A Fundamental Help guide to Coping with Stress


Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

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Managing Stress & Anxiety: ULTIMATE ANXIETY GUY GUIDE (Audiobook)

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Managing Stress & Anxiety

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Dealing with Stress

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Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

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Coping With Stress: Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Reduction

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How to Manage Stress as a Student

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Seek out social support. Spend enough time with those you enjoy. Seek treatment with a psychologist or other mental health professional trained in stress management or biofeedback techniques to. Here are 10 simple tips that may be helpful for managing stress.

Breathe. When you feel the symptoms of stress coming on; increased heart rate, sweaty palms, dizzy head, short quick breaths, STOP AND BREATHE SLOWLY. Meditation. Check out our meditation resource “A beginners guide to meditation”. By Mayo Clinic Staff Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life.

A small amount of stress can be good, motivating you to perform well. But multiple challenges daily, such as sitting in traffic, meeting deadlines and. Avoid people who stress you out. If someone consistently causes stress in your life, limit the amount of time you spend with that person, or end the relationship. Take control of your environment.

If the evening news makes you anxious, turn off the TV. If traffic makes you tense, take a longer but less-traveled route. When you feel the symptoms of stress coming on; increased heart rate, sweaty palms, dizzy head, short quick breaths, STOP AND BREATHE SLOWLY.

Breathe in through the nose, hold it for 3 seconds, then out through the mouth. Repeat this 10 times or until you feel your heart rate start to slow down and muscles begin to relax. We need to take active care of our mental health.

That includes finding a way to reduce stress. One of the techniques you should try is using writing to fight stress. If you’re not sure how it works, but you want to find out, just keep reading.

Below, we’ll share 6 tips to deal with stress by writing. Let’s take a closer look together. Throughout my training and career I have learned first-hand the importance of keeping a clear mind when faced with challenging circumstances. Stress is a natural response [ ]. To begin coping with stress at work, identify your stress triggers.

For a week or two, record the situations, events and people who cause you to have a negative physical, mental or emotional response. Include a brief description of each situation, answering questions such a. Exercise is the most important part of a plan to manage stress. When you are stressed, your body is saying, “Run!”.

So do it. Exercise every day to control stress and build a strong, healthy body. Leaving Certificate: a parent’s guide to coping with the stress Parents are just bystanders which brings its own stress in the countdown to June 7th Mon, May 29, 2017, 07:00.

Sheila Wayman.

List of related literature:

Much advice has also been received over the last few years, from all sorts of sources, about the many different approaches to controlling stress.

“Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine E-Book” by Marc S. Micozzi
from Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine E-Book
by Marc S. Micozzi
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

The Stress and Relaxation Handbook: A Practical Guide to

“Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths” by Alan Carr
from Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths
by Alan Carr
Brunner-Routledge, 2004

Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies, Seventh Edition.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

These have been discussed in many excellent popular books on stress management.

“Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition” by Edmund J. Bournes
from Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition
by Edmund J. Bournes

Here you will find an article entitled ‘10 stress busters’ which gives advice about the best ways of dealing with stress.

“Evidence-based Practice in Nursing” by Peter Ellis
from Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
by Peter Ellis
SAGE Publications, 2019

Using the four stress management options listed here as a teaching tool is very helpful for many people.

“Caring for Older Adults Holistically” by Tamara R Dahlkemper
from Caring for Older Adults Holistically
by Tamara R Dahlkemper
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

The last chapter of this book explores the effects of stress and gives you tips on how to reduce stress in your life.

“Managing Family Meltdown: The Low Arousal Approach and Autism” by Linda Woodcock, Andrew Mcdonnell, Andrea Page
from Managing Family Meltdown: The Low Arousal Approach and Autism
by Linda Woodcock, Andrew Mcdonnell, Andrea Page
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009

However, none of these techniques actually helps to deal with the stressful situation itself, only its symptoms.

“Psychology AS” by Mike Cardwell, Cara Flanagan
from Psychology AS
by Mike Cardwell, Cara Flanagan
Nelson Thornes Limited, 2005

Frequently in this book I’ve suggested stress reduction as one key to alleviating many health problems.

“Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works” by Andrew W. Saul
from Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works
by Andrew W. Saul
Basic Health Publications, 2003

Other chapters in this book (titled “Herbal Medicine,” “Aromatherapy: Common Scents,” and “Taking Life Lightly: Humor, the Great Alternative”) offer additional insights into measures that assist with stress management.

“Invitation to Holistic Health” by Charlotte Eliopoulos
from Invitation to Holistic Health
by Charlotte Eliopoulos
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017

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  • Potential stressors’ impact:
    1.Evaluation of Intensity of event (is it a challenge or threat?)
    2.Evaluation of Our coping ability.

    .use behavior intervention to prevent stress causing things
    1. thoughts are not indicators but a guess. 22:07
    2. Our Interpretation are habitual and follow a theme. Not random.
    3. Stress and Depression is caused by a ‘way’ of thinking which is called Dysfunctional Thinking. Due to limited capacity, mind uses shortcuts while thinking, but these shortcuts have a cost in form of distortions which then produce negative emotions. 22:40
    4. How much stress you will feel depends on your Explanatory Style (the story you tell yourself about the event). People react differently to exactly same event because of the internal story they tell to themselves about event, which obviously varies from person to person.

    Interpretation exampleBeing on time (BoT)
    A) BoT is sign of respect
    B) BoT is factory system. 20:55

    Interpretation A is helpful so no need to analyze. B is unhelpful therefore needs perspective.

    ABCD exercise: 24:40

  • Thanks for the video! How do you suggest acing a hard class with a strict and mean teacher who gives really hard tests? (in high school chemistry)

  • All these things I have to do now to be less stressed is making me more stress and preventing me from getting the actual things done.

  • I’m 13-14 and I’ve been wanting to become a doctor for a really long time. Is there anything I could do to make my life in the future easier? Or is it too early to decide what I want to do in the future right now?

  • Is it weird that when I take a test and tell me self I was going to do bad, I do well. And when I told myself I did good, I end up doing worse.

  • Hello my name is William.
    I developed health problems like arrhythmia with RVR and severe headaches from high levels of stress, because I worked very long hours and ate horrible food every day for months. My body finally gave into the stress and I got sick. I was in and out of the hospital for years. I was given medication by the doctors like metoprolol 50mg and many others. I took them for two years, but was told to stop by my private doctor to stop. I started to eat better and started to look for more information on stress relief and found information that helped me. If you want more information go here:


  • This video was amazing for me as a student so thank you �� Also this is just a suggestion, but can do do a video about medical school vs dental school, thanks!

  • Planet Ayurveda Ashwagandha Capsule is good ayurvedic products to overcome stress and anxiety. I tried it… With my personal experience I found it best and safe medicine for overall nervous system health.

  • For relaxation, stress relief, meditation, healing therapy. Listen to any of the following:

  • These are some of the stress management techniques which I actualised in my life. Hope these are helpful to you. Click below:

  • I oddly took the same approach with tests just looking at it as “gameday” or a chance to “beat the test” so to speak. Interesting to see someone else feel the same lol

  • im genuinely curious (because i adore clarity, understanding, and banter with people who enjoy thinking) re: whisky dick’s objection to the questioning our beliefs part (or so i thought anyway. lol) as in the prof. doode here says the point of questioning our automatic beliefs are to ask ‘what is helpful about our thoughts’ and what are “not helpful”. if this is not a helpful approach to mental health, what IS for you? im assuming that this prof. and everyone here has no agenda to force you to believe or enact any of this. my experience is to focus on what DOES work for me. not to avoid what does not work for me. just sayin. id love to hear what works for you? i find that a more interesting conversation., i totally get that you dont like or even hate this method. cool. im not here to persuade you. just curious, as i said, what works for you?

  • I would use something much more simple, efficient and 100% free:) Like READING, watching movies, playing your favorite games, giving yourself some little treats, GOING OUT, and so on. I’ve been in a corporate job for years and I DO know a thing or too about being stressed:)

  • Even though this lecture was fast pace, I really enjoyed listening to him. I am a counselor in training and currently doing my internship. I believe in CBT and the information he provided was very helpful. I would love to find out how to get the power point to this presentation, if that is possible.

  • I’ve been asking for this video in almost every other video..And It’s on Perfect time as I have a test next month..Thank you Dr Jubbal!

  • this didn’t help me for the organizational mechanisms for coping with stress that I was looking for but it gives me a huge smile and nice time thanks, btw love the cast form you pick for this

  • After binge watching all those videos about productivity and medical life and being motivated from some time I was actually stressing out.

  • What do i do if i cant take breaks because i feel compelled to complete work. And when i do work i also feel stressed because i am impatient and want to complete everything because i already want to finish the entire school years and not quit because of regret about quitting after all this work. I also feel stuck that i have to get all mandatory credits or else i will not be allowed to get a job to survive and enjoy life. Its not even about pressure from others its about whether i want to quit to do what i want or not. Quitting will give me regret that all this stress and work was for nothing. But not quitting might be worth it but i am afraid of future oncoming stress and pain. I cannot controll my patience

  • Also philosophically if you believe the only way to attain knowledge and certainty is through the scientific method then you are doomed to a limited amount of theories that eventually the majority run away from for being to cold. Any way… better get going. Great video either way

  • I just want to say thank you for posting such videos I have suffered with anxiety for many years and even I am learning new things it has came at the right time I am currently in a very very bad way due to anxiety chests pains arm pains tummy pains back pains any pain you can think of but this video has been great to listen to I am going to download the iTunes podcast this evening and give it a go. Hang in there everybody and good luck

  • I’m freaking out over school work for the third time this week and it’s literally the first week of the second semester. I can’t take this anymore it’s so annoying

  • I’m losing subs on my YT and I know it’s by YT thinks there bots and I want to stop YT but then my parents will be disappointed I did t want them to know about my YT but my sis now I’m stressed by ur high voice

  • Thank you Dennis you are doing so much great things for the anxiety world. yoyr end the anxiety program gave me a reason to live again

  • Thank you for publishing this lecture. There is a technical issue in this lecture. The sound doesn’t perfectly match the image, so please try to fix that.

  • I am working through your program right now. It is life changing for me. Thank you thank you for all the help you have given to me and my family.

  • Thankyou for sharing. iv used most of these which are very effective tools but sometimes you just need a break from the stressor such as a relationship situation.

  • These are great, thanks. However a lot of those tips haven’t worked for me since I have depression and anxiety. I was wondering if you could make a video about managing stress while suffering from depression and how to be productive in medschool while coping with depression. I mean, is it even possible?

  • I’ve literally made a 3 page Google doc outline summerizing most of your videos that I’ve watched and I can’t wait to ace sophomore year of college!

  • Hi Denis!

    What should I do if I am overthinking during meditation? I sometime face negative thoughts during meditation especially at the beginning point and the harder I try to calm it down it’s get higher.

    However, is that necessary to do deep breathing during mediation? (Can meditation work without deep breathing? I sometime forget to breath deep during meditation hence I only do it when I remember).

    Thank you,

  • This is genuinely really great content.
    Moving stories told perfectly.
    As fellow Autoimmune Disease patient, I feel I learn so much from watching this content.

    Definitely made my day in this beautiful Sunday.

    Please keep it up and continue this awesome work ������

  • Great video! I purchased the end the anxiety program from your site and I’m noticing major changes in my life. I am so grateful for you I thought my only approach was through medication and you have helped me realize there is a support system for people to overcome anxiety. So grateful for people like you in my life.

  • Stressing about normal stuff is fine but coping with a passed away father and grand mother while being por and having to do chores 24/7

  • CBT provides a range of excellent tools for counteracting the habitual negative thinking that creates stress. I find that the addition of mindfulness greatly increases the efficacy of cognitive therapy.

  • Lately I’m having a lot of trouble with my eye floaters. I’ve had them since I was 8 or 9 but I can’t stop focusing on them lately. I know my brain is just looking for something to worry about because I don’t have anything else that’s “bugging me” at he moment

  • This is helpful for all ages, but older adults face unique challenges in dealing with stress. The tips in this article can help as well: http://morninggloryhomecare.com/tips-for-dealing-with-stress/

  • Stress is a common problem. But it is not treated then it affects your mind as well your heart also.

    Read more about how stress affects your heart: https://cureveda.wordpress.com/2019/03/29/here-is-how-stress-affects-your-heart/

  • Listening to this has really done me a world of good. I’m 40 yrs old and grew up in a anxious household due to living through the troubles in Northerner Ireland. In recent yrs I have lost both parents and 2 older brothers. I am a husband, father and IT professional full time. I was diagnosed with anxiety 2 yrs ago and take a beta blocker. This one podcast has enlightened me more than my GP. I’ll listen to it several times more and put into practice the recommendations you made. Thank you

  • Dennis, in your opinion, why is it that doctors and therapists don’t even come close to making anxiety seem relatable? The verbiage and explanations you give are so spot on that it makes everyone else I’ve ever talked to seem like they have no idea what they’re talking about? Is there a cookie cutter explanation that they are using? Ultimately I just want to give you the props you deserve. You have helped me discover that I’ve actually been an anxious person my entire life. Thank you for helping me unravel this condition and start my path to recovery.

  • The other day I was stressing soo much about med school (would I get in, am I doing enough to put on my resume, I feel like I’m wasting time, etc.) I feel like this video was uploaded at the perfect time! I find mindfulness really helpful also. I started meditating and doing yoga because of the COVID crisis, and I feel as if I changed in a good way.

  • This one was gooooooood, and much needed. I’m taking 3 science courses right now. Does anyone know if Dr. Jubbal is from the Bay Area? he seems to be up here a lot in his vids.

  • Long term anxiety has actually taken a toll on my body I’m 54 and anxiety has given me high blood pressure high sugar and yes an enlarged heart ❤️ so anxiety can make us sick. I’m so tired �� of this. I have gone to therapy nothing helps. I have had allot of stress and trauma I’m on Xanax but that no longer helps. �� I don’t know what it is to feel good anymore and that makes me sad. Doctors tell me stress is causing all of this my enlarged heart is reversible but how

  • Whoah, what is your problem? You seem kind of crazy, with your own agenda here. You’re very angry and nothing you have said so far, makes any sense at all.

  • Dennis words cannot describe my gratitude towards you Dennis. You are a gem. God bless and a very Merry Christmas to you and family.

  • Could someone please invite me to a whattsapp group for anxiety or a forum or something please… I would love to socialize and be part of a support group

  • This video is kind of “evil” and abuse of viewers in that it, ironically, makes viewers who who may have subtle concerns about being in panic to think even more seriously about panic attacks and fear that he or she is having a panic attack. (just like the white bear test) Thus, viewers are unfairly enticed to crave what he is selling. To desperately need a solution for the very problem created, or at least intensified, by this video.

  • Being from Germany, it‘s quite interesting to me that your med school is only 4 years long. Here it‘s 6 years (I‘m about to end my first year atp). Could anyone briefly go over the main training you do throughout those 4 years? ^^

  • This is useful information for us. During this lockdown, many people get stressed because some of lost their jobs and some people get frustrated due to change in their daily schedule. So such a video on managing stress is needed to manage the stress for all people as well as students too. Thanks for this piece of information.

  • FANTASTIC! I found this lecture to be jam-packed with effective, clinically-proven techniques to help improve mood and relieve stress. I’ve never seen so many great “things you can do now” to help yourself in one place.

  • This is being posted to provide ENCOURAGEMENT… Article: Coping with your New Self Quarantine, Social Distancing, and Stay at Home State Directive-Order

    Due to the Fact that the Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak, many families are staying in for very long periods of time. These families, and individuals are finding themselves having to readjust their Lifestyles, normal routines, schedules, itineraries, and are juggling many other responsibilities.

    While many States in America, and in countries abroad have implemented Stay at Home Directive-Orders, and Socal Distancing measures, while others are medically, or voluntarily self quarantining themselves as precautionary measures to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus.(Covid 19 virus)
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    While others are working from home, and schools are closed, thus many people, and families are facing many new challenges as these families are staying in at home every day.

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    Moreover, what makes this an especially difficult time, and very unfortunate, unusual set of circumstances is that many of the former forms of recreation simply are not available, due to the fact that the option of various places to patron are no longer available currently.

    Additionally, while many nonessential businesses are closed, and social Distancing, Stay at Home Directive-Order, Self Quarantining measures are taking place many individuals and families may feel stressed, and overwhelmed.

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    Written on 3/25/2020,
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  • Hello:) I listen to your podcasts often. I have GAD and mostly obsessional ocd. You are a inspiration. I think I have been this way for so long that I wonder if change is truly possible for me at 47. I feel like other people can change their thinking, but that I am stuck in mind. I have a recurring thought that scares me and brings me down. I know I am feeding it but there seems to be no solution to that potential problem.

  • Well I fear death of me and my loved ones I know it’s apart of life and you can’t avoid but I keep thinking about it and how will I feel and how my loved ones will feel it’s very deep and it feels like I can’t overcome it I really need help cause at some point I wasn’t like this my life is feeling repetitive and it feels like my loved ones don’t wanna associate themselves with me anymore

  • Dr. Jubbal, your take on tests was not crazy at all, in fact I already use a similar strategy. Think of it like a battle, and come out on top

  • Thank you for ALL of your posts. They mean so much to me and give me hope, something I have desperately needed. Please continue doing what you do, I feel you were born to do it.

  • wow, med school insiders, I can’t thank you enough.. I was literally taking notes from what u were saying… thanku so much for being there for us students:)

  • I literally trying to study today and the moment i wake up “omg today still must study” and had a diarrhea (there’s upcoming test and 20 chapter today supposed to be 14th chapter been studying 1 chapter a day)

  • If the viewers need daily stress relief…I have some new music sound therapy videos on my channel to relieve stress… here is a sample of my composition infused with “solfeggio frequencies”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJNbjk1RqLQ

  • You are a special person, your journey surely shaped you you sound so intelligent, and all this coming from your anxiety disorder, loved this audio, going through the same journey as you went through, was doing fantastic with cbt therapy, jogging daily and mindfulness meditation, but the last week I’ve hit a wall and hardly been outside my house, this video is helping me gain my confidence back and losing my fear, thank you my friend

  • What would you like to change in your life? Or probably you would like to improve something in your life. It has been scientifically proved that if you don’t have what you want in your reality, you have some reasons on subconscious level not to have it. As soon as you transform this reasons, you get it. Follow me for more videos, live chats, Q&A sessions and answers to your questions.

  • CBT is great but existentialist have a point that can not be debunked that is CBT pretends to put everything human under a microscope or the scientific method and you cant. Thats is why it also a fact, according to steven c hayes, that cbt therapists dont look for other cbt therapists when looking for one for themselves and that is a big OUCH!!

  • you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe you cringe

  • You guys can try a similar article on managing stress. I found it helpful https://www.richpsych.com/blogs/4-ways-to-tackle-everyday-stress:-stress-management-tips/R09PT01P/
    Happy to help:)

  • I have been getting panic attacks because not being able to sleep at night stresses me out!!!! Help…i don’t know wat to do….i can’t sleep no matter wat i do…����

  • i have so much stress i’m about to get into a counselor soon fingers crossed that they’ll help! i really want to just scream and loose control and punch things like crazy. like at school, i have SHAVED hair so people think i’m gay the only place i feel safe is typing on my computer.

  • I watch your videos and I feel myself slowly overcoming this. Did you experience bad panic attacks also? Thank you for making these!

  • I feel CBT and mindfulness really helped me to live a stress free life. I can’t recommend it enough. Also, my videos are designed to relax you.:)

  • Anyone who thinks tensing your muscles a bit if you can’t sleep has never been stressed.
    Sugar actually higher the blood sugar and increases the stress hormones.

  • 9 minutes in and i’m sobbing my eyes out. I had a brain infection that chewed apart the parts of my brain that deals with anxiety and after a relapse, I became severely agoraphobic, even after recovering because I was so afraid it would happen again, it was like PTSD. I haven’t left my bed much in two years, I work from home, graduated from home, made friends from home, but I’ve missed so much. I’m falling apart and I’m oh so tired of it. 9 minutes in and finally I feel like someone understands me. So, I’m gonna keep listening and pray that you can help me.

  • Thank you Denice, I am struggling right now and the way you are exposing is perfect. Thank you. Don’t stop helping people. You are awesome!

  • Oh my goodness I am so happy I found you brother as you surely know what your talking about I’m 60 this year and have lived with chronic anxiety since I was 10 it lead to a life of mayhem but I was lucky I always had the love of my dad and mum brother sister and my friends family sons I the blissful love with my late husband when he died in 2009 I died I shut down every thing went off I was also told at the same time I’d never walk again unaided so iv been asleep in my mind but then the pain of having a twisted bowl in a operation 10 years ago and sitting around praying �� wasn’t helping I lost my faith I was a stick Catholic I played by there rules all my life now I’m hitting 60 it is getting better the last 9 years I don’t remember to much heart ache but watching Christopher Hitchens Sam Harris Dawkins dan dennet and many more showed me the THRUTH and the truth sets you FREE to be the best of a human you can be to love and dwell among love and you will be free as love true love for your fellow human never bends I live in the moment now but I feel I’m waking up to a brand new day and as long as I dwell in love ie nature when I go out I’ll take that as a win win my heart still goes like the clappers sometimes but it is giving my heart good exercise lol good on you brother

  • 1. organisation. 2. exercise 3. have healthy relationships. 4. slow breathing and mindfullness 5. aproach problems with excitement instead of fear. 6. one step at a time

  • MCAT in two weeks. I’ve thought about attacking the test with excitement instead of fear and this just proves to me that it will actually help/work! Thanks:)

  • Hello sir pls pls pls replay…how to memories information like characteristics of a phylum or the features of a particular part of brain..pls pls replay….I am confused what study technique should I use for this.pls replay

  • Honestly this is really helpful, I’m extremely stressed about school. I keep forgetting everything, I can’t sleep, I’m struggling to eat.

  • As we age we face a double whammy so to speak. Glutathione levels begin to drop each year after we are about 20 years old. Causing oxidative stress levels to run rampant, so we lose our bodies master antioxidant as we need it most. This makes it extremely important to supplement levels of Acetyl Glutathione and NAC in order to maintain health as we age.

  • I like the quote at the beginning. From my own experiences this is true but there have been times in the present where I experienced sensations mimicking illness that caused anxiety or panic but for the most part the panic is predicting that the sensations is going to be a heart attack or some disease. Feeling depressed is over regrets and painful losses. Living in the moment and enjoying it brings on the most peace.

  • a lot of people might feel the voice is not soothing but for me it is really comforting as it sounds a lot like my best friend. thanks a lot for helping me.❤❤❤

  • I’d love to see this person deliver this speech after enduring what I have endured during my 47 yrs of life experience. Application is the key. It’s hardest to apply when you have exhausted any and all options. All that remains is simply the will to live, nothing else. Good luck, only the strong survive. I’m here, until

  • mr dennis i have a problem with being able to look at ppl in the when theyre talking to me. my mind and eyes start to wonder to awkward places. the person then thinks that i am checking them out when in reality i am just not able to look anyone in the eye due to social anxiety..

  • I’ve realised that having tests and viewing them as a Mortal Kombat opponent has certainly improved my confidence and my comfort with tests and exams

  • Thank you for this upload. Very informative and helpful. Makes me understand more about myself and realize I’m not alone.

    Keep up the great work!

  • You are so helpful because I can relate to what youre saying. Its spot on, and many doctors/therapists cannot get this close to home and are patronizing. God bless!

  • I think this would really help me. But I’m always caught with doing stuff. My mom always says it’s better to be busy every second then to be bored. Monballet tues-homework lab Wednesdayhip hop jazz Thursdayballet Frisome kind of event Week end enderrons