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What is KT Tape?

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Kinesio Tape: Is it a SCAM? Does it work? Is is it HYPE? Is it a FAD?

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How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

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How to apply Kinesiology tape

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How to Use KT Tape: General Taping Tips for Getting Kinesiology Tape to Stick and Work

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SCAM or SCIENCE? Kinesio Tape reviewed by Doctor

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Understanding the Benefits of Kinesio Tape

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That’s kinesiology tape: a therapeutic tape that’s applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve performance. Kinesiology tape is often used for recovery, to help reduce swelling, assist in scar tissue healing, and to improve sports performance — but exactly how it accomplishes those things is up for debate. “The only thing that is semi-agreed upon is how it reduces swelling: by helping to lift the skin due to the stretch of the tape,” Seguia says. The Excellent Kinesiology Taping: Full Guide on Everything You Need to Know About Kinesiology Taping Plus How to Use It in Sports, Attain Fitness, Overcome Pains, Strains & Lots More [Towles, Doctor Jim] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kinesiology tape—sometimes referred to as KT or even elastic therapeutic tape—was developed by Japanese doctorKenzo Kasein the 1970s.

While treating patients, Dr. Kinesiology tape, also called elastic therapeutic tape, is an elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Kinesiology tape is a versatile piece of kit, which aims to facilitate the recovery of the body and reduce muscular pain. Kinesiology tape, also known as elastic therapeutic tape or K-Tape is lengthwise elastic adhesive tape consisting of a carrier material made of textile fiber and a layer of acrylic adhesive. The main carrier material is usually cotton.

Kinesiology tape can come in a continuous roll or precut strips. If you are using a roll of kinesiology tape, unwind and cut off the amount of tape you need. Then, round the ends of the tape by cutting the corners with scissors.

This will help prevent the tape from fraying and unpeeling at the ends. Kinesiology or Kinesio tape is a therapeutic tool that helps the body’s natural healing process along. It works mainly through providing support for injured muscles or joints.

Furthermore, it provides soft tissue benefits similar to massages. A huge caveat is that Kinesio tape does not restrict movement at all, despite an existing injury. Kinesiology combines muscle monitoring, with the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess energy and body functions. The Kinesiologist looks at the different energy flows of the patient’s body to see where the stresses lie using gentle body movements, muscle manipulations and.

Here Is What You Need To Know About Kinesiology 1. Here Is What You Need To Know About KinesiologyKinesiology is the scientific examine of individual or animal movement in relation to psychological,physiological, and mechanical mechanisms. In most parts of the world, this issue is an area ofexamine as opposed to a specialist career choice.There.

List of related literature:

Justification for application There are many different theories about how kinesiology tape works.

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For example, in the case of a child with CP who demonstrates tightness in wrist flexors and weakness in wrist extensors, the kinesiology tape can be applied to facilitate a

“Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants E-Book” by Jean W. Solomon, Jane Clifford O'Brien
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A review of the literature reveals mixed results in support of Kinesio Tape for edema control.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, E-Book” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio, Sheri Felder, Eon K Shin
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Application of kinesiology tape is also purported to have an effect on lymphatic and blood flow.

“Animal Physiotherapy: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals” by Catherine McGowan, Lesley Goff
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Does kinesiology taping improve the early postoperative outcomes

“Proprioception in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation” by Defne Kaya, Baran Yosmaoglu, Mahmut Nedim Doral
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Four major functions of kinesiology tape are to (1) support a weakened muscle, (2) improve circulation, (3) reduce pain, and (4) improve joint alignment (Yasukawa et al., 2006).

“Case-Smith's Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents E-Book” by Jane Clifford O'Brien, Heather Kuhaneck
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Athletic tape is a method often utilized by physiotherapists and athletic trainers to support and to also prevent injuries [47–49].

“Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation” by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
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There have been many clinical trials of kinesiology tape.

“Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities” by Edzard Ernst
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The functional concepts of Kinesio Taping are then outlined in a systems format, and each area includes a brief description of the neurophysiologic mechanisms as they relate to the effects of tape stretch on skin.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
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In the skin, the tape relates sensory stimuli to mechanical receptors, decreases inflammation, and decreases pressure chemical receptors.

“Trauma: Critical Care” by William C. Wilson, Christopher M. Grande, David B. Hoyt
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  • I have been having Kinesio Tape used at my PT appointments for a year now for a torn tendon behind my knee. I do not remember the name of that tendon. The Kinesio Tape has helped both the swelling and the pain. I highly recommend it regardless of what any studies show. Recently arthritis has flared up in my other knee and again the Kinesio Tape has helped with the swelling and the pain. It also seems to help with the stability of both knees. Just adding my two cents.

  • Kinesio tape is magic!! Have used it on different areas of my own body….and worked better than any other pain method…..used it on my patients in my clinic, very very helpful for pain and healing of different kinds of injuries!! Love it so much!!

  • i dont accuse you or anything but most physio and doc would not support this tape because they make more money from surgery?? and other treatments??there fore none of you will do a serious study on weather it is good or not the availabilty is out there but so far no/one has done a proper study??

  • Me and my girlfriend was extremely sceptical.

    But fact of the matter is, for us, it helps.

    It support the tired out muscle strains, and lower the pain.

    The Way we use it (remember to do your own research) is to 80% stretch the tape over the muscle tendons that needs support.

    Remember to Apply it in a Way that follow the muscles normal movement patterns, so you dont Strain the muscles further.

    Also remember to supplement with a healthy protein rich diet, rest and physical therapy to get your muscles, tendons and bones back in fighting shape.

  • Youtuber, Martina of channel “Simon and Martina”, has EDS and she heavily uses kinesiology tape to help prevent accidental injuries which she is very prone to.

  • Bro you just gave such a thoughtful explanation. I love that you didn’t completely dismiss this product but gave a reasonable argument for both sides. You seem like a very educated person.

  • Within the first 1min u can tell he was going to shit on it. And u kno he’ll never use it cuz he’s not an athlete and he’s too fucking smart

  • These are not only two most famous physiotherapists on the internet, but also they have the best musical intro in the whole world

    Can I get a 10-hour version?

  • I see taping as a slightly more comfortable version of wrapping with a flexible bandage. Weaker support than an ace bandage sure, but better than nothing for when an ace bandage isn’t practical or comfortable. I can take a sore foot/ ankle, put my shoes on and go to work. Not so much with a bulky bandage. Is it a cure all, no. Of course not, but it does give some support, and even. Little is better than nothing when you are limping around just trying to get through the day.

  • I run alot and sometimes i overdo it. I tried it in my knee, it does help a little. It gives some support and takes some pressure off when i walk on steps.
    It is definitely not magic tape, but it is useful

  • The problem with NOT having ” high quality ” studies is that an industry wants to dismiss this new therapy because it takes away there business and puts a little control to someone who can benefit from this therapy… if it’s been around so long it must work to some degree…and If it takes the olympics to open people’s eyes, great…As a Professional, I wouldn’t dare say that the olympics uses this as a placebo.. goes to show your take on this…

  • What a load of balls! Re education of muscle lol. Activate or deactivate a muscle.
    Doctors have been trained it this! What a fad.
    It is nothing more that a placebo.

  • Did you go back on your original opinion? Because I just taped my patellofemoral pain syndrome after watching a recent video by you guys and I hope it helps lol

  • It works really well for my sciatic nerve pain and thoracic outlet syndrome, also had a quad tear i used it for. I find if I use it for a few months when things are out of wack I usually can go a long time without using it, supports my muscles and gives them time to “calm down” I feel. If I didnt discover this farming would be alot more difficult, honestly I probably couldn’t do it.

  • Hey Doc,it’s great for supporting any part of yr strained or injured anatomy,support being the operative word.As long as you take instruction on how best to apply to yr particular injury.Not a cure,but again gives great support.

  • With all due respect to chiropractic, their medicine is, classically speaking, the manipulation of and mobilization of bones and joints. Other than that, they do seem to come up with an awful lot of new stuff that is not validated by either Science or Tradition. Muscle testing to decide which supplements to prescribe is a good example.

    Having said that, as an acupuncturist I can tell you that in my own field, an awfully lot of stuff comes out of Japan that is also not validated by Acupuncture theory or tradition, or Science. Some of it us very creative, and some of it really seems like quackery and nonsense designed to separate the desperate masses of us in pain from our money.

    A final point. It is true that, historically, medicine has been quite conservative and has resisted innovation. Always. A good example are the biofeedback machines used for teaching people to relax that are now standard to care in chronic pain centers staffed by M.D.s…In the late 60’s when they were first invented, they were widely dismissed by western medicine. As was, for that matter, acupuncture, in 1992 when I began my practice.

    As it is, to this day, Western medical M.D.s still seem to value surgery and addictive drugs over natural methods, and routinely dismiss Chinese herbal medicine as “unsafe” or “untested.” Is Vicodin and Oxycontin and Statins etc etc safe?

    Lastly, placebo effect is huge in Medicine. Just because a friend who is a runner said the tape helped them, does not mean the tape is “proven.” But if it helps, even as a placebo, that’s another story….

  • i swear this works like magic and i don’t understand it lol coming from a girl that runs almost every day for xc and track, and i get shin splints and runners knee ALL the time it’s crazy how this works

  • forget research!!! ask us schlubs who are walking around with knee and elbow pain. I find immediate relief when I wrap around my knee cap which hurts like a B!

  • I hate to be naysayer (actually I love being a naysayer) but any kind of athletic tape will serve the purpose. At $13 a roll, it is an expense. I’ve even heard of hikers using duct tape in an emergency.

  • im thinking in recovery the skin pull might have some effect on correcting the stature or position of the joint. one might subconsciously avoid the skin pull therefore stabilizing the area by engaging the right stabilizing musculature. just speculating ofc.

  • Why u say not to use it on rotator cuff if it doesn’t hurt? I’m going to use it to stabilize my shoulder I bet y’all don’t really know. Many people online say it works better than a brace and I doubt braces will fit me since they are all “unisex” aka won’t fit my boobs

  • I just use it as a little extra support compared to nothing. It’s much more comfortable than actual braces. It works for most of the joints I have a lot of trouble with, but not my shoulder.

  • This tape keeps me going. It supports my rotator cuff, it supports my Achilles, my bad knee, my lower back, seriously I don’t care what any body thinks, it works for me.
    I’m also a clutz. I hurt myself a lot. A LOT.

  • I have hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome and I use KT tape because it helps me support my joints when they are weak or overstretched or subluxed. I find that it helps but I imagine the feedback of having that tape there helps my body to pay more care to that spot. Overall, I see it the same as those fabric ankle or knee wraps, but slightly less effective. The benefit is simply that I can place it everywhere.

  • This is a great video, and I mean no disrespect…but you’re using KT tape and talking about Kinesio Tape. They are two different brands & the tensions are not the same. Very informative though!

  • Well I’ve just used it for planter fascilitis?..
    It helped heaps!..
    My foot was killing me I couldn’t walk on my heal…pain was going up my calf to the top of my leg even!//./
    I did some Bob & brad exercises…
    But that tape stretching from the base of the foot/toes to the heal…
    And the pressure around has helped me 80% better than yesterday…

  • I had tarsal tunnel surgery and Achilles tendinitis they used it on me in physical Therapy and I was shocked that it actually made a difference. My doctor did say you should be careful because you can become dependent on it so I do it a 2 days on then 2 days off. And I use it when I do a lot of walking for example if I go to Disneyland. I think you need to know what muscle you injured and how to tape it.

  • I have EDS, and KT, dynamic tape, leuko tape, and athletic tape all have different purposes, but ALL are beneficial to me. Some applications even support swelling and lymphatic drainage from my fat and subcutaneous tissues. I do not have much autonomic postural support, and it definitely cuts down on my dislocations and subluxations. KT tape is a helpful reminder to actively engage the muscles you all get to use as easily as you breath and stand with 24/7….more supportive tapes like dynamic and strapping tape help give me the extra stability and some support that you all get from your connective tissue all the time, that comes from places like your interstitium, tendons, and ligaments.

    I think they may be less effective for people who don’t have awareness of their autonomic nervous system or a lifetime of dysfunctions with it. Even with my accute body awareness though, they are all only as good as their application, which is more of an art form than a science. Also, they are still only a postural training and support tool, not a replacement or cure for anything. I have to be careful with my skin, as I can have allergic level spontaneous reactions from adhesives in general and improper application causes traction blisters and irritation. much more easily than in other people. Even with those issues, they are a helpful tool for me, and think they can especially work if you have a physical therapist or trainer help develop a proper regimen for you to follow when you apply.

  • I use it when I ski and rock climb to reduce pain after an injury like tennis elbow or knee pain. It does help, personally like it better than braces and sleeves.

  • As a professional massage therapist, I have to say, kinesiology tape has helped many of my clients, as it provides nice support for many injuries and it is stabilizing, while still providing free ROM (range of motion)
    It helps with the inflammatory response and supports the linfatic system.
    Of course you need to know how to apply the tape correctly, so it does not wrinkle up and stick together like in your presentation. Overall it might not be a miracle cure, but in cambination with other healing techniques it’s a wonderful alternative for not using pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Although its not super impactful, taping of any kind helps stability in the moment. So for using tap while exercising i would say is better than after.

  • Does it work? Even if it just helps 1% Yes or No? Nobody asking for a maybe. I have schlatter disease and I’m too cheap to pay for this shit if it ain’t gonna work.

  • I’ve never seen it used as a cure-all. I’ve only ever seen it as something that gives you temporary relief similar to a brace for a workout

  • I think the only thing this tape can do, other than be an effective placebo, is provide relief in the same way an ace bandage, brace, or compression wrap will do, only it does it in it’s own way. I’ve seen taping done for wrist support, and it looks no different from wrist bands or wrist compression wraps. I’ve seen thumb basal tapings, and they look essentially the same as a thumb splint, maybe with the only added benefit being some compression around the joint. I could see this being used to help keep a joint in place, say if you have muscle issues where a joint is always minorly dislocated, where you have to constantly pop that joint for relief. Hell, with a piece of tape large enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has tried it for better posture, as you couldn’t have bad posture if the tape is physically restraining you to be in good posture.
    It has it’s uses, just as compression wraps, braces, splints, and bandages have their usages.
    I’m also almost surprised they haven’t put any of that material heated gloves use into the tape. You would think adding a bit of warmth would boost the product’s usefulness, both in actual use and placebo.

    I think most athletes are actually using this stuff as an alternative to braces, bandages, splits, and wraps. Look at how a knee is taped, for example, it does the same job as a brace would do, as a brace is less bulky than a bandage/wrap, but a taping is much less bulky than a brace, fairly easy to apply, and since the tape is thin, it works under any clothes. Same goes for any other application. Wrists for example, you could have a bulky bandage/wrap, a less bulky brace, an even less bulky compression band, or you could have a thin layer of tape that conforms and stretches with the skin; essentially acting as a bandaid as to how a gauze pad and paper tape acts. It’s an alternative that’s clearly performance oriented, and as stated earlier, could provide hybrid uses as it could hold a joint in position while also allowing for compression depending on application, while still being far less bulky than alternatives.

    Though I’d like to see how breathable this stuff is. That’s my one issue with most products, breathability. My skin gets extremely irritated under bandages and wraps, especially if it’s hot, and even worse when I sweat. If a product like this is breathable, and possibly even sweat-wicking, then I’d definitely use it in place of a wrap or bandage. I don’t own braces or splints, as my personal needs don’t require them, I don’t have injuries and strains often, so typically a quick wrap with an ace bandage, with some compression, will do what I need it to do; though bandages do have quite a bit of bulk and can be tedious to put on by myself, which is also why a tape seems like a better product, as it would be quicker and easier to use, with less bulk.

  • I had really bad foot pain for a day, could barely put weight on. Decided to give kt a try to help relieve pain, and it’s helped so much! Of course it’s not a cure, but it helps out quite a lot.

  • You use the word “believe” frequently in this video
    Which means you do not “know”. Ie have certainty
    You discount a tool without any experience using it personally or professionally
    What does medicine have to offer that’s a better alternative to the tape?
    Except meds and the accompanying side effects
    You might check who funds the studies you refer to.
    Even those that are peer reviewed
    Do consider watching” Death by Medicine “
    By Gary Null

    “Experience is the only true knowledge “
    Albert Einstein

  • If you are experiencing pain when doing a certain movement, it can be used as an inhibtor for a movement therefore, less pain. It can also be used to facilitate a movement. For example: If you want to increase the strength of your wrist when shooting a basketball, you apply it on your wrist flexors.

  • This stuff is crazy I tried all sorts of supports and I had this in my drawer for years it was given to me as a sample at a running show and thought ‘meh I’ll give it a go’ two days later I’ve had more progress using this tape than 3 weeks of trying anything else, I just thought it added support didn’t realise it potentially did anything else.

  • Great video!
    The fact that it alters the way the brain processes the pain from said area is not something you want. The pain is the body telling you to stop and rest, by continuing to strain the damaged structures is only going to make it worse.
    As for waterproof that’s total bs, the tape comes right off when exposed to water or sweating

  • I use this tape to help limit my motion in my shoulder. In and of itself its not a cure for anything but it helps keep me from continuing to strain those muscles which then leads to faster healing. I do find it helps with pain. I work manual labor and without it i just jeep straining the same muscles over and over again till it becomes a real problem

  • It’s all between your ears in the power of your mind I have just tried it it is adding stability to my painful carpal tunnel wrist and some knee pain has subsided weather that is psychosomatic or not as long as you believe it works is all that counts some yahoo that you never knew before write something down and people immediately assume that it’s true and it’s a study

  • My PT applied this to my after a TKR to help with pain in my ligaments below and along side the knee! It made all the difference in the world! The pain is much less and I can do my extension exercises without added pain! I’m a believer, despite what Bob & Brad say!

  • The tape works in a similar way as a medical brace. Not a cure. A stabilizer. My husband got a bad concussuon with neck spine/spine shoulder. He goes to physio for the getting strength and ROM and pain. So he has no stability in his shoulder and his uper spine/neck had bulging from the blow and whiplash.Physio helps build up that strength and ROM again but uses tape inbetween because it helps decreases pain. Pain is the biggest set back for him. Tape works. I used it for a ankle injury after my cast was off. Help stabilize my ligaments. But with intense physio and rebuilding the strength and ROM of my ankle bones and ligament amd muscles. I’m at 90% now. Tape helps. Not a cure but helps stabilize. There are studies undergoing right now. It’s still newer.

  • I had a torn acl that made bending my knee terribly painful. I got a second opinion while waiting for a surgery date and the second doc ordered PT, where the therapist used this tape to keep my meniscus in place, which allowed me to do exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles without pain. It worked like a charm…never needed surgery, that was 15 years ago…

  • Did you get your MD in the Caribbean for $50,000 a year? As mentioned NO ONE has claimed it to be a panacea. But it does provide support and feedback, among other things, if applied correctly.

  • I’m sorry guys, I’ve used it many times, it works. You just have to know How to apply the tape correctly. Also, some people are allergic to the tape even when it says it’s safe.

  • I have had foot pain for 2 years. Recently I have gotten a great physiotherapist who has been giving me mental therapy. Yesterday he placed some tape on my ankle and I thought it would be bullshit and not help, so the placebo affect would not be a factor for me. But the next day I definitely had far less pain.

  • I’ve used it to help keep in my scapula due to scapular winging from nerve damage and that definitely helps keep things in place but I cannot say that it really helps with pain or swelling

  • Idk if anyone would reply but I have serious question and it looks like the comments know what’s happening. I’m in a marching band, my legs and feet always get stiff after a show and leave me in pain. I just want to know if this can help me and how I could use it to make my last year easier for me and pass this info onto my underclassmen..

  • there are a lot of studies on the use of tape for neuro disorders. My physical therapist recommended it for my daughter with cp and it is working a little to help her stay aware of her body and to help her use her muscles more efficiently. there are ton of videos on youtube were before and after videos of people/children using the tape and there is a big difference n walking and posture in children. i think you should look into that.

  • so i recently had surgery and got that cool little plate in my wrist with i think 6 or 8 pins.. but any way.. i am currently having issues with the way everything got re arranged and some simple movement cause the nerves to get pinched and my hand and arm with go numb or shoot but i g pain up my arm and when i wear this stuff and do thing it doesn’t seem to happen. i say it’s cuz the tiny bit of extra support but who knows.

  • I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years and am on all sorts of drugs to help with the symptoms including opiates for pain relief. I find using kinesiology taping useful for areas of my body where the inflammation feels overwhelming, my ankles, hands, elbows, back of neck. Its part of my arsenal of options to assist with pain and inflammation and no, it won’t cure the condition but then neither do my expensive state of the art rheumatology medications either. As long as taping is part of the solution rather than being seen as the solution, it’s a useful tool and one which allows me greater movement, to continue using the joints which are so painful, and like you say in your report, its not doing any harm. I’m happy to continue using it.

  • If any of my friends complain about pain, I just say get it taped. It does nothing but they stop whining, so it’s the ultimate placebo

  • I get built up fluid in my legs, I’ve knee problems, I’ve used this tape, and it did take down swelling. Also relaxed my foot injury. I dont feel it stays on well though. I needed extra security on my foot. But it works ok, not for the money spent on it… although, you could say that about almost everything on today’s market. Money rackets.

  • A snapped AC ligament and although I don’t use it all the time and have strengthend my shoulder as much as possible I use it for all day activities where my muscles can become tired and my shoulder begins to ache or actually hurt as the joint opens up later in the day. Its the best pain killer I have ever used for that injury and its not a placebo effect. Its not something I use for sports as I ride motorcycles on track and I never need it when I am in my leathers as they hold everything in place perfectly well.. The reason I use the tape for some things from time to time is because I know from having it in the leathers it can move and is not strapped super tight. The tape when applied correctly just helps hold the joint in place because it is supplementing what your muscles are doing to take over from that snapped ligament.. Its not a cure but it is very effective pain relief. I refuse to take pain meds for it as numbing the pain could let me do more damage without knowing. The tape will if I do too much or over work it still let me feel the warning pain to limit what I do.. I would 100% say use it for support or temporary pain relief and don’t think it is a cure.

  • I can tell from my own experience from years now and from other friends I have recommend it that it actually works. Just remember it start to works on the first one, but you have to keep using until the pain or inflamation go away. for me usually its like on the 2nd or 3d time taping that I feel the relieve or whatever I put it on go away.

  • I have extra muscles in my arms that would crush my ulnar nerves. Even after getting surgery my elbow still clicks and the muscles still hurt my nerves. I use the tape on my arms to support my elbow muscles and for the first time I was able to play my instrument longer than 5 minutes at a time without my arm giving out or locking up

  • I had never known of what this was supposed to do til my sister in law taped my shoulder for some pinched nerve issues. I kept it on for a few days and it was amazing at aleviating pain (i drive for work and good bit, so shoulder/neck pain is awful). I was so amazed that it did anything. I don’t know if my SIL supports that it effects blood flow or lymph, but she does have a doctorate in PT with a specialty in shoulder upper body. The tape helped my pain, and the PT I was later able to do helped heal my problem (PT seemed kind of magical to me too at how quickly my symptoms improved). I currently have a bulging disc and would love if this tape could help that. I am typing this while in a McKenzie position to help my back.

  • Nope, I only want black tape. And yes its helps tennis elbow and golfers elbow tremendously! I was skeptic at first when my doctor put tape on it….I literally laughed. I couldn’t believe the difference in lessing the pain. As soon as I took it off, the pain was horrible let again, taped it..
    .so much better. Magic who knows. Does it work hell yes!

  • I got the precut KT tape in the color pink. It was $10 at the grocery store. I somehow pulled a muscle in the bend of my elbow crease. I do not know how because it was so fast that it happened. I had to cut the tape because it was too long for my arm. I put the tape at the start of my muscle pain and ran the tape down my arm to my wrist. Because my instructions in the box didn’t say anything about arms. So I looked at the human diagram of the different places to put the tape. Online says can leave on for 3-5 days depending on the placement of the tape. I never used KT tape before so I don’t really know how it works.

  • The best use I could fine for myself was
    1) wrist stabilization for golf
    2) Keeping a road burn on knee to heal without stretch. Work very very well for that even tho nothing on the internet is shown for that.

  • KT tape supports the muscle and joint by providing tension when the muscle or joint is moved. It’s a full replacement for a brace. Using it allows the injury to heal because you aren’t using it as much.

  • There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about what qualifies a product, practice, or belief as pseudoscience. Dr. Sutterer here is choosing a very diplomatic tone by not condemning taping due to the lack of evidence, but one must also understand that a lack of evidence does not equate to an endorsement. The only evidence being provided in these comments are in the form of anecdotes. Now, many here who have provided their personal recovery stories have probably had strangers on the internet label their stories as anecdotes and are confused as to how that could be a criticism of their inspiring story that supports the efficacy of taping. The problem lies in control. Scientific evidence relies on controlled, randomized, double-blind testing in order to discern the actual effects of something apart from possible confounding variables such as the placebo effect. It seems that a lot of people here believe it is unjust to discount their experience(s) with taping simply because it wasn’t tabulated in a controlled testing environment; it’s nothing personal. If we were to admit anecdotal evidence as data points in any scientific study then it would result in almost every nonsensical practice being proven as effective. In short, you could make up something, like putting a penny on your forehead for five minutes a day will make you more focused, and find thousands of people who would testify to the efficacy of the practice. Does that mean I don’t believe any of the stories here? Quite the contrary, I believe everyone here experienced relief of some kind, but the question lies in why they experienced that relief. Hopefully one day consumer protection laws will be extensive enough to require manufacturers to back up their claims with data garnered from controlled studies rather than the consensus of the masses. Remember, most people used to think blood-letting with leaches was a viable form of treatment for fever.

  • So I tape up my shoulder after having a bike crash which snapped the AC ligament over 10 years ago. I don’t use tape every day or every week or even every month. But I do use it when I go cycling or for long all day hikes. After advice from my Physiotherapist I was told not to have the AC operated on as the failure rate is quite high and as she has seen quite a few with the same injury with racers at the local race track doing the same thing. Her advice was to increase muscle strength and put the operation off as long as possible as I do have a job which needs some physical effort and a loss in the range of motion the operation would give could hinder my bike riding on the track.

    So the tape.. Its used instead of pain relief or as support for all day walks and long mountain bike rides. I don’t use it when I am on the motorcycle as my leathers do a good job of keeping everything in place. I find using the tape helps support the joint when walking all day because over time the weight of your arm and your shoulder muscles cannot hold the joint closed and the shoulder droops so I get pain. On the Mountain bike the constant impact through the bars and the physical effort needed all day also makes the muscles tired and pain starts to return. I go to the gym to keep my shoulder strength up as much as possible but its not to build muscle but to increase stamina. The tape is the best thing I have used to keep me from using pain killers. I feel if you have issues like this the pain is important so numbing it with pain killers could hide the signs where I could do more damage to myself and the pain is my personal limiter. The tape does increase motion and it does stop the pain but it is just supplementing what my body is doing when it is fresh and imitating that as my muscles become tired at the end of the day. It also helps if I do over stretch or over work specific muscles and currently I have aggravated the rotator cuff in that injured shoulder so it delays the pain onset later in the day. Will it help my performance? No.. It is a good pain preventative? YES. I am not an athlete or competitive sports person now. Did I look at any of the hype? No. It was a suggestion and I knew very well it may or may not work if it is not applied correctly.
    Would I recommend it? Oh hell yes.

  • Sometimes the ‘harmful’ aspect of the item is how expensive it is. People invest in this a lot, like they do with a lot of other unproven remedies sometimes into the thousands of dollars or more. I can say that I’ve used it, and it definitely didn’t help my pain in any way. Perhaps cus I was skeptical from the beginning, but still. And it was EXPENSIVE. Never again.

  • It greatly helped me. But looks like the part of the tape is still on my skin days after I removed it. Looks like burn idk. Please help how to remove this.

  • It does not sound like the course you attended was an official Kinesio® Taping course (there are many imitator products now as well as courses). Kinesio® taping is not used to improve “normal” function, in other words it will not improve performance for a normally functioning tissue. It is used to help the body return to homeostasis. Also it is not sold in pharmacies. If you attend a true Kinesio® Taping seminar (two days followed by a third day in advanced techniques) you will actually have a better idea of how it works on different tissues. I use it in my practice with amazing results.

  • I have the roll and it doesn’t come in sections, I am confused on how to tape up my ankle since all the videos are with the pre done sections

  • The tape works wonders. I’m a living proof. You have to know what you’re doing. It’s great for sciatica pain. Neck and back problems and I’m only speaking from personal experience. I went into therapy not being able to walk on my own from the pain and after having the tape for a few hours I was able to bend and my pain was 60% better. 2 days later it was completely gone and hasn’t returned.

  • I tend to be a mouth breather at night, which can have negative health and dental effects. So I use a small strip to hold my mouth closed.

  • I bought it 2 weeks ago and My swelling in the foot has gone down to 50%. I have Peroneal tendinitis and nothing was helping since 9 months. This tape is helping me walk without pain and I hope it heals in the next 2 weeks completely.

  • I broke my ankle haf have a ruptured ATFL. Coming from a boot and going through rehab for it, kinesio tape has helped. By helped I mean its a great tape to strap by ankle up for a bit of support and restrict movement at the limits of travel to protect my ankle. Beyond it being able to keep adhered to my foot even on hot days and showers for a good 3-4 days it’s nothing special but it does the trick in helping me

  • I’m not sure how but I’m a long distance runner with knee pain for about 5 years after a soccer injury and it’s helped me run up to 13 miles without my knee hurting. Idk it just gives my knee support somehow?

  • For functional taping to work, you must have correct diagnosis and good taping technique. You can say the same about any medical procedures.

  • When I saw that this was being reviewed by an MD I was immediately distrustful. Based on experience.

    Regarding the pyramid they left out the most important medical factor ( to them) of all the part where they make obscene amounts of money

  • I had bad tennis elbow abs trust me taking helped a lot. You have to know how to apply it correctly! These dudes are old heads that aren’t welcoming to advance technology. They bandage spreading and strains but don’t like tapping muscles and tendons? Lol upgrade your knowledge dudes!

  • We use it in our family.

    I was extremely sceptical at first but for me it works.

    It brings support and stability to overactive, tired and stiff muscles and tendons.

    The Way we apply it (remember to do you own research) is to 80% stretch the tape over the tendon/muscle in a Way that support the muscles normal/regular movement.

    Apply it for 24 hours at a time then give it a break for atleast half a day.

    Remember to supplement with a healthy protein Rich diet, rest and physical therapy.

    Dont overtrain but let your body recover from the trauma.


  • While some people are skeptical of it, both my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapists highly recommended I tape my right shoulder after I kept dislocating my it, I finally went and got an MRI and found out I had basically no labrum anymore, and a few other things in there so basically nothing was holding my shoulder in place, then had the SLAP surgery and aall the other other things in there fixed after a pretty bad bike crash, so now I’ll tape it before I do anything that really involves a whole lot of shoulder movement. I don’t know if it’s just psychological and makes me feel like my shoulder is more stable, but I genuinely do think it helps with my shoulder’s stability. I also use it on my ankle if I’m going for a long run because I’ve always had bad ankles.
    I think if applied properly it definitely helps keep my shoulder more stable and my ankle from excruciating pain. And it definitely seems to keep the pain levels down in that shoulder without having to take any pills.
    I have made the mistake of using it on my ankle without shaving that part of my leg beforehand…and I’m, I suppose you could say a fairly hairy guy. So that’s fun to take off of a super hairy leg and foot. I don’t understand how some women enjoy getting their legs/other things waxed. I was practically crying trying to get it off of my leg the first time I made that mistake.

  • Thanks I have a right trigger thumb! I just put regular tape on my thumb and hand �� and it helps to keep it from moving in different positions too. It still hurts but not as much! I might need to get that tape too! Thanks again! Have a good day! ��⛪⛪������������������

  • I had some of this stuff for back and shoulder pain and it did nothing for me. However, I have weird shaped feet which cause chronic blisters, and the stuff is magic to treat hot spots and prevent blisters.

  • I was skeptical until a horse chiro used it on my horse who had a strain in his loin area. HUGE improvement! I’ve used it on myself for medial knee pain and strain now in my bicep and deltoid. It takes about 6=7 hours before I get relief, but then I’m normally much improved.

  • I am a dancer and I have an Achilles tendinitis that is not going away. I have tape on my foot every day and I looooovvvveeee it. I tape myself and it is so simple. I got to go back to dance and live my life again all because of this product ������

  • I would like to hear you address this in respect to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as we have high joint instability with chronic subluxation and dislocation. We aren’t looking to the tape to cure us but add a layer of reinforcement.

    The only problem I have is that it peels my skin off with it. So I need a week between applications.

  • I definitely believe there are great benefits to KT tape in terms of relief short term, especially now during covid where many appointments are cancelled such a physio. For myself as a massage therapist who cannot work have recommended tape to clients until they can return to their regular treatments. Having used it myself in the past and the regular feedback from clients who use it, I think extra support keeps some of them from reaching for strong pain killers because they feel the tape is enough. I would much rather recommend tape to people before they go down the route of strong opioid medicine (although of course there are many individuals who do need that type of pain killer). So if this tape provides reassurance, gives people an extra option before resorting to strong medication with side effects, and most importantly relief even if it is temporary, I will recommend it.

  • When I went for orthotics, the podiatrist told me to use tape for my plantar fasciitis. It really does help with that pain, especially when my orthotics aren’t available (they don’t fit in my winter boots). I haven’t found that it helps long-term for my arms though (I have pinched nerves in my upper body that cause tendinitis and related pain).

  • I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and I used braces to prevent injuries until I found KT tape… now I I can tape up and not wear all the bulky braces but still have the support that I need to keep my joints in place. I understand that this is not a common usage however…taking the strain off of an ordinary injury will also aid in healing…so i believe that you all are discounting a helpful tool.

  • Never heard it could improve muscle strength. ��
    I use it when my feet needs extra stabilisation. It creates a better fixation than wrapping them with a soft bandage.
    Also used it on a muscle on my arm once when I was swordfighting for a role i the theatre and I tired my muscle out. Then the tape did so I couldn’t use that particurlar muscle because of the way it was placed. That was a weird feeling.
    Of course if I gave it my all I could use it but then it would hurt like hell again and the tape almost came of.

  • My knee kind of clicks when I bend it just below my knee cap,. My therapist put a strip under my knee cap and it stopped clicking but when the tape comes off it clicks again. So no improvement in condition, but does help ease discomfort.

  • My aunt has a chronic disease that often causes her muscle pain with the slightest effort. The tape usually helps alot. It’s reduced the pain by up to 85% in some cases. It won’t heal an injury that requires medical attention and therapies of course but for the 3-5 days that it takes for the pain to go away including stretching, massages, ice and muscle relaxants, the tape provides a major relief until the pain passes. And the relief is immediate.

  • I don’t think that it helps anything heal, but it helps you while you have it on it. My tendonitis just goes away about 90% when I put it on.

  • Honestly; after using it, it actually acts like a guard (e.g. wrist gyard, ankle guard, elbow guard, etc.). It aids in securing injured muscles, tissues, etc.

  • I love this KT Tape, I have been using it for mostly to relieve pain in different areas of my body. When your body constantly aches because your over 40+ and knees get stuff after little jogging try taping your knees that will reduce any pain and swelling. Also if you have a physical job and you stand constantly, and nd your feet hurt try it on the bottom of you feet. Please seek expert advise prior if you aren’t sure. There are many brands out there now, so be wise to check those who are professional tapers.

  • I have tried three types. None stick, period. These weren’t cheap brands, I tried different body locations, and I tried cleaning the area with alcohol first! I trust you guys, but how do all these videos show the tape and none do on me???

  • i dont use kinesio tape to heal but to provide temporary support while playing sport or doing other stuff. For me it makes the injured area more comfortable in certain positions.

  • 2 months ago I had my ACL and Meniscus repaired. I finally was able to ditch the hinges brace after 2 months. Not even 5 days later I spilt and went flying. Twisting my knee again. When I got up I could bear weight unlike when I first tore my acl. Went to the doctor and my meniscus and acl are fine!!! But i ended up with a grade 2 MLC tear. Since the tear i feel my calf muscles contracting and I get leg spasms. After therapy my therapist put on some kinesio tape. I few hours after wearing the tape I feel a difference. Like an increase in support and that lessons the pain.

  • It’s really interesting and kind of ironic that a pretty convincing meta-analysis of the kind he makes reference to in this video was published about a month after he posted this. This is not to say that he’s completely unwarranted in his skepticism, but I also don’t think anybody here should be basing their entire opinion on kinesiology tape based-off of solely this video.

  • I have to tell you using KT tape was The only thing that eased my Plantar Fasciitis. The reason it works has to to do with the way you tape it!!! Has nothing to do with the wrinkle. But it allows you to get strength and support from the stronger areas of the foot while you isolate the injured or sore areas. But the person MUST KNOW HOW to tape for certain types of injuries!!

  • You two guys are the best! Professional and highly intelligent! I like how you both evaluate and demonstrate everything! And you make a good team! On some issues you give your opinions and sometimes there aren’t definitive answers and you always say so! You provide your best views and opinions and I appreciate that very much! You let the viewer decide! When I want a Professional Opinion, I watch your Videos! Keep it up and Thanks!

  • Idc what anybody says that kt tape ant the best option but for right now it is working just fine and I like it so far. People can say it doesn’t clinically help cure your pain forever but what some people are trying to say is that it’s a way for the pain to go away for a while. I’m still going to use it and it works perfectly fine. Btw I don’t think kt tape said it’s supposed to be “ the cure” the way I see it is that instead of taking pain meds all of the time you can have a TEMPORARY pain reliever by using the tape.

  • Might just be anecdotal to others out there but I’m a big skeptic on this and I just tried it for the 1st time this week. I taped my neck and one of my shoulders. I wake up with nerve pain everyday in both arms. today when I woke up I only had nerve pain in the arm that was not taped at the shoulder. I think i will continue to use this periodically

  • I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, because like any tape, it restricts ROM but still has some give so you can move. So there’s bracing but less restrictive. If you use something like KT Tape for carpal tunnel you will find 100% your ROM is limited like in a brace, and there’s not stretch on the tape for that application, you just lay it down. Like I said, it’s just like bracing with tape except the tape has some give so you retain limited ROM. Anyone in sports med knows that it’s important for quick recovery in many cases to continue to exercise the injured muscle or connective tissue and kinetic tape allows just that, but more protective. In my opinion, it really does the trick for those more minor, irritating, inflammatory pains that get worse as the day goes by, like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, etc. I wouldn’t use it for something like back pain where motion is limited anyway, and it pulls on my hair in an irritating way.

  • I am a physical therapist, I can confidently say that Kinesio taping works really well for managing ligament sprain. It stabilizes the sprained ligament and allows the client to functions with less pain. It serves more like a cosmetic band aid. I suggest more detailed studies on its efficacy. And efficacy also depends on correct application of the tape.

  • I get shin splints a lot as a dancer, and taping my shins helps a lot with the swelling and pain that comes with the condition. My doctor actually recommended I do it before physiotherapy. Obviously it doesn’t cure my shin splints, but it definitely helps with supporting it while I’m dancing

  • How is it as extra support, for example back posture, or keep an hand joint pulled in one direction, for example from the knuckles to the elbow, will it stabilise my hand in that direction?

  • It’s a tool that good trainers use in addition to corrective work and proper therapy, not in place of it. That’s where the bad name comes from. I use it frequently and my clients have come to love it. It also looks pretty cool. ��

  • What a dumb pairing. Frick and Frack. Completely unprepared; no rehearsal at all. Huh, what, yeah, huh? Annoying. What a joke.

  • As a total cure, no. But, I have an issue with ligaments in my ankles and knees. Several years ago, I had a partial subluxation of my right knee. I had been wearing a brace, using anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. I had seen KT tape. I decided to try it. I discovered that it gave me as much support as the brace but, more range of motion. I could also wear it 24hrs instead of on and off. More importantly, it was comfortable. I still used anti-inflammatories and did therapy but, now it was far less painful. After 8 weeks or so, I discovered that I had stopped putting it on regularly and after 12 wks, I wasn’t putting it at all. I haven’t put it on since. Because it was comfortable and gave my support, I believe that for the first time, I actually allowed my injury to completely heal.

    With my ankles, I have had the ligaments surgically repaired, strapped and casted since I was 11yrs old. I’m 56. I am a walker. My ankles are weak and will always be. When they start ti hurt, I use the tape for a week, give them time to strengthen and go on with life. If I’m going to be hiking, mowing the lawn or walking on uneven roads or ground, I put it on to us as a support or “additional” ligaments. If I forget, as I did this week…I spend a couple weeks wearing my oh so flashy mat black tape.

    They were out of my usual nude color. So much for the “flashy color” theory, lol. ��

  • Unless a person has actually suffered pain and used KT tape (and applied it correctly an important point), then they have no right to suggest that this is merely a placebo. To try to influence people NOT to try KT tape to help alleviate symptoms when nothing else has worked is irresponsible. I have just started using the tape and have noticed considerable improvement to the chronic upper arm pain which has been getting worse for years. The fact that the tape is bright blue and stands out when I’m in the swimming pool is just fine hopefully people will take the hint and avoid!!!

  • Hi Brian, thank you for the great video. Are you able to let me know why do so many professional athletes use Kinesiotape? Is it being advised by the team’s physiotherapist or chiropractor?

  • Ofcourse theyll say it dosnt work cuase it lowers there buisness same goes for pharmaceuticals panadol and anti-inflammatorys only work 20% of the time

  • well.. it did help me on a wrist injury that the pain was going all the way up to the elbow. (most pain was in the joints. both upper and lower) I can’t name the exact joints I am sorry. I was really sceptical… the physio told me that it minimally disables the joint towards the elbow. well it did some really good job as concern pain relief on the joint. it kind of relaxed it a bit.
    nothign to do with blood flow or strength increase

  • It doesn’t heal you, but it really helps with pain in terms of joint conditions. I have deformities and it calms my joints. I use it around my elbows to make them understand that they shouldn’t pop out. On my knee, it helps prevent subluxation from happening. I overstress my tendons due to simply moving. My physical therapist has used this on me and it really helps. As someone who is permanently damaged and can no longer be fixed (exact words of a top surgeon) I definitely recommend it. It does help distract you from pain. With my joints it literally calms them down. My elbows used to be able to bend backwards and after surgery they’re back to as normal as I can get but they still keep trying to bend out and the tape seems to tell my elbows to stop. I wear braces daily to live. When those are dirty and I can’t wear them, I use tape as a backup. I don’t believe it increases blood flow but I do believe it stretches the skin and acts as a support. It doesn’t cure you but it can help you feel good.

  • I forgot to mention, I don’t hardly take prescription medication, such as, ibuprofen 600mg. or Tylenol with Codeine, like I use to, because the KT Tape helps to reduce pain and swelling.


  • I couldn’t find a brace that fit properly, and came across this tape for a strained muscle. I couldn’t stretch/bend my arm behind my head, but I put this tape on and now I can without pain. I wear it now for spin classes to add a bit of extra support for my knees. It’s cheap and isn’t harmful, so why not?

  • Ive used it for support and stabilization for both my shoulders after surgery since about 2010 I’ve been using
    And it much better and more comfortable than the shoulder support vest Dr gave

  • I have beige I have EDS3 and a few other things… I’m not sure I’d say it’s “supportive” but the way it stretches and stuff sometimes pull my smaller joints back into place if I’ve subbed out. I actually wear it under my supports that I have to wear under my splints that all make me feel claustrophobic and even more stiff��

  • I’ve used it and it worked very well for knee pain. It helped take away pain and improved strength while my leg healed. It comes in black too btw.

  • Iv been using kt tape for 10 years since my physical therapist used it on me following a knee injury. I honestly dont know if it’s legit, but it atleast improves my mindset. Having it on may just trick the brain into thinking your getting benefits just like muscle rub does. For that reason ill continue to always use it.

  • I was skeptical about using this but I decided to give it a try for Achilles pain and I was surprised by how fast it worked for relief the following day. As far as Achilles pain I’d recommend for sure.

  • My therapist has used KT Tape on both of my legs. I must admit while trying to heal from a major fall this product has made the healing process easier. Thanks!