8 Positive Resolutions Worth Making


Should You Make a New Years Resolution?

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8 Positive Resolutions Worth Making 1. CLEANSE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS. Juice cleanses don’t work. But removing “toxic” people from your social media does. 2. EAT FOODS YOU LOVE. If you are a cheeseburger person, embrace it in moderation.

Maybe you love cheeseburgers 3. DO THINGS THAT BRING. Lose 20 pounds, make a million dollars, blah, blah. This year, skip the lofty resolutions that you’ll never be able to keep and focus on smaller, more attainable goals instead. Here, 50 New Year’s resolutions that you totally can—and should—make.

These smaller, hyper-focused resolutions are worth making a big deal out of, especially since little lifestyle habits often impact bigger things. So even if you’re in perfect shape and at a happy weight, you can still improve your life by identifying and focusing on at least one small, positive change. 8 New Year’s Resolutions Actually Worth Making. By Lucy Rimalower Dec 27, 2018.

Share Tweet. We all know the classic “New Year, New You!” tropes: As January 1 draws near, we are finally going to lose weight, save money, get organized, and so on. Before long, the New Year’s Resolutions pile up like so much laundry.

Positive resolutions are the way to go. Giving up something is usually hard, but adding something always seems much easier. The world could use a lot more positivity, I’d love to a bunch of people make these resolutions to be more positive and loving.

PS. Without an effective plan in place, you could actually damage your self-worth. Lose sight of the required steps. When making a resolution, which is usually an area of our life that we have not yet addressed, we often focus solely on the end result.

If you have not yet. By making a promise to yourself to make positive changes (or even one change), you are thinking about yourself and what is good for you. If you remember the “oxygen mask” analogy, when you are making better choices with your money or your health – you’ll be able to help others better too. Motivation 8 Reasons We Really Do Need to Make Resolutions It’s what your brain wants, and it’s the only way anything ever gets done.

Posted Dec 16, 2015. Positive Resolutions is dedicated to enriching the lives of mentally ill adults by focusing on reducing the barriers to reaching their fullest potential and establishing supportive partnerships in recovery-oriented settings. Positive Resolutions is designed to support optimal personal, spiritual and social growth by facilitating activities that.

Positive Resolutions, LLC is designed to provide excellent service to individuals and companies that just need some extra assistance to ensure their maximum potential & efficiency. We will work to get rid of clutter once and for all, optimize paper-flow, create an organizational system, & make life a little easier.

List of related literature:

Good resolutions seldom fail of producing some good

“Nicholas Nickleby” by Charles Dickens
from Nicholas Nickleby
by Charles Dickens
Collins, 1905

This resolution is the most positive.

“LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving Success in Your New Role” by Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry
from LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving Success in Your New Role
by Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008

For example, around New Year’s, many make resolutions.

“The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-by-Step Program” by William J. Knaus, Albert Ellis
from The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-by-Step Program
by William J. Knaus, Albert Ellis
New Harbinger Publications, 2006

So we decided to make our resolutions this year about positive accomplishments that build on our strengths:

“Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment” by Martin E. P. Seligman
from Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment
by Martin E. P. Seligman
Free Press, 2002

While these resolutions are meant to be good and well-intentioned solutions, unfortunately they are built on a flawed foundation of more effort, willpower, and goal setting.

“One Word that will Change Your Life” by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
from One Word that will Change Your Life
by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
Wiley, 2012

having a good foundation for: will make good resolutions to build upon.

“Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams: Fully Revised and Updated for the 21st Century” by Zolar
from Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams: Fully Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
by Zolar
Atria Books, 2010

Many make fresh resolutions, only to fail again!

“Zen-yoga: A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-integration” by P. J. Saher
from Zen-yoga: A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-integration
by P. J. Saher
Motilal Banarsidass, 1999

Make no resolutions; you won’t be able to keep them.

“On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide for the Modern Magician” by Catherine MacCoun
from On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide for the Modern Magician
by Catherine MacCoun
Shambhala, 2008

6 Atfirstglance these two resolutions seem somewhat contradictory.

“The Pursuit of Holiness: Run in Such a Way as to Get the Prize 1 Corinthians 9:24” by Jerry Bridges
from The Pursuit of Holiness: Run in Such a Way as to Get the Prize 1 Corinthians 9:24
by Jerry Bridges
Tyndale House Publishers, 2014

For us merely to write resolutions is not good enough.

“The Great Speeches of Modern India” by Rudranghsu Mukherjee
from The Great Speeches of Modern India
by Rudranghsu Mukherjee
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Tuve un orgasmo viendo este video, nunca vi a nadie explicar tan bien algo tan complicado que lo hace ver facil, ojalá hubiera youtubers como tu en hablahispana, o mejor aun, maestros

  • You people here seem smart enough to explain something to me that I have always wondered.

    Why could we only create 200 NM graphic cards in the year 2000 and why can we create < 9 NM graphic cards in 2020? What is the difference? I guess it has something to do with lithography equipment, but can someone explain it to me in detail? Google has failed me when it comes to answering this. I want to know why progress is so fast when it comes to NM getting smaller.

  • When i see the title: Meh, i watched some Lin*s tech tips “advanced” videos, shouldn’t be any worse right.

    When i see the video:……………………? What?

  • I don’t want to go to school 9th grade and I stopped doing it and my parents are being bullshit about it I told then so many times how stupid school is how you just sit get fed a bunch of shit you don’t need ever in your life and then get tested on it. and how big of a waste of time it is and they legit are saying that I’m stupid and there gonna send me to a school for mentally retarded people or I’m gonna have to back to Russia with my grandparents and live there for the rest of my life. my parents just don’t understand why school is bad there’s also a million other reasons why school is bad but this comment is already too long.

  • For VSync and HSync, why not simply using two square signals with enough delay then have an NAND gate combine them like this:

  • I just found you and love your channel already! So inspiring and honest, I cant believe you are out there. On another note, I really love your shirt! May I ask where its is from?

  • You might appreciate this.

    My best prints to date with perfect first layer HAD ALWAYS been on glass with Aquanet. I’m now having the most amazing first layer ever with a technique I call “burnt Guinness”. I drop 3 or 4 drops (DO NOT WASTE GUINNESS) on my cut glass plate, spread it out with my finger, then use a hooka lighting torch to create a burnt layer of sticky stuff that smells like barley.

    I wish Aquanet worked this well because it’s lazier.

  • Jesus, you’re smart.
    I’m going to subscribe now so that when you take over the world with your genius and homemade video cards, maybe i can be part of your army.

  • I watch this channel in awe, to learn about all the things I didn’t even know I didn’t know about. I still don’t know, to be honest, but its nice to know someone does!

    When the zombie apocalypse comes this man right here will be getting extra rations and first dibs on the ladies while he builds calculators and video cards from scraps for whichever warlord is in charge.

  • I have no idea how that SR latch works without oscillating between high and low values for the outputs. Time to go investigating to learn.

    EDIT: it turns out that the first inputs I tried to do in my mind were S=R=1 which is apparently not allowed because it leads to problems that are way over my head, this is why I want to be a civil engineer not a computer engineer.

  • I wish I had this in school instead of boring circuits using a simulator. This using both breadboard and fpga.

    I need to learn how to use my cyclone v, are you going to make a tutorial how to make your computer in fpga too?

  • 3:05 Jaiden: you can be proud of yourself without being a sociopai mean a cocky Douchebag
    Me scoring above average on sociopath test: does that mean im a… COCKY DOUCHEBAG

  • First time on your channel and I subscribed right away. I like your content, good luck on your resolutions for this year! You’re inspiring, I hope I’ll reach my goals too! I’d like to go out of my comfort zone starting with a solo trip I just booked. Wish me good luck! P.S.: I’m a tiger ^^

  • 5:40 That actually made me think about myself. Since I get shut down whenever I express my self doubt to my parents about my future in higher education and as an adult, I begin to follow what they want of me and think they know I can acheive greatness in. But, the biggest problem is that I don’t know who I am nor what I want.

  • I have tried to do this over quarantine, but I cannot manage it and it has been decaying my sanity. I used to fall onto the branch you do, but now I looked back at my minimal talents and I fell apart rather than it driving me. I’m just a mess and this is one more problem to linger in my mind whenever I have something to poorly reflect my intellegence.

  • What can I change to do better? Am I pushing myself? Hmmmmmmmmmmm This isnt good enough yet. No! It’s not! It’s all over the place! And everyone has some sort of struggle with it that at one point of another! It can be a nightmare! (Nightmare) It’s like falling from a tree! Theres so many different branches you can get snagged by. No! It’s not! It’s all over the place! And everyone has some sort of struggle with it that at one point of another! It can be a nightmare! (Nightmare) It’s like falling from a tree! Theres so many different branches you can get snagged by.

  • Okay this might be kinda dark but..
    do you ever just wonder why you exist not trying to be rude to yourself or anyone but what if god never made us what are we really if we never existed then what would the feeling normal be don’t you just think about what if we never existed if we never existed would we be like stars or air what would we be? What if the normal we have isn’t available to I don’t know dead ones? If we never existed would we be angels?dont you just think of the universe and the galaxy thinking about this stuff really what would we be if humans were never made?

    I think I said too much 0_0

  • the best way to summerze this is the lesson Daedalus tried to teach Icarus fly to high and the wings melt fly to low and your wings become to heavy to fly

  • I hate the school system in Greece. We gotta learn English Greek.

    I mean what the fuck. Why should I learn a language from 2 thousand years ago.

  • for my doot changer (corexy) I consider it a necessity TBH. it was so jerky on marlin with 8 bit. it kept jittering and pausing ever so slightly on corners. it was weirdly like I guess switching from 20fps to 60fps. The most different comes when it’s printing text.
    I get a lot less ghosting and a bit of a nicer print quality on it. there’s far less kick for me in klipper than marling.

  • I hate to disagree but school is actually so you can get good grades and degrees, so you can go to University and College so you can get a job.:/

  • I know a guy who is like this. He literally fat shamed a kid and got one WHOLE TEAM TO BASICALLY FAT SHAM HIM and when I ask him why you bully. He says “I dOn’T bUlLy”. Get off your high snoop dog horse bro.

  • Success is an iceberg people! You only see the success on the top but under the surface there is practise and hard work and MENTAL PAIN! Trying not to put you off just trying to tell you it’s going to be a lot of work.

  • Hi, have you tried using klipper with octoprint and ender 3, I managed to get faster prints but not so clean do you have any comments or advice??, congrats on your channel by the way

  • You should do a test of showing print quality differences as well, especially when using some of the smoother drivers such as 2208

  • No matter how hard you work how much respect you have how much your improving one day you’ll be in a wheel chair unable to think clearly to old to walk and eventually die and none of it will matter

  • Yes I know there are better people than me BUT ALL OF THEM ARE SAME AGE AS ME AND ALL OF THEM ARE BETTER THAN ME!!
    A way I can be the same level as others is to be with younger people BUT FRICK EVEN THEY ARE BETTER THAN ME!! I’M ALL ALONE <:(

  • I know it’s bit late to say this but don’t forget to take breaks! Take time to do nothing at all or what makes you happy and energized

  • Love the honesty and how much fun you’re having making this video. Makes me smile / cheers me up, so thank you for that!:)
    Nice to see that you’re not going for “Instagram-perfection”, but dare to make a silly face etc.

  • How to make DiY GTX 2080TI

    You need:
    a Clock, preferably small, not analog, and working
    wires, doesn’t really matter which ones
    a thermometer for measurements

    This life hack saved me sooo much money already it’s unreal

  • Hey hi rowena i just want to say that this is the first video which i saw by default n after that i make sure that i never forget to see any of ur video love u so much palak form india surat ��������

  • YOU HAVE AN RJ PILLOW!!!!! OMG fellow army, I didn’t know that!:D now I like you even more! great, very creative video you made here, I enjoyed it a lot!

  • *Very long comment
    Okay I’m so friggin late now but hey late is better than never. These days i just have the thoughts to transform into a ‘new self’ (idk if this makes sense sorryyy) every couple of weeks. For the next 4 months until the end of 2018, i would like to continue evolving into my new self(s). I just love feeling new, you know. 😉

    Another thing that i really really need to do is to prioritize my health. I have literally fallen sick like 5 times this year and you can tell how mesy my room is all the time by just looking at me. (wait that doesnt sound right) I have to repeat to myself ‘health is important health is important’ so uch so that it becomes my belief. I will also have to workout and exercise and stretch so much since i have major exams coming up in like two months so i REALLY need to stay fit and sleep early! Duh sounds so hard but i know how important it is.

    Adding to your point Rowena i also feel you about not wanting to go out and being a hermit at home. I mean, i usually freak out a lot by looking at people’s instagram and be like WTF am i doing at home?? That i feel an existential crisis. jk. But i do need to remind myself to stay out of those negative people that i sometimes cling to so that i can appear that ‘ i have friends’. THese days i just tell myself that it is forming real connections with people that is important, not how many friends you have on social media.I also want to meet with more like-minded people and see what amazing things i can do with them.

    I also really need to prevent myself from pushing myself away from the things that i like anymore. I freak out so much since im in the last year of my highschool and everyone seems to have everything figured out, and i realise everytime i see something i like i tend to hide away from it which is something that i will have to look into cuz im wondering if that habit formed during my childhood bla bla bla. But yeah, i like rapping and music stuff, so i need to stop myself from running away from the things i like and i need to trust my instinct more.

    Also i need to be soooo organized! My life has been such a mess lately i dont even know no more. I missed a couple of deadlines, got a coupld of scolds and that honestly doesnt feel good. I need to get organized and plan so much especially its near the end of my highschool life and i will have no one to rely on anymore so i really need to learn to be independent!!

    Okay.. Im sorry ROwena ive been binge watching your videos so much today to ‘indulge’ myself and i needa thank you for being such an inspiration to me! (Or us!) the fact that you show your vulnerability really makes me relate to you even more. Keep up with your good content and im incredibly sorry for this longass comment (actually rant) on your 8monnths old video lol. Much lovesss:)

  • Personally, I don’t buy into NY resolutions. You were either a focused, disciplined person long before the NY came around or you just decided that one day should change the course of an entire calendar year just because a number changed.  

    If a simple number change on a calendar is really enough to completely remodel you`re life, then that kind of shows how flakey your resolve really is.

  • you should really try passion planner!! this might sound stalker-y but I’ve studied your videos, and I think you would really like the layout! especially, how you journal, and utilize your journals, it seems like a really good journal for you!! just suggesting! love your channel! keep up the great content! ��

  • Same! My word for 2018 is Ask… because not much happens if you don’t ask. Also, trying to get out of my comfort zone. Started ballroom dancing and freaking love it… now I wish I had started it years ago! You’re such an inspiration. I’m sharing your channel to all my friends. Self-care is a huge deal for my groups this year. Keep up the great work!

  • I have only just discovered your channel and I love your videos so much! you are a wonderfully inspirational person, I love the quirky and funny twist you put on your videos, I feel like it makes your videos and advice so so much more relatable!! Thankyou!

  • Wow that was beautiful, really. Im so glad that i stared watch your videos. You’re amazing person and i wish you good luck with everything that you’re looking for

  • That video hit me hard.
    I remember being intersted in learning new languages and dance but my teachers told me to leave dance and rather focus on studies cause i was in top 5 of my class. I was really surprised to see the toppers of our schools lacking creativity and the so-called back benches nailed it. Specially in india, schools and private institutions focus on competition and sits in collages and universities and gives double burden on children. Carrying bags of 6 kg full of books, doing hw was all a burden. Parents these days think school have become better because of more privileges but when i hear about their school time, and how they learnt knitting, guitar, doing part time job at factory when they were young and investing in 9th grade made me think if i were of their age, i couldn’t do that.
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing video.

  • Regardless of it is one long goal or one month goal, it is crucial to write them down and specify what they are and WHY they are there. If it is year long goal, break it down to what steps you need to take each month to get there. If you prefer shorter goals as small steps, then go for it! Not all goals take one whole year to reach. It’s a balance and it is different for everyone.

  • Just found your channel and loving it. It’s so pure and humane and I’m sure you hear this a lot (and that’s probably your superpower) very recognisable. A breath of fresh air in a overacting Youtube world and pretty damn inspirational. You gained a new subscriber for sure!

  • I feel deeply related to what you just said in your video! All the overthinking and planning and lack of taking action. I’m actually striving for the same things in 2018. Let we do our best! Lots of love and thank you so much for your videos. You are so great and always make me smile and feel understood

  • Year of the Rabbit! You are so awesome, your videos are high quality, you’re very relatable, and you have a lot of good things to say. Never stop following your heart!

  • I needed this so badly. I feel like I am on the brink of a new chapter in my life, and it’s absolutely terrifying. I know that it’s going to take a lot of self-work and, more importantly, self-love. Thank you, so much, for the reminders! You’re awesome! <3

  • I’m under goat for Chinese astrology. Great video! I too get stuck in the planning and thinking stages instead of the doing! DEFINITELY a goal of mine in 2018 is taking action! Baby steps consistently and working toward not being ashamed of that!

  • 1:31

    My shirt in 3rd Grade: Go Get Em’ Tiger!

    My shirt in 6th Grade: Go Get Em’ Tiger but more mature design instead of a weird salmon tiger face being like:

  • 64-bit or 128-bit boards for advanced 3D printers that can move the print head(s) on a robotic arm with all the nuances of a human artist. Use resin pens with UV light to cure each color on the fly in real time. Have a multi-head rotational mount so that each head handles one or more different colors or types of materials or a mixture. So an Octopus style robotic 3D printer will of course need more processing power to perform marvelous feats of automated artistry.

  • Hello Rowena! I just discovered your channel today and I am so glad that I did!! Your videos are amazing and you’re a wonderful person:D This video is the first New Year’s/2018 resolutions video that I see this year. I feel so happy, motivated, and excited for the new year after watching this! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! My zodiac is the dog, this is my year and I’ve gotta own it ;D

  • HONESTLY you are one of my new favourite youtubers! So happy I cam across your channel. You are so impactful, genuine and such an intellectual. I am left feeling inspired and ready and excited to workafter I watch your videos! These choices are awesome, and they’ve inspired me!Thank you Rowena:)

  • For newbie, where is the rosetta stone that explains marlin vs reprap, skr3 vs duet? where does octoprint fit into all this? now people are talking kliper?

    what?! help!

  • You inspire me. I just found your channel and i love your energy. In hope you make more videos to motivate us. ♥️ You are beautiful

  • Watching this upon recommendation from my friend Del @yakurlts (ig) and she’s so right you’re so chill and full of positivity. Thanks for making my 2018 better!

  • Hi! First of all, I just discovered your channel just a week or two ago. Everything I’ve viewed so far, I like and find very helpful & inspirational. Keep it up! I’m a Rat in the Chinese zodiac. (Born in ’84) BUT what’s a “dogue”? Do you mean, dog??? LOL

  • Controller is also very difficult to use if you use GeForce NOW like me so I would say controller is balanced cause I’m still able to beat my controller friend who is insane on controller while I’m on kbam

  • Someone tell me what to do im getting ok on kbm but i play on console and i was an ok controller player but not as good as some pros

  • Bruh I play on controller without aim assist, and I do fine in cash cups. The people that say it’s unfair that they only get plastic sticks are basically crybabies. Just get good at the game without aim assist. It’s not that hard.

  • I have something to say for controller players the reason why pc players think controller is so op is bc they vs the better controller players but for us normal controller players we need aim assist bc us normal controller players vs pc players there aim is still better than our controller aim assist

  • in season 2 aim assist was actually too op but scroll wheel reset is and was always the best its so op, litterly every keyboard and mouse player is just edit flexin´on me because its so easy. I switched over to keyboard one day and i was cracked on k&m ESPECIALLY AT EDITING

  • The reason why when keyboard and mouse players think aim assist is strong is because all the pros overuse aim assist, and just spam the drum gun, or a smg

  • I am a lil above ave play on consile and I just got pc idk if i wanna get a good mouse and keyboard and the switch or just buy the elite bro and try to get better

  • Basically if you wanna pub stomp and have really good aim switch to controller and if you wanna have fun being a good builder and editor switch to keyboard both take a lot of practice to get good by the way

  • Well since im in chapter 2 season 3/2 i forgot aim assist HAS BEEN SO BAD AIM ASSIST IS BASSICLY GONE AND THEY NERFED IT VERY BADLY

  • I have no interest in using LV stepper drivers because they don’t justify their cost over A4988 drivers. Do TMC2208 and TMC2209 run into issues with 8 bit boards? I am aware the Prusa Mk3 uses an 8 bit board and TMC2130’s without issue

  • Man
    F aim assist
    F scroll wheel reset

    Henchmen or man IDK what ever



  • In conclusion mobile is the move
    U have 360 movement
    U have an aiming mechanism like ur using a mouse where ur thumb is the mouse
    It has aim assist
    No recoil
    It has instant reset by just clicking the edit button
    U don’t need to scroll to get the weapon u want like it’s on controller
    U can quickly switch to builds and weapons without a switch button

  • Thank you so much for your videos! You’re inspirational/informational/a beautiful human being. My main goal is to “network” and feel discomfortable as well! *cheers to awkward moments ahead!*🙂

  • I am an 11-year-old kid that is actually good on Consol but I want to switch to PC because I know I can be better but my parents say that that’s too expensive

  • Hey Michael, A question for you. Have you any ideas on reducing bandwidth issues with printing over USB? Currently i run 5 printers all running off 1 linux server which runs 5 instances of octoprint using docker. All 10 usb ports on the machine are used, 5 printers, 5 webcams. I don’t really notice much issues but 4 of the printers are identical, same firmware, same upgrades and often i find one or 2 of the printers will finish first by upwards of 30 mins running the exact same gcode and my only thought process is that somehow the usb overhead is slowing down the gcode processing to some of the printers? are there any boards that have usb 3 on them? is there any particular board upgrade that will limit this overhead? will a 32bit board solve this? thanks for any info mate.

  • Yeah fair but pc players have there whole fucking arm to move a piece of plastic to aim and controller players have a joystick to control with there thumbs,

  • I upgraded one printer with everything and then got another Ender 3 pro that’s stock runs great for simple things but things that have weird infill or lots of geometry it jerks around very rigid motions.. The 32 bit board runs smooth no sounds and no rigid jerky movements.. they just move better they flow the 8bit is just like a video game.. very blocky very obvious and yes it’s just a bit slower. and yes they had the same settings of jerk in marlin but yes the 8bit not that bad but not great. The SKR boards have issues also but nothing horrible. Just quirky.

  • Electricity can have different voltages, and light passing through a fiber optic cable can range in brightness, so the reasoning behind binary given in your video is not really good. Rather, binary and other digital (multivalue) signals are used to reduce noise interference. If you can only have two values, and something is changing the voltage you’re getting slightly, you can still “snap” it to a 1 or a 0.

  • Oh boy Cosplayers and Well other Artist. I know too many that just went off the deep end. Of course their little came crashing down but still. How much they loved their ‘style’ of art but would only accept criticism from very certain people. A cosplay Cafe that got some mild notoriety the head guy just couldn’t keep reasonable standards. oh my Neighbor was a cosplayer, light-saber duelist, air soft enthusiast, ‘concert guy’. He was decent until he had to try. He reached his natural limit, jumped ship to a new hobby not wanting to put any effort in build his skills.

  • SWR doesn’t give you the edge in boxfights against good controller players
    They can literally spray you so easily if they know how to optimize their settings it’s so robotic and broken

  • I used to do them when I was younger but with time realize that it is better to do what ever immediately, after excitement passes I never do them…

  • this has nothing to do with the architecture, but with the speed the microcontroller runs at.
    arduinos 8 bit avr processors run at 20Mhz max, 32 bit arm chips can go much higher.
    you can get much faster avr processors in the new models

  • Ok I’m pulling my hair out. Just put in my Skr mini e3. Had Marlin 2.0.5? what ever the latest. At first I thought this was great. after much trial a tribulation I’ve determined that tight concentric circles cause the printer to shutter. This seemed to be because it was butting up against the buffer. I thought ok, lets try klipper. same issues. the odd thing is that the stock board handled the exact same gcode beautifully. I about to put the stock board back and return this thing

  • @ 3:18 you reference the max decimal value that can be represented in a 32 bit binary number as 2,147,483,648. That is for a signed number or two’s complement. That effectively makes it a 31 bit number. A 32 bit binary number is 4,294,967,295 in decimal format.

  • I’m commenting only for thank you for such a good job doing videos, not only this one but every other videos. Nice work! Really helpful for newbies like me. I appreciate it a lot.

  • i wanna switch to controller on pc but whenever im in creative fills or whenever im in a pub match and i get absolutely destroyed without even dealing a shot, it just makes me unplug my controller. straight away and go back to kbm and that cycle just keeps continuning. from me on kbm to controller and back to kbm

  • Hey i have an Ender 3 Pro with the old Board. Will it improve Print Speed and Quality if i upgrade to this Boards or is it only Noise REduction and more Functions like Auto Bed Level and other stuff? Thx 4 Answer and nice Videos man

  • when using octoprint does the processing still happen on the mainboard or the pi? if its all done on the pi would 32bit vs 8bit mainboard be irrelevant? you make awesome vids that help a lot.. thank you..

  • 3:44 to answer your question, Jaiden w/o making inappropriate references like google did. (btw this is an actual whip, physically, not mentally whipping ur self) unless you know that it’s gonna hurt like hell. no, you can’t. i tried with a belt (don’t ask why i was being stupid) and ig my body wouldn’t let me whip myself hard enough to hurt. until, i forced it to, regretted it and never did it again.

  • I hate it that some people pretend, that your printer necessarily “needs” certain things.
    It doesn’t.
    Everything has it’s ad-and disvantages. But some people behave like some printers are absolute trash, e. G. Because they are 8bit, have a in y moving bed, have a bowden tube…
    You could probably run a 3D printer on your 1000€ gaming PC. But why would you? It doesnt need that much power.
    I hate it, how much poor shaming is done in some Facebook groups.

  • Most Asians and people (but Asian people mostly) get called names and stuff for being smart and studying hard. There are memes and stuff too… but reality is that they are forced by their parents and have a lot of stress and pressure. ‘Funny’ thing is this includes most Chinese kids(people) and yet they even have to fear racism because of the pandemic. This is *society*

  • I want to dress up daily too…even though I have a great pj collection… but I hate sitting or working on a laptop in jeans…so I recommanded a shopping trip to myself to go and buy more comfy trousers I am not afraid to wear outside too. Speaking of flexability!:D

  • Great video, very informative, thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me if it would be possible/easy to fit a 32 bit board in say an Anycubic i3 Mega S which incidentally is a very recent purchase of mine. My main concern is departing from the manufacturers stock firmware, driving the touch screen LCD and the GUI, menus etc.. Thank you.

  • Like, but…. this video is very empty,because it is absolutely nessesary to show real difference in qulity of real complicated models, printed on 8 and 32 bits with photos or video.

  • So why did we skip 16bit? I remember when video game consoles were evolving, we went from 8bit, to 16bit, then 32bit…. But why the jump directly to 32bit here? I left this comment prior to you mentioning video game consoles, lol.

  • If it works with 8 bit what’s the problem? Why no 16 bit? The jump to 32 seems a bit of over kill.

    When you explained negative binary numbers you ignored twos complement which allows a byte to be 127 to -128, not 127 to -127.

    The splicer calculates the paths and complex mathematics are solved before it reaches the printer. The 3d printer simply follows a set of G-Code instructions. Move here extrude material, move there… There is processing involved but nowhere near the complexity of cutting up an object and encoding the G-Code file. It’s more monitoring temperature and checking limit switches whilst following the simple instructions in the G-Code.

  • It’s easy to verify software for an 8bit AVR, even a complicated one like ATMEGA2560.
    On 32bit Arms no one really knows what’s going on, There’s too many registers and thousands of lines of init code needed.
    Both have their purposes.
    A 3D printer that just reads g-code and prints is easier to verify and edit on an 8bit, and the performance is more than enough
    A 32bit may be useful if you need to map the model in 3d space in memory to avoid bumping into it, rendering images, or slicing on the fly.
    That’s not what 3D printers do yet, they are just dumb xyz controllers being fed instructions by a bigger machine.

  • Sounds like the old bit war argument of the 80’s and 90’s where more bits=better. Same goes for mobile phones, everybody has to run out and get the fastest phone with all the latest gimmicks where in reality the real world every day use performance is negligible.
    Same thing for 3D Printers for home use, 8 bit is more than enough.

  • if something work no need upgrade. there will be 1.4 and 1.5 no rush. next time you buy printer it has 32bit anyway.
    you upgrade 1 machine more than buying 1 good expensive 1 time lol

  • other option is flash klipper onto the 8 bit board and offload all the maths onto the pi wich then just sends step pulse timing/dir to the controller

  • Sorry for the language, i’m french
    He is talking about parent’s education, and not school education. School is to learn information abojt different subjects, things you can’t learn with your parents. School learn you how to learn, it works your memory.
    If your parents don’t learn you the different skills’ life (cooking, taxes…) school can’t learn you that. Moreover, if you think school is for nothing, so stop school ad go work, you will see that school opens doors just with a “paper”(i mean exams).

  • Have you made any video about microstepping and what you can gain/cons? Now with access to Skr 1.3 32bit and 2209’s maybe that’s a path to take? What would going all 1/32 stepping do for example?

  • I still can not find out that clearly, if I have a cartesian 3D printer and MKS Gen L board already:
    1. upgraded with TMC2130 drivers
    2. wired and configured (software) SPI,
    3. Silent Step Stick Protectors

    4. sensorless home
    5. spreadcycle
    6. the drivers feeded 24V 8A buck converter
    Is the 32bit board still could be improve anything, or just looks better without visible SPI wires?
    I saw a video where the guy compare the benchy 8bit vs.32bit, but I guess there is not just the board was changed byself. If the drivers (A4988 -> TMC2XXX) also changed that means the board comparison irrelevant.

  • I would love to see a comparison between a 8bit system with klipper and a RPI and a 32bit board. To see how the 8bit board compares when the calculations are done on the rpi.

    And as always a good and clear video. Keep it up

  • Awesome video. Would you recommend a 32-bit board, such as the SKR 1.3 as an upgrade for an Ender 3 (Pro)? Purely looking at it from a perspective with whether it will improve print quality or not?

  • [Being pedantic for fun, not to be a pest]

    There are actually analog computers that aren’t base-2, but I don’t know if they’re still used anymore.

    In addition, many SSDs are actually base-4 or even base-8, meaning each memory cell stores two or three bits at a time. Explaining Computers has a very good video about this discussing the new Samsung QVO 3-bit SSDs.

    Love your work, keep it coming. ��

    I know I’m commenting on an old video, it’s just how I roll. 😉

  • Most of those 32 & 64 bit game consoles were actually just 16bit as far as the actual instruction set they could register. The manufacturers used the size of the memory bus to the RAM to justify the higher ‘bit’ since thats all the public knew as a number being ‘better’. But I get your point.

  • the funny thing is, we should already have cheap multicore 64bit processors. The Raspberry Pi 3 has a 64bit quad-core CPU with 1,2GHz. This would be obviously overkill, but should show how cheap small boards with such CPUs can already be. Btw you could have made the difference between 8bit and 32bit even more impressive: Windows XP and early Windows 7 PCs were still using 32bit. And there are still cheap tablets made with 32bit

  • Marlin was written as 8-bit firmware. It will not work faster on 32-bit platform, only responce rate is faster. Where is no difference between 8 and 32 bit in printing speed.

  • I only learned two things in school
    1. How to face and rise up against fucking hard challenges.
    2. How being at the top matters.
    Unfortunately book’s knowledge never reached me. Schools are for robots not humans tbh, they order and talk not teach. However now I’m quite educated thanks to Youtube ��

  • Ok quick question which would be better i have ender 3 pro and want to be able to print PETG and Nylon. So should i get the SKR or The duet. And i also want to throw a touch screen into the mix. Not sure if SKR can handle the add-ons for the high temp settings and LCD. Also all the duet 2’s on Amazon say cloned is this ok or should i get right from the duet’s website?

  • Do you need it? No.

    Why is easy. Everyone tells you BUT the Speeeeds. And in real they only drives 50mm/s maybe 60 or even 80.
    But even in a Delta 80mm/s wouldnt be a large Problem for a 8Bit Board.

    Is it good to have more Power then needed? Yeah.

  • The Marlin page shows that the HAL for the $38 Adafruit Grand Central M4 (ATSAMD51) is in development.. bus that doesn’t have any SD card (for the g-code), nor as many I/Os as the MKS-Gen-L-1.0.. how will that work for 3d printing? Shield?

  • Sorry, but your explanation ist not getting the most important thing: with 32 bit everything can be calculated using floating point values instead fix point. This means you don’t have to choose if a value should be contain big values or have high precision (meaning having many digits behind the dot). Calculations are much more accurate!

  • It is pretty simple, the Duet can’t be beat in price/performance right now. It has the best stepper drivers available, everything config is GCode, it has a pretty damn fast CPU, built-in webinterface. It not even more expensive than an arduino with a motor shield plus good stepsticks and a raspberry plus sdcard for the webinterface. There is simply no excuse not to have a Duet if you want a webinterface (which is something you never want to be without once you’ve been spoiled by it).

  • Hey Rowena, your videos and attitude rock!
    I wanna say, though, as much as I’m a self-improvement warrior, I know that i usually expect too much and have too high expectations of myself. So right now I’d like to throw all my plans, “should-do’s” overboard and just potato all the way through August. Not to say that I wont be productive, I just dont wanna crowd my planner with all these things that would be good for me, but after this semester it just became overwhelming. I wanted too much at once. And I know that this way of doing things in the short term won’t exactly bring me closer to my goals, but it also does exactly that, giving myself a break from expectations. I know that in the future when I’m ready again for new planning, I will take all your wonderful advice!:)) Go on!:)

  • Jaiden: this is your brain on negativity. proceeds to smash egg with frying pan any questions?

    No one:
    Not a single person:

    Me: yea I have a few questions. Are you saying that negativity is a health nutritious breakfast that helps my brain grow? Shit, I should do some negativity.

    That was a joke. Obviously.

  • At 4:58 {80, 80, 400, 93 } Love the integer values for the steps/mm. The people who loaded values like 80.0178, or 400.17 and so on were not doing anybody any favors. I wanted my Z axis to stop on whole steps only to improve the accuracy and finally realized my firmware had some BS numbers there. Nice to see others are doing the same. Seriously with a number like 400.17 you are saying with a 400 mm motion the axis drive is off by 0.17 mm. Really. That’s half the width of a typical.4 mm nozzle.

  • I have a Ender-3 with klipper running with an old netbook, there is no need for a raspberry pi. the process isn’t that hard, just download raspian x86 and follow the steps, in order to flash the ender board you will need first flash the boot loader. to flash the bootloader you will need a arduino/raspberry or a USB programmer the process is really straightforward and don’t take to much time.

  • This system is even more worse for Indian school system. You don’t go to school for knowledge, you go their because of good grades, because good grades is equal to better job opportunities but we must remember that getting the job may depend on our grades but getting to keep it depends on our knowledge.

  • As a teacher, I felt everything you said. I have a curriculum to follow and I need to teach and gradr to fit the system so my students can continue their studies and go to the next grade… But at the same time, I see all that’s missing and how hard it is to balance everything. Because I am also assessed on how my students know the curriculum, not on how happy they are, how they were able to build a project all by themselves, how they were able to argue but still respect each other opinions… I feel the best as a teacher when my kiddos show their own self, but at the end of the year, it’s not what matters… the paper that shows “is invested in class and can use their imagination to find clever and original answers to problems” matters less than a C in maths.

  • 3:02 Surprised no one’s pointed this out. N digits of binary can represent up to 2^N values, and thus 8 bits can represent up to 256 values (0-255 unsigned). Early computers represented negative integers as described here, called signed magnitude representationone bit is reserved for positive/negative, and the rest is used for the number’s value. However, modern computers represent negative integers differently, and 8 bits can represent 256 values (-128 to 127). This happened partly because of the cost of transistors in the early days of computing, and partly because it was kinda silly to have both a positive 0 and a negative 0. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signed_number_representations#Two's_complement

    Signed magnitude representation didn’t catch on for integers, but it lives on in modern floating point (IEEE 754). Floating point does have a positive 0 and a negative 0, and they’re used in cases where, say, a mathematical function has a discontinuity at 0. 1 divided by x, for exampleapproaching zero from the positive side of the X axis, it shoots up to positive infinity, whereas approaching it from the other side, it falls off to negative infinity.

  • I support your views but school taught me live alone… Fight… Learn socializing as my school is a whole country based I have met people around my country just by one school…my school has taught me to be the tiger who thrives alone I figure and deal with my problems alone I don’t drag my family…. I take care of bullies and enemies by strategist thinking and freinds whom I can brother in arms… See some schools train you other than pet you…

  • I am in 9th grade and i seriously don’t feel any less pressure in quarintine too
    Few things school has given me:
    1. Low self-esteem
    2. Fake friends
    3. stress
    4. trauma
    5. anxiety
    6. PTSD attack’s
    7. how to always keep a low-profile in class doesn’t matters if it is in physically inn school or Quarintine
    8. Insecurities
    9. How to imagine of digging an hole and wanna die
    10. Humiliation

  • none of this stuff makes any sense to me but its so cool. i dont understand those circuit board things at all but they are so cool to me. someday in the future it might be interesting to get into that stuff for musical purposes in some way, as im going into music production but love music tech lol. so neat

  • This vid hit me HARD
    But bc of school i feel ded inside and i can now hold my pee for around 8 hours

    The only classes i think are necessary are math, history, and language arts bc u need math for ur bills and history so u can reflect off the mistakes of ur country’s past and LA so u can write papers for ur job

  • imagination, as einstein said, is more important than knowledge. knowledge refers to facts, conditions or principles already known and thus rooted in the past. through knowledge alone there can be repetition only, no creativity. the creative powers of human beings, and all beings, are rooted in imagination. before someone could create the laser beam, the sonnet or the souffle, it had to be imagined.

    imagination is the means by which one turns toward the time stream from the future, opening the self beyond what has been, into the realm of what can be.

  • But papa jerian I hav a Hispanic family and they think getting a pc for me is pointless and in my opinion I feel like I’m kinda cracked I hav 6000+ arena points this season and I’m on a ps4

  • he has a point, my school is a bit different and they try to introduce what he’s taliking about, but there is still so much wrong going on in schools.

  • People are saying the school system is bad, and I hate it. The only thing I agree with is the taxes thing. But, seriously, don’t blame the school for the kids there. And imagine if we didn’t have school. Oh, you might say, “we can just learn stuff by youtube and the internet”. But you wouldn’t have your phone/computer/ipad ect. without school. Why? your parents wouldn’t be able to afford it because they’d be dummys with no knowledge. And, if you don’t like school, just be homeschooled. Oh, what’s that? You’ll miss your friends? I thought you had a bunch of bullies and no friends – I’m sure I sound like the kid of a Karen or some kind of nerd who likes school. I _don’t like school. I’m just trying to be reasonable.

    drops mic

  • Thanks for the video, great job! could you do a video of marlin setup for Delta style printer such as Monoprice mini delta. My MPMD controller died lost the hot end temperature control. and the controller board is currently out of stock. I know these videos are a lot of work but they are of great worth for those of us who don’t have the expertise with firmware builds. There are a lot of problems & fixes that this would help solve on the MPMD as well! thanks in advance!!!!

  • Now that I’m done with school, YouTube has gently recommended me this video so I can be more depressed.

    But tbh I hated school even if I was getting high scores.

  • I love this! The night before I watched this me and my dad was talking about school and he got so angry bc he said the most important this you need to learn about is mental health and that’s the only thing they don’t teach you instead they teach you things your never going to use in life except for tests! What is school for?

  • As a software developer I always thought those hardware classes I took in school were dumb and annoying. little did I know it would allow me to watch this video and be absolutely fascinated by everything working together. I hope teachers are showing their students your videos because you explain so well and pace it fast enough to stay interesting but slow enough to be understandable. I think I may have found my new favorite YouTube channel

  • The only reason I actually like school is because I get to see my friends almost every day.

    Sadly can’t talk to them much in school

  • Eversince I was a kid people complimented me as smart and a fast learner. Out of all of my siblings, I was the smart cookie. That became my identity. It actually feels great when I was younger. I would do everything in my power to bring home medals and ribbons to my family to bathe in their praises and compliments. Their happiness means so much to me that it made me strive for nothing but perfection. I’m not pretty nor talented but my sisters are so whatever this is that I have is the only thing that I possess. I remember crying so much about stupid things like getting one or two items wrong on a test, losing a writing contest, not being able to answer a trivial question etc. I was bullied by my obsession to be as perfect as possible by others but mostly… By myself. Nothing ever satisfied me anymore. I graduated as the Valedictorian, had so many awards and stuffs but I was still unhappy. So damn miserable that I even hate looking back to my achievements. I would cry silently at night because I feel so cornered, so alone, so damn lonely with the life I created. I don’t understand why I continue to try to please people and live up to their expectations. After graduating I somehow deflated and began to slack. I failed an important scholarship. Whether it was intentional or not I don’t know. It was very unexpected. Everyone thought that I would qualify, everyone expected it. I was so ashamed, so heartbroken and just so tired. I cried every single night and I shut off everyone who tried to contact me. I have suicidal thoughts eversince but not before that summer that I actually tried to act upon it. I would have ended my life a long time ago if not for my loving parents. I know that they would blame themselves if I did succeed. But I was so miserable that time that I tried to hang myself in the bathroom. I was crying so hard because I was so scared to take the final leap. My sister knocked on the door telling me she needs to use the loo and asked me why I was taking so long. I knew then that that attempt won’t be successful because they would find me soon. I have never talked to anyone about it and still not planning to. I changed a lil bit and my life’s a mess. College isn’t even better and just made me feel shittier. But the good thing is, I am numb. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t know if it’s healthy to continue like this. I am unhappy, been for a while now and frankly, Idk if I’ll ever recover.

  • Oh yeah, so um. Here in the Philippines people whip thereselves on the back and it’s like a parade. I loved to watch it before but I got traumatized…since blood got on my eye:(
    I think it’s like a way people show how Jesus died, and a way to replenish there sins
    Some people on the parade hold a giant cross as i can remember.

  • For me it’s quite late, this year is my last year at high school, but this needs to change. I have a little brother, and I don’t want him to get through all the stress, anxiety, and tears school has given me all these years of my life

  • one day my science teacher asked us if we knew why skintones were different and I answered about the differences in melatonin and that is why skintones are different and she said I was wrong but then repeated the same thing I had said 5 minutes later…
    I don’t raise my hand since first grade, and that was just kind of a test but since that happened I simply lost the remaining confidence I had to raise my hand.

  • Move To The google search And Type: FreeCodesXXX It has been the only working xbox live gold deals working these days. Please do not waste your available free time in other methods

  • I came across your channel when searching for self care videos. I’ve only watched a few so far but I feel like this is what I’ve really been needing, so thank you for doing what you do.

  • Few say it and mean it, usually it is an intagible thing that sounds good to say.The best way to accomplish new year resolution is to have already prepared for it the year before.
    The new year resolution must be in natural allignment with the previous year, a new piece in the puzzle.
    My biggest goal for the new year is already in the making and involves me getting in line with my subconcious mind and higher self.
    For the whole 2017 I have been consistent with doing positive affirmations every day,listening hypnotic recordings and now as the tables begin to turn I am ready to go deeper for some serious transformation.

  • Resolutions looking to “resolve” something.  Plus, without implementing the right habits, those “resolutions” will never work.  You have to install the habits first to get what you want.

  • Really inspiring video! I stumbled upon your channel yesterday and am currently binge watching your videos because I find myself so much in them!
    Oh and amazing The Grand Budapest hotel book
    2nd thing: beach waves fit you so well!

  • The problem with new year’s resolutions are if you don’t stick to the new habits you’re forming, you give up until another new year comes. Which sucks.
    I used to do that with Mondays. I plan on Sundays for the next week’s new productive schedule. And when I don’t follow through, I wait till next monday to start over. I wasted many weeksby weeks I mean almost a year.
    So I say start over today. Don’t wait until it’s the 1st! Or until next Monday, next morning, or few minutes later. Just start NOW.

  • Thanks for making that checklist, its been a great help with organizing and specifying my goals for the next year.

    Thank you all for everything you guys do! I have no doubt your studio is well on its way to rivaling the likes of Disney!!!

  • What about the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus? It’s a great Printer with only an 8-Bit Trigorilla Motherboard and I am printing flawlessly with 100mm/s. So you don’t “need” an 32bit CPU for a Delta.

  • Tai Lopez’s point stuck out to me. I actually started applying what he said when the original behind the scenes video came out. Ive made my January goals that i’m laser focusing on. Also, ive gone a step further and shift my primary focus to 1 week goals, that add up to the 1 month goal. (currently 5 days in and i’ve been getting tons of important work done, and its not even january yet). Thank you Tai, Tom and the Impact Theory team.

  • Resolution comes from the root word ‘Resolve’, which means to decide FIRMLY on a course of action. If anyone out there does have resolutions, just make sure that you have truly decided firmly! Happy 2018 to all of you I wish you all the best!