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5 Health Benefits of Donating Blood

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Importance of donating blood

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Cardiovascular Benefits of Donating Blood

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Blood Donation | Health Benefits Of Blood Donation

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Dr. Travis Stork Explains Why You Should Donate Blood

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Health Benefits of Donating Blood

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The Benefits of Donating Blood with David DeRose, MD

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Benefits of Donating Blood Blood donation is good for your health. It reduces the amount of iron in the body and reduces the risk of heart disease. Blood donation has also been shown to lower the risk of cancer. Consistent blood donation is associated with. 8 Surprising Benefits of Donating Blood You probably know how much donating blood can help others.

According to the Red Cross, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Benefits. Donating blood has benefits for your emotional and physical health. According to a report by the Mental Health Foundation, helping others can: reduce stress. improve your emotional well.

13 Super Health Benefits of Blood Donation Regularly 1. Reduce riks of Heart Attacks. Studies have shown that benefits of Blood Donation can reduce the risk of heart attacks 2. Prevent Liver Damage. The liver is important to the body. Actively, it heps the metabolism process of vitamins, 3. YOUR Health Benefits for Donating Blood Enough about helping others, we all know blood donations are awesome for the world.

But for those who need just a tiny push to go donate, here are some selfish and AWESOME reasons to donate! #1 Free Health Screening They test blood pressure pre-donation and test for infectious diseases post-donation. Health Benefits Of Donating Blood Prevents Hemochromatosis. Health benefits of blood donation include reduced risk of hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is Anti-cancer Benefits.

Blood donation helps in lowering the risk of cancer. By donating blood the iron stores in the body Maintains Healthy. Research has linked too much iron with NAFLD, Hepatitis C and other liver diseases and infections.

Though there are many other factors involved in these problems, donating blood can help relieve some of those iron stores and avoid extra issues in your liver. 6. Giving blood can help your mental state. Donating blood can help others with health needs. Donating blood can help people with many health conditions, such as those who: have internal or external bleeding due to an injury have sickle cell.

4 Unexpected Benefits of Donating Blood Your blood may flow better. Repeated blood donations may help the blood flow in a way that’s less damaging to the lining You’ll get a mini check-up. Before you give blood, you’ll first have to complete a quick physical that measures your Your iron levels. One of the main health benefits of blood donation is the reduced risk of hemochromatosis.

As the name implies, it is a health condition arising from the body absorbing too much iron. This condition.

List of related literature:

Health challenges that reduce RBCs in the blood include chemotherapy, leukemia, iron-deficiency anemia, and blood loss.

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And in 2012, a scientific study concluded that limited phlebotomy (bleeding) had a positive effect on metabolic syndrome (METS) by lowering blood pressure and improving glycemic control.5 Similarly, the United States Army has begun to offer acupuncture to treat veterans who experience chronic pain.

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In addition, certain amino acids may help protect against heart disease, reduce blood pressure levels, protect against stroke (apoplectic), alleviate intermittent claudication; help in cancer therapies; reduce sugar cravings; build immunity; and protect the body in a variety of other ways.

“Let's Get Natural with Herbs” by Debra Rayburn
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The separation of blood into red blood cells (RBC), plasma, cryoprecipitate, and platelet-rich products allows for more specific replacement of the animal’s deficit(s), decreases the risks of transfusion reactions, and allows for more efficient use of donor blood.

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It helps the body to fight infection and maintain fluid balance; protects against heart disease and cancer; and regulates blood pressure.

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The medical screening should focus on potential contraindications to donation, such as diabetes, resistant hypertension, renal disease or significant cardio/respiratory disease.

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Finally, with the essential elimination of disease transmission through blood products in this population, it is anticipated that the normal problems ofaging will be increasingly recognized in those with hemophilia, including atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and diabetes.

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Donating blood results in/causes weakness.

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Potentially useful laboratory tests include full blood count, plasma folate and vitamin liver and renal B12 function, plasma glucose, tests, thyroid function tests, plasma calcium, syphilis screen and paraprotein screen.

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Giving blood too frequently raised the risk for anemia, a chronic and potentially debilitating illness.

“Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America” by Gerald Posner
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  • This is the Best one���� Also that I m a blood donor too��✌️���� O +ve❤️….thanks alot dear Abraham especially for this video❤️❤️������

  • when you have tattoos your not allow to donate blood unless you wait 6 months. why?
    what if the donor lied that he got his tattoo last year but it was actually last week?

  • If you’re not allowed to donate, you can still be prescribed therapeutic phlebotomy by a physician. This is where they just don’t use the blood for a donation.

  • Thanks for that info about the eye drops! I’m a nurse and was always really annoyed when I would have patients that would have like 5 eye drops to give them. Especially when they insisted on the 5 minute rule between drops. So time consuming. Now I know the reason behind it and it makes more sense. Thank you!

  • hi, as we know that we have 3 type of concentration ( hyponotic hypertonic and isotonic) my question is if a man having blood in urination.. do blood cell will shrink

  • More studies needed.. it’s been how long people been doing this? MEANWHILE: doctors writing scripts �� don’t give me that we don’t know, not enough studies. Blood has been played with for wayyy over 100yrs.

  • My blood pressure and hb level is very low. But i am interested to donate blood. Is it safe for me? Can i donate blood. My hb level is 7

  • When i was down and out, completely wasting… i started to donate blood. It was a paying clinic. I gave blood every day for weeks… needed the cashola… but had to stop on the account of i cut myself shaving and nothing came out…

  • Great video Abraham! Just curious, do you ever get recognized by people who know you from your channel when you’re in a shop or walking down the streets? Maybe even screaming woman…����

  • Maybe one of these days they can figure out how many of us stationed overseas in Europe during the “Mad Cow Disease” can give blood again????

  • Yeah, but the causality is not clear. It could be that blood donors are just a more healthy people and donating blood doesn’t do you much good. Except for men. They have no natural way of getting rid from iron.

  • Hello. I just wanna know, can I donate if my period are on the way? And after my period finished how many days should I have wait before I got booked for an appointment?



  • Yay early squad. Very nice to see how your addressing major health concerns. I also like how you base your advice based on research findings. #Sciencebasedmedicine. #Evidencebasedmedicine.

  • I was born at an Air Force base in England in 1981. I was moved to the US when I was 9 months old. I was told I can’t donate due to the mad cow disease. Is there a way to test out of this? I’m Oand would really like the chance to donate.

  • I love blood donation, yesterday I donated blood for the 44th time.. I hope many people will come donate blood someday.

    God bless everyone who has donated his blood.

  • I donated blood for the first time last week and it was the best decision and experience I have ever had. Although I almost passed out, I felt so great. This will not be my last time donating.

  • Oxidized and or damaged cholesterol can not be recycled by the liver so is stuck in your circuclitory system. Donation eliminates this component.

  • I just donated blood a few hours ago and since I’m O negative and my iron was at 14.0 I was told to do the one that requires a machine that takes blood and puts something back. I’m not sure what it’s called but my question is: Is it normal that I have a really bad headache and my heart/chest hurts?

  • I’m a highschool student who donated blood twice and I’m planning to do it again. I advice everyone to do it. The needle does hurt for a bit but it’s all worth it.

  • We live in an increasingly toxic environment. Our lymphatic system can no longer cope to clean our blood so throwing some toxic blood away and making some new clean blood specific for us is common sense.

  • I’m a 2 time blood donor and considering doing it more

    main question I get ask ‘ is it weird that your blood is pit in another’s body ‘
    for me that’s inconsequential it feels good that my blood is able to be aide

  • I have tried to donate blood 4 times, but only once was my iron high enough. I now take an iron supplement, and I have an appointment to donate tomorrow. Hopefully the supplement helps and I will be able to donate tomorrow!

  • Methylmalonic Acid builds up in the circulatory system, and promotes metastatic spread of cancer. Donation eliminates this problem.

  • I donated earlier today, they managed to collect all of my donation, but afterwards I threw up. Why did this happen?:/ I really want to give again but I don’t want to throw up again

  • I love the way you are very rare bcoz you give out true information no lies or opinionated answers very professional you should become a Doctor or specialist

  • hi, im doing gymnastic at the moment also a donor. does it mean when i donating blood it breaks down my muscles, as we know blood help to build muscles, please answer thank you

  • Thankyou Dr.Vaishak for this Video �� This will be very helpful in conveying people for donating blood… Sir I have a request if you can upload any more video in this regard which include some sort of inspiration for donating blood… Because even after lots of efforts the rate of donors are still not at the level the people need it in many areas…

    Thankyou ��