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How Nervous is your Nervous System? Anxiety Skills #3

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Train Your Brain to Cope With Anxiety | Dr. Scott Bea

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Breaking The Loop of Anxiety | Colin Bien | TEDxLeuphanaUniversityLüneburg

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Why Are You Anxious?

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If You Struggle With Anxiety, This Mind Trick Will Change Your Life | Mel Robbins

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Generalized anxiety disorder and coping strategies

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Good health habits A healthy and balanced lifestyle can support you to manage your symptoms of anxiety. Eat regularly to avoid spikes in blood sugar and cravings, and eat foods that stabilise your mood, like whole grains, vegetables, fish and nuts. Cut back on caffeine, which may be increasing your anxiety and affecting your sleep.

1. Stay in your time zone. Anxiety is a future-oriented state of mind. So instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, “reel yourself back to the present,” says Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., a. Aromatherapy is thought to help activate certain receptors in your brain, potentially easing anxiety. Go for a walk or do 15 minutes of yoga Sometimes, the best way to stop anxious thoughts is to.

Anxiety is my body’s way of responding to stress. It’s the exact opposite of calm. Having anxiety is a normal part of my life, but when I don’t process stress in a healthy way, my brain.

Suddenly, anxiety has taken over your life. “Anxious thoughts activate the limbic system — the fear center in our brain — and it’s on a hair trigger,” says psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD. Singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins which make you feel uplifted and happy. It helps relax muscle tension and decreases the levels of the stress hormones in the blood stream and can help take your mind off the day’s troubles to boost your mood. If you’re really worried about missing something crucial, you can always tell friends and family to contact you in the event of an emergency situation in order to keep you informed.

2) Try not to. But this isn’t to gain control over your anxiety. Trying to overpower worry only ignites anxiety and worry thoughts. When you “have a thought you don’t like, your body responds by struggling.

Chronic worrying can also be a major symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), a common anxiety disorder that involves tension, nervousness, and a general feeling of unease that colors your whole life. If you’re plagued by exaggerated worry and tension, there are steps you can take to turn off anxious thoughts. The following prayer to overcome fear, anxiety and worry, will help you focus your thoughts on God’s peace and presence.

Instead of focusing on your fear, anxiety, and worry, focus on the words that Jesus said to his disciples.“I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear.

List of related literature:

A relatively new treatment called “worry exposure” has been quite effective in changing the level of anxiety related to worrying.

“The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by Chad LeJeune
from The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
by Chad LeJeune
New Harbinger Publications, 2007

Worry reflects the cognitive aspects of anxiety¦the negative beliefs, troubling thoughts, and poor decisions.

“Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning” by Helena Seli, Myron H. Dembo
from Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning
by Helena Seli, Myron H. Dembo
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Worry anxiety is only a problem if it is perpetual—if it goes on and on and on.

“The Anxiety Cure: A Proven Method for Dealing with Worry, Stress and Panic Attacks” by Archibald Hart
from The Anxiety Cure: A Proven Method for Dealing with Worry, Stress and Panic Attacks
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Along with deep breathing, exercise has also helped reduce my anxiety.

“Been There. Done That. Try This!: An Aspie's Guide to Life on Earth” by Debbie Denenburg, Paul Isaacs, Henny Kupferstein, Ruth Elaine Joyner Hane, Karen Krejcha, Temple Grandin, Stephen M. Shore, Richard Stirling Maguire, Larry Moody, Lisa Morgan, Liane Holliday Willey, Qazi Fazli Azeem, Garry Burge, John Makin, Yenn Purkis, Mary Robison, Steve Selpal, Charlene Devnet, Lars Perner, Patrick V. Suglia, Alexis Wineman, Craig Evans, Anita Lesko, Mitchell Christian, Bob Castleman, Tony Attwood, James Buzon
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This can free us from the anxiety that is caused by worry.

“The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling” by Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. Ron Hawkins
from The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling
by Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. Ron Hawkins
Baker Publishing Group, 2009

It’s impossible to stamp out all worry completely, but the following techniques have helped me and countless of my clients reduce their mountain of anxiety to an insignificant molehill.

“The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You” by Chloe Brotheridge
from The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You
by Chloe Brotheridge
Penguin Books Limited, 2017

To be prepared for the anxiety, think of all of the possible worries that could enter your mind as you make these behavioral changes.

“Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook: Workbook” by Anxiety Disorders Behavioral Research Program University of California Michelle G. Craske Department of Psychology and Director, Los Angeles, David H. Barlow Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Boston University
from Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook: Workbook
by Anxiety Disorders Behavioral Research Program University of California Michelle G. Craske Department of Psychology and Director, Los Angeles, David H. Barlow Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Boston University
Oxford University Press, USA, 2006

Worry can also escalate into anxiety through double-trouble beliefs, which can include believing that you can’t control your tension and you will lose control.

“The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Program” by William J. Knaus, Jon Carlson
from The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Program
by William J. Knaus, Jon Carlson
New Harbinger Publications, 2008

In particular, worry is a central feature of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)and this disorder is characterised by constant worrisome thoughts and tension about a range of aspects of life and daily routine.

“Complete Psychology” by Graham Davey, Christopher Sterling, Andy Field, Chris Sterling, Ian Albery
from Complete Psychology
by Graham Davey, Christopher Sterling, et. al.
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For some people, the major part of their anxiety problem is worry, and there is an excellent book called Overcoming Worry (see ‘Further Reading’ for details), which can help you if your problems revolve around excessive worrying.

“Overcoming Anxiety, 2nd Edition: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques” by Helen Kennerley
from Overcoming Anxiety, 2nd Edition: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques
by Helen Kennerley
Little, Brown Book Group, 2014

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  • laying in bed muttering “I’m okay” does nothing..
    I know that you have to take control but it’s not that easy. When it gets really bad like that, nothing brings me back. All I can do is fall asleep and pray i feel better in the morning

  • This is de worst that ever happend to me i used to be very social bang chicks and now i dont even want to get out of my house anymore my stomach burns and my head fells like confused

  • I’ve always been an anxious person. But I never gave it credence to the point where it affected me at all besides getting the anxiety then getting over it. I’ve never had panic attacks until the last month. I always prided myself on mental toughness. I would always say even if my body was broken my mind would never be. This anxiety has made me re assess myself and now I feel weak. Its uncontrollable and and now it just comes on, but I feel it. I get light headed sometimes then my heartbeat gets rapid. Afterward will feel extremely anxious. I have an appointment setup with a cardiologist because I think theres something physically wrong based on an ER visit. It’s crazy man. Never knew this would affect me like it has. But just talking about it and facing it helps me so much. To know theres others in the world that this affects helps me. My journey has just begun but I dont want it continue.

  • My Anxiety Is So Bad That I Cant Live Life And Be Happy, It’s Taken Over Me To A Point Where I Cant Go To Stores, Work Or Anywhere And I Honestly Don’t Know Why ����‍♂️

  • maybe this will help: stop thinking about “what if’s” that makes it 10 times worse when it has like a 30% chance of coming true trust me i’ve ben through heck and back with anxiety what if’s just make you think what could happen instead of what will

  • I have born with Anxiety and mine is not due to stress. I remember myself in primary school with anxiety! It is inherited!It is part of myself! I can not imagine myself without anxiety!

  • This video has helped me so much, i have just watched this for the first time during a panic attack and it has helped me to stop and overcome my trigger.
    I will keep this video handy.

  • I dislike how vague people are with coping with anxiety. Especially the deep breathing, it’s so easy to mess this up and it’s something that requires practice to be effective in alot of people. It can actually have a negative effect as people will try these techniques then get angry and even more anxious when it hasn’t worked for them.

  • This helps especially when you think you had it under control and took a big hit of anxiety right to the face. Lets pray for the strength and courage to keep moving forward and getting mentally healthy!

  • I use to have panic attack on train everyday. My attack got worse if got cancelled or delayed. One day i when to cognitive therapy to deal my anxiety. I learn how to manger my panic attack, i don’t have panic attack on trains anymore.

  • you beat a all those psychiatrist who prescribe just for money thanks for us just reminder go to a cliincal psychologist like him. i am also planning to become a clinical psychologist. He will provide therapy which is good for health not like karen jacob she is a psychiatrist who just prescribe for money and those medication causes side effect

  • Just read the book “Panic Away” by Joe Barry. I had that problem for years, but you don’t need a technique with 1-5 steps, and imagining a nice place and stuff. Just read his book and you will learn your brain in a few hours on how to ignore fears and forget about the panic attacks FOREVER. I know it is hard to believe, but like your brain learned in a moment to fear of panic after the first attack, the same way when you read Joe’s book your brain will just stop panicking. Take me for example, a few years ago I thought I will die during the panic attacks, but today, when I get heart rate jumps or similar sensations I just start to laugh because after reading Joe’s book I really don’t care… And what’s crazy it started to work the same day after I learned it.

    Here is the link to the book (this is the version I read). Hope it helps…

  • I get anxiety whenever I’m asked a question I feel embarrassed when a teacher or instructor makes me speak even though I’m not a person who doesn’t talk much still I’m anxious of trying explain what I learn but I like to keep things at me in my own way without criticism

  • I have recently been diagnosed with Anxiety Neurosis (around 2 weeks back) and the things have been pretty different for me. Never thought anything such as this would hit me (believe all had the same thought). Nonetheless videos such these help a lot. Thanks for the share Colin. Guess life begins with a new turn for me. Have a great day everyone.

  • My hands are shaking for no reason, I don’t really know why and I don’t even consider myself having an anxiety but my mind is uncomfortable in nothingness. Help.

  • I’ve been having severe anxiety for years and I’m starting to see things in the corner of my eyes and worry like if I have this disease but when I look nothing is there I’m scared I’m developing schizophrenia please help me

  • when I was younger I use to say to myself “I will never have depression or anxiety” and now I look back and it makes me sad to think how happy I was back then I wasn’t afraid to go out in public I was shy but I was still happy and could do simple things like I used to walk my dogs around the block completely alone but I could never do that now without panicking.

  • Am i right in thinking: The intention of anxiety is to protect. Stop, breath and acknowledge it. Don’t try and ignore it or push it away. Its a friend that’s has seen us through evolution. There is nothing to runaway from this time.

  • I definitely have stuff like this but I’m terrified to tell anybody! My parents think I’m a liar and a failure! They never say positive stuff instead they always remind me when I make mistakes and if I do something on non purpose they think I did it on purpose which lets them think I’m a complete psychopath! Then they wonder why is my self esteem so low, why don’t I believe in myself when they’re the ones causing it! And I’ve been skipping school and practices to avoid public places and to avoid for people to make fun of me when I fail. They could never understand how I feel and even if I tried explaining them their response would be like: “we’ve promised you so much stuff if you succeeded that’s enough to cheer you” well I feel like them telling me their proud of me or telling me I’m going to make it instead of “ you’ll never achieve anything” “ why aren’t you. Like your sister” “ we didn’t have to do stuff like this with your sister” I’m going to be so happy to tell my school counselor about this and finally see if I get diagnosed with anxiety and then, THEN THEY WILL BELIEVE ME

  • From all my google searches over the years, I’ve always thought of anxiety as the enemy… the cause for my low self-esteem, the reason why I failed in things I tried doing… but after listening, I cried because I realised I am the reason for my thought patterns, I am the one who puts myself down, who tells myself that I am unlovable, that I am not smart enough or skilled enough to make it out in my career. When you talked about being kind to ourselves, to make peace, to actually listen to our crew instead of trying to lock them away and hide… it made sense. I used to think anxiety was a disorder, but now I realise chronic anxiety is just a result of an emotion that has tried to take over the ship because the captain has lost control. I am the captain, and I need to take back control by being kind to myself, by listening and by telling myself I am good enough.

  • Only thing I disagree on is when he brought up benzo’s. They’re the reason my anxiety when from mild to severe because eventually you have to get off of them or they’ll fry your brain

  • I’m anxious about being judged by my son and daughter in law, they make me feel like a 12 year old wanting to be liked, I haven’t let anyone do that to me back then, I was a stronger 12 year old

  • Great video. Explains a lot about anxiety that most people don’t even mention. I was stuck in the sympathetic state for years, horrible way to live.

  • Leaving this here with regards to medication: it doesn’t have to be the end all be all. Different combinations or smaller doses of medications ALONGSIDE therapy can work wonders for many. Medication can be a very helpful short term or backup TOOL in managing anxiety. Moving away from verbiage like “medicating your anxiety”. In a lot of cases, by the time you’re even seeking professional help, medication is necessary. No knocking meds, or any combination of things that work for folks!

  • I’m investigating reducing panic attacks quickly and found an awesome resource at Trevs panic fixer (google it if you’re interested)

  • There is no trick to cure anxiety. If you have anxiety you have anxiety. I stopped looking for a solution and here I am still suffering with anxiety after 10 years. I can’t change it.

  • when i get these little “anxiety ticks” i ask myself: what am i scared of? what is making me anxious? ect. the feeling then usually goes away when i can’t think of an answer, or it goes away a little, but not all the way. hope this helps someone:).

  • Guys trust me I got panic attacks last month…
    Everything’s gone rn
    Anxiety gone
    Just do dances and be happy with your loved ones…
    Stay away from negativity
    That’s it
    Trust me everything will be fine

  • Anxiety and panic attacks is simply your subconscious mind forcing you to change the flow and direction of your life.
    Your conscious mind already knows these changes are necessary but is too stubborn or fearful to act. Hence the onset of panic and anxiety.

  • I get anxiety about getting anxiety. I get scared about being scared. I’m stressed about being stressed. “Just Breath” they say, however, while i’m breathing in, i’m worried I won’t be able to breath out. While breathing out I’m worried I won’t be able to breath in. Repeat. ��

  • Whenever you have anxiety, close your eyes and concentrate on you breath. Take deep breaths and avoid thinking anything. That’s the best thing to do

  • I can’t control my anxiety at all. I tried every time to calm down, take breathes and think but I can never overcome it. It messes with my social life and work. It really sucks because I’ve tried getting help but nothing worked. My “friends” avoid or ignore me because the anxiety makes me look awkward and weird. But I even feel anxiety talking to my family members. My depression is getting really bad now and I just want someone who won’t judge to talk too

  • wish i was dead, its not livable. the older i get the worse it gets. im 22 now and cant even wake up without my anxiety making me physically sick. i really wish more doctors performed assisted suicide, my life is fine, i dont know why i have to feel this way

  • I’m at the point where I’d rather be entirely dependent on benzos than constantly missing work and going to the hospital with palpitations three times a month.

    Your suggestions might help with mild nervousness, but if you felt even 10% of what I feel every day you’d be giving up hope just like I am.

  • I have general anxiety and depression. I’m 20 years old, and I still have never had a job, and I’m failing in college. Every time I try to get a job, I have a panic attack and then cry myself to sleep. I just feel like I can’t do anything because I’m so scared all the time. I know that getting a job would help me so much, but I’m paralyzed by the thought that I would be a failure at a job as I am with everything else. ��

    Update: thanks to therapy and headspace, I finally got a job! ��I feel so much better about myself

  • it is very advisable to have cognitive behaviour therapy and medication so you can break through the cycle of panic which causes great problems of all kinds in everyday life. so an antidepressant and xanax or ativan available has been greatly beneficial and makes things much easier on the sufferers of which there are quite a few. also keep a diary of medication used and set up a treatment plan with the doctor treating. at least that is what i found. obviously anxiety can have many different effects avoiding coffee and stimulants is obviously a good idea.

  • I have severe illness anxiety disorder, I had depressive psychosis with somatic delusions and OCD. I got allergic reaction to antibiotic metronidazole and after it I experienced first panic attack in my life. Now, exactly 8 months later, I dont have any physical symptoms of it except that uncomfortable feeling in my body and im scared of everything. I didnt have physical symptoms of anxiety in that way before metronidazole but my anxiety now is so severe im scared that I damaged my brain with it or that it caused some permanent damage to my body that makes me feel this way….it sucks.

  • Thank you so much for explaining the process of a panic attack and sharing this absolutely amazing trick. For quite a long time I’ve been trying to find out how to deal with panic atttacks and today you changed my life with this ‘anchor thought’ trick. I got so excited I finally got a solution that I literally jumped out of a bed to call my mom and share this awesome news with her. Thank you so much for helping me deal with anxiety! You changed my life for the better!

  • I have homework, school, chores, and anxiety and panic attacks, plus insomnia. If I could get anywhere near 8 hours trust me I would be.

  • I used to imagine it was a monster in my head. And then over time I started to pretend the monster was my friend and I’d talk to him, draw cute pictures of and imagine the monster was apologising to me afterwards… It helped to change how I was visualising the attacks instead of feeling like I was trapped and couldn’t breath. I’d look at the cute pictures I drew when I felt an attack about to happen to remind myself that, most of the time, the monster is my friend.

  • I was diagnosed with GAD 2 years ago and it comes from no where. It just happens. All of a sudden for no reason my stomach is like a washing machine. Done CBT etc. No change. Hate it

  • This video helped but my exam anxiety is ridiculous i study so much and then mess up big time in exams then i end up feeling sad and hopeless ��

  • Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off guide for beating depression fast minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  • i’ve gone to the ER now twice thanks to anxiety or panic attacks. same thing happens when I get there I get relaxed eventually. so if it’s your first time just go. after that try to calm yourself down cuz it will stop. even if it’s just enough to go to sleep. it will pass. remember too its all mental. its hard, i know, but you have to keep busy somehow. do chores, hold something tightly, pat your animal, anything to distract but not avoid your anxiety cuz ignoring it will make it come back stronger. trust me i’ve had strong panic and anxiety attacks at night after ignoring them in the day. Journal does help. took a while but it does by me seeing my thoughts and seeing how useless or dumb they were.

  • This is so irresponsible of her to do to someone. Mel is not a trained therapist, she shouldn’t be giving advice to a vulnerable person like that. f’d up.

  • I’ve been suffering from GAD and I’d like to say to all my fellow sufferers that the issues you are afraid of today will turn out great for you tomorrow. Stop being pussies and live happy. I’m sorry please dont hurt me.

  • Axienty is hands down one of the worst feelings ever, I hate those panic attacks, it’s awful and I’m so sorry for everyone dealing with it, god loves you.

  • All who are suffering from anxiety please be aware that the deficiency of Vitamin B, D and magnesium causes anxiety. Do your check up today itself and cure your anxiety. Magnesium is very effective in removing fear. Ashwagandha helps in good sleep.

  • Thank you very much Tim, amazing advises, your strength give power to us trough your kind words.

    For the community I will totally agree on kindness for your self, learn to be nice to you, then dare to dream thath beautiful things are made to happen to you in life also, not just for other people, support your inner kid to dream and be wild and equally loved by you regardless of anything.

    And other thath i am trying rigth now is to find out if food is somehow intoxicating me, you can also try to avoid gluten for a week and see how you feel, maybe you will be sorpriced.

  • I’m anxious about anxiety. Wow, whatta truth bomb. I was this person. It literally burned a hole in my gut with Crohn’s but I have come a very far way since my surgery and diagnosis.

  • 3:50 to 4:35 he sort of talks about the difference between first fear and second fear as addressed in hope and help for your nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. You keep yourself stuck in an anxious state they constantly second-guessing and wondering what the hell is going on with you rather than just attributing it to anxiety.

  • So sad. People don’t realise what they do to other’s can affect their whole life. Bullying throughout my life has left me with depression, anxiety, flashbacks and alcoholism to this day. I try to “snap out of it” but so much has happened in the past that it’s difficult.
    To all those who read this and have the same problems try and be strong, seek help and take care.
    James. X

  • There are 2 types of anxiety
    one that is real and the other that is not.
    if we are anxious, we can validate our anxiety feeling with people who we think are successful and professionals like doctors, professors, or even those people whom we think really care for people as people. Make sure we survey from them as many as possible. Then, we would know it from there. Most of the time, we know our anxiety isn’t real. It is just that we care too much of what others we think might say when we would just do normal things in life. We tend to care so much when we know we are not doing anything that may harm other people and that we ourselves won’t judge if we find someone else had the worry like ours at that particular moment. Anxiety is there as our guidance to avoid situations that may cause trouble, pain and death but sometimes even I myself can have irrational anxiety or worries. So the best way to beat it is to acknowledge it, validate and take action with caution. Live and let live.

  • I personally relate this talk to the Pixar movie Inside Out. The goal is to change from the child’s brain situation to the mom’s brain situation. We must not let one emotion take control and handle the situation on its own, instead hear out all the emotions thoughts and make the best decision. Also, I believe with practice we will know when to give control to which emotion. In case you haven’t watched Inside out I will suggest you watch it once and this talk will make a lot more sense.

  • I don’t know what my problem is, but i think it’s anxiety, its been 8 years since i have trouble socializing. I can’t get of the house, afraid to make friends or relationships, it affects my education,as i’m too afraid to ask for help. I can’t do what a normal 19 year guy would do, i get really sweaty, heart beats fast, tension headaches, tired, shaky, can’t think properly, stomach aches,flushing/blushing, dry mouth and cold feet and hands I’m experiencing them all right now as i’m typing, in the social media side it’s also the same, i rarely chat with anybody or anything as i’m too afraid from judgment and rejection. The only people that i socialise with are my family, but i can’t help, but feel that i am not doing 100 per cent between my relationships with my parents and siblings. And then on my extended family side, i also can’t connect with them. I was a different person when i was younger, as i was more lively or happy during my childhood times, i was able chat freely with anybody. Then came puberty and that’s where it started to decline, because of peer pressure, insecurities and more. Until now, i’m still struggling with it, its hard to choose my ambition, take driving lessons, figure out responsibilities, go to college. make new experiences, etc. They all seem very hard for me to do, is this normal for every young person out there?

  • Thank you Colin. It was a helpful talk.
    You have singled out things an individual can work on and control( Stoics would tip their hats). The point of setting up routines (habits) which ease anxiety was insightful.
    God bless.

  • this is what I get, TL;DW version

    “Anxiety is on of emotion that human have, it’s normal to feel anxious”

    1. Realize that Anxiety is not an illness, it must be came from something and it’s something rational
    2. Listen to yourself, what’s the anxiety is all about. don’t run away from it. because it will get louder and more annoying. once you heard yourself, you can be logical to make a decision
    3. Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself on your anxiety. Stay positive, courage yourself, build yourself.

    anxiety is important to makes you realize what is the right thing to do, accept your anxiety it’ll help you a lot

  • Put a finger down if you were once at a orthodontist office for the first time and in the middle of them putting in the brackets onto the teeth you get anxious due to personal problems and they have to stop for a few minutes so you can calm it down…im the only one. Ok

  • what about the unnecessary anxiety? Like when I felt anxious about what something i did would make others feel? Like he said, if you feel anxious, it’s because something needs your attention… But sometimes illusions could also cause anxiety!

  • I have Heath anxiety disorder and although your speech was inspiring I think what you said only really applies to people who suffer with typical anxiety. Health anxiety is the constant fear that something awful is going to happen to someone you love, mine is crippling. Listening to the anxiety makes it worse, my brain is literally always telling me to abort mission, a headaches a brain tumour, a fall is something neurological ect. I understand what you are trying to say but please don’t make our anxiety disorder isn’t an illness, yes it’s an emotion but it’s emotions causing physical distress to the brain. Social anxiety is very different and it’s a lot easier to improve because you can recognise it’s irrationality. With GAD you can’t, it’s a permanent life changing disorder

  • every 3rd thought of mine is negative projection. I argue in my head about things that happened 40 years ago and things that havent happened yet. Things never happen the way i project them yet i still do. I try not to but it happens automatically. Im full of anger conceit fear. i keep to myself as much as possible. Im alone with other people around. When i was very young id have overwhelming feelings of doom & gloom, crying at the edge of my brothers bead not being able to explain whats wrong…. i fucking hate it

  • Beautifully presented. Well done. Mindfulness changed everything for me and that’s why I dedicate my life to teaching mindfulness to others.

  • CBD oil and exposure to what your scared off helped me. Even if it’s only doing it for a minute with someone with you it shows your brain there is no danger! ��

  • When you have hopelessness to such an extent that it takes away life from you..And you feel jealous of the people who don’t face this… And who doesn’t face it.. Doesn’t know it and doesn’t validate it as a struggle!!
    Sunk in it since a very long time now!

  • The F.E.A.R formula = ‘Fear Everything And Rise ‘ can be a useful tool when integrated into other anxiety strategies.
    Also, stop eating meat and animal products, as the stress hormones of the animals spread in their flesh before they get killed for you!
    They feel the same kind of fear as you, but unfortunate they can’t watch any self help videos. The only thing that could help would be if everyone would stop consuming meat and animal products!

  • I have anxiety about EVERYTHING. Constant heart pounding and me trying to breath to calm myself down and get myself back in the moment.

    When I have a panic attack, I get super hot, my thoughts race, my heart pounds so fast, and I feel like I can’t breath. I have to sit down and close my eyes. If I’m around others, and they try to interrupt my panicking, I get super mad, irritated, and mean.

    I didn’t have the panic attacks for months and now I have them again ugh!

  • I just found out that my nervous system is sympathetically dominant and can’t express how grateful I am for this video for making me realise something so big.
    I was feeling very un-calm when searched for how to calm my nervous system as I feel very highly alert due to stress and found the next video about focusing on objects and it did help me a bit.

    Thank you

  • Wow this is powerful, i have social anxiety and I’ve been trying to beat it without going to a therapist or taking medication but I guess I’ve been looking at it wrong i shouldn’t try to beat it but I should change my perspective of it im going to try his steps and see how it turns out

  • I never had anxiety until I stopped working out! I never realized how much exercise helped with my mental health, I never realized I had mental health issues until I stopped going to the gym. Everyone please try working out, even just 3 times a week. It helps..

  • I’m not pretty sure if what I’m going through is anxiety, i can’t tell because I’m still trying to know more about anxiety, but i just worry about stupid things and i feel like it’s literally the end of the world.

  • There are 2 types of anxiety
    one that is real and the other that is not.
    if we are anxious, we can validate our anxiety feeling with people who we think are successful and professionals like doctors, professors, or even those people whom we think really care for people as people. Make sure we survey from them as many as possible. Then, we would know it from there. Most of the time, we know our anxiety isn’t real. It is just that we care too much of what others we think might say when we would just do normal things in life. We tend to care so much when we know we are not doing anything that may harm other people and that we ourselves won’t judge if we find someone else had the worry like ours at that particular moment. Anxiety is there as our guidance to avoid situations that may cause trouble, pain and death but sometimes even I myself can have irrational anxiety or worries. So the best way to beat it is to acknowledge it, validate and take action with caution. Live and let live.

  • Mind you I stopped to type this at 6:55 I completely understand where he is coming from, however for people like me with chemical imbalances it is a medical solution that is necessary. However this dude is brilliant as far as I can see.

  • Prayer & meditation may help to a positive track… “Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee.” Baha’u’llah, Baha’i Faith

  • Every night, my brain is trying to force me to do things like biting my toung off or pulling my eyelashes off, and It’s been making me actually doing it, so I need help. I’m not sure if this is normal but I thought this video would help, not sure. I cant stop it, and it happens every night. Please help me. I’m going to cry �� �� ��

  • I don’t really have anxiety with other things. I have a huge anxiety when it comes to phones. because repairing phones in my country costs more then my monthly allowance

  • I fully agree with this guy the only problem is that to get out of he routine requires money.

    What happen if you don’t have it..??

  • I started an anxiety loop after having food poisoning and puking right before bed, then for a long time I started feeling nauseous before bed every. single. day, but it stopped for a while, only to come back now ;-;

  • Try AMare GLOBEL you will feel better again. It’s a all natural mental wellness supplement company. Buy the AMare fundamental pack plus. It works great

  • For those who don’t know about it, a product called Rescue Remedy is very helpful for me. I take it as often as needed, even every 10 minutes sometimes, if I am having a hard time. It sort of smooths out the emotions, takes the panicy feeling down to a managable level, or even dissipates the anxiety altogether. It is gentle, and you can’t take too much of it. Drops in a small amount of water. You can give to anxious children and anxious animals as well. I have used it for 20 years. It doesn’t stop me from being an anxious person, but it helps me get through the rough times.

  • Two years ago I was at the worst point in my life. One day I woke up and felt like I couldn’t breathe. This feeling was so new, I felt trapped. It lasted for a month. Every minute of everyday I felt like it would be my last breath. It was all in my head but that was the issue. My mind was convincing me that I could not breathe and something was wrong with me yet nothing was. I went to therapy and it didn’t help me because to be quite honest I didn’t have the energy to help myself. The only time I felt at peace was when I was asleep. Every waking moment felt like a climb up and down Mount Everest. It was exhausting, I felt like I was surviving not living. I barely talked to anyone because I didn’t want them to see me like that. That was not the person I am now that person is a stranger. The person I am now still has experiences with anxiety but does not suffer with it anymore. I never took any medications for it. One day I woke up and everything changed. I felt like I could breathe again. massive weights were lifted off of my body. I could finally do the things I love without the anxious monstrous voice in the back of my head. I had overcome the possession and learned how to control my emotions.

  • The way to fix such a problem as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis or other mental illnesses is to understand the relationship of the mind, body and soul. You are not what you think. As simple as that. All mental illnesses have their root in the mind. There are of course chemicals in the brain and the rest of the body that change when your having these kind of disharmony of your existencial factors. But they are not the cause of the occurrence, just the side effects or the way they manifest themselves in the body. I know you probably have heard the following statement from various spiritual teachers around youtube and other platforms, BUT: You have to figure out who you really are. You have to find out what your position in this ongoing sensation of life is. What I mean by that is the simple fact, that thoughts and everything that happens in the mind is just like everything else outward of URSELF. It is like a car that is driving by or a cloud that is passing. BUT we have the ability to look longer at a thought because it seems to happen in us. And so we think we are the thoughts or the mind in a whole. But how can we be something, that we can experience? Could it be that we are not the experience but the one that looks on the experience? We are flowing in life and our mind comments everything what we sense with our body by rationalizing it or interprete it with feelings. And we think that the mind which is just working is the one who we are. So we are VICTIMS TO OURSELFES RATHER THAN HAVING THE GRIP ABOUT OUR ACTIONS AND RESPONSES. We are becoming roboter like as a society. Western people get called “talking heads” because they are just speaking what their MIND is working at instead of being a spontaneous individual manifestation of the wonderful INSTANT presence of LIFE ITSELF. Know and recognize who you really are. Do exercises for controlling and silencing the mind. Examine concentration. Try to sit down in your room. Put away your cellphone and shutting down every activity. Be witness of your mind and try to recognize the distance between THE SEEN AND THE ONE WHO SEES. You can do it. Everyone can do it. We are all the goddamn same. Just be who you are. I KNOW that you are deep down like me. YOU LOVE YOURSELF AND YOU LOVE THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING THAT NATURE HAS BROUGHT INTO REALITY. YOU LOVE EVERY HUMAN BEING DISREGARDING THEIR NATIONALITY OR HOW THEY ARE LOOKING. YOU WANT TO EXPRESS YOUR DEEPEST LOVING SELF SO BADLY THAT IT HURTS YOU IN A WAY THAT CAN BE CALLED DEPRESSION. THE PAIN JUST COMES FROM HOLDING BACK THE LIGHT THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

    i love you all

  • My friends will come to me in a few hours and I’m so anxious about that they won’t have a good time and that it’s going to be boring… I really want to write them that they can not come but I try to resist �� I know it’s so stupid being afraid of all these things but I can’t do anything against that it’s just terrible ��

  • What a great suggestion consistent with everything you say. I WILL definitely use it.

    I have these moments around four in the morning when I wake up and realize all these challenges facing.
    I feel I can’t control them, and it scares me that it might get out of control.

    Get up and think about something positive to anchor myself. Such a simple idea, so powerful.
    I will use it and share this idea. And I will not miss from saying whom this is.

  • I dont think people talk about this as much so I’m just going to state it now. Usually people talk about having GAD or panic attacks when something in the room triggers the panic and you may not even know it. It sucks yes I have that problem too, but the problem I have most with this is when my anxiety and panic is triggered by an internal feeling, like my shoulders start to hurt or I feel a sudden pressure on my chest so I think I may have a heart attack. My question is, how do you cope with that? It’s hard for me not knowing if these sudden pains are just symptoms of my GAD or panic attacks that I have. I even went to the hospital the first time I had a panic attack and checked in with my doctor and they said I was fine but I feel as if they didn’t check me good enough. I’m scared not knowing if my body pains or aches are that of a bigger problem and that causes me to worry and feel anxious every day and throughout the day.

  • i was never anxious until middle school and all the projects.
    i would finish the project weeks before the due date because i was so nervous about being caught off guard. i would even set my alarm super early because getting to school on time made me anxious. now, i have trouble overthinking and my thoughts are constantly racing. i cant sleep and my heart beats fast for no reason. i don’t want to self diagnose but right now i can’t access a doctor.

  • I have frequent random panic attacks but they aren’t triggered by anything they just happen. When I get one I feel like everything around me is super fast and I’m slow, my heart rate gets very high and I have shorter breaths. Can someone help me?

  • I used to have panic attacks really badly but only get them now and then and less intense I find that looking at things from a different viewpoint to what I did helps

  • It sounds crazy, but try to accept your feelings. Just accept it.
    Next, try to fight it. No avoidance. Do not ever step away.
    Try to think about one think. If you feel A, try to think about as the black thinking. Means it’s the worst scenario ever. What about to create another scenarios with aim to create not so bad state. It will help you little by little.
    Please let me know.
    P.S. I suffer as well and after years it seems like a way

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “get over depression without medication” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some super things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

  • Back to my 15’s I used to have panic attack on sundays evening. That was really terrible. But suddenly I decided to, whenever the attack showed up, start thinking myself on a sunny day at the beach with family and friends all having fun. Then I realised the attacks started to disappeared. It’s now great to see you Mel testifying how this trick really works. Thanks for the insights!!

  • I get anxiety whenever it’s nighttime, and I get traumatized when I hear one single sound at midnight when it’s quiet… I almost passed out from my anxiety from hearing the wind against my window…

  • I have social anxiety. It ruins my total life. It destroys everything;love,frds,affection everything. It making hate my life and I wanna kill myself.������

  • Its our mind controling our body all you got do is distract you mind and body at the same time by moving around and think positive I do get lotta panic attack but I learn to control it the more you panic bout it the more it hits

  • I just dealt with anxiety on the 4th of July. We were having a bonfire with people I’ve known my whole life, but didn’t want to go because they were much older than me. I’m only 14 and they were adults. I deal with social anxiety nearly every day, and this video really motivated me to face my fears.

  • I really don’t think who are commenting on this video actually know what a crippling feeling people have to experience when the have anxiety disorder. Everybody gets anxiety and depression occasionally doesn’t make them ill. When you are peeing that’s a natural thing, when you are peeing too much that’s a sympotom of a disease called diabetes, when you sleep is as in you sleep 8 hours a day that’s normal but when you sleep too much that’s an illness. Let’s call an illness an illness. There is basically no cure for it, just some coping strategies. You just shared your view on how to remodel your point of view on anxiety is one of the strategies which is some nice sugar coated lie like you will go to heaven after dying,that might work on believers.
    Feeling excessive fear is illness, brain produces too much cortisol and adrenaline surge which can destroy your health even digestive system and circadian rythm.locking up oneself inside house because every human being feels scary is called agoraphobia which lies at the extreme end of anxiety, this video will not help a tiniest bit to those who are suffering from agoraphobia, thanatophia etc that are the extreme form of anxiety. People need routines for management, not metaphors. This sounds really romantic and sweet but not at all useful for me. I need some routine, diets, if not medicine then suppliments that calm my nerves and perhaps some rational talks as well but not this. Thanks for the gimmicky video.

  • Hi. I also suffer from insomnia and anxiety. I am sleeping much better thanks to these videos: I put the videos to sleep at night and goodbye insomnia. Try it and tell me.


    I hope it helps you!

  • Please help,
    I’ve had back pain (Only when standing) since I was 10 and am now 22.
    My physio said I have nerve tension that pulls my pelvis down so when I stand up all the weight goes through my lower back resulting in back pain. They said all my nerves are too tense especially my psoas muscles.

    As a child for 13 year I had extreme panic attacks every day.

    My question is, could my nerve system be stuck in fight mode and it won’t let go of my muscles?

  • My anchor thought helped me so much. It was the fact that there are people out there enjoying themselves and I’m here suffering because my brain controls me. As soon I realised this, it was a eureka moment of ‘fix the fuck up!’.

  • I’ve had them 3 years ago I didn’t understand what was going on, i couldnt eat or even sleep I lost 15 kilo’s in 2 weeks I really thought i was going to die, i went to therapy for 2 years and its been over 2 years since i last had one, but im still afraid of having one and somethimes i have the feeling i can’t experience joy or happiness anymore and it makes me hopeless i hope i can get through this and enjoy Life more

  • Wow! Thanks to Dr. Scott Bea! Wonder if he has audio to meditate I love his voice! ������ very good explaining! Thanks you so much!

  • This Pandemic has lead to overthinking stupid things that even might not happen…….that leads to anxiety attack….I try to play games, Workout, talk to REAL friends and basically keep busy…..helped me alot

  • Lol this lady “deep breathing is probably not gonna help” I’m gonna help everyone that read this by telling the that is 100% wrong, just look up Wim Hof Method, so many people breathe shallowly once you get use to taking full breaths throughout your day as everyone should be you’ll notice a huge difference in your mood and overall mental AND physical health. You’re welcome �� hope everyone that reads this actually looks it up and try’s it for a couple weeks. Also keep in mind that there’s a huge Facebook group that practices the Wim Hof Method and I’ve only heard good things about it and have enjoyed life greatly since starting it myself.

  • Anyone who advises “think happy thoughts” in relation to how to deal with GAD doesn’t have the first clue on what they’re talking about. Advice like this can actually make the condition WORSE. Please ignore this useless video.

  • I’m always nervous, trembling, breathing heavily, dizzy, nausea, it’s horrible. sometimes I think I have a condition and I research about it which causes me to panic more because I think it’s something serious. It’s horrible, sometimes I can’t even talk about my anxiety to anyone because I get nervous and start to cry when talking about it.

  • Great video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Franaar Over Anxiety Formula (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for getting rid of anxiety minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • I’ve had anxiety sinse I was 11. It was caused by moving to a new school for the first time. Something that didn’t help was the kids were literall bullies, and tormented me. And I asked my parents for therapythey never listened.

  • am i the only one or everytime im happy cuz my relative and friends are around make me scared of them leaving cuz fear of anxiety..

  • I had a flight in 2 days to go see my husband, which i cancelled because I had a panic attack and my anxiety telling me that I’m going to die.

  • Her advice may be true when someone imagines a danger or, perhaps, exaggerates a danger. But, the coronavirus is not imagined, nor is it an exaggerated fear. It is real. This once-in-a -generation pandemic is causing massive psychological unease with no end in sight thanks to the hottid response from the federal govt. Fight or flight is a natural and self-preserving instinct. The world is in a collective fight or flight mode, some countries worse than others. Massive unemployment, fears of getting sick, not being able to see loved ones, and a racist demagogue as president = anxiety on steroids.

  • Just wonderful, been searching for “how to get rid of clinical depression naturally” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • Great video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Peyichael Simplex Precedence (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for getting rid of shyness and anxiety without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

  • I’ve been having this cause of several traumatic experiences. Every afternoon and every morning, my heart races and my mind is very loud. I experience so much anxiety.

  • Hands down one of the best videos about anxiety I’ve ever seen. In fact, this helped me more than my therapist! God bless you and keep up the good work!

  • I’ve been feeling anxious for a very long time, but it never affected my daily activities until recently where I feel too scared to work, I had to take a vacation for one month but I can’t enjoy or relax in the vacation because I’m afraid the vacation will end and my fear will not end

  • I too am hugely triggered by dizziness. My first attack in 2013 started with dizziness. I associate it with a brain tumor and dying. It’s terrible. I’m much better after therapy but it still tries to come. Thank you for a wonderful talk x

  • Soo wordy skip to the last 1/4
    This is what I dont like about Ted talks. They speakers are partial entertainers. Still good info but its way to spread out. Imo

  • I get panic attacks because I feel like I’m prego at a young age and I’m really not but I constanlty tell myself I’m not but it keeps on coming and I get scared please don’t attack me I’m speaking of what I’m going threw ����

  • i mostly get anxious when i’m sick because i have problems with emetophobia and also when i have to do public speaking or reading in class because i always think my voice sounds bad or i mess up while reading.

  • One other solution is acknowledging the anxiety and analyzing the core values, and re writing the anxiety thought, it is almost similar to exposure therapy, but it has helped me a lot

  • This is great for people who haven’t become enmeshed with anxiety but for people like me that have suffered from a combination of severe anxiety, panic, OCD, and complex PTSD for the past 25 years (since around the time I turned 6), it takes every ounce of strength, courage, and creativity to survive every long minute of every long hour of every long day. Most people can never begin to comprehend what pure hell is like until you spend al but 6 years of your life in complete panic and terror and then accepting at the young age of 35 that there is likely never going to be relief. I’ve done it all, I’ve studied it all, I’ve earned 3 college degrees in it all and I have come to believe there is no simple answer and no overarching cure. I imagine I will be fighting this until the adrenaline finishes eating away at my body, which will take a long time because I’m one tough bitch.

  • This video gives me hi anxiety and stress because of 13 minutes and 18 seconds up to 16 minutes and 32 seconds! What’s with that huge gap??? Other than that, great Ted Talks

  • Man driving with anxiety is terrifying. I was driving and I just lost control, blacked out if it wasn’t for my dad being there I’d crash 100 %

  • The look on some of those people faces after the hamster thing. The thing did it to itself and they were triggered because he showed it

  • I turned 27 this year. Not as my finest self but I’ve gotten through the worst of my anxiety and depression. I was stuck at home. Couldn’t look or talk to people. I couldn’t even walk properly anymore, especially in public, it was like I had forgotten how to use my body. I thought I wasn’t going to make it but here I am now with a more accepting mind of what I’ve gone through and where I am now. I still have crippling anxiety, my face has change and so has little things like my hair. I feel at peace and calm and watchful of my own thoughts but how do I really get rid of his constant anxious and tense state? My eyes strain and I’m tired all the time

  • I have panic attacks daily, and I worry about stupid things that don’t need to be worried about. I’ll say something, and even if it’s fine, I become really anxious I said something wrong
    I’ve been trying to find a video like this for a while

  • How can i get your book. My husband is a recovering alcoholic. So msny wrong things happened the last 5 years. Now i have cancer. Will be having surgery in August. I worry to much and have panic attacks. I dont want meds.

  • I’m getting mad at my self for having anxiety and always thinking “why do you have to be like this, why can’t you just be normal” I found that it makes things worse, you just need to be kind to yourself and recognize anxiety don’t fight it let it pass and remaind yourself that it’s temporary and it will pass, it’s not the first time you have it and nothing bad is happened with you, you can’t die from it, it’s unpleasant but it will pass

  • He says that you just have to except that you will be stressed about things and that’s just your brain working, but what if you’re stressed about nothing specific. Just always panicked over just everything. That’s unfortunately been every day for me. Not even the world situation or anything, just panicked and worried about myself, life, small things, things I can control. But it’s all just one big worry that I can’t pinpoint to one thing.

  • Anxiety attack is the worst thing ever happened to me..The way I was shaking uncontrollably is horrible and I can’t even explain those moments in words�� I have health anxiety and it always forces me to think about all worst and incurable deseases..

  • When i have anxiety attacks, I don’t feel to do anything, just roll myself in bed sheet and be there day and night., I have anxiety about my ex chasing me and ruining my married life, don’t know how to stop this.

  • I wish there was a instant help for anxiety. I have a job interview in a few days and every time I think about it, I get anxiety and want to avoid it. But I keep telling myself I won’t know the result till I try but another side of me keep saying I will just embarrass myself… Inner battle with myself is so tiring ��

  • I don’t know if this is anxiety, but whenever I try to fall asleep, I get anxiety, and get nervous for no reason at all, please help ��

  • idk why but, dont get anxiety by like, exam, or serious moments. But i get anxiety just by, taking group photo, taking selfies, or something normal the can make u anxious a little bit makes me feel like an anxiety attack.

    It’s kinda like eating really spicy food but doesnt feel anything, and eating pepper but it feel likes its really hot

  • I always feel like I am running out of time and I’m not happy where I’m at. I want to make changes but overthinking pulls me back and it’s a feeling that is hard to fight.

  • I have anxiety and this cause me to overthinking if I wanted to do something. And when I overthinking what might happen, I hurt my chest and it gives me stomach ache.
    How to solve this I do not know, but if I wanted to do something, I push myself to just do it without thinking. Thinking too much will lead to over fear and shyness.

  • I’ve had around 4 days of anxiety right now, dealing with people trying to sort my pension. All out of my control. I have pains in my shoulders, head arms, hands and feet because of it and breathing issues etc. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COPE WITH IT AND GET IT SORTED.

  • This explains me! Im on high alert at work. No thoughts behind it (too busy doing work) just tense. I get home and crash, so catatonic I cant do anything (not even cook or watch videos on anxiety). It takes all weekend to recover. So I quit my full time job. Im broke now, but at least Im able to do normal things since I am not in stress mode as much, and have more time to recover.

  • Idk if I have anxiety can someone tell me

    My whole body shakes.
    I have no control over my body.
    I get a headache.
    I feel dizzy.
    I feel my brain racing.

  • Someone text me and said, he like to know more about me. I felt like my heart was going to explode and my hands started to shake, and I couldn’t breath, and the funny thing is I was too scared. I just scared he would find out about my secret, my past and how stupid I am and my embarrassing moments. It’s just soo freaking tired to feel like that everytime someone try to make a move. I want someone too but I just can’t.. so, yeah, I don’t have anxiety disorder…

  • I don’t know why I’m dealing with that yes I was introvert shy and a looser when I was a kid and my environment was also not good but that was not in my control and now I’m suffering this which I don’t think have any end, God what you want to do with me???

  • I really loved your presentation. I have been let down a couple of times in my life and it has made quite anxious the past few weeks. I feel much better about it after seeing your video. I hope it’ll change the picture within myself very soon.

  • I am most definitely gonna try this out.. I wake up at 5 am and get a panic attack and I feel that way throughout the day.. I can’t focus, I can’t sleep cos my mind is wandering.. I am scared!!!

  • When I have panic attack, I legit think that I’m gonna die. Sometimes a small muscle aches can cause me to think that I’m gonna have a stroke or sometimes it comes out of nowhere even though I was just relaxing. I noticed that my heart is racing so fast, my hands tremble, and I felt like my lung doesn’t have enough air so I had to take deep breathe. Even though I’m young and have no history of heart issues, I felt like my body is on the verge of dying.

  • I had a social panic attack once while giving a presentation at work. The memory of this event is never too distant from me. The shame and embarrassment of appearing weak and ineffectual was too much to navigate and work around. i was crushed. by my own mind. Not sure this guy’s technique works, but I hope it helps people. My weird descent into social anxiety and deprerssion almost killed me.

  • When i was 5 i got beat and i started havinh alot of trust isssues and anxiety stress.when i wwnt 5th grade i got bullied alot because of my looks and started getting social anxiety and depresssion also in 6th grade still do yes i am now moving on to 7th grade still have alot of anxiety and stresss

  • Whilst in a attack, my eyes. They do not see, they explode. Lungs immediately become locked to suffocating. Losing my location. My family is what saves me from these. Including the dogs.

  • I like this ted talk and like the example used. Anxiety is a mental illness tho when it affects you everyday persistently, in my case panic disorder. I think genetics play a LARGE roll and taking medicine for anxiety can be so therapeutic along with counseling. There is nothing abnormal about taking medicine, just try to stay away from benzos. In my case medical marijuana is helping me to get to a calmer place so I can address the root causes of my anxiety.

  • This what happens when a person without a degree in psychology talks about anxiety.
    No, dear, my anxiety is not a friendly crew. In 95% of the cases it is a crew made of drunk pirates shouting nonsense and telling me that there are “rocks that we are going to hit soon” without actually having this rocks. So basically it is a drunk crew thinking that it is storm happening, while the weather is sunny and water is calm.
    So please, do not touch this topic and let medical professionals deal with it. You should not be listening to your anxiety.

  • Here’s some tips for how to overcome fear of driving

    1) Take control of your life.

    2) Learn about the power of your mind.

    3) Walk in the path of people who have already overcome the fear.

    I got these tips from the Roys Quick Fix (google it if you’re interested) definately the best info on success i’ve seen.

  • I dont know man i think i have anxiety when i relax and watch funny stuff and then when im done watching that then i get anxiety when someone says name of some kind of deasease i get scared to not get that deasease i just get so scared that i pray to god to not make that happen and im sometimes sad i just need someone to speak it calms me when i talk to someone it just helps me to release my negativity from my brain talking to someome helps me to be normal again and happy again even when im typing this i just feel relaxed because i know that someone will see this

  • I have always been one to worry about things like school stuff have I got my books etc I used to get really worried about all that stuff. And right now in my life I’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about but I still do worry but I don’t get why. I just struggle to relax without that sense of worry in my mind

  • Turning my trust to Jesus Christ got rid of my porn and video game addictions. This stuff is embarrassing for me but it is the truth. I have nothing to gain from admitting it. He saved my marriage and I place my trust on him.

  • I wish I watched this video years ago. I had to come up with that technique by myself during countless panic attacks over the course of a year or so. This is so helpful ❤️

  • Remember that you are not alone. Anxiety is so common and there are so many kinds. It can be fixed. Vitamans. CBD oil. Quit coffee. Practise yin yoga. Excercise every morning. Invest in a psychologist if you can ❤

    Ps don’t google symptoms ��

  • He was actually getting anxiety just talking about it, I can tell cuz I get like that when I talk about it, he’ll pause and take deep breaths in between his sentences, fuk anxiety.

  • I’m suffering from anxiety and insomnia ���� i haven’t been able to sleep for the past 2 months ����. It started with depression and insomnia and now has turned into anxiety and insomnia. Omg, I feel like i will be dying soon and it’s also making me anxious

  • Thankyou,speech is wonderful..This is what i am going through,actually 2 years back i was having enormous panic attacks.. But in 2017 i was okay.. Slowly slowly it happened but now in 2018,from past few days or let it be a month, again i am suffering from anxiety,i feel like i am going to die in next minute,i feel like i have to inhale oxygen with opening large mouth for more seconds than actual in order to inhale oxygen so that i dont die, i mean this feeling comes..but i ll change my routine again like you explained and in past also i had done all these things by motivating myself,by saying i can do, i can also enjoy the life like normal people with stressfree and cool mind..

  • I had a interview today and i blow it cause my words cracked i started shacking i was literally about to freak the fuck out for no real reason. I almost ran out the room and said fuck this job..i have no much anxiety people look at me in public like im crazy i can’t look people in their eyes. If i didn’t have a child ill check myself into a hospital. It all started after i had my baby. I can’t talk to anyone about it i just wanna break down and cry. I thought about killing myself today i can’t take it anymore. I been trying to control it im lossing myself and who i am

  • I only ever feel anxiety at night or when we go out
    It’s bc I feel scared about going out and them having anxiety which scares me
    And at night it’s bc I’m scared I’m gonna be I’ll, bc I mostly ever puke at night
    I’ve had anxiety ever since I was in a airport and the alarm went off bc of my shoes
    I hate anxiety bc it’s stop me from doing things that I want to do
    I’m only 11 and it’s 11:21pm, and the reason why I’m awake so late, it bc of my anxiety…
    And it also doesn’t help that I’m autistic as well, that actually makes it worse..

  • If you have anxiety like me please do not smoke a sativa. I did one night on accident and my anxiety was intensified x10. NEVER AGAIN

  • This is a very strong and very helpful and I enjoyed it very much but for people with severe debilitating anxiety it’s a little harder than that. I am still walking away with knowledge of how to try to think and cope. Thank you

  • Please I need help
    At night first I sleep so well than suddenly I am being weak up az 1 or 2 o’clock than I can’t sleep I am being so scared than i sleep with my mom again I am scared when my mom is weak up for 20 min than i fall a sleep please please help me it’s 3rd night and it is happening regularly every time between 1 and 2 o’clock
    What should I do please help me suggest me something
    Thank you.

  • I could have made this video. It’s almost offensive how patronising it is. Like anyone here doesn’t know getting more sleep will help them… smh

  • -Anxiety is like being chased by a bear. If you RUN…it’ll keep chasing you. If you STOP and acknowledge it, it’ll eventually lose interest and go away.
    -you’re not alone
    -I feel anxiety from people talking about anxiety.
    -job produces a stress.
    -work more,… approach more

  • This really helped me, I was recently diagnosed with generalised axiety and pannic attacks, and I’m having a hard time coping with it

  • I get anxiety when I see my ex. This might seem like a joke, but I’ve literally gotten a panic attack during a test I was taking on zoom, I just looked at the screen while the quiz was going on, and saw that he was looking at me. I then got a panic attack, I felt all dizzy, my leg was moving uncontrollably. It was as if my body was moving, but I wasn’t there. I failed that test, and later when I looked back at the test, I knew all the answers.

  • here’s a few ideas worth trying
    Avoid stimulants like alcohol and coffee
    Take part in relaxing activities
    Do daily exercises
    Join a self-help group
    (I discovered these and more ideas from Trevs Panic Fixer website )

  • i just to have panic attack on train everyday. it was when train was cancelled or delayed. one day i when had cognitive therapy to deal with my anxiety. I learn how to manger my panic attacks. I don’t have panic attack on trains anymore.

  • Only prayer works, and then only Catholic prayer, not because Catholics are “better”, but because it’s built on 2,000 years of experience and a greater variety of languages (sometimes Latin prayers are more effective, for instance). I have had panic attacks, yes, and they are caused by an unclean spirit, but of course that spirit is nothing compared to Christ.

  • The Worst Part Of Anxiety Is Feeling Unloved, Unimportant, And Unappreciated. That’s how anxiety makes you feel. Like you’re a bother. A waste of time. A nuisance.

  • I told my doctor my anxiety gets so severe I’ve self harmed and debated suicide, he told me to call the Samaritans. I can’t eat, wash, or do anything because my anxiety is too bad. I’m 25 and it’s ruined my life. I’m on a 8 month waiting list. I have lots of childhood trauma, I think I wouldn’t have anxiety if my upbringing wasn’t so traumatic.

  • You deserve a relaxed happy life ❤
    If you like join with my ❤❤ I’m awesome ❤❤ channel, Which guidess to a relaxed life step by step ✔

  • I hear the “acceptance” line a lot, but what does that actually mean and why should we “accept” such horribly negative thoughts and feelings? Why would I want to just “accept” them?

  • This video is literally talking about me.
    European ✔
    Exercise ✖
    Sleep 8 hours ✖
    Eat properly at proper times ✖
    Drinking coffee every day ✔
    Drinking alcohol ✔
    Afraid of getting profesional help ✔

  • This “Trick” isn’t a lifetime cure it will come back, the biggest reason for anxiety and depression is the belief “I am not Good Enough” once you conquer this belief & believe that you are good enough as you are, everything in life becomes easy. I have been through this I have read almost 300 books and yet the simple ideas are the ones that turned it around for me. your life will be determined by the quality of your thoughts. You cant change them when you aren’t good enough. Why? because it’s against the belief & our brain can’t process contradictory thoughts. Hope this helps

  • Im always like i cant breathe a little and i feel dizzy and i keep thinking so sometimes im scared.i try to chill myself.when i try to chill my self later there we go i searched what to do with it..and i kept thinking should i go to checkup or not cos my mom said maybe its just of me thinking and noticing it

  • Hello friends, if you have any problems with depression or anxiety I can
    relate to that. I had this for many years until I found some methods
    for myself to cure that. If anyone needs support please contact me. I
    help for free. Why? Because I know how it sucks when you have an issue,
    which screws up your life. So friends, if you need a real friend to help
    you, write me on Skype. I will do my best to help.:This is the
    Skypename live:cid.61609481a4cdab7b

  • Damn that was good. Suffering with it for 17 years now. But perhaps anxiety is my friend that I ought to listen to instead… Thank you Tim for this talk.

  • My anxiety started from online schooling and stupid teacher and asking my mom for flamingo mercy cuz I don’t know if she would say yes

  • Another video, and another brick wall for me. I already do all the things in this video. I run, I eat well, I recognize the thought patterns etc. Still no escape.

  • You’re like my high school teacher that told me it was demons and that I brung this to myself bc I’m so negative ��.Dude c’mon.
    For anyone suffering dealing with this horrible scary disorder.. You’re loved, you’re not alone and we will get through this!!! ��❤

  • I had a very traumatizing life growing up and my anxiety has gotten bad over the last couple years. Sometimes I feel like death would be the only cure but I’m not suicidal. I constantly feel butterflies in my stomach and that’s what makes me sick like where is this coming from

  • when im in a big room with lots of people and i have to walk up somewhere I get dizzy and feel like I’m on an elevator I get scared and idk why this happens ��

  • When I wake up in the morning and have a panic attack I try and control it by letting my mind focus on busy things. Sometimes I go back to bed, other times I just deal with it till I need medication. This crap has been a problem all my life as far as back as 5 years old when I could remember it. It got worse once I was around 35 and now 45 medication is needed, I have tried everything and it just sucks.

  • $FredRico88 If you have cash app and would like to help with my anxiety, please donate any amount you like to $FredRico88, your help is greatly appreciated and really goes to someone trying to cope.Thank you and God Bless!

  • That’s what people want. They want genuine and originally related reason why these things happening to them and how get rid of that thing and how to control these things. if I am a pateint of this particular diseases only I can relate these things with others.

  • What create anxiety and hatred school because I don’t want to fail a class and I hate the school system with all my hatred if only I was stronger than the class so I can already move on to have a job. What I’m scared the most is to fail a class and I don’t want to retake it sometimes I can get stress during exam and it affects me does anyone has school anxiety

  • If you are stressed out, anxious, feel busy but getting nothing done, you need 3 things:
    1) Meditate daily (20 minutes first thing in the morningyes you do have timeyou make time)
    2) Take action with a timerstart a timer to get your work done bythis way you work faster and stay focused and get more done in less timebecause you are not day dreaming and losing focus as much inbetween
    3) Start Gratitude journalling and Achievement journalling
    Gratitude journalling is writing down 10 things you are grateful for (honestly not with sarcasm)
    Achievement Journalling is a powerful way to rewire your brain for more confidence and motivation:
    you write 10 things you are proud of yourself for, things you did well, habits you stuck to, the small wins, the big wins. Doing this makes you less stressed because you make a habit of consciously reminding yourself of all the good things you did get done and gives your mind evidence that you are going in the direction of your goals rather than feeling like you are so busy yet getting nothing done!

  • Very beautifully put! Kudos to whoever made this video. I read a similar blog which helped me understand that it is so simple to get help and there is nothing to be worried about.
    Do check this out!

  • Author Amy Perez also suffers from anxiety. Find out how she deals with it in the new audiobook ‘The Anxiety Warriors’

    My story is a little disgusting

    So one day I had diarrhea so I took pepto was fine, next day still had some loose stool didn’t think anything till the next day I started getting diarrhea again and I worried, not a little, A LOT and it’s been going on for like three days and I’m on the toilet right now I have diarrhea and I can’t calm myself down my worrying makes my body not work right and I can’t stop even when I try my hardest if anybody i mean anybody can help I would thank them so much I can’t calm down I’m scared there’s something wrong with me and I can’t get that out of my head this shouldn’t be happening every day I need help ���������� I keep telling my mom and she is like shut up nothing is wrong shut up shut up and it makes me feel worse because I’m making her more annoyed with me and I feel like I have no help even my friend is like ur over reacting it’s fine and I just can’t believe it I can’t get it to me I’m just scared and I don’t know what to do ����anybody help me please

  • It’s nice to know i’m not the only one that feels so anxious. It’s a horrible feeling and like many others you have to experiance it to know what it feels like. I hope all other sufferers manage to beat it, my thoughts are with you too.������������������


  • This is really interesting but is this video getting anyone anxious? He’s speaking really fast and all the drawing?? It’s giving me anxiety!!!

  • I’m sorry but imo this is not the way to cure panic. You cannot run from it with a change of thoughts like focusing on something good.

  • We seem to think of mental illness and conditions as it coming only from an emotional place, and that we need to work on emotions in order to heal. But in fact the the brain is a physical part of the body as the liver, kidneys, heart, etc.,  and in the same way these organs can get damaged by lack of nutrients/wrong nutrients, toxins, impact injury etc., so can the brain. And recent science also have found a very strong connection between the gut and the brain, where the gut bacteria communicate with the brain constantly, affecting how we think and feel, which makes a strong and healthy micro biome essential for good mental health. And you can only imagine how detrimental antibiotics (prescription and in our food), and the modern diet is to our mental and physical well being. We have to eat vegetable fiber in order to maintain a strong and healthy micro biome and those should be pesticide free, because pesticides are created to kill bacteria.. And that is another big part of the problem and maybe the biggest one, the environmental toxins we are surrounded by. From pesticides like glycophosphate (Round Up) to microplastic/BPA to lead and mercury that is truly neurotoxic and making people very sick. Lead is found in old paint, some dishes/appliances, especially common the ones with red paint, maybe your water, and mercury is found in fish (more in the big ones like tuna, shark), amalgam fillings (if you ever remove them if must be done safely by an IAOMT dentist or you could get severely ill), some vaccines, CFL light bulbs and maybe your water. It is worth checking if you are getting exposed to these metals and removing them. There are a lot of very ill people, both mentally and physically, who have gotten well from getting rid of these toxic metals and then chelating SAFELY. You can read some of the success stories by googling «andy cutler success stories». But I have to emphasize that you have to do this safely, there is a lot of very dangerous «natural detox» protocols out there that have made people very very sick, like taking cilantro or chlorella, you can read some peoples experiences with these by googling «andy cutler what not to do». I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this safely and I would encourage anyone who wants to look into this to read about the Andrew Cutler protocol and understand why it is safe, and join the Andy Cutler Facebook group to to get accurate information, see other peoples experiences and get support. So, what I am saying is that it is a physical aspect to mental illness that involves toxins and lack of/wrong nutrients which causes inflammation in the brain, and it can be reversed. But I’m not saying that talking about problems and working on emotions in a way that works for you isn’t helpful, cause it absolutely can be, but it might not be the root cause.

  • My anxiety only comes from me thinking I’m gunna have a heart attack and it doesn’t go away until I sleep and I can’t sleep until the sun comes out because I keep waking up from a hard heartbeat a couple seconds after I drift off.

  • I haven’t eaten in a week, drink under 500ml of water which is scaring me. But i keep reminding myself that you tell be over and I’ll eat like a king and drink a gallon of water after it’s done. I wish that day comes

  • How do you deal with the things like NEEDING to be alone but then when you’re alone you want to cry

    Needing to distract yourself from your anxiety and feeling empty

    Not being able to sleep


  • Ive been anxious for a few weeks now, and i dont know why, ive been rlly bored in quarantine,i have nothing to do, i think to deep and sometimes i cry bcs how worried i am, im getting wprried about this:(

  • Panic disorder symptoms can be eliminated by correcting your breathing and rebalancing blood gases. See Dr. Meuret’s research at SMU. I love the way you were methodical about fixing your problem but this Breathing method works for everyone…look at the research. There are answers. Takes some time and effort to get the capnometry machine for the biofeedback, but it is worth it.

  • I almost ruined my relationship by overthinking about leaving and being scared of that thought, I don’t want to leave but I followed that thought and started to believe it. I took a break so I can help myself and come back 100%!!!

  • This talk was interesting. He sounds like a high-strung individual. But, like I was saying, his information was interesting and gave me some food for thought.

  • This young man gave me clarity on my anxiety which began after a sudden attack of vertigo 4 days ago. The vertigo ended and has not returned but I remain extremely anxious (which ironically manifests as other physical symptoms). Why am I anxious? There are probably several levels, but he put a word to it: UNCERTAINTY. Whenever I have a physical issue, I became very anxious because I do not have control over it. I do not know where it will lead? Will I start getting attacks of vertigo all the time? Will I end up on the street homeless unable to open my eyes due to vertigo? Will my entire life be ruined?

    Such is the unconscious monologue. It is the UNCERTAINTY that drives me crazy. But I did not pick up a way to learn to live with uncertainty, especially when it involves your own physical body, upon which your ability to think, move and interact depends. So how do we learn to accept uncertainty? For me, I have historically needed some medical authority figure to tell me it is gong to be OK. My subconscious seems a sucker for the views of such authority figures for good or ill. I am not yet able to just set asside this anxiety though until seeing such a figure. Instead, there’s a scared person inside me making me shake with fear.

  • I have social anxiety and I work in a very social environment. For me I have trouble initiating conversations and getting to know new people. How ever if someone initiates a conversation with me I have no problem talking with them. I also feel like everyone expects me to be some super out going guy because I’m tall and decent looking. Everyone always says how many kids do you have even though I’m not married and have been single for about 10 years now. When I tell certain people about my social struggles I always get well if I looked like you I’d be killing it out there. Ah the struggle I constantly tell myself I just need to talk more this and that but I have a hard time trying to get over this mental hurdle.

  • Here to remind everyone that anxiety disorders aren’t permanent! I know it seems impossible, but you can beat it. It may take you weeks, months or years, but one day you will be free of it.

    When I suffered from anxiety, it was the lowest point of my life. I thought, how can this possibly get better? Will I ever have my life back? I made a New Year’s Resolution that year to have more confidence, thinking that even if it was only a little that would still count.

    Not even six months later, life has completely changed. Completely. Not only am I more confident, I’m more confident than I have ever been.

    It’s impossible to know what life has in store for you. But I do know this stay strong, because that strength will pay off. You will beat this disorder. Just keep pushing through, because let me tell you now, the rewards are worth it. You can do this.

  • Instead of panic attacks my heart starts beating really fast and i have pain in my stomach whenever i just come across anyone or talk to them or…..����

  • Mine is mainly work. It’ll be four years this nov. I was at the warehouse. And they moved me back to the office. Dealing with contractors and figuring out measurements on small and huge jobs is a huge weight on my shoulders. My anxiety gets the best of me. And affects my memory and general performance.

  • For all of you passing through it. Read Dare The New Way to End Anxiety. This will change the way you see things. This healed me! But more important read it many times, make this book and your anxiety your best friend. Yea i wrothe it right your anxiety will be your best friend… Give it a try u are alread full of shit.

  • Hi,
    My problem is that I live with my parents, and my mother suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.
    I am financially able to pay my bills, but not rich enough to move out completely, and also because my culture doesn’t allow it. Also, I have survived years of bullying, and an assault which was thankfully unsuccessful, but it was incredibly traumatic as the stalker continued to pursue me years after the incident.

    Now, I’m living relatively happily, and I have, as I tell myself, ‘killed’ my demons I have left the hellish high school; I have a good degree and career, and no more stalkers, lol.

    The only remaining problem is my mother. I have tried, through therapy, to deal with her in ways that would be less detrimental to my health. But I want to know what can I do to be less anxious?
    Because my mother’s actions don’t just put me in flight/fight mode, they actually bring all those awful memories rushing back to me. I can’t help it.
    What should I do?

  • Lovely Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried Peyichael Simplex Precedence (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for getting rid of shyness and anxiety minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

  • What do you do when your body begins to feel like it is shutting down because your muscles become so tense that you can’t even open your hands or breathe properly? When you think that you’re dying it is really hard to “get your brain under control”.
    I have a feeling that this person has never had a panic attack… day I’m in a car and I have a panic attack out of nowhere and I had no idea what it was. I seriously thought I was dying. It was horrifying.

  • I’ve suffered with chronic anxiety since I was a teenager. Certain experiences put me back into that state that’s so intense I cannot function all day unless I medicate myself with marijuana and cbd.

  • I have anxiety like when i stand up infront of my class i get scared i dont think its that bad but its because there are to much people and im better in small groups.

  • We were evicted because our landlord thinks she can flip our house. Weve lived here nearly 16years and have our five college kids at home being supported by one income. (We pay our rent on time and in fullplus the landlord keeps raising the rent.

  • I’m 25, I had to drop out of school, all education, from childhood anxiety from trauma, now, at 25, my anxiety is debilitating, I’ve had to stop myself from ending it before. the anxiety is just too much, I have PTSD and trauma, and severe general anxiety, I can’t eat, or wash, without panicking. unfortunately, you need money to get help, so this willl be my life while I wait to die.

  • 280thC.. thanks for this message. Truly provided relief to anxiety I am in now. Hope I can apply it and make it real to me this time as I am already tired running away to escape.

  • Mindfulness meditation and mental reciting of Om (aka TM for commercial reasons) will kick the hell out of your anxiety.Just be patient and persistent for at least 2 months to see results.It works like a charm if you exercise and cut on caffeine and alcohol

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  • This pandemic has led me to develop panic attacks. Thank you for this wonderful and relevant explanation and tip on how to calm myself down.

    August 05, 2020 This pandemic shall end. Soon.

  • i got so anxious just because iim going to mall tmr, and once i was super anxious and nervous when i was on my way to my cousins house for like the 10th time but no one ever believes how anxious i get for simple things

  • For anyone struggling with depression/anxiety, or just someone who wants a way to calm themselves down I would really recommend looking up “wim hof guided breathing method” on YouTube (it has 10mil views so u know it’s real). It has helped me a lot with my anxiety. I would also recommend trying meditating, there are also great videos for that on YouTube. Remember that no matter how bad things are, they will get better.

  • It’s very easily curable disease I fired it with my will.Mind will play only but what u want to accept it’s your choice.Is easily curable disease..just self awareness…I also faced SAD and other GAD problem.But now I am confident…I don’t fear people..k don’t think what other people will think about me..I was sufferer once upon time but now I am confident, can take any risk..and choice….I am more confident than what I am before.

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (probably on Google)? It is a good exclusive product for beating depression fast minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my GF finally got great results with it.

  • Thank you, this may of just saved my life as so ill, been stuck in sympathetic for 8 months my digestion is not working, gastro paresis then malnutrition, not feeling like ive slept. hoping this helps