anyway.
    Leave her and and accept the loss.
    I’ll bet you money that within 1 year shell be a single parent.

  • Video “ most women don’t sleep in the faceplate position” Me: So how I sleep is rare for a girl ������ (but I also sleep on my side a lot to)

  • OMG this is literally me ������ I’ve known her since we were kids, neighbors for 10 years and stopped talking to her for like 13 years and now all of a sudden we work together. Everyday is torture, I want to scream sometimes…crushes suck

  • I actually feel so bad for him and his mother, they just wanted something nice to cope with their past and it turned out to be nasty:( vitamin gummies should be placed behind tills or have a way to communicate that they are vitamins without the risk of language barriers

  • While Iam annoyed that he didn’t put his foot down in the beginning, Iam glad he finally pulled through and is putting an end to her manipulative shit.

  • Much Respect Mel for sharing that personal story, Women RARELY share their personal sexual experience on social media. Respect for being honest. ��

  • Why am I scared of eating gummy’s, is it just me or? Or are Gummy’s Candy’s good and nothing is ganna happen to you?

    Wait… How is there 45% fat in the brain and vaimse and I’m scinny ( if I sad that wrong)

  • Here on SUN, 15DEC2019 I was just now randomly told about this vid.

    It must be fake, because logically speaking call center workers profit from calls. Having this Manu so-called call center workers “hide” to make the prank seem real means there’s a supposed financial loss.

    Nice try though. ��

  • Dude my crush is a bad one she keeps teasing me. Its a sick situation.
    I try to avoid her but shes after me man, but shes taken and Im officially taken (as far as work goes) heheh
    Its really fucked up tho.

  • Nope she and her lovers would be meeting the hogs down the road! They will eat bones skulls and all flesh I mean everything! Then take a year off and find a woman that are of the same beliefs as I! She will want you back! The grass in the other side of the is AstroTurf! And I’d have her sign a quit claim deed! No bodies no crime! By bitch!

  • Girls and women find it hard to do the faceplant cause…
    You might have forgot they have different body features…
    On the front… that hurts sometimes…?

  • Dude, she doesn’t love you…she loves the way you pay the bills so we’ll. However….the other guy might have a dick like a cop’s flashlight….but wait, there’s more…threesomes! You are pathetic. Get out now and save what’s left of you.

  • Mel I have a question. I lost a very dear friendship of mine due to her drug use, I’ve tried reaching out to her, to get no response in return. We had a very close and intimate friendship that I cherished very much, it’s very sad for me to let go of it and move forward. It has been about a year now since she has stopped talking to me completely. I miss her greatly and I find it very difficult for me to process. I am in therapy, and have so much emotional support from friends and family, but it continues to weigh on me quite a lot. Do you have any advice for me on how to let go of this and move forward?

  • That’s mature advice if you’re dealing with fully functional adults. That being said there are people that use sexuality to manipulate others and play games. Just be sure you know who you’re dealing with.

  • Be strong, if she really love you, she wouldn’t start the ideas of having an affair with her co-worker. Only sick mind person will give such ideas and allow their partner to cheat on them.

  • I went out with a Colleague once usually they would move one of you if they knew, but they said we were so professional it wasn’t an issue

  • Okay you wanna know how I know the wife is bullshitting? For starters she scoffs that her husband only wants her then goes on to say there’s a co-worker she finds sexually attractive and he would be her free pass. She then goes on to say she wants to sleep with him “no more than 5 times” the proceeds to comment on the size of his jewels but that “it wouldn’t be any more than lovemaking” but she would regret it if she didn’t do it! In less than a page of dialogue she goes from “just sex” to “lovemaking” pretty damned quick, time with a “pillow pal” is just sex, lovemaking is for a spouse/partner you have a real bond with.

    I was relieved hearing he stood firm and told her they were done, especially after she prioritised her toy-boy’s feelings over her own husband! You want sexual freedom to bonk whoever you want whenever you want? Don’t get f*cking married! That’s how Sister Wives got started: when several women were too dense to realise one hippy-looking beach bum was taking advantage of their lack of common-sense!

    But anyway, she wanted sexual freedom but she also wanted the financial stability of a marriage and I doubt the toy-boy would take care of her cheating ass beyond bedroom time! She belittled OP’s feelings throughout, mocked him as being childish when he said he wouldn’t take it anymore and only got upset when she realised she would be losing her only source of income (if any mention of her having a job was made I honestly forgot). Oh and sending a selfie of herself and Toy-Boy was really gonna show him how sorry she was!

    Oh and her friends are total arses too! How many of them would take back their SO after being told they’re not worth enough sexually to stay true to? I’ll wait while they get their answers straight… thought so.

    Feel really sorry for this guy and the woman’s parents (secondhand shame is the Devil) and wish them only the best going forward.

    Stay safe all ������������

  • Yup all true…..I hate this because I know it won’t lead into anything. It’d be bad if it did lead into anything I think? Having a crush sucks, but at least it makes work more enjoyable.

  • No matter how rich or poor, handsome or most beautiful the person may be, we never know what kind of infection that person has. He/She might be suffering from any deadly diseases.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    A moment of pleasure, a night you had your best sex might end up slowly killing you.

  • Had you stood up to her in the beginning it would have ended the same way, she had already made up her mind as to what she would do. When you allowed her to do that you lost all credibility and respect she no longer viewed you as a man and certainly not one to hold her accountable that’s why she treated you with such disrespect. Then you surprised her when you stood your ground and she turned on the water works for more manipulation, now that has failed the friends step in to try and bully you into taking her back. DON’T stand your ground. God Bless.

  • Him: ate 150 gummy pieces in every breakfast and got result for liver damage and reduce calcium
    Me: I ate 400 gummy and got stomach full with 500ml water

  • Definitely crushing on a married co-worker. She’s older than me, both firsts in my life. Crushin on a married woman who’s a few years older and crushing on a married woman in general. Don’t think she feels the same way. We have such chemistry I feel like, I know she likes me, but I’m not picking up on many cues she’s into me. So my life pretty much sucks lol

  • Maybe I’m wrong but it sounds like she (at least in her own mind) was just living out the cuckold fantasy irl. everything she was saying seems to be something you might say to a cuckold. I think in her mind that’s all she was doing. Then when he showed her he was serious she was like ” oh sh*t, he’s serious this isn’t pretend.” I don’t know much about cuckolding so I could be wrong. She didn’t actually change her feelings, she was caught up in the fantasy. Doesn’t make it right….

  • shit….im in the same boat. This is soooooo me.  Except in my case shes married and still says she enjoys texting me.  We buy each other little snack treats lol. im trying to play it cool…what to do what to do. No doubt her lady friends are telling her to stay away..maybe

  • I’m going through the same issue with my job. I have a crush on a colleague who is already taken.
    Just hope it doesn’t lead to obsession and cost me my job ��

  • I have been waiting for this podcast for years. I don’t listen to many podcasts but I can tell this will be great. Love the dynamic between you. Keep up the good work guys…

  • Imagine a guy walking up to his wife saying “I love you but her ass is the biggest I’ve ever seen, I just don’t wanna miss this opportunity”

  • First!…and don’t. If you do, pray to the gods that the other person isn’t obsessive or vindictive. Think boiling rabbit scenario..not good. There are plenty of other outlets out there for hook ups to release tension in my opinion.

  • I’ve fucked a coworker before. It was pity sex honestly. He kept sniffing my socks and heels and I promised him a quick fuck if he stopped doing it.

    At least she was honest but damn SHE IS AWFUL

    She plans to cheat on even after you not agreeing to it

  • Never got the face planters. My neck would be insanely screwed. It’s painful when I lay like that normally. Free fall sleepers is another word for it.

  • Dude is loser or acted along to get rid of her in the divorce since he probably was cheating on her. He is also gay since he wanted to join in with her co-worker

  • If she would have taken a picture with that guy and sent it to me I would have paid some girl 100 dollars for a few regular pics to send back! Someone better looking then her and I would have made it appear as if I was seeing someone else!

  • He married a chameleonnice girl on the outside, slut on the inside.. She was so played by her co-worker who invited his friend over for a threesome.. But at least she was honest about her intentions.. My wife just cheated on the side with a co-worker, kept it to herself, never offered me a free pass.. Just a cheat.. You never give a cheater a second chance because they will cheat again.. From experience..

  • Coronavirus: A brand new host! Fat and idiotic it is perfect. Vitamin gummy I ate 4 years ago: No simping for my human!

  • I think you meant your estranged and about to be ex-wife didn’t you? I’m sure you did. Hint… Mention the subject in passing as if you had considered it an let her rerun her sales pitch. Just make sure you’re recording this time. It’ll make for a much better day in court…

  • I basically think no one deserves to have a cheating spouse. Trust is like a crystal glass that once it’s broken,it’s hard to fix them.. That’s why it’s important to apply wisdom when dealing with our partners… Last week I suspected my husband cheating on me, a friend recommended a hacker to me I contacted him and he helped me get cheating proves by helping me hack his phone giving me full access to everything he does on his phone… I got access to all his phone call logs, Text messages, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Emails, Social media chats (both old and new) without looking at his phone… if you suspect your spouse cheating on you, just contact this great hacker via text/whatsapp or call him ‪+1 (716) 599‑5491‬, or via mail ([email protected]). His services are very trusted and guaranteed and also affordable, I can’t thank him enough. I hope you find peace of mind just like I have found after discovering the truth. As the saying goes,what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

  • A similar thing happened to me when my wife wanted to have sex with a friend of hers from High School and that did not work out since he could not get hard. I was going to visit a fellow on business but the only night he could meet was a Saturday night. So we met with him at a restaurant 1/2 way to his house. He was late for getting there said he had been working on his hot tub all afternoon to get it back working. She said she was very attracted to him. After the end of the meal he suggested an after dinner drink and he ordered Manhattan on the rocks for the guys and ordered 3 shots for her 2 shots Bailey and 1 shot Ameretto on Ice. She chugged her and we sipped on ours. She said she loved it so much she would like to have another so he ordered her a second drink. After all the drinks were gone we got up to leave and he suggested we all go check out his newly working hot tub. She said that sounds like fun we would love to join you. That night in the hot tub she had sex with him in the hot tub in front of me but never asked permission. We later went to the bedroom and she had sex with him three more time and never would touch me. We talked it over driving home and for 2 weeks afterwards. This fellow ruined our marriage and we are now divorced. I am not sure they are together and do not care. After we were divorced I found out she had messed around with 5 other men while we were married for less than 5 years. She is a slut.

  • So, she wasn’t a virgin before you met her, neither was he, neither will remain ” loyal” should they split.
    Over half of married adults end up having an affair. It’s human nature, whereas this idea of property rights that somehow comes with marriage is in reality just a social construct.
    The fact this guy didn’t flat out say no way…….he is ok with it, only his pride and ego cause a problem.
    Some people hide secrets from one another for far too long and those secrets end up ruining the marriage anyway. Better for people to just except who they are, be completely honest and either accept the whole person or move on.
    Pretty clear this is two people with different ideas about what each other wants.
    So this guy isn’t actually opposed to the cuckolding rather he’s having trouble letting go of the control he thinks he has.
    Guy is an idiot and a wimp. He should have handled this all just between he and his wife before getting other family members involved.

    Yes, talking to others because you don’t have the balls to make your own choices and handle your own business is very childish and weak.
    Put the emotions down and use your head. The emotions will guide your thoughts and lead you to what you want but you have to think, use logic and understand we are all flawed. No one is perfect and putting two imperfect people together doesn’t somehow create perfection. She wants to play the dominant hot wife cuckoldress and for some reason he lets her start. Then when he realizes it’s a bit more emotional and a lot more painful than he expected suddenly it’s all her fault.
    Fact is this didn’t just happen out of the blue, he’s even said they have done some roleplaying. He participated now he has buyers remorse.
    Grow up and take responsibility. Be honest and clear and this can work, keep playing games and shirking responsibility and you will always be doomed.

  • Yea my wife ask me she wanted to sleep with her co worker I said yea she can but I told her co worker had to pay 800 a night for 2 hrs

  • My dude. She hid her sexual activity from you. She wanted a pass. She has cheated on the past. And it’s so much worse then your thiunking. She wants to the the alpha in that and have her ways. Your just a check and a sex doll she uses when her main f is busy. I’m sorry but this is the truth. She is stepping outside of it for so long. Leave.

  • His body could not handle all the vitamins so he ascended beyond a Human life form. He is now among gods. The process though… Is very painful.

  • I told my girlfriend she can fuck who she wants if she uses protection. I’m tired of fucking her. Naps are better. Also I cheat on her 24/7 but she doesn’t know so there’s that lol.

  • Mind and emotions comes with adhesive that one can’t get rid of with will. If you stick your mind to anything then you will have to wait until adhesive get dried and stop working.

  • Bro….. leave. She’s going to do it with or without your approval. If she becomes more upset that you said no that tells you everything you need to know

  • If she truly loved you she would never have even thought about sex with another man! She would never have placed herself in the position to feel him up! Which I would say she had been kissing him when she did that! Do not give in to her. Someone better will come along for you.

  • I feel for you man you must really love her but I’m sorry my guy she’s making you look like a simp, finalize that DIVORCE ASAP!!! And find someone who cares for you the same cause she obviously does not

  • You’re a pathetic whelp dude. I’d have punted the slapper the moment she asked the first question. She changed because she has no respect for you….derr…

  • Me: litterally crawls into a ball then turns upside down then repeats but downside up then repeats the past two steps but also with no pillow

  • Having her friends send you threats, I’d get my ski mask on and teach them a valuable lesson in minding their own business! Better find some throw aways to bang up some cars then I would show up at their place acting all concerned…..

  • I want to know if somebody sleeps like me, because I have seen nobody sleep like me so far ��

    Nobody in that video sleeps like me. The freestyle one seems close, but no, it’s not the right thing.
    I guess I don’t have a personality ��

  • I slept with a co-worker years ago. It was weird at first, but we got past it. It ended up being our little secret at work that we would giggle and talk about it. We didn’t have the “conversation”. I think that would have made matters worse. I think that would have only been necessary if one of us had brought up the desire for a relationship, and the other didn’t feel that way. Playing the “rejection card”
    shouldn’t be done lightly because maybe BOTH people don’t want anything more. And nobody wants to feel rejected anyway, especially when maybe they weren’t feeling it either. Playing the “rejection card” unnecessarily is the catalyst to getting some resentment brewing. Our actions indicated that it wasn’t going anywhere because we simply just stopped sleeping together..enough said..or not said.:)

  • No judgment, but I would never start any kind of relationship with a co-worker beyond being a colleague. Nopenopenopenope.
    I dont even like making friends at work. Because the fact of the matter is, if it comes down to me or them, I’m choosing me everytime and it goes without saying they’re going to choose themselves. Work is for working. Point blank. We shouldn’t be overfamiliar.

  • She’s probably been cheating on him way before she brought up the coworker, OP should’ve stood his ground and filed for divorce a lot sooner. I feel bad for the guy, dude sounds like he actually cared for her and wanted a happy life with her, he didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly.

  • Bruh…I’m glad he eventually stood up for himself but seriously, man or woman, you NEED to develop a backbone before you get into a serious relationship! You never truly know how a person is or what they are thinking. If you can’t stand up for yourself, people (including the ones claiming they love you) will take advantage of you.

  • End of relationship. Go to Ukraine or philippines, actually your wife has already hooked up with him. She just wants you to ease her conscience.

  • No once the marriage is betrayed with cheating just say goodbye time for a divorce it’s finished she has crossed the line just say goodbye ��, she doesn’t love you enough to be faithful so just file for a divorce your marriage is finished just say goodbye �� she has shown her truly colours and or personality! She was no respect for you just say goodbye to her throw her out or you leave your marriage is finished just say goodbye �� not worth arguing over, tell your friends she was a cheating tramp it’s not your fault for the free selfish choices she made!

  • This whole story infuriated me. She blames him for everything wrong that is happening to her, yet does not see the damage she herself is doing to the marriage and to him. I fail to see how he’s the immature one, when she’s the one stepping outside of the marriage and having sex with other men. She’s a scumbag Point Blank, he needs a divorce her. Their marriage was over to the minute she proposed such a ludicrous thing.

  • Who cares what people think. F there brains out and do it again if its good if not then end it. But be nice, be friends. So simple.

  • Before you guys blow up on this channel i wanted to let you guys know that right now i am following your footsteps and i wanted to thank you. Perhaps i will be the next charisma on command and i will away give you guys credit. Especially Ben for giving me permission to use your videos as content for analysis:)

  • That kind of changes in relationship are always bad. If you love your wife/husband you don’t need other people in your bed. Poor man. I hope he will be good. That in time he will heal and find happiness.

  • I’m always moving so I could sleep like a log for a few seconds, then next thing I know, I’m in the baby position, then I put my head under my pillow, then the face plant, then on my back, then I’m the twister, and then I’m upside down ������ (I’m female btw) so I have no idea what I am

  • In many cases when women accuse their husbands of cheating, it is a deflection to hide that they are cheating.
    In this case the guy`s wife wanted her husband to cheat so she could get away with the fact she was already cheating.
    But she wasn`t just sleeping with her coworker, she also had a gangbang session with the guy and his mates, a total slut.
    It often amazes me why these types of women decide to marry in the first place?
    Anyway, the guy is well shot of that skank and glad he refused to budge to her request, he did the right thing.

  • The way I sleep is everywhere I could wake up sideways or upside down or something like that and I would never know my sleep position changes throughout the night without me ever knowing

  • I hope OP gets ran over by a car.
    He put shame to us all. If I was his father I’d liven’t him myself and then end myself. I hate OP more than I hate the woman. This is not a joke or exaggeration.

    Edit: Okay maybe a little exaggeration. At least there’s room for redemption for him. But not the wife. I hope he had his “red pill.”
    If I was him though. I would be embarrassed to ever tell anyone that story.

  • Call me a square. But my real world profession is in human resources. Having sex with a coworker is a horrible thing to do. I see this as more paper work for human resources. I cringe everytime I hear about an employee doing this. Story of my life.

  • The wife stopped loving her husband the second she made up her mind to cheat. She lost all respect for him the second he said yes to an open marriage. She also been fucking her coworker long before she talked to the husband about it. Once nudes are sent and it gets a little physical (touching of the genitals). They gonna fuck. The free pass was quality control. She pretended to care to get her way and once she got it the husband was thrown away. It was only supposed to be her coworker but decided to get a train ran on her. The best part is she tried to play the victim.

    To OP and there is a 100% you will never see this. I am proud of you for finally standing up for yourself. Take the time to heal and rebuild your whole life. Protect yourself and your assets after the divorce. I promise you once the storm is over you will be ok. Don’t take her back because she has no respect for you and she doesn’t love or care about you at all. She cried because she lost everything. Ignore her friends because they’re harmless. Please do not hurt yourself or blame yourself. It’s not your fault. If you said no she would still fuck him behind your back.

  • NEVER endorse her opening relationship. The moment she brings it up, know that your marriage has been over for some time.

    No anger, no contact.
    She is dead to you. Her texts are ghosts trying to haunt your dreams. BLOCK.
    Go no harrassment order if she won’t leave you alone.

    One, dedicated, loyal wife is all most of us want. This type of female is on the critically endangered species list, estimated 1100 remaining on earth.

  • I don’t sleep like a log..
    Yet I act like one-
    I attract literally everyone I meetit’s like I hypnotize them into being my friend— O-O

  • She’s gone. Gone romantically, gone emotionally, gone physically. Let her go. Put her on the streets, her natural environment.

  • Freestyle:* wakes up at 3am* oops goes back to sleep wakes up at 4am*bruhhh again ugh back to sleep wakes up at 6am ok I’m done *stares at phone for the rest 2 hours goes back to sleep wakes up at *1pm eh it’s normal

  • Now THIS is a funny joke, no one gets hurt or hits anybody and no one goes too far. I wish all pranks could be this funny and harmless. Fake or not.

  • Shit, I thought they were just gummy’s.

    Edit: I’m currently in the hospital

    Edit 2 in august: I’m not actually in the hospital and I never was.

  • i literally thought it was just me who sleeps freestyleand yes the personality and other stuf about freestyle sleepers is very true to me ;w;

  • Ok but who sleeps like this:
    �� _��
    \ \
    / ��
    | ——��

    it looks like i WANTED to look stupid.

  • I’m sorry but this momma is dumb. She didn’t notice that this candy was way more expensive than normal candy. Also that it’s in the same aisle as other medicines. And who lets their child eat as much candy as they want every day?

  • I sleep like all the positions and I keep changing positions then can you please describe my personality �� and while sleeping I kick too ������

  • Ok take a cat (Wolf,fox,ect.) Now curl it up in a ball. Then imagine a human doing that, and ripping up a pillow in their sleep… This is me.

  • I’m the “Baby Sleeper” and “Starfish sleeper”. Also, in my defense of spreading all my limbs out and taking up most of the bed in my sleep, I just need to stretch and it’s pretty nice to wake up not needing to stretch because your all stretched out basically all night anyways.

  • She might not have been a shitty person… her parents I think tried to raise her right… this shows that peer groups can teach you to become shity… Observe how her friends suggested her husband must also want to have sex with other women and now they are now only support…. as they have the same mentality…. shit will stick together

  • Me saying that I do almost all these sleeping positions and complain and at the end see the “freestyle sleepers” and think finally that’s how I sleep and then they talk about how they act: Oh shit.. That’s exactly me.