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Health Benefits Of Good Posture

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8 Great Benefits of Good Posture

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Good posture supports good health. Proper body alignment can help prevent excess strain on your joints, muscles and spine — alleviating pain and reducing the likelihood of injury. As a bonus, correct posture can boost your productivity and mood, as well as help you use your muscles more efficiently. This is just a handful of advantages you may find from taking the time to stand and sit better: 1. FEWER HEADACHES When posture is off, the neck is often straining, especially when you hold your head forward for a 2. BETTER JOINT HEALTH Poor posture can put quite a bit of strain on your joint. Good posture helps you in the following ways: Keeps bones and joints in the correct position (alignment) so that muscles are being used properly.

Helps cut down on the wear and tear of joint surfaces (such as the knee) to help prevent the onset of arthritis. Decreases the strain on the ligaments in the spine. 8 Unexpected Benefits of Good Posture 1. It will make you more confident 2. You’ll be able to breathe easier 3. You’ll digest food better 4. You’ll burn more fat and have a stronger core 5. It will boost your mood and relieve anxiety 6. You’ll have fewer headaches 7. You’ll have more energy 8. When you have good posture, your internal organs align well. That means less compression on your stomach, intestines, and liver, facilitating the free flow of food and digestive juices.

A slouched posture inhibits the normal activity of your gastrointestinal system, which makes you vulnerable to digestive distress, like constipation. 8. 8 surprising benefits of sleeping with a bolster you didn’t expect! By. Goody Feed Team.

They promote good posture. Other than the advantages listed above, they also help to improve sleep quality by adjusting to your posture. This is especially so if you sleep on your sides, as having a bolster between your legs can relieve the stress.

The importance of good posture goes far beyond appearance. Here’s how poor posture affects you head to toe, from your head and neck to your ankles and feet. The importance of good posture goes far beyond appearance. Here’s how poor posture affects you head to toe, from your head and neck to your ankles and feet. Reduce headaches and migraines.

When you have poor posture it can strain the muscles in the neck and this can cause tension headaches. But when your posture is good, it keeps the muscles more relaxed and this can prevent those headaches kicking in. A little stretch and adjustment to your posture may help give you the stamina boost you so desperately need when 3 p.m. rolls around. According to research published in the journal Biofeedback, standing or sitting straight can also rectify decreased energy and feelings of depression that come with poor posture. The Importance Of Good Posture Good posture opens your airways, keeping your respiratory system functioning properly.

It protects your back and bones, strengthens the shoulders and spines and makes you look and feel better overall. Good posture allows you to breathe properly.

List of related literature:

Maintaining good posture in sitting and standing requires constant self-monitoring.

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Good posture is one, which puts the least strain on our back, and should be maintained while doing any activity.

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If you check out your posture even ten times a day and force yourself to hold a good position for a minute, your posture collapses again the moment you stop being mindful about it, and you still end up spending the overwhelming majority of your day with a rounded back, hunched shoulders, and forward-leaning neck.

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Strategies and techniques to improve posture include exercise, stretching, massage, and other soft-tissue techniques; modalities such as diathermy and ultrasound; and re-education in movement patterns and positions during activities.

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Posture affects digestion, breathing, and emotions.

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And vice versa: Slouching reduces self-confidence, increases the number of bad moods, and adversely affects our general

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4 Use good posture to prevent fatigue.

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Good posture will prevent the appearance of back pain and may reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders [1, 8, 10].

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Advising against slouching, the Daily Mirror’s posture expert wrote in 1944: ‘Muscles and joints get “set” and awkward stiff movements become habitual.

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Improving your posture literally changes your life.

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  • Looking at her body we can see it was jacked up. Right shoulder high, left shoulder low, her head posture was tilted to the left and canted upwards to the right. Anyways, killer. Simple things do a lot.

  • “Our health care system is not designed to prevent, it is designed to manage symptoms”, I wish people would actually get this in their head!!

  • This is so helpful and educational too! I wondered if there’s anything else you could add or suggest posture wise during pregnancy? Maybe you have a video already about it but I thought I’d just ask…! ��

  • THANK YOU!!! I’ve been working on my posture for over three years and while it’s considerably better than it was, relaxing is SO SO HARD!! I’m so much more comfortable standing or lying because it’s easy to keep a straight line, hopefully the tips will help.

  • Wow, I like it. Great effort. Love you from my heart. Keep lending your helping hand as every women in the world needs your knowledge. From south india��

  • This is a really cool video showing fascia magnified 25x… Shows how everything is connected and why movement helps keep the fascia mobile and fluids flowing throughout the body. Motion is lotion… Truly! https://youtu.be/uzy8-wQzQMY

  • I’m still grateful. This works!
    I saw Annette about 8 years ago as a patient with Parkinson’s disease. My pain decreased by at least 50% and my mobility increased tremendously.
    Congratulations Annette

  • Wow. Knowledge. This lady talk is amazing. Educational regards the misery dysfunctional posture is causing. Doctors give patient 5 mins, ask where is the pain. Writes out pain prescription and says goodbye. Never gets at the root cause of the problem, so problem and misery becomes worse. Thank you so much for truth. Every Doctor should be dragged in chained to chair and made to watch and be educated. It’s a crime to humanity that all they do is hand out dangerous strong pain killers, that they never tell you, that they have horrendous side effects and can potentially be life threatening. It about big pharmaceutical money and time. A good Doctor would ask relevant questions and have ability to get to the root cause of problem and advise alternative method of corrective postural treatment, that reduces pain, corrects posture dysfunction and retrains the brain by receiving good posture signals. This is amazing but at same time simple instructional video. Thank you.

  • Fascinating! While we shouldn’t discount the importance of evening out the hips (musculoskeletal imbalances can be alleviated w/ AIS), I’ve long been encouraging (and helping!) my clients to improve their relationship w their feet! I do notice how eye focus effects posture (like when the vision is different in each) but these eye Xs are new to me (dif than the basic vision strengthening Xs) and I will be trying them on myself and my clients! Thanks Annette! diane of stretching by the bay

  • Thank you for your videos and all the information that you put for us. I was wondering I’m 51 and I have scoliosis I’ve noticed is getting worse the older I get.Do you think that it could be some improvement if I go to a chiropractor thanks.

  • It’s painful for me to stand/sit straight up.
    Almost 40 and I’d prefer wearing a back brace; in search of a proper back brace. #Lazy

  • Evolution has done us a great disservice, since some of the most predatory creatures are nocturnal

    Clolr vision has done us an equal disservice

    ¿How much longer, before this is corrected?

  • So, I’ve been blind in my left eye since birth, struggled with poor posture, scoliosis, head forward position ect since a child. Am I just doomed to have these issues as my body will always only have the perspective from my right eye?

  • Absolutely guilty of it all and have been trying to improve my resting positions but wasn’t sure how. I love this short video and will rewatch. I can really see the differences shown

  • Hey friends, I hope this is helpful! Sometimes you have to get creative to keep your alignment, but you can do it… I believe in you. ��On another note, FemSquad doors have re-opened! Join us: https://gum.co/femsquad

  • After this video you may want to watch: Posture Exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEJZIHhUVDs&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR5dOsooubzW8aeifYmTs8Fk

  • Any application for people with only one seeing eye? Ive lost vision in my right eye as a child and am wondering how does that influence my posture and what would be a solution to imbalance caused by that? Thank you for knowledge.


  • I don’t say her technique is wrong or not usable, but look at the pen position before ( 09:04) and after ( 11:00) treatment. It’s clearly that she put the pen misalign, a little shift to the left side, therefore the volunteer’s eyes will tend to shift a bit to the left also and the two eyes look symmetric, but it’s not. Do you think the “volunteer” is not real volunteer? Why she invites the volunteer only in the first row? You should not do this kind of trick in a TED talk, even your idea is a good one.

  • Being a stay at home mom I do struggle with maintaining proper posture. For awhile I’d been sitting on the floor because it was easier to maintain posture but I got tired. My muscles were not used to it and it definitely was hard. I’ve been sloppy with my posture lately and definitely feel it in the pelvic area. Still using a mattress in the living room, I find it easier to lay down, rather than sit in a couch and struggle with posture. Been really struggling lately. I want to get into shape but I’m afraid to start for numerous reasons, not the least of which is fear of failure, but also my weak pelvic floor. I saw your talk with Wendy and am intrigued by the mutu but it is a little out of budget. Many free options on YouTube, bit too many, it’s overwhelming. Any ideas as to where to start as ways of getting into better physical health? Loved this!

  • Founder of posture company, talking about the importance of posture in chronic pain. Screams conflict of interest.
    There is no link with posture and chronic pain. Why do you think doctors/physios/psychiatrists all struggle to treat it? Our understandig is in its infancy

  • I broke myself crossed legs decades ago in hope I would not get spider veins. That still happened. When I drive any long distance, I will put my seat back down and use my back muscles to hold me up. The same idea as your coffee table method. I have alot of work to do on my curved spine, tho. There are alot of muscles that go into good posture.

  • Lolololooloolololololloooololololollolololololololollololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololollolllooolo.olloolololoolo

  • I have very poor posture but I am working on it! Is it normal for it to be very uncomfortable in the beginning until the surrounding muscles get used to actually doing their job?