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6 Things Your Health Data Says About You 1. Weight. Weight is largely influenced by what you eat, as well as how much you exercise. With that said, factors like 2. Fat Mass. Determining your fat mass is important because it helps add context to the amount you weigh. Fat takes up 3. BMI.

The. Your Health Data Isn’t as Safe as You Think Silicon Valley’s rush into the health-care business is challenging the antiquated protections of Americans’ medical histories. Don’t panic! Visible blood in stool doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer.

In fact, it’s more likely that you have hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in your anus or lower rectum, says. 6 Things A Pathologist Knows About Your Health From An Autopsy; 6 Things Your Height Says About Your Health; What Period Color Blood Says About Your Health; The Heart Disease Risk You Don’t Know. Body temperature is easy to measure and it can tell you a surprising amount about your health. It does take some patience – sometimes a week or two of measuring regularly before you get any data you can use – but it takes 30 seconds and it’s free, so take a look at 4 ways you can use it to learn about your health. Here’s what your nails say about your health: 1. Dry, Cracked or Brittle.

Dry, cracked or brittleness are indicative of exposing your hands to frequent water submersion. If you’re a dishwasher, diver, fisherman, or swimmer, you’ve likely experienced this symptom on occasion. So get to know your resting heart rate —and what’s normal for you —through the Fitbit app and then learn how it can help inform your health. 6 Things Your Resting Heart Rate Can Tell You. You’re Not Active Enough A normal resting heart rate for the average adult is 60 to 100 beats per minute (bpm) or 40 to 60 bpm for highly conditioned.

6 Fascinating Things It Says About Your Health If You Scar Easily. By Lauren Schumacker. Updated: Sep. 6, 2019. Share.

Chances are pretty good that you’ve gotten a scar at least once in your life. Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/FactsVerse Image Credits. 6 Things Your Partner’s Penis Can Tell You About His Health Lumps, bumps, swelling, curves—you need to know what his penis is trying to tell him.

By Jenna Birch.

List of related literature:

Nottingham Health Profile The Nottingham Health Profile (NHP; Hunt et al 1980) includes 38 true/false items measuring six domains (mobility, pain, energy, sleep, emotional reactions, and social isolation) and an optional second part that includes additional items about sex, work, hobbies, and social relationships.

“Wall & Melzack's Textbook of Pain E-Book” by Stephen B. McMahon, Martin Koltzenburg, Irene Tracey, Dennis Turk
from Wall & Melzack’s Textbook of Pain E-Book
by Stephen B. McMahon, Martin Koltzenburg, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Michalos et al. (2000) in a large-scale survey have shown that general health, vitality, body mass, health worries, and stress account for 56% of the variance in health satisfaction, and that general health is the strongest predictor of the set.

“The Psychology of Quality of Life: Hedonic Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eudaimonia” by M. Joseph Sirgy
from The Psychology of Quality of Life: Hedonic Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eudaimonia
by M. Joseph Sirgy
Springer Netherlands, 2012

In a 1999 survey of consumer attitudes toward health privacy, three out of four people reported that they had significant concerns about the privacy and confidentiality of their medical records (Forrester Research, 1999).

“Beyond the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Enhancing Privacy, Improving Health Through Research” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Care Services, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Health Research and the Privacy of Health Information: The HIPAA Privacy Rule, Lawrence O. Gostin, Laura A. Levit, Sharyl J. Nass
from Beyond the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Enhancing Privacy, Improving Health Through Research
by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Care Services, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2009

In Column 2, tick the six statements which are the most important aspects of being healthy to you.

“Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.” by Moonie
from Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.
by Moonie
Pearson Education, 2005

Researchers found that handbook users were significantly more likely to receive “all three kinds of medical tests and … information on five or more health education topics,” even after adjusting for confounders (Kitabayashi et al., 2017, p. 2161).

“Crossing the Global Quality Chasm: Improving Health Care Worldwide” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Health Care Services, Board on Global Health, Committee on Improving the Quality of Health Care Globally
from Crossing the Global Quality Chasm: Improving Health Care Worldwide
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2019

The Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II has been used to collect data from diverse samples, which adds to the scale validity.

“Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice” by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
from Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice
by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

More than 80% of these users have sought information on health top­ics.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

Fortunately, RHIE analysts kept detailed records on each person, including a dozen or more measurements under each category of physical health, mental health, social health, and general health index.

“The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition” by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
from The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition
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I do not prefer to share the data that shows my health status with others.

“Electronic Services: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Electronic Services: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
by Management Association, Information Resources
Information Science Reference, 2010

This collection and storage can cover quite a large definition of personal health information and data.

“Springer Handbook of Medical Technology” by Rüdiger Kramme, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Robert Steven Pozos
from Springer Handbook of Medical Technology
by Rüdiger Kramme, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Robert Steven Pozos
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Phew. That might have been the fastest we ever made a video. Literally working day and night. A huge challenge in talking about Corona was that the science is ongoing. So we put in extra special care to have good sources for this video and will update them in the coming weeks and months. Check them out here: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcescorona

    We could not have made this video without experts who took time in one of the busiest periods of their own careers. A huge thanks especially to Dr James Gurney and Dr Max Roser of Our World in Data for helping us make sure the video was as accurate as it could be in a situation that is changing daily.

    Also a big shoutout to https://ourworldindata.org/ – the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems – and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic. Working together with them over the years has been a delight.

    Ok. We are very tired and are going to take a nap now. Stay healthy!

  • “But the main reason why we want you to wear a mask is to protect me, from you, and the particles from your respiratory system, from getting into my respiratory system. “Everybody, this is literally a matter of life or death, So when you’re out public, please wear a mask.” Bill Nye 2020

  • if you encounter a monster in your dream, you can do the following:
    1. Fly away
    2. Teleport away
    3. Noclip away
    4. Get your Uno reverse card
    5. Spawn a shotgun
    6. Call help to your mom with a sandal or dad with a belt
    7. Take Schrezopenia Pills
    8. Delete them
    9. Ask the server owner to ban them
    10. Improvise in your current situation
    11. Give up and prepare to be dinner

  • I get so overwhelmed by info in your videos. Can you do like short break downs of exactly what to do/try? I want to try thyroid hormone but not sure what i need?

  • Have you tried Tyromix by Idealabs? I like it, good ratio of T4/T3 at 2:1. I did the math and 2 drops equal around 1/4 grain of NDT. I do this twice a day so I get roughly the equivalent of a 1/2 grain per day. Makes me relaxed and kind of warm. Taking it with vitamin E is even more powerful. I think I remember Ray saying people use to get around 1/2 grain from just eating ground meat and sausages before they started removing the thyroid gland. So I do this to replicate the missing thyroid we use to get in diet.

  • Really bad video. Many of these graphs were not misleading at all. The one were the x-axis suddenly changes scale was a clear example of misleading the reader. Because you think global warning is a serious problem does not make the first of the two graphs invalid or wrong in any way at all. Its perfectly OK to represent the facts in a way that supports your point of view. Its an individual choice we all make how to illustrate facts to highlight our arguments. People need to read graphs correctly just as they need to understands the texts they are reading. And people are btw even worse at understanding statistics.

  • There’s something about mental health problems that people just cannot understand unless the problem is theirs. So all I have to say is, don’t waste your breath and discuss it only with professionals.

  • Great video! You are definitely someone I am thankful for the influence you have had over my life!
    By the way, not related to this video maybe but it would be interesting to hear your opinion on food replacements such as Huel and Soylent? Nutrition wise they seem like good options for when you are in a hurry and the ingredients seem to be from good sources like pea protein, flax seed etc.

  • This is gold! Ive let supplements creep back into my life and am experiencing allergic reactions, food is always the best source and i love cooking!

  • Nothing changed between quarantine and my normal summer I’m just on the computer playing and working on homework. Well besides face masks when shopping and stuff

  • I recently discovered your channel and it´s amazing how much you know, really glad I did it. When you talk about your past diets and struggles it feels like we had (I still have) some simillar difficulties.

    I started the carnivore diet for the same reason (thinking that everything else makes me react) then I discovered that it was bacterial or fungal overgrowth and I started to use a lot natural fighting infection substances such as oregano oil, spices, salts, clay, act. charcoal, and I seem to tolerate better raw dairy (at least cheese is perfectly fine now and maybe some yogurt) milk makes me run to the bathroom if it´s too much but not as bad as it used to.

    The sad thing it´s that I still breakout (with acne) if I eat a considerable amount of carbs of any kind, anyway I eat raw honey and some raw dairy cause doesn´t feel good to eat only meat 0 carb, despite it makes me break out a little. I´m kind of stuck or maybe I´m healing very slowly, I do feel better compared to some months before. I don´t really want to try laboratory antibiotics by now haha.
    PD: Congratulations for being so smart and dedicated regarding to health, you are ahead of almost every person I´ve seen (If not all) in the health department.

  • Here’s A Tip Check If The Bar Chart Is Linear, Or Logrimathic It’s Important. Logrimathic Charts Go Like 10, 100, 1000, 10000. Linear Ones Go Like 100, 200, 300, 400.

  • Sport is the best antidepressant in my opinion it gives you exercise, relieves stress, forces you to speak to people and simply gets you out there for a start

  • What would be a good alternative to orange juice to get the benefits of nutrients, especially magnesium? I live in India, where oranges are too expensive to include in a regular diet. And they are available in the market in abundance through out the year.

  • I don’t understand people who buy stuff they don’t need/ can’t afford. Sure, showing off might give your ego some satisfaction, but is it worth putting yourself in that position? I don’t think so. I’ve always thought being a minimalist would result in less stress. I love you Scooby, thanks so much for being such a genuine guy.

  • I suffered 30 years of depression. On meds for 20 of those years. Finally discovered that things I was eating and even things I wasnt eating were the most significant factor. I wish more people would look more often at the most obvious source of mental and physical health problems, and that’s what we put in and on our bodies. I found that milk, cheese, a preservative called potassium sorbate (found in lots of foods and even drinks), and too much sugar were all having dramatic effects on me. I’ve cut out, caffeine, most sugar, milk, cheese and pretty much all processed food and feel so much better.

    Definitely have a ook at your diet if you are suffering depression and mood related issues.

  • Regarding point 2; I’ve spent hours trying to buy penicillin online in the UK, but could not find an over the counter anti-biotic here. I have settled for something called Propolis, an anti-bacterial agent collected by bees, making beehives some of the most sterile natural environments around, despite ideal bacterial growth conditions (a warm environment with very high humidity). The reviews seem great overall too, fingers crossed it has the same effect in my digestive environment!

  • Great vid. I’d add:
    -When cooking for yourself, track your appetite and eat a variety of dishes. I fell into the rut of making the same two or three dishes out of convenience, and it made eating at home unappetizing and probably incomplete nutritionally
    -Prepare to explain to everyone why you’re eating the way you are. And prepare for some people to be critical of you. If you’re well-studied it’s easier to stand your ground, and even win over some
    -And I’ll just echo your oyster/liver sentiment. Eating 4oz of liver everyday for breakfast totally revitalized my skin and hair. Oysters on standby following sexual activity is huge too. I’d always notice my skin and hair brittle the day after sex. Upped my zinc game and fixed it. Seems to be especially important as I get older

  • Good Evening, I have used a clip of your video, with the credits and the link to your channel in my homework [.ppt], am I allowed to do so?

  • But NOW people in America be like
    Nah bruh mask kill you
    nah bruh after i die i will go to heaven

    Charles Darwin: Natural selection will decide

  • oof, the amount of comments getting mad at the US for having bad reaction time and stuff, even though there are tons of recorded cases where false positives were being created to give the state more relief funding. I still remember the story where the nurses in an inner city hospital sent a completely unused test kit to be tested, and it came back positive. The politicians are blowing up numbers and making us all look bad just for some more money.

    P.S. The US also didn’t even react poorly to the disease, there were tons of things put in place by Trump like the China travel ban, and more, but apparently even with all that was done, we did poorly.

  • Wake up!!!!!!!!!!! WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM are playing GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ` COVID-19 THE GREAT RESET`
    intelligence. weforum. org ***** Google it ****

  • I LOVE your videos! I want to show this to my 2nd Graders, but I don’t think they would understand the language. If you ever make videos for a younger crowd I would love to show them!

  • “A slow pandemic will not be remembered by the history books” lol!
    We’ve done what we were told to slow it down. Yet my kids will talk about COVID-19 for the rest of their lives because our reaction to it will affect our society for at least 100 years.

  • I cannot believe how many dislikes this video has. This video is so enlightening though arrogance has to shine through somehow. Tsk tsk.

  • Hello again Danny.
    This may not pertain to the video..and it will be cringy in nature haha.
    I was wondering if you could touch on whether masturbation, as a male, has any negative affects on hair or causes hair loss out right.
    I’ve always wanted to not do it, but if I could hear from one who has done the research himself, it may be what I needed to quit outright.
    Have a good one

  • I have the same issues with milk as you described you had earlier.

    Did you use Phenoxymethylpenicillin? (As I understand that’s the same thing as penicillin vk?)
    Can I ask what dose?


  • Looking at people who don’t believe in it, I’m okay with it. If they die because of the thing they don’t believe in, I don’t see the down side. Less “humans” to worry about if you can call people who draws conclusions first, then stringing the evidence together that

  • This fits so perfectly now. It’s like the deaths from covid. Almost all deaths are people 80 years old. Average life expectancy is 72 to 75. Yet the media is trying to make it seem like everyone is going to die from it.

  • ADVICE & SUGGESTIONS: Please thumbs up if you like.

    I would like to share and hopefully this will help some folks.

    Suggestions (from someone with it) heres some things that have helped me cope with depression a bit…
    >Doing 15min meditation in the morning, positive affirmations = Resets your day, i use an app, “Today is another opportunity not to repeat the same cycles as before”
    >Exercise: walk, weights, gym = gets energy moving, feel good
    >Make an online to do list = ask a friend to monitor, keep on track
    >Good Food = ask a friend to shop with you
    >Do one thing to help you body, 1 thing to improve your environment, 1 thing on your to do list per day… thats it

    Describing the symptoms, what its like imo:
    I liken depression to unresolved frustration. Its not just sadness, its lack of motivation. I dont have a problem in doing things, its finding the “start button”. It like a marble on a plate, i spend my days trying to come to balance, to a resting point. I now realise its also like sound wave, i know when i about to go down into the rut and let it happen for couple of days, i give in, then I come out of it quicker. I used to think this was going to last forever, thankfully I now realise its not.

    … all symptoms of Fear. What do i fear? What would love do in this situation?

    Worst thing the state or friends can do is assume “how can we get people out of it”… this imposes pressure. Its not about snapping out of it. I recon its better to seek tool sets. Depression is not something you just get over, like you never get over your parents dying. You just make it part of life with coping mechanisms. Worst thing is to pressurise a depressed person out of it, instead of offering things.

    Likewise quacks and their medications, all this does it “suspend” someone. Its not teaching them how to move forwards. If you need levelling out then go to drugs, if you need to move forwards talk to a friend, so that the emotional charge becomes less and it becomes your “story”. Seek coping mechanisms from spiritual/self help books. I mostly boils down to look after yourself just a little bit each day.

    Hope this helps. Said with love, kieron

  • Mostly good points. The Vitamin A in liver can be too much for those who readily convert retinol equivalents from alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. The iron in liver can be too much for those who already eat ruminant meat daily and do not donate blood regularly.

  • Im pretty sure you will get a lot of those letters Scooby, this one going to you from Brazil.
    Thank you, your channel is new to me, but I really changed by it, thank you sir!

  • So my family finally found a reliable farmer at our farmers market and there fruits have been consistently sweet, it was as you said candy! I would always tell myself do not go to Whole Foods or an equivalent because I would be wasting money on inferior food.

  • Great video Danny! What antibiotic do you think would be the best one and how do you get it without a prescription in the US? Thanks, keep up the great work!

  • Enjoyed this video, and also enjoy your live streams. We (my husband and I) have similar vegan Carnivore past history. We wrote several books some of which we’ve since unpublished! While I was visiting my mom this summer, he was reading Ray Peat’s articles about fructose, then following the trail of references for further research. While we never went full zero carb, we were close. We both have our various issues we are still healing, esp. dealing w/ gut health, but psoriasis for my husband as well. It’s liberating to get free of the authoritarian binary con, and quite amazing to now speak w/ certain ‘authorities’ we know, like a medical doctor/teacher at UCLA doing research on plant-based and macrobiotic diets for healing cancer++ are quick to call orange juice ‘pure poison’ and taking aspirin to be totally disregarded. Seemingly intelligent people who refuse to take in new data. Thanks for all your work. I am writing an e-book to be published soon, Meats & Sweets, and will link to your channel (and Ray Peat) in the resources. While I do take thyroid, I’ve yet to try the antibiotic approach for healing the gut, other than the food base or herbal options. Helpful to hear you outline these points. Thanks!

  • Interesting to hear more about antibiotics here. But how do we know if we need them or not and if we do, what type? Can you do a video all about antibiotics or if not, maybe there’s some information you can point me to?

  • Danny what do u think of onions?
    Also taking T3 bits theoughout the day like Peat says in order to raise metabolism? will it mess my thyroid out or jus raise it im so confused omg thank u

  • With milk, dr greger has a video on bovine leukemia virus, pretty convincing. I would never touch milk. Coconut milk is such an easy alternative.

  • In general the virus have protein coat but in this video there is lipid envelope present in covid19
    Should you please elaborate.!!!!

  • So I do enjoy your experimentation but some of this seems to be based on nothing. General thyroid supplementation? Anecdotal benefits of supplements absorbed through skin? General antibiotic use? Seems like your taking a lot of shots in the dark, which is understandable but I think it’s harmful to just assume and guess and then to suggest it to other people.

  • Brilliant! One cup of chopped parsley provides 1.230 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K by an individual, so I think its a good Idea instead of taking any supplement, what do you think? Cheers!

  • Medications do not work it is a cycle that people try and make you think you can be cured. That is bullshit! once you have you have it for life. I have heard all the lies

  • and as for therapy: it doesn’t work at least in the talking about your feelings, infact it only makes it worse. By focusing on your problems you only end up making those brain pathways more prominent. unfortunately this is what most therapy is today.

  • Hey, why do you take aspirin as a supplement? What are the metabolic benefits? Great video! I just got turned on to Ray Peat a couple days ago

  • I haven’t had a dream since 2016 or before. I do remember the dream. It felt so real I could touch everything and feel it. I couldn’t tell if it was real. I tried doing something I couldn’t do in real life. Like putting my hand through something or flying. It didn’t work. Apparently I did find out it was fake. I saw this really scary gang. It was slender men and a bunch of other like “scary” people. They chased. They stabbed me with a sword. It felt real. I felt it go numb. It was numb with pain. I don’t remember what happened LIKE ANYTHING that happened in 2016 or before. I have a scar on my side but it was just bc my side got hurt while i was dreaming. But I didnt have anything sharp. Im scared i dont know. I work up and couldn’t ove but I saw people moving and watching me. They looked at me. They where my best friends but they had axes through their heads. I haven’t dream’t since then. Thank you for your time.

  • More than 0.01% of the total population is already dead from the coronavirus this is actually bad they need to find a cure quickly or else the numbers will continue to rise

  • In my opinion we need to focus more on the physical aspects of depression. We should be calling it brain health not mental health. Very few people even think about what the mind is and seem to assume depression is purely about input (memories or experiences) rather than healthy brain processing. The meds people take for depression affect the brain physically.

  • Hi Danny, thanks for this really helpful video. I’m also dealing with a lot of digestive issues and I’m convinced that this is caused by bacterial overgrowth, like it was with you. However, I’ve also read and heard so much stuff about how bad antibiotics are that I’m a bit worried about taking them. Is there any video or blog post where you (or Ray Peat) go more into the details about this topic? (The risks, the research, which antibiotics are one should take, and how often, and in what dosages, etc.)

  • Thanks for the video Danny. What it’s like living down in sunny San Miguel? Do you ever feel lonely living in San Miguel with the language barrier?

  • in a hold month i had lucid nightmares and it was all the same monster that came to eat me i remember some of them i was like 6 years old it stopped when my mom spend a little time by my bed in like 10 minuts ut they came back at my fathers house devortion

  • me having a lucid nightmare creepy girl in the cornor of my room: “Creepy Laughter” me:Sup qt come sit wit me then i ended up having sex with my demon like for part 2:D

  • Random question, I saw you post canned Longan. Where can I find this canned fruit? I see some online, but the shipping fee is very expensive.

  • Why aren’t we hearing about countless thousands of homeless people dying from Covid from not wearing a mask, not social distancing and not keeping clean??

  • Hate to say it, but rule 1 should be that 2 qts of milk and 2 qts of orange juice a day is really not doable for 80% of people without jumping through a lot of hoops that maybe they don’t want to do.

  • My favorite misleading statistic is “More people are killed by vending machines than by sharks per year”.
    Yeah, that’s correct, but you have to consider that vending machines 1) spend much more time around people and 2) are often shaken violently by people trying to get snacks to fall out.

  • Great. I have been in the ray peat community for 1 and half years. And It took me so long to get back to my gut issues and less supplements.
    Doxycycline and other kuinones don’t feel good for me. But I encourage people to try different kinds of bacteriophages!!
    They have helped me tremendously.

  • For anyone reading this comment, as superb as all of this information is, if you don’t want to have to absorb endless tomes of complicated information, just clear a free month in your life and do a 30-40 day distilled water and/or urine fast. About as close a thing to a panacea that exists. Full body reset.

  • Hi Scooby your idea of taking up a new hobby is a great idea, apart from exercising I’ve always wanted to learn more languages so that’s what I’ll do,many thanks friend,greetings from London,England

  • I\’m not sure but, if anyone else need to find out cure of depression try Nevolly Depression Remover Nerd ( do a google search )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  • bro istg i dreamed the sickest movie with character development drama action. it was like a samurai yakuza movie but then i woke up when my character got hit by a train

  • Depression is the unhappy me, which recreates himself through the bad story of the past, which is reapeated over and over. It needs the identification with the thoughts and the sadness. so the thoughts come from the sadness and enforce the sadness. there is no medication for sadness and telling yourself bad stories in your mind to your self and identify with it…

  • Don’t forget to “like” and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! http://bit.ly/ytubesub

    00:00 Introduction: How I Got to Ray Peat
    01:07 Part I: Collect Self-Metrics & Find The Best Information Available
    02:53 Part II: Antibiotic Foods, Sporebiotics & Safe Pharma Antibiotics
    05:31 Part III: Source Sweet Juicy Fruits & Avoid Tart, Sour & Unripe Rruits
    07:34 Part IV: Adopting a Judicious Attitude Towards Supplements
    09:12 Part V: The Irreplaceable Value of Ruminant Liver & Oysters
    10:51 Part VI: Learning to Cook is a Necessary Skill

  • You shouldn’t forget colors. We automatically assume that for example green or blue vs red means the latter is worse. Flipping these can make it seem that the opposite of reality is true. Even if you read the labels, it’s still very confusing and your brain takes a minute to actually read the data.

  • Scooby you are one hell of an awesome, inspiring mentor! Up there with Jordan Peterson. Hats off to you sir for sharing your knowledge

  • This is not a virus! How many people do you know in your lifetime that get a cold or Flu when it is 90+ degrees outside. Doesn’t happen EVER! Pull your heads out of your asses and don’t except the premiss the Lame stream media government and public health officials are giving you. FIVE-G is the cause of the symptoms, we are being poisened with radiation and fear. All the measures they are recommending are harmful to every aspect of our life and immune system and our economy.

  • A way to eat liver is to cut it in small pieces and add it to the soups. Or slightly cook it with a bit of fermented cheese as gorgonzola at the end. Then put on traditionally prepared bread. Delicious and less “liver-tasty”.

  • This woman is a myopic hack, and she just maintains the party line on depression, especially by characterizing it as a medical illness. That’s just one, very narrow, way of viewing it.

  • Being lactose intolerant isn’t from bacteria infection. Its from your body not producing lactase enzyme. 70% of the world population is lactose intolerant. Taking antibiotics won’t help…

  • I hate lucid Nightmares and When im Dreaming I have found myself an own Way to Wake Up blink 2 Times but im trying to Wake Up in it and it Won’t work��

  • Comments: That thumbnail is Donald Trump. lol
    A man who do not live in USA: I know I’m old when I the only one recognize the Nixon pose. lol

  • Thank you scooby because of your advice I was saved from stock market crash……then I bought it again at bottom…(don’t know where it will go ) but thanks a ton

  • I almost had a lucid nightmare when in my dream I woke up in my room, feeling afraid. There were dogs randomly strewn around the room, and I was careful to step past them and out of my room. I was for some reason creeped out by some of the dogs and returned to my room, panicking when my light would not turn on. I believe that after that I just went back to bed in the dream and actually woke up. This could’ve been a horrible nightmare, I feel I got really lucky, perhaps because I haven’t even meant to lucid dream, so maybe that makes a difference.

  • Kurzgesagt: Everyone needs to stay indoors, socially distance, wash their hands, and wear masks.
    Karens: I’m about to end this man’s career.

  • Few ones for you Danny…

    1) liver and oysters. What quantity are we talking about and how often?
    2) I’m allergic to penicillin.. what anti B should I take to see if my issue is indeed a bacteria overgrowth
    3) lastly.. taking thyroid, my numbers are normal along with temps…
    Could I still benefit or would it be risky. I understand taking thyroid hormone shouldn’t be taken lightly…

  • depression is truly 100% the result of failed selfishness.

    What you can’t fuck the hottest person around? depressed

    Having a hard time being the richest around? depressed

    Seeing people around you more happier than you? depressed

    You dont see depressed people in “depressed” countries do you?

    This is because everyone around them is just as fucked as they are with nothing to compare themselves with.

  • i always carry a holy sword with me (just in case you know) and it works pretty darn well against demonic stuff. just make them fear you. you can even ask god for some assistance:)

  • Did somebody ask why a lot of states does not report recovered numbers on CDC chart. For example LA haven’t shown any recovered numbers for all time of pandemic. 223k infected 5.3k death 218.7k active and zero recovered. Shame using pandemic for political reason.

  • Never trust a poll, 99.9999999% of polls are done through there website, and it shows what there readers think, not an overall picture.

  • me: enters lucid nightmare
    monster: we comin to get ya!
    also me: i have my beyblade l-drago
    3,2,1 goo shoot!!!! full power!!!!!
    you are nothing against my l-drago!

    (sorry idk if this will works)
    question: since its a lucid dream, can you just say to the monster: “your vanished! and this place will be peaceful now”

  • Also people can literally just lie and then put the lie on a graph to make the lie look official. Completely making up data is entirely possible.

  • Let’s start to do our Hygiene BEFORE future pandemics happen! That means we ALL can be healthy!���� And ELIMINATE NEW diseases.❤️��

  • You can’t have this conversation about 20-25% of the population without discussing cost.

    She recommends medication AND therapy. Where does the money come from to pay for that? Neither of these things is cheap and many, if not most, people simply can not afford them.

  • Me: Draws circle around myself: “ha ha! Art thou enraged kinsmen?!”

    Demon: Goes in to kitchen, comes out with a damp cloth and scourer.
    “Te he he, cloth and scourer go scrub scrub”

  • I had a lucid nightmare where there was an animatronic cat in my room and it looked like strobe lights where on, and every time I tried to close my eyes I saw it face to face and it had weird bulging eyes. ��

  • I still don’t understand why there are more females with depression maybe its feminism, telling them they are oppressed and rape is at every corner you earn less for the same job etc…..

  • Danny, did you have your HS-CRP measured when on the carnivore diet? I’ve read that a lot of people have ultra low HS-CRP on the carnivore diet. I assume that this measure would be a lot higher on the Ray Peat diet as a result of the high sugar content. Also, did you measure your testosterone on the Ray Peat diet to compare it with what it was when you were carnivore? Thanks.

  • Depressed is not Depression. You cannot just get over it, nor stop it with food or exercise or such. That works for Depressed people wallowing in grief or stress, etc. Depression is a life long comdition, period. If you don‘t have it you have no fucking idea what it is and how it feels. So just stop with your amateurish and condescending remedies.

  • Another thing, NEVER ASK THE TIME!! I was lucid dreaming and as soon as I thought “imma ask the time” the atmosphere and everything became more dangerous and dark (and yes I was thinking positive the whole time) and when I said never mind it went back to normal

  • In my first lucid dream ever i said lets check reality and it got converted to sleep paralysis, i tried to move my fingers and i woke up

  • I dreamed about falling endlessly in a reddish black background while hearing a voice. Does that mean anything? Also I’m conscious that I’m dreaming and i tried to wake myself up but its hard til’ i moved my fingers.

  • I had a dream i was being chased by a serial killer. The chase went on for a couple minutes and I got caught after a bit of running. I was being stabbed multiple times and I could literally feel every bit of it. I woke up a little after that. But tbh, Nightmares never bother me, idk if that sounds weird but i quite enjoy them. After i wake up and realize it wasn’t real, I would be like “that was crazy af”. I have always been a horror fan and stuff like that never really bothered me. Y’all probably think I’m crazy now ����

  • depression….. or electron depleted which can be tested through blood slide & urine by your doctor. Top up your electron count by drinking alkaline spring water eating live foods & phototherapy.

  • Over the past 2 years I’ve been able to do all these things. The hardest things I have yet to do is find something to be passionate about.
    I suppose in a perfect world I’d like to have friends and be able to be paid to go hiking/camping everyday with them. That’s probably the closest thing to perfect I can think of but I’m not certain.

  • 6 things to improve your DAY,1=Wake up grateful,2= know that whatever is bothering you someone is going through 10 times worser,3=read the bible, 4= start the day by being who you are,5=don’t do things that make you look good in others eyes or try to impress,just be you (hope fully your a good person),6=stop comparing ourselves with others,this is no competition realize I can only do what I can do,look like only how I can look!

  • When you experimented with antibiotics, what were the main precautions you used/looked out for? You mentioned Vitamin K, what else, if anything, did you do?

  • So you are telling me the news channels don’t lie, they only take advantage of our inability to grasp simple things.. took note of it.

  • I’m having trouble sourcing canned oysters without sunflower oil. Can I drain and rinse them sufficiently or is it not worth my trouble?

  • meanwhile swedish media just make a graph that does not even match the numbers… no manipulation of the graph, just a graph that does not match the data presented..

  • I reccomend acting tough like the doom gut that may help bwcause if im in a nightmare and im lucid i try to fight back and think i have power its kinda like you belive it happens

  • i remember having a nightmare and it was actually scary and what happened? this:
    me: enters mental reality
    me:” Papa?” taps fake grandfather’s shoulder
    fake grandfather: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” in a tone of which scared me
    fake grandfather: grabs me in a chokehold
    me: screams a very silent scream
    real grandfather: runs in the room
    me: exits mental reality from being frightened

  • Scooby I just noticed on my Mastercard statement a recurring charge for $69 a month called JEF_SEID_69TIPSxxx69DOLLARZZZ do you know what this is?

  • me:Watches cartoon cat
    Me:Falls asleep dreams about that creepy nightmare with cartoon cat at my house
    Me:Gets eat the (Beep) up and ripped apart
    cartoon cat:NOW WAKE UP

  • 2:50 Wow, Biomathmatics… I’ve never even heard of the term before! I’m having an epiphany. Again proving that Biomedical Science is multidisciplinary at heart! Fan-f*ckin’-tastic! <3

  • Hey Danny, love your work, thank you. Regarding cling-wrap for applying vitamins, I found this reference to a study that got me thinking about its safety. Do you have a preferred brand that you consider safe? https://www.businessinsider.co.za/cling-wrap-study-finds-carcinogens-in-6-out-of-8-common-sa-brands-2018-7

  • Edit: ( Spoiler I am a 13 year old boy And thanks a lot kurzgesagt for the knowledge you gave me for every video of yours ) I feel like these viruses and diseases and natural disasters are a way of the nature to balance life on this planet, it’s like the earth is a living being and we might be the virus of it,Yes I agree that this pandemic is not good for us ( absolutely not ) but we must also not harm the being or the planet which we respectfully call Mother… I think this virus that is currently here is also a way of the nature to balance the overpopulation, like the immune system does to the virus…. I request to reduce waste( Plastic ) and please plant trees

  • there’s a graph of gun violence in america promoted by the gop that makes it look like the numbers are going down but they turned the graph upside down

  • When i had lucid dream im trying to wake up

    But everytime i wake up im still in my dream like what the heck��

    Im trying to even shout in my drean like WAKE ME UP but they cannot hear me..

  • Great until 3 min in where that explain the we should ignore the long term data for temperature change in favor of the short term change due to the significance. Way to cherry pick data or excuse misleading techniques.

  • “Develop more social engagement with people” how am i suppose to do that when along with depression, i have social anxiety, very low self confidence and fear of judgement? I feel like i am in a vicious circle, my lack of social relationships fuel my depression and my anxiety makes it worst but i want social relationships so badly.

  • I though I had to do what is considered “normal” by society. Except I didnt like any of it: I dont like to socialize, I dont like ppl being copy monkeys that dont think about what/why they do things, I dont like trends, I dont like to go to places I dont like just to make my part on my social group and make my friends happy.. I though I was broken because I was so different/unfit, till something in my head clicked: I have logical explanation for everything I do or the way I think about, contrary to ppl who just go with the wave, Im not broken or wrong.
    Do you know how I solved it? Simple, I ditched society acceptance, I ditched peer pressure, problem solved. I was 13-14 when I did that, today Im 28 and Im never sad, Im 100% stable, I have grown really skilled (above average) because most ppl dedicate theyr lifes trying to be alpha males/females (which requires being a poser over everything else), while I do what I like to do without giving the slightest shit to what ppl will think about. If “life” is not working for you, guess what, It doesnt need to, do what you like, not what ppl expect from you. It DOES bring problems however, you will lose friends cause they expect you to comply to the majority; ppl will try to “fix” you to an irritating lvl (you will learn to ignore, specially because you have logical arguments, and all they have is “its the way it is”/”everyone do like that”); professionally speaking is good to have a big social net, you will not have that being different.
    The thing you need to understand is that society just happen to be the way it is today by chance, the way things are today are not the best nor the apex of what it can be (contrary to what most ppl think), chances are you can see trough it and dont get how ppl just accept it. For example: imagine a person in the slavery times being depressive about having slaves, everyone would consider that person a freak since: slavery are accepted by everyone, its clearly good for economy, the psychologists of that time would try to convince you of that, religion too. Just notice the changes we are already suffering today with gays and feminists, how could women be not depressive in the past were sexism was at its max? Get it? Being different is what should be common, being like everyone else (“normal”) is just fear of rejection, its certainly not coincidence. Dont try to be normal, it will consume you (cause it doesnt really make sense). Embrace your “freakness”.

  • Look great at 60 brother, it’s crazy how some people dare to say you look shit. Will work really hard to have a good life like yours

  • I disagree that the Chevy advertisement is misleading. If 98% of Chevys are still on the road, that means that 2% are not, while 4% of Toyotas are not. This means that twice as many Toyotas are no longer on the road. I dont understand the obsession with making graphs start from zero. And if you are gonna do that, you should start at an absolute zero of the value you are looking at, so starting at 0°C for example would not be starting at an absolute zero rather a relative zero, which does not make sense when the observed temperatures are in the 20s as the detailed temperature change is not clearly visable

  • Just finished “tidying up with Marie kondo” a couple of days ago. Really good and inspirational book I recommend everybody to read!

  • Seriously i cannot understand how anyone can stay alive and not know how to cook �� for nutrition, for survival, but also for enjoyment �� when u cook urself, u can create any kind of super delicious stuff when ever u want it �� well maybe its just not that important for some people ��

  • I knew a man who told my congregation, on a Sunday service, that people with depression were bad association and should be avoided. When he asked the audience if they wanted depressed people around them, they said no, and some who immediately left in anger have never gone back as a result. I was told not to come back because my depression keeps me from big social activities, such as their annual picnic. It’s so sad that these stigmas are still common with a lot of people.

  • Hey Danny ive been meaning to ask for you or Ray’s opinion on this,

    So ive recently been looking into new things and correlations with the topic of hairloss, i know you and Ray have mentioned the major issues in baldness are high prolactin / TSH / estrogen

    So i recently have been finding many studies showing chronic tobacco or nicotine use lowers baseline prolactin, estrogen, TSH, and even PTH in many studies i have found sources stating chronic smokers had much lower biomarkers of these things, now im aware burning or smoking anything is harmful,

    However, is it possible that tobacco and nicotine, like sugar, has maybe been wrongly demonized by the government with excessive propoganda,

    Could it be compared to something like caffeine as a sort of adaptogen? There are plenty of people on the peat forum reciting studies showing the pro thyroid effect of tobacco,

    I know notice alot of smokers are usually not obese, tend to retain their hair, and have higher energy,

    I have a friend who has been chain smoking since he was 12, he is in the best shape of anyone ive seen more athletic great cardio, amazing skin, and has been exposed to so much more stress than anyone ive seen, poverty being homeless, etc and his hairline does NOT budge at all! He also has been starving most his life so im assuming his stores of PUFA are ridiculously low, he always complains about being too hot when everyone else is cold, he can stay up later than everyone stress his body more and never gets fatigued and always bounces back with no signs of cumulative damage,

    So is it possible that in pattern baldness, it also has to do with how someone expresses their PUFA status, is it possible tobacco users have an altered expression of FAS (fatty acid synthase) due to lower baseline prolactin, estrogen, TSH and PTH? another study i read showed tobacco signifigantly raises progesterone levels, which Ray has mentioned is very effective at countering fibrosis, a large issue with pattern baldness, id love to hear your take on this topic! Im very curious if tobacco can maybe be classified in the same field as caffeine, alot of people on the pest forum are comparing the effects of tobacco to that of thyroid and caffeine, and for myself personally ive been experimenting with tobacco, and it completely takes away my facial bloating and edema, and i do notice a reduction in hair loss, and a bit more volume to my hair, let me know your take on all this confusion!

  • @DannyRoddy
    9 years later after u, here i find myself coming from s.a.d diet over to vegan to plant based to furitarian over to full raw carnivore. & now my gut crying out for me, everything upside down. Running like a headless chicken, over sprinkling stress all over my gut flora. But Ray Pete words are guiding me, learning to crawl befor i can walk. Appreciate u, & straight forward videos helping alot along my healing path.

  • When lockdown started, my teacher showed me an infographic whose sources were biased, and the pie graph’s numbers flat out contradicted what the graph told me

  • Challenge: Start a crowdfunding drive for the purposes of having yourself tested by a reputable drug testing company for steroid use. In addition, take a polygraph test asking the question if you’ve EVER taken steroids. When raising funds, add a guarantee that if you fail either test, you’ll return the money by a factor of ten. Until then, I’ll remain HIGHLY skeptical of your natty claims.

  • I’m concerned with the fact that I haven’t encountered an instance where a doctor admittedly accepts that a person’s depression could be something that was achieved by a valid logical chain. What I mean by this is that I feel there is knowledge to be known that surpasses the experience of events and reflection thereof, including chemical imbalances, where people can be depressed because there is actually something to be depressed about. This is my depression.

    I believe I know the reason this is the way things are. I believe it’s due to the Dunning-Kruger effect. In order for a doctor to have the skills required to see the validity in my depression, they would first have to know what I know. The conundrum here begins to take shape when we realize that this valid logical chain can only be grasped if a person is capable of making notable logical leaps in the form of a fantastically difficult constraint satisfaction problem. As mentioned earlier, this logical chain does not involve the experience of events and reflection thereof. Therefor, there is no relative experience to make a comparison during explanation. I find myself merely permitted to describe what it is not, and very little can be said of what it is.

    The perspective achieved via this logical chain presents itself to the layman as simply abnormal. The thing to take note of here is the effect it has on me, as we would recognize dark matter by observing the effect it produces. This perspective stresses me to the point of causing bodily damage, but I still wouldn’t trade it for any tangible object I am aware of. Family members perish, but not one tear needs to be shed. Open relationships are now viewed by me as a more practical method of companionship, although I still wouldn’t take advantage of my side of that freedom. These statements are radically abnormal to the layman, but true to my nature.

    Does this reveal an imbalance, an abnormality in the structure of my brain, or a valid logical process that produces a clarity of self awareness and mindfulness? How can someone be so absent of ego as to subvert the impact of the death of a family member? How is it that my core is not propelled by the same basic, primal attributes that virtually all others share? Is there a finality of experience that trumps everything you currently value? Is there a plain of understanding that has nothing in common with anything you are currently aware of? Is there a language you have never heard which whispers of adjectives we’ve yet to catalog? I implore you to momentarily drop your ego, and entertain these possibilities.

    Even after stating all of this, I still argue that I care more than you. I likely feel the same as you in terms of sheer subjective experience, but the difference is that I know what is most important and why that is so. Your values stem from the self indulgence of primitive attributes, while mine stem from a keen, logical perspective. My values leave me on the brink of tears for us all, always. This is a passion for compassion. We shouldn’t simply care because we care by default. We shouldn’t jump to action in response to these congenital desires we come furnished with. Can you substantiate your values with anything more than your feelings concerning them? I have dropped my ego and asked myself that question.

  • YouTube has removed this comment for your protection
    Here at YouTube we believe in censorship,
    that means we remove comments and videos that we do not agree with.
    We know what is good for you, better than you do.
    Because if you saw these comments/videos you could make up your own mind
    about them and we do not think you should be allowed to do that because here at YouTube
    we think you are too stupid to make up your own mind.

  • Drugs can’t help you overcome psychological problem, only to cope, get by or feel better for the time being. If you don’t personally overcome it then it won’t be difficult to fall into that same state again and find yourself stuck again. I used to be depressed but i managed to overcome it through a new mentality and mindset, I can definitely say I will never fall into depression again because of that.

  • They should probably also tell you how that same medication has accounted for something like 24-29 out of the last school shootings/mass murders… Where either the kid tested positive or was w/ding from pscho-active drugs (SSRI’s, Anti Anxiety, etc) when they went on their rampages.

  • The content did not talk about brain chemical imbalance at all! The biggest myth about depression is that it is a just a state of mind and that you can talk yourself out of it. IMO, depression of the brain is like heat stroke is to the body, the brain becomes depleted and exhausted. There is so much more to it and this video is a decent intro to the myths.

  • I’m so happy and grateful now that we have Scooby in our lives. You went from teaching us how to take care of our bodies to now taking care of our mind and spirit.

  • A New Heaven And A New Earth Corona

    By Brett Murray
    For sale on Amazon website

    Book Preview

    Diamond’s start off being formed many miles down in to the earth. They are being formed in the fiery lava at the deepest depths of a volcano, under lots of pressure. They begin to rise up thru the lava and get a lot closer to the surface. Then many years later, the miners find the diamond deposit locations in the earth. They blow up the ground and there are big chunks of rocks all around. The large rocks are all removed with large machinery, taken to a factory where they are processed. The rocks are broken into small pieces, the diamonds become visible and the rest of the rock is carefully broken away from the diamond. They are then cut into perfectly shaped gems that are fire prof and the strongest substances on earth. Then put together with various gems that require a similar meaningful process and turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    The Wheat And The Weeds

    How do we make heaven here and now for everyone ��

  • Currently my list includes
    1. Go to work
    2. Invest/gamble my money
    3. Become rich

    1. Idk about the book. Too much money, too long to read.
    2. Write down goals already done that. Good advice.
    3. LOL that’s my main goal. No problem there.

    Wow the letters of gratitude are something i didnt expect

  • I was a teenager when I first watched Scooby’s videos, and I watched because he was this huge guy and I also wanted to be huge. But, at the time, I thought his advice was too “old” for me… if you know what I mean. I wanted shortcuts and the fast track. But, now at 31, I listen to Scooby and hear wisdom. I wish I listened to Scooby as a teenager.

  • What if I’m so frustrated, I can’t believe any goals are achievable? I mean I keep doing things just because “you gotta do something”, but I almost never got the things I wanted. I just don’t see the “real” perspective most of the time, and when I do, I’m kind of afraid to start since I don’t want for another hope to become a nope and a frustration. I can do 10 mins a day, 2 hours a days, 8 hours a day, but it feels like no matter how good I do something, it’s all about network and marketing nowadays and I don’t enjoy this part and neither do I enjoy depending on relationships with people to get stuff done.

  • sorrrrry for all the questions but what should i put on (peat wise of course) for acne and or preventing it? im confused when Peat says put Vit A on or E, likefrom where lol hehe
    love your videos im subbed

  • For a hockey puck, sitting on a frictionless plane, your physics works. Your ideas are great, in a vacuum. People are not starting from 0. They need much stronger medicine to get out of the problems they have, to your level of self-love. Maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s drugs ( sound familiar? ). Have you any advice for somebody with family members bleeding them dry financially, because they can’t care for themselves? Have you considered how hard it would be to maintain a sexual relationship with a woman, not a man, while rotating the world around your own biceps?

  • Hey Scooby, I’m not sure if this is the right video to ask this question but I noticed that you’re good at carpentry. What book do you recommend for beginners who want to learn on their own?

  • hey 2:40 that graph isn’t families with tv’s that watch the super bowl, it’s just families with tv’s. are you insisting that the viewers are holding steady because people are not buying new tv’s?

  • I fought my demons in my lucid dream and then i got sent to another dimension I think where everything was perfect.
    The people there showed me how the earth was made and where humans come from

  • As somebody who’s been poor and still doesn’t enjoy spending over £12 on phone data a month, I totally agree with the smartphone thing.

    If you want to spend 80 monthly on a phone, go for it. But you need to be honest if it’s that important enough for you or would you prefer to save all of that.

    Phones are also becoming a market just like the car industry. You buy used or new, contracts etc. Lots of people sell used phones. Thousands of models and makes. Not everyone buys a new car. Lots people buy a reliable, good enough used car.

    Great and insightful video as always Scooby.

  • 0:55 this graph is not as misleading as the video says it is, the graph shows twice as many Toyota vehicles are no longer on the road as Chevy’s.

  • Thank you, Danny for all your writings and podcasts….they are so helpful!! I wondered if you could address supplements and nutrition for anxiety and sleep issues?

  • I experienced depression When I was struggling with OCD five years ago. it was very tough but I took that time as a good chance to educate myself on mental illness in general and especially on my disorder. now I am in much better state but my biggest fear is to fall back in the dark and this idea always makes me anxious and prevents me from enjoying my life but I believe in myself and I will get competently over it very soon.:)

  • I once got a lucid nightmare I was thinking about good thoughts and stuff I was walking slowly feeling like a strange woman behind me so I tried to snap that thought out of my mind and give much detail about meeting a youtuber I liked I also thought about the door thing so I had huge thoughts of when I open that door I will enter a safe home full with trusted people once I entered it was beautiful that the horror ness snapped out of my mind.

  • 4:15 what did you say? Free track phone? I don’t know that term (German here). What does it mean?

    Btw doing great with my 80€ phone and a 6,99€/mo monthly cancelable contract. ��

  • Hey Scooby, I just want to say thank you for everything. I found your channel back in 2013 when I was just starting college and have been watching since.

    Thanks for all the great content and learning material, I would not be where I am today without your videos over the years.

  • Mirrors are already scary in real life but in dreams it’s even worse I’m too scared because I accidentally thought of what it would look like before I went to bed and just didnt lucid dream because I was scared.

  • My impulse to argue against things for no apparent reason keeps me pretty safe from them. I see them and complain about everything wrong with them immediately after I notice.

  • I love your 6th point. I do love making maps for games. Everybody tried to put me down like a shellfish in a bucket to see my ass squirm like a worm but I just refused what they were telling me and still enjoy doin’ this shit. People like that wanna pull you down because they are selfish, ignorant, arrogant about their experience or age.

  • Whosoever is reading this please know that I LOVE YOU.please don’t quit, life is worth living for.Break that chain of negative thoughts and come out as winner.Don’t let your mind play with you.Just remember that I LOVE YOU..I REALLY DO:)

  • Medication most certainly will fuck you up since majority of therapist prescribe incorrect medication one after another. After that your brain chemistry completely messes up. Even if you get right drugs you’ll become addicted, and experience extreme withdrawals afterwards. You cant fix your brain with foreign chemicals, the whole brain system is too complex for that. The only way to fight that is to fix your mindset ( thats how you get depression in the first place!) and teach your brain to overcome it, reverse the effect naturally without the help of drugs. And it can be done with mindful medication. It’s a slow process but i was amazed how effective it is. You become much more resistant to depression. Even if it doesn’ go away completely, or goes away slowly, you still feel that your brain is under control and more you practice that, the more confident and strong you become. Try it, it’s worth it!

  • Ad at the beginning of the video: Hey! I see you’re trying to lucid dream!
    Ad in the middle of the video: Stop and look at that ad! You’ve chosen a bad video…

  • Another myth is that depression is sustained, levelled, or noticeable. One of the biggest hurdles with dealing with mine, is that I can go into work, chipper and happy, able to laugh and joke easily with my colleagues, but inside I want to leave and go to bed. And it’s not a mask kind of thing I genuinely feel happy around my colleagues and can make jokes and have fun, but I also have to get out of there.

    The real hurdle is explaining to my manager that despite the fact that I ‘seem to be okay,’ I’m not.

    The second issue is that my depression is not someone else’s. I don’t need to be asked by every new manager I deal with if I need to speak with someone or plan to harm myself. I don’t, and I don’t. When I need to go home, that’s all I need.

  • I understand that Depression, ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder are very real, bio-chemical and physio-psychological conditions.  HOWEVER, one would have a hard time convincing me that everybody who has been diagnosed with (and pharmaceutically treated for) these illnesses TRULY has them.  I just can’t help thinking many people’s “inconvenient” TEMPORARY emotions are being treated with chemicals intended for…and resulting in…LONG-TERM medical conditions.

    That said, her statement at 3:28 causes me to wonder if Americans’ increasingly sedentary lifestyle isn’t a major source of the chemical imbalances that contribute to these conditions.  If exercise is an effective treatment, then maybe it is our society’s general LACK of mobility that has generated such an upsurge in the rate of mental illness…as it has with our rate of obesity.

  • many people think they have depression because they think that life is meaningless and everything you do is meaningless
    but that’s not a depression that’s just common logical thinking
    You have a depression if there is no reason to be sad
    If there is a reason e.g. you’re dying soon or you see that life is quite meaningless or a familymember died you don’t suffer a depression

  • I dreamed of a bloody cow with bright eyes and the cow was screaming so loud and i walked too it and it pushed me and i was in a truck and then i woke up.

  • all of my nightmares have been lucidthankfully i rarely have them but i actually have a method of how to wake up lol
    I either confuse the dreamlike attack the monster/person back, or i blink three times really hard and on the third time i will be awake in my room. I guess its gonna be kinda hard to not do that lol

  • Chemicals (medication) cannot help a mental/spiritual issue.
    It’s clyche because it’s true: you need to pull yourself by your bootstraps, you just need to plow through the initial phase of shittiness and get out there, and concentrate on your thought patterns, what you choose to focus on in the day to day life is really important

  • 4:12 YES!! I’ve had a tracfone for the longest time. You have no idea how good it feels to hear someone else promote that company.

  • great…always that doctors still paying more anttention to their brain knowledge than a machine which will tell them what to do…it is a challenge to education system to tech doctors for all this new technology

  • I have reasons to believe that so called experts are clueless either. Those things mentioned will NEVER resolve the problems 100% or permanent. And they will not work for everyone. Just the ones that are not too far gone already. I feel like this kind of information is a little bit misleading. Now your environment will think that to combine these couple of things and you will be cured. It goes deeper. And that happens in the therapy chapter.
    The thing is that most therapists haven’t really experienced it themselves. They read about it in books, studies etc. They think kind of in numbers. In results, (reasonably) short term. There are simply people who are further away from healing than those she talks about. It also matters a lot which therapy you attend and who you’re dealing with.
    I really believe that the majority of therapists themselves don’t really know how to resolve a chronic depression permanently. (I’m not implying that she is completely wrong, just not as right as she believes she is)

  • good video. I love how all the people who think they have PhD in psychology and pharmacology come out to spew some ignorance. lol

  • Dislike the taste of liver?
    Slice and soak in buttermilk for at least two hours, then rinse before cooking.
    Removes 90% of the liver taste.

  • The one bone of contention I like to being up when it comes to depression is when somebody that does objectively has a great life thinks that depression automatically invalidates their advantages.
    Yes, depression can affect anyone and it’s really shitty, but it doesn’t entitle you to be an arsehole, it’s not a shield against criticism and it doesn’t mean you’re “the same” as somebody that doesn’t enjoy your advantages.
    It mainly comes up when depression is invoked by exceptionally privileged special snowflakes to excuse their own behaviour while condemning others for “micro aggressions” or even simple ignorance.
    I hate when something that has affected be since childhood is invoked as a get out of jail free card for being a shitty person.

  • I personally found Jacque Fresco’s explanation of depression and ways to overcome it the most useful and really helpful. In fact, using his advice I helped several other people. Check this video out, you won’t regret it

  • I’ve read just about every book in the category of self improvement, and although 7 Habits is a worthy read, by far the most useful book, in my opinion, that will help improve one’s life is a book by Dilbert creator Scott Adams called “How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big”. It will change your life. It focuses on how to implement simple systems that can change bad habits, create better habits, and help increase your odds of success.

  • Humble bundle has some great ebooks on the subject right now including for a $1 donation the pocket version of 7 habits of highly successful people.


    Thanks for this series. It is great!

  • Medication will make it worse. Psychotherapy can help but not without a mind body connection. I think yoga and meditation and exercise is what will work best.

  • depression will never stop as long as chinese and hk still exist. why?
    because you will suddenly lost everything in your life.
    your son suddenly become an idiot because chinese wants it to.
    you will never taste freedom.
    never happy
    you whole life is working for china
    no friend
    no love
    no life
    just like them

  • Great content as always Danny. What do you think of mussels as a replacement for oysters? I’ve noted they’re also high in zinc, and here in Peru is easier to get them compared to oysters.

  • medication is not a cure. it is to be used to provide some mental breath so the individual can start and maintain healthy routines such as those mentioned. I would recommend putting forth these changes and gradually ending the medication after 1-2 years if only to see if the meds are still needed. people want a fast easy fix with no effort on their own which leads to lifelong dependence. prolonged use of any of this medication will cause damage to the brain, kendnys and liver.

  • I never had a normal dream in my life i only had mostly lucid nightmares and i was a kid and tried to escape soo baldy but my body was stuck to the bed no mater how much force i puted i coukd never move just one inch

  • Here’s another real life example: about 15 years ago Pfizer ran a magazine ad for Lipitor claiming that it reduced the risk of heart attacks by 36 percent. Impressive, right? Not so fast. When you take a look at the study they cited, about 99 percent of people on Lipitor didn’t have a heart attack compared to 98 percent on placebo. How does a one percent difference suddenly become 36 percent? The study used a model known as relative risk reduction dividing the percentage of people who had heart attacks on Lipitor by the percentage who had them on placebo. When accounting for decimals, the result of this calculation was 36 percent. So an absolute difference of one percent in heart attack rates is transformed into a relative difference of 36 percent, making Lipitor look like much more of a heart-saving drug than it really is.

  • Yea because using medication has such a good track record, you know the people most likely to commit suicide? Oh right depressed people on anti-depressants, seems counter to what they are supposed to be for.

  • If you have a little old lady nearby ask her to cook for you. Buy the stuff, and if you cant pay her cash do chores:) btw have you thought about a cooking video? invite guests to help like one who cant cook it will be fun! Thx!

  • How do you “socially engage” with people when you know no one, and find most other people to be very irritating to be around….. O_o

  • Thinking we can make it a slow rise but then it’s fast and now millions of people have died and there aren’t room in the icu ��������

  • So i was in a lucid dream and I remember what u sad with the circle to escape. And I think why couldn’t I enter a another lucid dream when drawing a circle? So how it worked by me:,, I took a notebook and then tried to draw a circle. It ended up that I drawed a red square
    And then I wrote:,, No one can enter my square. When I rote that all humans all objects froze. Then I wrote: I want to know what my further girlfriend gonna be. then I wrote portal. Then I turned around and I saw it. A portal. It was a tiny Minecraft nether portal floating in the air. Then I jumped into it: it worked but. I dint take serious the thing with the girlfriend and I dint wrote when shall I meet her like when she was a baby or teenager or adult. And then I saw her that she was a baby she looked creepy. Then I sad gurl I’m outta here. And then I lost control and i was afraid then she transformed into Annabella. And I was in a dark house and I was thinking why the heck did I enter a lucid NIGHTMARE. So then I sad kill me. I closed my eyes and woke up

  • Do you think Rocky Mountain Oysters are good for male health? I take a testicular glandular now but probably think bull testicles may be a good way to raise testosterone.

  • how can you apply the cheat meal idea to finances? save up and then spend it on something like for a hobby and not having to do with living or a “want”?

  • We also need to stop saying people who suicide are weak or that its selfish, when someone with depression hears that it just motivates them further and maybe take others with them(hint the cop-pilot that took the whole plane with him)

  • There’s a pandemic every 100 years in 1720 the Bubonic Plague, 1820 Cholera, 1920 Spanish Influenza, 2020 COVID-19. Also, people in 1920 were smart enough to wear masks than people now cause there are people who believe the man in the office that was on a show and now president and they think that he knows what to do he ignored COVID advisers and scientists so did his supporters (not all of them). These plagues all started from animals, plants, and food in 1720 it was rats that had flees on them, 1820 it was contaminated rice from India, 1920 it was from birds and avians and maybe from the trenches of WW1, and in 2020 from a guy trying to eat a bat and pneumonia so if it’s 100 years later and the year ends with 20 and your reading this don’t eat anything raw or bad you would be a hero of the world you would not have a horrible virus infecting everyone let’s hope the next time this plague happens let’s hope people are smart enough to wear protection.

  • I have a friend who won’t accept my totter friends depression because “she seems happy” and “her life is fine” I wish I had the balls to send her this video

  • For me, depression is just the way my life is, has always been and always will be. Life itself is nothing more than depression. My depression will cease when I do, as it’s an inescapable and irreducible part of my life. To be conscious is automatically to be depressed. I don’t have ‘good days’ anymore, and doctors won’t help, just wanting to mush up my brain with crap drugs that are no better than placebos but with side-effects just as bad as those they are supposed to treat.

  • “Even a few of coronoviruses can cause quite a dramatic situation”… LOL
    They know so much about this never isolated virus that maybe they can even tell how many coronaviruses are needed to get a fever. Maybe 8?

  • If a person is suicidal some times the smallest act of kindness will snap them out of it. Even if it’s just listening to them, a hug, or anything to let them know they are not alone helps so much during an episode. Being there for them in person is the most helpful. It can be hard for the person to reach out for help they might think “I’m just going to bother someone, or annoy them, or dump my issues onto them” so they don’t reach out when they really need it.

  • Guys don’t buy books asap. Go check your local library all of them have digital copies you can borrow on your phone at a click. Try audio books. You can knockout walking dog, getting exercise and ” reading” in 30 mins.

  • medication has no place in curing depression. it’s used to treat it, in the sense you’ll find it easier along side of it…because nobody has time for fixing their problems anymore

  • Once i dreamed that me and my brother were walking in night and saw a gang one of them came to me and stabbed me with a knife, it hurt sooooo much i found a button to wake up, i pressed it cause it HURT SO MUCH and then woke up

  • Why is it everyone talking about depression makes garbage videos like this? How can these people call themselves doctors when they’re doing nothing to cure or lessen the effects of it? I’m really starting to wonder if their main interest is to just try and sell their pills and services.

    Telling people that “It’s ok to have depression, don’t feel bad” is the exact opposite of helping them. All it does is make them feel better about themselves a little while they snuggle deeper into their crutch of depression. No, having depression doesn’t make you evil or a bad person or anything, but it’s also not an ok thing. It’s an illness or bad state of mind, you don’t want this and it’s unhealthy for you, that’s why it’s a bad thing to have. It’s like telling people it’s alright to be overweight; yeah they’re not monsters for being overweight but it’s bad for their health. Again, how can these people call themselves doctors when all they do is try to sugar coat everything and tell people they just need to take pills, of which has been proven to increase suicide rates? I think it’s pretty obvious with the increase of not only depression but also suicide over the years, that these people aren’t doing their jobs and aren’t targeting the actual cause of this issue.

  • Everyone else: oh no so many virus I might get infected

    Me, in Taiwan (the somehow most safe place even being directly
    next to China): haha I am Mr (in country) travel man

  • Did the OJ you bought when you used to live in San Fransico happen to be named Natalie’s? Did you ever manage to find good commercial OJ?

  • what about those who in a weird way like their own depression as it bring attention from others or a sense within themselves of being a victim?

  • Thank you Danny, Do you have a good Aspirin that you would recommend. Here in the UK I cannot find one without talc in it. I do not mind buying from the USA. As long as I can get a purer one.

  • I would also like to add,
    Allthough they are celebrities which could skew things ALOT if not almost all musicians and movie stars excessively smoke and seem to have full heads of hair, its very rare to see bald musicians and movie star’s from my opinion, the hormonal profile of a celebrity could almost be described as high androgens, low prolactin and serotonin, almost makes you wonder are they famous because people recognize others with high metabolic rates, and having higher androgens make you more successful, or does being in a state of fame facilitate a better hormonal profile due to lower stress higher dopamine?

  • lmao i abolutely love this channel since it teaches you lucid dreaming which is very cool and at the same it’s still funny and not straight step 2 step tutorial.

  • There is chemical depression then there is emotional depression.

    In the former’s case, its because there is quite literally a physical flaw in a biological structure that causes them to experience these symptoms, these flaws are based around the endocrine system which controls our hormones. The key point is that is not considered curable, its treatable in a sense that you counteract negatives with overwhelming positives, in a sense you are smothering it.

    The latter is prolonged sadness because people are weak, normal people dont go catatonic because of life, dying is part of life, especially when its glaringly obvious in its arrival (sickness, age, risk factors).

  • This made me remember when to make a political party look bad, they said that 50% of their voters where poorly educated.

    The problem was that 50% of the entire population had that education level.

  • And now, a critical comment. Firstly, we don’t NEED to get it right, and, while it may be a stepping stone, you can’t prove that awareness will actually significantly contribute toward solving the problem(can you?). It’s also misleading to say that depression is not a weakness, while later saying that it can “affect every aspect of someone’s life”. You also suggest that, because it is not a weakness, depression can be overcome, implying that other weakness cannot. That’s condescending and cruel to those suffering from similar, treatable psychological weakness like lack of confidence, neuroticism, bias, etc. Overall, there’s nothing particularly novel about this video, with copious TED and Science Channel videos being made hitherto. However, awareness of these matters remains low, so your efforts are appreciated.

  • Got this from a very intelligent drag queen:
    “Statistics is like a bikini; What it reveals is interesting but what it hides is crucial”

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