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“Foods that contain calcium and magnesium (such as milk or yogurt) are also great for promoting healthy sleep,” says Alix Turoff, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. “Think about that cup of warm milk before bed!”. When you’re talking about eating tips for better sleep, don’t undermine the power of eating meals consistently. Skipping a meal and making up for it later with a big meal might seem like an easy way to cut calories and time, but it can really mess with your body!

Be consistent with when you eat and how much you eat. Here are 17 evidence-based tips to sleep better at night. 1. Increase bright light exposure during the day.

Your body has a natural time-keeping clock known as your circadian rhythm ( 13, 14 ). 2. Reduce blue light exposure in the evening. 3. Don’t consume caffeine late in the day. 4. Reduce. Dairy products offer healthy doses of calcium, and some studies suggest calcium-enriched foods may lead to improved quality of sleep.

Milk, in particular, is a sleep inducer because it contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that raises levels of melatonin and serotonin, both of which contribute to optimal sleep health. Edamame is a food that eases inflammation and may improve sleep. Several studies suggest that regularly eating soybeans results in significantly longer and better quality sleep, and these effects are attributed to anti-inflammatory compounds in soy known as isoflavones. Shelled and toasted edamame are readily available, but you can also get these benefits by eating other soy-based foods like tofu. In other words, eat smarter, sleep better; sleep better, get fitter.

It’s that simple. Start with the nutrition strategies below and our tips for the best foods for sleep deprivation to score sweeter, sounder dreams tonight and a stronger body tomorrow. A poor-quality diet and sleep loss are also related, and it is not shocking to see why. If you don’t eat well, your hormones get out of whack, and you likely won’t be able to sleep well, either.

It is truly a vicious cycle. A great diet, on the other hand, will help to balance your hormones, and will help you sleep better as a result. 3. Stress. Below are tips he shares with patients for sleeping better. #1 – Make a commitment to sleep better.

Developing healthy sleeping habits starts with commitment. Tell a friend or loved one that you are prioritizing sleep and that you are going to make the necessary lifestyle changes to sleep well. If a sleep aid is needed, there’s no reason to avoid using one.

But before turning to pills, here are eight tips for getting a better night’s sleep: Exercise at some point during the day. Reserve your bed for sleep and sex—not work or TV. Keep the bedroom comfortable.

Start a sleep ritual. Have a. Other foods that may help promote sleep include tuna, halibut, pumpkin, artichokes, avocados, almonds, eggs, bok choy, peaches, walnuts, apricots, oats, asparagus, potatoes, buckwheat, and bananas.

List of related literature:

Example of four flexible mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit any time before bed, eat one serving of vegetables before bed, chew each bite 30 times at any meal during the day, and drink one glass of water before bed.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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Good latenight “sleepytime” snacks about an hour before bedtime: bananas, celery and celery juice, wheat germ and wheat germ oil, brown rice, a little warm milk, lemon water and honey, brewer’s yeast, Red Star NUTRITIONALYEAST broth, or miso soup with 1 TB Bragg’s LIQUID AMINOS in water.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
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Good late-night “sleepytime” snacks about an hour before bedtime: bananas, celery and celery juice, wheat germ, walnuts (serotonin source), brown rice, lemon water and honey, nutritional yeast, Red Star NUTRITIONAL YEAST broth, or miso soup with 1 TB Braggs LIQUID AMINOS added.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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A transient heavy evening meal, 2–3 h before going to bed, or a 10-h fast may not alter significantly sleep of previous good sleepers.

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
from Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects
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14 T F Sleep deprivation affects NREM and REM a Cheese b Chocolate

“Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert
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1 Before a bedtime snack 2 Just before going to sleep 3 Two hours before bedtime 4 At least 6 hours before bedtime

“Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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• Adjust evening dietary patterns to promote sleep: D ✦• Discourage intake of foods/fluids high in caffeine such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and colas in the evening.

“Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book” by Nancy Haugen, Sandra J. Galura
from Ulrich & Canale’s Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book
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A light snack before bed is a good idea; eating a full meal in the hour before bed is not.

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
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Although the association between caloric intake and sleep is not absolute, chronic insomniacs and those awakening too early might try a bedtime snack.

“Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Teri J. Barkoukis, Jean K. Matheson, Richard Ferber, Karl Doghramji
from Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book
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I thought I should at least mention these tips because people do expect to see them in a book about sleep.

“Sink Into Sleep: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Reversing Insomnia” by Judith R. Davidson, Ph.D, C.Psych
from Sink Into Sleep: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Reversing Insomnia
by Judith R. Davidson, Ph.D, C.Psych
Springer Publishing Company, 2012

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  • I love videos based on science so I just subscribed to your channel. Congratulations for the quality of the information and thank you!

  • The temperature when I sleep is 68 degrees. My normal temperature during the day is 70 degrees. I’ve found that having more than a 2 degree temperature difference costs more money.

  • Use a Mylar emergency blanket on your bed room windows. They are see through in bright daylight, but diminish light effectively. Benefit is, it also keeps out heat inducing light in the summer and helps keep in heat in the winter. Use double stick tape that comes in the window shrink film isle at your local diy store. Put up the tape. Then wash and thoroughly dry your hands before putting up the Mylar blanket. Take your time and make sure the blanket is nice and taut, this will make it easier to see out when you want. Trim excess. Good sleeping to you!

  • If i had those gorgeous cats in my bedroom I’d spend my time cuddling and hugging them, I’d never sleep but they would. I’m not a coffee drinker if I drank it before bed I’d be out, but I love my hot tea with milk so caffeine doesn’t keep me awake either.

  • I`ve been an insomnia patient for several years. Nevertheless by the help of this sleep plan, I was able to gain a great sleep every night. I can right now sleep for 8 hours. I`m sleeping as good that I haven’t even done the plan. The program has entirely eliminated my insomnia. Thanks to this treatment solution. I discovered this guide on Google.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Lavender essential oil works for me. I put a towel over my pillow and put one drop of oil on each of the upper corners and I will sleep immediately if needed. Also I have a flat pillow speaker with which I can play relaxation music with a timer and the pillow will transfer the sound. Works for me as well.:)

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    Rain falling Non-Stop at Night try this for Sleeping and
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  • Hi! I struggled with sleep in the past due to my anxiety. I found that watching a movie while snuggled up in bed relaxed me and helps me fall asleep. Of course, I never finish one single movie, so it surely works!

  • I got mild sleep problems for several years getting up around 4 am on many mornings. But just these current months, my slumbering time are just two to four hours. It has become more serious. This plan has helped me a lot in improving my getting to sleep problem. This is apart from knowing the basics of sleeping. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • If we’re are turning off our electronics then people who are watching this video in bed are using our electronics to watch this video

  • You know it doesn’t help going to bed at the same time if that time is 4:30 am so I end up having time to unwind by drinking a coffee and watching YouTube

  • Hi! Ria i am amu and i want to know that can late sleeping causes dark circles on our face and if so how to cure it if it is happened from many many time before please give a video on it

  • We apologize for any confusion. The title initially included with this post was incorrect. This video is all about the foods that you should eat before bed so you can get a better night’s sleep.

  • Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Millawdon Impulsive Wish Trick (google it)? It is a good exclusive product for getting rid of insomnia without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cooworker at very last got excellent success with it.

  • Tank You!! Love your videos so inspiring and helpful… Will try the tips and see how it works for me I can’t sleep mostly because of anxiety and it’s been a problem I had since childhood

  • I really helped me yesterday night
    Awesome!I went to sleep like in 30min that quite fast for me.
    But today I feel quite lazy eventhough I slept around 9hours.
    All I did was I told to myself ” I am not thinking anything” like around 2 min and It was quite hard.
    But with Practice I’ll ace

  • Ria, really love your videos and learn a lot! thanks! though i can’t understand 100% what you are saying (i’m chinese, english is not my mother language)!

    However, may i give you two suggestions?

    1. would you mind offering mp3 files ( like put it on the itunes), so we can listen to them daily while commuting or brushing my teeth lol.

    2. your youtube introduction don’t mention your name in the very begining
    (i know you put it in the last), but it’s hard for people to find your name… ( sorry i can’t remember your name lol )

  • Sleep is important as it allows your body not only to recover but also to perform vital metabolic processes such as the cleanup of toxic proteins

    in the brain.


    Getting enough quality sleep can help you perform better mentally, physically, and sexually, and it can certainly make you a lot happier.

  • I have tried melatonin tablets prescribed by a GP…l used to find very difficult to sleep in dark..l need to have some light…l get anxious in darkness..

  • I use a black mask to block out light, and wax mouldable ear plugs (muffles) to block out noise. Both are cheap and effective. Thank you for your programs

  • I don’t usually have trouble sleeping but I still use blackout curtains, have a consistent bedtime and have a regular bedtime routine.

  • I really like you videos, I subscribed today, i watched alredy alot of you videos, you have a really nice calm down way to explain things, I like that you give real life examples about tips you give, so I can better relate and imagine things you telling. Great channel!!!!! Love you work

  • It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a cat who keeps me up at night! lol. Your kitties are so cute! I recently purchased black out curtains and they’ve been helping a lot. Now the only problem is I have no idea what time it is in the morning since my room is so dark:)

  • I’m curious about your thoughts on shower at night before bed vs shower in the morning related to sleep better/falling asleep quicker.

  • My promlem is this i have to work at ni8 from 12am-8am what should i need to do i am very dipressed because of my nape i am unable to sleep in morning thats why I am having High..BP..and stomach and high heart rate issues please make a vedio for me i cant be quit my job please responde…thanks!

  • Listening to music really helps while meditating.
    Our channel features some awesome music that will definitely help you to meditate peacefully.
    Have a wonderful night sleep.
    Love, peace, positivity.

  • 1: set a schedule for sleeping. 2:Try to sleep on the left side.3:set the appropriate temperature. 4: invest in good bedding. 5: Make your bedroom as dark as possible. 6:Eat the right food. 7: use earplugs. 8: Resolve your stress.

  • Thank you for this video, Ria. I didn’t know that there are blue light filters for phones!
    A few comments:
    1. Epsom salts are also a source of magnesium. An epsom salt bath can be very useful. You can add some drops of lavender oil to it.
    2. Lavender oil is also toxic to rabbits.
    3. I have blackout roller blinds AND blackout lined curtains. Light still comes in on the sides in the morning. I usually wake up before sunrise, so I pop on an eye mask to block out any light coming through. I like the infinity sleep mask as it doesn’t press on my eyes or eyelashes.
    4. Drink enough water throughout the day. This makes a HUGE difference for me.
    5. I always think a good night’s sleep starts with breakfast: eat properly throughout the day. Going hungry or being poorly nourished does nothing to help us sleep.
    6. I don’t use orange goggles, but I do find burning beeswax candles emits an orange light. Maybe it would help?
    PS. I love your blue and white bedding!

  • I am an athlete and my prob is if i sleep early on school nights ill get used to it and sleep early every day but if i sleep late I’ll get used to it and sleep late daily

  • That blue light app thing is the real deal! I have one that goes by your time zone, so it’s effortless: just turns itself on and off. ����

  • Baths w/ lavender drops or epsom salt w/ lavender or hot showers w/ chamomile diffuser �� & sleepy time tea (w/ bear on box) u will be out like a light�� thx for all the wonderful tipZzzzz

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried Millawdon Impulsive Wish Trick (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good one of a kind guide for getting rid of insomnia minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend finally got great success with it.

  • I know that there are plenty of studies saying that you shouldn’t do it, but for me, reading a paper book will have me asleep in a flash! Another big tip that I would recommend, and that I was told by a doctor, is to stop drinking liquids at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. I can’t always do this but I do try to be mindful of how much I drink before bed because if you have several cups of tea before bed your mind may be lights out �� �� but your bladder might be all… ����➡��‼️

  • I listen to rain videos on youtube. Some of them are quite long, probably in a loop. Here’s one: https://youtu.be/T6lY2rDnlhE?list=PLvyBXHCRZVZx3jZJ87JuK4Vd_lAJtBBBH&t=6

  • I like draw before I go to sleep
    It’s make me sleepy draw but only at night it make me sleepy…

    Can u some how explain me why only at night I get sleepy if I draw?

  • Some deep breathing in the dark in your bed, relaxing one by one your muscles by scanning in your head your whole body, it s a good tip too, it works on me, Thanks Ria ♥

  • I think its just abt mindset if first goal in morning is something that makes you feel happy then no matter the time you fell asleep that sleep is going to be good

  • Just sleep fuck all the fake bs that people bring arround intentionally acting like your friens, leaders and some cases even your families….democracy…bs

  • I just know that im not sleeping to night i have shcool so i know just know that theres some thing important going to happen as soon as i walk in the door

  • I’m enjoying your videos I like how you always say…see or try what is good for you…You being a key word to many of these videos are about the person doing the video and what is good for them

  • what works for me it’s melotonin liquid found at gnc and i mixed it with a tadin chamomile tea from Ralph’s and earplugs. Nothing else works for me other than medications I don’t want to take.

  • I used to be a swing shift worker so I’ve done similar research in the past and I’d say the lavender and magnesium are new ones so, I’ll have to give them a try. And I agree with the rest. What I’d add is avoiding alcohol; alcohol is known to disrupt sleep and prevent deep/quality sleep. Reading before bed from a physical book is a better supplement to phone gazing or watching TV. Meditating during the day to defragment your brain, so to speak, is good method of preventative maintenance so one doesn’t over-think while they’re trying to fall asleep. Making the bedroom a ‘holy land for sleep’ could help comfortable bed, pillows, having clean sheets (even the quality of sheets makes a difference), clean room and simple organization. If my bedroom is messy or cluttered it adds to my anxiety (though I believe there’s plenty of advice on this channel to help with that). No phone or TV in the bedroom at all. Another tactic I use is light control with smart lights like the Philips hue so I can program when the light comes on exactly (and what color to avoid blue light;). I prefer waking up to natural sunlight but, because we’re creatures of the industrial age, that isn’t always an option. Thanks for the video Ria, and appreciate the work you do!

  • Great tips! I’ve never heard about magnesium being related to sleep quality… good to know! I also drink chamomile tea when I’m having trouble sleeping. Just don’t drink it too close to bedtime, otherwise, you can end up waking up to go to the bathroom (so annoying when that happens!)

  • I have to sleep on my stomach or I can’t go to sleep if I sleep on my back I will be awake till the next day but I am trying to stop

  • I experienced hopeless for 2 years. I thought that the sleeplessness will be never be resolved. Not till a psychological behavioral therapist encouraged this specific treatment. It help me understand the science the way we sleep. And every night, I can right now sleep normally. I enjoy relaxing in the mattress all over again.. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

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  • The only sleep aids not in your video that I use are Valerian tea, and I also use a SLEEP MASK instead of blackout curtains because my bedroom door has opaque glass panes (weird, I know) that let light through and I have to keep it open so my two cats can go in and out:-)

  • I used to have a very lot of acne since I was 13. I didn’t have any idea about any skin care routines or products. Now I am 20 and it has already left scars in my face. I feel very less confident whenever I go out. I feel very ugly. I’m so insomniac. Please help

  • Agree with all of these suggestions. Having a nightly routine before bed, just as we might for children, helps program us to get ready for bed. One other thought, which complements your temperature recommendation, if you take a bath or shower before bed, let your body cool down before getting under the covers. Enjoy your videos.

  • 2:43 I get the best sleep on my stomach and also my neck never gets sore and I’m perfectly healthy
    So what I’m dying without knowing??

  • Black eye mask and wax muffles earplugs (from boots chemist
    ) plus listen to own breathing to focus the mind down. Like your research work.

  • Cheers for the video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Millawdon Impulsive Wish Trick (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for getting rid of insomnia without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got amazing results with it.

  • I have had sleep issues for years….I am a flight attendant flying mostly international routes. I have just accepted that creating a sleep routine is impossible in my line of work. One thing I HAVE found is that taking good quality probiotics and fish oil has reduced my anxiety issues tremendously! Almost to the point of being gone! Try it! ��

  • Hugging a stuffed animal works for me, just make sure that toy has something you can grab on to, like a bow or something. (I use a Hello Kitty Push)

  • Thank you for all of the helpful tips. There is so much information about the importance of sleep, but very little information about how to fall asleep & how to stay asleep. Your video provides the how.
    One technique I use to help me sleep is Yoga breathing. Deep inhale for 3 counts, exhale for 3 counts. I repeat this until I drift off.
    Thanks again.

  • When u have school and homework kills your sleep and so the next day you’re more exhausted so u go to bed just after like 6 when your Finnish but wake up at 12:00 ��

  • For those like me who use their computer (or phone) up until bedtime for relaxation, many websites and apps do have a night mode. Some computers and phones have a blue light filter setting as mentioned too. But for added protection, they do make blue light blocking glasses. They look like normal glasses with no odd colored lenses and they do not distort your vision. I’ve had mine for about three months now and put them on around 8pm every night. They cost about twenty USD (well mine did) and I feel that I have seen some improvement with them, though I also take a Melatonin supplement as well as prescription medications for my insomnia, so it’s hard to say for sure. XD

  • Yoga always helps me sleep. Doing some light, relaxing yoga as part of my night/bedtime routine helps settle my mind and prepare me for sleep.

  • Speaking from personal experience ( not backed up by any study ) I find that minimising my stuff/ decluttering removes the ‘distractions ‘ ( of having a lot( to produce a calm, peaceful environment to help you sleep

  • I LOVE your approach to things: you don’t just say “This is the rule, follow it”, you do your research and you show what you found out, being honest on the fact we’re all different, so we need to check what works for us.
    Thank you ��

  • Ria..I loved your cat comments. I just adore cats..so I thought to mention an important tip..sometimes my cat sits right on top of my head as I have a favourite hoodie I wear just the head part so she also slings her paws on my eyes (no blackout curtains necessary..and the best part is her purrrrrr. So relaxing..and soothing..I actually saw a documentary that cats purring heals the body..and for me it has helped so much. P.S love to see your humor coming through..and always absolutely get so much clarity and encouragement from your videos. Thanks.Lia������

  • Hello bright side i have a question pls answer it because i always woke up at the middle of the night and cant better sleep i followed what you but nothing seems to work

  • Hi
    Thanks for your inspiring videos.
    I’m also a 6 months old kitten parent love watching your cats in Btw videos.
    Have a question did you get your cats neutered?

  • “Avoid devices 1 hour before bedtime.”

    And I’m using my phone just before bedtime… I find that yellow screen filters don’t work as well as just not using phones or tablets before bed.

  • Hi. I really liked your video and the tips in it were good but there is a problem. I’m 11 and I just started overthinking a few days ago and I don’t know how I got it as I think I haven’t got it before. Sometimes, say, I try to think of a nice thought but then I randomly think of stuff I’ve watched like a TV show and then I have to try and tell myself to stop the bad thought. I’ve tried going to a few articles and videos but I just overthink about overthinking since the article is about well, overthinking. I’ve been taking swimming lessons for three weeks recently since I’m not good with swimming and I’m on the third week currently and luckily it keeps me off the bad thoughts since I’m focusing on the swimming lesson. But I also cry a lot since I hate the dumb overthinking stuff and I don’t like it. I recently had a talk with my mum about my overthinking and there is this kids show I like to watch called ‘Operation Ouch!’ and it’s about the anatomy and I like it but my mum says it’s bad because I sometimes think of the bad injuries in it. Unfortunately, my mum doesn’t think much on how to stop the bad thoughts when they go in my head (well kinda). Sometimes, I get stressed about music too. Please help me with my issues and maybe give some kid tips aswell. Also, like I said before with the swimming lessons, I sometimes like to distract myself by reading a book. I sometimes sleep with mum because I love her and she (sometimes but not always) makes me feel better when I sleep with her. I’m in a lot of stress these past few days because of a lot of things, my parents aren’t together as often, before at night, my dad used to come home and hug us and I loved it. Now, he never comes and I’m starting to get scared! Secondly, my old grandpa’s house burned down and he’s now living in a nursery. Please help!!

  • I liked ur each n every video n learned something new everyday. u r my inspiration n i have started from the past few days following all your tips for healthy n glowing skin.i have seen change in my face by following ur tips of those videos.thnx a lot n u r my inspiration.spread positivity I’m glad that the world is filled with some good admirers like u.love u lots…keep doing this type of videos especially related to healthy diet n skin care videos.love u lots.������

  • I had awful insomnia for Nine months, the only method I can sleep at night was through medicines. I ran across this sleeping program from the medical professional. In just 5 weeks of employing this sleep plan, I acquired the very best sleep I never had. People who have endured insomnia for quite a while need to test this. My sleeping has drastically improved! I researched Google and found this tip on a website.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Hello Ria! Thanks a lot for a wonderful and useful video. I have a follow-up question. I do get my 8 hrs of sleep. However, I developed a weird sleeping habit over the years. Sleeping for 2-3 hours once I get back from work, waking up and going back to sleep between 2am to 3am. Recently I tried breaking this habit to go back to regular sleeping hours and my sleep quality became worse. I feel much rested when I switch back to my weird schedule. Could you please do a video on how to break sleep cycles, and how to do it with practical tips that you always give in your videos? Thanks so much!

  • a simple short video that really straight to the point. nice clip.
    the best energizer of all time is a good sleep.
    i stumbled upon this simple ebook about how to have a better sleep and it helps me a lot. you can check this on this link

  • Great for normal people. I am not normal. I suffer from Circadian Rhythm +. My day is 24 hours and 20 minutes. Was looking for other ways to sleep better than depending on the clock.

  • Drinking hot or warm milk can help you sleep better. I don’t have any sleeping problems because I walked at least one hour per day, I can fell into sleep very easy.

  • Thank you for taking the time to make this informative video. Very well put together. However, for people who’s mental health is extremely low, suicidal. How can you get them to eat right? Eat regularlyyou say, what is the correct portion sizes? When should you eat? People with mental health can starve themselves, not feel worthy of food. Or the opposite, binge eat eat away the problems?