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8 Common Reptile Myths DEBUNKED!

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Myth 1: Pilates is only for women The truth is, Pilates was originally created with men in mind and was only adapted later for women! Founder Joseph Pilates was a bodybuilder, boxer, gymnast, and dancer. He wanted to create a system to help improve strength, structural alignment, and athletic performance while reducing the risk of injuries.

The Biggest Myths of Prenatal Pilates, Debunked: My Thoughts. January 23, 2020. Pilates. The Science of Pilates: My Thoughts. December 19, 2019.

Pilates. Everything You Need to Know About Pilates Before Your First Class: My Thoughts. September 27, 2019. Connect On Social.

Try FFC For Free! Start Trial. Here a few of the myths and misconceptions about Pilates debunked to give you a better understanding.

Pilates is like yoga. While both encourages a mind-body connection during the workout, each have different approach and principals such as different breathing styles and different exercises movements. Besides that, Yoga requires moving from one.

Here a few of the myths and misconceptions about Pilates debunked to give you a better understanding. Pilates is like yoga. While both encourages a mind-body connection during the workout, each have different approach and principals such as different breathing styles and different exercises movements. Besides that, Yoga requires moving from one.

Top 5 Myths About Pilates Debunked Sam Harris-Hughes. 5 Reasons Why Pilates is the Perfect Core Training Sam Harris-Hughes. Morning Pilates to Get You Pumped Up for the Day (VIDEO) Sam Harris-Hughes. 6 Fundamental Pilates Exercises Sam Harris-Hughes. 10-Minute Bikini Booty Pilates Workout.

Top 5 Myths About Pilates Debunked. Even after two decades, Pilates still has common misconceptions regarding its practice. Here are the top 5 myths about Pilates debunked. Sam Harris-Hughes. Tech Neck Rescue: Pilates Exercises at Your Desk. Myth 8: The DOJ is sending federal agents to cities to bolster Trump’s re-election bid.

But no, instead, at Tuesday’s hearing, Chair Jerrold Nadler took the peaceful-Portland-protestors myth. 8 myths about COVID-19 debunked. Duration: 02:36 3/20/2020.

The World Health Organization has been battling misinformation about the novel coronavirus. Here are eight myths. Top 5 Myths About Pilates Debunked Sam Harris-Hughes. 5 Reasons Why Pilates is the Perfect Core Training Sam Harris-Hughes. Morning Pilates to Get You Pumped Up for the Day (VIDEO) Sam Harris-Hughes.

10-Minute Bikini Booty Pilates Workout Sam Harris-Hughes. Tech Neck Rescue: Pilates Exercises at Your Desk. Top 5 Myths About Pilates Debunked. Even after two decades, Pilates still has common misconceptions regarding its practice. Here are the top 5 myths about Pilates debunked.

Sam Harris-Hughes. 6 Pilates Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain. Suffering from lower back pain and stiffness? Pilates can help!

List of related literature:

My favorite fact about Pilates is that it is for EVERY body.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Like other cultural products, pilates can be expected to change and evolve over time; hybrids such as “yogalates” and variations that cater to cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, and pregnancy have already appeared.

“Who Owns Culture?: Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law” by Susan Scafidi
from Who Owns Culture?: Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law
by Susan Scafidi
Rutgers University Press, 2005

This systematic review of 17 articles (published between 1983 and 2000) investigated the effect of NMES on healthy quadriceps muscle; 14 of these articles compared NMES to no exercise and 10 compared it to volitional exercise.

“Electrotherapy E-Book: evidence-based practice” by Tim Watson
from Electrotherapy E-Book: evidence-based practice
by Tim Watson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

We have our answers: We believe doing 100 crunches a day is not Pilates.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
from Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way
by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
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In a meta-analysis that included five trials in postmenopausal women, WBV was found to significantly improve hip, albeit a small effect size, but not spine BMD [233].

“Osteoporosis” by Robert Marcus, David W. Dempster, Jane A. Cauley, David Feldman
from Osteoporosis
by Robert Marcus, David W. Dempster, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2013

The original hypothesis that PNF stretching would decrease muscle activity/tone has been disproved in several studies, and the effect is more likely an increase in stretch tolerance (because there is also an effect on the contralateral limb).

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
from Netter’s Sports Medicine E-Book
by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Many recreational athletes (and elite competitors) claim that Pilates has helped them lose weight and tone their muscles, without having to lift weights or do an excessive amount of cardiovascular exercise.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
by Steven Ungerleider
Rodale Books, 2005

Subsequent research carried out in the 1990s showed that not only did muscle-strengthening exercises not increase spasticity but also they appeared to have a beneficial effect.

“Bobath Concept: Theory and Clinical Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation” by Sue Raine, Linzi Meadows, Mary Lynch-Ellerington
from Bobath Concept: Theory and Clinical Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation
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Some Pilates programs have been modified in ways that are inconsistent with Pilates’ original principles.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
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A 2009 Spanish review of the research suggested that while highimpact exercise can enhance bone mass, this is not true in postmenopausal women, precisely the group most prone to osteoporosis and fractures.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

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  • I actually have a story to help prove that turtles won’t die if placed on their backs for long periods of time. When my Great-Grand-Father (who was kind of naughty as a youngster) was a boy in the early 1900s, he was walking to school and found a tortoise. He picked it up and placed it on its back on a fence post(for reasons unknown to me), then left it to go to school. When coming home from school later that day, he was surprised to see that the tortoise was still on the fence post slowly trying to walk in the air. So he picked it up and let it go on its way. That poor little tortoise was a real trooper.

  • The legend says if u say a youtubers name three times u get pinned snake discovery snake discovery snake discovery. Love your channel

  • Pupil shape may also be related to the height of the animal species, as well as the function. Prey animals such as goats have horizontal pupils that help them see better across the horizon, while the slit pupils of mainly nocturnal hunters such as cats and foxes provide better depth perception, particularily in tall grass. That could possibly explain why nocturnal hunters like wolves and tigers have round pupils, as they’re taller and don’t hunt close to the ground in grass. That theory compensates for the fact that not all nocturnal animals have slit pupils (study from 2015).

  • I know in South Africa, there’s a venomous snake that kind of “stabs” you (more like taps you) with its tail so if you pick it up, you feel an almost sharp pressure and you get scared so you drop it and it slithers away. Maybe that’s where the myth of venom in the tail comes from?

  • One that always annoys me is when people say that if a wine has ‘legs’ (ie clings to the side of the glass), it is a sign of quality, when it’s actually a sign of the viscosity. My mum does this and drives me mad!

  • I’m still angry at all the adults telling me “No, snakes don’t have bones” even tho I SAW one dead on the road and he clearly had bones. But nope, I guess I hallucinated and snake don’t have bones. Yes I’m still salty about this.

  • I dont get how people would think frogs and snakes are the same when it comes to the surface of their skin. Frogs are amphibians and snakes are reptiles

  • I think the slimy myth comes from the shiny look of snakes. The shine of their scales can make them look wet. Land animals that are constantly wet are probably so because they’re slimy, like snails, slugs, earthworms… and come to think of it, those three share the limbless look with snakes, so I can see how the associations happened.

  • Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE AND HANG IT UP IN IT’S HOOK!
    Jk, pick it back up again so you can order a mobile phone to buy a snake:3

  • You never really think about how seriously dangerous the mentality that “only venomous snakes have slitted pupils” is until you take into consideration that snakes like king cobras and black mambas have round pupils and are among some of the most venomous snakes out there. Meanwhile my friend has been bitten by his younger reticulated python a few occasions and is still alive. I can’t imagine there are many people who would go out and approach wild snakes regardless of whether or not they’re venomous, but it some people do and that’s how they end up being hospitalized.

  • I got bitten by a water snake and I walked with it biting my hand my mom flipped out I knew it was a non venomous snake it was funny

  • I’ve heard that the “snakes are slimy” myth came from how soft and smooth their scales are, so some people mistook them for slimy. But, of course, they are reptiles, not amphibians. Hence the scales and everything…

  • 0:51 “Those teeth help guide the prey item down the throat of the snake.” So, in other words, they use their teeth as a tongue and their tongue as a nose? Wow, animals sure are weird…

    Also, speaking of snake teeth, I’ve seen a photo of a ball python yawning (aww), and I didn’t see any teeth. Why is that? Are their teeth retractable or something, or are they just really small, or what? I’ve been curious about this ever since seeing that photo, partially because I remember as a kid, I made fun of the animators of The Jungle Book because despite being a ginormous snake that I thought should have fangs, Kaa was drawn completely toothless. So, when I saw that python photo, I was like, “Huh, what do you know? They were right after all.”

  • I think the myth that snakes sting with their tail might have came from worm snakes because since they are so small, the can’t rly bite you so they press the tip of their tail against you.

  • I’ve Seen a snake skeleton before…. It was behind a garage. It was still partially rotting away.
    No idea what killed it because there was barely anything left on it.

  • There was one time my dad found a garter snake. He picked it up. Now that i look back on it that might have been bad for the snake…. I was also scared of snakes back then.:/

  • Most of these myths are ridiculous! Why in the world would a person let their giant snake sleep in their bed with them?! Smh if anyone believed these myths they’re either tiny toddlers or have seriously low IQs

  • As a french guy. I just want to ask. WTF are those myths?
    I mean. If it was like: “Protective gear is nuissance.” or “The smaller the skate, the easier it is to flip”. I would understand. But seriously! Who’s idea is it that skate is a pay to win sport???

  • My dad actually told me about the thing where they measure themselves up to their prey. He’s scared of snakes so that might have been just him trying to scare me out of wanting a snake because I was nine and obsessed with them but that’s been in the back of my mind ever since. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • I would really really really like to know, if snakes have anything left on their body, where you can see that their ancestors had limbs. Like a blimp in their spine or something.

  • that is a very beautiful boa…is he a common or a red tailed Boa? (could no tell because his tip was out of frame).
    its hard to believe poeple are still so terrified of reptiles.

  • Cool Levinsky joke bro…
    I can hardly believe it’s older than both of us and both sexist and slut-shaming at the same time.
    It’s like the Kinder Surprise of hack jokes.

    I don’t think I will ever stop laughing at a 22 yo intern who was sexually harassed by a 9000 yo president, and then thrown under the bus, so his career could go on.
    And then being harassed by the entire world, to such an extend, she had to leave the country she grew up in and live overseas in secret for 20+ years until she was finally listened to.

    But lololol you’re such a clever guy.

  • In my opinion, every brand can be used for everyday attire, but I don’t think you should wear anything Thrasher, Peralta or Skull if you don’t skate. It’s kind of like wearing a University sweater to a school you didn’t attend lol

  • Me talking to my board after I get really mad and throw it: It’s not your fault I just can’t Ollie
    My Neighbours: aww that crazy kid is talking to his wood again

  • Hey, Skate Or Die is “Vans” stores a good place to get a skateboard? I have Vans board and I was just wondering by your approval if it is a reliable place to get a skateboard. I’m just wondering since you didn’t mention anything from “Vans”. (I leik the vids plz make more)

  • The Monica joke was the worst. You should know that her “bearded clam” was not getting wore out, if anything it was her tonsils. how old do you think your followers are to even understand that reference? Just watch the poor taste jokes. I do not feel I can recommend your content to my younger students now. I do a skateboard program with the local youth and think your channel for the most part entertaining and for the most part educational. Not always 100% right but you get the main points across.. good luck with your channel hopefully you have some success with it. Hopefully you can clean it up from hear on out. I am sure the following you have is not because of your jokes.

  • In the middle of #2 a ad showed up telling me how to become a millionaire but I didn’t care since skating is worth more then a million money’s

  • many people dont understand that anyway what u do on a board just be comfort
    tight trucks loose trucks
    light board heavy board
    smaller board bigger board
    test it out if it feels good stick with it

  • Dude, my first skateboard was a legit walmart ninja turtles board when I was eight. I had it for two years, plastic trucks and all. That just goes to show that it’s a balance of good gear and PRACTICE. Too many people think that good gear will turn you into the holy skate god Erin Kyro the second they step on the board.��

  • You know how to get a cheap board?

    �������� ������������ ������ ���� ��������. I got a 115 dollar board for 50 lmao

  • Im 6’4″ and wear a size 15 shoe. Do bigger feet help as far as board control and the use of toes?
    Thanks in advance if you address this. There is like 1 video on all of YouTube addressing this and I feel it is an important question. Hope to hear what you have to say soon. Thank You!
    Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Yo ive never heard people talk about these myths or stereotypes and ive been skating for about 15 years. This was difficult to get through.

  • brrrr I hate when people say that “ZuMiEz Is NoT a SkAtE ShOp” like yes it they just sell more clothing than most skate shops and for a lot of people like me when i was younger zumiez is there local skate shop. Like If Agree

  • The teeth venom myth is the dumbest myth I’ve ever heard lol. That’s like saying “only meat eating animals have teeth”. Of course snakes have teeth besides the one egg eating snake since it’s evolutionarily modified for eating eggs

  • I love how you used a eddie hall pic for a 50 year old guy pulling a truck when man was in his mid twenties when that happened ��.

  • haha love how all you crap youtubers always be mentioning, why am i not being paid by youtube, CAUSE YOUR NOT ON THE LEVEL your content, is at par with what people make for highschool calss projects. learn how to edit

  • I started skating at…………44 but had a lot of knowledge n it helped but i have to thank Aaron kyro
    for the beginner lessons ������������

  • I don’t Skate, but I took a class on setting up Mountain Bike shocks. The bushings in the trucks are springs. Tightening a spring does NOT increase the “spring rate” only getting stronger springs will do that.

  • i started skating again after 16y im now 33 and i can tell you age doesnt matter when skating just dont expect to be a sponsored pro with your own video game

  • Unless you weigh 40 lbs, I advise against filling a 2-liter with water to make a balance board. You could fill it with “tire foam”, but the water would burst out after the first few jumps.

  • Just pointing out here that it actually does make a difference if you have a lighter board. I used to have a heavy board I could barely get tail off the ground but I got a much lighter board and it made a huge difference

  • thought memory consolidation was because of increased synapses due to long term potentiation, not because we produce new neurons (we can’t shortly after birth).

  • Possible Question: Why is the human smile a universal gesture of good will? When all other mammalian species bare their teeth, it is universally interpreted as hostile intent.

  • sooo my science teacher said that metals are just positively charged atoms so if we remove electrons from a random atom will it become a metal

  • Y’all should have gone into why, if there is indeed gravity up there, astronauts are nevertheless able to float free. Being in orbit means that the astronauts are actually falling to the earth, which is why they seem to float inside the shuttle. However, because the shuttle (and our astronauts, inside of it) is ALSO moving forward at a terrific rate (about 17,500 miles an hour), the earth curves away from it at the same rate as it is travelling forward resulting in a perpetual balance between gravity pulling the vessel towards the earth and the earth curving away from the vessel. That is being ‘in orbit’.

  • Evolution became a laughable myth in the 20th century, during which it was disproved by millions of discoveries. One such discovery is that polymerase is a product of it’s own translation, which proves Special Creation. Another is the discovery that the cell’s structural design is not generated by genetic information, but is instead passed on by reproduction form the reproductive cells of the parents (Cortical Inheritance) which traces back to the original created organism. Evolutionism is a philosophy which is contradicted by science. Over 100 yrs ago, Evolution Theory was plausible for naturalists because of their rejection of God. Biological science was rudimentary and archaic, and provided no information about the operations of the cell. Modern biology has very greatly changed what is known of genetics and biology. It has been discovered that life is based upon information which is digitally encoded and stored in a more compressed form than man’s best computer compression schemes.

    Evolutionism arose from a rejection of Christian values in the 18th century, leading to a rise in secular humanism which required a materialistic explanation for man’s existance free of God. This rise in humanism was fueled by a lack of adequate effort of Christians to defend the truth against new false ideas that were nothing more than replacements for one truth or another, as well as the outsourcing academic and scientific control to those who are non-believers. Rejection of truths for imaginary ideas has caused many to fall into believing that philosophical ideas from the secular world are scientific because secular men of science said it was so. Today the tables are turning, and there is increasing support in both the scientific community and the general public for Special Creation and Intelligent Design among scientists of all fields. The threat is so great to secular control over academia that secular scientists are resorting more than ever to harsh treatment of evolution doubters or disbelievers of evolutionism. The priests of evolutionism are now typically afraid to debate the subject of evolution and creation on college campuses because of the history of them being so clearly refuted in such debates, and so now they severely fear being refuted in front of their own students and the media.

    DNA is a material medium encoded with information which is organized to conform to linguistics, possesses algorithmic information processing operations, and the human language properties of phonetics, semantics, punctuation, syntax, grammar, and aprobatics. The information input and output processing of DNA includes the analytical operations of proofreading, information comparison, cut, insert, copy-and-past, backup, and restore, all of which operate by algorithmic operations. There is no potential for the material actions of chemistry to produce information, algorithms, and linguistics. They are non-physical fundamental entities that can only be produced by intelligence. This fact is proof that all life was designed by a mind of supreme intelligence. Because of this and many other biological discoveries, it has been overwhelmingly demonstrated that evolution is impossible and creation is a scientific fact.

    DNA is a 4-dimentional (3 dimentions + time) operating system which is far more complex than man’s computer software technology, posessing many thousands of information hierarchies and pathways in the cell. When the DNA molecule is supercoiled as chromatin, some of it’s information is available to the cell which is not available when the molecule is uncoiled, and when it is not supercoiled, some of it’s information is available to the cell which is not available when it is supercoiled. DNA is a dual-directional information package, providing different information depending upon which strand and direction the transcription machinery of the cell is traveling. Man does not know how to to write computer software that can be read both forward and backwards to provide separate information processes and functionality. It is beyond our ability. DNA’s individual information sequences are overlapping and nested sharing nucleotides between sequences, and information in different locations of the molecule are interdependent with each other, even when separated by hundreds or thousands of base pairs in distance from each other a feature which exemplifies why chemical processes cannot design DNA.

    DNA possesses codes built upon codes which regulate the use of each other, even when they are distant from each other in the molecule. Genetic algorithms and information possess forward-thinking properties, which nature is incapable of producing because molecules are not sentient. During an organism’s development, the genetic information instructs the cell on how to turn on and off, like chemical switches, many sequences of information of the DNA in a supremely complex and yet to be understood orchestral arrangement of various groupings and orders so as to build the structures of the organism over time. These patterns of genes being switched on and off is so complex that man will likely never be able to decipher it.

    If you want to believe in evolution because you refuse to acknowledge the existence of our creator, nobody can stop you. But doing so is to be a denialists of the discoveries of modern science because the truth is uncomfortable, and to continue to believe things which the outdated concept of Charles Darwin over 150 yrs ago could not have predicted. Believing in evolution today is as antiquated as it was to believe that flies arose from meat, or that frogs arose from mud a century prior to Darwin.

    Eugenie Scott, the popular militant defender of evolutionism has stated, “If your local campus Christian fellowship asks you to “defend evolution,” please decline. Public debates rarely change many minds; creationists stage them mainly in the hope of drawing large sympathetic audiences. Have you ever watched the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Federals? The Federals get off some good shots, but who remembers them? The purpose of the game is to see the Globetrotters beat the other team. And you probably will get beaten.”

    Atheists in fact hate the Scientific Method and refuse to employ it. Example: 100 years of random genetic mutation experimentation, over one million studies, has provided consistent results demonstrating that random mutations are destructive and negative to organisms, both biochemically and anatomically, and do not add anything useful to the physiology of any organism, not even incrementally. Conclusion? Mutation cannot be a mechanism for accruing change that results in macroevolution. But what does the atheist conclude despite such a massive body of evidence? They continue believing that random mutation IS a mechanism for accruing change that results in mind-bending complexity, microscopic interdependent machinery, and macroevolution, not because of science, but because their worldview requires it to be, since if evolution were true, random mutation would have to be the base mechanism for evolution because genetic information defines organisms. In this way, they refuse to come to the correct conclusion because of their paradigm, tossing out the Scientific Method and the conclusion it would require them to accept.

    Examples of how atheists refuse to comply with the Scientific Method are nearly countless, and found in all fields of science. I would say that based upon this fact, atheists are incapable of being objective, responsible scientists in any field which relates to the universe, organic life, or history. Atheists should be kept away from academia of any field like small children should be kept away from matches.

    Anthony Flew, once the word’s foremost atheist academic who’s former arguments are some of the posters upheld by atheists to this day, converted to a theist and creationist because of the biological evidence. See him discuss his conversion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNkxpTIbCIw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbKsIAib5YM

  • OK, so I just made a scientific (idea) K, so when we eat our stomach absorbs the food, and our muscles, bones, and skin are made of what we eat. so here is the weird part what if humans actually have stomachs all over them, I know I know it sounds crazy but just think of it our skin cells are made from the food we eat our stomach absorbs the food we eat so really we have stomachs all over our body. I can understand if you think I am crazy but if im right that will be awesome. thank you for reading and give me a thumbs up if you like it.
    sincerly Hayden Parsons (

  • Now I learned why I feel a little weak when I drink milk. It’s the milk that caused the problems, can’t be the fact that I drink a freakin’ carton everyday, no, can’t possibly be that.

  • Don,t you know that when you don,t crack your knucles its a little part that you can,t move its a little dosen,t go down little so crack your knucles

  • I’m with Blocko these myth bustings are making me question everything well I’ve always had a nack for questioning things mostly the reason I became athiest probably but hey believe what you want as long as you aren’t hurting others or yourself

  • Wanna know something funny? Of course you do. When I was little, one of my doctors beleived the gum myth… One day I was having some gum, the doctor needed to look for signs of strep because my little brother had it. She told me to spit out me gum and she gave me a tissue. I said “It’s ok! I’ll swallow it!”
    She responded with, ” No! If you swallow your gum, you’ll grow a gum tree going up your throat!” (Clearly a bit of an exageration to make sure I didn’t swallow) I liked gum, so I thought, hmmm a gum tree means infinite gum! And I swallowed the gum.

  • In india there is a viral myth that you can see sai baba’s (god) face on moon is these because i agrued with my mom on these topic that you cant?

  • i know something. it was surprising that lightning can hit you! i know it’s fast and all but… it’s that i think it usually hit random stuff

  • Hey, i am alex, i have been drinking wine for over 20 years, and I thing this is not right. There are reason we drink white, red and champagne wine in different glasses. Get some education and stop talking crap.

  • Very interesting but I have a question about the washing of the glasses. They seem quite tall and after a large party with a number of different wines there will be a lot of glasses which a normal dishwasher cannot easily handle. Does anyone know of a specialist dishwasher for such tall glasses? How do restaurants wash the glasses, for example?

  • No one understands what I mean about facing off a snake, when I tell them “don’t be afraid, she’s stupid cute”.
    I mean it. They’re kinda dumb and I love them for it.

  • If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous
    If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous
    If you bite it and it dies, you’re venomous
    If it bites you and it dies, you’re poisonous

  • I was holding my crested gecko Taco and I looked through his ears and saw right thru… then he walked off my hand �� shows how smart he is for sure ��

  • You can drink venom she says
    You will be fine she says
    DONT DRINK VENOM she says
    Me buuut I will have venomade it’s my favourite

  • “I don’t want the neighbors to think I’m crazy!”

    squats down in front of mysterious blue bucket “no I don’t have anymore food for you!”

    Not crazy but I would have some concern LOL

  • Here’s one that irks me every single time, as a newt/salamander lover. I hate it when people refer to newts and salamanders as lizards or reptiles. Ugh!

  • did you know, you can eat a poison dart frog that has only eaten mealworms because poison dart frogs get their poison from the poisonous insects they eat in the wild

  • If you get bit by a venomous snake dont try to use your epipen. Someone in my hometown did that after getting but by a rattlesnake and they dies. Normally rattlestake bites dont kill you. At least not in my area

  • The myth that if you hold a snake while it’s eating the snakes venom (if it’s venomous) will leak on your skin and it will burn that peace of skin…..
    Not many people know about that myth but trust me it’s been a myth

  • It’s actually kinda fascinating that snakes adapted and evolved to use poison to thier advantage. A toad meal and a defence mechanism, very useful!

  • All wines age with age! Don’t believe this bullshit bec the practice of aging wine is going to hurt the wine business. Idealy for wine business it should flow from the production to table because this is where the profit comes. The reality is all wines ages and becomes better as it ages PERIOD

  • the thing in my language we use the same word for both poisonous and venomous, witch is “venenoso” but if we really wanted to make it different we can say “Cobra toxica” “toxic snake” for poisonous

  • If a snakes head is cut off it will survive until sunset, if you kill a snake that it’s partner will come after you, and that snakes are out to get you.
    Please choose one of these 3.

  • Dear Jessica, could you please comment on the most dangerous exercises? For example, what do you think about sit ups? Are they doing more harm than good? Thank you.

  • Pilates is for old white ladies. I am young black, African Pilates instructor. This is the challenge I face, busting this myth all the time.

  • You mentioned people recovering from injury, just starting out, coming back to it after a baby, etc. This left me wondering if the 30-day boot camp will be appropriate for those recovering from diastasis recti?

  • Myth 9 Professional wine servers can taste the year the wine was made without reading the bottle and will know what the weather was like that year without guessing.

  • It would really help if you stated the myths instead of just flashing text on the screen since many people listen to Youtube in the background instead of actually watching, especially for videos like this.

  • This is the type of ad I want to see. It doesn’t feel like pressing someone to buy it, you add some quality info from an expert. I would like to know from the start that this is an ad but other than that it’s well made ad.

  • Yep. You come to Australia in summer and you won’t be wanting to have your wine ‘at room temperature!’ Not real summertime ‘room temperature,’ at any rate. There was quite a lot in this video that shows why Jancis is regarded as genuinely knowledgeable. Good video.

  • oh! for folks looking for the opposite end of a red that goes with fish, a white that can hold its own with more meaty robust flavours are oaked chardonnays. We had them the other week in class, really interesting whites.

  • Having lived in Blaye, Côtes de Bordeaux for the last 18 years I am happy to count many local wine makers as friends. Their passion for their wines is delightful and infectious. What a great place to live……………

  • Give me the wines and keep your glass-es! So far there have been enough glassware shapes! Do not try to sell me something I do not need!

  • The #1 biggest wine myth is that the best wines are made from grapes. About fifteen years ago one of the winemaking magazines surveyed over a hundred seasoned winemakers from around the world asking them their opinion as to which fruits are the best ones for winemaking, and when the results came in the magazine compiled the following list (this might not be exact but it’s close):
    1. Elderberry
    2. Blackberry
    3. Blueberry
    4. Cherry (i.e. sour red cherries not black cherries)
    5. Pear
    6. Apple
    7. Plum
    8. Grape
    9. Peach
    10. Fig
    11. Raspberry
    12. Muscadine
    13. Persimmon
    14. Tomato

    I think this list is humorous as it pokes fun at all the grape wine snobs, many of whom spend huge amounts of money on inferior choke-ass wine that can’t compare taste-wise to Elderberry, Blackberry, or Blueberry wines.:O)

  • I’m a little skeptical about tortoises being able to flip themselves over. I have 3 tortoises who love to fall over on their backs and we have a camera that watches them so we can see what they’re up to when we are gone. One of them ended up flipping over while we were out of town and we let it struggle to right itself for a good three hours. But it soon became lethargic and quit trying to flip back over so we had to call our neighbor to fix her. Maybe its because they’re young, but they often get stuck on their backs and dont flip over for long periods of time. Its been 4 years since we got them and I’ve only seen them right themselves once each. Maybe my babies are just unlucky little tortoises ��

  • Meanwhile at home, she mixes reds and whites together in a Dixie cup for her “Saturday chill-out sesh” because as it turned out, she really didn’t give a shit.

  • since garter snakes are technically venomous (though harmless), would the garter snakes that feast on the poisonous amphibians be both venomous and poisonous

  • Biodynamic wines only taste better because the people making them are so ridiculously anal about the whole process, therefore more care goes into the winemaking.

  • 15:43 “Doesn’t taste as bad as it smells….” Kinda sums up biodynamic.
    Biodynamic: “a mystical version of organic farming, based on the agricultural theories of the nineteenth-century philosopher Rudolf Steiner, which uses a planting calendar that aligns with the cycles of he cosmos…. One study found that wines with eco-certification earned slightly higher score from critics but listing those certification on the wine’s label led, on average, to a twenty-per-cent reduction in price.” (“One the Nose,” Rachel Monroe in The New Yorker, Nov 25, 2019. pg. 38)

  • I’ll de-bunk the chilling Beaujolais myth. Beaujolais flavours are too delicate to chill because they are simply lost in so doing. If people want an option to chill a red it needs to be full bodied in the height of a Mediterranean summer. Sitting outside a restaurant in Plaza Del Socorro, Ronda in August, the waiter will bring a Faustino Cinco or Marques de Murrieta Reserva from the fridge and they are robust enough to still be delicious as well as refereshing in 30 degrees plus surroundings. And later, the cheap and cheerful Málaga Dulce will be all the better for coming out of the freezer.

  • The first 3 minutes was just an advertisement for their new wine glass. That said, I agree there is a general purpose wine glass but some wines, oaky Chardonnays and new world Pinots, really benefit from a glass designed for that grape.

  • I still don’t understand. She wants us to decant white wine to fake it ageing a few years. But then she says most wines should be drunk immediately. Really confusing.

  • When you’re testing the wine at the table, you’re checking to see if it has faults, not to see if you like it. You already bought it. Thank you for adding that.

  • Absolute shameless self promotion. Weather Jancis likes it or not certain wines require different shaped glasses. 3/4 years ago I spoke to a highly respected sommelier in Tuscany who said some world renown wine experts are only interested in feathering their own financial nests by promoting anything. I mean did you see the size of that decanter? You could probably provide oxygen for an entire solar system in that thing, and what does oxygen do to wine?

  • 30, 40 dollars to have a wine that will improve in time? Really? I totally disagree… What about the cahors, the Vacqueyras, some Bourgueils and many appellations of Languedoc Rousillon? Anyway, very nice video thank you:)!

  • To all the pretentious wine “experts” ALL WINES ARE THE SAME You are influenced by what the label is and your perceptions. That’s it.

  • Reidel would be very upset saying that you dont need specific wine glasses for grapes after studying that for decades… you definitely do need various shapes.. don’t push your own glasses like that!

  • In fact, there are 2 words in French for decanting.
    To expose the wine to oxygen, its “carafer”. It’s generally for wines under 6/8 years old.
    “Décanter” is for old wines (above 6/8 years) and to separate sediments.
    Not the same gesture.

  • I was once in class in Bordeaux tasting a wine I don’t remember where it was from or what kind it was all I remember is it was aged and I said to my friend next to me it smells just like medicine, in particular cherry flavoured cough syrup. The teacher heard me and said that’s not a very nice thing to say��. The same happened with a wine that smelled just like a BBQ. Now I just pretend to like the amoras or bouquet of all wines when I’m in a class or so, because in the wine world it seems to me that honesty is not always welcomed especially when it’s an expensive wine. All the expensive wines are “beautiful wines” apparently.

  • The mother of invention, is reinvention….. Great marketing, on one glass for everything…….I don’t even drink wine……but love the concept..��

  • While I hesitate to disagree with Jancis on any point she discusses here, I have to say that my experience of drinking wines closer to a $20 price point has shown me that there can be significant improvement with 3-6 years in the bottle. Not something mass marketed, but more something from a smaller winery, ideally organically grown grapes, maybe wild fermentation all can be found for much less than the $30-40 price tag she mentions and many I have seen improve significantly with a few years. It is a lovely thing to know a wine well as it ages from year to year. Not all improve, but most interesting wines do develop to be even more interesting.

  • Not arguing the point that many red wines can be paired with fish, but to elaborate it’s so much more complex than the generalization. That being said, that’s an argument for why the generalization exists in the first place. If you don’t know anything about wine but you’re at the wine store wondering what to buy for dinner, buy the white wine. There are many more red wines out there that won’t taste great with the fish. This isn’t “debunking” a myth, it’s telling people to be smarter, which is quite unrealistic.

    That out of the way, I honestly, genuinely disagree with her on saying a Fleurie pairs well with a mackrel dish. Sorry, you’re not going to convince me, I’ve had my fair share of both, and I would not bring a Fleurie to my table with that fish dish. On the contrary, while the white wine wouldn’t be bad with the pork chop, the Fleurie would be great with it!

    The argument that, well, you can have anything you’d like and all you have to do is wash down the bad taste with some water or neutral bread……. It’s not WRONG. But anyone working in the industry knows that while on the one hand, if that’s what the buyer wants, that’s what they’ll get, the other hand says you should always give your buyer the best information so that they could have the highest chance of having the best experience possible. The seller would not be doing their job if they recommended a Fleurie with mackrel and a “typical white wine” with a pork chop. They would probably get fired if they made a habit out of it.

  • Jancis is such a lovely person to listen to. Even if I’ve read hundreds of times what she says, it is still interesting to listen to her.

  • 9:32 “A torch, a candle, or a flashlight”. So when she said “torch”, she actually meant a real live torch like those used in the medieval eras?

  • Finally, someone said it. What’s the worst that could happen if your wine and food don’t match? Almost NOTHING, just enjoy it separated by something neutral.

  • Brewers call “natural” fermentation ‘wild fermentation’ or simply ‘wild beers’. That’s a better name than natural, especially since it differs from pet-nat wines which is a method of carbonation combined with wild fermentation. And apparently it’s much easier to wild ferment beers because the ones I’ve had are very consistent in quality.

  • And he said to him, Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guest have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!!! John 2:10 NKJV

    We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness, and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity. 1 John 2:17

  • I get what she is saying. But it isn’t a crime to feel that way about wine. You have to start somewhere. Imo, you should get help if you’re new to the wine world. A bad experience could ruin a person’s journey into the wine world before they even get started. Some of these myths were beneficial to me. Just my 2 cents.:)

  • And sulfure is NOT a naturall biproduct of fermantation unless it´s there from the beginning. Just like you can´t make lead into gold, unless you have a fucking pratical accelerator.

  • I was on a walk once in the forest and I saw a small red bellied snake and I didnt run away. I sat there and held it. It was adorable

  • Of course the fragrance of a sparkling wine will be enjoyed to the max in a flute, while a bucket of the proportions illustrated will clearly warm, lose the fragrance and flatten the spritz!

  • I have a question. If I’m in a big field, lighting strikes the tallest object, and I’m the next tallest object, would it strike me? Would it be safe to get to the ground since you are no longer tall?

  • I purchased a Wine Ager, it’s a small wooden base with magnetics in it and the stopper is a cork with a type of magnetic top on it and it works perfectly, it takes that already aged wine even further!! I use it every time I open a bottle of wine!!! Thanks for bringing this to the table!!!your wine glasses look nice by the way what are they called?