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How To Accept A Compliment: 8 Of The Best Ways To Respond 1. Thank you.. It’s straightforward, but it gets the job done! Simply saying “thank you” gets across everything you need 2. Thanks for noticing.. This is a great variation and is useful in situations where the compliment is.

Working on Accepting Compliments in Therapy Once the person feels safe that they can be heard and not judged, the work can begin to address their issues, including trauma, inability to receive positive affect or compliments and understand how their parts developed in an amazingly creative way to keep them safe in childhood. Accepting compliments can be hard. It’s worth it to accept compliments, both for your memory and your mental health in the long run. But it can feel boastful, to.

According to one study, “only 22 percent of compliments given from one woman to another were accepted.” Before we assume that women simply don’t know how to receive compliments, the study found. More often than not, our receptivity to compliments is a reflection of our self-esteem and deep feelings of self-worth. Specifically, compliments can make people with low self-esteem feel.

Most casual, off-hand, habitual responses to compliments or gratitude fit under what I like to call deflect, project, and reject responses. When accepting compliments, we deflect onto somebody else, or project it back onto the compliment-giver herself. O. “That really means a lot.” “I really appreciate you noticing that.

No one ever has before.” “I was feeling really down and this is just the encouragement I need to keep going.”. Whenever you receive a compliment or accolade, but don’t know what to say, use these tips to accept compliments with grace. Humbly say, “Thank you.” It is the simplest phrase you can say, but it sends a powerful message. It is unassuming, humble and shows your gratitude. Accepting Compliments While a polite Thank you or Thanks is sufficient for accepting many compliments, in many situations, a more thorough response may be more appropriate.

For example, look at the following exchange between two classmate. Working on Accepting Compliments in Therapy Once the person feels safe that they can be heard and not judged, the work can begin to address their issues, including trauma, inability to receive positive affect or compliments and understand how their parts developed in an.

List of related literature:

If they reciprocate your compliment, accept it and tell them you appreciate it.

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Genuine compliments make people feel good about themselves and have warm feelings toward the compliment giver.

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The standard response to a compliment is to 1) deny it, which diminishes the pleasure of having received it and makes the person who gave you the compliment feel ill at ease or 2) not say a word.

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to be fishing for compliments to try to get someone to saynice things about you to pay someone a compliment to praise someone, or to do something which shows you appreciate someone They paid her the compliment ofasking her to speak to the meeting.

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Of course, to have the skill of accepting compliments, you need to know what to say and do in response to a compliment.

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Replying to compliments There are two basic ways of replying to compliments: accepting them and rejecting them.

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We often either give a compliment right back or we somehow discount or disagree with it.

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But compliments generally don’t announce themselves explicitly.

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Or compliments: ‘You look gorgeous,’ or, ‘That’s really thoughtful, darling.’

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But in all other cases, your compliments should be sincere.

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  • I just watched a 6min video where a random guy in a suit told me i should say thanks when i get a compliment. Thats the point where i can only say thanks to the youtube algorithm

  • About the overexplanation,what if the circumstances require you to explain? I usually get compliments on my hair and answer by thanking the compliment. Usually it’s strangers but they ask further questions so I try to answer truthfully; however, sometimes i feel like I am overexplaining, especially with people i meet regularly. They still make compliments and/or make references to the previous conversations so i guess that I acted politely.

  • You’re Still In The 90’s. Now People Have Fun Of Others With Compliment Like Sarcasm, And People Aren’t That Self-disappointed, Indecisive or Insecure About Their Compliments

    What Do You Think About It?

  • recently i got complimented abt my sweater, i did deflected it but not on smth physical saying “oh, i like ur taste”, pls tell me what do you think?

  • So many times i made a potential friend or partner run away frome because i say wrong things in the wrong way. I apreciate this, thanks.

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    Thank you in advance from Paris,

  • For me it was being raised in a religious household. Pride is a deadly sin, so you’re stuck in limbo:
    1. You accept the praise and you’re indulging in pride, arrogant
    2. Ignore the praise and you’re a negative Nancy.

    The problem I’m in is that this unwillingness to accept praise, gets upgraded to pessimism or self-doubt.
    “Great job”
    “…(They’re lieing, it looks awful, it could be better. Tell me what you really think.) Thanks.”

  • You just earned yourself a subscriber! This is exactly the kind of channel i’ve been looking for. Also as an aside, i think there’s another reason people don’t respond well to compliments. Their self esteem doesn’t allow them to accept the compliment because it doesn’t align with the story they have about themselves in their own head. So they actually could perceive it as manipulative. They must want something from me in exchange for this compliment, because theirs no way it’s actually genuine.

  • I always thought the Japanese norm, of simply disagreeing and refusing a compliment is just flat out passive aggressive, and gaslighting the 1st person’s judgement.

  • When people compliment me I say “I know” or “That’s what I was trying for” because saying thank you feels weird:/
    Usually the response is an awkward laugh.

  • In addition to the competing goals that come into play with compliments, I feel they’re made awkward, because they make for deadend conversations. When I accept a compliment with a simple thank you and a smile, that thread of conversation is done and now someone needs to come up with a new topic. I could elaborate on whatever the person complimented me on, but that would be self praise or even worse, boring. If a guy compliments me on my hairstyle, he doesn’t want to hear about my new hair care routine. But if I quickly change the subject after I thank him, it feels dismissive and like I’m running away from the flattery. In girl world, this is solved by dutifully finding a way to compliment the woman back. This social demand can sometimes feel fake. The solution that I’ve come up with for paying conversation killing compliments is to follow the compliment with a question.
    “You’re such a wonderful speaker! What kind of preparation goes into such a talk?”

    “You know so much about a wide variety of subjects! Is that the result of a natural curiosity?”

    In this way, the road is paved for gracious acceptance of the compliment, they’re invited to talk about themselves and conversation flows easily.

  • Can you just ask a person on a street where did you get your tshirt? ( after I like your t shirt) I am not sure what british small talk includes ( how far you can go without being too personal).

  • Personally, when I am working towards reducing my weight and others comment (i.e compliment me on losing weight) on my body changes really makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t like when people mention anything about my weight because I feel like it’s none of their business whether I lose or gain weight. I did find this video helpful and will practice applying your methods toward my particular situation. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thanks.

  • ETJ english inappropriate to indians, Russians, pakistani, because they have a problem in speaking and combining words caused of tongue moves

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  • Girl: (sarcastically) Nice nose
    Me: Nice… huh.
    Girl: What?
    Me: Oh nothing I just couldn’t find anything nice about you.
    Am I doing it right?

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  • Thanks Eliot u hv done a great job. Am learning so much from u. The schwa sound can be found in most words that ends with digraph “er” and many other words too.

  • There is no single ‘British’ pronunciation of English. England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland all have many accents and dialects.A common mistake by those that do not understand what the United Kingdom of Great Britain’ is.

  • there are some posts that say “Do not say HOW ARE YOU, we dont use that in England” Is that correct or just how´d you do or what is the eventual best way to ask that?

  • Great video on a topic that is hard for some women(me). Like you said it is gift. Receive it in a gracious manner. Thank you.
    Cheers �� ��

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  • What if I say “Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say.” Is that a form of deflection? Like could they interpret that as I’m implying they’re only saying that to be nice and they don’t actually appreciate whatever they’re complimenting me on?

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    What’s the difference between.. “that’s what, US, British people do” and “that’s what, WE, British people do”?

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    and thank you for the lesson!

  • Hi, Elliott! Is it recommended to practice the British accent and listening to audiobooks with an American accent? I like both. What can I do? Thank you.

  • Why do physical compliments backfire? I can understand if physical aesthetics would be only unfair, but for example, a muscular man is principally caused by fair fatigue in the gym.

  • Sometimes I get a compliment of the street from woman as we are passing buy….so with todays social norms you cant really stop and have a conversation….with everyone where I am going to the office…so I when they say hey I like your suit…I juts smile and say…yea…I know right…….its sounds cocky but the continued walking makes it easy to pull off.

  • how are you Elliott?
    i wanna become a freelancer by doing web developing and i have to contact with foreigner to get my project.
    so how can i improve my English language and conversation skills

  • I understand getting high on flattery. It is like taking in more than what the flatterer is offering. Blinding confusion from the praise that doesn’t even consider the falsehood or truthfulness of the person. Coz you know when you hear a true praise, only if you are paying enough attention.

  • Thank you for sharing more videos Elliott. I love you them, you have a very beautiful accent. You speak very clearly that I don’t need to turn on the caption button to understand what you’re saying. I’m still learning and I have difficulty on how to speak with proper and right intonation.

  • I always say thank you. I then try and find something I can complement about them in return. If I genuinely can’t, then I just leave it at thank you. I don’t want to risk coming off as fake.

  • Believe me, i have never disregarded a compliment im my life. And i fail to understand why women or just people in general can’t accept a compliment gracefully. A nice compliment always makes my day. Heck i love receiving compliments.