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A No-Stress Approach to Improving Wellness. by Jenna Braddock. June 14, 2018. No Comments.

It’s no secret healthy habits are important and necessary for a life of well-being. But according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-being Index, in 2017, Americans still had a poor state of wellness, despite more access to wellness services than ever. Recognizing the importance of wellness, reflecting on what your wellness encompasses, and tending to your wellness are all powerful preventative methods to improve.

An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. It is a well-balanced blend of physical, mental, and even spiritual well-being that results in living the highest quality of life possible. KindnessPerhaps the best method for increased mental wellness is to simply display acts of kindness.

It’s proven to improve your mental state and is a basic requirement of being a good human. In the next several articles, we’ll focus on each of these habits in depth. Improving your mental and physical health doesn’t take an emotional overhaul. There are many definitions of well-being, but the NEF’s approach seems particularly useful in that it’s.

Use fresh poultry, fish, and lean meat, rather than canned, smoked, or processed. Choose fresh or frozen vegetables that have no added salt and foods that have less than 5% of the Daily Value of sodium per serving. Rinse canned foods. Choose more complex carbs. Eat.

Implementing a pre-determined 12 week intervention to improve physical activity and nutrition behaviours across a hospital site using a team-based approach and peer support resulted in those completing the intervention reporting significantly higher physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, water intake, and feeling less stressed than the non-completers. Developing a mental attitude of wellness is also essential. When we adopt an attitude of wellness, we take on a belief that being well is a natural, normal state. Our goal is to have outstanding, vibrant health, not just to be free of disease. With a wellness attitude, we know that we have control over our own body and how healthy it will be.

Free Easy Ways to Improve Health You don’t need a wave vibration plate, a float tank or a sauna to be healthy. People have managed to achieve good health throughout history without. The Wellness/ Recreation Center at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls is an excellent example of a facility that helps clients reduce stress.

It provides a wellness resource room featuring stress-reducing items like recliners, drum sticks, massage gadgets and even Play-Doh®. Create an On-Site Spa.

List of related literature:

Some stress-reduction measures that could be used are progressive relaxation, meditation, prayer, yoga, imagery, exercise, diversional activity, spending time with nature and pets, and substitution of caffeine and junk foods with juices and nutritious snacks.

“Invitation to Holistic Health” by Charlotte Eliopoulos
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Approaches to stress management include exercise, yoga, T’ai Chi, prayer, meditation, massage therapy.

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Finally, and more recently, animal research suggests that exercise training can lead to increased resilience to stress (e.g., Greenwood, Spence, Crevling, et al., 2013; Schoenfeld, Rada, Pieruzzini, et al., 2013).

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
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In addition to quizzes designed to measure stress, relaxation and exercise hints, and suggestions on how to give yourself an “attitude adjustment,” the magazine sells the Vitality company’s own stress management products, such as the “Hot and Cold Therapy Pillow.”

“Hop on Pop: The Politics and Pleasures of Popular Culture” by Henry Jenkins III, Jane Shattuc, Tara McPherson
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The remainder of the book will focus on a host of coping strategies and relaxation techniques, and come full circle to the physical realm of wellness again, with positive adaptations to stress promoted through the use of physical exercise.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing
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Stress reduction methods and coping enhancements can derive from either internal or external sources.

“Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Canadian Medical-surgical Nursing” by Rene A. Day, Pauline Paul, Beverly Williams
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If you scored in the moderate-stress range, you should also be very diligent to practice good nutritional habits, including taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement, and to incorporate exercise and stress-reduction techniques into your daily routine.

“Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health” by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
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Diet and exercise are basics of wellness and can also help relieve stress.

“The Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties” by Ronald Manual Doctor, Ada P. Kahn, Christine A. Adamec
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Such interventions include diet (nutrition), exercise, stress management, and smoking cessation.

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Here you will find an article entitled ‘10 stress busters’ which gives advice about the best ways of dealing with stress.

“Evidence-based Practice in Nursing” by Peter Ellis
from Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
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  • for the people dealing with anxiety remember this:

    “✨You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ✨“

    winnie the pooh

  • My photo was the main photo for this on google and it lead me here. I clicked on this but I don’t see my image or the video of me performing in front of the police during occupy Wall Street.

  • Its 3:35am i woke up heart racing and worries scared 26 year old female ���� so scared & tired of feeling this way!! Hopefully this video helps me calm down! Bless you all, we will over come this ♡

  • The info that this doctors is putting out is absolutely correct. Meditation is what completely turned my emotional state around to where most all of my fears and anxieties have been eliminated for the most part. We still will have natural worries but no longer to the point where they run my life. When all of your fears are released, you have this indescribable feeling of absolute peace of mind that you feel not only in your mind but you can feel in your bones it’s a beautiful feeling! Learn how to meditate. It’s fun and easy and it only takes 20-30 minutes a day and best of all IT’s FREE!

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  • If you can think yourself calm then you do not have a major problem. This talk does not cover those whose anxiety is out of control and are in need of medical intervention. You may not be able to self diagnose and could be vulnerable and are unlikely to be in this audience.

  • especially great to watch before bed to calm down and re-center for much much better sleep and positive dreaming even. Thank you so much for giving back to society so much and for free here no less:)

  • He’s got that Bob Ross kind of speaking voice. Happy little clouds He could Jedi mind trick the audience with that hypnosis-like moment during this lecture. I mean, you’re getting sleepy, very sleepy and, viola, the whole room has now been brainwashed to become future assassins like the Manchurian Candidate. This plot could start an interesting Netflix series, or something like it.

  • Wanna honestly know how to recover from anxiety and panic attacks? Read Dr. Claire Weekes books. I promise you, you can quickly get out of this anxious prison.

  • @ 15:44 We USE worry about LITTLE things, to keep us distracted from thinking about the bigger emotion-laden issues that REALLY ARE the problem. We are hiding from facing the harder stuff, that evokes real & big feelings…… @ 17:50 Worry is what we DO (a thinking function cortex), anxiety is what we FEEL (dread/fear)(emotion limbic), stress is our physical response to a threat, meant to prepare us to meet the threat (fight or flight responses) [@ 24:02]. @ 35:00 lecture focus: THINKING. @ 38:00 Neuroplasticity. @ 41:40 at 8 wks gestation, a wash of testosterone in a Y-chromosomed fetus, kills 80% of the brain neurons that process emotional communication! Happens again w/ increased testosterone at puberty.:( @ 45:30 Self-Directed Neuroplasticity: Using your own mind, to actually change your own brain. @ 47:00 Good worry vs Bad worry. @ 1:06:10 Guided Imagery

  • Replace the word imagination with the word Thought. Imagination is just using your thoughts. It’s your thoughts that control everything. See Syd Banks three principles videos on YouTube.. imagination is just your manifestation or a way of using your thoughts. Worry anxiety and depression are all the results of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your feelings

  • Watch the powerful live satsang of HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam in Engliish at 7.30am IST and at 7.30pm in Tamil on Nithyananda. Tv

  • I relate to this so much. I have been suffering with Generalised Anxiety Disorder [GAD] for 2 years now and I can tell you it is horrible. I have created a YouTube Channel in which I talk about my experience and the importance of mental health awareness. I would greatly appreciate the support, take a look see if you relate to what I say? Maybe even subscribe? I never force a subscribe, only if you think you enjoy my content:) Thank you very much for listening.

  • Magnesium! Look for that mineral, it can reduce or even cure your anxiety if your cellular levels are up. Once you have that you can easily combat anxious feeling with the help of Meditation or CBT etc

  • Live in the moment LOL Is there a pill for that. Chronic anxiety is something no one would choose,so we can’t choose to live in the moment. That might b a goal or an outcome of a lot of work but it’s not the luxury of choice

  • Live in the moment, be kind to yourself. Go with the flow, trust in Jesus & meditate on His word in the Bible. My best therapy. ������

  • I stopped trying to fight my fears and neurotic ticks years ago, takes so much energy and struggle, the only thing that gives me solace is that eventually my life will end and so will the fear and ticks.

  • Two out of five links do not work, the toxicity quiz is newage bullshit and the biological age questionnaire says I’m 13 years old. UCTV Are you sure it’s medicine, because to me it sounds like quackery?

    As for sleep, nutrition and so forth that is common knowledge that people have to eat ffruits and vegetables, work efficiently don’t work just for money, disconnect and sleep.

    On those words goodnite

  • Dr.Claire Weekes believes in letting the anxiety come and eventually it will release it’s hold on you.Its a form of A.C.T.(acceptance,commitment,therapy).Has anyone try this and if so does it work. I’ve been struggling for to long now and don’t want to go on meds.

  • This is a fantastic talk! I’m currently fascinated & wanting to learn as much as I can about neuroplasticity & biofeedback because I have an eating disorder & I’m seeing this type of treatment being used for eating disorders & it’s showing really positive outcomes.

  • I can give a faster solution. Leave the busy, noisy big cities and move into a small, silent village and forget about wordly things.

  • I suggest Fasting. I had lived with my GAD (diagnosed) for 5 years, including sever psychosomatic symptoms, like lump in the throat, neck stiffness, breathing problems, heart palpitations, cold and hot flushes, tinnitus, nightmares, etc. So after I read and did a lot of things like, CBT, Lyrica (against the symptoms 600mg) and Xanax against panic attacks. I found following what helped me to heal completely. First you get used to Lyrica (some side-effects but that subsides after 4 weeks), so it will not help when you are at 600mg anymore (saturation effect). You have to cycle it, get down with the dosage to zero for two month and start again with Lyrica, you will not have side-effects again, but then Lyrica works again. I tried that with my doctor (he was against it) but it worked for me. But what really worked was Fasting I did then cycle three times 5 days fasting with a Keto diet in between (I did not take Lyrica at that time) within 2 month. That blew my disorder away, many studies confirmed, that when the brain is in deep ketosis (70%-80% of the energy comes from ketone bodies and not from glucose) that anxiety and depression is strongly reduced. That gave me the final kick to get rid of my last psychosomatic symptoms as the tinnitus. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6543248/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4790398/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4346441/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5742683/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5913738/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4228123/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6120115/

  • Think on good things. Do this regularly and you create the mental habit of thinking on good things. Thinking on good things brings good feelings. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. Thank you and blessings to you. ��

  • Yup, lost me with the Hillary Clinton crap… she belongs in jail. Not much wisdom about her. I’m also reminded that the word God should remain In the serenity prayer, that’s why it’s worth the saying.:)

  • I hope you are able at some point soon to leave behind your erroneous views of, and issues with, the ability of women to think analytically and logically and be creative with those skills.

  • Love is not a criminal act to be punished by coerced sterilisation. Love is not anxiety; it is a basic human right. For leading a rewarding life. In English.Genitally.

  • It is a condition of suffering…seldom understood by those who dont experience it,…sending out comfort & support to those who do have it…

  • So then what happened to men Logical capabilities?

    If I can understand that my dogs sense of smell is very important beyond my understanding,
    If I could carry the analogy

    I would care snuff to ask often how I was affecting this experience.

    You seem to feel it is a win to not acknowledge this.
    An intellectual way of justifying not caring.

  • I got blessed with hearing Dr. Rossman on PBS and appreciate his calm peaceful style and soothing manner of delivery. Thanks. I also learned “The Serenity Prayer” by Reinhold Niebuhr, at the beginning stages of my salvation and alcoholism-recovery years ago, and pray that to God; as well as the Lord’s Prayer and that helps me (as well as others), throughout various seasons, time periods, across various geographic landscapes, and varying scenarios. Thank you. Be blessed as well.

  • I went to the peaceful place and I cried.. not really sure why the sadness came up. I do have a notion just not really sure… I didn’t expect this at all

  • I was wrongly diagnosed with anxiety by a doctor thank God I don’t have Anxiety
    My Sacred Heart will never leave me nor forsake

  • I suffer with death anxiety. The thought of dying one day and watching others die around u. I wake up with this fear most days. I need help, anyone can help me

  • Serenity prayer:
    “Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”


  • Show Us WellBeing In This Moment
    What does its energy look like?
    What does it feel like?
    ( Perpetually Expanding Goodness, Growing, Within, From The Center Out, Like The Sun, From Within The Body, like a sloooow…..deep breath growing towards its complete & satisfied fullness, )
    Such is the feeling of wellbeing.
    John A. Robbins