Adrenal Fatigue – Real, or even the Big Lie


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“Adrenal fatigue” is not a real medical condition. There are no scientific facts to support the theory that long-term mental, emotional, or physical stress drains the adrenal glands and causes many common symptoms. The adrenal fatigue theory may fit like a glove to explain your symptoms, which are very real.

But before buying expensive protocols over the Internet to treat something we’re not even sure exists, take a deep dive and reexamine your lifestyle. The path to feeling better. The term “adrenal fatigue” was coined in 1998 by James Wilson, PhD, a naturopath and expert in alternative medicine.

He describes it as a “group of related signs and symptoms (a syndrome) that. Although thousands of people experience a fatigue that is not relieved by a good night’s sleep, there is no scientific evidence yet to support the notion that long-term mental, emotional, physical or infectious stress overwork and deplete the adrenal glands and contribute to developing Adrenal Fatigue. The common idea of adrenal fatigue goes like this: Our adrenal glands create stress hormones to respond to stress. Normally this system works just fine, but if the stress becomes chronic, the adrenal glands get tired and “fatigued” so they can’t produce enough cortisol to keep up with the demands.

“Adrenal fatigue” is a misnomer – a colloquial term for HPA Axis Dysregulation, which itself is not a “clinical diagnosis” (yet) but certainly exists in the literature and is associated with chronic stressors like overtraining, PTSD, and sleep disruption. “’Adrenal fatigue’ is not a real medical condition. There are no scientific facts to support the theory that long-term mental, emotional, or physical stress drains the adrenal glands and causes many common symptoms.” Consider that statement carefully.

“Adrenal fatigue sounds like you have these tired, sad little adrenal glands that can no longer make cortisol and adrenaline for you, so you feel sluggish,” says naturopathic and functional-medicine doctor, Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS, LAc. “That’s not quite it. People with Adrenal Fatigue can live what appear to be normal lives, doing the things they have always done and may not have any obvious signs of severe physical illness. However, they typically have a general overall feeling of less than perfect wellness, general fatigue, or a kind of flat tone to their previously vibrant lives.

Adrenal fatigue is not recognized by the Endocrine Society or any other endocrinology society, but adrenal insufficiency is. One glaring problem for the adrenal fatigue concept is that the reported symptoms don’t match those from adrenal insufficiency, although there is some overlap.

List of related literature:

I have seen many women who have been told that they have “adrenal exhaustion” based on these unreliable tests, but then when serum cortisol assays were done at the proper times of day, they actually had high cortisol reflecting the stress response from other hormone imbalances and/or the excess corticosteroid medicine.

“It's My Ovaries, Stupid!” by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
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Adrenal fatigue: is it real?

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Adrenal fatigue often goes undiagnosed because doctors fail to see the underlying cause of the symptoms and instead give patients unnecessary medication or chalk it up to aging.

“Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet” by Jimmy Moore, Christine Moore, Maria Emmerich, Gray Graham
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What is adrenal fatigue?

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
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This is often referred to as adrenal fatigue.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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The truth is that adrenal fatigue has been with us since the start of the human race.

“Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
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Instead, a rapid hemodynamic response to glucocorticoids may be the best clue to the diagnosis of relative adrenal insufficiency.

“Pediatric Critical Care E-Book” by Bradley P. Fuhrman, Jerry J. Zimmerman
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No matter what you hear elsewhere about how prevalent adrenal fatigue is, it is not the be-all, end-all health insight you may be led to believe.

“Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr” by Anthony William
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fatigue syndrome appear to have underactive adrenal glands.8 Too much stimulation over time, however, causes the adrenals to malfunction.

“Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution” by Cyndi Dale
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Adrenal insufficiency is the insufficient production of cortisol.

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  • She’s seems to be trying to impress everyone with her knowledge, I’ll go back and listen
    To Dr. Berg he’s a teacher. Sorry but can’t listen any longer!

  • No anxiety? I have had debilitating anxiety with it. The adrenal fatigue was probably a result of that anxiety disorder. This is so tough to live with. Your mind goes everywhere as to what could be wrong with you. You’re body mimics serious health problems as well.

  • Your story sounds just like my story. Omg
    Sleepy at the wheel. No energy to climb stairs not even to put one foot in front of the other

  • What an insightful revelation on cortisol….Thank your Dr.Carie!!! l enjoyed the last one-“‘when we consume a lot of caffeine, we are whipping a dead horse”.

  • Saying that the adrenal’s don’t get fatigued is fictitious. It’s like a man suffering from low testosterone. Can it be because of a signaling issue from the Pituitary? Yes it can be. It can also be because the Testes aren’t functioning properly. The adrenals themselves can be damaged, or “fatigued” over time from being overly stimulated at which point it’s not a signaling issue but the adrenals themselves are not working properly.


  • Amazing video, thank you so much! I relate so much. I feel like I am running on adrenaline. Every time I start to fall asleep at night, an adrenaline rush jolts me back awake. I am miserable! I am working with a naturopathic doctor and hopefully will feel better soon. Can you please list some foods to eat and foods to avoid? And what other supplements to take besides vitamin C? Thank you!! ����

  • Hi I am wondering if you have had any “bouts” of adrenal fatigue since this…..i seem to have them every 6 months and i feel like i am going to die

  • You have been soo helpful Thank you for the important information. I too suffer from this from going thru a rough marriage for 13 years. Now it has hit me hard. But your video gave me so much hope, i will seek a good Doctor tomorrow morning. Many Blessings to you.

  • Hello Dr. Bryan Walsh, I hope I didn’t misspell your name. This video is very interesting and has open got me thinking about inflammation. Can you do a video on the types of inflammation, causes, and how to get rid of it. If you could add some dietary suggestions on what foods to stay away from. I’ve been dealing with moderate to severe inflammation that makes it hard for me to stay on a regular exercise routine. I love walking and doing aerobics, especially dancing. I’m thinking on trying the 80-10-10 diet. Again thinks for your videos.

  • sometimes we don’t care enough of our teeth.Rotten teeth or tooth decay can affect our body system thus making bacteria flourish in our body.

  • Hi Christine, I’m an 18 year old boy from Belgrade, Serbia that has been going through adrenal fatigue since October 2016. I’ve reached a quite interesting point of adrenal fatigue that is beyond the fourth stage of “Burnout”. I know this might sound crazy but, I think I will actually be the first person to die from it. If you can recommend me any doctor or the one that has helped you I will be so greatful. P.S. I know there is no coming back from this but, I just want to prove to my parents what they were neglecting these four years.��

  • Everytime I feel like there’s something wrong with me, everyone around me like friends & family are like “just go to the doctor!!” Likeee I don’t even knows what’s wrong with me wtf is a doctor going to do? Prescribe me with pills and send me on my way? Along with charging me up the ass in medical bills for not even resolving the issue? No thank you.

  • Adrenal fatigue is REAL!Who dont want be exist is psychiatrists and BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY where have big profits from a symptoms of adrenal fatigue and say is depression

  • I couldn’t agree with you more, you’ve described my blood work as if you were looking at the chart.
    Here’s my story, I was an endurance cyclist on an amateur level. Ridding 70 to 125 miles a day in the Rockies wasn’t a problem. I weighed 150 to 160 depending on the time of year. I was 46 years old, taking no meds at all when this started in 2011. The first time I was carried off a ride in an ambulance my blood pressure was way too high to the point that blood couldn’t flow (or so I was told). That led into what felt like heart attacks after a workout was over when my heart started slowing back down. Extreme pressure on the chest, pain in the arm and jaw, only passed out once, but no cold sweats which is typical of a heart attack. In one incident I was about 25 miles into a ride, had climbed one mountain but hadn’t descended yet as we descended the bike was going too fast to pedal so you had to coast allowing the heart rate to drop. When it was time to go again at the bottom my heart rate wouldn’t come back up. After tons of all kinds of medical tests every doctor said the same thing “you’re fine”. I was so frustrated after an arteriogram I went ridding the next day. Doctor said “you’re fine, your heart looks like a teenager’s. I found the right Doctor in 2013 but I couldn’t shake it, in winter of 2014 I quit. Since then I’ve gained 100 lbs and terribly out of shape but I still have it.
    My take on all of this, you don’t have to believe in Hell to go there, you doctors don’t have to believe in adrenal fatigue for you to have it. Doctors don’t diagnose it because they can’t treat it. It falls under the heading of Shit Happens.

  • I have low cortisol, low cortisone and my cortisol metabolites are on the lower spectrum too per the dutch test.

    I think it’s weird how she says anxiety is seen in high cortisol but I have anxiety and mines low….

    My rythm is not off it’s just low, again per Dutch test.

    I also have high DHEAs and read that low cortisol + high DHEA is seen a lot in people with PTSD.

    So my adrenal glands are producing cortisol (but on the lower end) so…. what’s the deal? Is this not considered adrenal fatigue?


    Confused. ��

  • look up Dr Bryan Walsh he explains this as well as its not a burn out on Adrenals. He actually makes more since of it than she does. These folks are on to something.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. This gives me sooooo much hope that I can and WILL get better ❤. I am glad to hear you were able to heal and feel better.

  • I’m getting these crazy internal jitters and vibrations as well as weak arms. I have health anxiety fueling my already strong anxiety. I’m scared I have ALS.

  • Thank you, I have had so many doctors ignore me because I had a problem they didn’t believe was real (MCAS) If patients come in complaining of real symptoms that they associate with a disorder you don’t think is real, please still acknowledge the reality of their symptoms! It is heartbreaking to have doctors tell you you are making stuff up for 30 years

  • I’m so sorry, i have thyroid issues and stress I’ve had several major trauma I have CPTSD anxiety and had migraines Fibro myaligia I’m upon the age of needing HRT as well. YOU VIDEO HAS BEEN SOOO HELPFUL GOD BLESS YOU ID LOVE TO MET YOU ONE DAY! COULD YOU RECOMMEND THOSE DR? if we make it there one day LOL!

  • What a load of BS…This fool knows nothing..
    I had 2 chronic adrenals..FIXED.
    Take steroids and you will lose your glands….FACT….Thousands and thousands are well….

    I suggest you watch…

  • How you finding NZ? is it it a nice country to live? I’m looking to immigrate from South traumatic stress central lol

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain well what adrenal fatigue is and the challenges. I can SO identify. I went through a similar process. I recently experienced a traumatic event that threw me right back into adrenal fatigue. You’re right: saying “no” isn’t the hard part, being okay with saying no is what’s difficult. I’m learning! Thank you for being so candid. (I do have a wonderful functional medicine [holistic] doctor who was the one who diagnosed me AFTER I had spent thousands on medical tests to get diagnoses on symptoms, not root cause). Thank you for doing this video!

  • Please ponder THe circadian rythem ;
    Doesn’t cortizol and melatonin control the sleep wake cycle?
    How about hypervigilant vs homeostasis?
    A factor to consider
    How about the peptide response?
    Why is it that often hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism, another auto immune disease associated with weight gain or loss ; high energy / or sluggishness often coincide or preceed adrenal fatigue …thatdoesn’t exist? Any malfunction with disregulated hormone, sugars etc will manifest various symptoms
    You touch a nerve with this subject
    How bout cushings and Addison’s disease?
    Do they exist in your opinion?
    What are you talking about?

  • If it’s not the phone, then it’s the t.v.

    My Adrenal glands got weak from coffee, then i got Hep c from a self dirty needle from blood test.

    Yes! It happens. You can get hep c from a dirt needle.

    I was also insomnia from unidiagnoised Pundenal Neuralgia and Clitorodynia over 12 years.

    From rhis i got Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Rhmuroid arthritis.

    Meditation is great for all health.

    I can not sleep for 12 years because of unidiagnoised hep c, stress from doctors not wanting to help me, error and trial of evey medicine for pain, severe allergies from these medicine, stress from fighting for SSI case in last 6 years, can not work, losing everyrhing from lising health and job, income, etc..

    Stress from just having limited foodstamps for a month.

    I share my food stamps with my roommate.

    He gets 1,300 per month on from SSI for seizures and Epolisy.

    Most people whom is stress is poor.

    Too poor to afford raw foods for daily eating.

    Most read this will not understand, because they are not living my life.

    It takes money to get vitamins and better foods.

  • Hi there, thank you for your message. 2 years ago I suffered a mental breakdown/burnout and was hospitalized for near suicide. It was from being over worked and heart broken. I am 29 now. Can I fully recover? Thank you. I am seeing a phsycologist and phsyciatrist, just terrified about going back into work

  • Well in a nutshell, ‘stress’ is the trigger, any stress. Adrenal fatigue is when the body starts to not be able to produce enough cortisol. Cortisol is our major stress hormone, and so when we can’t produce enough of it you know, we get really tired because it keeps us awake, in the earlier stages, you might have trouble sleeping at night. Just having trouble getting to sleep and waking up multiple times throughout the night. A lot of people will experience blood sugar crashes, so they sort of get that “Hangry” feeling, where they are sort of hungry and angry at the same time. You know a lot of just mood and anxiety sort of symptoms because of the blood sugar crashes. Basically, these are going to be the main symptoms you are going to get from adrenal fatigue. So that is how you can sort of know if you have it, or if you should get checked out for it.But adrenal fatigue is caused by too much stress, for the short answer. Because our body can handle short bouts of stress, it is sort of made to be able to handle that. Our ancestors had to catch food to eat, they would have had these shorts bursts of stress. Then they would have had time to sit and relax, you there are these two extremes where one is the “Fight of Flight Mode”, where the body is stressed out, you are producing lots of cortisol, you are having that stress reaction. And then other times you know, you are really relaxing and taking it easy so your body can digest food, and do all that kind of thing. So, I would really like to call, instead of referring to it as Adrenal Fatigue, I usually like to refer to it as HPA axis dysfunction. That sounds really complicated, so, a lot of people don’t use that term, because it’s not a very good search term. And if you are trying to figure out what the heck is going on with your adrenals, you probably to not know much about the HPA axis.But, the HPA axis is basically the axis between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and the adrenal glands. All of them are connected. So what happens when we get stressed is, first: The HPA is the role center for the reaction to stress, and it regulates a lot of other body functions like digestion and immunity. So when we are in contact with a stressor, like being in traffic, the first thing that happens is something called CRH, which is Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone, is released from the hypothalamus. CRH travels within the blood, to the interior pituitary gland, and stimulates the production of adrenal corticotrophin-hormone, also known as ACTH for a shorter way of saying it. ACTH goes through the blood to the adrenal cortex, which it ultimately stimulates the release of cortisol, which is the body’s main stress hormone (which we have already talked about), as well as some other hormones, like DHEA and others.So that’s a brief biochemistry lesson as to how the body reacts when we get stressed out. That’s what’s going on behind the scenes in the body. Cortisol works to help keep blood glucose levels elevated, and to help the body retain sodium so that our blood pressure stays high, and so that our blood glucose can keep up with the fuel demands of the brain and other vital organs during times of stress. So you know how blood glucose and high blood pressure do not sound like a good, but when you are talking about being in a stressful situation, those are the things that the body actually wants to prioritize, you know, you want to have that energy to keep going. Because if you are running away from a bear of something, that’s what you want!So be careful lets say if you are on an atkins or keto diet, as his comment about sugar, good carbs, might be just what you need and a simple back loading of carbs might throw you out of ketosis, but you will sleep like a baby and feel super the next day, so remember adrenal fatigue has various situations, you cannot ‘generalize’ it as caffeine, a specific deficiency in a vitamin (by the way, Vitamin D is really a hormone not a vitamin as he says). Hope this helps some on a more scientific or practical level. What he is abosolutely correct about is STRESS, find it, minimize or eliminate it and pay attention to your diet type and fitness level. What works for the normal 9-5 desk working eating a SAD diet will not apply to a keto adapted active person or athlete. This is VERY IMPORTANT to consider. good health.

  • Interesting program from 2015. Apple addressed this in 2018 I think. Did Android ever get around to ripping off color screen adjustments (Warner at night) like they ripped off everything else from Apple? Wait another 3-5 years? LOL

  • Wow. I am in awe. Battled fatigue for over 23 years, with muscle weakness, insomnia…ect, as you described. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. The looking at the stairs and crying, well I do that almost daily. No one can relate to my depression and ready to go on from this flesh life. Years of no answers, and Dr’s not looking at what the cause could be. Take this pill. Or that pill. No one ever talked nutrition or supplements. I have been doing my own research and just found out the amalgam fillings I have had since before I began school at 6 years of age, which I am 63 now, with 7 still in my mouth,could’ve a huge issue, and now a friend shared adrenal fatigue info with me yesterday. I have been on a VIt protocol of 4000 milligrams of VIt C, magnesium, zinc picolinate, and 400 IU VIt E and feeling better, but it’s for getting ready of amalgam removal. If I forget my vitamins, within the second day I decline with energy and starve for air. Getting a Dr where I live is hard. Very rural and the anxiety so bad I can barely be a passenger in a car. My motto is quality of life. I want it. I am so done with feeling like I can’t live due to not being able to have the energy to do. I took a lot of notes from the comment section and will look into all the info shared. Thank you for sharing this information and your testimony. I will do my best to find my way. American Dr’s are taught to treat, not to heal. We have to be our own advocates. Sharing with a couple people I know that have very stressful lives and hope they can jump on the band wagon of taking things into their own hands and prevent major sickness or illness down the line. Blessings. [email protected]

  • basically what he explains in the video is that what we call adrenal fatigue is not really the adrenals that are tired but the neuro transmitters that are not working correctly, therefore the result of not activating the adrenals correctly when needed. He basically gave the neurological reasons why adrenals might not function properly. Our body has a limit to be able to produce hormones and neuro-transmiters correctly and if we can’t learn to handle stress differently or have a diet that supports a healthy hypothalamus and pituary gland then we start experiencing issues after a long period of not getting enough rest and recovery for the stressful lifestyle we have. In my case I’m convinced I have adrenals fatigue and I can tell you it was my fault, I’m 31 years old and for at least 10 years in a row I have been mistreating my body and mind. Getting to bed between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. every day, weight training 4-5 times a week, few vegetables in my diet, being a gamer I was dealing with the wrong emotions for too long (adrenaline and cortisol are created by your body when playing those games and getting angry and playing strong emotions). All through the years my body showed me signs of fatigue which I never listened too. Now I have panic attacks here and there, I have trouble handling social interactions when not wanting them because I feel my eyes want to stay shut and my legs are wobbly (being tired all the time you usually start not liking long conversations standing up and even sometimes sitting down also). Now that I have finally realized all this is my fault, I know what to do to reverse those years of unhealthy lifestyle. Getting to bed between 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day, having a healthy diet, protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and veggies, vitamins B complex and vitamine C supplements, adaptogen herbs like ashwagandha and others to help your body cope with stress. The main solution is to learn to love yourself and treat yourself and your body in the nicest way as possible.

  • Western medicine waits until you have Addison’s or Cushing’s disease before they recognize any problems with the HPA axis. Go see an integrative doctor who is open to functional medicine and they will help your stress related HPA axis dysfunction. Dr Lam, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr Amy Myers and many more doctors recognize adrenal dysfunction as a real health issue and will not call you crazy. I am much better now. Don’t wait until you’re too sick. 10 years from now, when western medicine has caught up, then they will acknowledge it.

  • OMG this gives me hope. I am struggling so much with low blood sugar and the horrible feeling of it… and it’s so hard to get a diagnosis.
    I tried Keto but that made it worse… currently I have to eat constantly to try to balance my blood sugar

  • Thanks for the video i really need your help
    My name is Drita I am 65 i can’t sleep I am taken depression and anxiety medication ihave no dr to halp me please please help me if you can thank you

  • Just making people confused about discovery it was 100% correct diagnose for me sleep good no coffee take some supplements and no running or jogging take lots of magnesium supplements take herbs like rhodiola And ashwahahnda before sleep and see the change in ur life.

  • ok if adrenal fatigue is a symptom than a cause…but where is the solution? on the scio machine, it clearly states that I have adrenal fatigue, before any other biological problem or environmental seems like she jus tgraduated..;know it all type….

  • Thank you So much for sharing your trial and your success. Dealing with Adrenal Fatigue at the moment…. on the mend, but it’s such a journey.

  • I passed out twice! Woke up in the hospital! Adrenal failure! I am still recovering! I was not sleeping at all and still working long hours. I was exhausted! I was a mess! My doctor ordered a bunch of tests costing over $1,100. I have a gene mutation.

  • So I have adrenal insufficiency and can say it is horrible, another term Addison’s Disease and because of dumb Drs they put me in crisis and almost killed me several times. If you think you won’t die without cortisol you are wrong. Doctors need to catch up!!!!!

  • Thank you for sharing your story! I am hopefully on the road to recovery after 6 years of chronic stress (teaching and moving multiple times.) I was told multiple times by a few therapists and doctors that I should consider antidepressants because of my symptoms. It was just today that I went to a natural path doctor who looked deeper into my hormones on a lab report and into my symptoms and he informed me of low DHEA and also that I showed symptoms of adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. Oh how I wish general practitioners would get on top of this to help their patients out! Your video is so helpful and inspirational. Thanks again!

  • Lol ffs great good at making andreal fatigue really complicated with bs.

    if you have andreal fatigue take iodine. problem solved. Also eat right and exercise once your able to.

    remove stress from your life and get 8 hours sleep and your good to go.

  • Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered Tarbbatigan Social Plugin Tip (search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for enlarging your testicles and increasing your testosterone level without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

  • Hi, can anyone please tell me specifically what tests I should ask my GP for? (In relation to adrenal fatigue).

    Having lost my husband to Cancer this past year, dealing with ensuing family issues/lack of support and raising our 2 year old daughter I believe it’s caused my adrenal fatigue.

    I have homeopath I’m going to see soon, and have already made dietary changes, but want to get a good idea of my body’s function and levels as a starting point with the relative tests a GP can order. Ps. I’m near Brisbane & Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia. So any good Drs to refer me to in this area pls comment.

    Thankyou! Much love x

  • If you slept a good 8 hours a day you went to bed at 10pm woke up at 8am ate your breakfast lets say a bowl of frosted flakes and all a sudden you black out/crash back into bed would that mean you have adrenal fatigue? If yes what could it be that would be causing me to sleep 16 hrs a day by the time I get up again it around 12 noon. What could I be lacking in my body I do sprinkle pink himalayan salt on my foods and also let it set overnight in a glass of tap water. do you think the tap water could be the culprit my water agency told me there’s fluoride and chloride…Multivitimins I bought store brand which I heard most out there are synthetic.I watched the Drugless Dr.Bob Demaria and Family here on You Tube, Dr.Axe and they said stimulants like caffiene drinking soda pop coffee tea would really mess up your adrenals can smoking cigarettes also tax the adrenals too? If you have adrenal fatigue does it also mean you are an insomniac? Is there Natrual Cures for Adrenal Fatigue if so what Can Make Me Go Back to Working Many Hours Per Week Getting Exercise and better sleep where I Only need 8 or less like other normal people? I’m fully aware that once sugar enters your body it depletes the vitamins minerals in your body would it be a lack of certain vitamins and minerals that causes fatgue? what foods should I be eating what foods should I not be eating?

  • Just finding this video! Thank you for posting as I am just starting my healing journey with moderate AF. I identify with most things you are speaking of.

  • This vid proves I have adrenal fatigue because I can’t finish it because I’m focused on his hair, and her 1 nail that isn’t done… and she uses her hands a lot. Please get that nail fixed and redo. Thx

  • Thank you so much 4 telling ur story. When u described adrenal fatigue, I thought back & I would joke in my past retail job that I was operating on pure adrenaline (& I actually was). A coffee addict, I would fuel my body on coffee, sugar & carbs. I had insomnia, 5 miscarriages, 1 ectopic pregnancy. Was diagnosed with an autoimmune blood related disorder with no name in 2006, trouble keeping pregnancies, no real answers. Fast fwd to late 2019, during weight loss treatment, my PA, also my PCP runs the TPO test & discovers Hashimotos. The exact opposite of my diagnosis in 1989, Graves disease. 1st advice given was 2 avoid gluten. I took up yoga & loved it. The calm helped so much. Still working my way through the dietary restrictions & changes. Very challenging 2 say the least.

  • Thank you for your video. It was very powerful and I have taken a lot from it. I have been trying to get some answers to my problems but to no avail. Love to keep in touch and if you can give me anymore suggestions particularly to diet I would be grateful. Thank you

  • Well, you sound like all the other MDs out there that put down those that are trying to help by natural means while you give us nothing to do to get better. I went to my medical doctor that did all kinds of ‘blood’ tests (which was the wrong kind of test to do in the first place to check my Adrenal glands). It wasn’t until I ran across the alternative medicine world that I actually knew what was wrong. I have been miserable for the last few years with no help from the medical industry, as a matter of fact, they treated my fatigue as if it were ‘no big deal’. Well it was a big deal to me and now I am armed with the way to fix it, no thanks to you doctor…

  • Thanks so much for sharing your story and being so transparent. When I speak with patients, adrenal fatigue is a HUGE place where we start otherwise the thyroid, progesterone loss and gut dysfunction can ensue. Healing the adrenals and how we show up in life is massive!