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7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness That Aren’t Meditation. HAVE MINDFUL CONVERSATIONS. “You can bring mindfulness into your daily conversations simply by treating them as an anchoring practice,” says TAKE A WALK. PRACTICE MINDFUL EATING.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH. SLOW DOWN IN YOUR BATH OR SHOWER. Mindfulness is a practice, so the people who can sit there and turn off their brains have done a lot of practicing to get to that point. Instead of focusing on the (seemingly impossible) end goal of being able to quietly meditate, try implementing mindfulness in other ways throughout your day.

While meditation is a way to practice mindfulness, it’s not the only way. Mindfulness is actually just being present. It’s living in the moment right now! It’s not focusing on the past nor the future.

It’s just taking time to check in with yourself and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, senses, and accepting whatever you’re. Because our complete article revolves around this single word. So, another way to practice mindfulness without meditation is to speak and listen attentively.

Often we listen to people to give a reply and do not pay attention to what they are saying. Step By Step: Mindfulness Meditation In 7 Steps. Find a comfortable place where you can focus without interruptions, and follow these 7 steps. Here are the 7 steps to practice mindfulness meditation: • Step 1: Take a deep breath and start to relax. Take a deep breath and relax, with your eyes open or closed.

The Huffington Post reported that mindfulness meditation can lower stress, change the brain in a protective way, and help you sleep better among many other benefits. I. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember that mindfulness meditation is about practicing being mindful of whatever happens. It is NOT about getting ourselves to stop thinking. The fundamentals of mindfulness in group settings and those of personal practice are really no different from one another.

Both are built on a foundation of non-judgment and compassion. With that said, what makes mindfulness for groups unique is that there are infinite external factors to consider. Especially, when sharing mindfulness in this way. The Squish & Relax Meditation.

Then ask them what they can do to feel better when they aren’t feeling the feelings they like best. Remind them that they can always practice turning their thoughts into bubbles if they are upset, they can do the Squish and Relax Meditation if they need to calm down, and they can take a few minutes to listen. A 7-Minute Mindfulness Practice to Shift out of “Doing” Mode. Noticing self-perpetuating thought patterns is a core mindfulness skill.

Take a moment to examine how it feels to disengage from a busy mind and shift into “being” mode.

List of related literature:

Low­tech way: read about the five types of meditation discussed in part II of this book.

“50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food: Mindfulness Strategies to Cope with Stress and End Emotional Eating” by Susan Albers
from 50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food: Mindfulness Strategies to Cope with Stress and End Emotional Eating
by Susan Albers
New Harbinger Publications, 2015

These things may seem obvious when you read them here, but it’s surprising how little attention even experienced meditators pay to creating conducive conditions for mindfulness.

“Living Well with Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering” by Vidyamala Burch
from Living Well with Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering
by Vidyamala Burch
Sounds True, 2010

The second and third are exercises based on the concept of inclusive meditation.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2011

Over the years, meditation students from many parts of the world have asked me to make these exercises more widely available.

“The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation for Achieving the Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh, Annabel Laity
from The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation for Achieving the Miracle of Mindfulness
by Thich Nhat Hanh, Annabel Laity
Beacon Press, 2009

I found that meditation came easily to me, almost like second nature.

“Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences” by Yvonne Kason
from Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences
by Yvonne Kason
Dundurn, 2019

Begin with a daily 15-minute period of sitting for meditation, and try to sit for this period once in the morning and once in the evening, so that you have two meditations each day.

“The Supreme Art and Science of Raja and Kriya Yoga: The Ultimate Path to Self-Realisation” by Stephen Sturgess, David Frawley
from The Supreme Art and Science of Raja and Kriya Yoga: The Ultimate Path to Self-Realisation
by Stephen Sturgess, David Frawley
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015

The second part, “Techniques: Meditating with Natural Awareness,” offers guidance for practicing both classical mindfulness and natural awareness meditations.

“The Little Book of Being: Practices and Guidance for Uncovering Your Natural Awareness” by Diana Winston
from The Little Book of Being: Practices and Guidance for Uncovering Your Natural Awareness
by Diana Winston
Sounds True, 2019

It can be very useful to review the five common challenges in meditation (restlessness, sleepiness or dullness, craving, aversion, and doubt).

“Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician's Guide” by Sarah Bowen, Neha Chawla, G. Alan Marlatt
from Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide
by Sarah Bowen, Neha Chawla, G. Alan Marlatt
Guilford Publications, 2011

Notice, relax, and let go—three key aspects of mindfulness.

“Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death” by Joan Halifax, Ira Byock
from Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death
by Joan Halifax, Ira Byock
Shambhala, 2009

Certainly there are many more ways of articulating mindfulness meditation than the few selections I offer here.

“The Seeker's Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure” by Elizabeth Lesser
from The Seeker’s Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure
by Elizabeth Lesser
Random House Publishing Group, 2008

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  • Everybody is a Parrot, methodically repeating everything on a subject then making advisory videos and publications. I guess the real information on anything comes from the people with experiences who live it. Like those who posted comments.

  • Well, you obviously didn’t ever had it because “be detective and go check out if burglar is there”, person with HV would never do that because he is scared of being killed by that burglar… Imagine that burglar would really be there and u meet him face to face.. what would u expect he will do? “Hello, my name is…” definitely not.. he might stab us with knife and kill us or something.. and that’s exactly what people with HV are afraid of right?…

  • Dr Marks, is extremely articulate and speaks simply enough for me to follow along. I think my body doesn’t produce dopamine any better then insulin.

  • This video is absolutely breathtaking. I’m especially interested in the mindful eating and body scanning. I’m going to try the body scan tonight when I go to bed.

  • So glad you got to have a break and soak in your own moments Meghan. You look refreshed!
    Thank you for this video. I really think in the current climate individuals and families will be looking to be more mindful and focused on what they think is important int their lives, including their homes nourishment and hobbies. It’s so important to fulfil and nourish our bodies in every way…taking care of our bodies as well as our spirit/souls is no small task and if we take our eyes off the ball of mindfulness it soon rolls off to the wayside.

  • Ive been working on that skill for years, and ive never been able to control my brains ability to think about random stuff/severe unfocused processing. But i was ‘happy’ few weeks ago, and i didnt even have to try to fight with it and my memory was absorbing everything. But when I’m depressed it absorbs nothing. even when I’m not thinking about things and focusing it still won’t remember anything. it’s so so frustrating. maybe I should try medication? (I feel emotionally fine, but physically I’m depressed; I’ve dealt with this for 20 years)

  • Wonderful video, Meghan! I especially found the cloud technique interesting, and I can see it being very helpful to me! One thing I have been trying to be more mindful of is not letting worries crowd my mind. I’ve been more keen to catch them when they appear and not let them wonder.:) Also, where did you get your top/dress? I just love that fabric and its color.

  • I just finished the spring reset! Loved it! and I am just starting these 7 days of meditation! Excellent technique to help relieve stress! Thank you!

  • I practice mindfulness by taking my morning tea, and my devotional book, and my journal, and sitting down by a window, then I’ll take at least 10 minutes to write and read and sip. This not only starts my day on a calm note, but it refreshes my faith and reminds me of what’s truly important.

  • I find using guided meditations very helpful as a beginner. The voice narrating what to do keeps me more focused than just sitting in silence.

  • But what if that loud thump IS a murderer?
    That’s why I always carry a gun. Even at home. Not even joking though.

    I hate SSRIs and SSIs… I’ve done SO much better without them. Goddamn Army had me zoned out on that crap for over a decade. I quit cold turkey on my own one day and it helped a lot. Helped me face my issues rather than zombie-out.

  • Dear Dr.Marks, thrilled to have discovered you! Love the way you communicate. This such an excellent video. I will most certainly share. Continued Blessings in your work.��

  • I’m going to go put my phone in a draw and just disconnect from it. I constantly pick it up and do something on it and that’s not being very present at all x

  • I love your calming videos! I am curious to know how your content will change when you have a baby! I do try to put your tips into practice but sometimes life just doesn’t allow for quiet calm mornings! Hahahaha! Hope you had a nice vacation! You said you went North… since you are from Toronto I’m guessing it wasn’t past North Bay! I lived in Timmins for 9 years… we called going south going to Toronto! Haha! -Lindsay

  • I have treatment resistant Major Depression, I’d tried every variety of SSRI and SNRI in excess of the 6 week trial period, and had no idea why none of it was helping. Even in conjunction with psychotherapy I failed to improve. What’s really interesting is how the new understanding of neuroplasticity as a key factor in depression made sense to me; after a period of de-prescribing, i thought to try 150ug of LSD in a controlled setting, and found it had a very strong therapeutic effect. Upon doing further research I found out that a number of psychedelics, even at very low doses, contribute greatly to neuroplasticity. For about a 6 month period after dosing, I found I had a sense of mood stability that I never had prior. I’d love to know your thoughts on psychedelics; do you think they show promise in the treatment of severe depression?

    I want to add that this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of LSD or any other form of self-medication, and people should know the risks associated with its use. There are a number of harm reduction resources available no matter where you are, and you can find resources in your area through links found here: https://harmreduction.org/issues/drugs-drug-users/drug-information/useful-links-and-resources/

  • I dont want it to go away. I just want it to stop hurting me… I like being on the ball and noticing every little thing around me. I just dont want it to tax me so…

  • People have been asking why i am so jumpy and seem like i am afraid of everything because i easily flinch. I never had an explanation ans i only heared about hypervigilance yesterday but i think it might be what i have.
    I just made my first appointment with a counsellor:)

  • Thankyou so much for this video
    Very peaceful! Drop by my channel, if you �� like.
    If you enjoy please feel free to subscribe
    I’m Willow-Sage

  • Love that you’re making a video about this it’s so important…now more than ever! Love your joy, sweetness and timeless content as always Meghan! I’ve been following you for the last year and was so inspired by you to start a youtube channel about slow living. Thank you for sharing your light with us! <3

  • Such a complex topic….The idea that one can be ‘organically’ depressed is partially driven by the need for professionals to maintain some relevance to the issue.
    Some or more predisposed to depression, everybody is different. And, people get passionate over meds. The problem there is the dependency, in essence you’re never free. You weren’t designed to need that. You’re not a mistake by any measure…Who am I talking to? I don’t freaking know…..

  • Nothing works. I tried everything. Cognitive therapy. Talking therapy. Meditation, Medication, hypnotherapy. It will decrease but the moment you start getting stressed you will go back to where you where. Even if your anxiety decreases, the thoughts will fade and come back.

  • Hi. It seems that your website is blocking traffic from at least from Poland, Ukraine and Russia, with this as an ‘explanation’:

    “Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons.”

    I get a pop up from WordFence when my ip points to any of those countries as my location. Personally I got around this with a VPN.

    If you can, please stop this. We are, surpisingly, not savages.

  • I practice mindfulness in writing and drawing!
    What I would like to ask you: What about people that have a hard live? That have such little money that they work for many, many hours just to have food on their table? Not being able to stay at home, make a great breakfast, sit and meditate.. those, who are busy or/and have (many) children. Sometimes its hard to explain to them, what mindfulness is about at all! Any tips concerning such conversations?
    I feel like mindfulness is something for the first world countries…:(

  • I do meditation everyday and I will be mindful in the morning…preparing my green tea…enjoying the nature… these tips r very informative…Thank u��

  • Me: (not knowing what hypervigilance means)
    Kati: (explains)
    Me: (picturing Bradley Cooper neck-tackling his neighbor’s dog) Oh OK I got it.

  • Though not a new post from you, I just discovered it upon waking and today, amidst this dreadful Coronavirus in the world, it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to start my day instilling my intention to stay calm. Most grateful! Thank you Stay well

  • This may be off topic, but may I ask you a question? Can you please make a video of non epileptic seizures/Pseudoseizures. My sister is in the hospital and they claim
    That she has non epileptic seizures because the EEG screening and a camera while she was having episodes showed know signs of unusual activity in the brain while having multiple seizures. The episodes were very intense and at times very hurtful to see my sister this way. Any information from you would be great or recommendations. I also feel this may not be Pseudo I feel it may be something more and they just want to drug her and put her in a ward. Any advice would be great thank you and love your videos, very educational.

  • I am going to work on, not being so angry at people. I am also going to work on not watching so much TV and Youtube. I only want to be on youtube to keep up with the YouTubers that I am sub too:)

  • This was very helpful for me honestly! If during the process of breathing, there’s the sound of waves or wind or sth like that, it might help relax the mind even more not to think of too many things at once but feeling like they’re at beach. But thank you so much for this <3

  • I reaaaallllyyy need to practice more mindfulness especially with work. Lately I find myself lagging behind others or redoing a task because I wasn’t very mindful of the situation. Oh and also my surroundings. I’m not really sure how to do it but I guess the first step is being aware it needs to be addressed.��������

  • Thank you for sharing the science behind mindfulness!�� I started practicing it 3 years ago from my counselor (who also studies Buddhism). I noticed within a week the anxiety went down and over few months my negative thoughts slowed enough for me to manage life better. The next thing I came across in applying mindfulness is after I went to a drum circle at my church I noticed for first time since I was diagnosed with depression that I had moments my mind was as calm as a lake in early morning. I felt so much relief��…I bought some frame drums and play along with drumming meditation videos.

  • Hi Meghan! I have been meditating for about 15 minutes each morning and I practice yoga for about 30 minutes each morning. This really helps me get ready for my day:-)

  • I love this style of shooting! Well done astecically and is informative as well. Everything about it, to include your voice, is calming. Thank you!

  • I feel many therapist blame the patient in may ways for their trauma or avoid it all together. Like be positive or use distracting tools to avoid the core trauma issues. Many professionals need to know how serious these issues are and start solving them. We need take the proper steps to heal and recover from this.

  • Everything is better than medication. My father put me on antidepressants at age 14 with the help of his psychiatrist friend. I was just an angry teenager who wanted a motorcycle and they turned me into a depressed, suicidal zombie. I was on them for a few months and the moment I stopped taking them life went on a downward spiral. I’m 27 now and I’ve been battling depression for 13 years Stop poisoning people. You and your colleagues are hit men for big pharma.

  • I’ve been waking up several times through the night lately due to nightmares or stressful dreams. This is what I needed this morning to help me relax and clear my mind. Namaste ����‍♀️

  • I recently found your channel after searching for “healthy lifestyle” and I’ve watched pretty much EVERY video. I love your content and am trying to implement your seven pillars of health. Thanks for being real and relevant! ❤️

  • Great video—lots of good ideas. The first thing I did after watching was put down my phone, look around my living room, and notice the sound of the fan, the feel of the air coming in through the open windows, and my cat sitting in a sunbeam. Very calming, and a very simple thing to do multiple times per day. ��

  • I suffered emotional and psychological abuse in a religious setting. For years I felt like everyone was judging me. I walked out on a pastor because his body language and use of language and verbal communication was similar to the abuse. He had the nerve to follow me out to the parking lot, trying to get me to stay. I now know that was my hypervelagnce kicking in.

  • being present is really crucial I love how you did your video by the water. water centers us and it gives us calmness and peace and if you listen to the ocean it talks to us and it speaks to us we are going into spring and that means to renew and refresh and rebuild our bodies we need to drink are green smoothies we need to do our yoga stretches and we need to just take care of our bodies and our minds and I thank you so much for your channel to support that

  • Nice video! But I have a question, what if you have a friend or something who is already hypervigilating? Is there anything one can do to calm them down or make it less stressful for them?

  • This is incredibly calming, when I was doing that, I wasn’t aware of that, but than, when I opened my eyes I was shocked!! Just a little advice, this kind of meditation is really good for someone that is used to it (I’ve been doing daily meditation for a year now) but I think that for someone that is a beginner, a no-music meditation could really be difficult. Anyway thank you so much!! Can’t wait to try them all!

  • Thank you so much Ralph for this video. I was wondering how to do a mindful meditation. I got my answer. U have mentioned 7 ways to do that. I’m grateful Ralph

  • I’m going to check in with my body to see what it needs, be mindful of writing my journal, how I wash the dishes, how I drink down my vitamins. What a calm relaxing voice of great spiritual advice! Thank you!

  • A different video indeed, Dr. metivier. Very appreciated. The idea about concentrating on an orange can be further stretched. I don’t know a thing about meditation or psychology, but I have a deep suspicion about, if you imagine something that you “hate” deeply everyday, that will help you with emotional management. Theoretically, it could stop the chains of negative thoughts that happen whenever you are in an angry state, according with the psychological desensitizing theory. Or imagine something very “loved” for you to control your positive emotions. Dr. peterson launched a paper about the bad effects coming from poor control of positive emotions, and i can also see this concept in my life: people uncontrollably happy doing bad actions some now and then. Those two images, would be perfect to ilustrate the concept of mindfulness for me: doesn’t matter if the life is perfect or utterly trash, focus on what you perceive on the present and work with that. I am no mindfulness expert, but this definition works for me. The idea of thinking in the “loved” and “hated” images will be interesting to test if it’s true. Cannot wait.

  • .i just camped underneath a tree 4 2 days…and i kept on getting nightmares of losted love ones dismembered…den this morning i realized it was the tree that was covering communicating how her friends”the rest of the forrest” have been torned down by the floods a few years back…with broken trees and everything scattered everywhere….i eskimo kissed the teee…and hugged it her and thanked her…i felt a ehole lot off my shoulders and felt the tree felt beddar 2..:D…breathing i dat gud ASSprana!!

  • This seems very effective for those of us that live in paradise. My day-to-day activities are filled with unhappy/angry people and employers who need to prove that they are in charge. Being mindful only makes me more aware of how unpleasant the situation is.

  • Mindfulness is the word I received last week in my spiritual meditation. This video was right on time. I just had a mindful interaction with someone I cared about yesterday, unknowingly before this video, and it took our relationship to a whole different level. Will practice more of this. It has been added to my heavy rotation repeat videos.

  • I do a form of mindfulness to get to sleep. I lie in bed with my eyes closed and count all the different sounds. For example, I’ll run through my head ” #1 my own breath. #2 dogs barking #3 cars…” etc. If i loose track I start over and I focus carefully on each sound before going on to the next. Its puts me to sleep every time. (It just doesn’t work in the summer when the ac unit drowns out all other sounds…)

  • ThE TReeS LiTeRaLLy ReSPonDeD In SynC WheN YoU SaiD, “FeEL So GooD To Be ALive BaBii! CaN I GeT A HeLLo-Ohhhhhhh!” I LuuuuuV It! ����������

  • Thank you for this, you have reminded me how important it is to be mindful again. Especially to check-in with oneself! Absolutely cherish this concept.

  • Hey Meghan! First of all big fan of yours!
    the outfit in 06:43 is lovely! I love it.
    Can i get link where you got that beautiful tank and shorts?
    Thanks! PS keep it up! FAVORITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  • What are your tips for mindful eating when you dislike healthy foods. I hate things like spinach and bananas and onions, etc. So I find myself just force-feeding myself salads because I don’t like the flavor or texture. Frankly, I find things like pasta, chips, and fruit snacks more pleasant and tasty. I know, I eat like a child. lol

  • WoW, I can’t thank you enough Katie. I have been suffering from a serious and embarrassing condition of hypervigilance for 15 years, 15 years of pain. I tried everything, from medication in the past to mindfulness meditation to different techniques, even CBT and nothing worked. I am seeing my level 4 therapist tomorrow which is the highest level of therapy and I can’t wait to tell her what really helped me.
    After watching this video I have realized where I was going wrong with me in doing distractions or my breathing technique. The mistake was that I was focusing of my breathing technique when I entered into my hypervigilance mode. This video has changed this for me and realized through Katie that I would need to start my breathing technique before the onset just as soon as you feel fear is approaching. Although all this is new and demanding in the beginning, I thought to myself, would you rather suffer, or live your life focusing on your breath to eliminate fear? The answer is the latter. After all, life is habitual and I would rather exchange my habit of hypervigilance to this.

  • Hi♥ I will be mindful more of my surroundings along with my husband, being more mindful of using reusable items in my life, and also being mindful of what I’m eating ♥

  • I really want to write thoughts down, I keep telling myself I will do this regularly and find Iam doing it once every few weeks. I think I will start fresh by writing down your ideas in this video,and then I can always refer back to them in my journal! Thanks for a lovely video ��

  • Okay what’s the difference between hypervigilance and being hypervigilant. When I drive fast I become hypervigilant and become super focused on everything around me. Is hypervigilance a bad thing always? I don’t see Hypervigilance as a bad thing. People treat it as paranoia or anxiety or symptom of ptsd but I don’t see it as such I see it as being in touch with your surroundings and nothing else. There are time I can hear every little thing but I’m not losing my mind I’m just paying attention. I can defer between real danger and not between real and fake. Most of these comments are of paranoia not hypervigilance two very different things.

  • My tip is: get out of your emotional brain. Here’s how:
    1. Start by describing 3 things in your surroundings in a non-emotional purely describing way
    2. Then describe 3 sounds you hear in the non-emotional way
    3. Then describe the feeling of 3 things in your surroundings when you touch them.
    And when you’re already out of the funk after step 1 or 2 you can leave the rest

  • I started mindfullness analysing unreaistic negative thoughts into realistic positive ones…. Its been 3 days but it has resulted in emotional blunting.. Am i on the right track?

  • When I hear a sound in my attic, I get so paranoid. I keep thinking it’s a person. I’m not sure how they’re getting up there. Maybe it’s not a person. I don’t know…

  • Hey Meghan, welcome back! I am glad you got some time to get out in nature and recharge. Going to practice some of these tips besides meditation and be more present during the day.

  • I suffer from severe anxiety and doing this through out the day has started to help control my nerves a little bit. Hopefully as I make this a lifestyle I can get rid of this awful anxiety. Thank you alo team!

  • hey Ralph, the print on ur t-shirt you are wearing now is cool, why not make nature-based t-shirts with the assprana signature, too?:)

  • Music therapy works for me. It’s about 60% effective; which is pretty good, considering I get major anxiety and ptsd. (It is simple just listen to music that you love a type that doesn’t conjure up a whole ton of emotions just nice music (what ever you personally would consider that to be). I believe it relaxes your mind a little and lets you take in the music in place of wondering thoughts or excessive thinking. My go to is Pandora connected to my TV via my Roku device. I can get it on within 1 minute. Hope this helps.

  • Mindfulness + Medication really have a lot of questions that needs an answer from a psychiatrist. but my psychiatrist don’t want to answer all questions. we don’t take medicines for no reason. so i wanted to make the most of it because we wanted a recovery and to be able to live a productive and fulfilling lives. we can’t stay forever this way especially we have our own obligations to fulfill. a psychotherapy and counselling + medication i believe will help us greatly improve our conditions. i wanted to know if medication can help manage the symptoms and we can still work like normal people do. if there is a chance for full recovery or its a hopeless lifelong maintenance? ������

  • What a great topic, mindfulness is huge. I want to be present in all that I am doing and to focus on myself more than everyone else. Trying to do something everyday that relaxes me. I am also trying not to speak/think negative thought about myself or others. To show others more love, grace, and mercy. And to know when to walk away when others are just sucking the life out of me and/or are just toxic but to do it kindly and respectfully.

  • Being around my kids was one way I lived life more mindfully. Just the way they see everyday life… we were rushing to get errands done; without her I wouldn’t have noticed the beautiful double rainbow in the sky… or just appreciating the colors of the sunset.


  • This is the first time I’ve had a moment of peace since I first started to show symptoms of PTSD. �� It’s been 2 years. Thank you so much.

  • I’m so tired of being like this, I feel so out of control and I’ve looked for help in so many places already… I’m afraid I’m going to ruin all of my life just because I can’t take hold of my own feelings

  • I remember years ago I was taught this but they didn’t call it mindfulness. Thank you for the pdf I see I have some things to focus on��.

  • I had two concussions last year. Making a total of four in my life. I’ve been on high alert with protecting my head. If I shake or touch it the wrong way I believe I gave myself a concussion. Extremely paranoid. Having nightmares about getting concussions. I went to see a therapist a few weeks ago and he said I’m showing signs of hypervigilance. It’s extremely draining and getting in the way of my daily activities. I’ve been on meds for years. I’ll try some of your tips and hopefully they’ll work. It may have to run its course. I don’t know.

  • My former therapist gave me an audio mindfulness body awareness and the first and only time I used it, I became hyperaware of all the emotional distress I was holding in my body. It was like focusing on different parts of my body brought different painful memories to the surface. Even remembering it brings me close to tears. In that incident I started crying, and then sobbing, and I had to stop. Since then I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to early childhood trauma as well as trauma in my late twenties/early thirties.

  • After being run down by a vehicle, I suffer this everyday. Any sound behind me sends me into panic. Diagnosed with PTSD and Hypervilliance. It’s terrible to live with. You’re on guard your whole life. And yes, you drink too much. As you said, lay back, breath, clear your mind and it will slow your heart rate down.

  • hyper vigilance sucks. i jump and get a shock when someone touches me without warning i.e shoulder, hands. and im always watchful and alert, as if im cautious of the abuse happening again.

  • Wonderful topic! I need to get back to mindful eating. Have so lost touch with doing so and tend to eat while working, in front of computer or tv. Thanks for the reminder!!

  • I think my trigger is doing nothing. Honest to god, if I sit down and go on my phone, my brain never rests but for some reason it skips over to my trauma memory. I have no idea what to combat that with other than cleaning my house 24/7

  • Thank you for this video Meghan! I just started not to use social media like i use to because its becoming more and more toxic and its giving me anxiety. I will do all the tips that you have shared.

  • My Dad taught me how to concentrate and meditate when I was very young by sitting me in front of a window and telling me to concentrate on making a cloud disappear. It helped me a lot, of course I didn’t know clouds disappeared anyway.

  • Ive been feeling soooo hypervigilant. I’ve been off my sertraline for two weeks and just started back up these three days and I’m feeling so shaky and jumpy to loud noises, like the walls are closing, when I talk my voice is shaky, I feel so nervous

  • No benzos ppl. Please. They should not be taken more than 2 to 4 weeks. Do your research. I am trying to get of them and its hell on earth.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. I wore an event monitor for 3 wks My cardiologist said he captured Sinus Tachycardia bc sometimes my heart rate would be btw 100-150 bmp. He said he wants to figure out why instead of giving me medicine to slow it down. I’m already on a beta blocker for hypertension and ativan. My body is sensitive to medicine so anti depressants would only mask the problem and give me more side effects. 2017 I was fine I had a friend that have seizures and it triggered me into worse anxiety. I want to live a normal life again sometimes I lay in bed in fear of getting up bc I don’t know when I’m gone have an episode. I really want to get in routine of positive thinking with some yoga to find my balance again. Thank you for this informative video. To trust the process even though it’s hard.

  • I just discovered your videos. I’ve been diagnosed with GAD and Depression (which is more likely dysthymia), is it rude to talk to my psychologist about the symptoms and diagnoses you mention on your channel?
    I don’t want to undermine them as the professional you know?

  • I enjoyed your discussion until you began to recommend SSRI’s Now you may have a great of training I have personal experience black box warnings on SSRI’s they destroyed my life I have had all these wicked symptoms because of these drugs! Look up Peter Breggin and Mad in America!

  • hey tracey, I was recently diagnosed as bipolar and am taking 200mg of seroquel at night 50 mg in the morning however it makes me extremely drowsy during the day and I often fall asleep during school. Is there another medication I should ask my psychiatrist about? The seroquel helps very much with my mania and a fair amount with my depression, but the drowsiness is hard to get used to. thanks for making all of these educational videosKelton

  • Lovely topic…being present in the moment is great…it totally avoids the mind focusing on unwanted stuff…Thank u very much…��content is very helpful…

  • I’m completely tapped I pretty much was borderline personality disorder c-ptsd then I took a trip down the rabbit hole hallucinating skeletons and everyone was a vampire. I could say it was a decluttering process and getting to the root of things but I’m definitely drained.

  • I have PTSD from a lifetime of pain, abuse, and loneliness from rejection. I know it’s weird but I watch your videos because you remind me of the mother I never got to have since she commited suicide before I was one year old. She looked like you somewhat which is why I like watching you talk. I’ve never heard her voice even once.

  • Thanks for your videos, Dr. Marks. I’m finding them very helpful. I have tried to download the Mindfulness Audio file, and it appears that the link is bad. Just a bunch of error messages on the page. I look forward to trying again later.

  • im always afraid of people due to being constantly bullied in kindergartenhigh school physically abused by lot of kids there and kids told me they were gonna shoot me,so im afraid of people going to attack me ect, its hard ppl scare me

  • Even thou it happened in childhood, it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Now your adult now you have to be responsibile for why you think and act like this, it doesn’t make no sense. Every medical professional should have experience in trauma related issues. Or will started to be related to only mental issues which is very vague. They would say it’s all in your head and medication is only cure for it. We need more alternative choices in healing properly from trauma.

  • , I think I have PTSD I was abused sexually and I grew up in a home where a good portion of my trauma came from even when leaving home I had People steal from me and bully me most of my life and that abuse brought me back to my home of abuse with my mom who financially abused me too it’s like I saw my mom in everyone who wronged me

  • Meghan, watching your videos is always so calming/grounding and over the last couple years being subscribed, I have learned so much from you. Thank you for everything you do! <3

  • Im dealing with my 24 year old son who overdosed on heroin 3 years ago and my husband who was schitzophrenic committing suicide 2 years ago. Will u help me please?

  • Thank God. I now know what you the correct term is for my issues growing up and almost crippling my adulthood..I always called it anxitey but it was so much more, I went on paxil and within a month I absolutely was a changed person..I finally knew what it felt like to be normal. I would t go into my childhood but, I’m aware of the why and with paxil I had the how..I took paxil for approximately 6 mnths and after I stopped taking it the effects remained..my friends at that time even remarked on the difference in myself and personality..I simply wish to share what cured me of a lifetime of crippling now I know, hyper vigilance..

  • I try meditating on and off and actually would realy like to do it more. I´m on antidepressant medication too and i´m doing great on them, slowly turning my life around. but once i start a proper meditation practice my symptoms flare up somehow. I get panic and avoidant which gets worse overtime till i get depressed. I just did 2 years of CBT so when i get anxious episodes i can navigate that ok. what could this be about? is meditation just not for me?

  • Heyz Kati i suffer complex trauma from a explosion. I seem to be on red alert alot of the time and have substance abuse as in benzos. I am going rehab to get off the sedatives as in valium and serqual anyways thanks for the videos darl Steve.. PS dont think much off Jake Paul lol

  • very well explained. i feel like i have hypervigilence from an emotionally abusive relationship. i feel like everyone can see through me and im extremely paranoid about everything. is it normal to feel like i might stand up in the middle of church service and scream or do something ive never desired to do such as act irrationally? i feel this often when i get anxious or feel like people are staring at me even if they arent. then i try to fight it and it becomes worse. pleasw help feel like my miind is going crazy. sometimes while others are trying to talk to me i get super anxious or i start thinking that they see something is wrong with me because i seem emotionless because of the intense anxiety and hypervigilnce. is that normal?

  • So pretty! Thanks for sharing. I have noticed I am great at noticing the details in the Spring, Summer and Fall but Winter is harsh and too extreme. I am dreaming of warmth and birds and long walks.

  • Love the shakey baby samba and the icing on the cake this topic. Mindful Meditation was just what I was hoping to delve into. Thanks again Ralph Smart.

  • This is a very good and relevant topic, but very difficult to practice when you’re living in the rape capital of the world. Okay, watching further now.

  • Thank you for this calming meditation. Looking forward to the next couple of days with Alo Yoga, Caley Alyssa and Andrew Sealy����

  • Good advise… A note, from my personal experience.. If you suggest to the viewers to subscribe, I as a viewer would respond better to that towards the end. At the beginning of the video, I would not be sure whether to subscribe or not because I don’t know if the material is worth it for me, but after watching, I would have a good idea if I really want to or not. Problem is, if the material is great, and I want to keep following, I might forget to do so for a variety of reasons. So, I found myself to respond better to those who remind viewers to subscribe towards the end of the video. Thanx a bunch…

  • To be honest, it’s my toddler who has been adding mindfulness to my life lately. I am suffering from high functioning depression, and most times I find myself having conversations with myself imagining am doing it with whoever i should be having the conversation with, and my toddler has been noticing a lot, and she comes, looks at me kind of questioning whom am talking to, and shakes me calling me to divert my attention. It’s been very helpful

  • What are some of everyones self soothing methods? I’m having a hard time finding one that doesnt involve food, or overloading myself with too much to do. I recognize i do a weird thing too where I buy things and think I enjoy them and then purge them later

  • I have depression, anxiety, tinnitus, asthma and ptsd. Ptsd is 10 times worse than anxiety and I couldnt look at people a few months ago or leave the house. This is a new hell i have entered and the fire is 10 times as hot

  • Hi Dr Marks! Can you do a video about dissociation/depersonalization? I have panic disorder and depression but when I spoke to my psychiatrist about these weird feelings I had she said it was called depersonalization/derealization. Is depersonalization/derealization normal during a panic attack? I feel completely out of touch with reality.

  • Hey! Missed you! It’s always great to take time for yourself and recharge yourself! I am working on living the moment, it’s hard but I am working on it. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful video! <3

  • I’m going to take in my surroundings and appreciate the moment more. I couldn’t agree with you more about feeling like you get caught up on what everyone else is doing rather than being present, grateful and enjoying your own life. I’m going to work on that too�� I hope you enjoyed your break and feel rested��

  • I Dra Tracey I just found your videos. Loved them I already subcribed. I believe in mindfullnes but at the moment is very hard to use it. For 7 years now I’ve been taking care of my toxique mother besides my other responsabilities. She is a very dificult person nothing is fine has no patione sees no good in things and so on… I think she survived because my father treated her like a queen. Fortunely I came like my father I appreciat things. My father died 7 year ago and ever since I had to take care of her… but really it is starting to burn me out. I feel sad, depressed and my feelings are getting week. Mindfullness is really weekening because I have no quiet life. She is 94 years old but she was always like that. Yes so I’m depressed I’m tired and alone in this. Still I have to on… but sometimes I do not know how to. Graça from Portugal

  • I ended up making a terrible mistake 2 months ago I ended up telling a worker my traumas when I wasn’t ready to do so not knowing the dangers of doing that and now I’m still having a hard time getting back to being ok again I just recently found out you’re not obligated to do so when did people find out that you’re not obligated to do that people always thought before that people are obligated to say or mabey people who said that were probrably just weren’t egicated in that exact topic

  • One REALLY important tip for mindfulness meditation is to NOT suppress your thoughts or emotions; just acknowledge them, give them a greeting (literally), and just move on to what you were originally focused on. Trust me, I tried suppressing my anxious thoughts as a means for mindfulness meditation and I found out the hard way how counter-intuitive that was.

  • Thank you so much for this video and the resource. I have downloaded the mindfulness audio. Mindfulness feels weird but I want to give it a try since I keep struggling with recurrent episodes of depression which I had kept at arms length ‘using’ an eating disorder. Now that is resolving somewhat, the depression feels very heavy most of the time. Like always in the corner of my vision. I do not want to try medication but know I need something. I see mindfulness as a alternative and potentially helpful type of resource. I am also trying acupuncture. Are you aware of any research into the use of acupuncture in treating depression? I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  • I know this sounds ridiculous.. but I would love to hear what you have to say about being gay or bi. Or in the lgbtq community.. as a person who is struggling knowing that family and friends wound not like me.. I’m having a hard time with it.. (I am a guy, this account is just to hide my identity)

    My dad thinks being gay, bi, etc is a mental illness.. please touch on this subject if you can! I would love to hear some advice

  • In five minutes I’m going home by foot even though it rained the whole day. Now it is not raining but in case it starts, I will just enjoy it under my umbrella-ella and be grateful for having feet to walk, healthy lungs to breathe and having a cozy home to return to at the end of the day. I already practice minimalism, optimism and gratefulness, but I also need to adopt mindfulness too, especially when I’m eating because I just love food too much I can’t stop eating it ��. Also, the way you smiled at Sean made my heart melt.❤️❤️❤️

  • Hey y’all so I gotta a question, so I have a bunch of different ages of myself kinda inside my body. They are all me but at different ages when different traumas happened. I kinda switch between them through out the day. There are these intense dissociation periods when I change to an age what does this mean and is it treatabl? I have a therapist btw and I’m going to let her know about it I’m just super confused on what’s going on in my brain and wondered if anyone else expirenced this?

  • Kati, I hope you don’t mind this here but I don’t know where else to leave this where you can see it.

    I’ve been struggling with hypervigilance, which is why I watched this in the first place, and flashbacks from when I was in school. I’m diagnosed, and I’m in therapy, but I feel like treatment has been only vaguely effective. Naturally, I do a lot of research trying to understand myself. So far, CPTSD seems to fit the bill, but just about every article I read or video I watch comes back to “when parents are abusive.” Not to invalidate anyone else’s experience, but that wasn’t my experience. My parents were “good enough”.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, could you do a video about how to handle when you (currently or previously) have a bullying situation at school, but the school administrators are reluctant to act or even overtly hostile? I’ve been trying to resolve this for a decade and a half now, and I hope hearing some advice from you will help.

    Okay, that’s enough. Thank you, Kati.

  • Dr.tracey thank you so much for this vidios because I could learn english better by them and I want to ask you for some good tips about how to study psychology becuase I would be a psychology scienteste in the futur,I hope you read my comment,I love you��

  • I’ve recently gone off my depression meds. I got tired of locking down my emotions while others around me get to run free with theirs. I’m seeing glimmers of hope with meditation but was concerned about my progress. Your information is an encouragement in staying the course! Thanks! P.S. Check out the Mindful Movement videos, too.

  • I really like how you spoke about mindfulness in a non religious way in a logical way. I’ve benefited a lot from mindfulness practice and yes, I can attest that it is very useful to help with depression and excessive rumination, especially of negative thoughts.

  • Dr. Marks I just wanted to join the body scan audion.. yet I cant access.. I just wanted to help my self because I was diagnosed that I am at the severe Depression when I Had Personality test. Pls. Help me.

  • So glad you’re back. I hope you really enjoyed the little respite. I’m going to work better at being mindful of negative self talk. I tend to be extra critical of myself and it does affect how I see myself, and it can filter down into relationships sometimes in a negative way. Thanks for your videos. You really help with lots of examples of living a better life in general.

  • I don’t have any particular triggers but that constant feeling of hypervigilance, mainly in my stomach and chest. It’s like a mix between butterflies in stomach and nausea, just a very unpleasant feeling and I doubt I will ever get rid of it. I think it’s caused by persistent traumatic experiences in my very early childhood, related to my mentally ill mother. There has never been a chance for a solid foundation of safety to be built.

  • I have been on and off medication for depression and anxiety for several years; however, when I sew, quilt, paint, and draw, I think I go into this mindful state, especially sewing. Every stitch is a prayer for my own health and wellness as well as others I love. Same thing when I walk, hike, bike, and ski.����‍♀️

  • I need to start with my mindfulness morning meditation, I really feel that when I do it’s help me a lot. Thank you so much Meghan for all your videos, I enjoy them so much and I also learn a lot with them. ����

  • Its really sad ive developed depression over time but had anxiety forever my depression really just comes and goes but everything together i have this bad habit of gritting my teeth and even clenching just to one side so bad i developed tmj talk about consistently EXHAUSTED

  • I like mindfulness but still needs med. mindfulness however has helped me a lot.
    Thank you so much for your videos. You are so smart..

  • This can also be caused from chronic stress disorder. Being in a state of stress for so long that you never have really “calmed down” from the ORIGINAL stress way back whenever it occurred and you just have back-to-back stress. Your body in my needs a break from this or you will constantly be on high alert so to speak.

  • You help so much! I love and enjoy you videos, they’re so greatly appreciated. You really show different ways of regaining that inner peace I thought lose on a daily lol ��☺️�� ready to dive deep & catch these waves ����

  • It was actually very difficult for me to control the breath and to not feel out of breath. Great exercise and loved the calmness of the video. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

  • Dr. Marks, what do you think about involuntary commitment for suicidality, and its impacts on patient trust?

    I tend to think locking someone up for 3 days and charging them thousands of dollars per day is less than helpful for depression. I now know that I can’t tell my doctors/therapists if I feel suicidal, which just sucks.

  • As a channeler who’s going through the hardest year of my life you have helped so much and I can’t express that enough. Love you Ralph and all deep divers. Namaste.

  • Despite the frenzy around mindfulness now, I always had my doubts around the effectiveness, and haven’t seen any complexing scientific discussion around it. Thank you very much for changing my view about it.

  • Thank you for your professional opinion on this matter! I appreciate what you do to help others and bringing the topic of mindfulness up.

  • I got a Yorkie dog to help with my PTSD. I was using alcohol to numb out the pain that I was experiencing from PTSD. The nightmares were unbearable and I still get night sweats on and off. I have to take high dosages of medication to help with the depression. It’s debilitating, but meds help tremendously.

  • hopefully someone sees this. i have had depression for 9 years now. after the first year i started going to cbt once weekly, 2 years in started with medication and psychiatry. i’ve changed doctors and psychologists when no advance has been made for years( once or twice, i do have people who know me now) but still, no betterment. what can i do? also have gone through mindfulness training

  • I hate the word “wallow”, it sounds like being blamed and shamed for your sickness. It’s like saying she’s just wallowing in her cancer.

    (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that creates a pleasurable sensation).
    “I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel”

    she seems to wallow in her self-pity”

  • If you feel like your mind is too busy to meditate this active, standing meditation might resonant:


  • I can’t enjoy any normal things any more and see everything as pointless and fake. Everything is just a distraction how people are doing talking and thinking annoys me. I don’t know If I can hang out with my normal friends and go to work or school, because it seems as distraction and an illusion. Please help me.

  • Great video Dr. Marks! Very informative. Also is it possible to make a video about why our diagnosis can change sometimes? I know of 3 people who started out with Bipolar Disorder who eventually developed Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia. It worries me because I’m unsure how often this happens. Any input on your end would be greatly appreciated!

  • Thank you Ralph for caring.
    Mme time to go Iinward and connect with Nnature/ natural grounding and D-divination of self to allow F-free thinking Uundo the stress and love your life.

  • I love passing time with relaxation by doing prayer, washing my hair or watching Keeping up with the Kardashians that show is so relaxing to me. I love their family unity and the love.

  • Very interesting topic! I have been practicing mindfulness for about 2/3 years and it’s changing my life, making it more happier and richer �� Personally I use a “bell timer” that rings every hour and when it rings a return to my breath! So simple but so powerful! ��

  • I’ve recently found a weekly Vinyasa Yoga class. I love how the yoga teacher started her recent class with a guided awareness meditation based on the 3 As: Approach, attitude, awareness… I’me determined to keep up the class as I could feel myself getting better during my postures. Having the right approach and attitude and awareness enabled me to hold my balance and focus on the postures properly, correctly and confidently.

  • Thank you for another great video!:) I love your content, attitude, and approach to these topics.

    Would you ever consider doing a video covering Paranoid Personality Disorder and how people can support loved ones living with it? I have very strong suspicions that my boyfriend may meet almost all of the criteria of this based on very consistent and pervasive behavioral patterns. It breaks my heart to see him be so distressed all the time and have no idea how to help him through it in a way he will believe that Im being genuine. This has become very detrimental to his functioning and overall wellbeing and it is negatively affecting all of his social relationships. It is particularly important for me to learn how to approach this because I am someone who lives with schizoaffective disorder and I am worried about how his paranoia about people is triggering my own paranoia and fueling some of my own delusions. If he indicates that he is sure someone is untrustworthy, my knee-jerk reaction is to see this through the lens of my own anxieties and question whether they will inevitably hurt me too by spying on me, recording me, or trying to murder me. It seems that there isnt as much content on the internet as there is about some of the other personality disorders so I was wondering if you would be interested in offering your perspective and insights on this condition so I can be enlightened on information I may not know about otherwise.

  • Your videos are so calming. I was doing well with my mindfulness but my mother passed away recently and I have my way and I feel so lost. Glad you had a lovely break.

  • This was very very helpful. My psychiatrist yers ago once told me something very helpful. He said “when you’re washing your hands wash your hands. Focus all your senses on it. And it’s the same whatever you do. Whatever you do, focus on the textures, sensations, and put all your attention on it. Whenever someone says something, focus on it if you’re life depends on it.” Man was that helpful. Thank you Dr Marks. Really appreciate the science behind how our mind works. Very grateful for these videos. Susan

  • this is a serious comment…..how do i stop ruminating…..when the very thing that is designed to help……is thinking!!!!!!!!..Im now ruminating about ruminating no escape

  • Look I don’t really know where else to leave this but I saw a video of yours on bipolar and hypersexuality I was diagnosed with this and major depressive disorder and lately I’ve been having constant suicidal thoughts, confusion, so much negativity I feel so lost I don’t know where to get help I don’t think even psych hospitals accept me anymore can some one please help me

  • Mindfulness gets easier with practice, like tennis, video games or cooking. Repetition strengthens and confirms. So much better than isolation and avoidance.

  • Hi Dr Tracy �� I was wondering if you could educate us (Me) about EMDR therapy? My therapist recommend it but I would like your opinion ����
    Either way, Thank You

  • Hello. I do not have access to you website. I’m from Serbia, Europe. Your videos help me a lot. I would like to download mindfulness app.
    Thank you.

  • As part of my treatment for severe depression, I am in the process of teaching myself how to practise mindfulness and just being positive no matter what; and I honestly feel so much better already. Haven’t had a really bad depressive day for so long and I am able to finally sleep and even socialize! My psychotherapist feels I may not even need antidepressants after all because my progress is amazing so far.

  • Thank you so so much for this wonderful experience! I suffer from anxiety and this was so helpful!! Can’t wait to try the rest of the videos!!

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  • (Ways to master mindfulness meditation)
    1. Lose judgement towards your thoughts and feeling. Instead, accept those thoughts and feeling.
    2. Be at the present moment right now. Do not think about the past or the future.
    3. Focus only on your inner body. Do not focus elsewhere.
    4. Say to yourself, “Not my business” whenever someone/something threatens you.
    5. Tune into one sense at a time. Focus first on your listening, then seeing, then feeling, then tasting, and then smelling.
    6. Remove any noise whenever your meditating.
    7. Focus on your breath if you’re doing deep meditation by breathing for 4 seconds, then holding your breath for 4 second, and then let go of your breath for 4 seconds

  • I am so happy that you incorporate mindfulness into your practice. And I am so grateful that you did this video. What many do not understand, is that once you become mindful of your thoughts, you are able to better handle the many things life WILL throw at you…including the kitchen sink. I have went beyond MBSR and now pass the education and “insight” needed to maintain my mindfulness to my children. The great thing about mindfulness is you can become a “positive and uplifting” virus that infects everyone around you in a good way, rather than being a “negative and toxic” virus that can make your surroundings and those around you darker. Some people who were in very challenging conditions and situations that most of us could not imagine were able to maintain their mindfulness where they do not dwell on the past or the future. They were able to keep their mind from the feeling of hopelessness and despair…even though they were surrounded by it. We need more of you! Thanks again for your work!

  • I have a question, hoping someone can offer me answer.When I sleep at night and doing my mediation (imagine light of universe run through my body or myself dissolve/ breaking apart and becoming as part of universe’s darkness). I am consciously awake, and knowing my eyes are closed, but I sometimes see strange objects appear in the plain darkness or in my room moving around me such as: partial limb, furnatures flying or a person that body made of objects walk twards me. These things are not evil and do not give me fear or terror. But I don’t kow what they are.

  • As homemaker how can I be responsible and ignorent at times while managing my family each person is different difficult to keep everyone happy for eg.. if one person is happy with my solution or suggestions other feel bad

  • Being mindful with little things around us makes us concentrate and realize more what we have. Couldn’t agree with you more that check in with ourselves makes us realize to take action. this lock down has made me realize the value of mindfulness and i can totally relate with all of these points. You are so inspiring and love your soothing vibe in every video.

  • I definitely need to practice living and being in the here and now… I stay in my own head instead of enjoying what’s right in front of me. ������

  • For a REAL simple way to be more mindful without meditation, see this quick tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW8tHFiTVNY. It’s changed my life and is fast, easy and fun!:-)

  • Right when i said “not my business”, two ads came up �� like universe was challenging me ������ and i rolled my eyes saying “nope, not my business!!” Lots of distractions indeed ����

  • I’m so jumpy but not when I’m in bed lol. And yeah I’ve got ptsd anxiety and I tell myself I’m paranoid even though a therapist said she doesn’t think I’m paranoid. The brain is so confusing.

  • I want to eat and eat only while I’m doing it. Trying to fight the urge to read something or watch something while I eat is tough but when I do it it’s amazing. Thank u for the video! ��

  • I just started a job and I’m only a few days in.ive had untreated PTSD since 97 after my head injury from being bit by a car.im not on any medication and usually I have bad reactions from any SSRI and it’s just getting to be very hard on me. I have no choice but to work at the moment and it’s starting to be a problem. I always feel like I’m not liked or I’m doing something wrong or someones talking about me.i hate it �� I recently lost my mom April 24th of this year and she was a huge support for me and now shes gone. I’m so lost and I’m to the point in going to just quit the job and just going homeless

  • Is it possible to have bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder? What would that look like? Ive experienced for a long time a lack of understanding in peoples emotions or an inability to feel for them or even understand them. I have issues finding wrongdoing that in things ive done unless I am depressed and I have just general boredom with most people and things unless im manic. I only really feel intense emotion when I am manic or depressed. I am very confused about this and it would mean a lot for your insight.

  • I’ve had PTSD for several months. The mains symptom/problem that bothers me is I’m always on guard & my eyeballs rotate to the corner of my eye ( I can’t look straight) so when I’m sitting down next to someone it’s as if I’m looking at them with the corner of my eyes sideways but I can’t help it! It’s hard to explain. It’s not strabism ( even though initally I thought it was). I couldn’t explain it to anyone bcoz I didnt know what’s it’s called. I’ve now realised it’s called being hypervigilant! It’s soooo frustrating!

  • Hey Ralph on July 9 I been fasting for months I’m mainly vegan I don’t like eating meat, milk, etc I began manifesting to universe I remember watching a video that religion is fake and manipulated generations so the universe gave me a dvd of Jesus Christ church donation delivery and I threw it alway

    I had an encounter a dream were this person came to my house and knocked at my door

    I was frightened I peeked at the window and I saw this African person Idk who he is he was naked and dressed like a slave with blue chains
    I was extremely scared

    I was sleeping alone at the house no one was inside so I opened the door and I screamed at the person who are you

    It looked like he was giving me a message using his hands

    I felt shevering I was shaking and I felt extremely cold the dream felt so real when I woke up it was day time and the dream occurred during day time

    But the 1 st dream I had I remember receiving a message form the universe I was in a beautiful beach and all of a sudden it turned dark very dark filled with stars and a voice told me that I had to save humanity or people but I refused and told the voice that I could not becuase I was scared and hopeless becuase I know the matrix and the world is governed by new world orders of powerful governments

    Ralph can u please translate this message of dream to me idk what the universe wants to tell me

  • im so high and and my thoughts’ ideas get denied by the reality and then i wrote ”how to overcome denial thoughts when your ideas arent possible”

  • Dr.Marks, I have been reading recently about ketamine and it’s use for depression. Does it work for bipolar disorder? How does it work and is it safe? Will insurance typically cover this treatment? I have been practicing mindfulness and have found that moderately successful. I wonder if it also causes the physical changes in the brain that ketamine does?

  • My childhood experiences taught me to hide the hypervigilance reactions and keep them inside. Pain and fear reactions only brought on more abuse. My abuser (father) enjoyed the reactions. Being stoic and giving no reaction ended the torture sooner. As an adult, wherever I went, I kept track of all exits and the fastest route out. Hypervigilance is exhausting. One day, after years of being out of that house, I just plain gave up the hypervigilance. I’m just too tired to carry that on.

  • I learned the breathing as a 1,2,3/3,6,9. In, hold, let out. It brings more oxygen to the blood and can really help to wake you up. The breathing out is essential. We don’t normally breath all the air out of our lungs. The long breath out allows for any toxins in the breath to be released fully.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2GSBia5wRw&list=PLxEegmkXPa-g79ofXtyRwre229nAdhRw4&index=24&t=0s

    i love his practicallity ‘)
    also, there is a difference between breath awareness and TRYING to breathe.